Trevoh Chalobah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Trevoh Chalobah Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Brothers (Nathaniel and Paul) and other Siblings (Sisters), Girlfriend, etc.

More so, Trevoh’s Girlfriend/Wife-to-be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, we portray the Life History of a London-Bred Star, a boy who learned football in a cage and followed in his elder brother’s footsteps.

Our Full Story of Trevoh Chalobah begins from his early days (in Sierra Leone), right until the moment he achieved success in soccer.

To whet your autobiography appetite while you read Trevoh Chalobah’s Biography. To begin that, we’ll first present you with this gallery of his Boyhood Life to Fame. No doubt, it tells you that Trevoh has come a long way.

The Full Biography of Trevoh Chalobah - Behold his Boyhood days and Success Story.
The Full Biography of Trevoh Chalobah – Behold his Boyhood Days and Success Story.

Recently, some fans have agreed – that he is the ideal answer to Chelsea’s Post John Terry World.

Also, the rise of Trevoh has made many Chelsea fans ask?… Do we still need Jules Kounde? Well, the answer is No! This Chelsea academy-grown talent can do the Frenchman’s job.

Despite the many accolades surrounding his name, we realize that only a few fans have read a concise version of Trevoh Chalobah’s Biography.

We have prepared his Life story because we love you, and we love the beautiful game. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Trevoh Chalobah Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the middle name – Tom. Trevoh Chalobah was born on the 5th day of July 1999 to Sierra Leonean parents in Freetown, the port city and capital of the West African country.

Trevoh came to the world as one among other siblings (the most famous is his elder brother, Nathaniel, including Paul.

All children were born out of the Blissful marital union between their ever-beautiful Mum and a cool-looking Dad – both pictured here.

Meet Trevoh Chalobah's parents. Can you spot that resemblance he has with his Dad?
Meet Trevoh Chalobah’s parents. Can you spot that resemblance he has with his Dad?

Growing Up in Sierra Leone and London:

Trevoh, alongside his brother (Nathaniel), spent the early years of his childhood in West Africa, precisely the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital. When he was age three, Chalobah’s Dad and Mum moved to England.

Reaching the UK, the family settled in the inner London Borough of Lambeth. This London administrative area contains a leafy and hilly neighbourhood called Gipsy Hill.

This is where Trevoh Chalobah’s family lived and where he and his siblings (Nate and Paul) grew up.

Trevoh Chalobah Bio is the story of a Crystal Palace Boy:

Recently, from the moment we wrote this Bio, the Defender got booed by supporters of the Eagles during his first Premier League match of the 2021-2022 season. Because of that, our team went into research to find out why.

Results of our research showed us that – Trevoh Chalobah’s family lived in a London area dominated by Crystal Palace supporters.

From the map below, Selhurst Park (Home of the Eagles) is just 11 minutes away from Gipsy Hill – where Trevoh and his siblings grew up.

Upon relocating from Sierra Leone, his parents settled in a part of London dominated by Crystal Palace supporters.
Upon relocating from Sierra Leone, his parents settled in a part of London dominated by Crystal Palace supporters.

Trevoh Chalobah Cage Story – The origin of his Football Talent:

In the whole of England, many people know South London as a special place for the passion of sports.

For Trevoh and his brother Nathaniel, the love for football started there. When they were little, the boys would always go play soccer in this special cage.

Trev and his brother (Nathaniel) visit the special Cage that made them.
Trev and his brother (Nathaniel) visit the special Cage that made them.

Truth be told!! This cage was the foundation of their football talent. While growing up, both boys had absolutely nothing else to worry about except the urge to play football throughout the day – in that cage.

To date, the boys ensure the preservation cage – all thanks to the beautiful memories it provides them.

It was easy for both Trevoh and Nathaniel to hone their skills in the football cage. This is because it was at the centre of the estate where their family lived.

They call it – their little world – which they built their life and destiny around. According to Trev;

Arriving in Gipsy Hill when my family moved to London from Sierra Leone—was seeing this cage.

There was something special about it, as people were always coming together to play the football there.

Trevoh Chalobah Family Background:

The Baller’s Mum and Dad are very simple people who operated a middle-class London household – following their relocation from Sierra Leone.

More importantly, Trevoh Chalobah’s parents are the football-loving type who allow their boys to enjoy their hobby in the cage.

They also ensured Nate Trevoh lacked nothing – especially food, shelter, clothing and a sound education, etc.

To date and forever, Trevoh and Nathaniel credit their parents for guiding and showing them the way – something that gave them the needed platform, desire, and heart to succeed.

Trevoh Chalobah Family Origin:

Although he has British nationality, the Centre-back is best described as a Sierra Leonean-British.

This is because of the Londoner’s African heritage. Both of Trevoh Chalobah’s parents have their family roots in the West African country of Sierra Leone.

Just in case you aren’t aware, Chelsea FC defensive beast – Antonio Rudiger – also has his family origin in Sierra Leone. Rudi’s family now holds German nationality.

The Sierra Leonean Civil War (which saw heavy use of child soldiers) was responsible for their parents ensuring they (Rudiger and Trevoh) got a better life in Europe.

Trevoh Chalobah's Family Origin - EXPLAINED.
Trevoh Chalobah’s Family Origin – EXPLAINED.

More about his African Roots:

Have you watched the 2006 movie Blood Diamond – acted by Leonardo DiCaprio? The story of the movie is about Sierra Leone, a country known for its brutal diamond trade.

The Directors claim to film in South Africa and Mozambique because of safety concerns.

The Movie, Blood Diamond, is based on true events in Sierra Leone.
The Movie Blood Diamond is based on true events in Sierra Leone.

The movie depicts a fictional account of rebel militias in Sierra Leone who fueled a bloody civil war through the sale of Gems.

Gems are diamonds and they are mined in war zones and then sold to finance conflicts. The sale profits warlords and diamond companies across the world.

Trevoh Chalobah Biography – Football Education:

The Chalobah brothers attended St Andrews R.C. Primary school.
The Chalobah brothers attended St Andrews R.C. Primary School.

Both brothers attended St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School – one of the best in Gipsy Hill. Later on, they studied at Bishop Thomas Grant School. The love for football made Trevoh stay focused on playing the game – after school hours.

Everyone knows Gipsy Hill is quite rough. However, the boys – just like the Pogba brothers – used football as an escape from criminal elements. According to Trevoh, both he and Nathaniel trained every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday.

Back in the day, the game of soccer was more of a routine for Trevoh. This is one that involves going to school, getting picked up by his parents, going for training and then going back home. The same thing repeats week in and week out.

Trevoh Chalobah Football Story:

Those days, Trev (his childhood nickname) shared everything with Nathaniel, his elder brothers – four years his senior.

This includes not just going to the cage for football but also playing the games with boys who are of Nathaniel’s age. Big Brother Nate once said;

Back then, My friends would come over and said yeah let’s play football in the cage.

I would be like ‘Trevoh, do you want to come with us,’ and my bro would always say ‘yeah, cool’.

At first, people never expected much from Trevoh because he looked the smallest and a bit distant from the other kids. But suddenly, the boy would go inside the cage and perform some tricks – which would make everyone like;

‘oh my god! Mango seed head is really good’

Trevoh never liked the name – Mango Seed Head. Friends called him that because he was this skinny, gangly kid, with a shape of the head too big for his body.

In fact, Trevoh’s knees were too big, and he was really taller than his age. The Baller once told the media about the awful nickname his friends called him;

Back then, they used to call me Mango seed head.

Whenever I and Nate go in the cage for football, that was what all the older boys called me.

In that cage, everything was about showcasing football skills and fans giving praise to boys who do the most skill and dribble.

Thanks to natural talent, Trevoh and Nathaniel would end up doing more skills. It touched the minds of those friends who called him Mango seed head. Speaking about how they stopped, the name Trev said;

When people saw I could beat everyone, they began to give me a bit more respect.

This was how the name (Mango Seed head) eventually dropped.

The Journey to Chelsea Academy:

Seeing his older brother pushing hard to get into a football career definitely inspired Trev. The truth is, if Nathaniel didn’t play football, we would never know Trevoh. His parents must have guided him to pick up something else.

Before Chelsea found him, his brother Nathaniel initially joined the academy system at Fulham.

Trev stayed there for two seasons before moving to Chelsea youth – at the age of 10. During that time, Trevoh played as a forward with Cannons, a Sunday League team.

Nathaniel joined Chelsea Academy in the year 2005. Two years later, little Trevoh followed – after a successful trial with the London club.

Owing to their height and versatility, both brothers started as Central defenders who can also play as defensive midfielders.

Trevoh Chalobah Biography – Road to Fame Story:

It would interest you to know something – very factual. The fact exists that Trevoh and Mason Mount were both in the same Chelsea academy age group. Their friendship was the hardest thing in the world to explain.

While at Blues Academy, young Trevoh experienced the greatest gift of life. With his best friend Mason, he never felt lonely, and he had a great sense of belonging and purpose.

It might interest you to find out – that Mount (who is shorter here) is older than Trevoh.

With his best friend (Big Trevoh), Mason Mount never wandered in the dark alone.
With his best friend (Big Trevoh), Mason Mount never wandered in the dark alone.

Trevoh Chalobah Ball-Boy Story:

While with the Blues academy, both Mason Mount and Trevoh Chalobah took part in the ball-boy service.

Their most memorable moment as ball boys came in 2012 – the year Chelsea defeated FC Barca in the Champions League knockout stage.

Here, it appears Lionel Messi wanted the ball in Mount’s custody rather than that of Chalobah. Little did the Football GOAT know – that Chelsea would go on and win the UCL that year.

Behold the incredible image of Chalobah and Mount ballboying during the 2012 Chelsea Champions League win.

This event happened nine years before Chalobah and Mason Mount helped Chelsea lift the 2021 UEFA Super Cup.
This event happened nine years before Chalobah and Mason Mount helped Chelsea lift the 2021 UEFA Super Cup.

Maybe you have asked – what match was it? Well…, as we said, it was that memorable 2012 Champions League (first leg) against FC Barcelona.

Now, here is the video of the highlight – that unforgettable Chelsea home victory against European Big Boys – Barca.

Both friends sat beside one another at Stamford Bridge as they help collect the balls.

According to Chelsea FC Website, the return leg – (Nicknamed the epitome of an against-the-odds triumph) ranks No2 among the most exciting Chelsea matches of all time.

That 2012 Champions League return leg was an epic 2–2 draw. A match with goals from Sergio Busquets, Ramires (that lovely chip), Andres Iniesta and Fernando Torres (that classy finish).

Watch the highlight of the second leg of the 2012 UEFA Champions League semi-final game between FC Barcelona and Chelsea.

The Chelsea Youth FA Cup Triumph:

Becoming ball boys in a game that gave Chelsea the platform to win the UEFA Champions League – WAS JUST THE BEGINNING FOR THE TWO. Pictured below, both boys also helped Chelsea win the youth FA Cup.

Two best friends - Chalobah and Mount celebrating the Youth FA Cup.
Two best friends – Chalobah and Mount – were pictured celebrating the Youth FA Cup.

Post Academy Rise:

After penning his first professional contract with Chelsea around June 2016, Trev devised a means to make a name for himself in both club and England youth football.

With lots of defensive skills in his armoury, the youngster first learned to improve on long-range passing.

As captain and leader for England youth, Trev represented his country from Under-16 up to Under-20.

In his department, tackling the ball, even in dangerous situations, became super easy. Trevoh mastered the act of running and tackling – and that saved the England youth team countless times.

Trevoh Chalobah Biography – The Success Story:

Like many Blues youngsters, going on loan was always the ideal thing – rather than waiting to compete with the never-ending first-team megastars. Trevoh moved on to join the Championship side → Ipswich Town.

With the Tractor Boys, he competed against the likes of Tammy Abraham who was then, a serial Goal-Machine for Aston Villa. While there, it wasn’t only about defending (for Trev) but scoring goals as well.

Trevoh is so strong, despite his reasonably slender frame. Here, he muscles his way past Abraham.
Trevoh is so strong despite his reasonably slender frame. Here, he muscles his way past Abraham.

The boy’s next stop was Huddersfield Town. With the Terriers, Trevoh scored as well as showcased sublime defensive skills.

That performance earned him a loan move to FC Lorient in the Ligue 1 (The first division league football in France).

He just kept rising while on Loan.
He just kept rising while on Loan.

FC Lorient Success Story:

The performance – while on loan with Huddersfield Town earned him a new contract by then-Blues coach Frank Lampard.

Just after signing it, young Trev left his family (for the first time) to face football in a foreign country – France.

Just like in England, he had another productive loan spell with FC Lorient. Trev became the most aesthetically pleasing when he pushed forward with the ball (scoring goals in the process). He also won fans’ hearts after many masterclass defending.

Watch Trevoh Chalobah’s Lorient highlights here.

The Blues Return:

At the dawn of the year 2021, it had become obvious that Trevoh could match up with mega Defenders. That got him the nickname – Little David Luiz.

After not finding less favour with Frank Lampard, Thomas Tuchel placed his faith in Trevoh. Observing his performance in the French League, the German coach accepted his return from loan and made him part of the plan for the 2021/2022 season.

Trevoh’s first test was to put up a show in the 2021 UEFA Super Cup. Thanks to his Bravery, the 6 foot 3 Defender didn’t disappoint.

With a formidable pair with Kurt Zouma, he made the Blues avoid defeat from the likes of Boulaye Dia and Gerard Monero.

In the end, Trevoh helped his team to win the 2021 Super Cup. Of course, that didn’t happen without Kepa Arrizabalaga‘s shot-stopping heroics.

The Successful Premier League Debut:

In that match, the boy won the fan’s hearts with his commanding presence, which came at a state of immense ease.

Trevoh’s debut goal made Chelsea fans believe he could do for the senior team – what David Luiz did years ago. Now, watch his debut goal here.

With drops of tears after his debut goal, Trev is now set out to impress Thomas Tuchel in the 2021/2022 season.

We have seen him knock down opponents and win the ball with ease. Like fellow ex-academy star Marc Guehi, he’s got great confidence for his young age.

Without a doubt, Trevoh’s strength and abilities make him a perfect replacement for Cesar Azpilicueta – who might leave the Blues soon. The rest of our Biography, as we always say, is now history.

Trevoh Chalobah Love Life – Who is he Dating?

After making a name for himself in football, we think it is fair for fans to make enquiries about who his girlfriend or wife might be.

After spending hours researching, we realized – that Trevoh (as of 2021) is yet to make his relationship public. There are no signs of Trevoh Chalobah’s girlfriend or even a wife OR mother of his child.

Just maybe, his Dad and Big brother must have advised him to remain single – especially at this crucial stage of his Blues career.

Soonest, we hope Trevoh finds a girlfriend as beautiful as Nia Georgio. She is the wife of his elder brother – Nathaniel.

Trevoh Chalobah Personal Life:

What defines his personality away from everything he does on the pitch? This section of Trevoh Chalobah’s Biography reveals it all.

The first thing that characterizes him is his dancing. This is a hobby common to the Chalobah brothers.

In the video below, Trevoh mistakingly ignored Antonio Conte – while he danced his heart out after an FA Cup victory. The latter part of the video shows a dance between him and his big brother, Nathaniel.

Workout Routine:

Next, after his dancing hobby is the way he does his exercises. Similar to Paul Pogba, Trevoh loves to show off his muscles through fun workout videos. Here is one for you.

Trevoh Chalobah Lifestyle:

For cars, he prefers the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. In fact, Trevoh Chalobah drives the same car type and colour as Ivan Toney. Secondly, Trev dresses to look smart – with so much swagger and charm to his person.

Trevoh Chalobah's Car - REVEALED.
Trevoh Chalobah’s Car – REVEALED.

In the world of streetwear trends, several footballers set the rhythm for everyone else. For Trevoh, fashion is a thing that doesn’t stand still. The video reveals trends in Trevoh Chalobah’s lifestyle that literally change every day.

Trevoh Chalobah Family Life:

The loving embrace of his football-loving household brings is the reason he, alongside his brothers, enjoys so much success in sports.

Here, we will tell you more about Trevoh Chalobah’s parents and the rest of his family members. Let’s start with the head of his family.

About Trevoh Chalobah Father:

Currently, in his 50s, he is someone who hardly offers himself for public attention, except during his son’s contract negotiations.

These days, Trevoh Chalobah’s Dad has become very influential in the area of working with his son’s agent (Caa Base LTD) to get good contracts for his boys.

Meet Trevoh Chalobah Dad, alongside his agents.
Meet Trevoh Chalobah Dad, alongside his agents.

About Trevoh Chalobah Mother:

Precisely on the 21st day of July 2016, the Defender revealed the identity of the woman who gave birth to him.

According to his Instagram Bio, Trevoh Chalobah’s mum appears to be late. He once posted this picture of his mother when she was young younger. These heartfelt words followed;

Meet Trevoh Chalobah Mother.
Meet Trevoh Chalobah Mother.

Dear Mum, a thousand words cannot bring you back. I know this because I’ve tried.

A thousand of tears cannot bring you back. I know this because I’ve cried a lot.

Mum, I know you are in a better place, and I’m going to make you proud.

About Trevoh Chalobah Brother:

Meet the Chalobah brother, men who have made football proud.
Meet the Chalobah brother, men who have made football proud.

His name is Nathaniel Nyakie, and he is a successful professional footballer. In the course of their footballing journey, Nate has always been a big influence on Trevoh.

Even to date, the Chalobah brothers never allow each other to wander in the dark alone. That’s a definition of sibling solidarity.

About Paul Chalobah – Trevoh’s Brother:

Although less popular than Nathaniel, he is a much younger sibling. Paul Chalobah is a British Athlete who excels in multi-sport events.

Judging by the way he is growing (career-wise), you might one day see him representing England in the Olympics or some future international event.

This is Paul Chalobah - Trevoh's immediate younger brother.
This is Paul Chalobah – Trevoh’s immediate younger brother.

According to the powerof10 website, Paul Chalobah has been active in Athletics since his high school days. He has once taken part in the London Youth Games, the South of England Championships and many other competitions.

One very salient thing about Paul Chalobah is the fact that he is an excellent dancer – even better than the other Chalobah brothers. Here is a video for you to judge for yourself… who is a better dancer (Nate, Trevoh and Paul)?

About Trevoh Chalobah’s sister-in-law:

Nia Georgio is her name, and she is the childhood sweetheart and wife of Trevoh’s older brother, Nathaniel. She and Nate started out as best friends before becoming true lovers.

Meet Trevoh Chalobah's relative - Nia Georgio.
Meet Trevoh Chalobah’s relative – Nia Georgio.

Surprisingly, Nathaniel Chalobah and Nia Georgio have been dating for over a decade and a half (nearly 15 years).

In fact, they’ve known each other since their primary school days. The photo below shows Nathaniel and Nia in their childhood.

Trevoh Chalobah's brother, Nate and his wife, Nia, have known each other for years.
Trevoh Chalobah’s brother, Nate and his wife, Nia, have known each other for years.

Popularity labelled as beauty with brains, Nia Georgio holds a first-class degree in English. Nate must be extremely lucky to have her as his wife.

About Trevoh Chalobah Siblings (Three Sisters and a little Bro):

Trevoh's older brother (Nathaniel) calls them 'The Munchkins.'
Trevoh’s older brother (Nathaniel) calls them ‘The Munchkins.’

Asides from Nathaniel, it appears he has three sisters and a little brother who might be the last born of the family.

Mind you, they took the picture above around the Christman period of 24th of December 2014. This means that his siblings would have grown into teenagers – at the time of writing this Bio.

About Trevoh Chalobah Uncle:

While speaking with Gaffa Online, Trev revealed his next love outside the game of football. This was where he brought a relative into the picture.

According to Trevoh, playing table tennis in his family garden is best enjoyed when it happens with his uncle – who is the best at the game.

Trevoh Chalobah Untold Facts:

Rounding up this Biography, we will use this section to tell more truths about Trevoh. Without taking much of your time, let us begin.

A Billionaire in his Mother Land:

While going through SoFIFA’s website, we realize Trevoh receives around €29K in weekly wages. We got the following breakdown after converting his Chelsea weekly wages into Sierra Leonean leone.

TENURE/EARNINGSTrevoh Chalobah Chelsea Salary Breakdown -2021 (in Sierra Leonean leone)
Per Year:22,085,814,906 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
Per Month:1,840,484,575 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
Per week:424,074,787 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
Every Day:60,582,112 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
Every Hour:2,524,254 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
Every Minute:42,070 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
Every Second:701 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

This is what Trevoh Chalobah has earned since you began viewing this Page.

Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL) 0
Where Trevoh Chalobah’s family comes from, it would take 74 years for the average Sierra Leonean (earning 5,700,000 SLL per month) to make his weekly wages at Chelsea.

Football Profile (The Injustice):

Now, let’s go straight to the most worrying part. Tell me, how can someone who scored a long-range goal on his Premier League debut have a 31/100 long-shot power on FIFA?

Just like Mitch Batshuayi would say, EA (Electronic Arts) needs to update its servers.

It is obvious that Trevoh (at age 20) is highly underrated by FIFA.
It is obvious that Trevoh (at age 20) is highly underrated by FIFA.

Trevoh Chalobah Religion:

Going through his social media account, it becomes easy to identify his faith. Obviously, Trevoh Chalobah’s parents raised him in the Christian way of life.

At the beginning of our Biography, we mentioned the fact that he attended a Catholic school (St Andrews).

Have you noticed that Trevoh raises his hands to the heavens (as a sign of thanks to Jehovah) whenever he scores?

That tells his Christian faith. More interestingly, his Instagram Bio has the tag – Jehovah’s Son. It shows that Religion remains a big part of Trevoh’s family and his life in general.

Trevoh Chalobah Religion - EXPLAINED.
Trevoh Chalobah Religion – EXPLAINED.

Biography Summary:

Kindly use this table to get concise information about Trevoh Chalobah.

Full Name:Trevoh Tom Chalobah
Date of Birth:5th of July 1999
Parents:Mr and Mrs Chalobah
Siblings:Nathaniel Chalobah (Older brother) and Paul Chalobah (Younger brother) and Siblings
Nationality:England and Sierra Leone
Family Origin:Sierra Leone
Place of birth:Freetown, Sierra Leone
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Net worth:£1.5 million Pounds (2021 Stats)
Height in feet and inches:6 feet 3 inches (1.90 m)
Height in meters:1.90 meters
Height in centimeters:190 centimeters
Playing position:Centre-back, defensive midfielder


The Biography of Trevoh Chalobah is a tale of sibling solidarity. Since childhood, he and Nathanial had got this genuine brotherly connection. It is a sibling connection centred first around the love for their family and then, the passion for the beautiful game of football.

The Chalobah brothers shared a childhood dream, which from day one has been to become professional footballers.

Among all things, it was a cage in London’s Gipsy Hill that gave them the platform to build their skills and lay a proper career foundation.

Lifebogger’s story of the Chalobah brothers is one that football fans should cherish across the world. With the support of their parents, Trevoh and Nathaniel defined what it means to come from a footballing family.

Sincerely, we appreciate you – for taking out time to read this interesting piece of Biography about Trevoh Chalobah.

As always, we care about fairness and accuracy when delivering stories about United Kingdom footballers. Asides from Trevoh Chalobah’s Bio, we’ve got other interesting stories about English footballers. The Life story of Ben Chilwell and John Terry will excite you.

Kindly reach us via (Contact) if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this Bio. Alternatively, kindly let us know in the comment section – what you think about the Sierra Leonean-born British.

Hi there! I am Hale Hendrix, a passionate football enthusiast and writer dedicated to uncovering the untold stories of footballers' childhood and biography. With a deep love for the beautiful game, I have spent countless hours researching and interviewing players to bring to light the lesser-known details of their lives.


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