Ademola Lookman Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ademola Lookman Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Ademola Lookman Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In the nutshell, we have a concise history of the English Footballer of Wandsworth origin. Lifebogger begins Lookman’s story from his early days to when he attained fame in the beautiful game of football.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Ademola Lookman’s Bio, behold a gallary of his career trajectory. It does tells his story right?

The Biography of Ademola Lookman.
The Biography of Ademola Lookman.

Yes, everyone knows he is creative and highly technical… a footballer blessed with balance, trickery, acceleration and agility. Despite this accolade, only few fans have read a concise version of Ademola Lookman’s Life Story. Now without further ado, lets begin.

Ademola Lookman Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Mola. His real or full names are – Ademola Lookman Olajade Alade Aylola Lookman. The English footballer was born on the 20th day of October 1997 to Nigerian parents, in the town of Wandsworth, London.

Growing Up Years:

As as a child, Mola got himself addicted to watching football games. He was particularily attracted with the atmosphere of certain Premier League teams like Everton’s Goodison Park. Playing football with childhood friends also laid the foundation blocks of his sporting development. 

Before his teenage years, Ademola Lookman’s parents relocated the family – from his birth place of Wandsworth to London’s Peckham. The youngster grew in a difficult neighbourhood considered as one the worst places to live in London.

Ademola Lookman grew up in Peckham, the home of Naira Marley.
Ademola Lookman grew up in Peckham, the home of Naira Marley.

Peckham, where Lookman grew up, is a district of south London, within the Borough of Southwark. The area is famous for violent youth crime. Thankfully, the footballer, including members of his household never had a part of it.

Ademola Lookman Family Background:

The Peckham native comes from Nigerian parents who belong to a group of interesting Londoners. Put simply, the media describes Ademola Lookman’s Dad and Mum as strict, funny, sassy and very educated persons. He Londoner comes from a middle class family and never suffered lack during his childhood.

Ademola Lookman’s parents operated a traditional household, with high regard for the Nigerian culture. They were the type who wanted their children to become lawyers or accountants and NOT footballers.

In the video below, we noticed, that the youngster found a way of getting around his parents’ earlier expectations – of what they earlier wanted their son to become in life.  

Ademola Lookman Family Origin:

First thing first, we’ll tell you the meaning of his name. Ademola is a surname of Nigerian Yoruba origin which means ‘the king/crown/royalty along with wealth‘. Without argument, he has his family roots from Nigeria. This is a west African nation regarded that has the most black people on planet Earth.

This is a map of Nigeria that explains Ademola Lookman's family origin.
This is a map of Nigeria that explains Ademola Lookman’s family origin.

Ademola Lookman’s parents comes from the South Western part of Nigeria. They are likely to be from any of the following states; Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti or Ondo. The footballer himself, belongs to the London Black African ethnicity.

Ademola Lookman Education:

Like many kids in London born to Nigerian families, going to school was always compulsory. Ademola followed the direction set by his parents. According to the Independent, he attended this school, St Thomas the Apostle College in Peckham.

Ademola was among the most brilliant students of his set at St Thomas the Apostle College in Peckham.
Ademola was among the most brilliant students of his set at St Thomas the Apostle College in Peckham.

Back then in school, Ademola was this so intelligent boy who could multi-task with both academics and football. Did you know?… his cognitive abilities saw him achieving three A*s and five As at GCSE.

Ademola Lookman Football Story:

Our boy only went to school so he could honour his parents wish. In the actual sense, all Ademola wanted to be – was to become a professional footballer. The quest for education was never compromised – at the beginning. Intially, it made the youngster get less time for the game. In orther to multitask, Mola enrolled for Sunday league football like Dele Alli did.

Truth is, the Peckham native never enjoyed the life most kids had at the academy, where they bagan football at the age of 6. Just after his teenage years, Lookman enrolled with Waterloo F.C. – a local team dedicated to giving busy school kids a sporting chance.

At the age of 14, tragedy (death of a friend) inspired Ademola into greatness. It was a time Ademola lost a teammate named Anwalu. The sudden death of his friend was really tough to handle but thankfully, it brought his team together.

Ademola lost a friend at his first club. That sad event went on to help his team.
Ademola lost a friend at his first club. That sad event went on to help his team.

Because of how painful it was, Ademola’s teammates, out of respect for the dead vowed to eachother about doing what it takes to become successful in football. From that day, the boys fought together, never lost games as they used to. Thankfully, they achieved success for their late teammate.

Early Life with Amateur Football:

Around April 2014, Charlton Athletic Under-16s were coming to the end of what appeared to be a good season. Due to a long break between their fixtures, the club decided to organise a few more games (friendlies) to give their players more minutes.

Chalton welcomed London FA U-16 to compete with him. This is team of aggregated amateur footballers from local Sunday league sides. They had a little 16-year-old winger named Ademola Lookman who joined from Waterloo FC.

In that friendly match, Ademola Lookman became the best player on the pitch – by a big margin. Coming as an early substitute, our boy showcased lots of bravery. He used his dazzling trickery/dribbling in take out almost all of Chalton’s players.

While no body knew, the essence of that game was for Chalton to scout Ademola Lookman and the footballer never knew. After making an impact, one of his friends wispered to him saying;

Bro, I think you are the reason for this match. I noticed you got scouted as soon as you came in. I can sense that. Ademola responded saying… me??… and his friend said YES!!

Ademola Lookman Biography – Road to Fame Story:

After the match, our boy got an invitation for an inhouse trial, which he passed in flying colours. Owing to the excellent display of scoring four goals, Chalton didn’t just acquired him. The club offered Ademola a scholarship.

In just within a year, the youngster was ready to make his debut for the first team. When they called Ademola to get ready for his first match, he looked very shock, thinking it was someone else the coach was referring to.

Afer they confirmed he was the one, our boy began looking for his shin pads not knowing it was in the pocket of his training jacket. The Chalton coach just told him to be confident and experess himself naturally- which he did. Thankfully, Lookman became a breakout star, one who started like Wayne Rooney. Speaking about his early experience, Mola once said;

Being very hardworking, a footballer who never had a taste of academy football, but used his intelligence to outsmart opponent, Ademola got called to receive his first career award. Due to his achievement in education and football, he received the 2015-2016 LFE Apprentice of the Year award.


Early English Triumph:

During this time (2016), the joy of Ademola Lookman’s family knew no bounds as he got his first international call-up for the England U19 squad. The next year (2017), Lookman turned down the opportunity to switch allegiance to Nigeria – the country of his Dad and Mum.

Before announcing his name to English football, Lookman’s drive and determination were his most valuable assets. Being among the fastest rising stars in his country saw him getting selected to represent England under-20 in their 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

That compitition saw England rising to the occasion. Featuring alongside Spurs’ Kyle Walker-Peters, Arsenal’s Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin (to name a few), Ademola three goals helped England win the trophy.

Ademola Lookman's glory moment with England.
Ademola Lookman’s glory moment with England.

Ademola Lookman Bio- The Succes Story:

Lots of opportunities openned up for the rising star after the tournament. In less than three years with Chalton, Ademola got a £11m transfer to Everton. Suprising to many, this is a very rare story for a footballer who started from NO WHERE (Sunday league football) to go that far – in such a short time.

Reflecting on his early days with Chalton Athletic and joining Everton, Ademola once shared his experience in an interview. It tells us how Toffees (under Ronald Koman) scouted him after coming to watch one of his games were he impresesed.

Ademola immediately bonded with the Everton team from his first day of training. He appreciate the fluid football of the toffies and became closer to some of his England teammates eg the likes of Tom Davies.

Finding himself playing against the likes of Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero was something Ademola found hard to believe. Yes, he dreamt of having a Premier League debut dream but never believed it would come so fast. Interestingly, our boy scored in his first match as his team defeated Man city.

The RB Leipzig Story:

Following the sack of Ronald Koman, Ademola felt he needed some foreign experience. He rejected Allardyce’s decision on loaning him to Derby, instead prefering a move to Ralph Hasenhüttl‘s RB Leipzig.

After a successful loan spell at the German outfit where he scored a debut winner (as we have in the video below), Ademola soon became Leipzig’s fans favourite. The club in recognition for his service signed him on permanent basis. 

Following the outbreak of COVID, the London native felt the urgent need to stay close to his family. Hence on 30th of September 2020, Ademola joined Premier League side Fulham, a club that suites his style and located close to where he grew up. 

Since joining the London side, Ademola has never looked back. He has showed a fantastic leap, more determined attitude and great confidence. This performance, week in week out, has giving Fulham an injection of confidence in their quest to aviod relegation.

Without a doubt, English football fans are on the verge of observing another youngster getting a suprise call up by Gareth Southgate‘s England. Which ever way it turns out, we wish him the best. The rest, as we say of his Bio, will be history.

Ademola Lookman Love Life – Girlfriend, Wife, Child?

With a huge success story, as noticed in the way he made a name for himself in the Premier League, one thing remains certain for the Peckham native. As a matter of fact, most fans have wounderd if Ademola Lookman has a girlfriend or someone he considers a wife to be.

Who is Ademola Lookman Dating?
Who is Ademola Lookman Dating?

Aside from his Nigerian mother and sister, the revered Fulham dribbler doesn’t have anyone who makes his Biography complete. On another thought, Ademola might have a girlfriend but refuses to make his relationship public, at least for now.

Personal Life Facts:

Ademola Lookman is a peaceful and fair-minded humanbeing, one who has the markings of a Libra Zodiac Sign. He has a curious and creative nature both on and off the pitch. Again, his innate desire to help people without hoping to get anything back says alot about his person.

Considering he was the most brilliant student in his set at St Thomas the Apostle College in Peckham, we are not suprised to see Lookman following one of his hidden passion. Its no other than teaching class pupils. Ademola loves to support little kids and we got to find out during his days with Everton. 

If Football had not worked out, we are sure Ademola Lookman would have become a teacher.
If Football had not worked out, we are sure Ademola Lookman would have become a teacher.

Pupils of St Andrew’s Maghull C Of E Primary School at Liverpool would never be in a hurry to forget their humble teacher, who despite a busy career schedule, finds time to come visit and tutor them.

Away from football, Ademola Lookman also has a great sense of humour. In this video, our boy is spotted with fellow Nigerian brother, Fikayo Tomori, making jokes about their teammates and also having some good laughs together.

Lifestyle Facts:

With no idea who he is, spotting Ademola Lookman on the streets would make you think he is just an average Londoner – judging by the way he dresses. This is a marking of his humble personality. Truth is, Ademola possesses a very thrifty mindset despite the millions of pounds that goes into his bank account every year.

See who earns 2.6 million pounds every year. Ademola is the best example of an anti-flash attitude.
See who earns 2.6 million pounds every year. Ademola is the best example of an anti-flash attitude.

The footballer once revealed via his instagram on how his house looks like. Ademola Lookman’s house is a proof that he is a true antidote to an expensive lifestyle.

The footballer of Nigerian origin lives a very humble life in what looks like a small small house – despite making 50,000 pounds a week with Fulham.

This is Ademola Lookman's House. For someone who earns 50k pounds a week.
This is Ademola Lookman’s House. For someone who earns 50k pounds a week.

Ademola Lookman’s Car:

As I write this Bio, Mola is at a stage in life where he attends weddings as a groom man. Do you know if that is Ademola Lookman’s car below? yes that one behind … the flashy Mercedes Benz. According to us, that ride might be his, thou used for the occassion. 


Ademola Lookman Family Life:

The furure England star never forgets those who stood by him when he was nothing. These people are family, made up of his parents, brothers, sisters. We woun’t forget the coaches and teammates who has contributed to his success so far. Let tell you more facts on his household.

About Ademola Lookman Parents:

Yea, we are aware his mum and dad earlier towed the lane of wanting their son become a lawyer or accountant. We also got to hear about them when Lookman scored his first EPL goal with Everton.

It appears his parents told him before the match, NOT TO SCREAM when he scores against City. They told him to do that upon reaching home – in their presence. Watch the video.

About Ademola Lookman Relatives:

According to Yannick Bolasie, the footballer comes from a difficult background in Peckem (London) where it was quite rough to live in. From our research, Ademola also comes from what also looks like a difficult Nigerian root.

With approval from his parents, he often find time to visit South West Nigeria, where his Dad and Mum comes from. Indeed, Lookman is friendly. He finds time to bond with relatives and friends in the West African country.

It is glad to see Ademola Lookman bonding with his relatives in Nigeria.
It is glad to see Ademola Lookman bonding with his relatives in Nigeria.

Ademola Lookman Facts:

In this concluding section of our Biography, we’ll tell you more truths about the former Evertonian. Without waisting much time, lets begin.

Fact #1 – Comparing Ademola Lookman’s Fulham Salary to that of the Average Brit:

TENUREFulham 2020 Salary Breakdown
Per Year£2,604,000
Per Month£217,000
Per Week£50,000
Per Day£7,143
Per Hour£298
Per Minute£4.9
Per Second£0.08

Since viewing this page, this is what Ademola Lookman has earned with Fulham

Did you know?… The average man in London (who earns £38k monthly) would need 68 years and 6 months to make Ademola Lookman’s yearly salary with Fulham.

Fact #2: Game Ranking:

Ademola Lookman’s profile deserved an upgrade, which should be higher – both in overall and potential scores. What he lacks in height, the superstar makes up for his agility, balance, dribbling and acceleration. In all honesty, an overall score of 82 and potential of 86 would be fair.

Fact #3: Penalty:

Ademola Lookman has scored some brilliant spotkicks over the course of his career. We have one of those penalties where he totally outclassed a goalkeeper. It is something he woun’t forget in a hurry.

Fact #4: Ademola Lookman Religion:

The left winger parents raised him as a practicing Christian. We have seen him do the cross sign whenever he enters the field and scores goals. Ademola also point his fingers to the sky when he scores. His Instagram Bio account is also a pointer to his faith. 


Showing steadfastness in the quest of achieving footballing stardom. This defines the person of Ademola Lookman – a man known by many as a hardworker. The Biography of the left winger teaches us that the path to success is to take massive, determined action.

Since childhood, becoming a footballer has been the biggest dream. There were no signs of wanting to becom a lawyer or accountant as his parents wanted. Today, the Lookman’s family is proud to recognize the man he winger has become. 

Thank you for staying with us on the Life story of one of England’s most precious jewel. Here at Lifebogger, we strive for accuracy and fairness in the job of delivering English Footballing Stories

Please contact us if you notice anything that doesn’t look nice in our Bio of the left winger. More so, we will be glad if you give us your perception of the defender in the comment section. Finally, for a quick summary of Ademola Lookman’s memoir, use our Wiki table.

Full Names:Ademola Lookman Olajade Alade Aylola Lookman
Age:23 years and 5 months old.
Date of Birth:20th day of October 1997
Place of Birth:Wandsworth Town, London
Family roots: Nigeria
Parents place of birth:Nigeria
Nationality:United Kingdom
Parents:Father (N/A), Mother (N/A)
Siblings:Brother (N/A), Sister (N/A)
Height:5 ft 9 inches OR (1.74 m)
Education:St Thomas the Apostle College in Peckham.
Playing position:Left winger
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