Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a football star who is best known by the Nickname; ‘The Tank’. Our Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him. Lets Begin.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Early Childhood Life

Romelu Menama Lukaku  was born on the 13th of May, 1993 at Antwerp city of northern Belgium by Mr Roger Lukaku (Father) and Mrs Adolphine Lukaku (Mother). He was born into the Belgian black ethnicity (Congolese origin) which forms a minority of people in Belgium.

Being born into a football family contributed a lot to his likeness for the sport. Thou Romelu never got involved in the game as a child as his parents never wanted football distracting him from his books. His involvement in football started out as a kid when he formed the habit of watching every single minute of Premier League football with his dad.

According to Lukaku; “I watched the Premier League since I was nine. Every weekend I watched the games, I used to watch Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink scoring goals and remember one against Manchester United, the volley at Old Trafford, and I decided I wanted to support this team. It was the coming of Didier Drogba that got me so in live with the team”.

His football watching hobbie was later transcended to an addiction to fourth generation video games like Sony PlayStation. Lukaku was an intelligent child who could control his playing habits and still be efficient at school.

Being constantly preoccupied with thinking about video games even while busy with other activities was well managed by the lad. This led his parent to approve part-time football for their child. Soon afterwards his younger brother, Jordan followed suit.

Having being approved partaking in football, Romelu Lukaku shifted his attention to watching highlights on striker’s movements during off field training periods. His intelligence was seen as a basis for the success he is today.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Family Life

Romelu Lukaku comes from a small family of football addicts and partakers. All members of his family including his mother breathe and live football on daily basis.

The Biography of the Lukaku Family


Lukaku’s father (Elder Roger Lukaku) was a professional football player who dived into the game of football out of poverty and a quest to earn a decent living.

He began his football career in as a migrant in Belgium at the prime age of 23. It was an age difficult for anyone to give a start to the beautiful game. Roger was lucky enough to adapt to football at that age despite not going through any youth academy levels.

At club level, he played for KV Oostende, KV Mechelen and Germinal Ekeren.

He is best remembered for his goal poaching style and speed which singe handedly got his club promoted to the Belgian First Division in 1992.

Mr Roger Lukaku also played for the Zaire national football team in the 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifying rounds. More so, he participated at the 1994 and 1996 African Cup of Nations finals.

Having starting football at a late age, Roger vowed to never make his sons begin late like him. This he made sure of his first son, Romelu. Having achieve that, it’s worthy to assert that Romelu Lukaku isn’t co close to his dad unlike his mum who has so much influence on him. You will understand the reason as you journey down this article.


Lukaku’s mother (Adolphine) is a professional soccer business woman who oversees major decisions in her son’s career. She has been instrumental in many ways. For instance, deciding her son’s career direction. She dictates who he signs for and when he should not sign contract. She was the brain behind Romelu Lukaku refusing his Everton contract renewal.

Most football club must have to pass through her to get to her son, Romelu. She is capable of causing failed negiotiations even if personal terms have been reached.

For instance, Everton once reached an agreement with the Romelu Lukaku’s  agent, Mino Raiola, over a new five-year, £130,000-a-week deal which his representative said he was “99.9 per cent” certain to sign, but the Belgium international was given time off to go home during Everton’s trip to Dubai and subsequently had a change of heart thanks to his mum’s super powers.

Everton believe Adolphine was instrumental in Lukaku’s U-turn as they must have discussed his desire to play in the Champions League. Mrs Aldophine Lukaku was credited for her son’s decision to sign for Everton in the first place.

Younger Brother: Romelu Lukaku has a sibling by name Jordan. Jordan is a year younger (born on 25th July, 1994) than his elder brother Romelu. He is a footballer like his big brother.  Asides football, Jordan is a pretty prolific Twitter user who claims in quote, “My dreads are his identity”.

Lukaku’s Jounger Brother. Jordan Lukaku

According to big bro Romelu, “Jordan is set to become even better: ‘Technically he is better than me. He is a left winger who is very skilful and strong.’

hmmm…. Praise indeed from the big Belgian; although it’s a tad difficult to be impartial when it’s your little brother that is involved.

Romelu was once desperate for his little brother to join him in West London upon completing his move to Chelsea in 2011. In his first interview after joining, Romelu publicly requested that his new club take a look at his younger sibling. The club decided not to pay a serious look at his request because of his poor early performance which was caused by his dad. (Explained Below).

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Disappionted in his dad

Romelu Lukaku spent important period of his time at Chelsea fighting to release his father Roger from a Belgian prison after he was sentenced to 15 months in jail for assaulting a female and keeping her in the boot of his car. He was stunned by the verdict after failing to attend the trail. He claimed that even thou the woman was indeed a former lover of the dad, she must have invented most part of her story.

Lukaku Snr was supposed to attend his trial, but missed it under the claim of wasn’t been informed. Romelu Lukaku was disappointed in his dad after the Belgium authorities found out that he had moved to another part of Brussels to register a new address in other to evade his trial. This led to a quick persecution and sentencing to jail for 15 months.

‘My client was sentenced because he didn’t appear in court,’ his lawyer said. ‘He doesn’t belong in jail. His wife is suffering, but his sons, Romelu and Jordan, are doing everything to get their dad free as soon as possible.’

‘Mr Roger Lukaku while in jail lodged an objection to the judgement. This was done inother to have the case tried again. However, all effort made failed. He was released from jail after 15 months of hard labour. His jail time was a hard period for him as this had adverse effect on his health as seen above. He was supposed to get a larger punishment for the added offence of evading court by relocating. Romelu Lukaku stopped this from happening as he got the best lawyer for his dad. His running around to get his dad safe and release affected his football career in terms of low performance at Chelsea. This, in addition to his dad’s infidelity issues amounts to the reason why they aren’t best of friends.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Relationship Life

At the point of writing, the tall and physically strong striker isn’t married yet neither is he single. He has a lovely girlfriend by name Julia Vandenweghe. Both are in deep love with each other.

Julia Vandenweghe and Romelu Lukaku have not been shy about showing their affection for each other in the public eyes.

He prides her at everywhere he takes her to. They’ve been dating for a couple of years already and everyone who knows of it believes it would surely end up in marriage.

Julia is very comfortable with the size of  Romelu, her boyfriend. Her comfort in him can be explained in 6 reasons namely,

First is his Gene. Romelu is a potential mate and can produce viable offspring.

Secondly is security. He has muscles which makes her feel secure. Julia knows Romelu can protect her, no matter what.

Thirdly, Romelu is a good provider. He cares for her and provide all her needs.

Fourth, Romelu is a trophy boyfriend who have a good dress sense. For Julia, having a good looking boyfriend really gives her an advantage.

Apart from being handsome and good looking, Romelu is very rich and socio-economically stability. As a matter of fact, what more could she want from a him?.

They both spend their best moments hanging out to outdoor events. Without doubt, Julia is a pretty girl, with the most amazing curls and flawless face and skin. 

She once worked as a Leisure, Travel & Tourism Professional in Belgium, before that she worked in customer service at Costa Crociere. Romelu Lukaku made her resign and has now made her an entrepreneur in  her work line.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts How he looked like at age 10

Everyone will say they’r lucky they didn’t play against him

If you played football with your age mate when you were a kid, then you’ll remember the joy of having a some one who is of the same age but appears very big and intimidating. This is what Lukaku looked like at the age of 10.

He was someone everyone feared because he is always the biggest lad on the field of play. He appeared like someone who would stay at the goal post and bully any attacker that comes to score. He still has that pretty immense physical presence, this time in the opposite side of the pitch (attacking).

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Career in Summary

Lukaku joined his local team Rupel Boom at the age of five. After four seasons at Rupel Boom, Lukaku was discovered by scouts of Lierse SK, a Belgian Pro League team with an established youth academy.

He played for Lierse from 2004 until 2006, scoring 121 goals in 68 games. After Lierse were relegated from the Belgian Pro League, Anderlecht bought no fewer than 13 youth players from Lierse in the 2006 mid-season, one of whom was Lukaku. He played three more years as a youth player with Anderlecht, scoring 131 goals in 93 games.

Lukaku made his professional debut while still at school at the age of 16, and became the 2009–10 top scorer in Belgium as Anderlecht won the Belgian championship. He also won the Belgian Ebony Shoe in 2011. In the 2011 summer transfer window, Lukaku joined Premier League club Chelsea. He did not appear regularly in his first season there, and spent the following two seasons on loan at West Bromwich Albion and Everton respectively, signing permanently for the latter for a club record £28 million in 2014.

Lukaku made his senior international debut for Belgium in 2010, and has since earned over 50 caps. He has also represented the country at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2016.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Winning the Ebony Shoe Award

The Ebony Shoe award is a football award in Belgium given annually to the best African or African origin player in the Belgian Pro League. The jury is composed of the coaches of league clubs, the Belgian national team manager, sport journalists, and honorary juror(s).

As of 2014, Mbark Boussoufa (3 wins), Daniel Amokachi (2 wins) and Vincent Kompany (2 wins) are the only players to have won the trophy more than once.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts How he fell in love with Chelsea FC

This was according to Lukaku;

“We were with school and we had three days off in London to visit a lot of museums. I didn’t know we were visiting the Bridge so I was quite shocked. I was 16, and already playing with Anderlecht. It was a dream come true to visit where my hero (Didier Drogba) plays. From that day, i never stopped dreaming of playing for Chelsea FC. I dreamed to play here since I was 10 years old, thinking about shaking hands with all those players like John Terry and Frank Lampard and my hero, Didier Drogba. it’s was amazing to see my dreams coming to reality.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Visiting Old School

Romelu Lukaku currently have a Baccalaureate (BSc) in public relations. According to him “Going  and doing well at the university while having football as your first career was very difficult for me. It got to a time where I had 12 exams and it was also the play-offs in the Belgian league at the same time. Having my exams in the middle was a real bad feeling. Despite the hurdles, I was glad I made it. Its something I am very happy about”.

Romelu Lukaku makes out time to visit Community Primary School to educate the next generation of football interested children (Boys and Girls) on the need to never give up on their education while chasing their football career. He did this while performing his Kick It Out Ambassadorial duties.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts How Pastor David Helped Him Overcome his Fears

It was Pastor David Luis who prayed for him at his trying times with Chelsea FC.

When he is down, Romelu sees David Luiz at his side to console him and advising him to keep his head up. That action speaks volumes as to why he respects him till date.

Today, it is said that his prayers for Lukaku paid off. Beyond reasonable doubt, there is power in prayers. Though God chooses those he wishes to bless. Romelu Lukaku, God was on your side.

According to Lukaku; “David Luiz advised me that sometimes I need to lose in order to win the future! He told me to take a decision. He told me I might need to leave Chelsea for a smaller club. That I was the only reason for a great comeback in my career. I obeyed everything he said and it came to pass”

This advise came when Romelu Lukaku felt distraught when he missed the final penalty of an important shootout for Chelsea.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Playing PlayStation 4 on Train

Romelu Lukaku and Belgium team mates Kevin Mirallas are not just close friends. They are also addicts to the PlayStation video game. Both players are fond of taking both TV and Playstation 4 on train to play while they journey to away games.

Lukaku is the top flight’s most multilingual player. The 23-year-old speaks Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and also understands German.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Playing Basketball with Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba, and Romelu Lukaku are good friends and age mates. They love to show off their fit masculine frame and abs as they often times played basketball during holidays.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Scoring More Goals than anyone in the world

Lukaku has scored 125 goals in his career. At the same age of 23, Ronaldo had scored 110, Luis Suarez 107, Wayne Rooney 100 and Zlatan Ibrahimovic 65.


Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Twitter Wierd Facts

  • Lukaku carried his mum home from the hospital after she gave birth to him.
  • When Lukaku does press ups, he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the world down!
  • When Romelu Lukaku arrived late to training, Roberto Martinez punished all the other players for coming early.
  • Ghosts sit around the camp fire and tell Romelu Lukaku stories.
  • When Alexander Bell invented the phone, he had 3 missed calls from Romelu Lukaku.
  • The dark is afraid of Lukaku.
  • Paul Scholes can hit a tree with a football from 50 yards away, Lukaku can hit Scholes with a tree from 100 yards away.
  • Children are warned not to run with scissors. Scissors are warned not to run with Lukaku.

Romelu Lukaku Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts LifeBogger Biography Rankings

Lukaku wants to be known for his goals, technique, speed and fast finishing style. Here is is LifeBogger Rankings.



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