Mason Mount Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Mason Mount Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Mason Mount Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Tony Mount (Father), Family Background, Siblings, Girlfriend (Chloe Wealleans-Watts), etc.

LifeBogger delivers you a full account of notable events from Mount’s childhood time to the moment he became famous.

Mason Mount Biography - From his Early Years to the moment of Fame.
Mason Mount Biography – From his Early Years to the moment of Fame.

Yes, everyone knows he grew up taping into the knowledge and expertise of legendary Frank Lampard.

However, not many soccer lovers have read Mason Mount’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Mason Mount Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For Biography starters, his full names are Mason Tony Mount. Mount was born on the 10th day of January 1999 to his father, Tony Mount and his Mother in Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

His Dad seems to be in his early 60s, while his mum seems to be in her late 40s as at the time of writing Mount’s Bio.

Meet Mason Mount's Parents - Mr and Mrs Tony Mount.
Meet Mason Mount’s Parents – Mr and Mrs Tony Mount.

Mason Mount’s family have their origin from Portsmouth, a port city in England known to be the second-most densely populated city in the UK and also known to have the biggest fruit-handling port in the country.

Its people are characterized by their toughness and a strong-willed approach to life.

Mason Mount Family Origin.
Mason Mount Family Origin.

Judging from information available from the public domain, it appears Mount isn’t the only male child of his parents.

He grew up with his elder sister, who is presently married and lives with her husband in Australia, a preferred holiday destination for Mount’s parents.

Mount came from a football-loving family with a middle-class family background. His dad, rather than engaging in shipbuilding, took up a less-impressive football career and, later, a coaching job that fed his family.

Mount Snr, or Tony (his real name), was a former non-league player who later became the manager of Havant Town and Newport.

Mason Mount Education:

Growing up, Mason Mount’s parents insisted he get an education despite his un-quenching love for football.

It was hard for his dad, Tony (Mount Snr), to deal with the retirement from his less-impressive career. He vowed to continue living his dreams through his son Mount.

Early on, a happy Mount pictured below found himself very good at not compromising his education for soccer training. Everyone who knew him back then could observe that he lived and breathed football.

As time went on, the quest to receive soccer education kept growing in the mind of Mount. While every activity would sometimes be kept on hold, playing football prevailed.

Mount would hone his skills every morning, afternoon, and evening at the football fields of Portsmouth.

Mason Mount Education and Career Buildup.
Mason Mount Education and Career Buildup.

All his family members knew he was destined for great things, as they sometimes watched him and advised him to attend trials.

It took no time before Mason Mount bagged the call-up to attend trials at his Boarhunt F.C., his city’s local academy. At this time, the pride of his beloved dad knew no bounds.

Mason Mount Biography – Early Career Life:

While playing under-6 football as a four-year-old for his local club, Mason’s abilities caught the attention of two top clubs, namely Pompey and Chelsea FC.

Chelsea was the first to spot him at the age of six while he was playing for Boarhunt, his local academy.

Mount’s passion for football saw him passing Chelsea academy trials and taking what his dad referred to as “a risk” to join Chelsea at the age of six in 2005.

Why risk?!!. It was because his dad warned him about Chelsea FC’s lack of interest in graduating their young academy players to their senior team.

This was the time the club got acquired by Roman Abramovich, who was interested in buying big shots.

“He was warned as a child that John Terry was the only player to have graduated through Chelsea’s youth system into the first-team in recent years. Mason replied confidently that he would be the next.”

Mason Mount’s dad once said.

Despite facing the pressure of playing for the academy, Mount still showed commitment to his education as he attended Purbrook Park School in Waterlooville, which was 8 miles north of Portsmouth.

As a way of getting that un-common inspiration to make it to Chelsea’s first team, little Mount took every opportunity he had to meet legendary John Terry.

Mason Mount Early Career Memories- Meeting Ashley Cole and John Terry.
Mason Mount Early Career Memories- Meeting Ashley Cole and John Terry.

Mount didn’t just stop there. As he grew older, he also took inspirational lessons from David Luiz, another player with a never-give-up mentality whom he also considered his idol.

Little did he know that he and Luiz would both become teammates someday.

Mason Mount meeting his team-mate- David Luiz.
Young Mason Mount’s encounter with the legendary David Luiz.

Mason Mount Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Mount never missed a training session in the academy at Chelsea. Even schooling didn’t make him lose focus, as he always did his homework most times in his 8-kilometer-long journey to training.

As Mason Mount continued to mature, he saw himself settling well into life with the academy. He made serene progress through the age groups as one of the best players.

He was among the vibrant Chelsea academy youths who made headlines from 2015 to 2017 when they lifted the FA Youth Cup.

Mason Mount Road to Fame Story.
Mason Mount Road to Fame Story.

That same season, Mason Mount also went on to win the UEFA Youth League and another FA Youth Cup the following season.

His youth career success earned him a call-up to the England under-19 squad.

Mount went on to assist his U19 teammates in winning the prestigious UEFA European Championship in 2017, earning the Golden Player and team of the Tournament award.

Mason Mount- Early England Glory.Credit to UEFA.
Mason Mount- Early England Glory.Credit to UEFA.

The Moment of Fear:

Mason Mount became under pressure to accept that tough fact, which once came as a warning from his dad.

If you could recall, he was meant to know that John Terry was the only academy boy to have successfully made it into the first team in the last 20 years.

Sadly, Mason Mount was denied a first-team inclusion, which made him decide to take the loan option as many other Chelsea FC loanees had done.

Mason Mount Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Mount joined Dutch Eredivisie club Vitesse on 24 July 2017 via a season-long loan.

Simply being wanted by the club was a confidence boost for the young English man who, just like Jadon Sancho, felt the need to be exposed to a new culture, training methods and habits in another country.

Mason Mount Rise to Fame with Vitesse. Credit to ESPN.
Mason Mount Rise to Fame with Vitesse. Credit to ESPN.

Mason Mount immediately made an impression with the club as a first-team starter. In his first year, he got awarded the Vitesse Player of the 2017–18 season.

Winning this award attracted Derby’s former manager and Chelsea legend Frank Lampard who was at that time on the mission to raid Chelsea youngsters to Derby.

While other top Champions League clubs like Ajax and PSV Eindhoven showed interest, Mount decided to give Derby his signature thanks to his mentor, Frank Lampard.

He impressed in his time with the Rams and was a key player in helping the club win a promotion playoff in the championships. Lampard coached him on the style he adopted during his glory days with Chelsea.

During this period, Mount became his beloved one with whom he was well pleased.

Mason Mount saw Lampard’s departure to Chelsea as the best opportunity to go back to his parent club and prove that he would make it to the first team.

The only way to prove that was to have an impressive 2019 pre-season. Mount’s impressive display during the 2019 preseason made Chelsea fans believe a new Frank Lampard has indeed arrived at the Bridge.

Presently, as at the time of writing, Mount is living up to his expectations, as seen in his ability to score great goals and make top players from great clubs go on their knees with his dribbles.

Behold one of the moments that gave birth to the England superstar.
Behold one of the moments that gave birth to the England superstar.

Without a doubt, Mason Mount has proven to the world that he is the next beautiful promise of his English mid-field generation after Frank Lampard. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Mason Mount Love Life with Chloe Wealleans-Watts:

With his rise to fame, the question in every Chelsea fan’s mouth has been; Who is Mason Mount’s Girlfriend?….

There is no denying the fact that his handsome looks, coupled with his style of play wouldn’t make him be a darling to female fans.

However, behind the successful footballer, there exists a glamorous WAG in the beautiful person of Chloe Wealleans-Watts pictured below with her boyfriend.

Mason Mount and Girlfriend- Chloe Wealleans-Watts. Credit to IG.
Mason Mount and Girlfriend- Chloe Wealleans-Watts. Credit to IG.

Judging from their numerous post on social media, it appears that both lovers enjoy a solid relationship that is built on friendship.

The love shared between Mount and his girlfriend, Chloe Wealleans-Watts, escapes the scrutiny of the public eye simply because his love life is drama-free.

The fact that both lovers have been dating for a while leaves no doubt that a wedding could be the next formal step.

Mason Mount Bio – Personal Life:

Getting to know Mason Mount’s Personal Life would help you get a complete picture of his person.

Mason Mount loves two things; first, being responsible, and secondly, managing his time. He possesses an inner state of independence which enables him to make significant progress both in his personal and professional life.

Mount has this huge self-belief and the ability to make solid and realistic plans for his life.

Mason Mount Personal Life Facts. Credit to IG and Twitter.
Mason Mount Personal Life Facts. Credit to IG and Twitter.

Unlike many young footballers, Mount does not believe in hiding his relationship status as he is open about the world, knowing who his girlfriend is and also his parents.

He has learned from the mistakes of other young footballers and is ever ready to unleash his expertise when needed.

Mason Mount Family Life:

Mount exemplifies his lovely parents as well as the hardworking people in his city of Portsmouth, England.

Today, his mother, father, and sister are all presently reaping the benefits of having that tough and never-give-up mentality instilled in him.

Mason’s dad Tony AKA Mount Snr, believes his son’s Portsmouth background and upbringing have given him an edge in his early career right from the very start of his career.

Mason Mount and his Father.
Mason Mount and his Father.

“You can’t ignore the Portsmouth aggression in him, though! I have to say that Mason is a mad Pompey fan still, the whole family are”.

 Said Tony Mount, his father.

About Mason Mount’s Mother:

Unlike her husband, Mason Mount’s mum has made a conscious choice not to seek public recognition.

She is probably a housekeeper who doesn’t get herself so much into football, preferring a private and low-key life.

Mason Mount and his Mothers.
Mason Mount and his Mothers.

Mason Mount Lifestyle:

Yes, his financial success is tied directly to his performance as a footballer. As at the time of writing, Mason Mount is not allowed to live a lavish lifestyle, eg spending out of control, buying exotic cars, or changing his lifestyle.

Mason Mount LifeStyle Facts. Credit to The Telegraph.
Mason Mount LifeStyle Facts. Credit to The Telegraph.

Mason Mount’s wages which have increased since his 2019 contract renewal, does not transform into a glamorous lifestyle. However, he has a way of getting all he needs indoors, like his lovely ice bath.

Mason Mount LifeStyle.
Mason Mount LifeStyle.

Untold Facts:

His Best Friend:

Friendships come and go. But then there are those friendships that do stand the test of time. A very good example is the more than 13 years of friendship shared between Mason Mount and Declan Rice.

Mason Mount Untold Facts- His Longterm Friendship.
Mason Mount Untold Facts- His Longterm Friendship.

As observed above, both are successful footballers and have had a lot in common since their childhood days. They, together with their girlfriends, spend the summer holidays, proof to show how the strength of their friendship.

Mason Mount and Declan Rice- The Friendship Story.
Mason Mount and Declan Rice- The Friendship Story.

The way things are going, who knows, maybe fate could just bring them together. Together at the same club and national team someday.

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