Nuno Tavares Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nuno Tavares Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nuno Tavares Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents (Maria Amélia), Family Background, Siblings – a Brother (Edson Tavares), etc.

More so, Nuno’s Girlfriend, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth, etc.

In a nutshell, this article contains the Full History of Nuno Tavares, a Musician who later converted into a Footballer – and still kept his Music hobby.

Lifebogger begins Nuno’s Story from his boyhood days (in Lisbon) right until the moment he achieved success in football.

To ignite your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Nuno Tavares’ Biography, we’ve deemed it fit to present you with his Early Music Life and Success Gallery.

Behold Nuno Tavares’s life trajectory.

Nuno Tavares Biography - From the Early Days to when he became Famous.
Nuno Tavares Biography – From the Early Days to when he became Famous.

Yes, everyone loves the way he gives a lot of depth to the flank – creating constant dangerous situations for the opposing defences.

Just like Reece James and Trent Alexander Arnold, his crossing is one of his greatest weapons. Although you might not like the way he plays with his Dogs, as seen in this one-time viral video.

Despite the many soccer accolades surrounding his name, we realize – that only a few have read a concise piece of Nuno Tavares’ Biography.

For this reason, Lifebogger has come to your service. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Nuno Tavares Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Lode Runner and the full name – Nuno Albertino Varela Tavares.

The Portuguese footballer was born on the 26th day of January 2000 to his mother, Maria Amélia, in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Growing-Up Years:

Nuno spent his early life alongside his older brother, Edson Tavares. Both grew up at Bairro dos Navegadores, located in Talaíde, a beautiful Portuguese town on the outskirt of Lisbon.

Nuno Tavares' parents raised him at this Municipal.
Nuno Tavares’ parents raised him at this Municipal.

As a boy, Nuno always had the most important things and persons in his life. As far as people are concerned, the unending love for his mother (Maria Amélia) comes first.

The next thing after the love for his Mum is no other than his attachment to music. PLEASE NOTE: There was no football in the picture – at this time.

In fact, nothing (except his Mum) could share that boy’s attention with the cello. Pictured below is the Cello, a musical instrument which Nuno played with a huge mastery.

Don’t worry; we’ll tell you more about his amazing music story and how he became a footballer.

Did you know?... Nuno Tavares' first love was the Cello and NOT football.
Did you know?… Nuno Tavares’ first love was the Cello and NOT football.

Nuno Tavares Family Background:

Following intensive research, we observed – that luxuries did not surround his early days, like most households in Lisbon.

In simple terms, Nuno Taveres’ parents do not operate a wealthy home – rather, one that represents the middle class.

One very constant thing about his family is that – its members love to watch football. As a child and even to date, Nuno Tavares’ idol has always been Cristiano Ronaldo.

Idolizing his country’s greatest-ever footballer made him fall in love with the game of football.

Back then, Nuno would aspire to multitask between music and soccer. Because of his family’s unquenchable love for CR7, the idea of taking up a career in football crept in.

It was at this moment that Nuno Tavares’ Mum discovered her son’s destiny.

Nuno Tavares Family Origin:

To tell the truth, You and I (judging by his looks) can tell – that his ancestry isn’t traced to Portugal.

This means there is more to Nuno Tavares’ nationality than just Portugal. Again, have you wondered why his love for CR7 is strong?

Well, you’ll definitely get it wrong if you think his Nuno Tavares family members are just ordinary fans of the Legend.

The truth is, there is more to his relationship with Ronaldo – WHICH YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF.

Originally, Nuno Tavares’ parents were from Cape Verde. This (not Portugal) is the ancestral land of the Legend – CR7.

In case you are not aware, Cape Verde is an African country – an Island in the central Atlantic Ocean. By implication, it means CR7 is African.

This map of Ronaldo's Family Roots helps explain where Nuno Tavares' family comes from.
This map of Ronaldo’s Family Roots helps explain where Nuno Tavares’ family comes from.

While writing Nuno Tavares Biography, Cape Verde (where his family roots lie) desperately wants him to switch nationality.

In fact, the country has begged him to come play for them. Actually, that is possible because Nuno Tavares’ Dad and Mum are both Cape Verdeans.

Education and Career Buildup:

Beginning from the age of four, the youngster began a quest to go through schooling. For Nuno, there were two things in mind (back in the day) while going to school. Let’s tell you about them.

These two things are his unmatched interest in music and football. Contrary to his thinking, going through the Portuguese education system has always been Maria Amélia’s (his Mum) top priority.

The rest of Nuno’s family wanted him to face a football career.

Attending a Football and Music School:

As he grew past a toddler, Nuno Tavares’ Mum enrolled him at Casa Pia. This is a music and sports centre located in the city of Lisbon.

Maria Amélia believed that her son, while there, would get the necessary support—books, meals, travels, and the opportunity to study.

During his early stay in Casa Pia, Nuno got accompanied by his older brother, Edson. Back then, they travelled by bus or train.

After attending music classes with the Casa Pia music band, football follows.

This is Nuno Tavares at his Music School - Childhood Memories.
This is Nuno Tavares at his Music School – Childhood Memories.

Nuno Tavares Biography – Football Story:

While he was there, at Casa Pia, the Lisbon native fell deeply in love with his two passions; football and music.

Nuno Tavares agreed he would pursue both careers and eventually choose one of them – in the long run.

Although, the first choice (football) didn’t surprise anyone. However, the second one (music) did.

Nuno Tavares was convinced he had a way in music – ever since he joined the Casa Pia band. Please NOTE: This is a music group that plays Bombardino Music.

The Battle between choosing between Football and a Music Career:

Before he became a teenager, Nuno got recruited to learn the Brazilian way of football. He became part of a futsal team and later got promoted to Casa Pia’s 11-a-side football.

Approaching the age of 10 (5th grade), the youngster made a shocking decision. Nuno Tavares (for unknown reasons) decided he would abandon the sporting side (football) and proceed more with his beloved music education.

During this period, the talented boy focused on mastering the Cello. This is a bowed string musical instrument that belongs to the violin family. I closely associated the cello with European classical music.

This is what Cello looks like. It is one of the greatest Musical instruments in the world.
This is what Cello looks like. It is one of the greatest Musical instruments in the world.

Mixing Humility with Versatility:

As always, everyone saw Nuno as this cheerful boy who loved doing what he liked and gave no problems to his music and football teachers. The boy was extremely polite.

Back then, at Casa Pia, there was STILL the option of him choosing between sports (mostly football) and art (music and others).

These were the two strongest components of the institution. Despite rooting for music, Nuno still gave football an open arm.

Nuno Tavares Biography – The Journey to Fame:

Throughout his childhood, he remained this calm and hardworking kid – one who showed the ability to multitask – combining music with football.

Observing that becoming a football is something that fades away with age, Nuno Tavares’ parents convinced their son to at least give it more dedication – than music. By implication, it means giving a career break to music education.

This decision came at the time Nuno had caught the attention of Sporting CP Youth Academy. He aroused Sporting’s interest because he was among the best youth footballers at Casa Pia.

Nuno Tavares Sporting CP Story:

The Youngster joined Sporting CP for two reasons. The first is because his parents (mostly his Mum) approved of it.

The second is because the club had raised his idol (CR7). For these reasons, Nuno Tavares’ family found it difficult to resist their offer.

Nuno joined Sporting CP academy in the year 2010. At the club, the 10-year-old played alongside Rafael Leao, who was one of the academy’s greatest stars.

Nuno Tavares is the fourth kid from the right, while Rafael Leao is the fifth kid from the left.
Nuno Tavares is the fourth kid from the right, while Rafael Leao is the fifth kid from the left.

The full concentration on football with no room to attend Music Classes was indeed a hard pill to swallow.

In order to cope, Nuno devised a means. One of his teammates at Sporting remembers the boy’s other love (Cello). In his words;

He often went to training, still carrying the cello, which is not a light instrument at all.

The first tournament Nuno played at Sporting was the Mundialito. During the competition match days, he would bring his musical instrument behind him and even play for his teammates.

Nuno was never shy of carrying the heavy instrument. He never hid the fact that he likes to play the cello. In fact, every one of his teammates knew about his music passion.

Despite carrying his Cello with him on training, Nuno (thou an average footballer) didn’t lower his performance for the club.

The Casa Pia Return:

As an average footballer, Tavares spent a hard three seasons with Sporting CP academy. It was hard because the boy observed he wasn’t growing up in his beloved music education.

Surprisingly, Nuno Tavares Mum (Maria Amélia) made him leave Sporting – because she wanted a common ground for both music and football.

According to the Portuguese website Record, Nuno Tavares’ parents (precisely his Mum) was the real instigator (in the Tavares family) who wanted him to return to Casa Pia.

This was the institution where her son reconciled the two activities.

For two extra years, Nuno stayed at Casa Pia (upon his return). While there, the youngster grew so mature as he mastered his two trades (music and football).

Research has it – that he played football so well, with both his left and right foot, and scored a lot of goals.

At 15, Nuno’s maturity could make him choose his own direction. With a little advice from family members, he decided he would take football as a profession and maintain music as his major hobby.

Nuno Tavares Biography – The Success Story:

Still, at age 15, the rising star – who had gained muscle and boldness in the wings turned into a hot transfer property for his academy – Casa Pia.

That year 2015, representatives from Benfica Academy met Nuno Tavares’ parents – to convince them about having their son on their team.

Finally, it was Benfica that successfully activated the ball bug in Nuno. Upon signing the club’s contract, the young Nuno pledged to give everything he had to football. In fact, a 100% commitment.

This is Nuno, age 15, at the time he signed for Benfica academy.
This is Nuno, age 15, at the time he signed for Benfica academy.

Becoming a Professional:

The long wait finally became over. Tavares made his professional debut with Benfica’s senior team on the 4th of August 2019.

It was indeed a pretty start as he (a week later) scored his first goal and contributed to the goals of strikers – Haris Seferovic and Darwin Nunez.

Nuno made a brilliant start as a professional footballer.
Nuno made a brilliant start as a professional footballer.

The 2020-21 season got even better as Tavares made 41 senior appearances – with a load of assists and defensive partnership – with the likes of Jan Vertonghen.

With the prior departure of Nelson Semedo, he became the best backup option for Alex Grimaldo.

Disappointment Turned a Blessing:

On a faithful day, the Left-back – Nuno Tavares – shockingly found himself under Benfica’s disciplinary purview. This came because of a controversy that arose from his statement – in an interview published on social media.

In a controversial video, Nuno’s friend asks for the departure of his left-wing competitor and teammate – Álex Grimaldo – so that he can get more game time. 

Nuno – who wasn’t enjoying so much first-team football – responded with the following statements – that speak to where his future lies. He said;

If it’s not at Benfica, it’s somewhere else.

Some Benfica supporters considered that to be an insult to his club. Others said he disrespected Grimaldo.

Following his statements, Nuno recognized his wrongs. He was quick to tender apologies to Benfica fans and management – for his “reckless attitude”. In his words;

This is Nuno Tavares' Apology to his Club and Teammate.
This is Nuno Tavares’ Apology to his Club and Teammate.

In an unreflective attitude, I did entered a video that is now circulating on social media.

It does not express what I feel for Benfica and my teammates.

I regret the dimension and proportion that these private declarations are having,

Again, I want to clarify that at no time was my intention meant to disrespect the club that helped me grow and be the person I am.

To all Benfica fans, I apologize. I also guarantee that the video that is made public does not express what I feel and what I think about my beloved club.

Following the apology, it then became a rumour that Benfica took disciplinary action against him. One of which was the idea of having him sold.

Arsenal stole him:

Moving on after the controversy, Nuno had one thing in mind. He prepared for the worst, as he knew he had become a Benfica outcast.

Upon observing the unrest, Arsenal and Napoli went into loggerheads to sign the youngster.

With no return of Saed Kolasinac, the Gunners wanted competition for Kieran Tierney. On the 10th day of July 2021, the North London club announced Nuno Tavares signing – on a contract worth around £8 million.

At the time of writing Nuno Tavares’ Biography, Nuno, alongside Albert Sambi Lokonga, are super excited about playing in the Premier League. Fast forward to a season later, he has gotten a fellow country companion – the person of Fabio Vieira, joining Arsenal on a long-term contract.

No doubt, Tavares’ performance with Benfica (see video below) has earned him a much-deserved move. And he (in his first season) has proved his worth to Arsenal fans.

Verily I say, it is only a matter of time before Benfica realizes they have made a HUGE MISTAKE to sell him on the cheap. The rest, as we say, of Nuno Tavares’ Biography is now history.

Nuno Tavares Love Life – Girlfriend, Wife, Child?

The pursuit of a career in both football and music is difficult. For Nuno, what matters most is his inner fulfilment.

Now that he has made it in the beautiful game, it is only normal for fans to make inquiries into the identity of his girlfriend or wife-to-be.

Who is Nuno Tavares dating? Does he have a girlfriend or wife?
Who is Nuno Tavares dating? Does he have a girlfriend or wife?

Just before he began his career with Arsenal, we decided to cast our net to the World Wide Web to know the identity of the woman he considers his girlfriend or the mother of his child.

As of August 2021, the identity of Nuno Tavares’ Girlfriend is yet to be revealed and is not available in the public domain.

Just maybe, Nuno Tavares’ family has advised that he remains single – especially at this crucial stage of his career.

Nuno Tavares Personal Life:

Away from everything football, what does the Arsenal man do in his personal time? Well, judging from our Biography so far, we think your guess might be right.

Nuno actually dedicates the very best of his time to his beloved Cello. Now, here is a piece of video evidence. Nuno once performed for some Benfica audience – when he was in their good books.

Also, on a personal note, Nuno is a very quiet and down-to-earth guy. He is a humble guy who always says less than necessary and loves to get along well with everyone.

Nuno Tavares Lifestyle:

One thing is sure, the Baller is not the type who gloriously makes self-satisfied talks about his wealth. Nuno Tavares’ Lifestyle is free of exotic living, and this is evident in his simple looks.

Nuno Tavares lives a simple Lifestyle.
Nuno Tavares lives a simple Lifestyle.

If there is no football or music, you are likely to find him at his family home – doing what he also does best. It is no other than video gaming.

Like Hector Bellerin, Tavares is a huge fan of the PlayStation. We are sure he has bought the Next-Gen Console – PlayStation 5.

Nuno loves the PlayStation. By the look of the controller, this is PlayStation 4.
Nuno loves the PlayStation. By the look of the controller, this is PlayStation 4.

Also, in Nuno’s Lifestyle, staying more at home implies having his best friend around. They are his Dogs. The footballer is of the view that every dog is adorable, no matter the breed.

We also notice that Nuno loves having his dogs by his side whenever he plays his PlayStation (see image above) or the Piano. Here is a piece of video evidence.

Nuno Tavares Family Life:

In the course of writing this Bio, we realize that his parents (especially his Mum) have been very committed to seeing him succeed.

Today, she and the rest of the Tavares family reap the fruits of the boy’s hard work.

Nuno Tavares Father:

While little documentation exists on him, we sure know he, alongside Maria Amélia (his wife and Nuno’s Mum), both hail from the African Island of Cape Verde.

Unlike Nuno Tavares’ Mum, his Dad had a less documented role in his football and musical upbringing.

There is a little or non-existent contribution on his side. Just maybe, Nuno Tavares’ parents may be separated or divorced. All observed decisions came from his Mum.

Nuno Tavares Mother:

Maria Amélia, as she is often called, means everything to her son and his brother. She had played significant roles in nearly all facets of her Nuno’s life – starting from his childhood days to the present.

Without Maria Amélia, Nuno would never have found solace in his struggle between choosing the right career direction.

Maria Amélia made critical decisions and that saw her son mastering both trades (football and music).

Nuno Tavares Brother:

According to a Portuguese website (Record), his name is Edson Tavares. He appears to be the only brother of Nuno Tavares – who is the breadwinner of his family. No research exists as to whether he is a footballer.

Nuno Tavares Relative:

One thing is certain, the fact that the Arsenal footballer has extended family members who are roots for him – all the way from Cape Verde and his birth country – Portugal.

Speaking of identifying Nuno’s relative, we found this man with whom he shares the same family name with.

His name is David Tavares – (nicknamed Rasta Tavares). Surprisingly, he plays for Benfica – at the time of writing this Bio.

David Tavares was born in Portugal, and he is of Cape Verdean descent – the original home of Nuno Tavares’ family.

More interestingly, he was raised in Lisbon (similar to Nuno), and he is a graduate of Benfica academy. Is Dave part of the Nuno Tavares’ Family?

Nuno Tavares appears to be at a dinner with David Tavares (middle) and another friend.
Nuno Tavares appears to be at a dinner with David Tavares (middle) and another friend.

Nuno Tavares Untold Facts:

Having journeyed with you throughout his life history, Lifebogger will use this concluding section to unveil more truths about Nuno.

Let’s begin with what looks like the Portuguese footballer’s hidden hobby.

A Basketball Fan:

While hanging out with David Tavares, Nuno made fans to have a feeling – that he is an NBA fan.

Judging by his wear, he appears to be a Boston Celtics fan. Who knows?… maybe the boy knows how to play basketball. 

Are these two basketball fans?
Are these two basketball fans?

Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

Upon agreeing to leave Benfica, Arsenal’s director Edu promised to triple Nuno Tavares wages. Research has it Nuno made around 35,000 pounds per week (2021 stats) with Benfica.

Now, here is a breakdown of Nuno Tavares Arsenal’s salary – when converted from Pound sterling to Cape Verdean escudo. It tells you just how RICH he is. NOTE: Cape Verde is the home of his parents and relatives.

TENURE/EARNINGSNuno Tavares Salary Breakdown in Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
What he makes EVERY YEAR:4,517,245 CVE
What he makes EVERY MONTH:376,437 CVE
What he makes EVERY WEEK:86,736 CVE
What he makes EVERY DAY:12,390 CVE
What he makes EVERY HOUR:516 CVE
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:8.6 CVE
What he makes EVERY SECOND:0.14 CVE

More interestingly, we analyzed the breakdown of Nuno Tavares’ wages (in Cape Verdean currency) as the clock ticks. 

Since you started viewing Nuno Tavares‘ Bio, this is what he has earned with Arsenal.


Football Profile:

Nuno Tavares excels best when it comes to his movement – all thanks to his speed of 85 and acceleration of 87. He also shines in the area of power, skills, defence, and mentality. 

Despite these amazing stats, many Arsenal fans feel he can’t compete with Cedric Soares (who is sometimes utilized in the Left wing).

Well, the 2021-2022 season would tell. Just like Ivan Toney, Nuno has a premier league mission of proving his critics wrong.

Nuno Tavares Religion:

So far as we can tell, the son of Maria Amélia believes in the existence of a supernatural being called God.

Also, our odds are in favour of Nuno belonging to the Christianity religion. He joins 86% of Portuguese who are Christians.

Wiki Summary:

This table reveals concise information about Nuno Tavares. Skimming through it would help you understand his profile.

Full Name:Nuno Albertino Varela Tavares
Nickname:Lode Runner
Date of Birth:26 January 2000
Complete Age:23 years and 8 months old
Parents:Maria Amélia (Mother), Father is unknown
Siblings:Edson Tavares (Brother)
Family Origin:Cape Verde
Nationality/Citizenship:Portugal and Cape Verde
Education:Casa Pia
Hobbies:Music, Football and Basketball
Height (feet and meters):6 feet 0 inches and 1.83 meters.
Net Worth (2021):1.5 Million Euros
Agent:Prodigy Players
Playing Position:Left back


Growing up in Talaíde, Nuno wasn’t surrounded by life’s luxuries – like many families in the area. For the young boy, three things were the most important.

The first is the love of his mother (Maria Amélia). The second is the love for Cello. Third, is his love for football.

From the tender age of four, Nuno was thrust into the world to determine the path that would lead to his destiny. Frequently, he wondered if he would try a musical career and let go of football.

Thanks to the decisions of his ever-loving mother (Maria Amélia), football took precedence over music – with the latter being kept as an important part of his personality. To this day, Nuno can always do these two activities with pleasure.

With a sincere heart, we appreciate you for loving our Biography articles.

While delivering Life stories of Portuguese footballers, we always take into cognizance the accuracies of our memoirs. Please reach us (via comment or contact) if you notice anything that doesn’t look right.

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