Mathew Ryan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Mathew Ryan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Mathew Ryan Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife (Ann), Child, Personal Life, Lifestyle, and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, we give you the Full Story of the Australian professional footballer best known as Maty. Lifebogger begins this Bio from Ryan’s childhood days to when he became famous in the beautiful game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Mat Ryan’s Bio, we’ve taken our time to give you his Early Life to Success gallery. Without a doubt, it tells his Story. 

Biography of Mathew Ryan. Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.
Biography of Mathew Ryan. Behold his Early Life and Success Story.

Yes, everyone knows he is an elegant and athletic goalkeeper. Mathew Ryan is very popular for his outstanding reflexes, agility, and shot-stopping abilities between the posts.

Despite these accolades, only a few football fans are acquainted with his Life Story. We have taken time to prepare Mathew Ryan Bio – for love for the game. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Mathew Ryan Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nicknames- Mat or Maty. Mathew David Ryan was born on the 8th day of April 1992 to his mother, Carol Ryan and father, David Ryan in the Town of Plympton, Australia.

The Australian goalkeeper came to the world as the first child and son out of two children – Mathew (himself) and Megan, born of the union between his parents. We have here, a good old pic of the Premier League Goalie and his Mum (Carol Ryan) who could be in her late 50s – at the time they took the photo.

Meet one of Mathew Ryan's Parents - his mum Carol.
Meet one of Mathew Ryan’s Parents – his mum, Carol.

Growing Up:

The former Brighton Goalkeeper once told his Instagram fans – that he spent his earliest days as a super joyous kid. We found out it is true. As a little baby, Maty had no single worries about his world. He misses those good-old-days, which he cannot revert.

Mathew Ryan as a happy baby. Together with Megan, both had a splendid childhood.
Mathew Ryan is pictured here as a happy baby. Together with Megan, both had splendid childhood moments.

Again, it’s glad to know that the Australian goalkeeper didn’t grow up alone. Without Megan Ryan – his pretty younger sister – childhood moments would have been useless. Both siblings have enjoyed some solid relationships since their infancy years.

Mathew Ryan Family Background:

Spending childhood in a happy middle-class household is like experiencing an earlier version of heaven. This is typical of Mathew Ryan. The Ex-Brighton goalkeeper comes from a humble family background. Research has it that every member of his household – Mum, Grandparents, sister – is humble, well behaved, respectful, and very educated.

This is a clear definition of a family that lives together. Maty is truly lucky to have them.
This is a clear definition of a family that lives together. Maty is truly lucky to have them.

Mathew Ryan Family Origin:

Interestingly, where he comes from – Plumpton – is located so far away from Europe and the UK. Plumpton is 46 kilometers west of Australia’s Sydney central business district. According to Wikipedia, Mat holds the honor as the most successful footballer from this small town.

This map explains Mathew Ryan's family origin. He comes from one of the most humble neighbourhoods in Australia.
This map explains Mathew Ryan’s family origin. He comes from one of the most humble neighborhoods in Australia.

Mathew Ryan Education:

Peeping into the Australian tabloid newspaper (The Tele), we found out – that he attended Westfields Sports School in Sydney. Mathew Ryan’s parents enrolled him in the institution because of his football passion.

Taking further research, we realize – that Westfields Sports High School is a government-funded sports institution. The sports education institute is located in Fairfield West, a western suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Mathew Ryan Goalkeeping Story:

The quest to become a Shot-Stopper started as early as the age of four. During that time, Ryan featured for many amateur teams. At age of ten, he began applying for trials at nearby academies. Marconi Stallions, a small academy –  40 minutes’ drive from his family home first accepted him after a successful trial.

This was where it all started for little Mathew.
This was where it all started for little Mathew.

Approaching the age of sixteen, Mat felt the desire to move to a bigger academy. His number one mission was to secure smooth academy graduation and get European football opportunities. In the year 2008, Maty left his childhood club Marconi Stallions for another – Blacktown City – where he stayed for a year.

Finally, he achieved his long-awaited youth football graduation with a different club – Central Coast Mariners. Facing lack of first-team opportunity, he moved back to his old club – Blacktown City where he became their first-team goalkeeper. With the club, Mat had the best start to his professional life.

Mathew Ryan, just after he graduated from the academy.
Mathew Ryan, just after he graduated from the academy.

Mathew Ryan Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Fighting for European footballing opportunities, the young Goalkeeper felt he needed a change. He left Blacktown City where he was their first choice stopper to his old club (Central Coast Mariners) – where he once met tremendous competition.

Mathew Ryan employed the act of being patient after returning to his old club (Central Coast Mariners) as a substitute keeper. He applied lots of patience while waiting to outrank the goalkeeper above him.

The humble lad sat of the bench. He waited patiently to become a first choice.
The humble lad sat of the bench. He waited patiently to become a first choice.

How he became Central Coast Mariners First Choice:

During the 2010–11 Australian A-League season, Mathew Ryan got his long awaited opportunity to make his name on the team’s first sheet. This happened at a time Central Coast Mariners’ first choice goalkeeper, Jess Vanstrattan, sustained an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Following the injury, Ryan got the call to prove himself as the Number 1 goalkeeper. He did that, with lots of confidence in his gameplay. After a series of impressive performance, our boy became more important than the club’s first choice Goalkeeper, Jess Vanstrattan. That elevated Ryan into the team’s starting eleven.

This is Maty Ryan, making a name for himself and proving he is the best goalkeeper in his club.
This is Maty Ryan, making a name for himself and proving he is the best goalkeeper in his club.

Trophy and European Opportunities:

Ryan continued his impressive performance, even beating the competition posed by newly signed goalkeepers who tried to displace him. Keeping his spot in the starting lineup, he helped his team win the A-League Premiership (Australia’s highest football league trophy). During his winning celebration, Mat could not escape the huge charge of love from his fans.

Ryan led his team to many beautiful moments. He was almost buried by the fans.
Ryan led his team to many beautiful moments. He was almost buried by the fans.

As a rising star, he earned many awards including two-time player of the year honors. His records with Australia’s Mariners led to national recognition. To the joy of his family, he also got a national team call-up.

After becoming central to the club’s second A-League trophy, the rising Goalkeeper finally got Europe’s attention. Club Brugge (a Belgian professional football club based in Bruges in Belgium) signed Ryan on the 30th of May 2013. For the first time, he left home, his parents and sibling to another continent.

Mathew Ryan Bio – Success Story:

Luck followed him at Belgium as he became a crowd favorite thanks to series of clean sheets and wonderful displays. He won the Belgium Pro League Goalkeeper of the Year – two seasons in a row. Behold one of his best memories at the Jupiler pro-league, during the 2014/2015 Belgian Cup celebrations.

Owing to the fact he was that good, Club Brugge offered Ryan a new lucrative deal, a pay increase, and contract extension. They did that in order to kill his interest in moving to a bigger club like Liverpool who wanted him.

On 21 July 2015, Valencia snatched Ryan for a six-year deal. At the club, the new Goalie met competition. Brazilian Goalie gave (Diego Alves) gave him a tough time. To strategize, Ryan sought a loan move to Racing Genk where he got first-team selection – straight away.

The England Story:

Around June 2017, Premier League welcomed Mathew Ryan as he signed for the newly promoted Brighton & Hove Albion. Thanks to experience, he alongside Aaron Mooy (a fellow brother) – and a host of others – helped kept the Sussex club away from relegation.

After three successful seasons with the Seagulls, the man who loved new challenges began a quest to uplift himself higher. At last, the right offer came. Arsenal borrowed Brighton goalkeeper Mathew Ryan until the end of the 2020/2021 season. Upon joining the Gunners, Ryan made the fans realize Arsenal was his childhood club.

With the failure of Emiliano Martínez to challenge Bernd Leno for a permanent goalkeeping spot, Ryan’s first impression in Gunner’s shirt speaks volumes of his mission. Did you know?… It was Arsenal’s Facebook page that made fans realize why he signed for the club.

This is Arsenal's statement about Maty Ryan's ambition.
This is Arsenal’s statement about Maty Ryan’s ambition.

Maty is indeed so much loved, like fellow Australian footballer Mile Jedinak. What ever the future turns out to be for him, Lifebogger surely wishes him the best. The rest, as we say of his Biography, is now history.

Mathew Ryan Love Life – Single, Girlfriend, Wife?

Behind the successful goalie comes a glamorous woman who is his spouse. According to Football Magazine Blogs, Anna is the name of Mathew Ryan’s wife. 

Mathew Ryan's Wife, Anna.
Mathew Ryan’s Wife, Anna.

The Socceroos Goalkeeper respects his wife’s decision to be out of public view. For this reason, we know very little about Ann Ryan.

Mathew Ryan Personal Life:

Away from his occupation as a Goal Keeper, what do you know about him? Here, we’ll get you acquainted with the personality of a handsome and cool-headed man, so loved by the footballing world.

Getting to know Mathew Ryan's Personal Life.
Getting to know Mathew Ryan’s Personal Life.

Love for the Big Cats:

For the Arsenal Stopper, Lions and tigers are awe-inspiring and beautiful to his eyes. Never a year goes by without Mat visiting The Big Cat Sanctuary in Ashford, a town in the county of Kent, England.

Mathew Ryan is a big fan of the wild.
Mathew Ryan is a big fan of the wild.

We have a video that shows Maty’s incredible experience with wild animals; namely Lion, Tiger, and a certain Black Cat. The Arsenal goalkeeper takes time to look deep into nature – which he holds dear to his heart.

A Dog Lover:

Many of us love household pets, and Mathew Ryan isn’t an exception. The Goalie has a Dog who is so playful and fun to watch. The video below explains the relationship Ryan has with his best friend and fellow family member. His Dog is a female, and she goes by the name Millie.

Mathew Ryan Lifestyle:

The Plumpton native does habits that are indisputably important for a healthy lifestyle. Asides from stopping footballers from scoring goals, Mathew is also good at Tennis and Golf – his secondary hobbies.

During off-football seasons, he prefers going to fishing holiday destinations. From what it seems, catching big fishes is also a trademark. Here is Mathew Ryan with an 88kg monster bluefin tuna – probably the biggest he has caught.

Mathew Ryan loves to have them BIG.
Mathew Ryan loves to have them BIG.

What Car does he drive?

Mathew Ryan is a big fan of cruise ships – something he has once driven. Who knows, maybe he would take this job after football retirement.

Here is a clue to what he might go into after retirement.
Here is a clue to what he might go into after retirement.

On another note, he loves holiday destinations across the far west, namely Los Angeles. We picture him here in one of those many exotic holidays in LA.

Maty Ryan cruises a lovely car with his friend in the USA.
Maty Ryan cruises a lovely car with his friend in the USA.

Mathew Ryan Family Life:

Apparently, he considers the deep love for his household as life’s greatest blessing. No amount of football monies can take the place of time he has with his adorable nuclear family. Here, Lifebogger goes deeper into facts about his parents, sister and grandparents.

Nothing is more important than a happy family.
Nothing is more important than a happy family.

About Mathew Ryan’s Mother:

Carol, his mum, brought so much happiness to his childhood. For this reason, the Goalie never stops celebrating her. Mathew Ryan is the type who loves having adventures and spending time together with his Mum. We have a video where he showed fans his own way of celebrating Mother’s Day.

About Mathew Ryan’s Father:

His name is David Ryan and unfortunately, he appears not to exist in his son’s life. There is a lack of documentation about Mathew Ryan’s Dad. His Father’s pic doesn’t exist on his social media account, which has many family members represented. It leaves us to the fact that he could be late or no longer married to Carol Ryan.

About Mathew Ryan’s Sister:

Megan Ryan feels proud to have a brother in Mathew.
Megan Ryan feels proud to have a brother in Mathew.

Megan is one of two people (Carol his Mum is one of them) who have been by his side from day one. Never a dull moment with these three family members who consider themselves best of friends.

Megan, Maty, and Carol both have one thing in common. It is the love for watching LIVE tennis matches. They enjoy watching the game together at the Wimbledon centre court. We see the Trio here enjoying a Federer and Djokovic match.

You can't take away Tennis from these three.
You can’t take away Tennis from these three.

Mathew Ryan Grandparents:

They remain his career’s biggest supports, one whom the Goalkeeper can’t thank enough. His Grannies have done a lot for him and his immediate family. Despite the huge time difference between Australia and the UK, both stay awake to watch most of their grandson’s matches. Here, Grandmum and Pa joyfully see him off the airport. 

Thanks to Mathew's success, his Grannies have no doub't lived an accomplished life. Here, they see him off the airport.
Thanks to Mathew’s success, his Grannies have no doubt lived an accomplished life. Here, they see him off the airport.

Mathew Ryan Facts:

In the concluding section of our Biography, we’ll give you more truths about Socceroos Shot-Stopper. Let’s start with the meaning of his amazing body art.

Fact #1 – Mathew Ryan Tattoo:

A close look into the ink at his chest reveals one of his favorite big cats. It is obvious Mathew Ryan has the head of a Tiger tattoo on his left chest. This body art signifies his strength, power, courage, and career ambition.

Mathew Ryan's Tattoo tells alot about his person.
Mathew Ryan’s Tattoo tells a lot about his person.

More on tattoos, around Maty’s right shoulder blade and arm, contain a Rhino tattoo. This body art signifies his stamina, substance, sturdiness, strength, resilience, sheer endurance, and goalkeeping agility.

During the time of drawing his Arm tattoo, Ryan ensured the filming of the process. Watch it as it is very engaging – the Live tattoo drawing session.

Fact #2 – Goalkeeping On Water:

Regarding his hobbies, Ryan loves to practice water aerobics. The act of goalkeeping on water is one of his best cardio routines. It is his own way of losing weight and creating resistance to his body. Here is a video.

Fact #4 – Wild Life Rescue:

His generosity in the rescue and rehabilitating of wild animals is second to none. During the 2019/2020 Australian bush fire season, Mathew Ryan donated $500AUD (around € 310) to an association for every animal they save from the fire.

Fact #4 – Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

Per Year:£1,820,000
Per Month:£151,666
Per Week:£34,946
Per Day:£4,992
Per Hour:£208
Per Minute:£3.4
Per Second:£0.06

Since you started viewing Mathew Ryan‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Arsenal.


Where he comes from (Australia), the average citizen (earning 90,800 AUD per year) would need to work for 36 years in order to earn Mathew Ryan’s Arsenal salary.

Fact #5 – Mathew Ryan’s Net Worth:

The Australian goalkeeper has got over 10 years of working experience spanning from 2009 to 2021. Mathew Ryan’s agent is Beckster SPRL – a company that has Lucas Digne as their biggest client. With them, the Goalie has pocketed millions of salaries and sponsorship deals over this time. Lifebogger estimate Mathew Ryan’s net worth (2021) to be around 6 million pounds.

Fact #6 – Poor FIFA Stats:

Mat Ryan Goalkeeper attributes on the EA video game series is shockingly bad. A score of 78 and 80 potential seems unfair for a man labeled as one of the best Goalkeepers in the premier league.

Fact #7 – Mathew Ryan’s Religion:

The Goalkeeper is among the 52% of Australians who practice Christianity. Also, judging from the facts that his first and middle names are Mathew and David, there is high certainty that Mathew Ryan’s parents raised him a Christian.

Mathew Ryan Biography Summary:

Our Wiki-Table provides quick answers to Biographical related inquiries about the Australian Goalkeeper.

Full Names:Mathew David Ryan
Nicknames:Maty, Mat
Age:29 years and 0 months old.
Date of Birth:8th Day of April 1992
Place of Birth:Plumpton, New South Wales, Australia.
Parents:Carol Ryan (Mat Ryan's Mother) and father, David Ryan (Mat Ryan's Father)
Siblings:Megan Ryan
Wife:Ann Ryan
Height:1.84 meters OR 6 feet 0 inches
Occupation:Football Goalkeeper
Agent:Beckster SPRL
Education:Westfields Sports High School.
Hobbies:Tennis, Golf, Fishing, Animals and Wildlife
Pet Name:Female Dog (Millie)
Youth Football:
Marconi Stallions, Blacktown City and Central Coast Mariners


Mathew Ryan’s story began in Plumpton, a little suburb in the heart of western Sydney. This was where he decided, that sport would be a major part of his future. With the support of his family (mother -Carol, sister – Megan, and grandparents), he achieved his Life Goals.

The Biography of Mathew Ryan makes us understand the true essence of having healthy competition in sports. By competing against his fellow goalkeepers, Mathew became a better version of himself. Australians hold him in high regard like Tim Cahil, Mark Viduka, and Harry Kewell.

Thanks for taking your time to digest this Memoir about Mathew Ryan. We care about the accuracy of the Biographies we write about Oceania Football players. Kindly alert us, if you by chance spot something that doesn’t look right on our article of Mathew Ryan’s Bio.

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