Martin Odegaard Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Martin Odegaard Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Martin Odegaard Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife to be (Oda Burud), Cars, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

It is a good read detailing the rise, fall and return of Martin Odegaard. To give you a taste of the engaging nature of the biography, here is a pictorial summary of his life and career progression.

Martin Odegaard Life Story.
Martin Odegaard Life Story.

Yes, everyone is aware of Martin Odegaard’s excellent passing capabilities, extraordinary technique and dribbling skills. However, only a few persons have read his biography, which is quite engaging. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Martin Odegaard Childhood Story:

For bio starters, his nickname is El-Rey. Martin Ødegaard was born on the 17th day of December 1998 at the city of Drammen in Norway. He was born to his mother, Lene Cecile and to his father, Hans Erik.

Meet Martin Odegaard parents
Meet Martin Odegaard’s parents.

Martin Odegaard Family Origins:

The son of Lene Cecile and Hans Erik is a bonafide native of Drammen as well as a Norwegian national. In fact, he has his family roots deeply established in the North European country where he is the hottest young talent since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

He is a native of the city where he was born.
He is a native of the city where he was born.

Martin Odegaard Growing-Up Years:

Are you aware that El-Rey grew up in Toppenhaug, a small, quiet part of Drammen? Interestingly, prior to Odegaard’s rise, people never associated the city with soccer. As a matter of fact, it was only famous for fjords, mountains, picturesque valleys sprinkled with colourful wooden houses, thick snow and Northern lights.

Childhood photo of Martin Odegaard with his older brother and sister.
Childhood photo of Martin Odegaard with his older brother and sister.

Thus, the natives of Drammen have Odegaard to thank for putting their city on the map of soccer hotspots. It was at the city that Odegaard began playing the sport while growing up alongside his an older brother, Kristoffer and two younger sisters, Emilie and Mari.

Martin Odegaard Family Background:

By and large, El-Rey had a happy Sporty childhood and lacked nothing as a child. Though middle-class citizens, Odegaard’s parents and grandparents were into clothing business.
In addition, his dad was into soccer management after years of being a professional. Therefore, it goes without saying that the insane money in the sport helped Odegaard’s family live comfortably.

How Career Football Began For Martin Odegaard:

By the time El-Rey was 6 years old, he was already a member of local club Drammen Strong. Interestingly, his parents and others gave the club an enormous sum of money to refill their gravel field with artificial turf.

He has been into football since the age of six.
He has been into football since the age of six.

The investment was crucial to Odegaard’s development as it helped him practice countless hours on the field. Consequently, young Odegaard had already sharpened skills when he joined the youth division of Strømsgodset, his father’s old team. In fact, he effortlessly impressed the coaches and staff with his natural skill and work ethic.

The starlet at the peak of his career with Strømsgodset
The starlet at the peak of his career with Strømsgodset,

Martin Odegaard Early Years in Career Football:

When the then fast-rising footballer eventually made his senior debut for Strømsgodset, little did his admirers knew the sacrifices he was making. To start with, he was still undergoing compulsory education. Therefore, he never had the chance to train in the daytime with his club.

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Instead, he trained at Night after school. Notwithstanding, he was racking up regular appearances in the Norwegian top flight before his 16th birthday. Also, he went on to make a name for himself as a goal scorer and top assist maker for both club and country.

He (left in both photos) was an asset to both club and country.
He (left in both photos) was an asset to both club and country.

Impressed by his son’s early success, Hans Erik figured it was long overdue that his son played in big leagues. Thus, he took Odegaard to train with Europe’s top clubs including Liverpool, Bayern Munich and Arsenal before settling on the biggest of them all — Real Madrid.

Martin Odegaard Biography – Road To Fame Story:

As the adage goes, if they are they’re good enough, they’re old enough. The teenage wonderkid Martin Odegaard was not too young to impress the Spanish giants. In fact, he began training with Real Madrid superstars of the first team while he was still with Los Blanco’s reserves. When the starlet eventually made his debut for the Los Blancos with ‘Ødegaard’ on the back outsold those with ‘Ronaldo’ in 2015.

He even made his debut as a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo.
He even made his debut as a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the fanfare around him began to plummet due to lack of first-team opportunities under Rafael Benitez who took charge of the senior set-up following the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti. Neither did first-team opportunities come up for the teenager when Zinedine Zidane promoted to first-team manager. As a result, he was loaned to Dutch outfit SC Heerenveen, where he humbly had regular playtime away from the spotlight.

Martin Odegaard Biography – Rise To Fame Story:

Seemingly enmeshed in what can be best described as a loan farm, Odegaard was transferred to Dutch side Vitesse. He impressively became one of Eredivisie’s players of the season by scoring nine goals and registering 12 assists.

Interestingly, Los Blancos got more than they bargained for when the starlet was loaned to Real Sociedad in 2019. He scored against his parent to knock them out of Copa del Rey in a 4-3 defeat. Stunned by the goal, fans of the Los Blancos could not help giving the youngster a standing ovation.

At the time of writing this piece on Martin Odegaard’s biography, the midfield maestro alongside Joshua King and Alexander Sørloth are recognized stars in Norwegian football.

More interestingly, Martin has joined Arsenal on a loan deal. Mikel Arteta knows of his track record and have faith that he will inject the much-needed creativity which the club’s midfield lacks. Whichever way thing pans out Odegaard in North London, the rest, as they say, will be history.

See who has joined the Gunners on a loan deal.
See who has joined the Gunners on a loan deal.

Who is Martin Odegaard Girlfriend:

Most exciting young talents in football rarely have a romantic past. It is not the case of Martin Odegaard who used to have a girlfriend. Her name is Oda Burud. She is Norwegian and a soccer player. They used to be a romantic pair before the player’s move to Madrid.

We can't say he is alien to matters of the heart.
We can’t say he is alien to matters of the heart.

Seems the midfielder got his priorities after joining Madrid, as not much has been heard about him and Burud.The way we figure it, chances are that he is single. He could also be dating secretly. Whichever is the case, soccer abhors secrets and it would not be long before netizens know about it.

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Martin Odegaard Family Life:

Football geniuses are not born but made. It takes a family to make a genius like El-Rey. We bring you facts about Martin Odegaard’s parents. We will also make details of his siblings and relatives available here.

About Martin Odegaard Father:

Hans Erik is the superstar’s dad. As was previously stated, he used to be a professional football. In fact, Erik played as a central midfielder for Norwegian clubs, Strømsgodset and Sandefjord before hanging his boots in 2006.

Martin Odegaard's father Erik.
Martin Odegaard’s father, Erik.

The supportive dad is now into soccer management. He serves as his Odegaard agent and un-official manager. In addition, Erik ensures Odegaard goes through consistent practice regimes as he looks forward to a decade career ahead.

About Martin Odegaard Mother:

Lene Cecile is the starlet’s mom. She has a calm demeanour which we believe Odegaard inherited. Little wonder he ignored Sergio Ramos after the latter angrily called his mom foul names during the clash between Madrid and Sociedad.

Martin Odegaard with his mother.
Martin Odegaard with his mother.

Ramos’ abusive outburst came after Odegaard caught him on the shin with a late challenge, earning himself a yellow card. If only the Skipper knew how lovely and supportive Odegaard’s mom is, he wouldn’t have said ‘I s*** on your w**** mother.

About Martin Odegaard Siblings:

The midfielder has an older brother and two sisters. To start with his brother, his name is Kristoffer. He is a guard with interests in body fitness.

Martin Odegaard with his older brother Kristoffer.
Martin Odegaard with his older brother Kristoffer.

Meanwhile, there are little to no records about Odegaard’s sisters Emilie and Mari who chose to live private lives. We bet they are supportive of the starlet like his parents are. However, the sisters chose not to ride the tide of his fame.

Martin Odegaard with mother and sisters.
Martin Odegaard with mother and sisters.

About Martin Odegaard Relatives:

Away from El-Rey’s immediate family life, we are curious to know about his grandparents. We bet he has uncles and aunts. Who are they? Also, we would love to meet his cousins, nephew and nieces.

Martin Odegaard Personal Life:

Have you met anyone who is funny and easy to get along with? If yes, then you can easily relate to Odegaard’s off-pitch personality. Are you a gamer, then you have a friend in Odegaard.

Do you love chess? Give him a call! In addition, he also loves reading, making smoothies and creates time to spare for hanging out with friends and family. Isn’t he a complete playmaker?

We were not kidding when we said he loves making smoothies.
We were not kidding when we said he loves making smoothies.

Martin Odegaard Lifestyle:

In 2015, there was a teenage starlet whose weekly earnings were nothing short of $45,000 according to the New York Times. Can you guess the playmaker? Yes, Odegaard! Fast forward to 2021 he earns and has a net worth of 4.7m Euros and will be earning £100,000 a week. The wage is double his £38,000 pay at Real Madrid.

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For the sake of our collective sanity, it would be wise that we don’t fantasize about having such an enormous amount as weekly pay. We advise you don’t imagine how many cars the 22-year-old has in his garage. In addition, it will do our contentment a lot of good if we pretend that Odegaard house or apartment is not a million times better than the shelters we live in.

This photo speaks a thousand words. doesn't it?
This photo speaks a thousand words. Doesn’t it?

Facts About Martin Odegaard:

To wrap up this exciting bio on the exciting player, here are facts you may not know about him.

Fact #1 – Martin Odegaard Arsenal Salary and Earning Per Seconds:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year:£5,200,000.
Per Month:£433,333.
Per Week:£100,000.
Per Day:£14,286.
Per Hour:£595.
Per Minute:£10.
Per Seconds:£0.16.

Since you started viewing Martin Odegaard’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Fact #2 – FIFA Rating:

At Lifebogger, we strongly discourage comparing starlets with superstars, but we can’t help it right now. Odegaard has an overall rating of 83 points with a potential of 89 which makes him close to the world best.

Impressive! isn't it?
Impressive! isn’t it?

Like Erling Braut Haaland also has (92 potential ratings as of 2021), Odegaard’s impressive future stats justifies every hype you have read and heard about him. He is a colossus, a Norwegian treasure. We hope he attains this potential before his career peak.

Fact #3 – Martin Odegaard’s Religion:

When it comes to matters of faith, Odegaard identifies as a Christian. In fact, He grew up in a Christian home and once told newsmen that religious faith is an important aspect of his life.


To get a summary of Martin Odegaard’s Bio, use the table here.

Full Names:Martin Ødegaard.
Age:22 years and 4 months old.
Date of Birth:17th day of December 1998.
Place of Birth:The city of Drammen in Norway.
Parents:Lene Cecile (mother) and Hans Erik (father).
Siblings:Kristoffer (older brother) Emilie and Mari (younger sisters).
Height in Feet:5 feet, 10 Inches.
Height in cm:178 CM.
Playing Position:Midfield.
Girlfriend/wife to be:N/A.
Net worth:4.7m Euros.


Thanks for reading this informative piece on Martin Odegaard’s childhood biography. We hope that the midfielder’s exciting life story detailing his journey from local slums of Norway to the Premier League has inspired you to believe that talents are not born but made.

Just like Martin Odegaard’s parents committed efforts and resources to his practice and overall development. It behoves us at this juncture to commend the midfielder’s parents for their support to his soccer career in words and deeds.

At Lifebogger, we take pride in delivering childhood stories and biography facts with accuracy and fairness. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, do well to contact us or leave a message below.

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