Luis Diaz Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Luis Diaz Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Luis Diaz Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Silenis Marulanda (Mum), Luis Manuel Díaz (Dad), Family Background, etc.

More so, Luis Diaz’s Brothers (Roger David, and Jesús Manuel), Wife (Gena Ponce) Lifestyle, Personal Life, etc.

In a nutshell, this memoir breakdown the Full Life History of Luis Diaz. We’ll give you the story of a boy who went from suffering from malnutrition to becoming a football figure in Colombia. A soccer star born in a harsh environment where families suffer from poverty.

Our version of Luis Diaz’s Bio tells you the story boy who suffered from football rejection simply because he was too skinny in his coach’s eyes. A youngster who fought off rejection by doing tricks with the ball. And then winning the hearts of those that never wanted him.

Lifebogger gives you the story of a boy who achieved national fame simply because his ethnic group (the people from the Wayuu family) finally got recognized after years of abandonment. The Colombian football Authorities gave Luis Diaz an opportunity, and he used that to save his family from poverty.

As the best player in his village, Luis Diaz got chosen to partake in a football tournament abroad (in Chile). This is a tournament meant for only the indigenous people of many South American settlements. The future Liverpool star made the best of that opportunity.


Lifebogger’s version of Luis Diaz’s Biography begins by telling you about every event of his Early Boyhood Life. Afterwards, we’ll unveil how he journeyed – in the quest for sporting success. Then finally, the events that made the winger become successful in the beautiful game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on how engaging Luis Diaz’s Biography would be, we’ve made it necessary to present you with this gallery. One that shows you his life trajectory – from being a little boy to achieving greatness in the world’s greatest game.

Luis Diaz Biography - Behold his Early Life, journey through poverty and Great Football Rise.
Luis Diaz Biography – Behold his Early Life, journey through poverty and Great Football Rise.

Yes, You and I know Luis Diaz, alongside Lionel Messi, ended as the joint top goalscorer in the 2021 Copa América tournament. He is a football genius blessed with every attribute needed in the modern game – be it movement, power, attacking, skill and mentality, etc.

Despite the above accolades, we notice that not many Football fans have read a concise article on Luis Diaz’s Biography. Lifebogger has obeyed the clarion call to prepare his Bio. Now, without further ado, let’s begin with the story of Diaz’s Early Life.

Luis Diaz Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “Luchito”. Luis Fernando Díaz Marulanda was born on the 13th day of January 1997 to his mother, Silenis Marulanda, and father, Luis Manuel Díaz. Luis Diaz’s birthplace is Barrancas, La Guajira, in Colombia.

The Baller of Colombian nationality came to the World as the first son and child of his parents.

Luis is among three siblings (all brothers and no sister), born of the marital union between his parents. This is Luis Manuel Díaz and Silenis Marulanda, Luis Diaz’ parents.

Have you noticed?... Luis Diaz has a close resemblance with his Dad (Luis Manuel Díaz), unlike his Mum (Silenis Marulanda).
Have you noticed?… Luis Diaz has a close resemblance with his Dad (Luis Manuel Díaz), unlike his Mum (Silenis Marulanda).

Growing-Up Years:

Luis Díaz spent his childhood years in his village in Barrancas, a town very close to a mining settlement. As a child, he ate goat for almost every meal. Luis Diaz’s family didn’t have a television. So he relied on his grandparents, who told him stories in the evenings.

The Colombian winger enjoyed growing up in Barrancas alongside his younger siblings. Luis Diaz’s Brothers are Roger David Diaz (nicknamed Roller) and Jësüs Manuel Dïäż. Both of Diaz brothers (who also became professional footballers) have a three years age difference.

The place where Luis Diaz’s parents raised him is like many other poverty-ridden areas in Colombia. Barrancas is a town that is very often forgotten. There, many families suffer from state abandonment. As a result, malnutrition becomes one of their greatest problems.

This is how Luis Diaz looked during his Early Years in Barrancas. At this time, he was still suffering from malnutrition.
This is how Luis Diaz looked during his Early Years in Barrancas. At this time, he was still suffering from malnutrition.

By looking at the picture above, you’ll agree with me when I say that Luis Díaz was no stranger to malnutrition.

This was the biggest problem his family and that of others faced. Fortunately, football became a source of solace and a means to get out of poverty.

Luis Diaz’s Early Life with Football:

The Winger spent his childhood days in two worlds – between football and fantasy. Luis Díaz had the habit of imitating the things Ronaldinho – which he saw on videos. As he showcased that on his local field, Luis Diaz fantasised about being Ronaldinho himself.

Also, when each game of the spectacular number 10 finished, Luis Diaz would create time to mimic every single move Ronaldinho made in his match. He spent countless hours doing that in the local pic of his family home – in the Los Cerezos neighbourhood of Barrancas.

Luis Diaz ensured he repeated every aspect of Ronaldinho’s magical skill from scratch. Each time he got it wrong, Luis would repeat the trick until something good came out. The boy would only rest when he gets Ronaldinho’s dribbling move right.

Luis Diaz Family Background:

Luifer, as his parents nicknamed him, is from a football-centric household. Luis Diaz’s father is a football teacher and disciplinarian. Nicknamed Mane, Luis Manuel Díaz is someone who knows how to discipline a child and, afterwards, applies a large dose of love to that child.

Luis Diaz’s Father owns a soccer school named ‘Club Baller de Barrancas’. Even to this day, he continues to train children in the soccer school. A recent report has it that Club Baller has about 130 children of various categories, ranging from 5 to 15 years of age.

Luis Diaz's Father (Luis Manuel Díaz) holds a training section with the children at his Soccer School - Club Baller.
Luis Diaz’s Father (Luis Manuel Díaz) holds a training section with the children at his Soccer School – Club Baller.

Similar to Aurelien Tchouameni’s Dad, it was hard for Mr Manuel to deal with the realities of a failed football career. As someone who never made it, Luis Díaz’s Dad vowed to bring out the best in football kids. More so, to see that either of his sons lives the family dreams.

The super Dad coaches children in the same field where all his sons kicked their very first soccer ball. Thanks to the way Luis Diaz’s Dad treated him (with discipline and love), he has developed into the character we see today. Simple, honest, docile, and disciplined man.

Luis Diaz Family Origin:

Somewhere in the very harsh, dirty desert of Colombia lies a small dusty town called Barrancas. This town is made up of people from Colombia’s Wayuu ethnicity. Barrancas (very close to the Caribbean Sea) is where Luis Diaz’s family and his ancestors come from.

This image explains Luis Diaz Family origin. He is from, Barrancas, a town and municipality of the Colombian Department of La Guajira.
This image explains Luis Diaz’s Family origin. He is from Barrancas, a town and municipality of the Colombian Department of La Guajira.

Growing up in this desert-looking environment, two things greatly affected his people. First is the harsh climatic realities of his hometown. The second is the fact that Luis Diaz’s family lived in the shadow of Colombia’s largest coal mine.

Cerrejón is the largest open-pit coal mine in the whole of Latin America. Nearly every morning, silence gets broken by a pounding sound emanating from the mining pits, which are just a few hundred meters from where Luis Diaz’s family lives.

This Cerrejón coal mine did lots of damage to his people. The worst of all was that the Cerrejón mine was drying up the Ranchería River. This is the most important river that fed Luis Diaz’s family, his friends, and the village people.

Luis Diaz's family lived in the shadows of the world’s biggest mining company – BHP Billiton.
Luis Diaz’s family lived in the shadows of the world’s biggest mining company – BHP Billiton.

Watching these noisy, large mining trucks packed with coal and passing every day to the Cerrejón mine was a big distraction for Luis Diaz’s family and his village people. That, in addition to the big noisy blast, often causes a huge distraction from football.

Everyone was always thirsty, especially Luis Diaz. This is because he needed a lot of water, to help his boy to dedicate itself in doing what he liked most in his life. With little water, Luis still endured playing the game of soccer – in the unbearable heat of La Guajira.

Education and Career Buildup:

Luis Diaz attended his Dad’s soccer school, where he was the most outstanding student of his age group. Everyone at Club Baller de Barrancas loved him. At this age, the youngster had dedicated his life to soccer, although with no approval (initially) from his Mother.

At his father's football school (Club Baller de Barrancas), this is young Luis Diaz. He was a highly enthusiastic kid, always wanting to be in the front of everyone.
At his father’s football school (Club Baller de Barrancas), this is young Luis Diaz. He was a highly enthusiastic kid, always wanting to be in front of everyone.

According to Luis Diaz’s Father (teacher ‘Mane’), there was a time when he disagreed with his wife (Diaz’s mother). Silenis Marulanda did not want any of her children (Luis, Roger and Jësüs) to dedicate their lives to football. However, now, she has given her full support.

Both of Luis Diaz’s parents agreed that their childhood would combine both football and education. Aside from attending his Dad’s football school, Luis completed his elementary education. That wouldn’t have been possible without his Mum, Silenis Marulanda.

Early on, Luis Diaz’s Mum scolded him. She gave him an ultimatum that if he didn’t finish high school, he wouldn’t kick football anymore. Because of that, Luis Diaz had to force himself to read his books. The boy had to swallow the discomfort of understanding his notebooks.

At the age of eleven, the youngster was already done with his primary education. When his family asked him what he wanted to focus on, he was quick to “Only Football

Luis Diaz Biography – The Untold Football Story:

Even though he was the most outstanding student in his Dad’s school, Luis’s Dad avoided giving him preferential treatment. This was so the family wouldn’t be accused of nepotism. He was more in the care of Rober Fernández Brito, a neighbour and friend of Luis Diaz’s family.

Rober often expressed his joy each time Luis Diaz does his sensational Ronaldinho skills. He once said,

Luis was the sensation, he said that he was going to make Ronaldinho’s moves and he did them, everyone always impressed.

Diaz’s dedication to learning Ronaldinho’s skills made him different. For every municipal tournament in Barrancas, Luis stood out in every game. As a teenager, he won the vacation championship at the Romero Gámez Redondo Indoor Coliseum.

Early on, he learned that not pushing himself the hardest wasn’t good enough. Diaz had to give everything so he could be the best. He loved scoring the kind of goals where he evaded several players from the other team and finishing in front of the goal like a professional.

Approaching his teenage age, Luis Diaz's finishing abilities made him look like a true professional.
Approaching his teenage age, Luis Diaz’s finishing abilities made him look like a true professional.

Luis Diaz Biography – Road to Fame Story:

In his mid-teenage years, the youngster was called for a 22 soccer players selection trial. Successful footballers were to represent the national team of the indigenous Colombian people – in a South American football contest.

Luis Diaz, who was the best among his tribal people, was invited to be among the contestants. That invitation came because of his Wayuu ethnicity.

A certain man from Bogota, who was to coach him, (John Jairo Díaz) saw Luis Diaz looking so emaciated. That brought in lots of concerns and doubt as to whether he was good enough to compete in the tournament.

John Jairo “Pocillo” Díaz, upon investigation, understood that Luis Díaz suffered from severe malnutrition. This has been an endemic crisis for the Wayuu people of Colombia, to which Luis Diaz’s family belongs.

Other people present in the competition saw that Luis Diaz was abnormally thin, thinking it was probably because of an illness or a lack of food. People looked down on him – just like Brazil’s Raphinha and Riyad Mahrez in their early days.

Luis Diaz Skinny looks made people write him off. Thankfully, he silenced his doubters, all thanks to his natural injection of confidence.
Luis Diaz Skinny looks made people write him off. Thankfully, he silenced his doubters, all thanks to his natural injection of confidence.

Silencing his Doubters:

Did you know?… Luis Diaz just touch the ball and made two dribbles before everyone started shouting for his acceptance. Immediately, the coaching staff of Pibe Valderrama and John Jairo “Pocillo” Díaz chose him as one of the key players for the tournament.

At the tournament, Luis Diaz proved his worth to everyone. In fact, no one in that tournament was more faster, more effective and more skilled than him. In Chile, Luis Diaz’s goals in that tournament turned him into a public figure.

Behaviourally wise, Luis Diaz was cheerful – both on the pitch and off it. He did everything his coach asked him. He never showed pride because he was the best player or any sign that he was the stubborn type.

Diaz’s Bogota coach (John Jairo) once remembers when he had to knock on the door of his room. Telling him to turn down the volume of those songs by Martín Elías, which he listed to and never stopped singing. Diaz obeyed, and he also obeyed the need to add weight.

The Recommendation from a Legend:

Remember this Colombian Football Legend?... Pibe Valderrama played a huge role in Luis Diaz's early career.
Remember this Colombian Football Legend?… Pibe Valderrama played a huge role in Luis Diaz’s early career.

Colombian football legend, Pibe Valderrama, travelled with the indigenous team to the foreign competition. Upon his return, he vowed to help Diaz get into a better team. The Legend didn’t hesitate to speak with Arturo Char Chaljub, owner of Barranquilla FC.

In the words of Carlos (El Pibe) Valderrama to the owner of Barranquilla FC;

“Please try him. that skinny guy is very good,”

Now at 18 years old, Luis Diaz was skinnier than everyone in his age group. Barranquilla FC academy invited him after the recommendation. Luiz Diaz didn’t disappoint Carlos (El Pibe) Valderrama, the ex-legend who connected him to the club – where he had a successful trial.

The Request to Gain Muscle Mass:

After joining the club, Barranquilla FC told their new boy to go gain 10 kilos. Thanks to the support of Luis Diaz’s parents (especially his mum), the search for food to do the magic became easy. She found a diet that only Tour de France champions eat.

Luis Diaz ate a special type of pasta and meat for breakfast. Goat meat was relatively easy to get because his family does rare goats. Research has it that Luis Diz ate lots of goat meat (three goat meals per day). Doing that helped him gain the needed 10kg of weight.

Asides from feeding Luis with the special pasta and goat meat, The boy’s parents also ensured he consumed lots of multivitamins to improve his muscle mass. With his new extra 10 kilo weight of muscle, the boy became happier and stronger.

Luis Diaz progressed from Barranquilla FC U20 to the club’s senior team. In no time after his debut, he settled in well – starting with a goal against Cúcuta Deportivo. After scoring two more goals, scouts from bigger academies began taking interest in him.

Luis Diaz Bio – The Bigger Success Story:

After impressing with Barranquilla FC, a transfer negotiation landed the Colombian forward in Atlético Junior in 2016. Under the command of Julio Comesaña, Luis Diaz also got a smooth start to life with Atlético, who played in Colombia’s first division.

Luis Díaz became that leading figure that took Atlético Junior to one of their biggest successes in the club’s recent history. With the club, he won the Copa Colombia honour, two Categoría Primera A titles and the prestigious Superliga Colombian.

Luchito's Success Story with Atlético Junior.
Luchito’s Success Story with Atlético Junior.

FC Porto Transfer and Success:

Among all clubs who watched him from Europe, the scouts of FC Porto won the race to get Luis Diaz. This Portuguese club has a huge love for South American stars. Big names they have gained in the past include James Rodríguez, Radamel Falcao and Éder Militāo.

Did you know?…  Zenit Saint Petersburg who had the likes of Brazilian Hulk, Dejan Lovren, Andrey Arshavin and Aleksandr Kokorin almost signed Luis Diaz. However, Diaz’s Colombian role models (Radamel Falcao and James Rodríguez) advised him to join Porto.

On 10 July 2019, Díaz left his family for the first time, as he signed for the Portuguese club, FC Porto. The club purchased him following the sale of Ricardo Pereira to Leicester City, Diogo Dalot to United and after Eder Militao €50.00m sale to Real Madrid.

Luis Diaz wasn’t the only one who arrived in Porto at that time. Two big names who arrived with him include Sérgio Oliveira and Fábio Silva. With a formidable partnership with  Vitinha, Otavio Monteiro and Alex Telles, FC Porto achieved big things with Luis Diaz as their Danger Man.

The Colombian Success Story:

Just after the 2018 world cup, Díaz got called up to the Colombian full squad on 27 August 2018. His nation had high hopes in him – as someone who would succeed Juan Cuadrado. Since joining the national team, Diaz rose to become one of Colombia’s biggest names.

One of Díaz’s biggest highlights for his country was his triumph in the 2021 Copa América. On the On 23rd of June 2022, he scored an acrobatic volley against Neymar’s Brazil. Days later, Diaz also scored against Argentina. Then, he blasted another two goals against Peru.

At the end of the 2021 Copa América, the Forward got the honour of being the tournament’s top scorer alongside the Legendary Lionel Messi. Behold, Luis Diaz’s goals in the 2021 COPA America, including that devilish goal he scored against Brazil.

The coming to Liverpool:

At FC Porto, Luis Diaz enjoyed a meteoric rise, becoming one of football’s hottest transfer prospects. Multiple premier league clubs circled around him like sharks – willing to offer anything for Diaz. Among those were Rafa Benitez’s Everton and Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal.

Following the arrival of Diogo Jota and Ibrahima Konate, Liverpool got themselves on a quest to gradually rebuild their squad. Behold a video that shows the reason why The Reds fell in love with Luis Diaz and made him a target in the 2022 January transfer window.

Precisely on the 30th of January 2022, BBC Sport announced Liverpool’s signing of the Colombian forward. A man who Jurgen Klopp believes will do great things with the club.

For FC Porto fans, the memories of the precious forward will linger for long. Liverpool fans are on the verge of witnessing a replica of Carlos Tevez, who is set to become their next Legend. The rest of Luis Diaz’s Bio, as we always say, is now history.

The Love Life with Gera Ponce:

The world has seen lots of Football WAGs or girlfriends and wives. We talk about ladies who have stayed with their future footballing husbands and boyfriends when they were nothing.

The Biography of Luis Diaz is also about Love. It tells us how a lady stood by his side when he was absolutely nothing. When his skinny looks would scare away beautiful ladies. This lady, by the name of Gera Ponce, was truly in love with Luis Diaz at his worst time.

Below is a piece of photo evidence. Gera professed her love by saying;

I love you so much my Skinny.

The Love Story of Luis Diaz and Gera Ponce is perfect, and a source of great inspiration.
The Love Story of Luis Diaz and Gera Ponce is perfect, and a source of great inspiration.

Gera Ponce is not just a woman of colossal beauty, but one with a kind heart. She fell in love right from the first day of sighting Luis. Gera gave him everything, always carried him on her back. More importantly, she watched him grow from that skinny to a muscular guy.

Beautiful Gera Ponce stood by her man at the time he had nothing. What a kind soul she is.
Beautiful Gera Ponce stood by her man at the time he had nothing. What a kind soul she is.

Even to date, Gera Ponce remains that same selfless lady. A woman who has followed Luis Diaz everywhere football takes him. She is the perfect wife material who placed her own life on hold to provide him with emotional and career support.

For being by his side, Luis Diaz today shares every part of his success with Gera. Behold a video that shows the dividends of such love.

Gera Pregnancy Video:

The happiness derived from knowing your spouse is pregnant is a feeling. For Gera and Luis, their best way to celebrate pregnancy is by making a video party out of it. Behold the lover boy as he celebrates the pregnancy of his lover.

Luis Diaz Daughter with Gera Ponce:

At the time of writing this Biography, the couple has welcomed their first child. Gera Ponce gave birth to their daughter on the 4th day of November 2021. Here is that moment the Colombian waited for – seeing his child for the first time.

The joy of seeing his child for the first time - SIMPLY BREATHTAKING.
The joy of seeing his child for the first time – SIMPLY BREATHTAKING.

Personal Life away from Football:

Yes, everyone knows he is a superstar for the Colombian national football team. Away from football, you probably don’t know Luis Diaz’s personal life. This section of his Biography explains what he does and likes outside the pitch.

Lifebogger got information about Luis Diaz’s favourite football at the time his aunt (Aracelis Díaz) got interviewed by the media. According to her, Luis’ favourite food is coconut rice accompanied by fried red snapper, fried plantains, passion fruit and blackberry juice.

If you visit Luis Diaz’s house either in Liverpool or Colombia, you are not likely to leave without him playing his favourite music, including dancing to it.

For Luis, Football doesn’t end after he leaves the pitch. Right there in the living room, he loves to perform football stunts. Luis Diaz plays house football with a high level of precision.

Luis Diaz Lifestyle:

While playing his football in Portugal, the Colombian and Gera (his wife to be) have a special place they go enjoy themselves. That tourism destination is no other than the Oporto Buggy Adventure in Baltar, Portugal.

Touring the beautiful landscape on the four-wheeled car (in the midst of dirt and dust) is very pleasing to watch. For Luis and Gera, what is even more pleasing is capitalizing on such moment to renew the love they have for each other.

Luis Diaz's Lifestyle - A tale of the Oporto Buggy Adventure.
Luis Diaz’s Lifestyle – A tale of the Oporto Buggy Adventure.

Luis and Gera’s Love for Local Tourism:

Have you ever visited Mayapo, in La Guajira, Colombia? People often describe this tourist destination as a paradise. This is the ideal local tourist destination for Luis and Gera. This place lies between the beaches and the culture of the indigenous Wayúu people.

Mayapo tourist destination is very close to Luis Diaz’s family home. His friends, including parents, brothers, relatives and girlfriend – all take their vacation there. This place is the perfect ultimate cure for what Diaz’s heart is in need of during summer.

Luis Diaz Car:

The Wayuu native has a BMW X in his garage. This black coloured car appears to be a car driven by his partner, Gera Ponce. The cost of the BMW X car ranges between $46,900 up to $213,900.

Luis Diaz's Car. He has a BMW X in his home garage.
Luis Diaz’s Car. He has a BMW X in his home garage.

Luis Diaz’s Family Life:

For the Colombian, having a close-knitted footballing household is not just an important thing, BUT EVERYTHING. In this section of Luis Diaz’s Biography, we’ll tell you facts about his family members. Let’s begin with Manuel, the head of the Wayuu household.

Luis Diaz’s Father:

Ask everyone about the best children’s soccer coaches from Colombia’s Wayuu ethnicity. They are likely to mention the name – Luis Manuel Díaz. To date, Luis Diaz’s father has been a great advisor and promoter of his son’s career since he was a child.

Luis Manuel Díaz is a disciplinarian and a caring Dad. He appears to be having a serious conversation with his son, Luis.
Luis Manuel Díaz is a disciplinarian and a caring Dad. He appears to be having a serious conversation with his son, Luis.

He Defends his son:

Luis Díaz’s father once came out to defence of his son after accusation of him breaking Porto’s rules and going to parties. While with FC Porto, A rule exists that players should not exceed the time limit allowed by the club for partying.

The father of the footballer, (Luis Manuel Díaz), believes that “many lies” were being told about what happened. In his words;

Our assessments of the size of this problem saddened us.

My son (Luis) is a good boy who has very good principles, and he has a clean past.

Since his career, there has been no history of any disciplinary problem from his previous clubs.

Luis Manuel Díaz believed FC Porto would have resolved the issue with his son internally and not in the public square. He wasn’t pleased with Porto’s director of communications, Francisco Marques. This, among other factors, led to his son’s departure to Liverpool.

Luis Diaz’s Mother:

Caring for a home full of males (all footballers, including her husband) appears not to be a herculean task for Silenis Marulanda. Luis Diaz’s Mother, similar to the Mum of Albert Sambi Lokonga sees it as normal. Silenis is a virtuous woman who loves unconditionally.

Roller David Diaz Marulanda (Luis Diaz's brother), enjoying the comfort of his Mum (Silenis) and Dad (Manuel).
Roller David Diaz Marulanda (Luis Diaz’s brother), enjoying the comfort of his Mum (Silenis) and Dad (Manuel).

Luis Diaz’s Brother – Jesus Diaz:

Also a footballer, he is the brother of Luis Diaz. Jësüs Dïäż, at the time of writing this Bio, plays his football with Barranquilla FC. By implication, this means he is closer to his family home and parents than his older brother.

Jesus Diaz enjoys a very close relationship with his big brother Luis and his wife, Gera Ponce. Here, Luis, a pregnant Gera and Jësüs, pose for the photograph during their holiday in Cancun, Mexico.

Luis Diaz's brother, Jësüs Dïäż, himself and his wife, enjoying quality pool time.
Luis Diaz’s brother, Jësüs Dïäż, himself and his wife, enjoying quality pool time.

Luis Diaz’s Brother – Roger David Diaz, AKA Roller:

Also a footballer, he is one of Luis Diaz’s brothers, his immediate younger. His full names are Roller David Diaz Marulanda. Both Roller and Jësüs followed in Luis footsteps. Roller does feel great to have one of the best footballers in the world (Luchito) as a brother.

Roller David Diaz Marulanda is the immediate younger brother of Luis Diaz. He graduated from Atletico Junior academy.
Roller David Diaz Marulanda is the immediate younger brother of Luis Diaz. He graduated from Atletico Junior academy.

Did you know?… both of Luis Diaz’s brothers have played for Barranquilla FC under 20. Also, they (Roger and Jesus) have been part of Atletico Junior.

Luis Diaz’s Grandmother:

Rosaura Jiménez is the paternal grandmother of the Colombian striker. This means she is the mother of Luis Diaz’s father (Luis Manuel Díaz). Unfortunately, she died on the 22nd of October, 2018. At the time, her grandson began making a name for himself in football.

This is Rosaura Jiménez, Luis Diaz's grandmother, before her death. Luis always cared for her when she was alive.
This is Rosaura Jiménez, Luis Diaz’s grandmother, before her death. Luis always cared for her when she was alive.

The Super grandmother of Luis, Rosaura Jiménez, died in the municipality of San Juan del Cesar, in La Guajira. This is where most of Luis Diaz’s family members and relatives live in Colombia.

A month before Rosaura’s death, she spoke with the Colombian press (AL DÍA) about her love for Luis. She expressed happiness that Luis had gifted her a large Television so she could watch all his games. According to her;

Luis is always looking out for us, his family.

When I got sick and had to go to Valledupar, my boy was there for me.

Luis Diaz Grandfather:

His name is Jacob Díaz, and he is the wife of the late Rosaura Jiménez. Both Jacob and Rosaura are the parents of Luis Diaz’s Father (Luis Manuel Díaz). Jacob spent most part of his life living in front of a field in the Lleras neighbourhood (municipality of Barrancas).

Similar to the Grandfathers of Bruno Guimarães and Kai Havertz, Jacob Díaz guided Luis in his early career. Did you know?… It was in his very own field (at the front of his house) that Luis first kicked the ball and started playing soccer as a child.

During the Colombian’s childhood, there was no television in his family home. Despite that, Luiz Diaz still enjoyed himself through classical stories from his grandparents. He often rocked himself, especially with stories from his grandfather.

This is Jacob Díaz and his wife, Rosaura Jiménez (before she died). They are the proud parents of Luis Diaz's Dad (Luis Manuel Díaz).
This is Jacob Díaz and his wife, Rosaura Jiménez (before she died). They are the proud parents of Luis Diaz’s Dad (Luis Manuel Díaz).

Luis Diaz Relatives:

Aracelis Díaz, his aunt, is the most talked-about relative of the Colombian footballer. As earlier recalled, she was the person who revealed information about Luis Diaz’s favourite food. Less documentation exists on the other extended family members of the Forward.

Untold Facts:

As we conclude Luis Diaz’s Biography, Lifebogger uses this section to tell more truths about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Once broke a player’s leg, then, Ambulance malfunctions:

On the 10th day of February 2020, FC Porto’s Luis Díaz played against Braga. In that match, he unintentionally broke David Carmo’s leg (his opponent). That horrible tackle is seen in the video below.

Thereafter, the ambulance, which arrived on the pitch to career, the injured footballer, began malfunctioning. It took the efforts of players from both ends to make the emergency car work again.

Luis Diaz Net Worth:

In calculating how much he is worth, we’ll first break down the Colombian’s earnings with Liverpool FC. Below is a table of Luis Diaz’s wages at the time of putting up his Biography.

TENURE/EARNINGSLuis Diaz Salary Breakdown in Pounds (£)Luis Diaz Salary Breakdown in Colombian pesos
What he makes every year:£2,916,48015,653,418,676 COP
What he makes every month:£243,0401,304,451,556 COP
What he makes every Week:£56,000300,564,874 COP
What he makes every Day:£8,00042,937,839 COP
What he makes every Hour£3331,789,076 COP
What he makes every Minute:£629,817 COP
What he makes every Second:£0.09496 COP

By earning 15,653,418,676 COP (above fifteen billion Colombian pesos) every year, it is fair to say that Luis Diaz is a billionaire in his home country.

Placing his previous earnings (over the years) and sponsorship deals into consideration, Luis Diaz’s Net Worth is approximately 5.5 million pounds.

Since you started viewing Luis Diaz‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Liverpool.


Luis Diaz FIFA Profile:

With 92-rated acceleration and 92-rated sprint speed, the Colombian is one of the fastest players in the Premier League. Luis Diaz excels best in his movement, skill and attacking. You’ll definitely enjoy his speed attribute on FIFA, just like Moses Simon and Adama Traoré.

Luis Diaz Profile (FIFA). He is a Speed Demon. A footballer who excels best when it comes to movement, power, skill, mentality and attacking.
Luis Diaz Profile (FIFA). He is a Speed Demon. A footballer who excels best when it comes to movement, power, skill, mentality and attacking.

Jurgen Klopp brought him to Liverpool so he could support and replace either Sadio Mane or Mohamed Salah.

Hence, it is not surprising to see the Colombian forward possessing similar stats to the above-mentioned African superstars.

Luis Diaz Religion:

The Winger, just like his countrymen, Jhon Duran and Yerry Mina, are devoted Christians. Luis Diaz’s parents (Silenis and Manuel) raised him in accordance with the Catholic home. This religious affiliation accounts for approximately 69% of Colombians.

Wiki Data:

This table summarizes Luis Diaz’s Biography.

Full Name:Luis Fernando Díaz Marulanda
Nicknames:Luchito and Luifer (from his parents)
Date of Birth:13th day of January 1997
Place of Birth:Barrancas, Colombia
Age:27 years and 1 months old.
Parents:Silenis Marulanda (mother) and Luis Manuel Díaz (father)
Siblings:Roger David Diaz (nicknamed Roller) and Jësüs Manuel Dïäż
Girlfriend tuned Wife:Gera Ponce
Children:A Daughter
Grandparents:Rosaura Jiménez (Paternal Grandmother), Jacob Díaz (Paternal Grandfather)
Relatives:Aracelis Díaz (Aunt)
Family Origin:Barrancas
Parents occupation:Football Teacher (his Dad)
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Height:1.80 meters OR 5 feet 11 inches
Religion:Christianity (Catholic)
Net Worth:5.5 million pounds (2022 stats)
Education:Club Baller de Barrancas


Luis Diaz came to the world through his parents – Silenis Marulanda (Mum), and Luis Manuel Díaz (Dad). The Colombian forward was born as the first son and child of his family. Luis grew up alongside his younger brothers – Roger David Diaz and Jësüs Manuel Dïäż.

The Liverpool star grew up in Barrancas, a settlement in the very harsh, dirty desert of Colombia. A town whose environment constantly undergo pollution due to the Cerrejón coal mine. Luis Diaz’s family belongs to the Wayuu ethnicity, a deprived set of people.

As a child, Luis Diaz suffered from malnutrition. He ate goat for almost every meal, didn’t have a television and relied on his grandparents to tell him stories at night. Luis also had Ronaldinho as his icon and began playing the beautiful game in his Dad’s football school.

Thanks to a South American tournament, Luis Diaz found fame. After impressing in the tournament, he joined Barranquilla FC and then Atlético Junior via trials. A further meteoric rise got him to FC Porto and then a Liverpool transfer.

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