Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known as The Supplier. Our Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts bring to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story- The Analysis. Credit to Twitter, Telegraph and Premier League

The analysis involves his early life, family background, education/career buildup, early career life, road to fame story, rise to fame story, relationship life, personal life and lifestyle facts etc.

Yes, everyone knows he is not just quick, but a skillful player gifted with good technique, dribbling abilities and an eye for goal.

What everyone knows about Gerard Deulofeu. Credit to Premier League

However, only a hand few of football fans knows much about Gerard Deulofeu’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Early Life and Family Background

Starting off, his full names are Gerard Deulofeu Lázaro. Gerard Deulofeu as he is often called was born on the 13th day of March 1994 to his mother, Maria Jesús Lázaro and father, Marcel Deulofeu in the Spanish village of Riudarenes.

Gerard is of pure Spanish descent, with the entire members of his family having their roots from Catalonia which is the ethnic home of FC Barcelona.

Gerard Deulofeu Family Origin. Credit to Atlas and Boots

This Spanish region has a total population of around 7.5 million people, accounting for over 16% of Spain’s total population and 6.3% (32,114sq km) of Spain’s territory Atlas and Boots.

According to media reports, young Deulofou grew up alone with his parents having no brother or sister. However, having a football-loving dad made it only natural for the beautiful game of football be instilled into him as a child.

Did You Know?… Young Deulofeu grew up playing with the native boys in his village ground. According to DailyMail, he grew up having confidence and the habit to overstepping his mark, doing things out of the blue with soccer balls.

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Career Buildup and Education

According to Liverpool Echo, During the late 1990s, the sleepy Catalonian village of  Riudarenes would regularly be disturbed by the noise of smashing vases, breaking glass and the shrieks of an exasperated mother, Maria Jesús Lázaro.

Inside the family home of the Deulofeus, a young Gerard would always be observed firing footballs left, right and centre. Sometimes, he would play alongside his father and friends on the village pitch.

Similar LifeStyle to Deulofeu Early Years. Credit to Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Young Gerard spent more of his time honing his talent in the family living room. Gerard once said this about his childhood experience;

“I used to go with my father to practice on the village pitch and with my friends. But in my house, I maybe had 10 balls and boom, boom, always.”

The Decision For Football Education:

As observed earlier, one of Gerard Deulofeu’s parents (his mum) wasn’t so pleased with his son soccer escapades in their living room. Hence a decision was made by her as her son continued to wreak havoc in the family home with his indoor shooting practice.

Maria Jesús Lázaro with the support of her husband decided to whisk young Gerard to a nearby football academy, Penya Bons Aires. He attended trials there, passed with flying colors and became a member of the young team.

Young Gerard Deulofeu with Penya Bons Aires. Pictured front role- 3rd from left. Credit to Instagram

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Early Career Life

After playing for Penya Bons Aires for three years (2001–2003), Gerard’s determination saw him enrolling and passing trials with Barcelona’s famed Le Masia academy.

Gerard Deulofeu’s Early Life at Le Masia. Credit to footballplayerschildhoodpics

Without a doubt, it’s every child’s dream to join FC Barcelona’s Le Masia academy. Upon joining, it was fun for young Gerard as he had to make a lot of sacrifices. There are times he had to miss birthday parties or things he was looking forward to at school. But on the flip side, young Gerard was glad to do something he actually loved.

Gerard Deulofeu Early Life Story. Credit to Instagram

Gerard Deulofeu spent the most time there honing his talent with Le Masia. As he began to mature, he saw himself settling well into life with the academy and making serene progress through the age groups. Such progress saw him becoming a young leader in the process.

Gerard Deulofeu was once a captain and leader

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Road to Fame Story

2011 was the year young Gerard got into Barcelona B. While in the team, he showed great technique and abilities. There were moments he stood out as the most promising players in the junior ranks.

Gerard Deulofeu’s successes with Barcelona B. Credit to FC Barcelona.

Scoring 27 goals in 67 appearances saw young Gerard living up to the exceedingly high expectations of the Nou Camp. This feat got him promoted to the FC Barca first team.

While with Barca senior team, young Gerard felt this constant pressure to perform better than position rivals- David Villa and Pedro Rodriguez. Not being able to handle the pressure saw him getting shipped on loan to Everton.

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Rise to Fame Story

Gerard Deulofeu Rise to Fame Story. Credit to Deadspin

Everton’s Goodison Park was seen as a finishing school for a teenage Deulofeu. Although he was farmed out to other clubs (Sevilla, AC Milan) which made him acquire soccer work experience. After discovering his form, Deulofeu went back to the Premier League.

Deulofeu finally found more shade in Watford which as at the time of writing has seen a Formidable partnership with the club’s spiritual leader Troy Deeney.

Gerard Deulofeu and Troy Deeney Fame Story. Credit to Zimbo

Gerard would always be remembered for his match-winning wizardry. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Relationship Life

There is no denying the fact that Gerard Deulofeu’s endearing qualities including loyalty, hard work and humility won’t make him a darling vine to ladies.

Behind the successful footballer, there exists a glamorous girlfriend, in the beautiful person of Mari Vilches.

Gerard Deulofeu and Mari Vilches. Credit to spanishwagsandkids

Judging from their looks, you could guess, Deulofeu should be a bit older. Actually, Mari Vilches was born on the 8th day of June 1992. This implies she is 2 years older than her man.

Mari has a Catalan family origin just like Gerard. She also has a similar Family background. Just like her man, she speaks Catalan, Spanish and English.

Together, both lovers, Gerard and Mari are parents to their adorable baby daughter whose name is unknown as at the time of writing.

Gerard Deulofeu’s Family. Credit to Tumblr

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Personal Life

Getting to know Gerard Deulofeu’s Personal Life would help you get a complete picture of him.

Gerard Deulofeu Personal Life. Credit to Instagram

Starting off, he is someone who never gives up until he gets what he wants or finds a place of solace. The presence of Gerard Deulofeu marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. Right from his early career days, Deulofeu has proven he is courageous, determined and confident about his abilities. Gerard is someone who ignores thinking about the future. According to the Spaniard;

“The future? I don’t know. I just want to focus every day and every match and play my best football. If you think in the future in what you want to be in three, four months, I think your head is crazy. So the best [way] is to focus on today and play your best.”

Lastly on his personal life, Gerard is a caring dad who sees his daughter is a treasure and a true source of his inner peace.

Gerard Deulofeu and Daughter. Credit to Instagram

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Family Life

Gerard Deulofeu was raised in a Catalan village and not a Spanish city or town. This fact exemplifies his humble beginnings and family origin. All members of the Deulofeu’s household use the Catalan language along with Spanish.

As at the time of writing, Gerard Deulofeu’s parents is known to live a private and happy life. Deulofeu has made a conscious choice not to seek public recognition for his mum and dad. Information about his brothers and sisters remain a secret.

Today, the sacrifices made by the Deulofeus have inspired many upcoming footballers from the Spanish village of Riudarenes and environs.

Gerard Deulofeu Family’s Origin. The Village of Riudarenes. Credit to Booking

According to Wikipedia, Riudarenes is a village located in the province of Girona, Spain. The village covers an area of 47.6 square kilometers and the population as at 2014 was 2,148. Most inhabitants from Riudarenes including the Deulofeu’s are Christians by religion.

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- LifeStyle

As at the time of writing, based on Transfer Market Report, Gerard Deulofeu has a current market value of £16.20m and a £60,000 weekly wage to his name.

Being a millionaire doesn’t transcend to a glamorous lifestyle for Deulofeu. His very humble beginnings have taught him to be smart about managing his football monies. This means not spending like crazy, or changing his lifestyle.

Gerard Deulofeu LifeStyle Facts. Credit to Zimbo

Gerard Deulofeu’s ability to deal with fame is directly proportional to his way he focuses on his football.

Gerard Deulofeu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Untold Facts

Love for His Dogs:

Gerard Deulofeu’s Dogs. Credit to SoccerBible

Perhaps you’ve seen many Soccer players showing love to their pets. Gerard Deulofeu isn’t an exception. Although there is a saying that there is no loyalty left in the modern game. This doesn’t take into account the relationships
between Gerard Deulofou and his dogs who go by their names Sherry and Lucas.

Did You Know?…
The year Gerard Deulofeu was born (1994) had the following occurrences;
(i) Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president after three centuries of white rule.
(ii) The internet got real in 1994 after the founding of both Yahoo and Amazon. People could chat to strangers thousands of miles away and buying books was never the same again. (iii) Lastly, the year 1994 saw The PlayStation getting launched.

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