Antonee Robinson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Antonee Robinson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Antonee Robinson Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Marlon Robinson (Father), Mother, Family Background, Siblings – Brother (Sean Robinson), Sister (Holly Robinson), Wife (Darcy Myers), Daughter (Atlas Robinson), etc.

Again, this Bio also explains details of Antonee Robinson’s Family Origin, Ethnicity, Hometown, Religion, etc. Finally, we will present facts about his Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Antonee Robinson. This is the story of a boy who holds a nickname that originated from his favorite childhood cartoon.

The name “Jedi” came after he (at age 5) refused to follow his Dad’s request to pick a famous soccer Idol to motivate him during training.

We’ll give you the story of a Speed Dribbler who has other unique talents outside of soccer. Let’s show you video evidence of this.

To start with, Antonee Robinson loves Target shooting. The sport keeps him active and builds his self-esteem and confidence.

Now, you may not have guessed it, but Antonee Robinson is an experienced piano player.

He is one of the very few soccer celebrities who have learned to master piano-playing art. Have you ever watched Robinson play the piano? Now, here is a video for you.

While his soccer career would end someday, the athlete knows that swimming (his next best hobby) can last a lifetime. It helps in Antonee’s whole-body workout, and he loves it when he uses his waterproof camera.

Finally, if you ever think Cristiano Ronaldo has got the most attractive commercial, then you need to re-evaluate this video. When you compare the attractiveness of CR7 and Robinson (at the end of the video) in this commercial, who did it better?


We begin Antonee Robinson’s Biography by unveiling notable events of his boyhood days. Next, we’ll explain the early soccer journey of the Milton Keynes native. Then, finally, we’ll tell you in writing the moments of victories that saw a huge turning point in his amazing career.

LifeBogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read Antonee Robinson’s Bio. To begin doing that, let’s present you this photo gallery that tells his story – from good old days at Milton Keynes to the moment he achieved fame.

Antonee Robinson Biography - From his Early Years to the moments of Career Greatness.
Antonee Robinson Biography – From his Early Years to the Moments of Career Greatness.

Yes, everyone knows the Milton Keynes native is something of a speed demon. Antonee is lauded for his ability to get forward in the attack and outpace his opponents with ease. He has made the left-back position his own property under Greg Berhalter‘s command.

While researching the Biography of USMNT Soccer Left-Backs, we found a knowledge gap that needs filling.

The truth is, not many fans have read an in-depth version of Antonee Robinson’s Biography, which is very exciting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Antonee Robinson Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname Jedi. Antonee Robinson was born on the 8th day of August 8, 1997, to his Father, Marlon Robinson, and a British Mother. The Athlete was born in Milton Keynes, which is the same birthplace as Dele Alli.

Antonee Robinson arrived at the world not as an only child but as one among other children. Popular among them is his brother, Seany, and Sister, Holly – all of whom were born to the union between Marlon and his wife.

Now, let’s introduce you to Antonee Robinson’s Parents. Behind every soccer fan who loves the Athlete are these great persons who positively shaped his future.

Antonee Robinson's Parents - his good-looking Dad (Marlon) and beautiful Mum.
Antonee Robinson’s Parents – his good-looking Dad (Marlon) and beautiful Mum.

Growing Up:

Although Antonee was born in Milton Keynes, he spent the bulk part of his childhood years in Liverpool. Robinson grew up alongside these lovely siblings, whom we have pictured here. Popular among them are his older brother, Seany Robbo, and his little sister, Holly.

Meet Antonee Robinson's Siblings. The little child is his nephew, Kellen.
Meet Antonee Robinson’s Siblings. The little child is his nephew, Kellen.

When the USA Soccer Star was growing up in Liverpool, he formed the habit of overdosing on American television.

Robinson would spend days most hours of the day glued to his favorite Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Back in the day, “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” and “Hannah Montana” were his favorites.

Do you know?… Antonee Robinson’s nickname, “Jedi”, arrived to him during his childhood (age 5). The name was a consequence of his passion for watching his beloved Star Wars franchise.

The Jedi in Star Wars is an order of warrior monks who has mystical Force and serve as “the ultimate guardian of peace and enforcer of justice in the galaxy”.

Antonee Robinson Early Years:

The nickname he got from Star Wars, “Jedi,” followed him to the soccer pitch, and it has stuck to this day.

Antonee Robinson was so addicted to Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, and that made him speak with an American accent when he hung out with his best friend.

Childhood and adult photo of Jedi and his friend, Zak.
Childhood and adult photo of Jedi and his friend, Zak.

The American professional soccer player once told ESPN FC;

“My mum told me that I watched those cartoon shows so much that it made me talk with an American accent.

When I was younger, my new friends would ask if I was American “

Antonee Robinson Family Background:

At the moment, the Left Back’s accent, who grew up in northwest England, has a Liverpool accent and a strong American connection. Knowing about the latter means understanding Antonee Robinson’s family background – which this section of his Biography brings to you.

Marlon, his Dad, is a soccer coach with more than 20 years of experience in training kids. Throughout Antonee Robinson’s Father’s coaching career, he formed a habit of nicknaming his young players after football heroes they reminded him of. Marlon began training young Antonee (his son) when he was five.

When Robinson’s Dad first arranged the team that his son would play for, he requested for nicknames from the boys.

Young Antonee did not pick the name of any famous soccer player. Rather, he picked ‘Jedi’ because he really liked Star Wars, and that was how the name had stuck since.

Antonee Robinson Family Origin:

Born in Milton Keyes, England, the Athlete has two nationalities – the United States and England. Antonee Robinson’s Grandmother (paternal) is the first person in the family who established his US citizenship. She has her residency and roots in the White Plains of New York City.

While Antonee Robinson’s Mother is British, his father, Marlon, is family origins in the United States. Coach Marlon grew up in New York, and our findings reveal that he played College Soccer at Duke University. Also, from our findings, Antonee’s Dad (who has raised a beautiful family) played American football from 1981 to 1984.

Getting to know Antonee Robinson's Family.
Getting to know Antonee Robinson’s Family.

Marlon Robinson was part of the Duke Blue Devils football team, which represented Duke University in American football. In the year 1982, Marlon helped his football team to reach the NCAA finals. The proud Dad is also an avid fan of the institution’s vaunted basketball program.

Our findings reveal that Marlon Robinson’s soccer career ended abruptly. Antonee’s Dad suffered from a broken ankle, and that made him quit the sport at a very young age. Since then, the ex-soccer player had always wanted to re-live his dreams through Jedi, his son.

Antonee Robinson Ethnicity:

The USMNT Soccer player joins the likes of Tyler Adams and Yunus Musah who are Black Americans. Antonee Robinson is part of the multi-ethnic group of US citizens who have either Afro-Caribbean or African descent. Through his Dad, Marlon, the 2022 World Cup Superstar has African origins.

Antonee Robinson Education:

Together with his siblings, Seany and Holly, the Athlete had his schooling in the city of Liverpool. Antonee began his education at the same (age 5) when he received soccer training from his Dad. For being a talented player with an intriguing personality, Everton accepted him at the age of 11.

Antonee Robinson Biography – Untold Football Story:

Thanks to a great sporting upbringing by his Dad, Marlon, the youngster was able to achieve a successful trial with Everton Academy. When Antonee joined the academy at the age of 11, he wasn’t a full-time player. Five years later, he worked his way into earning a scholarship with the club, a feat that turned him into a full-time player.

Within two months of signing his scholarship, Antonee Robinson repaid the kindness by helping his Everton Under-18s side to win the Gothia Cup. The competition took place in Sweden, and Antonee Robinson’s Everton side celebrated the trophy in August of 2013.

He was part of the Everton Under-18 team that won the Gothia Cup in 2013.
He was part of the Everton Under-18 team that won the Gothia Cup in 2013.

When the youngster won the above trophy as a 16-year-old, Everton FC’s senior team had some top names in their squad. The likes of John Stones, Romelu Lukaku, Gerard Deulofeu, Ross Barkley, Marouane Fellaini, Leighton Baines, etc. In case you missed it, here is the video of his youth career triumph.

Antonee Robinson Bio – Road to Fame Story:

The following season after winning the Gothia Cup, the youngster, to the joy of his family, got called to represent the United States U18 national team. Robinson had always admired the fact that Goodison Park has been home to several high-profile US Soccer players.

If you’d recall, Everton FC was the soccer club of Landon Donovan, Joe-Max Moore, Brian McBride, and the very Iconic Tim Howard. In fact, Antonee once revealed that Tim Howard didn’t even know he had an American family through his Dad, Marlon Robinson.

In the 2014/2015 season, there were strong showings for Antonee. His gigantic rise in the Everton youth team earned him two international tours with the club’s first team in 2015’s summer. Sadly, on the day he turned pro with Everton, the unfortunate occurred.

The Injury:

Robinson suffered a brutal knee injury which forced him to have surgery on his cartilage. it resulted in a 5-inch surgical scar, which is very visible at the front of each of his knees.

The micro-fracture surgery on his right knee sidelined Jedi for the entire 2015-16 season. It was a trying time for Antonee Robinson’s parents, especially his Dad, who suffered a similar fate that led to the end of his career.

Thankfully, Antonee picked up from where he left off. Everton allowed him to log minutes and prove his fitness with the club’s U-23 team. Miraculously, the youngster who did not play football for a year helped Everton U-23 to lift the Premier League Title.

Following his recovery from injury, the Super-Charged Left-back helped his club to a Premier League 2 Title.
Following his recovery from injury, the Super-Charged Left-back helped his club to a Premier League 2 Title.

Antonee Robinson Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Everton gave the Left Back a two-year contract extension to thank him for his persistence and hard work. Robinson was part of the vibrant Everton youngsters (the likes of Mason Holgate, Tom Davies, Ademola Lookman, and Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who were newcomers to the first team.

Owing to the need to have more experienced hands in his position, Toffees Boss Ronald Koeman decided to send Robinson on loan. While on loan at Bolton, he fed top talent like Adam Armstrong with assists. A season later, he got loaned to Wigan, where he played with Chelsea FC’s loanee, Reece James.

With no sign of being recalled to replace Lucas Digne as Everton’s first-choice right back, Robinson decided to leave Everton. He joined Wigan Athletic on a permanent three-year contract. By doing that, Antonee Robinson ended his 11-year stay with Everton football club.

Journey to Fame:

At Wigan, Antonee Robinson rose to become one of the EFL Championship’s top left-backs. That increased his market value and made AC Milian agree to a $13 million deal for his services. Unfortunately, the deal fell through due to a medical issue.

Antonee Robinson’s medicals with AC Milan reveal a heart rhythm irregularity. A further test could not be completed as the deadline had elapsed. Robinson decided to complete the season with Wigan before accepting a move to Fulham in August 2020.

At Fulham, Robinson became part of a team whose core objective was to get back and stay in the Premier League. He played alongside Neco Williams, Nathaniel Chalobah, Fábio Carvalho, and Harry Wilson in an Aleksandar Mitrović Goal-Laden team. We talk about a Fulham side that achieved a gigantic comeback to the 2021/2022 Premier League.

With his fellow international teammate,
With his fellow international teammate, Tim Ream, Robinson celebrated the EFL Trophy.

International Rise:

When Robinson established himself in Bolton’s left-back position, he got double offers – from the USA senior team and England’s U-21. Antonee Robinson did not regret choosing the USA over England. About his reaction to the call, here is what transpired;

Antonee Robinson was resting on his bed next to his girlfriend when his phone began to ring. It was an unknown U.S. number, and a part of him told him it was the USMNT call he had waited for. In Robo’s words,

“I answered it and noticed it was Dave Sarachan saying the USA was interested in me.

Quickly, I pressed mute on my phone, so my girlfriend and I could shout in happiness at each other just to show how excited we were.”

The decision to reject Gareth Southgate‘s England turned out to be the best. Robinson won his first-ever senior trophy in less than two seasons with the USMNT – The CONCACAF Nations League: 2019–20. Weston McKennie, Jordan Morris, Josh Sargent, Christian Pulisic, and Giovanni Reyna were the best performers in that tournament.

Robinson celebrates the CONCACAF Nations League title with his teammates.
Robinson celebrates the CONCACAF Nations League title with his teammates.

Speedy Attacking Left fullbacks are all the rage in the world of Soccer nowadays. From Alphonso Davies, Andy Robertson, Ferland Mendy, or Theo Hernández, the game is now more about their bombing down the sidelines and whipping crosses.

At the time of writing Antonee Robinson’s Biography, he had achieved a meteoric rise for his attacking impetus in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

He, Matt Turner, and a few others were among the first names in Gregg Berhalter’s team sheet. Robo is destined for more greatness after the tournament. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Darcy Myers – Antonee Robinson’s Lover:

Behind every successful USMNT Athlete comes a glamorous woman or set of female admirers. In the case of Robinson, there is a woman of enamored beauty known as Darcy Myers. As I write this Bio, she is Antonee Robinson’s Wife-to-be or fiancee.

Let's introduce you to Darcy Myers. The woman who brings out the best in Antonee.
Let’s introduce you to Darcy Myers. The woman who brings out the best in Antonee.

Our findings revealed that the USMNT Left Back has been in a relationship with his lover since January 2019. Although, it is not clear how Antonee and Darcy met. She, who hardly shares information about herself (except for family photos), appears to be relatively private.

Antonee and Darcy agreed to start dating on the 16th of January, 2019.
Antonee and Darcy agreed to start dating on the 16th of January 2019.

Research has it that Darcy Myers was born on the 14th day of March 1995. By implication, she is two years and five months older than her fiancé. Both Darcy Myers and Antonee Robinson celebrate their relationship anniversary every 16th of January.

The Romantic Engagement:

In 2022, Antonee Robinson posed his romantic engagement on Instagram. Among all days, he chose to propose to Darcy Myers on her birthday, the 14th of March.

On this day, Antonee engaged his girlfriend, Darcy.
On this day, Antonee engaged his girlfriend, Darcy.

Here is Antonee Robinson’s wedding proposal video. He proposed to Darcy Myers on her birthday in his lovely home, which had an amazing red lit-up sign that said ‘Marry Me.’ Here is a short clip of Antonee’s wedding proposal. Reacting to the proposal, Darcy said,

Am Still on cloud 9. This is The most thoughtful & personal proposal I could have ever asked for…

at home after our first date night since baby Atlas 🌎 The most beautiful surprise

Antonee Robinson Child:

Together (since 2019), Darcy Myers and her Fiancee share a daughter together. She, who bears the name Atlas Robinson, was born on the 12th of December 2021. Darcy Myers and their daughter were present at the time Robinson’s Fulham side won promotion to the Premier League in 2022.

Atlas and Darcy were present on the day of the 2021–22 EFL Championship celebration.
Atlas and Darcy were present on the day of the 2021–22 EFL Championship celebration.

Personal Life:

Who is Antonee Robinson?

To start with, he (like Pablo Gavi, Hirving Lozano, Harry Kane, and Robert Lewandoski) represents the Leo Zodiac sign. Antonee Robinson is best described as creative, dominant, self-confident, and extremely difficult to resist.

The USMNT soccer Athlete is someone who is able to work hard and achieve anything he wants to in the area of life or hobby he commits to. When Antonee Robinson devoted his hours to shooting in 2017, he achieved tremendous satisfaction and success in the sport.

Antonee is a fan of precision shooting rifle.
Antonee is a fan of precision shooting rifles.

As earlier stated, Robinson represents the Leos zodiac, and for his type, companionship is extremely difficult to resist by friends. The Soccer Athlete has many friends who are not only loyal but generous.

Jedi loves to have great friends around him.
Jedi loves to have great friends around him.

One of Robinson’s hobbies he hardly shows is his love for visiting Wildlife Parks. In his early Everton academy days, the youngster was fortunate to be among those who visited one of South Africa’s wildlife parks. While there, the Toffees star had this memorable moment with a Lion Cub.

A memorable moment at a South African wildlife park.
A memorable moment at a South African wildlife park.

 Antonee Robinson Lifestyle:

About the way he lives, the CONCACAF Nations League winner prefers to show fans aspects of his holiday life rather than showing off cars, houses, etc., on social media. The 180 Degrees Sun & Lounge in Greece is one of Antonee Robinson’s favorite holiday destinations.

For Robo, this is one of the perfect places on earth to escape the hurdles of Soccer.
For Robo, this is one of the perfect places on earth to escape the hurdles of Soccer.

One of Darcy Myers and Antonee Robinson’s favorite holiday destinations is the Amalfi Coast of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, in the Campania region. For these two lovebirds, the Amalfi Coast is always a perfect place to profess their love for one another.

An emotional holiday moment between Darcy Myers and her man.
It was an emotional holiday moment between Darcy Myers and her man.

Antonee Robinson Family Life:

The Everton soccer product has a dad who understood what he wanted to be in life since he was 5. Aside from having a successful team, Antonee has family members to thank for his career victories. This section of our Bio tells you more about them.

Antonee Robinson’s Mother:

Born on the 7th day of February 1974, she is 48 years old as of 2022 – at the year of writing this Bio. From what we’ve gathered, the wife of Marlon has made a conscious effort to stay away from the public eye.

However, we’ve gathered that Antonee Robinson’s Mum is fully British. She and the rest of her family enjoy taking vacation trips to Florida, and they enjoy Christmas in New York.

Jedi is pictured alongside his sister, Mum and Dad.
Jedi is pictured alongside his sister, Mum and Dad.

Antonee Robinson’s Father:

Marlon played an instrumental role in helping Jedi recover from his 2014 hospitalization, which saw him having 5-inch surgical scars running down the front of each knee. The support of Antonee Robinson’s Dad kept him going and helped save his career.

Back in the years, Marlon Robinson witnessed his own career end through a broken ankle. He has always hoped his son’s career won’t get ruined in the same way.

Through Marlon, the Family’s American ties run deeper than just the affection for US pop culture. The Elder Robinson, as they call Marlon, his Dad, had his birthplace in England but spent most of his childhood years in White Plains, New York.

Starting from a young age, Robinson’s Dad was part of the collegiate soccer team at Duke University. During his years there (1981 to 1984), Marlon was able to acquire U.S. citizenship, and that is what he eventually passed down to Antonee.

Antonee Robinson Grandmother:

Robinson’s grandmother established the family’s U.S. citizenship by way of her residency in White Plains, New York. His father, Marlon Robinson, is also a Former Soccer Player. Marlon Robinson started to coach Antonee when he was five Years Old.

Antonee Robinson Siblings:

Back in the day, the Athlete, brother Sean, and sister, Holly, used to have a nice little day out at Chester Zoo. At the time the photo (below) was taken, Antonee was just about to suffer a knee injury where he would need to repair his fractured patella.

Jedi and his siblings at Chester Zoo in Upton-by-Chester, Cheshire, England.
Jedi and his siblings at Chester Zoo in Upton-by-Chester, Cheshire, England.

Holly Robinson – Antonee’s Sister:

On the 10th of August 2021, news broke out that Antonee had been admitted to Queens College, University of Cambridge, to study Chemistry. Holly Robinson secured 4 As in her General Certificate of Education (GCE) to merit this admission.

On this day in August 2021, Holly Robinson and her schoolmates celebrated their admission to read different courses at the university.
On this day in August 2021, Holly Robinson and her schoolmates celebrated their admission to read different courses at the university.

Holly was to read Chemistry at Queens College Oxford. Will was to study Theology at St Benet’s Hall, University in Oxford, England. Daniel to read Medicine at Girton College, University of Cambridge. Grace was to read History at Lucy Cavendish College. Finally, Ed was to study Architecture at Girton College, University of Cambridge.

Sean Robinson – Antonee’s Brother:

According to our records, he was born on the 16th day of March 1988. That makes him nine years older than his younger brother, whom this Biography is all about. Sean Robinson’s birth came three years after his Dad concluded playing College Soccer at Duke University.

Some fans can hardly tell the difference between Jedi and Sean.
Some fans can hardly tell the difference between Jedi and Sean.

Sean Robinson is not just a look-alike big brother but a role model to Antonee. Just seven months after his 30th birthday, Antonee Robinson’s Brother tied the knot to his beautiful wife.

According to Jedi, it was a perfect wedding for the perfect couple - Mr & Mrs Robinson.
According to Jedi, it was a perfect wedding for the perfect couple – Mr & Mrs Robinson.

Antonee Robinson Relatives:

Similar to Timothy Weah and Cyle Larin, the USMNT star holds Jamaican heritage through an extended family member. Antonee Robinson is of Jamaican descent through his paternal grandmother.

Also, about his relatives, the Fulham Defender appears to be fond of his nephew, whom he introduced to fans in 2013. Antonee Robinson’s nephew, Kellen, was born in December 2013.

The youngster was part of the Everton youth setup when he unveiled his nephew to fans.
The youngster was part of the Everton youth setup when he unveiled his nephew to fans.

Untold Facts:

In the final stage of Antonee Robinson’s Biography, we’ll unveil more truths you have heard about him – a Baller who lives up to his ‘Jedi’ nickname.  Without further ado, let’s begin.

Antonee Robinson Salary:

The contract he signed with Fulham sees him pocketing home around £1,432,200 yearly. When Jedi’s salary is broken down into smaller numbers, we have the following.

TENURE/EARNINGSAntonee Robinson Fulham Salary Breakdown (in Pound Sterling)Antonee Robinson Fulham Salary Breakdown (in Pound US Dollars)
What Antonee Robinson makes EVERY YEAR:£1,432,200$1,731,671
What Antonee Robinson makes EVERY MONTH:£119,350$144,305
What Antonee Robinson makes EVERY WEEK:£27,500$33,250
What Antonee Robinson makes EVERY DAY:£3,928$4,750
What Antonee Robinson makes EVERY HOUR:£163$197
What Antonee Robinson makes EVERY MINUTE:£2$3
What Antonee Robinson makes EVERY SECOND:£0.04$0.05

How rich is the American Left Wing Back?

Where Antonee Robinson’s family lives, the average person in the UK earns £33,000 annually. Do you know?… Such a person would need 43.4 years to make Jedi’s salary with Fulham. Wao!

Since you began to view Antonee Robinson‘s Bio, he earned this with Fulham.


Antonee Robinson FIFA:

What do his 86 Acceleration and 88 Sprint Speed say?… It is a show of Antonee Robinson’s greatest assets in the modern game. Although he might not be as fast as Theo Hernandez or Nuno Mendes, he represents one of the most talented LBs and LWBs the USA has ever gotten in the game.

While his movement stats look excellent, Jedi deserve more in terms of his overall and potential ratings.
While his movement stats look excellent, Jedi deserves more in terms of his overall and potential ratings.

Antonee Robinson Religion:

Although the Evertonian soccer product is yet to leave any clue about his faith, our odds are in favor of him being a Christian. Antonee joins 63% of US citizens (about 210 million persons) who are Christian.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Antonee Robinson’s Biography.

Full Name:Antonee Robinson
Date of Birth:8th of August 1997
Place of Birth:Milton Keynes, England
Age:25 years and 3 months old.
Parents:Marlon Robinson (Father), Mrs Robinson (Mother)
Brother:Sean Robinson
Sister:Holly Robinson
Wife:Darcy Myers
Child:Atlas Robinson (Daughter)
Nephew:Kellen Robinson
Nationality:British, United States and Jamaica
Ethnicity:Black American, Afro-Caribbean
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Height:6 feet 0 inches OR 1.82 meters
Salary (2022):£1,432,200
Net Worth:4.7 million pounds
Hobby:Shooting, Swimming


Antonee Robinson is the son of Marlon Robinson, his Father. His Mum had him on the 8th day of August 1997 in Milton Keynes, England. Antonee grew up alongside his siblings – popular among them is his older brother, Sean Robinson and younger sister, Holly Robinson.

The American soccer player has British, United States and Jamaican family origins. Through one of Antonee Robinson’s parents, his Dad, he is a US citizen. Marlon was born in England but raised in the White Plains city area of New York. And Antonee Robinson’s Jamaican origin is traced to his paternal grandmother.

Antonee Robinson’s nickname “Jedi” has its origin from the Star Wars franchise. The name arrived when his Dad (his first coach) arranged a group of young kids for soccer training. He told the boys to pick a nickname of a famous soccer player. While others did, Antonee decided he would go with the name “Jedi,” which was borne out of his love for Star Wars.

Robinson’s soccer career officially began with Everton, which is the club he joined at 11. Rising through the club’s ranks, he helped his team to win the Gothia Cup in 2013. Antonee overcame a bad knee injury in 2014. He recovered and helped Everton’s U23 to win the  Premier League 2 Title.

At the time he turned pro, the youngster was sent on loan to Bolton Wanderers, Wigan Athletic. A series of top-performance displays with Wigan earned him a USA national team call and a permanent move to the club. After a failed AC Milan transfer, Robinson moved to Fulham, where he helped the team to seal the 2021/2022 EFL Championship.

Fast forward to the time of creating his Life story, Antonee, Brenden Aaronson, Kellyn Acosta, etc, were among those who made Berhalter’s 26 Player USMNT Roster for 2022 FIFA World Cup. On a personal note, the Left Back is set to make Darcy Myers his wife, and both lovers have a Daughter named Atlas Robinson.

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