John Lundstram Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

John Lundstram Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of John Lundstram tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife-to-be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, this is a summarized history of the Football Genius known by the nickname “Lunny”. We begin from his early days right to when he became famous.

To give you a taste of the engaging nature of John Lundstram’s Bio, here is a gallery of his life trajectory. No doubt, it portrays the fact that Lunny has truly come a long way.

John Lundstram Biography - Behold his Early Career Life and Great Rise.
John Lundstram Biography – Behold his Early Career Life and Great Rise.

Yes, everyone knows he rose from a nobody in English football to become the heartbeat of his electric Sheffield United team, which had a good start to the 2019/2010 premier league season.

However, not many soccer fans have read our version of John Lundstram’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

John Lundstram Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the full names John David Lundstram. He was born on the 18th day of February 1994 to his parents in the city of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

The English man from Northwest England was born as the second child to his lovely parents, who are pictured below;

Meet John Lundstram's Parents.
Meet John Lundstram’s Parents.

Lundstram hails from a middle-class family background operated by his dad, who earned his daily bread from the city of Liverpool.

The England Baller has his family origin from the great city of [Liverpool], famous for its world’s first passenger railway line (built in 1830) and its recognition by the Guinness Book of Records title for being the English Capital of Pop.

John Lundstram didn’t grow up alone, alongside his parents, BUT with his celebrity elder sister named Jodie Lundstram (7 years his senior).

Did you know?… Jodie Lundstram was a popular actress in the British television series ‘Desperate Scousewives‘.

John Lundstram Education and Career Buildup:

His First Education- Answering the Red/Blue Question: It doesn’t matter whether you have your family roots in the city of Liverpool.

Whether you are an outsider or indigene, as far as your foot is on the grounds of the city, you will be asked the most important question of all which is- Are you a red [Liverpool] or a blue [Everton]?. 

The First Education Lundstram got as a child was to answer the question.
The First Education Lundstram got as a child was to answer the question.

While responding to the question, you should pray that you answer it correctly. This does not mean choosing a neutral club like Tranmere Rovers.

For John Lundstram, the answer was Red [Liverpool], and not Anthony Gordon‘s Everton. The Liverpool choice was the same as most of his family members who support the great English club.

Asides from being a football fan and playing the game occasionally after school periods, little Lundstram knew he had the talent to make a name for himself with a football career.

Early on, the tough and diminutive English man began to learn his trade as a midfielder on local pitches.

Just like many aspiring kids who supported the reds, Lundstram sought through all means to join his beloved club, Liverpool.

However, a lack of opportunity curtailed his progress on being called up for a trial by the club. Moving on, he switched to its neighbours and rivals, Everton, who invited him for trails.

John Lundstram Early Career Life:

A successful trial saw John Lundstram in the year 2002 getting enrolled in the Everton academy setup, which gave him the platform to lay his career foundation. Upon joining the Merseyside club, it was all fun at first.

But little John had to make a lot of sacrifices in the name of his career. For instance, there were times he had to miss important birthday parties, family socials, and things he was looking forward to at school.

But on the flip side, little Lunny (pictured below) was actually doing what he loves- making his passion his job.

John Lundstram Early Life with academy football.
John Lundstram Early Life with academy football.

Lundstram showed great promises when he moved up the Evertonian academy ranks. Having his family origin from Merseyside (being an indigene of Liverpool), he got entitled to a full-time scholarship in precisely around July 2010.

After two years of working his way up through the academy levels, Lundstram got uplifted into the Everton senior side and was very hopeful and confident about the future with David Moyes.

Yes! The former Everton manager was so loved for his role of guaranteeing youth players into the Everton senior team, and Lundstram was one of his favourites at the time. BUT however, little did Lunny know DARK TIMES was coming his way.

John Lundstram Biography – The Difficult Road to Fame Story:

Heart Break from David Moyes: In May 2013, following Alex Ferguson’s retirement at Manchester United, Moyes informed Everton that he would leave the club to succeed Ferguson.

This news, while it excited David Moyes, wasn’t good for Lundstram, who became sad that the Everton managed together with the entire coaching staff of the club, were all looking forward to greener pastures with Man United.

What Lundstram thought about actually became a reality. Did you know?… David Moyes was replaced by Roberto Martínez, who brought in four members (strange faces) of his own Wigan Athletic backroom staff to Everton.

Lundstram was heartbroken as he saw members of David Moyes‘ Everton backroom staff following him for Manchester United.

Fear for the future:

This was followed by Roberto Martinez signing new players to his new Everton squad, a decision which made poor Lundstram (pictured below) fear and reflected severally on his future.

Poor John Lundstram reflecting on his future with Everton.
Poor John Lundstram reflecting on his future with Everton.

Despite going out to pay his loan dues, Lundstram still felt it wasn’t worth wasting any more of his time trying to fight for his place since he was deliberately being sidelined by Roberto Martinez. In his painful words;

“When David Moyes was at Everton, I was in his squad and with the first team doing really well but as soon as he left the club, it just wasn’t the same for me. I wasn’t involved in the first team under Martínez. That knocked my confidence, set me back and affected my development.”

Did you know?…

After having a nightmare of a season with his homeland club (Everton), poor Lundstram got released by the club.

In fact, any academy graduate and young footballer who has lived through being released by a club will know only too well the deep emotional pain and the damaging psychological consequences it can have.

John Lundstram’s parents, family members, and close friends (including his Everton teammates) stood by him during these trying times.

John Lundstram Biography – The Rise to Fame Story:

Moving On: After being released by Everton, Lundstram agreed with his parents and family to go to the very low level of English football in order to get regular first-team football. Speaking about the decision, he once said;

“It was the best decision I ever made. My first aim was initially to try get back up to the Championship, and then getting to the Premier League to prove my worth”

Lundstram’s journey started with League Two side Oxford United before joining the newly-promoted  Championship side- Sheffield United in July 2017.

With his little contribution, he assisted the club in getting promotion back to the top (The Premier League) after a decade of absence.

Proving Sheffield United Fans Wrong:

A relationship between a player and a manager can often be the difference between success or a heap of trouble.

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder established a close relationship with John Lundstram before the 2019/2020 season.

He further made it public that Lundstram would be his key man for the new 2019/2020 season, a decision which prompted the loudest murmurings from Sheffield fans as they knew he barely played during the Championship season’s promotion.

Despite the huge pressure to drop Lundstram, Sheffield manager Chris Wilder went against the fan’s wish by projecting him to be the main man to encapsulate the graft and the beauty of his ambitious Sheffield United side.

The decision finally paid off after Lundstram defied all odds to achieve his meteoric rise in the club’s amazing 2019/2020 premier league start.

Chris Wilder went against Sheffield United fans by giving John Lundstram the opportunity of his life.
Chris Wilder went against Sheffield United fans by giving John Lundstram the opportunity of his life.

For John Lundstram, there were two missions and points to prove.

The first was to prove a point to Sheffield United fans (which he had done), and the second was to get revenge against Everton, ensuring his side beat them in their first encounter (September 21st, 2019).


The biggest mission finally came on the 21st day of September 2019. It came when Sheffield went out for their game against Everton.

For some Everton fans, watching a rival player play well or score against them is part and parcel of the game.

But seeing John Lundstram (someone who formerly played with them) being the main man in their (0-2) defeat deflated both the fans and players.

John Lundstram ensured his side defeated Everton, the club that once showed a lack of faith in him. This was what he told Radio Sheffield after that emotional game (Credit to Sheffield United Youtube channel).

As of the time of writing, John Lundstram has gone from loan toiler, barely getting a sniff in the Championship to becoming the heartbeat of this electric Sheffield United team, a feat which makes him one of the best midfielders of his generation.

As I update John Lundstram’s Biography, he plays his football with Rangers – alongside Joe Aribo, Aaron Ramsey, Alfredo Morales, etc. The rest, as they say, is now history.

John Lundstram – Girlfriend, Wife, Child?

With his meteoric rise to fame, it is certain that most football fans must have inquired. About if John Lundstram has a girlfriend or wife.

Yes, there is no denying the fact that his handsome looks, and cute smile, coupled with his endearing qualities, wouldn’t place him at the top of every potential girlfriend’s wish list for a man.

Fans have asked questions on whom is John Lundstram's Girlfriend might be.
Fans have asked questions on whom is John Lundstram’s Girlfriend might be.

At the time of writing, It appears John Lundstram has made a conscious effort not to reveal his girlfriend or wife (that is if he is already in a secret marriage).

However, there is an un-forgiven nature of the Premier League. As regards making relationships very public at the wrong time. It could be that Lundstram is single, which implies the non-existence of a WAG. 

John Lundstram Personal Life:

Getting to know John Lundstram’s Personal Life would help you. To get a complete picture of his personality off the pitch of play. Starting off, he is a very friendly person. And away from football, you can easily find him in the company of very different people.

Getting to know John Lundstram Personal Life Facts.
Getting to know John Lundstram Personal Life Facts.

Judging from the photo below, you’ll realize John Lundstram has an intuitive understanding of life.

He is someone who can achieve the best emotional relationship with other beings by letting go of his career ego and putting the needs of his friends in front of him. He does this without expecting anything back in return.

John Lundstram Family Life:

John Lundstram comes from a Liverpool family filled with other talents rather than football. The success of his career and that of his sister has forged their family’s own part towards financial independence.

Lundstram’s elder sister, Jodie Lundstram (pictured below) is a professional actress. She first saw success in her role on the British reality show Desperate Scousewives. 

John Lundstram's sister- Jodie Lundstram.
John Lundstram’s sister- Jodie Lundstram.

Presently, Jodie Lundstram is a big-time entrepreneur in Liverpool. She is the founder of the popular Lash Beach UK and Aesthetics (a Medical spa) in Liverpool.

John Lundstram became the second member of his family to attain celebrity status. This has created a deep sense of meaning and purpose in the lives of his parents.

As Jodie Lundstram pointed out on her Instagram page, their proud mum and dad witnessed the happiest day of their lives watching their baby play in the Premier League for the first time.

Pictured below, both mum and dad are proud. To have used their parenting skills to enhance and encourage John Lundstram’s abilities.

John Lundstram is pictured enjoying life after seeing their son graze the Premier League.
John Lundstram is pictured enjoying life after seeing their son graze the Premier League.

Other Family Members: 

Meet other family members of John Lundstram as they pose for a photo with the mother of the Lundstram household.

As observed, the John Lundstram family is a close unit that maintains strong bonds among themselves. They are a definition of what a successful contemporary Liverpool family should look like.

Meet other John Lundstram Family members. Image Credit- Instagram
Meet other John Lundstram Family members. Image Credit- Instagram

John Lundstram Lifestyle:

Thanks to his mighty football career, Lundstram has forged his part toward financial independence. Now getting to know his lifestyle would help you get a better picture of his living standard.

John Lundstram is someone who hardly gives money too much thought. Instead, he remains focused on his professional dreams and goals.

There is enough money to live a normal life. Where only the basic needs of himself and his family members are assured.

Despite his big wages, it is fair to say that Lundstram is an antidote to an exotic lifestyle. Easily noticeable by what you see below.

Getting to know John Lundstram Lifestyle Facts.
Getting to know John Lundstram Lifestyle Facts.

Untold Facts:

The final section of his Bio tells you facts you might not know about the Rangers Star.

About The Lundstram Name:

In the 19th century, people with the Lundstram Family name were more of Blacksmiths and Farmers. (Source- Ancestry.Co.Uk).

The Events that Happened the Day he was Born:

Do not forget that the year Lundstram was born, Brazil Won the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Also, South Africa held its first interracial national election (April 29) which saw their hero Nelson Mandela elected President.

Ebola Virus in 1994:

In the year John Lundstram was born, a New Outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus began, precisely on the 9th of May 1994 in Zaire. It recorded the highest fatality rates of any human pathogenic virus ever known to mankind.

Rwanda in 1994:

On the evening of 6 April 1994 (the year Lundstram was born), an airplane carrying Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira, both Hutu, was shot down with surface-to-air missiles as it prepared to land in Kigali, Rwanda.

In the year 1994, an Intermittent Civil War in Rwanda between the Majority of Hutus and minority Tutsis after the assassination of the country’s President led to over half a million people being killed in civil wars.

Fact Check:

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