Dean Henderson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dean Henderson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Dean Henderson Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, this is a Life Story of Deano, the English goalkeeper who protect Nottingham Forest’s goal area. Lifebogger begins from his boyhood days to when he became famous.

LifeBogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite with the engaging nature of Dean Henderson’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that explains Deano’s Life journey. Without question, Dean has indeed come a long way.

Dean Henderson Biography. Behold, the Early Life and Great Rise of the Great Goalkeeper.
Dean Henderson Biography. Behold, the Early Life and Great Rise of the Great Goalkeeper.

Yes, everyone knows about his quick rising since the 2019/2020 season, a feat that has made him the best contender for Jordan Pickford’s England National team spot. More so, a big rival to David de Gea’s Manchester United goalkeeping spot.

However, not many football lovers have read a concise version of Dean Henderson’s Biography, which we’ve prepared, and it is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Dean Henderson Childhood Story:

Starting off, his full names are “Dean Bradley Henderson“. Dean Henderson was born on the 12th of March 1997 in the town of Whitehaven, United Kingdom. The rising England goalkeeper was born as the second son and child to his parents.

Dean Henderson spent his early childhood years growing up alongside his brothers; an elder named Calum and a younger who is known as Kyle Henderson.

Below is a cute photo of the Dean Henderson brothers during their childhood days.

Meet Dean Henderson's Brothers- Callum Henderson (far right) and Kyle Henderson (middle) at the time they were kids.
Meet Dean Henderson’s Brothers- Callum Henderson (far right) and Kyle Henderson (middle) at the time they were kids.

Dean Henderson‘s Family Background and Origin:

Unlike present and ex-footballers with rich parents namely; Frank Lampard, Gerard Pique, Mario Balotelli and Hugo Lloris, our very own Henderson, wasn’t raised in a super-wealthy home.

The truth is, Dean Henderson’s parents were like most people in the little town of Whitehaven, who worked, lived average lives and never struggled with monies.

About Whitehaven:

Dean Henderson’s family hails from Whitehaven. This is a port town located on the west coast of Cumbria, near the Lake District National Park in England’s North West. Whitehaven is the main port, one which has earned a great reputation for UK’s rum trade.

This is Whitehaven- where Dean Henderson's family comes from.
This is Whitehaven- where Dean Henderson’s family comes from.

Again Did you know?… George Washington’s family roots are linked to Whitehaven. He is the first president of the United States.

Yes! The port town is home to his paternal grandmother Mildred Gale (1671–1701) who lived there and was buried in the town’s St Nicholas Church.

Dean Henderson Education and Career Buildup:

At age 5, Dean began his primary education in Whitehaven. As a schoolboy, he fell in love with sports precisely cricket but NOT football at first.

Dean Henderson excelled in cricket, a feat that saw him becoming a child batsman and wicket-keeper.

With a burning desire to know more, little Dean began participating in football activities. In the end, his love for Football prevailed over Cricket.

Dean Henderson’s parents, who were Manchester United fans initiated their son into supporting the club.

Back then, his love for United made him wear the club’s kits day in, day out. As observed below, the kit resembles that worn in days of Eric Cantona.

We start by presenting you one of the earliest of Dean Henderson's childhood photos.
We start by presenting you one of the earliest of Dean Henderson’s childhood photos.

Dean Henderson Biography – Early Career Life:

Little Dean knew that he had talent and could make something out of football.

From age three, when he began supporting United, the future England goalie began working his whole life, dreaming about playing in the Premier League. Early on, he placed his dream into practice.

At the age of 8 in the year 2005, little Dean got invited by Carlisle United for academy trials which he passed in flying colours. In case you don’t know, Carlisle United is a club that saw the youthful development of Jarrad Branthwaite.

Dean Henderson’s parents chose the club because it was the closest best club (approximately 55 minutes) from their family home.

Did you know?… Little Henderson (pictured below) initially started playing football as an outfield player, but later switched to goalkeeper before his teenage years.

Dean Henderson- Early Years with Carlisle United.
Dean Henderson- Early Years with Carlisle United.

The need for having trials at bigger academies came as he approached his mid-teenage years.

The joy of Dean Henderson’s parents and family members knew no bounds at the time he (age 14) passed Manchester United academy trials.

Dean Henderson Bio – Road to Fame Story:

After spending six years at Carlisle United, Henderson decided to move a further 135 miles to Manchester, where he began a new life at United’s academy.

At United, Dean Henderson’s drive and determination are his most valuable assets. As he continued to mature, he saw himself settling well into life with the Academy and making serene progress through United’s age groups.

Did you know?… Dean Henderson was among the nominees for the Jimmy Murphy 2014–15 Young Player of the Year award but lost out to Axel Tuanzebe– the robust central defender. Alejandro Garnacho, Mason Greenwood and Anthony Elanga would later win this honour.

In August 2015, Henderson signed his first professional contract with the club. As a senior goalkeeper, he met stiff competition.

At that time, United had five senior goalkeepers, namely; David De Gea, Joel Pereira, Sam Johnstone, Sergio Romero and legendary Victor Valdes.  It was difficult for Dean to easily outrank them. In order to progress, he decided to find new pastures on loan.

Dean Henderson Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

But rather than crumble while on loan, the young English goalkeeper went from strength to strength as he paid his dues by journeying through Stockport County, Grimsby and Shrewsbury Town. While at Shrewsbury Town, Dean became a fan favourite as he helped them win lots of matches.

While still on the look for an opportunity with United, Dean Henderson observed David De Gea to still be at the peak of his powers.

He decided to continue his loan spell while never giving up on United. Even while signing a two-year contract extension with United, the faithful United servant decided to take the loan option with Sheffield United.

While in Sheffield United under Chris Wilder, Dean Henderson could feel his Premier League destiny calling him. The truth is, he didn’t just help Sheffield secure promotion to the Premier League for the first time since 2007.

Dean also went on to win the club’s Young Player of the Year Award, as well as the Championship Golden Glove.

The fast-rising English Goalkeeper won the Championship Golden Glove.
The fast-rising English Goalkeeper won the Championship Golden Glove.

At the time of writing Dean Henderson’s biography, the young goalkeeper is now the Premier League’s most in-form goalkeeper thanks to a host of standout performances.

He is being labelled as a successor of David de Gea, who United is considering selling in order to install him as the first choice.

More so, he is a replacement for Jordan Pickford as England No one but Henderson’s form cannot go unnoticed as he is likely to replace Pickford as the next England number 1.

The 2019-2020 season saw him being labelled as one of the best goalkeepers in England and the world.
The 2019-2020 season saw him being labelled as one of the best goalkeepers in England and the world.

Without a doubt, there is every chance Henderson will emerge as a better goalkeeper than De Gea, Nike Pope, and Pickford in no time. The rest, as they say, is history.

Who is Dean Henderson’s Girlfriend?

With his rise to fame and making a name for himself in the Premier League, it is certain that some inquisitive fans would want to know who Dean Henderson’s girlfriend is.

More so whether the handsome goalkeeper is married which implies having a wife.

The truth is, behind the successful and handsome goalkeeper, there exists a glamorous girlfriend whose identity is revealed in the photo below.

Meet Dean Henderson's Girlfriend.
Meet Dean Henderson’s Girlfriend.

Dean Henderson and his girlfriend began an intimate relationship on a solid footing, one that escapes the scrutiny of public eyes.

The lovebirds – who have no son(s) or daughter(s) out of wedlock – made their relationship public around November 2019.

As observed below, one of the couple’s favourite getaways for the summer is the Spanish island and waters of Ibiza, among other beautiful European seaside destinations. Below is the tattooless Dean alongside his beautiful girlfriend or WAG.

Dean Henderson and his Girlfriend takes a boat ride.
Dean Henderson and his Girlfriend takes a boat ride.

Loved up Dean Henderson as he posted this photo of himself with his girlfriend stated publicly in his words;

“We are Living our best life”

Judging by the way both lovebirds are taking their relationship, it is clear that a marriage proposal and wedding is most likely to be the next formal step.

Personal Life:

Getting to know the personality of the English goalkeeper would help you get a better picture of his personality off the pitch.

Who is Dean Henderson?… Starting off, he is someone who is intuitive and often dreamy about his aspirations.

Dean is inspired by the need to never give up on his dreams. He is willing to go beyond boundaries in order to be seen as the best that he has become.


Dean Henderson lives an organized life in the city of Sheffield, a life devoid of irrational spending despite his £25k salary, more than £500,000 net worth and £18.00m market value.

Truth is, Dean Henderson is the kind of footballer who holds on to practical needs that don’t cost much.

At the time of writing, there is no such thing as showcasing exotic cars, big mansions and other things easily noticeable by footballers who live flamboyant lifestyles.

Away from the pitch, Dean Henderson would rather spend his monies on his girlfriend.

The fast-rising goalkeeper does not live a flamboyant lifestyle at the time of writing.
The fast-rising goalkeeper does not live a flamboyant lifestyle at the time of writing.

Dean Henderson Family Life:

The most important thing in life is “Family” and “Love“. Dean Henderson‘s family members feel they have everything when they have each other by their sides.

Here, they are pictured having a great family moment in Zest Harbourside, the popular Modern British spot located in Whitehaven, United Kingdom.

Dean Henderson Family Life. Here, he is pictured alongside his mum, dad and brothers.
Dean Henderson Family Life. Here, he is pictured alongside his mum, dad and brothers.

In this lovely section, we’ll present to you more facts about Dean Henderson’s parents and the rest of his family members.

About Dean Henderson’s Dad:

The road to stardom wouldn’t have been as palatable as it is without the help of his super dad.

The England goalkeeper never fails to use the Father’s Day celebration to remember his dad who he claims to be his number one fan. Pictured below is Dean Henderson’s dad alongside his elder brother (Calum).

Meet Dean Henderson's Dad pictured alongside himself and his elder brother (Calum).
Meet Dean Henderson’s Dad pictured alongside himself and his elder brother (Calum).

About Dean Henderson‘s Mum:

Starting off, she is 52 years of age at the time of writing (April 1st, 2020).

Dean Henderson’s mother is responsible for her son’s good morals both on and off the pitch, a feat that has affected his outlook on life. Pictured below is Dean’s mum who looks younger than her age.

Meet Dean Henderson's Mum- Doesn't she look younger than her age?.
Meet Dean Henderson’s Mum- Doesn’t she look younger than her age?.

The names of Dean Henderson’s parents are unknown at the time of writing.

About Dean Henderson‘s Brothers:

The rising English goalkeeper has no sisters but two brothers; an elder who goes by the name Calum and a younger one, Kyle. Unlike Calum, Kyle Henderson lives an extremely private life.

More so, Calum is way taller than Dean who measures 6′(feet) 2″(inches) in height. A peep into Calum Henderson’s Instagram account reveals the fact that he is married and his hobbies are likely to be golfing and skating.

About Dean Henderson‘s Relatives:

Without a doubt, his uncle(s), aunt(s) and grandparents (if alive) would surely be reaping the benefits of having their very own in the helm of English football affairs.

As at the time of writing, no documentation exists on the web about them. Surely, we’ll update you when we observe something.

Dean Henderson Untold Facts:

In this final section of Dean Henderson’s biography, we’ll present to you some untold facts.

He is a World Record Holder:

Dean Henderson is a Guinness World Record Holder. Did you know?… He holds the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest time to dress as a goalkeeper’ which he did for 49.51 seconds. It doesn’t just stop there.

Dean also holds the Guinness World Record for the ‘Most football (soccer) headed passes’ which he did in one minute. These records form a substantial part of Dean Henderson’s biography.

Early Salary Breakdown:

Ever since he busted into the limelight, some inquisitive fans have begun pondering into Dean Henderson’s facts, like how much he earned when he began his career with Sheffield United.

On the 18th of June 2018, Dean Henderson sealed a contract with Sheffield United, one which saw him pocketing a whopping salary of around £520,000 per year. Breaking his salary (2018 stats) into smaller numbers, we have the following;

SALARY TENUREHis Earnings in Pound Sterling (£)His Earnings in USD ($)His Earnings in Euros (€)
What he earns Per Year£520,000$625,604€570,168
What he earns Per Month£43,333$52,133.68€47,513
What he earns Per Week£10,833$13,033.4€11,878
What he earns Per Day£1,547.6$1,861.92€1,696.9
What he earns Per Hour£64.49$77.58€70.7
What he earns Per Minute£1.08$1.29€1.18
What he earns Per Seconds£0.02$0.02€0.02

Since you started viewing Dean Henderson‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Did you know?… The average man in England earns a total of £2,340 a month. This person would need to work for at least 1.5 years to earn £43,333. This is the amount Dean Henderson once earned in 1 month for United.

Dean Henderson’s Religion:

The name “Dean” is a Christian boy’s name. And it’s also an English-originated name with multiple meanings.

To this extent, it is fair to guess that Dean Henderson‘s parents are most likely to have raised their son in accordance with Christian religious beliefs. Although Henderson’s bearings on matters of faith is low even if our odds are in favour of him being a Christian.

He holds a United Record:

It has been over 40 years since Manchester United has waited for something. To be able to produce their own established goalkeeper from their academy.

Did you know?… Dean Henderson now holds the record of being the first and most favoured home-grown goalkeeper after Garry Bailey in 1978.

With him, Manchester United for the first time in 40 years, needs not to venture into the transfer market in search for goalkeepers as they have done in the past.

The prefered choice for FIFA Game Lovers:

If you are a FIFA Career mode lover, please do well to buy Dean Henderson. He, alongside Gianluigi Donnarumma, has the potential to become one of the best Goalkeepers in FIFA. As I write this Bio, Dean is among the best FIFA young players.

The English Goalkeeper is indeed a man for the future. Credit: SoFIFA
The English Goalkeeper is indeed a man for the future. Credit: SoFIFA

Are Dean Henderson and Jordan Henderson Brothers:

Following Dean Henderson’s rise into the Premier League scene, some fans have asked. They asked if he is related to Liverpool’s captain, Jordan Henderson.

Truth is, Dean and Jordan Henderson are in no way related. Even thou they share a similar surname.

FACT CHECK: Thanks for reading our Dean Henderson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts.

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Dean Henderson Biography (Wiki Inquiries)Wiki Answers
Full Name:Dean Bradley Henderson.
Date of Birth:12 March 1997 (age 23 as at April 2020).
Parents:Mr and Mrs Henderson.
Family Home:Whitehaven, England.
Siblings:Calum Henderson (elder brother) and Kyle Henderson (younger brother).
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m).
Football Education:Carlisle United (2005–2011) and Manchester United (2011–2015).
Net worth:£520,000 to £1 million.
Salary:£25,000 per week (as at March 2020).

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