Tim Weah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Tim Weah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Timothy Weah Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Clar Weah (Mother), George Weah (Father), Brother (George Weah Jr.), Sister (Tita Weah), Family Background, etc.

More so, Timothy Weah’s Uncles (Michael Duncan, William, Moses and Wolo), Aunty (Nancy Larnor), Cousin, Lifestyle, Personal Life, etc.

Not forgetting, the Soccer Striker’s Girlfriend, Wife-to-be, Music Hobby, Religion, Net Worth, Wages, and Salary breakdown.

In a nutshell, this memoir tells the Full History of Timothy Weah. This is the story of George Weah’s son, a boy moulded in his Dad’s image and likeness.

A boy who, for a reason, got his early soccer training from his Mum (Clar), Sister (Tita), and Uncle rather than his Dad.

We’ll tell you the Biography of The Prince of Monrovia, who is both a Soccer player as well as a Musician.

LifeBogger tells you the story of a Soccer star who has his own physiology of the game. Tim is a prominent advocate of mixing Soccer and Music (as seen in his song).


LifeBogger’s version of Tim Weah’s Bio begins by telling you the events of his Childhood. Thereafter, we’ll proceed to unveil details of his Early Life.

How he followed in his Father’s footsteps, left his comfort zone in the United States, and pushed hard for his own success.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Timothy Weah’s Biography, we present you this gallery of his baby years, boyhood life, and rise.

Without a doubt, it tells a story – that the son of George Weah has come a long way in his soccer journey.

Biography of Timothy Weah - Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.
Biography of Timothy Weah – Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.

Tim is related to George Weah as he is the son of the former Ballon d’Or winner and the President of Liberia. He is proud to have followed in his Dad’s footsteps.

So talented, Tim has got everything needed by a Forward – speed, strength, height, vision, technique, etc.

We realize that Soccer Fans are more interested in knowing about his Father’s History and Legacy. And not many have read an in-depth version of Tim Weah’s Biography.

So, we have made his Life story to whet your autobiography taste. Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Timothy Weah Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – The Prince of Monrovia. Timothy Tarpeh Weah was born on the 22nd day of February 2000 to his Mother, Clar Weah, and Father, George Weah, in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Timothy came to the world as the last-born child (out of three older siblings, a brother and a sister) born to the blissful marital union between his parents.

Find here a rare photo of Timothy Weah’s Dad and Mum on their wedding day, which took place in the year 1992.

Meet Tim Weah's Parents - George and Clar Weah, on their wedding day in the year 1992. Both lovers have celebrated more than 29 years of being married.
Meet Tim Weah’s Parents – George and Clar Weah, on their wedding day in the year 1992. Both lovers have celebrated more than 29 years of being married.

Growing-Up Years:

Timothy Weah spent his childhood years alongside his two older siblings. His older brother’s name is George Jr Weah. On the other hand, Tim’s sister goes by the name Tita Weah.

As observed from this photo, Tim, the last born of the family, has been the baby of the house.

This is Timothy Weah's Family in the early 2000s.
This is Timothy Weah’s Family in the early 2000s.

During his early boyhood years (until four), Timothy’s parents lived in the town of Valley Stream. This town is in Brooklyn, New York.

The next four years of Timothy Weah’s Early Years were spent at Pembroke Pines. This is a US city in southern Broward County, Florida.

Much later in his childhood, Timothy Weah’s family moved back to New York, this time to Queens, a New York City borough.

This family relocation came after the formative years of his life. The quest to pursue his soccer career was a reason for his family’s movement.

Early Years with Football:

From the time he could walk, Tim Weah got exposed to the sport. Although he might be the son of the great George Weah, his uncle (Michael) revealed it was Tim’s Mum (Clar) who became his first soccer teacher. This was because Tim’s Dad was mostly away from home.

After his playing career, George Weah became politically active in Liberia, his home nation, as he ran for president in 2005. Timothy grew up mostly around his Mum (Clar) and Sister (Tita). Both were avid soccer fans who could only teach him certain things about the sport.

As a little boy, Tim was among those who converted his balloons into soccer balls – which he juggled both day and night.

Sometimes, Tim Weah’s Mum (Clar) and sister would take him to the neighborhood field to play under the instruction of his Dad, who was far away playing his soccer in Europe.

One of the earliest photos of Tim Weah with his balloon and soccer ball.
One of the earliest photos of Tim Weah with his balloon and soccer ball.

Even though his Dad traveled a lot, George was always providing tips and training guidance to his wife and daughter. As Tim got matured, his Dad passed this responsibility to Tim’s Uncle, Michael Duncan. He placed the youngster at Rosedale Soccer Club, a club he owned.

Timothy Weah Family Background:

At the time of his birth, George, his Dad played for AC Milan where he earned 8.5 million pounds per year.

By implication, Tim Weah was born into a rich family. A home led by his Dad who had great likeness for his family wearing African attires even while living abroad.

Timothy Weah's Family in native attire - in the mid-2000s.
Timothy Weah’s Family in native attire – in the mid-2000s.

In total, George Weah has a 14-year professional career which includes many title wins with top European clubs.

Among the clubs he played for include; Monaco, PSG, AC Milan, and Chelsea (before the Roman Abramovich era). In total, Weah won 11 career trophies.

Asides from winning the ’95 Ballon d’Or, Weah was African Player of the Year in 1989, 1994, and 95.

Did you know?… It was Weah who stopped Jordan and Andre Ayew’s Dad (Abedi Pele) from winning his fourth consecutive award for African Footballer of the Year (in 1994).

How did Timothy Weah’s Parents Meet:

George Weah, his Dad, kept a home in New York during his playing career days in Europe. In that home, he built a family with Tim Weah’s Mum (Clar).

Tim Weah’s Dad met his wife (Clar Weah) while he was opening an account at New York Chase bank. At that time, she worked as a customer service representative at the bank.

Tim Weah Family Origin:

Being born in the US signifies having an American nationality. However, there is more to where Timothy Weah’s family comes from. Research has it that both of his parents are not from the same country. Now, let’s tell you his origin – from both his Mum and Dad’s sides.

Tim Weah Mother’s Origin:

Starting off, the family of Clar Weah is from Jamaica. Timothy Weah’s Mother was born in Jamaica to Jamaican parents. While as a child, Clar Weah’s parents migrated from Jamaica to the US. Upon arriving in the US, her family settled in Fort Lauderdale, a city in Florida.

This map gallery explains Clar Weah's Family Origin.
This map gallery explains Clar Weah’s Family Origin.

From the above explanation, it means Timothy Weah has Jamaican family origin through his Mother.

While living in Fort Lauderdale, Clar Weah’s parents earned a living through a Caribbean restaurant and grocery store, which was set up by their breadwinner daughter.

Tim Weah Father’s Origin:

As we all know, Timothy’s Dad is the President of Liberia – at the time of putting up this Biography.

By implication, this means the Soccer player has Liberian blood through his Dad, George Weah. As observed from this family origin map, Liberia is a country in West Africa.

This map gallery explains Tim Weah's Father's Origin.
This map gallery explains Tim Weah’s Father’s Origin.

Tim Weah Ethnicity:

Through his Mother (Clar Weah), the Soccer player is a Jamaican American. Timothy Weah belongs to an ethnic group of Caribbean Americans who have partial Jamaican ancestry. Like his Mum’s family, most Jamaican Americans prefer living in South Florida and NYC.

From his Father’s side, you can best describe Tim Weah as a Liberian American or Americo-Liberian.

This is because he has partial Liberian ancestry. From a US point of view, Tim Weah belongs to the Black or African American ethnicity whose distribution we see here.

This map gallery explains Tim Weah's Ethnicity.
This map gallery explains Tim Weah’s Ethnicity.

Tim Weah Education:

When he approached the schooling age, the youngster attended his elementary education in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Right from kindergarten age, Tim had possessed his father’s spirit. Only a few people with that sort of lineage had his kind of soccer passion.

Tim Weah’s quest to become a Soccer player was a viewpoint ingrained in him by his Mum, and Dad since his childhood. George and Clar encourage young Tim to explore anything that interests him and also seek out things he enjoys. Truth is, it was no other than Soccer.

Inevitably, Tim’s quest led them to a soccer field in South Florida. His parents enrolled their son in a Soccer program in Miami. Because he was always busy with Liberian politics, George appointed Clar and Tita (his wife and daughter) to be Tim’s coach and assistant.

When Timothy Weah’s family moved to Florida, he played recreational soccer in Pembroke Pines before his parents found the right challenge for him. They enrolled him with West Pines United FC. In that team, young Weah met and played with George Acosta.

Timothy Weah Biography – Football Story:

The youngster showed the potential to be a footie star like his Legendary dad when he was just one year old.

Put simply, Tim was on a soccer pitch as soon as he could walk. He started coming on the soccer pitch as a baby and started kicking the ball at 21 months old.

The perfection of his legs always amazed people who knew Tim Weah as a child. He could dribble past the whole team.

It reached a stage (at three or four years old) where his Mum and Sister advised little Timothy not to score so many goals in games. 

Sometimes goals become so much that his coach would have to sub him off in other to allow other kids to get a chance to play and score.

At that time, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Timothy Weah became a professional Soccer player.

Early Family movement:

Tim Weah first played soccer for West Pines United while in Florida. This was before his parents relocated. The family moved back to New York, and he (at age 9) joined the Rosedale Soccer Club in Queens. This soccer team is owned by Michael Duncan, his uncle.

Timothy Weah Biography – Road to Fame Story:

At 10, the youngster switched to the US Soccer Development Academy club, BW Gottschee, where he played for three seasons.

Then, he (similar to Tyler Adams) got a deserving transfer to the New York Red Bulls academy at the age of 13. Also, at that age, Tim had a trial with Chelsea FC, where his Dad once played.

Early career years with New York Red Bulls.
Early career years with New York Red Bulls.

The next year (2014), Timothy Weah relocated to France, where he joined the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Academy.

In his first start with PSG youth, Tim scored a hat-trick in an 8–1 victory for PSG over the Bulgarian youth of Ludogorets Razgrad in the UEFA Youth League.

For Tim, the decision to leave his family nest for France paid off. In other terms, it was like him leaving his comfort zone.

Tim performed so well that PSG offered him a contract in June 2017. He signed with the same club his father played for from 1992 to 1995.

Timothy Weah Biography – Success Story:

Joining PSG came in a rather unexpected circumstances. At first, Tim Weah embarked on a series of trials overseas (in Europe) in a search for a contract.  He first trials for Toulouse, a mid-table first division team in Ligue 1, which once had the likes of Martin Braithwaite.

The truth is, Timothy had in mind that he was going to sign there. The club loved him and they took him to a tournament. In that tournament, Tim joined a Toulouse that played PSG. In that match, he got scouted. When PSG found out about him, they acted fast.

Unai Emery’s PSG texted Timothy Weah’s Mum a few days later … which reads, ‘Can we have your son come down, try out, and play a few games?’ That text message gave the green lights to the son of George Weah, who went to have a successful trial with PSG.

The son of George Weah was handed his PSG first-team debut on March 3, 2018, where he began to compete with Argentine international Ángel Di María in the wing position. He played in a team that had Brazilian Neymar and French Kylian Mbappé as their main Forwards.

In other to get playing time, Tim accepted a move to Celtic. He joined a wave of PSG stars, who also went to find greener pastures elsewhere. Some names are; Odsonne Edouard, Yacine Aldi, Gonçalo Guedes, Moussa Diaby, Christopher Nkunku, Giovani Lo Celso etc.

The USMNT Rise:

While playing for Celtics – a club that once boasted of the likes of Kieran Tierney, Moussa Dembélé, Tim Weah got a call to represent the United States. Despite being a citizen of three other countries, (France, Jamaica, and Liberia), he chooses his birth country, the USA.

First, Tim Weah represented US youth soccer, where he made an instant impact, especially in the CONCACAF U-17 Championship where his team became the runner-up. Scoring six goals for the US junior national team was enough to uplift him up the soccer ladder.

Not forgetting, Tim Weah, during the UEFA Under-17 World Cup in India, scored a hat-trick (in a 5–0 victory) against Paraguay.

Did you know?… This hat trick is the first-ever recorded by a US national soccer team during the knockout stages of a youth World Cup.

George Weah’s son’s achievement continued. Did you know?… Tim Weah was also the first player born in the year the 2000s to earn a senior cap for the United States (under Gregg Berhalter‘s command).

Also, he became the fourth-youngest Soccer player to score for the US, ahead of Josh Sergent.

2022 FIFA World Cup:

Tim’s upbringing still plays a part in how the pacey forward approaches challenge ahead. Now, the 2022 challenge is the FIFA World Cup. Timothy hopes to have a formidable partnership with either Christian Pulisic, Ricardo Pepi, Paul Arriola or Jesus Ferreira, etc.

No doubt, his shared last name (Weah) will carry its decades of history into the World Cup. And the game’s 3.5 billion fans will get to know more about Timothy Weah’s Father, who is arguably the best African soccer player to ever step foot on a field.

The rest, as we say of Tim Weah’s Biography, is now history. Having told you the American winger’s Biography story, we’ll use the next section to discuss Tim Weah’s relationship status. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Timothy Weah’s Girlfriend?

Starting off, the Prince of Monrovia is tall (a height of 6 foot 1) and handsome. Not forgetting, he is the son of George Weah, the Soccer Legend and President of Liberia. Truth be told here, Tim would definitely be many ladies’ dreams of husband material.

To this end, LifeBogger asks this question;

Who is Timothy Weah’s Girlfriend and Wife to be?

Who is Timothy Weah dating?
Who is Timothy Weah dating?

First of all, online rumors about Tim Weah’s dating history are yet to reveal any lady in question.

Also, it is almost impossible to keep track of his flings, breakups, and hookups – that is, if they exist. So, as of the year 2022, he is yet to make his relationship public.

Personal Life:

Away from everything soccer, who is Tim Weah?

This section of his Biography tells you facts you might have not heard about him (outside football).
This section of his Biography tells you facts you might have not heard about him (outside football).

Tim Weah Music Career:

Asides from being a Soccer star, Tim is a musician just like Karl Toko Ekambi. Put simply, making music is his second passion after soccer. Timothy creates music in his apartment whenever he is not engaged in soccer activities. In the words of George Weah’s son;

My day job is obviously soccer. After the end of my practice, I do rest a little. And right after that, I’m out to the studio to work on beats and write music. I write music, work on beats, and listening. These things take a lot of time.

Tim also feels at ease producing his own trap soul tracks at his home in New York and Liberia – where he has his own microphone set up.

Inside music, his biggest passion is writing lyrics. He loves to craft beats, jot down lyrics, and do recordings on his computer.

Based on his music specialty, he refers to himself as a Trap Soul Artist. This music genre is combines both R&B and Hip Hop. Tim Weah’s music career started getting serious in 2017 and his goal is to open many studios in Liberia and New York.

Timothy Weah Lifestyle:

Starting off, the son of George Weah is super-rich. In the fashion world of streetwear, Tim is among the few Soccer players – e.g., Trevoh Chalobah and Noni Madueke – who set the rhythm. Tim dresses like a rapper – with so much swagger and charm in his looks.

This is Timothy's Lifestyle.
This is Timothy’s Lifestyle.

Timothy Weah Car:

The son of Liberia’s president has some really cool exotic rides. A peek into the Tim Weah family’s garage is full of gleaming new and vintage cars. As the saying goes, Big names require big-name cars. So, therefore, we present that driven by these Elite celebrities.

A view of Timothy Weah's Car. We picture George, his Dad in a convertible car.
A view of Timothy Weah’s Car. We picture George, his Dad in a convertible car.

Timothy Weah Family Life:

The USMNT Star comes from a household that has instilled a lot of values and ethics in him from a young age. This section of Tim’s Biography tells you more about his parents and family members. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

About Timothy Weah’s Father:

George Weah was born on the 1st day of October 1966 to his father, William T. Weah, Sr, and mother, Anna Quayeweah, in the Clara Town district of Monrovia, Liberia. Tim Weah’s Dad is a member of Liberia’s Kru ethnic group in Liberia’s Grand Kru County.

He is one among thirteen children raised by his grandmother, Emma Klonjlaleh Brown, after his parents separated. He couldn’t complete high school, as he dropped out to pursue his career. Before moving abroad for soccer, George Weah worked as a switchboard technician.

With his son in Europe and him being the president of Liberia, the Weahs don’t get as much time together as they’d like to have. However, George makes it a point of duty to leave his presidential office to attend important events as it pertains to Timothy’s career.

Weah was there for his son during his PSG contract signing.
Weah was there for his son during his PSG contract signing.

Despite his success on the soccer field, George Weah was never able to qualify for a FIFA World Cup with his country, Liberia. After his playing career, he became politically active in Liberia, running for president in 2005. Unfortunately, George Weah lost that 2005 election.

With a never give up mentality and approach to life, George Weah contested the Liberian Senate position in 2015, which he won. In the country’s 2017 election, he defeated the incumbent Vice President Joseph Boakai, to become the 25th president of Liberia.

This is George Weah, as he was being sworn into office on the 22nd of January 2018.
This is George Weah, as he was being sworn into office on the 22nd of January 2018.

About Timothy Weah’s Mother:

Clar Marie Duncan was born the youngest of seven children. She was born on the 11th day of March 1965, in Kingston, Jamaica. Unknown to many, Tim Weah’s Mum is one year older than his Dad (her husband, George Weah) – who was born on the 1st of October 1966.

The First Lady of Liberia is a graduate of City University in New York. While there, Clar had her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences as well as a nursing license. Regarding her nursing job, Timothy Weah’s Mother once worked at a Jamaica Hospital in New York City.

Unlike her husband, who is mostly busy with his Liberian Presidency, Clar does most of their son’s visitation. Here, she, alongside her sister (Tim’s aunty – Nancy Larnor) paid Tim a visit while at a training camp in Dubai following his Celtic loan move from Paris Saint-Germain.

Her bright smile can break barriers even in difficult circumstances. For Tim, it's tough being so far away, but his Mum (Clar) visits him a lot. A sign that Timothy is mummy's boy.
Her bright smile can break barriers even in difficult circumstances. For Tim, it’s tough being so far away, but his Mum (Clar) visits him a lot. A sign that Timothy is mummy’s boy.

Clar, unlike most women of Caribbean descent or family origins, dresses in a simple way. Asides from being the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Liberia, Tim Weah’s Mum is a businesswoman, philanthropist, advocate, qualified nurse, and a great canvasser.

About Timothy Weah’s Siblings:

Here in this Bio, we’ll tell you Facts about his older brother named George Jr Weah. Also, information about Tim Weah’s older sister, who goes by the name Martha Tita Weah.

George Jr Weah:

Born on the 27th day of August 1987, he is the first son of Liberian President George Weah and his Jamaican-born mother, Clar Weah. George Jr was born in Liberia but raised in the United States. Just like his Dad, Junior also showed interest in soccer at a young age.

This is George Jr Weah, the first son of George Weah.
This is George Jr Weah, the first son of George Weah.

George Weah’s son (Junior) played for AC Milan in his youth (starting from the age of 14). Unfortunately, the Italian club (in 2007) released him from their youth side after George Jnr suffered from long series of injuries. After that, a very disappointing career followed.

Junior was once ahead of Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore at the US under-20 side in 2004. Unfortunately, he wasn’t called to the USMNT. Around a decade later, he was called up by the Liberian national team in 2015, which became his only game – as an unused substitute.

At the time of writing Tim Weah’s Bio, Le Parisien newspaper described his older brother (George Junior) as unemployed. And he is on the verge of starting a course in the field of sports management.

About Martha Weah – Tim’s Sister:

The only daughter of George and Clar is also known as Tita. Like her Mum, Tim Weah’s sister is an avid Soccer fan who got the family title of ‘assistant coach’ from her Dad. She used this role to put her brother on his first road to stardom while growing up in the US.

Tita Weah was involved in almost every aspect of Tim’s early soccer development. She, alongside her Mum, guided him every step of the way. Even to this day, Tim still listings to tips and guidance from his sister, which helps him become a better soccer player.

About Michael Duncan – Timothy Weah’s Uncle:

Michael Duncan played a great role in Tim's early career years.
Michael Duncan played a great role in Tim’s early career years.

Born to Jamaican parents in the year 1964, he is the older brother of Clar Weah. That makes him Tim Weah’s uncle. In case you didn’t know, Michael Duncan is the proud owner of Rosedale Soccer Club in Queens, the small club where Tim played his childhood soccer.

Timothy Weah’s Uncles – George Weah’s Brothers:

The male siblings of his Dad are three in number. And their names are; William, Moses, and Wolo Weah. Tim Weah’s paternal uncles are the only brothers of his Dad. Soccer fans got to know them during the 2013 burial ceremony of the mother (Anna Quayeweah Weah).

About Timothy Weah’s Stepmothers:

Despite his marriage and three children with Clar, his Dad has two other children with two women – MacDella Cooper and Meapeh Gono. Cooper is a former model and philanthropist who endorsed George for Liberia’s presidency in 2014, describing him as a “good friend”.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding stage of Timothy Weah’s Biography, we’ll use this section to tell you more Facts about him. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Weight of his Father and Fear for some Opponents:

It is tough for Timothy to share his name with a famous football hero – in the person of his Dad. More so, hardly can you see any soccer player with a famous father starting with a blank slate. And Tim knows the number of weight people ascribe to his mighty surname.

Surprisingly, Timothy once told USSoccer that is no pressure on him to be greater than his Dad. Rather, he uses his father’s name (on the back of his shirt) as an advantage on the field. Giving reasons for that such advantage, Tim Weah once said;

 A lot of Soccer fans and even lots of players are scared of me because they think I am this fierce player. They fear me because of the last name that’s on my back. I see myself as normal and I am just like the other soccer player on the field.

Timothy Weah’s Salary and Net Worth:

The US Soccer Winger has a contract with Lille Olympique Sporting Club at the time of writing his Biography. This is a table of what Tim Weah earns with the club (Lille) as of May 2022.

TENURE/EARNINGSTimothy Weah 2022 Lille Salary in Euros (€)Timothy Weah 2022 Lille Salary in Dollars (€)
What Tim makes EVERY YEAR:€1,093,680$1,137,531
What Tim makes EVERY MONTH:€91,140$94,794
What Tim makes EVERY WEEK:€21,000$21,842
What Tim makes EVERY DAY:€3,000$3,120
What Tim makes EVERY HOUR:€125$130
What Tim makes EVERY MINUTE:€2$2.1
What Tim makes EVERY SECOND:€0.03$0.04

Timothy Weah’s agent from BS Group – BS Law has represented him well as far as contract negotiating, bonuses, and sponsorship deals are concerned. Now, let’s talk about how much the son of George Weah is worth.

We take Tim Weah’s family’s wealth into consideration to tell his worth. And not only the monies he makes from soccer. As of 2022, Timothy Weah has a net worth of approximately 5.7 million dollars.

Comparing Tim’s Salary to that of the Average US Citizen:

According to WorldDataINFO, the average US Citizen makes around $64,530 every year. Did you know?… Such a citizen would need 17 years and five months to make what Tim Weah earns annually from Lille OSC.

Since you started viewing Tim Weah’s Bio, this is what he has earned with Lille.


Tim Weah Profile – FIFA Stats:

When it comes to his abilities, the winger only lacks one attribute (interceptions) which is below the 50 mark FIFA average. Similar to Jesus Ferreira, Gonzalo Plata, Hirving Lozano (South American soccer stars), USA’s very own Timothy Weah, is fast becoming a FIFA Speed Demon.

What he thinks about his Weah Family name:

The thing that always strikes people who know Tim is the fact that he doesn’t want his last name to be what brought him into any sort of event. Also, having his family’s name is the chief agenda of people’s discussions about him. He wants his first name to speak for him.

What he thinks about Liberia:

Although born and raised in the USA, the winger is the type who doesn’t forget his family roots. Tim Weah’s ethnic group (Kru) from south-eastern Liberia’s Grand Kru County identifies him as one of their own. No wonder Tim Weah’s nickname is ‘Price of Monrovia’.

According to the USMNT Winger,

I’ve always loved Liberia, and I feel that the country is a part of me because my dad was born there and grew up there.

Tim Weah’s Brother’s Arrest and Prison sentence:

George Weah Junior was arrested in Paris in February 2020 at a party in his apartment. He breached a nationwide curfew, which came because of Covid-19. It was alleged that Weah Jr verbally abused police officers. Next, his neighbors took a case against him.

George Weah Junior, the first son of the President of Liberia, was once handed a six-month suspended jail sentence by a French court. What did he do? According to findings, it was for hosting Ibiza-style parties at his home, which made his neighbors take the matter up.

One of the neighbors said;

Whenever the police come for the noise, George Junior gets his passport out to say he has diplomatic immunity. The evenings always have loud electronic music, drunken shouting from the balcony, as well as aggressive behavior. Also, his parties have this loud boom-boom music, with girls and champagne.
Tim's Brother once got arrested for hosting lots of noisy parties at his Paris home.
Tim’s Brother once got arrested for hosting lots of noisy parties at his Paris home.

In the end, the court ordered the son of George Weah to pay the sum of 20,000 euros to his neighbors. This fee was punishment for his more than two years of loud parties, which they (neighbors) described as “unbearable,” – according to one of the plaintiff’s lawyers.

Tim Weah Religion:

The son of George and Clar Weah is a practicing Christian who hardly showcases his faith in the public domain. Members of Tim Weah’s family are devout Christians who take Christianity religion seriously.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down facts about Timothy Weah’s Biography.


Tim, who is nicknamed The Prince of Monrovia, is the son of a Soccer Legend who became Liberia’s President. Timothy was born on the 22nd day of February 2000 to his Mother, Clar Weah, and Father, George Weah, in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.

Timothy spent his childhood years alongside two older siblings – a brother, George Weah Jr, and a sister, Tita Weah. He has three nationalities, and from an ethnic viewpoint, Tim is a Jamaican American. We also trace Tim Weah’s ancestry to the Kru ethnic group of Liberia.

From the moment he could walk, Tim got exposed to Soccer. His Dad and brother weren’t mostly around, so Tim Weah’s Mum and Sister coached him. He began playing soccer with Florida’s West Pines United before his uncle advised for a switch to his own academy.

Tim Weah’s family moved back to his birth city (New York), where he (aged 9). While there, he joined the Rosedale Soccer Club in Queens, which, as we said, is owned by Michael Duncan, his uncle. A year later, George Weah’s son switched to BW Gottschee academy.

After three seasons, Tim moved to New York Red Bulls, a club that earned him a ticket to Europe. Following a trial with Chelsea FC, where his Dad once played, Tim finally got into Paris Saint-Germain books. Since then, the Son of George Weah has not looked back.

The Rise of Timothy Weah has made fans believe there is more to USMNT than just Christian Pulisic, who many see as the face of US soccer. The rest of George Weah’s son’s Biography is now history.

Appreciation Note:

Esteemed Readers, we thank you for taking the time to read our version of Tim Weah’s Biography. At Lifebogger, we are always on the watch for accuracy and fairness in the daily routine of delivering you the Biographies of North and South American Soccer Players.

For any errors observed in this memoir, please reach us through LifeBogger’s comment section. Don’t forget to stay tuned to more United States Soccer Players’ Stories. Lastly, please tell us via comment what you think about Tim Weah and his amazing Biography.

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