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John Stones Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

John Stones Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our John Stones Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, – Janet Stones (Mother), Peter Stones (Father), Family Background, Siblings, Wife, etc.

The analysis of the English footballer and Manchester City star involves his Boyhood life story before fame and many OFF-Pitch little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities, but not many fans have read an in-depth version of John Stones’ Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

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John Stones Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “Soft Touch’. John Stones was born on the 28th day of May 1994 in Barnsley, United Kingdom. He was born to his mother, Janet Stones, and his father, Peter Stones.

John was brought up well by his parents in Thurlstone, Barnsley, where he grew to be a promising child.

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He was termed ‘the quietest and most sporty kid’ while he attended Penistone Grammar School.

There, little Stones started out as a golfer before converting to football which led to him joining Barnsley F.C youth system.

Meet John Stones, in his childhood.
Meet John Stones in his childhood.

The soft-touch kid was initially a Manchester United fan. He started out as a right-back before converting to central defence at the age of 8. John had problems getting himself promoted to become a professional.

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He lacked physical strength as a 15-year-old and had to play down a year in Barnsley academy’s under-14s.

His progress at the under-18 level was also delayed until he filled out his 6ft 2in frame. From this moment, there was no holding him back for him. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Millie and John Stones’ Relationship Life:

The softly-spoken defender keeps a relatively low profile compared to some of his contemporaries.

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John has been with his long-term girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Millie since their childhood time. They are of the same age.

They met when they were 12. And both lovers like taking their dog Buster for walks.

The Manchester City defender has bought the six-bedroom home in Cheshire, giving rise to rumours he is planning a family with his long-term partner Millie Savage.

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John Stones and Millie – Cheating Affair while with Millie:

It all started when John Stones and Jessica met after crossing glances in a restaurant.

Two weeks later, Stones took Jessica to a £900-a-night suite at the prestigious Lowry Hotel in Manchester to sleep with her.

He did this while his girlfriend Millie waited for his return home without knowing what was happening.

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Jessica, 20, didn’t realise her new man was a household name until she saw his face in the newspapers. When she asked him why he had kept quiet, he said he liked being treated like a normal person.

They shared their first kiss at Jessica’s house after she cooked him steak and vegetables – John Stones even helped her to wash up the dishes.

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Their relationship ended after Jessica discovered he was still with Millie. This came after she made the necessary inquiries about her man.

Knowledge of his relationship with Millie came when Jessica decided to approach some mutual friends for answers – and they confirmed Stones was “110% still with Millie”.

She said the news made her feel sick. Jessica said:

“My heart just sank, it was awful, it was just absolutely awful. Even though I had this gut feeling that something wasn’t right, it was the confirmation.

“Everything that he’d ever said to me, everything that we’d ever done up until that point, I was like, why have you put us both in this situation?“
She also decided to send a message to Millie after finding her on Instagram, Jessica wrote:

“I’m really sorry to have to get in touch with you like this as I assume you will have no idea who I am.

“I have been seeing John for the last few months and need to know whether you are or have been together during that time.

If that’s the case, I won’t have any further contact with him. I’m only asking because I have heard things from other people and John has denied that he has anything to do with you.” 

John Stones Biography – Repairing things the big way with Millie:

Both John Stones and Millie made up after their relationship issues. They were both scared of losing each other. In a bid to make her feel happier, John Stones did two things.

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First, CHEATING England star John Stones splashed £ 3.5 million for Millie’s dream mansion in a bid to make up for cheating on her with Jessica.

The England Defender loves splashing monies on his lover.
The England Defender loves splashing monies on his lover.

Indeed, there is a saying that states that drastic mistakes call for drastic measures, apparently.

John Stones Biography Facts – Tattoo Making:

Again, his drastic mistakes also called for another drastic measure for John Stones. He got a huge tattoo on his girlfriend’s face to make up for cheating on her.
As seen below, the huge tattoo covers most of Stones’ upper arm and depicts his girlfriend’s face with a clock etched onto her face alongside a rose.
Now, John Stones has enough on his plate without having to worry about added attention and scrutiny on his private life.

John Stones Biography Facts – Dressing Room Clown:

Stones was dedicated to making progress on the pitch during his teenage years but was not averse to loving and even taking on the role of a dressing-room clown back in his days at Oakwell.

He has a dry sense of humour and developed an uncanny ability to imitate and mimic teammates and members of staff.

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John Stones Bio – Once Forced to Leave his Home:

John Stones has once been forced to leave his home after he was being targeted by furious Everton fans who felt he was set to betray the club by requesting a transfer to Manchester City.

Stones was walking towards the tunnel at full-time when the unsavoury incident occurred.

The abuse was reportedly continued to his home in Widnes, Cheshire, forcing him to leave and stay in a hotel. Speaking at his press conference, manager Roberto Martinez described the event as “improper”.

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He said: “It’s been a really emotional period for John. The football authorities need to act. We cannot allow his life to be exposed to danger.”

The Instagram Mixup:

Gary Cahill and John Stones have once been involved in an Instagram mix-up after Chelsea and Manchester City victories.

The England defenders seemed to swap Instagram accounts in an odd mix-up on Saturday. Something pretty odd happened after the matches.

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A post from Stones’ official Instagram account appeared congratulating Chelsea on their win, and Morata on his hat trick.

Indeed, this sparked huge confusion among city and Chelsea fans who tried to work out who the portrait depicts.

The meaning of John Stones Tattoo:

John Stones once showed off his leg tattoo against Brazil in November 2017 friendly against Brazil. 

Norman Rimmington's Tattoo on John Stones.
Norman Rimmington’s Tattoo on John Stones.

It has been reported that the tattoo depicts Barnsley legend Norman Rimmington, who passed away on December 26, 2016, at the age of 90.

Rimmington played for the Tykes – where Stones started his career – coached them and went on to become their kit man, earning himself the nickname Mr Barnsley.

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Norman Rimmington; When he was still alive.
Norman Rimmington; When he was still alive.

Following his death, Stones took to Instagram to post a picture of Rimmington alongside a heartfelt message.

 Stones wrote: “Such sad news today about Norman Rimmington. A true gentleman, friend and legend have left us. You’ll be dearly missed. RIP Rimmo.”

John Stones Biography Facts – Perfect Mix of Terry and Ferdinand:

Stones hold former England centre-backs John Terry and Rio Ferdinand as the standard he must reach, but he also admits he needs to mix the uncompromising tackling of the former with the fluidity on the ball of the latter.

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“I’m trying to get that mixture. I think from last season to this season, there’s been a big difference, and definitely, that mixture between smooth passing and tough defending is going to be a good recipe for my game,” he said.

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