Nat Phillips Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nat Phillips Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nat Phillips Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In the nutshell, we portray the life history of the of the professional footballer who hails from North West England. We begin this story from his early days, to when he attained fame with the game with Liverpool.

To whet your autobiography taste on the engaging nature of Nat Phillips Bio, behold his boyhood to adult gallary. Without questions, it tells his amazing football story.

The Biography of Nathaniel Phillips. Behold his Early Life and Success Story.
The Biography of Nathaniel Phillips. Behold his Early Life and Success Story.

We all know he is a good footballer who plays as a centre-back for Premier League club Liverpool. However, not many know his Life Story. We have prepared it, and without further ado, lets begin.

Nat Phillips Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his real name is Nathaniel and Nat is only a nickname. Nathaniel Harry Phillips was born on the 21st day of March 1997 to his mother, Anna Phillips and father, James Neil Phillips in Bolton, England.

The English footballer came to the world as the second son, out of four children (Thea, Billy, Nat and Saskia) born of the union between his parents who are pictured here.


Growing Up Years:

Nat grew up supporting Bolton Wanderers which is where he comes form. He enjoyed playing football with his Dad at his family garden and his first experience of watching the game was at the Rebook stadium (age 5). As a child, Nat idolized three persons, his Dad, Jay Jay Okocha and Ronaldinho. Here is a piece of video evidence.

The England defender spent his early years alongside an elder sister Thea Phillips, an older brother, Billy Phillips and a younger sister Saskia Rose. Nat enjoyed a great childhood sibling relationship with his immediate kinfolk. 

Back then, there was no better companion than having a brother like Billy around. More so, no better friends than having his beautiful sisters – Thea and Saskia Rose by his side.


Nat Phillips Family Background:

The Centre-back hails from a sporting household who has a rich history with football. Did you know?… Nat is the son of former Bolton footballer and Defender, Jimmy Phillips.

The Bolton native comes from a household operated by soccer monies – from a rich Dad. He also comes from a family who has one of the best homemaking Mum. Put simply, there is no rag to riches story to his name. Hence, the footballer hails from an above middle class family background.


We have here, a photo of Nathaniel Phillips’s Dad – James Neil Phillips – in his good old days. Nat is pictured above in the loving hands of his father. We see his older sister Thea Phillips also in front of Daddy while Billy Phillips is besides them, also as a mascot. Here is a video that talks about the privileges Nathaniel enjoyed in having a Bolton soccer Dad.

Nat Phillips Family Origin:

The Defender comes from Bolton, a large town in Greater Manchester, North West England. The town is historically and traditionally a part of Lancashire and it is just 31 minutes drive away from the city of Manchester. Bolton is the home of textile manufacture in England.

This map explains Nat Phillips Origin.
This map explains Nat Phillips Origin.

Nathaniel Phillips belongs to the White-British ethnicity which makes up 79% of the people of the Demography of Greater Manchester.

Nat Phillips Education:

Precisely on the 6th of July 2013, Nat had this post secondary school shot with Saskia Rose, his little sister. He told fans it was his Pre prom pics. By implication, he did went through the primary and secondary educational system – possibly in Bolton.

Nat Phillips Pre-Prom photo alongside his little sister, Saskia Rose Phillips. This shows he did went to school.
Nat Phillips Pre-Prom photo alongside his little sister, Saskia Rose Phillips. This shows he did went to school.

Nat Phillips Football Story:

He planned to follow in his Father’s footsteps since his childhood days. It was hard for his Dad, Jimmy Phillips to deal with retirement from football in the 2000. Upon hanging his boots, Nat’s Dad did his best to see one of his children continue living the family dream.

That year 2000, and in preparation for Nat’s career, Jimmy Phillips joined the Bolton Wanderers youth coaching staff even while still a player for the team. Thanks to his guide, Nat fell in love with the game at a tender age. With his Dad as youth coach, it was easy for him to pass trials with Bolton Wanderers Academy.

Nat Phillips Early Life with Bolton.
Nat Phillips Early Life with Bolton.

Little Nat started out as a box-to-box centreback and was among the smallest in his team. Due to his small stature he was allowed to play at different positions. He only became a centre back as he grew taller – later in the years. Here is a video about his playing positions during his early years at Bolton.

The youngster has been a winner since childhood. Thou his first trophy was won with a different team he played for. One that was coached by someone else – not his Dad. Lifebogger has an exclusive video story about Nat’s first football trophy – which he won as a child.

Under his Dad’s tutelage, Nat progressed rapidly through the club’s academy ranks. Jimmy Phillips remained as Bolton academy coach throughout his son’s time with the Bolton youth sector. Wishout pampering, he pushed his son hard. This saw him successfully graduating from youth football in the year 2016.

Under his Daddy's care, our Boy rose to be a superstar.
Under his Daddy’s care, our Boy rose to be a superstar.

Early Life with Senior Football – The United States Forfeit:

Prior to this youth graduation, Phillips learned the unfortunate news. That he alongside fellow graduants of Bolton’s academy would not be offered a professional contract. Reasons was because the club, at that time, was financially crippled.

After being under his father’s wing all through his youth life, Nathaniel Phillips’ parents felt the need for their son to go face his destiny far away from home. It’s actually away from England – the United States.

Nat was offered a scholarship to play in the United States, precisely at the University of North Carolina’s Men’s soccer team. The truth is, he has successfully booked a flight and was due for a travel to the USA, not knowing it would not happen. 

Following the failure of Bolton Wanderers to give youth footballers a contract, several scouts interveined by stealing most of their players. During the time Nathaniel was planning to traval to the USA, a certain scout named Andy O’Brien had already took his name to Liverpool.

The Liverpool north of England scout had a possitive review by his club who quickly wrote a letter to Nathaniel Phillips’s family insisting their son should come for what was termed “a hastily-arranged trial and possibly, a senior contract. As luck would have it, Nat passed the trials BUT his trip to the USA was still active.

The Early Liverpool Years:

Did you know?… The day Nathaniel Phillips put pen-to-paper, his first senior contract with Liverpool, he was actiually supposed to travel to Charlotte (USA). That day, he disappionted the University of North Carolina Soccer body who waited for him to sign a four year football scholarship. Speaking with Liverpool ECHO, Nat once said;

“I signed for Liverpool the day I was due to fly out. I was really confused, as both side didn’t want me to disappiont.

It was a crazy day but I couldn’t imagine a better way to experience LIVERPOOL. I CHOOSED THEM AND IGNORED THE OTHER.”

Nat Phillips Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Coming from Bolton to make his name in one of the most competitive club in England wan’t that easy. Judging from his upbringing, the Bolton native equiped himself – ready to faced the battle of establishing himself at Liverpool’s U23 level. Althougt it took a while, Phillip found his grounds and adjusted to his new surroundings and a higher standard of football.

Three seasons of reserve team games saw Phillips defy all odds stacked on his way. He met the biggest expectation of a modern day centre back… physically strong, aggresive and heading abilities. A determined Nat rose to become his team’s captain and was ready for first-team football.


The Hard First Team and Activating Options:

In the summer of 2018, Phillips got invited by Jurgen Klopp to train with Liverpool’s first team squad. Thanks to the bravery he exibited in training, he became bonafide member of the club’s reserve team who later got new members like Curtis Jones.

However due to huge competition, it became difficult for Nat to outclass the likes of big centre backs – Joel Matip and Croatia’s Dejan Lovren. Nat Phillips thou celebrated the victory in the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final BUT wasn’t part of the team who won it.


The VfB Stuttgart Story:

In 2019, Nat – in a bid to get regular football – took a loan move to the Germany’s second tier. He had a successful season with VfB Stuttgart – with plenty of exposure to their first-team football.

Nat Phillips’ drive and determination – which helped his team keep so many clean sheets – became his most valuable assets.

The rising England Defender became a beast with VfB Stuttgart.
The rising England Defender became a beast with VfB Stuttgart.

The Bolton native learnt alot from experienced Stuttgart players – the likes of  Holger Badstuber and Mario Gomez. The video below shows how humble Nat is -as he spoke about the conversation he had with Mario Gomez.

became patient while waiting for his opportunity for a perfect Liverpool recall. On 27 December 2019, the Reds recalled him on loan only for the club to send him back 12 days later. That didn’t deter him as he believed another moment to proove himself would come again.

Nat Phillips Bio – Success Story:

Approaching the mid of the 2020/2021 season, Jurgen Klopp began withnessing his what was more than a nightmare. A defensive injury crisis rocked his Liverpool with first team names – the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez all OUT.

With injuries to his colleagues, Nat Phillip became Liverpool's glimmer of hope in defence.
With injuries to his colleagues, Nat Phillip became Liverpool’s glimmer of hope in defence.

Jurgen Klopp was in search for anything that could offer a glimmer of hope for his defence. Looking deeper into his resources, the less popular name – Phillips popped out. Sharply, he intitiated a second VfB Stuttgart loan recall. The German coach placed all hopes on the youngster alongside Rys Williams and midfield convert –Fabinho

On 31 October 2020, Phillips made his Premier league debut, helping his team achieve a 2–1 win over West Ham United. The 6 foot ft 3 inches alonside new signing – Ozan Kabak -restored the trademark fluency to the backline thereby bringing an end to their defensive fallow periods.

Nat possesses the attributes of a complete centre back.
Nat possesses the attributes of a complete centre back.

Nat showcased to Liverpool fans how monstrous he is in the air. With series of masterclass tackles and defensive awareness, he prooved to everyone that he can never sink in his new role.

Liverpool’s Next Big Thing:

As I write Nathaniel Phillips’ Biography, the world now see him as a proper challenger for a Liverpool defense first team selection. Even Jurgen Klopp is pleased on how his reliable foot solider was able to swim after being thrown in the Premier League deep.

See who just became Jurgen Klopp's best friend. They both look good together aren't they?
See who just became Jurgen Klopp’s best friend. They both look good together aren’t they?

Big like his master, brilliant, smart, intelligent and everything,… Nat represents one of the success stories of Liverpool Post-COVID era. No wonder Klopp called him “A Mounster in the Air“. Here is the video evidence.

With willing suitors looking ready to beg and cash in for his signature, it would be a great joy for Nat’s family, if he gets an England call up. Well, only time will tell. The rest as we say in this Bio, is history.

Nat Phillips Love Life:

Every footballer who have successfully paid his dues at Anfield deserves a glamorous WAG. For Nat, there exist a girlfriend who from what it appears, has stolen his heart. Her baby-face-looks and personality (just perfect for Nat!) must be among reasons, why he believes she deverses to be his wife.

Behold, Nat Phillips Girlfriend. She has natural beauty and just perfect WAG to melt his heart.
Behold, Nat Phillips Girlfriend. She has natural beauty and just perfect WAG to melt his heart.

The future England defender enjoys sharing sizzling photos of his love life via Instagram. We have a photo where Nat Phillips appears to be completely at ease enjoying holidays with his girlfriend. It appears they both enjoy sightseeing trips to some of the World greatest Architectural Landmarks.

Never a dull moment with Nat. He takes his girlfriend to some of the most beautiful landmarks on earth.
Never a dull moment with Nat. He takes his girlfriend to some of the most beautiful landmarks on earth.

Nat Phillips Personal Life:

Here, we’ll help you answer the question- Who is Nat Phillips outside football? Getting to know the personality of the centreback would help you get a complete picture of him.

Nat Phillips Personal Life -EXPLAINED!!
Nat Phillips Personal Life -EXPLAINED!!

First thing first, the English footballer is someone who understands the small things of life. Nat has the power to transform their thoughts into concrete actions and he always shows the will to go the extra man inorder to achieve his goals.

Nat Phillips Lifestye:

The footballers way of life is not defined by showcasing exotic cars, house (mansion) and Swagger. Lifebogger presents this exclusive video that reveals a sad story behind Nat Phillip’s first Car.

He together with his girlfriend, Nat uses his football monies to be in constantly touch with the world, experiencing nature as much as possible. Put simply, we are aware he spends his wages on making holiday trips.

The defender spends his monies doing the right thing - VACATION!!
The defender spends his monies doing the right thing – VACATION!!

Nat Phillips Family Life:

The 6 foot 3 Defender comes from a household where there is routine interactions among one another. As observed in the photo below, there is a good family life. Each member of his brood enjoy each other’s company and spend a lot of time doing things together.

What a united Family Nat Phillips comes from.
What a united Family Nat Phillips comes from.

In this section, we’ll tell you more about Nat Phillips parents and the rest of his family members; brother and sisters.

About Nat Phillips’ Dad:

James Neil Phillips was born 8th day of February 1966, in his hometown of Bolton. The father of Nat Phillips was a former footballer who played for Bolton, Rangers and Middlesbrough. In the year 2001, he retired with Bolton after a total of 572 career matches and 19 goals. Below is a gallary of Nat Phillips Dad duirng his playing days.

Behold Nat Phillips Dad during his good old days.
Behold Nat Phillips Dad during his good old days.

After retirement, Nathaniel Phillips’s Dad got employed as Bolton Wanderers Reserves manager. He later rose to the club’s academy Director where he spent a number of years as a youth team coach. Among his children, he groomed Nat on following his footsteps.

Gradually he was turning the little Nat into a footballer. Both father and son remain close.
Gradually he was turning the little Nat into a footballer. Both father and son remain close.

About Nat Phillips Mother:

We see Anna Phillips here enjoying some precious time with her footballing son in the prestigious Nikki Beach of Ibiza. She is Nathaniel Phillips’ mum, a woman regarded as one of the best homemakers in the Bolton town of England.

Nate Phillips alongside his Mum - Anna - at Nikki Beach of Ibiza.
Nate Phillips alongside his Mum – Anna – at Nikki Beach of Ibiza.

Nat Phillips Siblings:

The Liverpool footballer has a brother (Billy) and two sisters named Thea and Saskia Rose Phillips. They all grew up in Bolton and have remained close to oneanother since their childhood years.

About Billy Phillips:

According to his Instagram profile, the elder brother of Nat Phillips work for E.&J. Gallo Winery. This company holds the record as the largest exporter of California wines and the largest family-owned winery in the United States.

Here is Billy Phillips profile on IG. It shows he works for E&J Galo Winery.
Here is Billy Phillips profile on IG. It shows he works for E&J Galo Winery.

Billy unlike Nat never followed the path of becoming a footballer. Thou he together with his Dad (Jimmy) play a role in managing his little brother’s career. Billy is seen here alongside Nat attending a book launch. 

Nat Phillips alongside his brother Billy at a book launch.
Nat Phillips alongside his brother Billy at a book launch.

About Nat Phillips Sisters:

You see these two girls,… they’ve all grown up. The one on the left is Saskia Phillips. She is Nathaniel Phillips youngest sister and the last born of the family. Thea Phillips is positioned at the right side. She is the elder sister and second child of the family.

Thea and Saskia are all Grown Ups. See how beautiful Nat Phillips sisters have become.
Thea and Saskia are all Grown Ups. See how beautiful Nat Phillips sisters have become.

The footballer remains very close to his sisters as he often takes them, alongside family members out for holiday treats.

Nat Phillips Facts:

In this finaal section of our Memior, Lifebogger tells you more truths about the centre back who is a future England star.

Fact #1 – He is Liverpool’s Goalkeeper in Disguise:

Football is one of the most unpredictable games with lots of twists and turns. You’ll never know what is going to happen next. For this reason, Nat did follow the footsteps of Rio Ferdinand, John O’Shea, Dani Alves and John Terry in training as a goalkeeper.

Can he really do the Goalkeeping job?
Can he really do the Goalkeeping job?

Nat learns the skills of goalkeeping so he can protect the goal post when he gets the clarion call. Thou it rarely happens, we’ve seen incidents of having his team’s goalkeeper being sent out and someone from the field has to do the goalkeeping job. Do you think he would perform as bad as Harry Kane when called upon?

These men have all received the clarion call.
These men have all received the clarion call.

Fact #2 – Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen:

Per Year:£3,696,000
Per Month:£308,000
Per Week:£70,000
Per Day:£10,000
Per Hour:£417
Per Minute:£7
Per Seconds:£0.11

Since you started viewing Nat Phillips’ Bio, this is what he has earned with Liverpool.


Did you know?… The average person in Liverpool who earns 84,800 GBP per year would need to work for 43 years to make Nat Phillips annual salary with Liverpool.

Fact #3 – Nat Phillips Net Worth:

Beginning his senior career since 2019 denotes two years of experience – 2021 stats. With his current wage of 3,696,000 annually, We estimate Nat Phillips net worth to be around £2 million.

Fact #4 – A Dog Lover:

Footballers, including most of us, love their pet and Nat Phillips isn’t an exception. He has a Dog named Flo Phillips whom he hold dear to his heart. Here is a video of Nat and his Dog – who he takes like his child.

Fact #5 – Nat Phillips Profile (FIFA):

Without questions, he deserves an increase in his overall and potential stas. Nat has forged a role for himself at Anfield and is no way near his peak. He is as good as Ben Godfrey and therefore deserves a potential of 84 (or above) and overall rating of 80.


The Biography of Nat Phillips, the Red’s lesser-known defender teaches us that Patience is not the ability to wait, but how we keep a good attitude while waiting. While waiting fot his Liverpool opportunity, Nat did everything to ensure he was ready when the time comes.

Phillips is by no means a youngster at 23 years of age (2021 check). A look into his Life Story shows he deserves a chance at the Reds centre back position. Remember, he abandoned becoming a US college footballer all in the name of pursuing a a dream at Anfield.

It bohoves Lifebogger to comment Nat Phillips’ parents especially his Dad for giving him a Bolton career foundation on a platter of Gold. The old fashion centre back is now relishing the chance to develop his career at Liverpool. We sincerely hope for his England call and most importantly, for him to partner alongside Virgil van Dijk as part of first team selection.

At Lifebogger, we care about the accuracy of our Bio on English Football Players. Kindly reachout to us if you notice something that doesn’t look right on our story of Nat Phillips. For a quick summary of his Memoir, use our Wiki table below.

Full Names:Nathaniel Harry Phillips
Age:24 years and 0 months old.
Date of Birth:21st day of March, 1997.
Place of Birth:Bolton, Greater Manchester.
Parents:James Neil Phillips (Father) and Anna Phillips (Mother)
Father's Occupation:Former Footbalelr, Coach and Son's Manager.
Siblings:Billy Phillips (Elder Brother), Thea Phillips (Older Sister) and Saskia Rose Phillips (Youngse Sister)
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Height:1.90 meters OR 6 feet 3 inches
Playing Position:Centre-back

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