Eddie Howe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Eddie Howe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Eddie Howe Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Late Anne Howe (Mother), Unknown Father, Family Background, Wife (Vicky Howe), Blood Brothers (Dan and Charlie), Step Brother (Steve Lovell), Sister (Rowena), Children (Harry Howe, Rocky Jay Howe, and Rough Howe), etc.

This article on Eddie also details facts on his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Education, hometown, etc. Not forgetting the Newcastle Manager’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Lifestyle Salary Breakdown, etc.

To put it simply, LifeBogger provides a comprehensive exploration of Eddie Howe’s entire history. This is the chronicle of a boy from the South Coast, raised single-handedly by his mother who filled the gap left by his absent father.

Anne Howe did more than just juggling several jobs to provide for her family of five children, four boys and one girl. An interesting fact – she managed to find the time to step into the role of a Goalkeeper as Eddie and his younger brother, Steve, enjoyed their childhood football games in their local park.

LifeBogger narrates the journey of a Football Manager who had a deep affinity for Bournemouth during his time as a player. Here’s an interesting tidbit – when Eddie decided to leave the club, the fans loved him so much that they pooled their resources to finance his return.

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Such was their affection for him! Even after Eddie’s playing career was cut short by an injury, he continued to serve Bournemouth as a Manager. Remarkably, he led the club from the fourth tier of English League Football all the way to the Premier League in just seven years.


Our version of Eddie Howe’s Biography begins by telling you notable events of his boyhood years and early life. We then transition into his initial engagement with both football and cricket – (indeed, he was an excellent batsman!).

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Lastly, we will walk you through the saga of his injury-laden career, premature retirement, and his ascent to a remarkable managerial position in the aftermath of his mother’s death.

LifeBogger hopes to whet your autobiography as we engage you with reading Eddie Howe’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this photo gallery that tells his story – from a young Poole boy to the moment he achieved managerial fame. Yes, “The English Special One” has come a long way in his Sporting journey.

From a Young Sports Prodigy to an Accomplished Manager: The Riveting Journey of Eddie Howe - 'The English Special One'"
From a Young Sports Prodigy to an Accomplished Manager: The Riveting Journey of Eddie Howe – ‘The English Special One’.” Image: TheSun, FootTheBall.

Yes, everyone knows Eddie is a rising talent in the managerial world. Like Ryan Mason, his playing career was disrupted and ultimately ended by injury, in his case, a micro-fracture. Eddie never gave up. He returned as a coach and saved AFC Bournemouth from oblivion without him and his players being paid their salaries in full.

In our history of telling the stories of English Football Managers, we found a knowledge deficit. The truth is, not many Blogs out there have a detailed version of Eddie Howe’s Biography, which is very exciting. So without taking any further of your time, let’s get started.

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Eddie Howe Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “The English Special One.” Eddie Howe was born on the 29th day of November 1977 to his Mother, Anne Howe and an Unknown Father in Amersham, United Kingdom.

The English professional football manager was carved from humble Chesham beginnings in a fairly large family. Research shows that Eddie Howe is one of four children born to his parents. And he is one of five children born to his mother, the Late Anne who was pictured at Dean Court in March of 2009.

Meet one of Eddie Howe's Parents - his late Mum (Anne Howe). Credit: DailyEcho.
Meet one of Eddie Howe’s Parents – his late Mum (Anne Howe). Credit: DailyEcho.

Growing-Up Years:

From humble Chesham beginnings, Eddie Howe grew up alongside his sister (Rowena). And also his Brothers at the border of Amersham in Buckinghamshire. The English Football Manager has a younger half-sibling named Steve Lovell. And Eddie Howe’s Brothers are Dan and Charlie, who are all older than him.

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Together with the above siblings, and their Mum, the whole Howe family lived near Watford. Although he was born in Amersham, Eddie’s Mum raised him at Chesham, which is a 38 minutes drive (via A404) to Watford’s Vicarage Road Stadium. So as a child, he and his brothers used to go watch Watford matches.

Eddie Howe’s family moved to Bournemouth when he was 10. So he often visited the stadium to watch the club play, being his local team. Surprisingly, he supported three clubs: Watford, Everton, and Bournemouth.

As a child, Eddie Howe was naturally shy. As a result, he was often referred to as the “Shy Boy in the Corner”. If there was one thing he never wanted to do was to be in the centre of attention or chase the limelight. At that time, young Eddie avoided putting himself in any position that would make him the focal point. He once admitted to him being an introvert;

Growing up, I was always the shy one in the room. I was the one in the corner who never wanted to be the centre of attention. That didn’t change until when I became a footballer.

He enjoyed the love of his brilliant Mum and the great company of his brothers and only sister. By having them around, he (the second to the youngest) learned lots of things and developed with them. In Eddie’s words;

if I had the chance to go back to my childhood, I would happily do it all again and not change a thing.

Eddie Howe Early Life:

As a little boy, he fancied becoming a professional footballer after watching his hero, Gary Lineker, dominate the game. Young Eddie was eight years old when his hero, Gary Lineker, began playing for Everton. Despite being raised by his parents in the northwest of central London, he remained a boyhood Everton, thanks to the 1984 FA Cup final.

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The 1984 FA Cup final between Watford and Everton changed Eddie’s life. On that day, he, being a Watford fan, watched the game. Shockingly during the match, something about the blue team made him switch his support. Here are the words from Eddie Howe;

It was the Everton kit, the name… and that was it. I was hooked. That inspired my following of them, and I followed them ever since.

Everton won the 1984 FA Cup final, and Eddie’s love for the club never departed from that day. Thanks to how he fell in love with Everton, Eddie’s dream as a child was to go watch the Blues at the famous Goodison Park.

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As the years progressed, young Eddie Howe began laying the foundation of his career in the neighbourhood he grew up. He began football with local youth teams, Rossgarth and Parley Sports. Before entering the above local team, Eddie, in an interview, once explained his first taste of football. In his words;

“I remember my first football being one of those plastic ones which had all the names of the Division One teams in it,” 

The Newcastle Manager continued;

“You would spot them all and I was an Everton fan growing up, so I would always look for them when I picked up the ball.” 

Playing other sports as a kid:

It would interest you to know that Eddie Howe, as a kid, excelled in cricket. He was often referred to as an all-rounder, but he preferred the batsman position. At the age of 13, the young sportster was forced to choose between football and cricket.

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When Eddie was to make that choice, opportunities for cricket suddenly began to open for him. At that time, Dorset County Cricket Club, a top National county club within the domestic cricket structure of England, wanted Howe in their team.

Despite being needed by a top cricket club in England, Eddie Howe, deep down in his heart wanted to stay with football. In Amersham and Chesham (where he once lived), cricket was seen as a much bigger sport. And that was the reason he played passionately, even in his teenage years.

It is pertinent to note that when Eddie Howe’s Family moved to live in Bournemouth, there came this greater emphasis on football than cricket. Playing football as a Defender suited him better, and he was more passionate about it than cricket. So at the end of the day, the future Newcastle Manager abandoned cricket to stay with the beautiful game.

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Eddie Howe Family Background:

The English football manager did not come from a wealthy or average home. In fact, each time Eddie Howe looks back (now with his older eyes), he remembers how poor his family was in terms of money. Despite that, the entire household was closely knit, and young Eddie enjoyed the company of his siblings, mum and grandparents.

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Eddie Howe’s late mother, Anne Howe, was an essential figure in his life, both professionally and maternally. She often served as a voluntary part of the training team for Eddie and his half-brother during their early years, despite her lack of experience in football. As a makeshift goalkeeper, she would stand behind the goalposts while her skilled sons practised their football techniques at a nearby park close to their family residence.

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Research made about Eddie Howe’s Dad reveals he appeared absent for the most part of his childhood. The youngster took solace in his sister, brothers, mum and grandparents. In fact, Eddie once revealed that his grandfather made up for what he lacked in terms of a father figure while growing up. In his words;

I had brilliant grandparents who made up maybe for what I lacked in terms of a father figure while growing up.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had them, and I would say the values I got from my family still inform what I do today.

Despite being raised in a Lower middle class, young Eddie had zero regrets about his childhood living conditions. The company of his Mum, Grandparents, brothers and one sister was enough to make him stay happy. The Football coach once revealed that he had the chance to go back to his childhood; he would happily do everything all again and not even think of changing a thing.

The role of Howe’s Mum:

Eddie’s diligence and success today is a product of watching his Mum take up several jobs (at the same time) in order to sustain the family. The Late Anne Howe was known for her sacrifice and ability to take the position of both the man and woman of the house. Eddie’s Mum was the Spine of the family and the shoulder that everyone leaned on. According to the Newcastle coach;

“She was incredible, she had so much strength and she lived to better our lives.

My mother’s love made up for anything we didn’t have while growing up.

She provided for my brothers and sisters the foundation and the values to carried us through. and give us a good grounding.”

Losing his Mum at 34:

Sadly, Anne Howe passed away in the month of March 2012. Eddie was 34 when his Mum died after a short illness. He was just a year and two months into his spell as the manager of Burnley football club. Eddie lived in Manchester (250 miles away from his family home) at the time news of his Mum’s death came to him. 

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The loss of Anne Howe was said to have fractured her son’s world. Because Eddie was far from home, he didn’t have the chance to cry out his eyes and lament his misfortune. But a couple of months later, he found himself back at his family home in Dorset. Being at home and away from football duties helped the healing process for both Eddie and his siblings.

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That period after his Mum’s death became so tough for Eddie, both from a personal and professional angle. He knew his family needed him, and he was also aware his Burnley team needed their manager. In fact, the team was used to seeing him every day at training and during games.

Eddie became very confused during that period. And he didn’t have a manual on how to deal with such a situation. Deep down, he felt he needed to be somewhere else (to be with his family) and not with his team. In fact, the Burnley manager was emotionally down.

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At that time, there was an expectation that Eddie should be at work. And there were times he just worked, worked and worked as if nothing had happened to him. But in reality, he wasn’t doing himself any favours. Eddie understood that he was not the first manager to be in such a situation and the fact that many football managers had gone through a similar ordeal. According to Eddie;

“It is true that People often look at a manager as though they’re bulletproof.

As though they’re superhuman in a way and can just carry on regardless of what happens.

But we’re all human, we all have things going in life that makes it quite difficult for us at times too.”

Eddie Howe Family Origin:

Both parents of the Football Manager hail from England, and judging by his birthplace (Amersham, England), he holds British nationality. Considering the fact that Eddie Howe’s family moved a lot during his childhood, there are many places he calls home.

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Research has it that the Newcastle Head Coach Dorset is from the Dorset Non-metropolitan county. Dorsetshire is a ceremonial county in South West England, also home to the Jurassic Coast, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Poole, is a coastal town in Dorset, southern England was where Eddie Howe’s family lived for the greater part of his childhood.


Eddie Howe identifies with England’s White British ethnic group. As classified by the UK Office for National Statistics, this is the major grouping in the British Census ethnicity classification system. Also, because he was born in England and has English descent, he also identifies himself as English.

Eddie Howe Education:

As per his own description, the former AFC Bournemouth manager once revealed he was a very good kid in school, probably too good in academics. Howe also revealed he has no bad stories of what he was like at school. He remarked;

I was totally focused, very driven with my work, I wanted to be good, I wanted to be successful and I was always trying to be as dedicated as possible.

Career Buildup:

Moving away from academics, Eddie played lots of football in his school. Many who knew him back then could argue that Howe was the best defender in his school’s football team. Eddie was on the verge of becoming too good and the same time, nerdy, which invited criticism from his brothers. When his family moved away from Amersham and Chesham, his love for cricket gradually died and beginning a football career became the sole focus.

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Eddie Howe Biography – Early Career Life:

Anne’s decision to move her family to Dorset (Bournemouth) paid off because there was a greater emphasis on football in that part of England. Hence, it wasn’t difficult for Eddie to abandon his cricket career and choose football, even though the Dorset County Cricket Club needed him.

Laying the foundation of his career, Eddie Howe joined the Rossgarth football academy in Bournemouth. While there, he formed the habit of kicking himself a little simply because he felt he wasted some years not learning the sport, instead focusing his attention on cricket. In his words;

I feel I wasted some good learning by not playing competitively as a younger kid.

Eddie progressed to Parley Sports FC in his quest to join a more competitive team. This is a Dorset-based football club in the beautiful countryside of West Parley. His performance at this football club catapulted the future Newcastle Head Coach to the youths of the AFC Bournemouth Centre of Excellence.

Early Years with Bournemouth:

As a regular with the Cherries’ academy, Eddie Howe progressed through the age groups to join the youth team managed by Sean O’Driscoll. In his second year as a youth player, he received a call-up to AFC Bournemouth’s first team. To the joy of Eddie Howe’s family, he won the man of the match in his debut against Hull City in December 1995.

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The signing of his first-ever professional contract in football came after he played two more matches. At the young age of 17, Eddie Howe had already established himself in the heart of the Cherries Defence. Long before he scored his first senior goal (in a 2-2 draw against Burnley), he had risen to become a Cherries crowd favourite.

1998 was the best moment in Eddie Howe’s career. In that fantastic year, he found himself playing at Wembley Stadium in an Auto Windscreens Shield final. Also, that year, a young Eddie was named Bournemouth Player of the Year. Such achievement earned him a call by England to participate in the under-21 level Toulon Tournament.

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After helping AFC Bournemouth come close to reaching the playoffs in 2001, young Eddie began to attract other top English clubs. At that time, Bournemouth was in financial ruin, and the club needed money to continue its existence. In March 2002, Howe left for Harry Redknapp Portsmouth team in what was termed a potentially club-saving lucrative deal (for Bournemouth).

Eddie Howe Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Sadly, the ball-playing centre-half’s Portsmouth career was filled with disappointments. After just his second game with the club, Howe sustained a microfracture in his left knee. Poor Eddie had to undergo two separate operations in 2022. While he was still in recovery, one Surgeon broke the sad news to Eddie that he would never be able to kick a football competitively again.

24 years old Eddie Howe refused to accept the painful news that his playing career was over. He quickly devised other alternatives to the solution of his left knee issue. The Pompey Defender sought the help of a renowned knee specialist, the person of Dr. Richard Steadman.

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Again, despite repeatedly being told not to return to playing football, a stubborn Howe defied the Doctors’ assessment. Portsmouth didn’t call him for a match, and poor Eddie was only restricted to just two short appearances with the club. Because his parent club didn’t want him, Howe began to find loan opportunities.

That year was 2004, and his former club, Bournemouth, was in dire straits both financially and from a team performance angle. The supporters of the club needed a Defender to save them, and they were forced to create a donation initiative called ‘Eddieshare’. This donation was aimed at funding his permanent transfer to their club, AFC Bournemouth.

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In just a matter of days, a total of £21,000 was raised by these fans. And in no time, Howe went back to his old family (on loan), and he became a Bournemouth player once more. Howe went back to his former club in August 2004, restarting his career there with a match against Hull City (just like he did in his first-ever debut).

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The footballer who defied the Doctors’ orders (not to kick the ball again) did put in some inspiring performances with AFC Bournemouth. For example, Eddie Howe scored in a 5-0 demotion of Doncaster. He was also part of a memorable win against Blackburn, a League Cup match where he scored the winning spot-kick in a fierce penalty shootout.

Regrettably, the repercussions of ignoring medical advice began to emerge, and Eddie found himself confronting the inevitable end of his playing career. After rejoining AFC Bournemouth for three years and clocking up more than 50 appearances, he was reluctantly compelled to retire from football at the relatively young age of 29.

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However, his significant contributions to the team were not forgotten. The Cherries ensured his expertise and dedication remained within the club, appointing him as the manager of the reserve team.

Eddie Howe Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Truth be told, the former Bournemouth Defender never wanted to become a reserve team manager. Ideally, Eddie, because of his introverted personality, disliked being in a position that would make him the focal point. So, initially, he felt following the route to becoming a football manager wasn’t for him. In his words;

You can’t be an introvert in the role.

As time went on, Eddie Howe realized that he could be an introvert and, at the same time, a great coach. He fell in love with the act of developing players and getting the best out of them in training sessions. That made the quirt element of Howe’s personality take the back seat.

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Four days after his 29th birthday, on the 3rd of December 2006, the route to becoming a head coach arrived in an unorthodox matter for Eddie. In an FA Cup hosting of Nottingham Forest, who were the AFC Bourmenouth’s next opponents, there was no budget to do an opposition analysis. So Eddie Howe was told to compile the report and attend the game.

The observations about the opponents proved vital as the report helped his Bournemouth side defeat Forest. Eddie Howe got a reward for that. Surprisingly, that reward was an upliftment in his job position, as he earned himself a place on Kevin Bond’s Bournemouth coaching staff.

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How Howe Became Bournemouth’s Head Coach:

Kevin Bond was sacked by the club in September, with Eddie Howe also told to leave his job as one of Bond’s coaching staff. Many Cherries fans didn’t like the decision, and they were of the view that he could have at least been allowed to take up a caretaker role.

Weeks after Bournemouth appointed Jimmy Quinn their new manager, he brought back the club’s fan favourite (Eddie Howe) to head the youth setup. Under the command of the new manager, Bournemouth suffered more setbacks. Jimmy Quinn got dismissed after the club were just 10 points from safety in League 2.

On the new year Even of 2008, just hours before families around the UK start engaging in the countdown and making fanciful resolutions, Eddie Howe’s phone rang. He answered the call and got the shock of his life, an offer to become the head coach of Bournemouth on a caretaker basis. 

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Eddie accepted the offer to coach the Cherries, a club he represented 311 times and which he has loved since childhood. A club whose supporters contributed £21,000 to pay for his transfer fee from Portsmouth. At that time, he had only turned 31, and Howe considered himself too much of an introvert to become a focal point in a dugout.

Difficult Early Years as a Head Coach:

Overlooking his personality, he accepted the job regardless, without pinching himself. At that time, his thoughts were more centres on navigating a football hell. Bournemouth were trying to overturn a 17-point financial mismanagement deficit. And the club was also guarding against the threat of being disbanded.

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The above nightmares were joined the club not being able to pay players or rent training facilities. Bournemouth, at that time, was sitting 91st out of the 92 clubs in the English top-four league divisions. Again, conversations about keeping the club’s water and turning on the electricity were as frequent as the discussion about Eddie’s tactics.

Despite the encouraging early performances, Howe lost his first two games in charge as a Head Coach. Losing to Darlington and Rotherham didn’t change the mind of Bournemouth’s new board members. They wanted him, even for a permanent role, and knew their options to recruit another head coach was severely limited. Bournemouth’s Chairman, Jeff Mostyn, revealed the following statement at that time.

“What we saw in Eddie Howe was someone who we already employed. And not for a lot of money.”

The Turning Point:

Howe’s gamble continued with more losses, and this was the period when he was not paid his full salary. By mid-march of 2008, still, without being fully paid, the young coach made a remarkable comeback. Do you know?… Eddie led his Bournemouth side to achieve 8 wins and 3 draws in a total of 13 games.

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Following the team’s rise, a portion of both players’ and coaches’ wages would await them in the dressing room. The money was kept in a plastic Marks & Spencer Bag and was being received with joy, despite not being paid for long. Eddie and his players behaved like family as they didn’t complain publicly about the packaging and the fact that they were being owed for long.

With more victories and low bank account balances, the team’s salaries were eventually settled off, thanks to a PFA Loan. Then, the spirit of the south coast club led by Eddie Howe was swelling. Despite having huge financial troubles, AFC Bournemouth was able to secure their safety in the league. Eddie Howe continued to prove to the world that despite having no managerial experience, he could shape a struggling team.

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The Pressure to Leave and the Aftermath:

At the start of the 2009/2010 season, the Bournemouth Hero recorded eight wins out of his first nine matches. Seeing he had achieved this club record, Bunrley quickly hurried to ask for his signature – for a three and a half year deal in 2011. Initially, Howe refused to leave AFC Bournemouth.

The man seen as a Bournemouth Hero left the club because of pressure from people he knew. Seeing Howe turn down many jobs offers from Crystal Palace and Southampton, these persons advised him on the need to leave for better opportunities.

On the 16th day of January 2011, Eddie Howe got announced as the new manager of Burnley FC. He led the club to finish 8th in the Championship in his first season and 13th in the following season. Seeing the club wasn’t improving, the relationship between the club’s management and Howe went sour. In October 2012, Howe left Burnley, citing “personal reasons” as the reason for his departure.

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Return to Bournemouth:

In October 2012, the same month he left Burnley, Howe re-joined his old family, AFC Bournemouth as their manager. He continued from where he left off, winning the League One Manager of the Month (for November 2012). Howe also guided the club to consecutive league wins, an FA Cup victory and a promotion to the Championships.

In the 2013–14 season, the miracle Manager led AFC Bournemouth to finish 10th in his first season with them in the Championship. In April 2015, he led his team to Premier League promotion – the first time in AFC Bournemouth’s history. Achieving such a feat earned Howe “The Football League Manager of the Decade” individual honour by the Football League Awards.

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In his first season in the Premier League, Howe survived relegation with five points clear of the relegation zone. He had a much better 2016/2017 campaign as his Bournemouth side finished ninth in the Premier League. He kept the club in the Premier League for a fourth consecutive campaign, with the club’s 5-year stay ending in relegation (an 18th place EPL finish).

The Newcastle Rise:

On 1 August 2020, Howe and AFC Bournemouth parted ways by mutual consent (club statement). After rejecting an offer to become Celtic manager, he soon accepted the job of replacing Steve Bruce as the manager of Newcastle United on the 8th of November 2021.

Howe’s appointment with Newcastle saw him reunite with his former Bournemouth players – the persons of Callum Wilson and Ryan Fraser. He guided Newcastle to a 6th successive home win, and that was the first time the North East club had done such a feat since 2004 (under the reign of Sir Bobby Robson).

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Eddie further guided Newcastle to become the first club in Premier League history to avoid being relegated after not winning their first 14 games. Less than a year after his appointment, Howe was rewarded with a long-term Newcastle contract.

Following the club’s takeover by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (80%), Howe got support for his transfers. The 2021/2022 transfer window saw Newcastle acquire the likes of Bruno Guimarães, Chris Wood, Joe Willock, Dan Burn and Kieran Trippier, etc. Further strengthening of Howe’s squad was achieved with the arrival of Alexander Isak, Sven Botman, Anthony Gordon, and Nick Pope.

Eddie’s greatest success as a Manager came in the 2022/2023 season. He guided Newcastle to their first EFL Cup final in over 23 years. That same season, his Newcastle side finished top-four finish in the Premier League. That earned the club a UEFA Champions League qualification for the first time since the 2002-03 season. The rest, as we say, is now history.

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Introducing Vicky Howe, Eddie’s Wife:

The English professional football manager is happily married to a hairstylist. Research has it that Eddie and Vicky, his long-term partner, began dating when he was still paying for AFC Bournemouth. Now, let’s introduce you to the wife of the accomplished English professional football manager.

Meet Vicky Howe, the wife of Eddie Howe. Credit: TheSun.
Meet Vicky Howe, the wife of Eddie Howe. Credit: TheSun.

For a long time, the couple and they both live a quiet life in Newcastle, England. Before moving to North East England, Eddie and Vicky lived at Poole, a coastal town in Dorset, southern England.

Howe is always of the view that he has an understanding family behind him, all thanks to his wife, Vicky. Speaking on how he is happy to acknowledge his debt to his wife, the Manager said;

You need to have an understanding family behind you and this is where both myself and Jason (his assistant) are extremely fortunate.

Eddie Howe’s Children:

At the time of writing this Bio, Eddie Howe and his wife Vicki have three sons. Harry Frankie Jay Howe is their first son. He is two years older than his younger brother, Rocky Howe, who is Eddie and Vicky’s second son. Rocky is 6 years younger than his little brother, whose name we are yet to ascertain.

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A photo of Eddie Howe, his wife, Vicky and their sons, during his time with Bournemouth. Credit: The Sun.
A photo of Eddie Howe, his wife, Vicky and their sons during his time with Bournemouth. Credit: The Sun.

Eddie really enjoys spending time with his boys, which is something he doesn’t really get a chance to do normally. He often spends time with them in their family’s garden kicking the ball. While doing that, Eddie once remembered his childhood when he dreamt of kicking a ball like he did with his boys and scoring a goal in an FA Cup final. He once said about playing football with his sons;

“What I try to do is not coach them too much. One is five and the other is eight. If I ended up spraying cones around the family garden I think they would very quickly lose interest.”

Eddie sure knows his sons are following in his footsteps. Asides from training them privately, he enrolled Harry and Rocky with a local football team. In that team, the boys were coached by Paul Gough. Speaking about his son’s coach, Eddie once said this about Paul;

Paul was part of the class of ’92 team at Manchester United. So he’s got a great football background, and I’ve enjoyed watching him coach my sons. He’s top class.

More on Eddie’s Children:

Asides from football, Howe’s sons also have a passion for the piano, similar to Andre Ayew‘s daughter. He often finds time to learn the piano himself and then transfer what he has learned to his sons. He once said;

The piano has been getting some good use. My boys have lessons, and I’m teaching them something I haven’t really got a clue about.

Harry and Rocky sometimes discuss with their Dad about his job as soon as he comes back from work and walks in through the family door. They, who are into football, discuss with him about his tactics, sometimes giving him advice and telling him which team to pick. Howe once revealed;

“Harry and Rocky are so well into football, that they give me tactical advice and tell me what team to pick.

They are like most supporters who only disagree with what I’ve done after the game.

Harry and Rocky would say,

‘oh I wouldn’t have picked him, I would have gone for him.’

When we win, the boys don’t have anything to say, and it’s always high-fives and hugs.”

Lastly, Vicky and Eddie Howe’s sons love the Match Attax cards. And the boys did have a great knowledge of the English Premier League at their young ages. Eddie and Vicky are glad that their children have caught the football bug on their own.

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Who is Eddie Howe?

Getting to know about The English Special One. Source: TheSun.
Getting to know about The English Special One. Source: TheSun.

Initially, Eddie is naturally reserved and introverted, yet he firmly believes there’s no need to alter his personality. In his early days, as an introvert, it was challenging for Howe to stand in the dugout, becoming the centre of attention for the entire team or fans. However, nowadays, he regards himself as lucky to have consistently received opportunities that align well with his character and lifestyle.

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Managerial Personality:

Howe is a self-confessed football Enthusiast. He is a fiercely ambitious coach, driven by improvement and not ego. On many occasions, he finds it nearly impossible to switch off from his job, and he would prefer to use a timetable to maintain his work-life balance.

About his managerial style, he always insists on a well-structured presentation room where he highlights the right and wrongs of his players’ performances. As well as short clips where each player can draw their individual evaluations.

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In his Bournemouth days, there was a wall with a wheel, termed ‘Spin City’, through his players’ fines were decided. Whoever breaks the rules of the club will find out their fate and financial penalty after a whirl.

Punishment differs, and they range from dressing up like a dinosaur or performing a song on a chair in front of everyone. After performing any of the above punishments, the club would take a little fine and donate them to charity at the end of each month.

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Together with his wife, Vicky and sons (Harry, Rocky), the Howe family live a refreshingly humble lifestyle. There exists no documentation as to where Eddie and his household travel for their holidays. But regarding what he spends his monies on, research has it that the Newcastle Boss loves luxurious cars.

During his second year as AFC Bournemouth Manager (July 2009), Eddie acquired a Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class. The car was handed over to him by Martin Slater, a Mercedes-Benz business development manager at Poole, Dorset, southern England.

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Eddie Howe receiving a Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class from Martin Slater.
Howe receiving a Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class from Martin Slater.

Once upon a time, it is reported that Eddie once caused a roadblock because of how much he loves his life, Vicky. He packed his Range Rover car at the bus stop while he allowed his wife to quickly grab a coffee from Starbucks in Dorset, Bournemouth.

Eddie Howe Family Life:

Eddie’s decision to be the first Premier League manager to voluntarily take a pay cut during the COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes about his grounded character. His modest nature is deeply rooted in his upbringing and family values. Now, let’s delve deeper into his background.

The Late Anne Howe, Eddie Howe’s Mother:

Much like Marcus Rashford‘s mother, Melanie, and Paul Pogba‘s mother, Yeo, Eddie Howe’s late mother, Ann, was a woman of integrity and tenacity. As a single mother, she held multiple jobs years ago to provide for her family.

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In addition to her multiple roles, Ann Howe committed her time to travel extensively across Scotland and all over England. Her journeys to Scotland were aimed at supporting her son, Steve Lovell, who was showcasing his skills as a striker with Dundee. Simultaneously, she traversed England to cheer on her son, Eddie, as he represented the Cherries.

Following Eddie Howe’s return to Bournemouth in October 2012, he made no secret of the fact that the decision to collect the job at his former club was as a result of his mother’s death. In fact, the loss of Anne made her son to take stock of his own life. Speaking to Southern Daily Echo, Howe said;

“My mum’s death certainly changed my perspective on a lot of things – on life, my career and everything. When something like that happens, it makes you re-evaluate and realise what’s really important.

Eddie continued…

It was incredibly difficult to deal with and still is. When you lose someone you love so suddenly, it is very hard to take. But when you can’t grieve properly because you are so far away and detached, it is even harder to deal with.

That is why coming back to this area and to this football club was a real comfort to me. It certainly had a big impact in my personal life and made me a lot happier off the pitch. I was closer to people who had been affected and could also help them.”

Eddie Howe’s Siblings:

Ann, his Mum, gave birth to five children and raised them as a single parent. These persons are; Dan, Charlie, Rowena, Eddie (whom this Biography is all about), and Steve Lovell. In the following section, we’ll talk about Eddie Howe’s half-brother, Steve Lovell. And while no documentation exists on Rowena Howe, we’ll some light on Dan and Charlie.

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Steve Lovell, Eddie Howe’s Brother:

Born on the 6th day of December 1980, Stephen William Henry Lovell is related to Eddie Howe. Both former footballers are half-brothers, born to the same mother and different fathers. Lovell is a retired footballer who played the majority of his career as a striker for Dundee, Aberdeen and Falkirk.

Meet Steve Lovell, Eddie Howe's Brother, during his playing days with AFC Bournemouth. Credit: tablesleague.
Meet Steve Lovell, Eddie Howe’s Brother, during his playing days with AFC Bournemouth. Credit: tablesleague.

In 2008, Steve Lovell became engaged to Amy Macdonald, a Scottish singer-songwriter. Unfortunately, their union came to an end four years later after their engagement. In June of 2010, two years after his engagement to Amy Macdonald, Eddie Howe recruited his half-brother to his AFC Bournemouth, where he was manager there.

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For Eddie Howe’s Mum, seeing her youngest son, Steve, play in a club coached by his big brother surely made her the proudest Mum at the house at Dean Court. Unfortunately, injuries dealt with Steve Lovell’s career. A year and two months later, Eddie’s brother, just like himself, retired from professional football after struggling with injuries.

Dan and Charlie Howe:

Just like Eddie, they are also halfbrothers to Stephen William Henry Lovell – born to the same mother but with different fathers. Dan and Charlie are blood brothers to Eddie Howe. Together, the children, born to the late Anne, were raised by her, a single mother, in Verwood.

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Among the males in Eddie Howe’s family, only Dan and Charlie didn’t venture into football. The likes of Steve, their half-brother, started his soccer career as teenagers with Cherries in the 1990s. The second to the youngest boy in the family (Eddie) became the breadwinner of the Howe family.

Who is Eddie Howe’s Biological Father? Is Don Howe related to Eddie Howe?

The Newcastle Manager was born to a Dad who wasn’t present in his childhood for reasons unknown. As a result, no concrete information exists about Eddie Howe’s father. However, it is pertinent to talk about the misconception on the internet that exists, which relates to the former Bournemouth’s Dad.

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The search query on the internet, which relates to “Who is Eddie Howe’s father?” is likely to produce results of the late English football player, Don Howe. The truth is, Donald “Wear” Howe IS NOT Eddie Howe’s Father. Born on the 12th day of October 1935, he was an English football player, coach, manager and pundit who died on the 23rd of December 2015.

Although many football fans think the two are connected, Eddie Howe is not related to Donald “Wear” Howe. However, what we know is the fact that both of them are legends as far as English football is concerned. The late Don Howe coached Arsenal between 1983 to 1986, and he won the FA Cup during his tenure with the club. Don also won the FA Cup as a player for West Bromwich Albion in the 1953-1954 season.

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Eddie Howe’s Grandparents:

Speaking about them, the Newcastle Manager once said;

“I had splendid grandparents as well, who compensated for what I missed as far as a mentor growing up.”

The former Bournemouth manager once revealed that he had the affection of a splendid Grandma and Grandpa, his mum, and the organization of his siblings (Steve, Dan, Charlie, Rowena). Back in the day, no matter how Eddie enjoyed his stay at Bournemouth, he unequivocally found time to bond with his grandparents, who raised him alongside his single mother.

Untold Facts:

In this final section of Eddie Howe’s Biography, we’ll unveil more about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What is Eddie Howe’s Nickname?

You might find it fascinating that this English professional football manager shares a similar moniker with Jose Mourinho. Did you know? Eddie Howe is referred to as “The English Special One”. He earned this nickname due to his remarkable achievement of elevating Bournemouth from the fourth tier of English football to the Premier League within a span of just seven years.

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Eddie Howe Tattoo – What the “R” Word mean:

During his tenure as a coach for AFC Bournemouth, Eddie once made a post-game comment where a noticeable letter ‘R’ could be seen on his right wrist as he scratched his head. It was later disclosed that the ‘R’ tattoo on Howe’s wrist was a heartfelt tribute to his late black labrador, Rodney, who was his pet during his playing days at Bournemouth.


After Rodney’s passing, a new addition joined Eddie Howe’s household – a Boxer breed dog named Eric. Presently, Eric continues to be a steadfast companion to the coach, often accompanying him on his late-night runs and beach workouts.

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Eddie Howe’s Salary:

Data available to us reveals that he (as of 2023) earns approximately £3,124,800 per year. When Eddie Howe’s salary is broken down with respect to tenure of earnings, our findings reveal he makes £5.9 per minute, £357 per hour and £8,571 per day. Here is a table that analyses a breakdown of his 2023 earnings at Newcastle.

TENURE/EARNINGSEddie Howe Salary Breakdown with Newcastle (in Pound Sterling £)
What Eddie Howe makes EVERY YEAR:£3,124,800
What Eddie Howe makes EVERY MONTH:£260,400
What Eddie Howe makes EVERY WEEK:£60,000
What Eddie Howe makes EVERY DAY:£8,571
What Eddie Howe makes EVERY HOUR:£357
What Eddie Howe makes EVERY MINUTE:£5.9
What Eddie Howe makes EVERY SECOND:£0.09

How rich is the Football Manager from Poole?

Where Eddie Howe’s Parents raised him (Poole, Dorset), the average person earns £34,706 per year (Varbes report). Do you know?… such a person would need a lifetime (90 years) to earn the money Eddie Howe makes yearly with Newcastle (£3,124,800).

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Since you started viewing Eddie Howe‘s Bio, he has earned with Newcastle United.


Eddie Howe’s Religion:

In terms of his spiritual views, it’s not straightforward to determine the religious orientation of the Newcastle Manager (as of the time this bio was written). One might wonder, does Eddie Howe identify as Christian or non-religious? The answer is perhaps affirmative.

According to the UK Census data from 2011, Christians made up 59.4% of the UK population, and non-religious individuals represented 24.7%. Therefore, the probability suggested by LifeBogger points to Eddie Howe potentially identifying with either of these two categories.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Eddie Howe’s Biography.

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Full Name:Edward John Frank Howe
Nickname:"The English Special One."
Date of Birth:29th day of November 1977
Place of Birth:Amersham, England
Age: 45 years and 10 months old.
Parents:Anne Howe (Mother), Unknown (Father)
Full-Brothers:Dan and Charlie Howe
Half-Brother:Steve Lovell (Stephen William Henry Lovell )
Female Sibling:Rowena Howe (Blood Sister)
Hometown:Poole, Dorset, southern England
Ethnicity:White British
Height:5 ft 10 inches OR 1.78 meters
Annual Salary:£3,124,800 (2023 stats)
Net Worth:8.5 million pounds (2023 stats)
Football Education:Rossgarth football academy, Parley Sports FC, AFC Bournemouth
Playing Position:Central Defender


Eddie Howe bears the nickname “The English Special One”. And the Full name; Edward John Frank Howe. He, like Jarrod Bowen and Kalvin Phillips, holds the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Eddie was raised by the late Ann Howe, a single mother who passed away from a short illness in March 2012.

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Venturing out back to Eddie Howe’s early years, his mom, Anne, had five children. They include four boys (Dan, Charlie, Eddie and Steve) and a girl (Rowena). Eddie Howe’s Parents had him as their last-born child. Although he has a younger half-brother who goes by the name Stephen William Henry Lovell.

Raised in Verwood by a mum, who did multiple jobs to sustain her family, Eddie and his half-brother, Steve, ventured into football together. Their Mum (the late Ann Howe) played a vital role in encouraging her Athletic sons during their formative years. This includes going in goal when the boys would have a kickabout in the local park!

More Notes:

Eddie spent his formative years at AFC Bournemouth. He, a Defender by trade, went on to make 270 appearances for the club, scoring 12 times. Howe, like his brother, Steve, retired quite early because of injuries. After becoming a coach, he went on to achieve a meteoric rise with AFC Bournemouth.

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Charlie, Dan and Eddie Howe’s sister, the adored Rowena, also supported their seasoned brothers during their careers. The Newcastle manager has never discussed anything about his Biological Dad. Except on an occasion where he said his Mum and grandparents played the role of a Dad to him. They were the mentor he needed that as absent while he was growing up.

In the year 2021, Howe migrated away from his family to acknowledge his new challenge to become the head coach of Newcastle. He allegedly expressed that leaving his kids behind was the hardest part. Speaking of kids, Eddie Howe is married to Vicky Howe. And they both have three children (Harry Howe, Rocky Jay Howe, and Rough Howe).

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