Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts 

LB presents the Full Story of a Footballer Genius who is best known by the Nickname; ‘Delstroyer’. Our Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him. Without doubt, the Nigerian-born English footballer is one of the promising young footballers in the world at the moment. We present the Dele Alli Story. A story of how a tough upbringing inspired the rise of a Premier League superstar. Without further adieu, lets Begin.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Early Childhood Life

Bamidele Jermaine Alli was born in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire on April 11, 1996 to a Nigerian father, Mr Kehinde Kenny Alli (Business Man)  and British mother Denise Alli (House Wife). His love for football started as soon as he could walk (Age 1).

Dele Alli’s parents never took much interest in their son’s talent due to constant marital issues that came their way. Instability in their marriage led to a divorce at a time Dele was just 3 years old. His dad Kenny splited from his mum Denise within a week of their wedding in 1996. According to UK divorce laws, Denise was granted full right to be with her son. Mr Kehinde Kenny Alli was allowed occasional visits to see his son Dele.

After their divorce, Dele stayed with his mum in Milton Keynesm, United Kingdom while his father relocated to Nigeria to face his multi-million naira business he had set up through his hustle in the United Kingdom. The separation of his parents led to a temporary forfeit of Dele’s football dreams. He could only play football occasionally and his mum never got the chance to enroll him at any youth academy.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –His First Visit to Nigeria

Constant communication from his dad while in Nigeria still kept the father/son relationship strong. At the age of eight, Young Dele made up his mind to visit Nigeria for the first time. His dad taught him the Yoruba culture and made him understand the importance of wearing traditional clothes.

Soon after, young Dele realized he was a prince of a popular clan in the Nigerian Yoruba tribe. Ideally, his father was a son of a king. While in Lagos, Dele met and made friends with his extended family members.

While in Lagos, he attended a £20,000-a-year international school. While in Nigeria, Dele noticed virtually all Nigerians were very friendly, hospitable and open to him. He had never felt so much happiness since he was born.

His stay at Nigeria was however short lived due to his dad’s decision to expand his business to the United States. They both had to relocate there.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts -How Issues with his dad Started

Dele enjoyed staying in Nigeria for almost a year before again moving to a mansion in Houston, Texas with his dad Kehinde. At some point in his life, Dele became uncomfortable His dad made a decision to get married to someone he felt doesn’t like him enough to be his step mother. Thou he attended the court wedding which took place in Lagos.

Image result for Dele Alli parents marriage

After that event, tension grew between him and his dad concerning Lola the new wife. This prompted fresh thoughts about leaving the United States. He made up his mind and asked his dad to help him relocate back to the United Kingdom. One of the ideal reason for returning was to rejuvenate his football dream which he felt could alleviate his pains.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Returning to UK

Upon getting to the United Kingdom, Dele meet his mum in total mess. She was soaring high into drugs and alcohol.

This marked the beginning of hatred for both parents who he felt were’t role models to him. Soon after, he began to live a wayward lifestyle himself.

According to Dele; “Having no parents by your side, the only chioce was to stick to the street for support”.

This was the case of Dele Alli. He mixed up with gangs from the streets of London. At 13, Dele his mother gave a full approval of social services to fend for his need. An amazing thing they did was to ignite his football dreams after promising them not to follow bad influences from the streets. He signed his first contract at 16.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Family Life

FATHER: Mr Kehinde Kenny Alli is Dele Alli’s Dad. He is a crowned prince, a millionaire and also a well known business man in Lagos, Nigeria.

Before stepping his foot in the UK, Kehinde had a long time dream of nationalizing in the United Kingdom. For him, achieving this means getting married to a national and giving birth to a child to get permanent stay AKA (Kpali, the Nigeria meaning).

His objectives were meet and behold a child was born by name Bamidele Jermaine Alli.

MOTHER: She needs no much introduction as we go straight to the point on her story. Dele Alli’s mum has spoken about the heartbreaking moment she gave her son away so he could fulfil his dream of becoming a top footballer. Denise Alli, was battling against alcoholism and faced having her children removed by Social Services. So she handed Dele over to a couple who the footballer now calls his adoptive parents.

Now mum-of-four Denise says every time she watches 19-year-old Spurs ace Dele scoring for his club and country, she knows she made the right decision.

Fans have never before heard the truth about how Dele got to where he is today. Fighting back tears, Denise told LifeBogger:

“I had to let him go to give him a better future. Emotionally, it was heartbreaking but it was the right thing to do. I had a serious drink problem triggered by my unhappy childhood. I was hooked on vodka, beer — anything — for a few years. Social Services visited me after complaints from my neighbours about how I was raising my children but my kids were never taken away. It was my decision to let Dele live with another family. I knew that was the only way he could fulfil his dream of becoming a professional footballer. It was tough to give up my son but it proved to be his salvation. I’m so thankful for how things have turned out.”

His mum said: “When he scored the goal against France I leapt out of my seat —I was so happy. My son has made it by himself. I am so pleased for him and super-proud of everything he has achieved.”

Denise also raised son Lewis, daughters Becky, and the most eldest Barbara who all stayed with her. According to her, “Times were difficult — very tough. I had four children by four different dads but none of the relationships lasted. I was a single mum. We were living in Milton Keynes in a three-bedroom council house but it was a bit rough. Me and Dele were always very close when he was younger. He was my little cling-on. He’d always say, ‘Kiss me mom’. I could see he had talent and I would take him to the park as much as I could. He always wanted to be a footballer since he was a little boy and dreamed of playing for Barcelona.”

As he grew up, his mum’s problems started to multiply and at same time he began to get into trouble at school due to the absence of true mother to guide him. she was also reported to Social Services.

Yet by the time Dele was 13, Denise began to worry he was about to fall in with gangs that were plaguing the Bradwell area of Milton Keynes where they lived. She agreed he could move six miles away to live with close pal and fellow footballer Harry Hickford and his parents, Alan and his wife Sally. While Denise insists he was never formally adopted, she let her son live full-time with the Hickfords and their two children in the more affluent area of Cosgrove.

Denise also said to justified herself: “All the kids Dele’s age were on the streets smoking, arguing and robbing. Some ended up in prison. I was worried my son would be tempted by that hood life. He was challenging at times, like most lads. He had to change secondary school and never settled at his first school. The Hickfords weren’t my friends but they had a nice home and I knew I had to give my son this chance to move on with his life and succeed. When he left, there were no tears, just a sense of relief because I knew he would be off the streets and safe. Dele told me, ‘I’m fine Mum. Don’t worry about me.’ He hugged me. It was tough but he was happy and I was happy. Despite giving him away I have never been estranged from Dele. He would come back to my place for a sleepover about once every month. He is also close to his biological dad.. Kenny is so proud of him.”

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –The Agony

This started when Dele joined Tottenham Hotspurs. The Sunday Mirror reported neither Denise nor Kehinde has seen the rising star since he signed for Tottenham from Milton Keynes Dons. Remembering the day he left, Denise told the Sunday Mirror:

He was in great spirits and said, ‘I love you mum’. I had no idea that would be the last time I would see him. It still leaves me shocked.” 

Denise added: “I waited outside after a match and when Dele came out I quietly said to him. ‘Dele… it’s me… your mum. He didn’t stop. He just looked at me, said he was busy and drove off. I was in tears, it was heartbreaking. This made me cry all week.”

Reports indicates that It was after this time that Dele stopped wearing Alli on the back of his shirt – and has also reportedly moved house and changed his phone number. The devastated pair also revealed they have waited outside Tottenham matches and Dele’s training ground in the hope of seeing their son.

Kehinde, who is himself a multimillionaire entrepreneur originally from Nigeria, said he even paid to go on a stadium tour and to go watch his matches at White Hart Lane in an attempt to make contact.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “Not being able to see or speak to him hurts a lotHe lived with me for years and I have always been there for him both emotionally and financially. I know some people will think we just want him for his money, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m very wealthy in my own right and I don’t need a penny from Dele. I just want to be here for him and for him to know that I love him. I have been there for him since childhood and I have pictures to prove that.”

Both Kehinde and Denise added: “He may hate us because our divorce made us far from him at times he needed us the most.  In our hearts, we will keep praying to our son. We pray he comes back to our lives.”

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:-Appeal from Big Sister

Barbara is Dele Alli’s eldest sister. She has always spoken out about the family rift, saying it is one of the “hardest things they’ve had to go thru”.

Dele Alli’s sister Barbara Johnson has pleaded with the Tottenham Hotspur star to reconsider his decision not to speak to his family, saying that they are not after his wealth or fame.

 His elder sister has once appealed. Writing on Instagram, Barbara Johnson said : “What a heartbreaking story, hope you read this bro. We all miss you and love you dearly, we not after your money or your fame we just want are little #Delbot back, love you lots like jelly tots”.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Relationship Life

Once upon a time, everyone was asking: Who is Dele Alli dating?… If you didn’t already know, Dele Alli’s girlfriend as of June 2017 is Ruby Mae. Ruby Mae is already a full-fledged model at the age of 22 (As at 2017) and though she isn’t as famous as Kendall Jenner just yet. We bet she’s well on her way.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts
Dele Alli’s Girlfriend, Ruby May.

The 5′ 9″ beauty has even modeled for campaigns such as Dolce & Gabbana and continues to book photoshoots as her popularity increases. Ruby Mae’s net worth may not be much now, but with her connection to Dele, it’s only a matter of time before she gets recognized. She is currently being represented by Boss Models Management, in the U.K.

Many believes she is the reason why Dele Alli might not reunite with his parents anytime soon. As they would say, “She’s got a strong hold on him”.

He listens to her and prefers her than his family.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Childhood Career and Rise

Dele played football with his friends from local fields right from his childhood. He came through the ranks at his local team in his neighborhood called City Colts. This was where he learnt football.

Dele began what was termed a serious football career at age 11 when he returned to Milton Keynes from the United States.

He began training with Milton Keynes Dons at around 13. But when he signed for the club at 16 (a time he broke into the first team), his parents say they were not invited – and as time went on he is said to have become increasingly distant.

His break-out year came in 2014 when he marshaled and controlled the midfield MK Dons’  4-0 home win over Manchester United in August, 2014. His performance earned him plaudits from every pundit in the game and led to comparison with Steven Gerrard.

Alli made his Premier League move to Tottenham in February 2015 for an initial fee of £5 million on a five-and-a-half-year deal. He however stayed on loan at MK Dons for the remainder of the season. Few expected Dele to make the first team when he started pre- season training with Spurs. But he wowed fans when he nut-megged Real Madrid star Luka Modric during a game in August and scored the equaliser against Leicester City two weeks into that season. It helped him become a first-team regular and Spurs are set to double Dele’s wages to £20,000 a week.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Turned down the chance to play for Nigeria

In February 2015, it was reported that former Wimbledon player John Fashanu had tried to convince Alli to play for Nigeria.

Unlucky, John. After turning down an opportunity to play for Nigeria, Alli was invited to the England national team and made his debut against Estonia in October, 2015 coming on as a late substitute for Ross Barkley in a 2–0 win.

Without doubt, Fash was seen as the best person to convince Dele to join the Super Eagles of Nigeria. He has been a father figure for him right from his childhood.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –The Manchester United Uplift

He was dominating Manchester United when he was still at MK Dons.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts 
Dele Alli Rise to Fame

Dele Alli made his Premier League debut by coming on as a sub for Spurs against Manchester United in the opening game of the season – but that wasn’t the first time the young midfielder made his mark against the English giants.

In Louis Van Gaal’s first season in England, Alli was part of an MK Dons team that embarassed United 4-0 in the Capital One Cup. Alli even thinks it was that performance that earned him a mega-money move to Spurs a few months later. According to Dele;

“You could say it helped me get noticed. We had a good year as a team and that was one of the stand-out matches. It was a great platform for the club and me, and a few of the other players. It was a bit surreal against United. It was a game we didn’t really expect to win, let alone win by that much. We showed the world what we could do that night…”

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –A Liverpool Fan

Alli was actually a Liverpool fan growing up, and cites Steven Gerrard as his childhood hero.

The Liverpool Echo reported that Alli turned to the red side of Merseyside to find his football team and in an interview with Complex, he spoke of his fandom for Kop icon Steven Gerrard growing up, revealing he used to buy his boots based on what the Liverpool captain was wearing at the time. It is pertinent to state that Liverpool and MK Dons once agreed for a fee for Dele. It was negotiations for  his salary that failed. Liverpool stated thet they can’t pay him more than 4000 pounds per week.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts -Having an Aggressive style of play

Parental Neglect experienced in childhood has a special ability to wound as we have seen in the case of Dele Alli. The fallout between him and his parents has indeed echoed through the years. It have caused both negative and positive consequences. The negative side has to do with his frequent anger he displays in the pitch of play. This has caused several stirs among his opponents.

According to Dele, “I used to get quite angry on the pitch, so if I made a bad tackle or got a bit aggressive, Mauricio Pochettino would say: ‘That would be a red card in a professional match’ and take me out of the session. That probably calmed me down a bit on the pitch. But I still play with a bit of anger.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts 
How Dele Alli’s Troubled Childhood Causes Stirs on Pitch


Dele Alli has also transformed his tough childhood memories into the talent he is today. This signifies the positive side. He gets that mindset to destroy opposing teams each time he remembers where he came from and how he had journeyed through pains and neglect by his parents.

Asides his coach, Dele Alli has one of his team mate to thank. Its no other person than Hugo Lloris who has played a fatherly role to him since his coming to the Tottenham team.

 According to Dele,

“Hugo Lloris has been a big influence on me at Tottenham. He’s spoken to me about my aggression and that has helped me alot. He told me not to let that aggressive side fall out of my game, so I’m just going to keep being myself.”

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –LifeBogger Biography Rankings

We present to you Dele Alli’s LifeBogger Rankings as complied from reputable sources.

Dele Alli Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts 
Dele Alli Statistics


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