Aaron Ramsdale Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Aaron Ramsdale Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Nick Ramsdale (Father) and Caroline Ramsdale (Mother), Family, and Brothers (Edward and Oliver).

In addition, Aaron Ramsdale’s Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, this memoir contains the Life History of a fast-rising Goalie. The rejection he experienced as a child fueled his present quest to succeed.

We begin Ramsdale’s story from his boyhood days (as observed here) right until the moment he achieved fame.

Aaron Ramsdale as a child - so adorable.
Aaron Ramsdale as a child – so adorable.

To stimulate your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Aaron Ramsdale’s Bio, Lifebogger has deemed it necessary to portray his Early Life and Rise Gallery. Behold Aaron’s Life trajectory.

Aaron Ramsdale Biography - Behold his Early Life and Rise Gallery.
Aaron Ramsdale Biography – Behold his Early Life and Rise Gallery.

Yes, everyone knows he endured an inconsistent 2020/21 campaign – one that caused Sheffield United to suffer relegation.

Again, many Arsenal fans disliked their club’s decision to sign him for £30 million – which they consider as so much for a normal goalkeeper.

Because of that, some Gunners’ fans rained abuses on his social media account. Despite the negativity, we noticed a good side of his career.

More so, we realize that few fans have read Aaron Ramsdale’s Biography. Now, without further ado, let’s unveil his Life History.

Aaron Ramsdale Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Ramsey. Aaron Christopher Ramsdale was born on the 14th day of May 1998 to his mother, Caroline Ramsdale, and father, Nick Ramsdale. His birthplace is Stoke-on-Trent, a city in central England.

Aaron Ramsdale is the lastborn of his family, which is made up of males. All siblings came to the world – thanks to the blissful marital union between their parents.

The depth of love Caroline and Nick have for their boy is immeasurable. Behold Aaron Ramsdale’s parents.

Meet Aaron Ramsdale's parents - his mother, Caroline, and look-alike father, Nick Ramsdale.
Meet Aaron Ramsdale’s parents – his mother, Caroline, and look-alike father, Nick Ramsdale.

Aaron Ramsdale’s Early Life and Growing Up:

The professional goalkeeper spent his childhood days alongside his two older brothers -Edward and Oliver. Aaron’s older siblings are very responsible.

Even to this day, Edward and Oliver (pictured below) never allow their little brother to wander in the dark alone.

Meet Aaron Ramsdale's older brothers - Edward and Oliver.
Meet Aaron Ramsdale’s older brothers – Edward and Oliver.

Caroline and Nick (his parents) raised Aaron and his siblings in the village of Chesterton. As observed from the map, this is a 10-minute drive from his birthplace – Stoke-on-Trent.

Map depicting Chesterton - where Aaron Ramsdale's parents raised him.
Map depicting Chesterton – where Aaron Ramsdale’s parents raised him.

As a boy, little Aaron had a great love for soccer sports – especially the act of goalkeeping.

Driven by a passion for the game, the youngster idolized one of England’s top goalkeepers – Ben Foster. Alongside the legend, he had a strong admiration for West Bromwich Albion.

Little Aaron idolized Ben Foster as a child.
Little Aaron idolized Ben Foster as a child.

Aaron Ramsdale Family Background:

From what we’ve gathered, the Goalie’s parents, Caroline and Nick, are friendly and selfless people.

Without question, the love Caroline and Nick have shown to their son Aaron – has helped him swim through the muddiest waters. Behold the lovers – in their fun moment.

You can call them simple people. Caroline and Nick have been each other's best friends from day one.
You can call them simple people. Caroline and Nick have been each other’s best friends from day one.

Both of Aaron Ramsdale’s parents have a history of sports. His Dad, Nick, was a 400m hurdler. He twice ran for Great Britain at an international event.

On the other hand, Aaron Ramsdale’s mother is a retired netball professional. Like her husband, she also had trials with England.

Truly, having a happy household is like experiencing earlier heaven. Aaron Ramsdale’s family is the test of freedom.

Pictured below are the people that bring the most joy to his heart. With them by his side, Aaron could overcome rejection – from Bolton (see story below).

For the Goalkeeper, having these persons in his life is like experiencing early heaven.
For the Goalkeeper, having these persons in his life is like experiencing early heaven.

Aaron Ramsdale Family Origin:

It is a fact – that the Goalkeeper is of British nationality by birth. In terms of ethnicity, Ramsdale belongs to the White British group. People of this racial origin make up the largest percentage of the population in England – (80.5%).

In case you are not aware, where Aaron Ramsdale’s family comes from, (Stoke-on-Trent) is a city in central England known for its pottery industry.

Aaron Ramsdale’s city is a 1 hr 5 minute drive to Birmingham and a 1 hr 24-minute drive to Manchester.

This map and picture show you where Aaron Ramsdale's Family comes from.
This map and picture show you where Aaron Ramsdale’s Family comes from.

Chesterton is a small village that borders Stoke-on-Trent city. We tie Aaron Ramsdale’s Family roots to this small mining hamlet – that has a population of 7,421 persons (2011 census). Don’t forget, this is where the England Stopper spent his childhood.

Aaron Ramsdale Education and Career Buildup:

Thanks to their strong background in sports, Caroline and Nick approved total education for their children. It is a type of schooling that entails the development of personality – both mind and body through sports.

In 2016, Aaron Ramsdale’s Dad, Nick, explained to the Sentinel (a city newspaper) that his son started learning the act of goalkeeping at the age of seven and a half.

One man, Keith Griffiths, deserves a big mention in this biography.

This is because he encouraged Aaron Ramsdale’s parents to allow their son to attend Fred Barber’s goalkeeping school. Even as a youngster (aspiring to become a professional), Aaron kept schooling.

Ramsdale attended Sir Thomas Boughey High School – where he excelled in football. In 2014, English media identified him as a future goalkeeping prospect.

This came after he helped his school reach the English Schools’ FA Cup semi-final. These were his mates.

Aaron Ramsdale Education - EXPLAINED. We picture him together with his teammates having fun.
Aaron Ramsdale Education – EXPLAINED. We picture him together with his teammates having fun.

Aaron Ramsdale Biography – Football Story:

Aside from Fred Barber’s goalkeeping school, the aspiring Goalie also had a successful career with Marsh Town. This is a Newcastle-under-Lyme-based academy that uses UEFA B licensed coaches to deliver their training sessions.

At the Marsh Academy, Aaron Ramsdale enjoyed schooling and the institution’s Football Academy programme.

The academy, directed by Mr. Stuart Farlow, gives its students a unique opportunity to follow their dreams through a football curriculum.

Aaron Ramsdale at Marsh Town - way back in 2008. Boys from the back row - (left to right) include; Jack Lehan, Richard Ryder, Jack Millington, Aaron Ramsdale, Callum Lovatt, and Isaac Springett. Boys from the Front row (left-to-right): Tom Morgan, Conah Maidment, Daniel Griffiths, and Tom Flattley.
Aaron Ramsdale at Marsh Town – way back in 2008. Boys from the back row – (left to right) include Jack Lehan, Richard Ryder, Jack Millington, Aaron Ramsdale, Callum Lovatt, and Isaac Springett. Boys from the Front row (left-to-right): Tom Morgan, Conah Maidment, Daniel Griffiths, and Tom Flattley.

The Journey to Bolton:

Every aspiring footballer with Marsh Town has the dream to play at a bigger club. After achieving success with Marsh Town, Aaron Ramsdale’s parents had him enrol with Bolton academy.

The successful enrollment at the academy came through a recommendation from Ramsdale’s former academy – Fred Barber Goalkeeping School. At the time he joined Bolton, the academy had big stars like future Liverpool’s Nat Phillips.

Have you noticed something in the photo below? It is a fact that both goalkeepers (Aaron Ramsdale and his partner) were the shortest in the squad.

For lacking the desired height for a goalkeeper, it became clear that Aaron had growth problems.

Appearing shorter than the rest of his colleagues means trouble.
Appearing shorter than the rest of his colleagues means trouble.

Aaron Ramsdale’s Rejection Story:

Because he failed to meet the required height for a goalkeeper, the poor boy paid the price.

He got released by Bolton Wanderers academy – at the time, he needed them the most. Speaking about his rejection story, Aaron told AFC Bournemouth journalists;

In my mid-teens, Bolton released me. They said I was too small and couldn’t kick.

At that time, they were right, but they didn’t give me a chance to grow.

A few other clubs looked at my size and also said no.

I spent five years at Bolton and they – releasing me from football was tough to take.

Although Ramsdale’s pursuit of greatness has encountered stumbling blocks, Bolton’s rejection didn’t defeat him.

Everyone in his family – Caroline (his Mum), Nick (his Dad), Oliver and Edwards (older brothers) consoled him. Thanks to that, their boy moved on.

Aaron Ramsdale’s supportive family helped soften the blow. With that, he did gather the courage to continue his passion. During that time, little Aaron attended to foods and supplements to counter his growth problems.

Aaron Ramsdale Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

At first, Huddersfield and Sheffield United courted him – with a view of accepting him into their academies.

Seeking his parents’ blessings, the youngster joined Sheffield through a scholarship programme. The Blades beat Yorkshire rivals Huddersfield to get his signature.

Ramsdale, after graduating from Sheffield United’s academy, continued his scholarship with the club. After becoming a professional goalkeeper, his agent (World in Motion) agreed to set a clear roadmap for him.

Early on, the Sheffield United star featured in Chris Wilder’s team had upcoming stars like John Lundstram.

This was before he agreed he would join another club via loan. Around that year – 2016, Aaron Ramsdale had overcome his height difficulties.

To the joy of his family, their boy achieved the average goalkeeping height of 6.2 feet – within a few months of leaving school. Following the height recovery, all Ramsdale had in mind was to prove his doubters wrong.

AFC Bournemouth and England:

31st of January 2017 was when Aaron Ramsdale left Sheffield to join the Cherries for a fee of around £800,000. He became a regular member of Eddie Howe’s team – one that had stars like Nathan Aké, Jordon Ibe, Jack Wilshere, and Lys Mousset.

Six months later – in August 2016, Aaron Ramsdale’s parents received the good news of their son’s U19 England call-up.

He was to represent England at the 2017 UEFA European Championship. The final was against Rafael Leao’s Portugal and England.

With five games and three clean sheets, Aaron Ramsdale’s team won the tournament. Popular among the winning squad include names like – Reece James (Chelsea), Trevoh Chalobah (Chelsea), Ryan Sessegnon and Mason Mount (Chelsea).

Aaron Ramsdale helped England to lift the UEFA under-19 Championship.
Aaron Ramsdale helped England to lift the UEFA under-19 Championship.

Aaron Ramsdale Biography – Success Story:

In order to gather experience, Eddie Howe approved his loan move to Chesterfield. Aaron spent the rest of the 2017–18 season there.

He then proceeded on loan to AFC Wimbledon – a club that once boasted of having the World’s Strongest Footballer – Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Aaron Ramsdale also won BIG at AFC Wimbledon.
Aaron Ramsdale also won BIG at AFC Wimbledon.

The Premier League Breakthrough:

After a return from loan, Ramsdale established himself as Bournemouth’s first choice – for the 2019–20 season.

With several match-winning saves, he earned a long-term contract. Next, the young Goalie won a Player of the Month and the 2019 Player of the Year awards.

More wins with Sheffield United:

With the departure of Dean Henderson, Chris Wilder went into search of a goalkeeper he once gave out. Aaron Ramsdale became the chosen one. That period also saw a transfer negotiation that brought Rhian Brewster to Sheffield.

Although his beloved Blades went down through relegation, Aaron Ramsdale still made a name for himself by winning two awards. Respectively, Ramsdale won the 2020/2021 Sheffield United Player of the Year award – and the club’s Young Player of the Year award.

Arsenal Acquisition and the Quest to prove the fans wrong:

On 20 August 2021, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal announced the acquisition of Aaron Ramsdale on a permanent deal from Sheffield United.

That decision – made by Edu and the board didn’t go down well with many Arsenal supporters.

While most fans approved of Albert Sambi Lokonga and Nuno Tavares‘ signing, an enormous amount of Gunners supporters got angered by the club’s decision to sign Ramsdale.

Even Ben White’s coming and Martin Odegaard’s permanent re-inclusion got more ratings.

For many Gunners fans, the signing of a goalkeeper from a relegated Sheffield United is a total waste of money. To make matters worse, many fans remembered the earlier wrong decision to sell Emiliano Martinez.

One thing is sure,… Aaron Ramsdale is now on a new mission to prove his doubters wrong. Bernd Leno may have fought off competition against Mathew Ryan – their former loan goalkeeper. Likely, Leno might not survive that with Aaron Ramsdale – Arsenal’s real No1.

Put simply, the surrounding hype around the Arsenal Goalkeeper is legit. This video is a piece of evidence that explains why Arsenal signed Ramsdale.

Aaron Ramsdale’s Premier League stats will surely show his true worth in future. The rest, as we say of his Biography, is history.

Aaron Ramsdale Love Life – Girlfriend, Wife, Child?

Ask Emiliano Martinez; he will tell you that living the life of a second-choice goalkeeper for a club like Arsenal is difficult. However, finding love in the process would be – indeed – a source of solace.

Aaron Ramsdale Love Life (Girlfriend/Wife) - Explained.
Aaron Ramsdale Love Life (Girlfriend/Wife) – Explained.

At the time of writing Aaron Ramsdale’s biography, he has yet to unveil the identity of his girlfriend. Neither are fans aware of any lady who is likely to be his wife. Just maybe, Aaron Ramsdale’s parents must have advised him to remain single – at least for now.

While writing this Bio, we notice – that Aaron gives more priority to Caroline – his mother. From the look of things, she (his first love) comes first before a girlfriend (at least for now).

Aaron Ramsdale's Mum (Caroline) will take more of his love - pending his girlfriend's arrival.
Aaron Ramsdale’s Mum (Caroline) will take more of his love – pending his girlfriend’s arrival.

Aaron Ramsdale Personal Life:

Patient, Reliable, devoted, responsible, stable and well-grounded. These words describe Ramsdale’s personality. Put simply, he is an outgoing person with a zest for life.

Nothing shakes the England Goalkeeper’s smiling face. In fact, Ramsdale’s smile is intoxicating and a weapon to his masculine armoury.

Aaron Ramsdale's Personal Life - Explained.
Aaron Ramsdale’s Personal Life – Explained.

Also, on his personality, Aaron Ramsdale has a serious side. It’s no other than the burning desire he has to succeed – which is fuelled by the rejection he faced as a youngster.

Aaron Ramsdale Hobby:

First things first, he loves outdoor shooting adventures. This is an outdoor game where opponents separate themselves and take on each other – shooting in a military style.

Aaron Ramsdale's hobby. He loves outdoor shooting games.
Aaron Ramsdale’s hobby. He loves outdoor shooting games.

Aaron Ramsdale Lifestyle:

In a world of bulky wages, rich footballers and flamboyancy, several footballers set the rhythm for others.

For Ramsdale, living an average lifestyle is means having a good car, dressing to look smart – with so much charm to his person.

This is Aaron Ramsdale's Car. Here, he takes a photo with his friend before jetting off for an occasion.
This is Aaron Ramsdale’s Car. Here, he takes a photo with his friend before jetting off for an occasion.

As the money paid to Premier League footballers increases, so does the propensity of what those monies can buy. For example, David de Gea, who earns £375,000 per week and 19.5 million GBP, can live an exotic lifestyle – big houses (mansions), flash watches, cars, etc.

Aaron Ramsdale is just like Dean Henderson. In terms of finances, he is not at the level of world-class goalkeepers – the likes of David de Gea, Thibaut Courtois, etc.

The truth remains that he (as of 2021) is an antidote to living a flashy lifestyle.

The Lifestyle of the Arsenal Goalkeeper Explained.
The Lifestyle of the Arsenal Goalkeeper Explained.

Aaron Ramsdale Family Life:

The Goalie always counts on your parents and siblings, especially when things get rough. Also, Ramsdale is a big family person who hardly gets homesick. Now let’s tell you more about his household.

About Aaron Ramsdale’s Father:

Nick is his name, and he is part of his son’s management team. The father of three is the pillar of Aaron’s emotional well-being.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Nick Ramsdale ensured the continuation of his son’s goalkeeping drills – even picking up an injury in the process.

It is rare to see a Dad training his son and willing to continue even while injured – during the process.

Also to note, Nick Ramsdale was very instrumental in ensuring that Aaron got a good contract with Arsenal.

While many Gunners fans lambasted their club’s decision to sign Ramsdale, his Dad (Nick) became his source of solace. He stood by him. What a man!

Nick Ramsdale has always stood by his son, Aaron. What a proud Dad!
Nick Ramsdale has always stood by his son, Aaron. What a proud Dad!

Aaron Ramsdale himself agreed he is “fortunate” to have a Dad in Nick. This is a man who learnt goalkeeping drills because of his son. It is now part of his daily exercise.

These days, it is very hard to find a man like Nick. This is what Aaron said about Nick’s impact on his career.

Severally, My Dad missed out on work to get me to trials.

Also, I won’t forget sleeping in motorway service stations between going to different clubs.

About Aaron Ramsdale’s Mother:

Alongside her husband (Nick), Caroline also partakes in her son’s goalkeeping drills – which he enjoys. This is the reason her beloved son (Aaron) never gets homesick. It is also why he labels himself as a family person and, of course, Mummy’s boy.

He is definitely Mummy's Boy. It is showing in Aaron Ramsdale's face.
He is definitely Mummy’s Boy. It is showing in Aaron Ramsdale’s face.

During the COVID Lockdown, Caroline helped Nick (her husband) to paint the fence to form a goalpost. She did that so her boy could train.

Within two days, Caroline finished the entire wall. She and Nick did goalkeeping drills – shooting balls at their son.

Aaron Ramsdale Siblings:

So far as research can tell, the England Goalkeeper has two siblings. The oldest goes by the name Edward. The next older brother bears the name – Oliver. Now, let’s tell you more about Aaron’s siblings.

About Oliver Ramsdale:

His nickname is Ollie, and he is Aaron’s immediate elder brother. Oliver Ramsdale Ensemble (his full name) is an actor and a well-trained Theatre Artist by profession.

Pictured here is the brother of Aaron Ramsdale, who once toured the smash-hit musical Dirty Dancing.

Oliver (Ollie) Ramsdale is holding a Cinnamon Pachanga, Lizzie Ottley (middle) is with a Watermelon Margarita and Austin Wilks (right) is with a Candy Cooler.
Oliver (Ollie) Ramsdale is holding a Cinnamon Pachanga, Lizzie Ottley (middle) is with a Watermelon Margarita and Austin Wilks (right) is with a Candy Cooler.

In case you aren’t aware, Dancing Dirty is a Classic Story On Stage – a show that was held at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre.

There is always a standing ovation for Oliver’s performances. In case you are still wondering, this is what Dirty Dancing looks like.

Aaron Ramsdale enjoys a good relationship with his brother – especially Oliver. This is because Oliver has spent more time with him and their parents. Also to note, both boys love to play cricket together in their family garden.

About Edward Ramsdale:

He is Aaron’s eldest brother and a prison officer by profession. Edward is very active on social media, especially Twitter – with the handle @EdwardRamsdale. On regular occasions, he makes tweets that show support for his little brother, Aaron.

While I write this bio, Edward lives in Newcastle-under-Lyme, England, which is possibly the town where he works. His two younger brothers (Aaron and Oliver) live in London – as of 2021.

About Aaron Ramsdale’s Grandparents – Granddad:

Did you know?… Nick’s dad was a goalkeeper who played at the youth level before giving up his career. Except for Ramsdale’s parents, we notice his Granddad didn’t want him to become a professional footballer. Aaron said this about him;

He told me I have to get a proper job.

Back then – in his days – the money paid wasn’t great, and he never got to play professionally.

My granddad became financially unstable.

Research has it that Aaron Ramsdale’s Grandfather ended up becoming a maths teacher and, later, a headteacher of a school.

For Aaron to continue football, he had an agreement with his Grandad that if his school work slipped, his parents should take him away from football until he improved his grades.

Aaron Ramsdale’s Grandmother:

While there is a lot of documentation about his Grandfather, we know little about his Grandma. Pictured here, she appears not too healthy but happy to be in the company of Caroline – Aaron Ramsdale’s mother.

Meet Aaron Ramsdale's Grandmother.
Meet Aaron Ramsdale’s Grandmother.

Aaron Ramsdale Aunty:

As a child, he always had a ball in his hands – courtesy of his aunt. Whether in the garden or just to carry around, Aaron Ramsdale never let go of his soccer ball.

It was his aunty who bought that ball – as a gift presented to Caroline for Aaron – on the day he was born. Similar to Marcus Rashford, it was like connecting him to his destiny. Even though his aunt never knew her nephew would become a professional goalkeeper.

Aaron Ramsdale Uncle:

He goes by the name Chris Hemming – probably related to his mother. Aaron Ramsdale’s uncle is a retired footballer who once played for Stoke and Hereford. In fact, he is the first professional footballer in his family.

Aaron Ramsdale Untold Facts:

Rounding up our Biography, we will use this section to unveil more truths about the 6 foot 2 inches Chesterton Goalkeeper. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Aaron Ramsdale Grandfather’s Ashes:

The Goalkeeper performed a ritual during his unveiling with Arsenal. Ramsdale took his Late Grandfather’s Ashes to the Emirate stadium. When asked why he did that, the Goalie said – his Granddad died when his Mum (Caroline) observed she was pregnant with him.

Because of this, people think Aaron is a reincarnation of his Grandfather. It became a superstition as he grew up – the decision to take his late Granddad’s ashes everywhere with him.

After doing what he considers a ritual, the goalkeeper sealed his £30 million transfer to Arsenal.

Aaron Ramsdale Family Dog:

Starting off, his parents consider the black Labrador as one of their children. Ramsdale’s Dog’s name is Archie, and he is friendly.

We have proof of that. Aaron Ramsdale’s Mum – in her Twitter Biography – says she married to Nick (her husband), and she is the mother of Archie – the Family Dog.

Here is proof that shows how friendly Archie can be. In this video, Aaron Ramsdale’s Dad – Nick, had fun with the Black Labrador.

Aaron Ramsdale Tattoos:

Although not visible when you look at him, the Chesterton Goalkeeper has a hidden body art on his ankle. Ramsdale’s only tattoo is the letter ‘U’, which stands for union between him and four other boys – his old best friends.

Once upon a time, there were five of them that formed a group – together at Sheffield United. Because they saw themselves as a band of brothers, all boys made a tattoo that illustrates and solidifies their friendship.

Aaron Ramsdale Religion:

Judging from his first and middle name, our odds are in favour of him being a Christian. However, Ramsdale is not big on sharing information about his religious beliefs in the public domain. Hence, the Christian way of life is important to the England goalkeeper.

Biography Summary:

The table below reveals concise information about Aaron Ramsdale. Check it out – to understand the Goalkeeper’s Profile.

Full Name:Aaron Christopher Ramsdale
Date of Birth:14 May 1998
Place of Birth:Stoke-on-Trent, England
Parents:Nick Ramsdale (Father) and Caroline Ramsdale (Mother)
Siblings:Edward Ramsdale (Oldest Brother) and Oliver Ramsdale (Immediate Older Brother)
Brother's Occupation:Edward Ramsdale (Prison officer) and Oliver Ramsdale (Theater Artist)
Family Origin:Village of Chesterton, United Kingdom
Height (Feet and Inches):6 feet 2 inches OR 1.88 meters.
Education:Sir Thomas Boughey High School
Soccer Education:Marsh Town, Bolton Wanderers and Sheffield United
Net Worth (2021):3 million pounds
Agent:World in Motion
Ethnicity:White British


Many Arsenal fans called Aaron Ramsdale horrendous names, and threatened him – just because their club signed him from a relegated Sheffield. Little did they know – that Aaron takes these abuses to fuel his success. Since his Bolton days, rejection has fueled his life.

To the shock of critics, the goalkeeper kept a clean sheet in his first game against West Brom – a sign that he would be Gunner’s No 1. With high certainty, he is just about to displace Bernd Leno as No 1 – just the way Edouard Mendy ousted Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Aaron Ramsdale’s Biography makes us understand the true meaning of having a close-knit family. It also teaches us – that we should strive to succeed – as badly as we want to breathe. Aaron Ramsdale’s parents helped their son achieve that.

Thanks for spending time to digest our memoir on the life story of the Stoke-on-Trent-born goalkeeper. At Lifebogger, we strive for accuracy in the daily duty of delivering Childhood Biography Stories about British Football Players.

Kindly contact us (via our contact page) if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this Biography. Alternatively, please place a comment to give us your perspective(s) about Aaron Ramsdale.

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