Mason Holgate Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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Starting off, his nickname is “Masey“. We give you full coverage of Mason Holgate’s Childhood Story, Biography, Family Facts, Parents, Early Life and other notable events right from when he was a child to when he became popular.

The Early Life and Rise of Mason Holgate. Credits: TheSunUK and WalesOnline

Yes, everyone knows Holgate for his style of playControlled aggression & defensive versatility. However, only a few consider our version of Mason Holgate’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Mason Holgate Childhood Story

Starting off, his full name is Mason Anthony Holgate. The English footballer was born on the 22nd day of October 1996 to his father, Tony Holgate and mother (name unknown) in the English town of Doncaster, United Kingdom. Little Mason was born as the second child and first son to his lovely parents. Pictured below, our very own Masey grew up alongside his elder sister who goes by the name Tayler.

Mason Holgate spent most of his early years with his sister Tayler. Credit: Picuki

Growing up in Northern England was a beautiful experience for both siblings. Baby Mason didn’t have just his elder sister (Tayler) all around him as a child. He also spent most parts of his early life with a certain childhood best friend. Pictured below, baby Mason (aged 2) appears to be at ease on his home’s sofa alongside his childhood best friend whom he grew up with.

Mason Holgate childhood photo- Here, the future English star is pictured alongside his Childhood best friend. Credit: Picuki

Mason Holgate Family Background

Judging by his cute dark looks, you’ll realize Holgate’s ancestry isn’t purely English. Truth is, he has unique attributes that implies he probably comes from both English and African family roots. Did you know?…, Mason Holgate is among popular footballers namely; Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Max Aarons, Kyle Walker and Chris Smalling, etc who have Jamaican and British family origin. One of Mason Holgate’s parents- his dad comes from Jamaica while his mum is British.

Meet Mason Holgate’s parents pictured alongside his kid sister, Tayler Holgate

Thou born in England, Mason Holgate’s relationship with the Caribbean island nation (Jamaica) comes from his paternal grandparents. This implies that his dad (Tony Holgate) was born in England (Wikipedia report).

Mason Holgate Education and Career Buildup

Growing up in South Yorkshire, Holgate had always been interested in playing football professionally since he was a little child. He was the kind of kid who would want nothing else BUT only the soccer ball as a gift. In order to grant him his desires, Mason Holgate’s parents agreed for their son to join the academy unit of their family club- Barnsley at the age of 9. His quest for football education in a club close to the family home influenced his Performace as a kid.

Childhood Photo of Mason Holgate- At the time he joined Barnsley aged 9. Credit: DailyMail

While progressing through the club’s academy ranks, the highly-rated youngster was tipped to follow in the footsteps John Stones his role model and fellow Barnsley academy graduate. Stones was three years ahead of Mason.

Mason Holgate Biography- His Road to Fame Story

Just after his academy graduation, Mason began to hit the ground running. The rising youngster had a fantastic first taste of senior football. His effort saw him getting named as the young player of the year by the League One club. That 2014/2015 season, Holgate showed his positional versatility on numerous occasions, a feat that attracted top clubs in England.

The English-Jamaican footballer had a meteoric rise at his Family club Barnsley FC

After much pressure, Barnsley resigned to letting Holgate leave for Everton at the right price. The Yorkshire defender followed the footsteps of former Barnsley academy graduate John Stones.

Joining the Toffees for a peanut transfer fee of £2 million, made Mason vowed on living more than what was expected of him. The joy of Mason Holgate’s family members knew no bounds at the time their very own was called to represent England U20 the same season he joined Everton.

The Fear: Did you know?… Holgate once feared that an Everton first-team opportunity would never come his way at Goodison Park. With Zouma, Michael Keane and Yerry Mina all ahead of him in the pecking order, chances were limited for the young English man.

Mason Holgate Biography- His Rise to Fame Story

Like what most youngsters do, Mason went on to get more experience in order to contend for an Everton first-team place. He joined Championship side West Bromwich Albion on loan where he paid his DUES by helping them into a 4th place finish and a Championship play-off semi-finals.

The most unforgettable part Mason Holgate’s biography came around October 2019, a time he had sealed a permanent place Everton starting XI. Mason Holgate rose to the occasion several occasions, one which saw him netting first Toffees goal in the 2019/2020 season.

The 2019/2020 season was indeed, an unforgettable season for Masey. Credit: MirrorFootball

At the time of writing, Mason is considered a future England star and seen as Carlo Ancelotti’s best current option in defense. Although he may not have shown that sort of flamboyance as John Stones did, BUT he alongside Tyrone Mings is seen as the next beautiful promise of The Three Lions’ defense. Holgate’s England call continues to beckon and is now being touted for a first senior England appearance under Gareth Southgate. The rest, as they say, is history.

Who is Mason Holgate Girlfriend?

With his rise to fame, it is certain that both Everton and English football fans must have started pondering on knowing whom Mason Holgate’s girlfriend might be. There is no denying the fact that his cute baby face looks coupled with his style of play wouldn’t place him as an A-lister for potential girlfriends and those who are wife materials. Find below the closest answer we have to your inquiry on Mason Holgate’s girlfriend. Her name is Pia Mia.

Many Fans have asked- Who is Mason Holgate’s Girlfriend? Here is our closest answer. Credit: DailyMail and IG

Pia Mia is an American singer, songwriter, actress and Instagram model. Mason’s relationship with Pia Mia in recent times haven’t escaped the scrutiny of the public eye. Recently, the Everton star was spotted partying with stunning Pia Mia in Dubai while on a mini-break, a feat that sparked relationship rumors. Below is the closest to which we can get.

Masey and his rumored girlfriend Pia Mia once enjoyed themself in a Dubai night club. Credit: TheSun

In the video below, the English defender was spotted enjoying a champagne shower and glugging from a bottle of champagne alongside the stunning model. The clip (below) appeared on a handful of social media videos uploaded by the blonde bombshell to her more than 5million Instagram followers.

Mason Holgate Personal Life

Welcome to Mason Holgate’s personal life facts. In this section, you’ll get to know what the future England star does off the pitch. First, away from the pitch, Mason is polite, friendly but most of all, relaxed.

Football is mainly a man’s game, one which we expect to see the goals. But many fans get surprised to see players get too close off the pitch. Both Mason and Tom Davies have gone an extra step to share their off-pitch bromance with the World.

Mason Holgate’s Personal Life Facts. Credits: Instagram

Thirdly on personal life observed above, Mason Holgate is known for his charitable side. He creates time to visit fans with gifted jerseys and also, following teammates to the hospital to visit sick fans.

Thirdly on Mason Holgate’s personal life, he is someone who does more than the required exercise to make him look tougher. As a handsome and soft-looking defender, he avoids being judged by his simple looks hence getting tougher exercises. Lastly on his personal life, Mason loves to spend lots of quality time with someone who looks like his son from a previous relationship.

Mason Holgate Family Facts

Starting off, Mason Holgate’s family members (pictured below) call themselves a “Team“. This implies they are very close to one another. In this section, we’ll shed more light on all members beginning with Mason Hogate’s parents.

More about Mason Holgate’s Mother

According to Liverpool Echo, Mason once revealed that his mum still shouts at him meaning she is likely to be a disciplinarian. Also, the super mum (pictured below) is also most likely to have played a major role in her son’s confidence despite his soft looks.

Mason Holgate’s family calls themselves a TEAM and His mum is most likely to be a disciplinarian.Credit: Instagram

Mason revealed information about his mum while he met pupils of St Anne Stanley Primary School in Old Swan (an inner-city area of Liverpool) around January 2017.

More about Mason Holgate’s Dad

Tony Holgate is a super cool dad who is mostly seen on social media commenting on his performance. You’ll agree with us that Mason Holgate’s dad gene is dominant, a reason why his kid took after his skin color but not his looks.

Meet Mason Holgate’s Family Life- Here is his super proud dad, Tony Holgate. Credit: Twitter

More about Mason Holgate’s Sister

If not for the childhood photo presented in Mason Holgate’s family background section of this article, we bet you wouldn’t have known that Tayler is an elder sister to Mason. Owing to Mason Holgate’s cute facial looks, it is very easy for fans to guess he would have a beautiful sister (in Tayler) who should all be grown up. Yes, your guess was right. Tayler is very beautiful.

Mason Holgate’s Sister Tayler is super proud of what her brother has become. Credit: IG

Mason Holgate’s sister Tayler a beautiful brunette who oozes confidence in every one of her snap via Instagram. She is a selfless person who provides emotional support for her brother even thou it means putting her own life on hold.

Mason Holgate Lifestyle

Our Mason Holgate’s lifestyle would help you get a better picture of his personality. Judging from the picture below, you’ll agree with us that Mason Holgate is indeed, a cool. calm and collected figure. Making lots of football monies is a necessary evil. What is more interesting is the way Mason matches his car’s colour to that of his wardrobe. This is a sign of his cool and very exotic lifestyle.

This is Mason Holgate’s car- The good looking footballer loves dressing to match his car. Credit: Everton

Mason Holgate Untold Facts

Fact #1: Mason Holgate Salary Breakdown

As at the time of writing, the defender’s contract with Everton sees him earning a whopping salary of £1,300,000 per year. This makes him a millionaire. Crunching Mason Holgate’s salary into deeper numbers, we have the following;

TenureMason Holgate's Salary in Pound sterling
Per Year£1,300,000
Per Month£100,000
Per Week£25,000
Per Day£3,371
Per Hour£148.8
Per Minute£2.48
Per Seconds£0.041

In a presentation below, we’ve increment Mason Holgate’s salary every second which begins to count anytime this page is open.

This is how much Mason Holgate has earned since you began viewing this Page.


If the £-figure above doesn’t increment, it means you are viewing from an AMP page. Now Click HERE to see Mason Holgate’s salary earnings per second. Did you know?… It will take the average worker in the UK at least 3.2 years to earn the same as Masey earns in 1 month.

Fact#2: Mason Holgate FIFA Potential

Mason Holgate is a good defensive option for any FIFA fan who wants to start a new career with their favorite team. Pictured below, he is one of the best young defenders in FIFA with a high potential rating.

His FIFA Ratings shows Masey is definitely a player for the future. Credit: SoFIFA

With much certainty, we are certain that Holgate would definitely surpass his 82 rating mark set for him by the football simulation video game.

Fact#3: The other side of Mason Holgate

Mason Holgate once received a written warning by the English FA. He was also ordered to attend an education programme for tweets he sent when he was 15 and 16, one in which he used homophobic language. Mason Holgate at that time posted replies to his friends on Twitter, a reply that included words like “fa*g”, “fag*gottttttt” and “batty*boy“.

Given he was not a legal adult at the time, the English FA became lenient on him. Did you know?…, Rival fans dug Mason Holgate’s social media accounts for this disciplinary evidence after his feud with Roberto Firmino. This happened in one of Everton’s ill-tempered FA Cup third-round loss.

The other side of Masey you probably didn’t know about. Credit: BBC

Fact#4: Mason Holgate’s Tattoo

Tattoo culture is very popular in today’s sporting world. Footballers of today often use it to portray their religion or people they love. Our very own Masey at the time of writing is tattoo-free. Pictured below, there are no inks in his body.

Mason Holgate’s Tattoo Facts- Our very own Masey is tattoo free. Credit: Tony McArdle – Everton FC

Fact#5: Mason Holgate’s Religion

Mason Holgate’s parents upon his birth gave him the Christian name “Anthony” and raised him to adopt Christianity religion. Did you know?… His middle name “Anthony” is a Christian name that came due to the veneration of St Anthony the Great, the founder of Christian monasticism. This implies Mason Holgate’s parents must have raised him a Catholic.

Mason Holgate Wiki

Our conclusion of Mason Holgate’s Biography brings to you his Wiki knowledge base. Pictured below, it provides you quick information about him in a concise and easy way.

Wiki InquiryAnswers
Full name:Mason Anthony Holgate
Date of Birth:22 October 1996 (age 23 as at Feb 2020)
Birth place:Doncaster, England
Parents:Tony Holgate (Father). Mother's name is unknown at the time of writing
SiblingsTayler Holgate (Sister)
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Family origin:Jamaica
Youth career:Barnsley
Height:6 ft 0 in (1.84 m
Girlfriend:Pia Mia (Rumour)

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