Raphinha Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Raphinha Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Raphinha – Raphael Dias Belloli – tells you Facts about his Childhood Story. Also, truths on his Early Life, Family Parents, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, this article portrays the history of Raphael Dias Belloli. Lifebogger begins from his early days in Brazil, to when he became famous with Leeds United. To give you a flavour of the engaging nature of this Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life trajectory.

Raphinha's Biography - The Leeds United Footballer.
Raphinha’s Biography – The Leeds United Footballer.

Yes, you and I know he is very Marcelo Bielsa’s warrior. Being one of Leeds Transfer done deals of 2020, Raphinha is a soccer wizard. The Brazilian resembles Angel di Maria in technique. We know Raphinha for his pace, trickery, great first touch, eye for a cross and ability to beat defenders one on one.

Despite the accolade, we realize only few fans know Raphinha’s Life Story. We’ve prepared it for your reading pleasure. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Raphinha’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the real names; Raphael Dias Belloli. Raphinha is only a nickname. He was born on the 14th day of December 1996 to his parents, Mr and Mrs Maninho Belloli. The Footballer’s birthplace is the city of Porto Alegre, southern Brazil.

Raphinha’s parents had him at a very young age, and it appears his father is of different nationality. The young-looking Dad (Maninho) is Italian while his mum is Brazilian. As observed, the footballer took after his mum’s gene – which appears the strongest in his family.

Meet Raphinha’s parents. Are you surprised his Dad is white?
Meet Raphinha’s parents. Are you surprised his Dad is white?

Growing-Up Years:

Raphael Dias Belloli AKA Raphinha spent his childhood days in Restinga. This is a humble neighbourhood in Porto Alegre. It is one of those Brazilian needy communities who have citizens that have won in life through sport. The Leeds United footballer is no different. He was among those kids who benefited from such football schemes.

Raphinha’s Family Background:

In Restinga, the Belloli household are famous for producing soccer talents. Our very own Raphinha bears that famous surname. The Bellolis operates a middle-class family, and they centre their occupation around football. In that sporting household, Raphinha is the luckiest of his generation. The Brazilian footballer has seen success the most in the beautiful game.

Truth is, there are no rags to riches story to Raphinha’s Biography except the fact that he suffered a lot to become a footballer. Hence, his household lived and fared as average Brazilian citizens.

Raphinha’s Family Origin:

The footballer comes from the biggest sub-urban neighbourhood of Brazil’s Porto Alegre. Do you remember this city?… it is the home to football legend – Ronaldinho.

This is where Raphinha's family comes from.
This is where Raphinha’s family comes from.

Raphinha has his family roots from Restinga, a home to 27 different shanty-towns. The area has a popular slum area called Ilhota. Despite coming from that neighbourhood, the footballer wasn’t that poor as his hard working Dad never made that happen. Research has it that Mr Maninho Belloli, alongside members of his family (including Raphinha), have Italian citizenship.

Education and Career Buildup:

Raphinha, like most aspiring football kids, never went through the normal schooling system. The youngster received soccer education from Monte Castelo. This is one of the main floodplain teams of the Restinga fields.

Lots of young people who passed through this football school became professionals. Although Raphinha is the most successful of them. Thanks to the footballing family roots, everyone already knew the quality he possessed. Even as a boy, Raphinha did feature with adults on floodplain games. Back then, he disgraced big boys with the act of dribbling and scoring goals.

Raphinha Untold Football Story:

As the youngster grew, he kept his trade of helping his team win almost everything. Back then, Raphinha style of play attracted lots of attention from football elites. They would usually come to appreciate upcoming soccer stars from his hometown. Among such were legends like Ronaldinho.

As first, the skinny youngster became scared of meeting the football legend. The first encounter with Ronaldinho was like seeing a superhero from a comic book. As Raphinha thought everything was going on well, little did he know hard times were coming his way.

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The day he met his Idol. The youngster felt he was reading a comic book.
The day he met his Idol. The youngster felt he was reading a comic book.

The Rejection Story:

As a boy, it was Raphinha’s dream to play with Sport Club Internacional. This is one of the most popular football club in Porto Alegre. Unfortunately, such wishes never came to pass. The big club rejected Raphinha (three times) for being too skinny.

Pleas to the club on a possible reason for his re-inclusion fell into deaf ears. Even Raphinha’s agent told Internacional to see reasons; that the best players in the world are short, sighting Lionel Messi as a case study. Still, the soccer power house refused to accept poor Raphinha.

Maninho Belloli, his Dad and other family members encouraged him to not give up. In no time, Raphinha summed up courage and set out for another journey. He travelled for 7 hours (Porto Alegre to Santa Catarina) in a search for greener pastures. In his own words;

After the rejection, I left Restinga in Porto Alegre early as early as possible. I faced hours on the bus, having eaten practically nothing.

Raphinha Biography – Road to Fame Story:

At the end of the tunnel came hope. Avaí Futebol Clube, a Brazilian football team in Santa Catarina, opened doors for him. Their coach cared for the skinny boy. There, Raphinha started a smooth professional career.

Raphinha finally settled at an academy that treated him like family.
Raphinha finally settled at an academy that treated him like family.

In February 2016, Avaí began having issues of paying wages to their employees. This saw them making the hard decision of selling their precious jewel (Raphinha) to Europe.

Shockingly, Deco – the former Chelsea and FC Barca star helped Raphinha to Europe. He became the agent behind his transfer to Portuguese side Vitória Guimarães.

Deco played an important role in Raphinha's career.
Deco played an important role in Raphinha’s career.

Raphinha Bio – Success Story:

Leaving family behind and dealing with new culture was an exceptional learning experience. The Brazilian could adapt as he endured a meteoric rise in Portugal. In his first season, Raphinha won the 2017 Vitória Guimarães Breakthrough Player of the Year award.

Around May 2018, the club transferred him to Sporting CP, the home of Cristiano Ronaldo’s youthful days. In his new abode, Raphinha went from strength to strength. This was clear as he alongside Bruno Fernandes helped the Green and Whites win both Taça de Portugal and Taça da Liga.

There was indeed some glory days at Sporting.
There was indeed some glory days at Sporting.

Because of the need to have a taste of French culture, Raphinha secured another dream move. This time, to Rennes – a club he helped get to a third place Ligue 1 finish and a Champions League qualification.

Instead of reaping the fruits of his labour, the next season with Rennes, Raphinha moved on. He followed his heart – this time, out of respect. Raphinha honoured Leeds United’s call from Marcelo Bielsa. Don’t forget, he is one of Football’s greatest managers.

At the time of writing his Biography, Raphinha’s resilience remains unmatched. He is a big player for Leeds United- one of the most traditional English teams. The Brazilian’s partnership with goal scoring Patrick Bamford is excellent. His forward combo with winger – Jack Harrison – has produced many brilliant moments. Without doubt, Raphinha has seen success everywhere football led him to. The rest, as we say, is history.

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Who is Raphinha’s Girlfriend? … Does he have a Wife or Child?

After becoming famous, it is only normal for fans to expect him to declare the woman of his life. At the dawn of 2021, we realize the winger is still single but appears ready to mingle privately. This implies Raphinha might have a girlfriend whom he considers his wife and the mother of his kids.

Personal Life Facts:

To any footballer, it is not easy to transfer practically four times in an interval of two years. But why is it so easy for Raphinha to adapt quickly in a foreign country? In this section, we’ll tell you more about his personality off the pitch.

Foremost, the onetime rejected boy draws strength in his humble history from Restinga to the Premier League. Raphinha adapts because he made a promise to his family on making them live their dreams through him. He never takes failure for an option. In the words of Raphinha;

Every day, I tell myself that it’s not just about my dream. It is that of my parents, siblings and relatives.

These are those who knew what I went through and have been with me from the beginning. I always take the name – Restinga – wherever I go. Lots of people know my name, but NOT my history.

Raphinha Lifestyle Facts:

For the South American, happiness comes in waves. Rather than flashing exotic cars, Raphinha prefers to make public his seaside exploits.

This is how he spends his soccer monies.
This is how he spends his soccer monies.

With over five years of professional experience (starting from 2015), it is fair to say he is super rich. We estimate the Raphinha’s net worth to be around 3 million pounds.

Raphinha’s Family Life:

In the household of Maninho Belloli, love flows strong and deep. It sometimes gives them a nostalgic feeling of how they’ve come a long way. Here, Raphinha takes his Dad, Mum and Brother to enjoy the scenery and sunshine of Catalunya – in Barcelona.

Family times are happy times for the Brazilian.
Family times are happy times for the Brazilian.

In this section, we’ll tell you more facts about his parents and family members. Without further ado, let’s shoot.

About Raphinha’s Father:

Upon seeing the photo of his young Dad, many fans have asked … Is Raphinha adopted? We’ve made out research, and the answer is No! At the time of writing his Bio, Raphinha’s Dad should be in his 40s.

Some of Maninho’s relatives are Italian. He is super proud of Raphinha’s use of football to bless his household. Seeing how both father and son fit, it takes a special someone to be a young Dad like Maninho.

The feeling of you are still young and you have a son that is very successful.
The feeling of you are still young and you have a son that is very successful.

About Raphinha’s Mother:

The Leeds United footballer would love his wife the most, his father the best and his mum the longest. She does the work of teaching him how to prepare and face challenges as they happen. Raphinha’s mum is Brazilian by origin.

Meet Raphinha's mum. They look very compatible.
Meet Raphinha’s mum. They look very compatible.

About Raphinha’s Brother:

According to GloboeSporteGlobo, the footballer has a brother who lives in Brazil. He only gets to see him mostly during holidays. It appears his older brother didn’t take football as an occupation.

About Raphinha’s Relatives:

Let’s start with his grandparents. Raphinha’s Grandfather name is Osmar, better known as Italiano. He played his football in the 1960s. His uncle Seu Osmar played at Brazil’s Monte Castelo. He also featured with Cobal, another traditional team from the family’s neighborhood.

More interesting, another of Raphinha’s uncle, Dudu, played for Inter Milan. This relative is very close to his Dad, Maninho. Both played football together during their childhood days in the Restinga floodplain.

Raphinha Untold Facts:

Fact #1- The agony of Monte Castelo, his Childhood Club:

This is the tale of a frustrated academy where Raphinha learnt football. Their agony is that when other football bodies mention clubs involved in Raphinha’s career, they ignore Monte Castelo. According to its spokesperson;

FIFA never recognized us that formed the footballer. Back then, we went to his family home early hours, taking Raphinha by the hand, and put him in a van to go for training. As a child, we got uniform, shoes and balls to make his progression possible.

We are the ones who brought Raphinha up and not others who caught him already polished. We are small training team that need some of his transfer funds.

Fact #2- Comparing his Salary to the Average Brazilian Citizen:

TENURE/EARNINGSSalary Breakdown in Pounds (£)Salary Breakdown in Brazilian real (R$)
Per Year:£3,124,800R$22,448,322
Per Month:£260,400R$1,870,693
Per Week:£60,000R$431,035
Per Day:£8,571R$61,576
Per Hour:£357R$2,565
Per Minute:£5.9R$43
Per Seconds:£0.09R$0.7
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Since you started viewing Raphinha‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Typically, a person working in Brazil earns approximately 8,560 BRL monthly. Such citizen needs to work for 18 years and two months to earn Raphinha’s monthly salary.

Fact #3- Tattoo Facts:

Raphinha Tattoos tells alot about his history.
Raphinha Tattoos tells alot about his history.

Saying he has just a few inks is a massive understatement. The Soccer star has a plethora of carefully crafted tattoos. They are nearly everywhere on his arm, legs and back – with each telling a unique story of his history.

Fact #4- Giving back to his Neighbourhood:

While doing that, the Leeds United winger urged children never give up on their dreams, and run after what is theirs. This is because the only person who can make their dream come true are themselves and nobody else.

Fact #5- FIFA Stats:

Raphinha is one of those footballers who enjoys a speed boost in the football simulation video game. The sharp winger shares similar overall ratings with Richarlison but lesser potential. Thanks to his pace and agility, Raphinha is definitely a sure buy for FIFA manager mode lovers.


The Biography of Raphinha – the Leeds United footballer – teaches us one thing. That it takes lots of courage to push through hard times. As observed in our write up, the Brazilian never abandoned his dreams after facing rejection.

Today, he alongside Carlos Vinicius (fellow brother) has seen success in their debut season in England. The first Premier League goal for Raphinha (against Everton) came early. It confirms a fact that he can adapt to the toughest league in the world.

It behoves us to commend Raphinha’s family for making him understand that he can’t change what already happened to him. This gave him the power to move on, let go and get over it. Today, his parents, bother and others who stood by him now share in his football glory.

Dear readers, thanks for your time on this memoir. Kindly let share in the comment section, your thoughts on the Leeds footballer or any observation that doesn’t look good in our write up. To get a quick summary of Raphinha’s Bio, use our table summary.

Full Names:Raphael Dias Belloli.
Date of Birth:14th day of December 1996.
City of Birth:Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Age:24 years and 4 months old.
Parents:Maninho Belloli (Father). Mother is unknown.
Family Origin:Restinga, Brazil.
Height in meters:1.76 m
Height in feet: 5 ft 9 inches.
Playing position:Winger.

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