Alex Telles Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Fact

Alex Telles Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Fact

Our Biography of Alex Telles tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Wife, Cars, Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Personal Life.

In simple terms, we have here, the Life Story of the Brazilian footballer right from his early days to when he became famous. Now, behold is his early life to rise print- it displays a clear summary of Alex Telles Bio.

Yes, not many fans know about the struggles he overcame to become an excellent player. More so, maybe, you only got to know the Brazilian during the transfer market. We are here to tell his story and without further ado, let’s begin.

Alex Telles Childhood Story:

For Biography Starters, his full names are Alex Nicolao Telles. Alex was born on the 15th day of December 1992 to his father, Jose Telles and mother, Claudete Telles in the city of Caxias do Sul, Brazil.

The Brazilian footballer came to the world as the youngest of two children born of the union between his parents who could probably be in their early 60s. Without them, there will be no Alex.

Early on, little Alex was graced with so much love from his parents and elder sister. Moreso, he could hardly spend a day or two without getting candies or toys from his family.

Back then, the young lad was swift in running that you would think he was Usain Bolt in disguise. His speed was somewhat unbelievable that his friends could hardly get a hold of him. Here is a rare view of the energetic boy who never knew he was going to be this great in life.

Alex Telles Family Background:

Contrary to your perception, Telles’ parents had not always been wealthy. He grew up in a middle-class Family Background. However, his household was contented with all they had. Hence, life became much better for them.

Growing-Up Years:

As a kid, Telles shared an unfathomable bond with every member of his household. The truth is, his sister could hardly bear the sight of seeing him cry. Hence, she acted as an overprotective elder sibling and did her best to protect him especially from bullies. Here is the Big Sister who has always got his back from their childhood days.

Alex Telles Family Origin:

It is often said that an apple does not fall far from the apple tree. In the same manner, Alex did not fall short of his ancestors’ characteristics. As we all know, Brazil has graced the world with players of unmatched skills, and Telles is not left out of the list.

There is no doubt that Telles’ Family is deeply rooted in Caxias do Sul where he was born. However, his Ethnicity is not only limited to Brazil but also includes Italy because his great grandparents are Italian.

Do you know?… Alex Telles place of Origin, Caxias do Sul is the second-largest city in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil. It is an industrial town, created by the Italian immigrants of the 19th century.

How Alex Telles Football Expedition Began:

The young Brazilian did not develop a sudden love for football. Instead, he gradually picked interest in the exceptionality of his friends who played street soccer. By the time Telles was 8, he became fully convinced that he would break all odds to become a revered football professional. Hence, he tagged along with his peers to play street soccer.

A few years of playing on the streets saw Telles into enrolling at Esporte Clube Juventude youth academy in 2007. Seeing that he found fulfilment in playing football at the academy, Telles channelled his entire energy into building his skills. Our team reveals his earliest achievements with Esporte Clube Juventude youth academy.

Alex Telles Early Career Life:

Believe it or not, the Brazilian trained hard for many years before gaining the privilege to play in prestigious matches. When the time got right he, at 18 debuted for his first professional club (Juventude). The youngster launched his professional career with a showcase his skills, a feat that helped Juventude win the 2011 and 2012 Copa FGF.

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Barely a year after showing off his exceptionality, Telles was transferred to Gremio where he won the Best Left-back award more than two times. Subsequently, he joined Galatasaray in 2014 and helped the club to cling onto many trophies including Super Lig, Turkish Cup and Turkish Super Cup.

Alex Telles Road To Fame Story:

After achieving so much at a young age, the Brazilian began to attract top teams. On one occasion in 2015, Telles was rumoured to be the best option for replacing Filipe Luis at Chelsea. However, the English club did not pull through with any deal. That of course, left him disappointed.

Again, just when he was achieving more for Galatasaray did the tides of loan swoop him away from the club. It took Telles a great deal of endurance to familiarise with Inter Milan, who signed him for a one-year loan in 2015. Things got complicated as he did not meet his beloved Galatasaray coach, Roberto Mancini, at his new club.

Alex Telles Success Story:

At Inter Milan, fortune found Telles as he signed a €6.5 million contract deal with FC Porto in the month of July 2016. Of course, joining the Portuguese side gave him more playing time and exposure. Hence, Alex Telles ended up winning Primeira Liga’s Defender of the Month and other many awards as well as trophies at FC Porto.

Fast forward to the time of writing Alex Telles Bio, he is no doubt, one of the most underrated defenders in the world. Despite that, his impact is still felt at FC Porto to date.

Worthy of mention, his entire family are grateful that Brazil finally acknowledged Alex Telles’s football prowess in 2019. Hence, Telles made his debut for his country on the 23rd day of March 2019. The rest of him, as they say, is history.

Playing for Brazil is one of Telles greatest achievement.
Playing for Brazil is one of Telles greatest achievement.

Alex Telles Relationship Life:

Unlike Gabriel Magalhaes since 2020, Telles has an active love-life. In fact, he seemed to be wholly immersed in an ocean of love with his girlfriend turned wife. Results from our study indicate he has only been linked to one woman since his childhood to date. Am sure you must be curious to know who the lucky woman in his Bio is. Read on!

About Alex Telles Wife:

Their love story is without doubt, pretty fascinating. The Brazilian has often leveraged on his Instagram page to share the photo of his beautiful wife, Priscila Minuzzo.

What’s more? Alex and his wife tied the knot at St. Pelegrin church on the 6th day of June 2018. Since then, the couples have loved each other than what is obtainable in soap-opera. Here is a glimpse of Alex Telles wedding with Priscila Minuzzo.

Come on! I hope other upcoming Brazilian stars like Vinicius Junior would learn from his relationship life. Less I forget, it appears Telles has a child at the time of writing his Bio. The chances of him having a son is very high as he has consistently showcase a little boy’s photo as part of his family. Could this be Alex Telles’ son?

Alex Telles Family Life:

Good home training does breed outstanding personalities. Believe it or not, Telles Life Story wouldn’t have been fulfilling if not for the earliest lessons he received from his parents. Now let’s tell you more about his family members starting with his parents.

About Alex Telles’ Father:

The Brazilian’s dad, Jose Telles is a significant source of his prolific football prowess. Don’t get too surprised if I tell you that Jose was once a footballer too. However, he gave up soccer at age 19 to focus on his job as an assistant mechanic to meet up to his family needs. Meet Alex Telles’ father, Jose Telles as he wears a smile from chin to chin.

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Did you know?… Telles first goal for Gremio came because of the motivation he received from his father. In a feat of being grateful to his father for motivating his first goal, Alex Telles remarked;

“Being a player is a dream. my dad didn’t realize I’m living for him. I’m happy to accomplish that goal.”

Believe it when I tell you that Alex Telles’s father Jose Telles is still fit, even in his old age. Interestingly, he once took part and completed a 15km marathon at the age of 61. Check out the great sportsman of a dad.

About Alex Telles’ Mother:

Great mums have produced successful sons and she is no exception. The mum-son bond that exit between Alex Telles and his mom, Claudete is unbreakable. The Porto player often takes to his Instagram and Facebook pages to talk about his profound love for his mom. Meet her again Claudete Telles, as she wears a smile from chin to chin.

Alex does infuse lovely words in his mum’s photo captions, which declares her as the best mother in the world. You see, Claudete Telles supports her son’s career. Frequently, she goes to the stadium to watch him play live matches. No doubt, his mum appears to be his number fan.

About Alex Telles’ Sister:

Thanks to his elder sister, Hellen, Telles did enjoy a blissful childhood. Even though the siblings may have their differences, they have supported each other beyond people’s imaginations.

Interestingly, Telles sister has always watched out for him since they were little. Hence, he did not feel the need of having a brother. Pictured below, both brother and sister share an unbreakable bond.

About Alex Telles Relatives:

One of the driving forces that have kept him focused is his extended family. Over time, the young lad has received so much compliment from his cousins, uncles and aunts who have motivated him. Hence, he tries his best to avoid disappointing his relatives.

However, Telles has not talked about his paternal grandfather and grandmother. We hope he gets to share their story with the world soon.

Alex Telles Personal Life:

Talk about footballers who are confident of their capabilities, and I will point out Alex. The FC Porto defender is not scared of facing any challenge head-on. Aside from playing football, he loves music. Surprised? The FC Porto defender is good with singing beautiful songs. Who knows, he may have delved into singing if soccer had failed him.

Right from his early days, Telles developed the habit of visiting beaches. Even in his glory days, the Brazilian still takes some time out with friends to relax on beaches and yachts. Sometimes, he engages himself in surfing the waves with his board.

Alex Telles Lifestyle:

Believe it or not, Telles has proved beyond all doubt that he lives a cheerful life. Although he has amassed enormous wealth for himself, he is not compelled to display the making of his luxurious Lifestyle. However, he considers his relationship with loved ones to be his greatest asset that is irreplaceable.

Alex Telles Net Worth:

Playing for different world-renowned clubs spells significant financial proceedings for Telles. In fact, in the year 2020, Alex Telles’ net worth is estimated to be around €40 million. At FC Porto, the Brazilian earns an estimated annual gross salary of €2 million.

Alex Telles House and Cars:

Because Telles plays in his Country League, it has become easier for him to own his own luxurious house and cars. However, he is not interested in sharing the pictures of his expensive assets on social media.

Alex Telles Facts:

To round up our the Biography, here are some few truths that would help you get a complete grasp of his life story.

Fact #1: His Salary Breakdown Earning Per Seconds:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds
Per Year€2,000,000
Per Month€166,667
Per Week€38,402
Per Day€5,486
Per Hour€229
Per Minute€3.8
Per Seconds€0.06
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Again, we’ve strategically analyzed Alex Telles earnings as the clock ticks. Please, look at his salary per second and see how much he has earned since you came here.

This is what Alex Telles has earned since you began viewing his Bio.


Fact #2: Ambassador of the Os Maiores Pequenos Heróis project:

In quest of winning the ferocious war against cancer, Telles was appointed the Ambassador of the Os Maiores Pequenos Heróis project in 2018. Because of his philanthropic nature, he did accept the responsibility in good fate with the aim of saving many lives from their dreadful ailment.

A few years before Telles received the honour, he showed great interest in helping cancer patient. In one of his so many visits to affected individuals, he remarked;

“Visited the Children’s Cancer Institute! Their smile is the best retribution! Learnt a great lesson of life from this visit today!”

Fact #3: Alex Telles Dogs:

One thing that turned out to be similar between him and his entire family is their love for dogs. He could hardly go a day without playing with his pet. In case you don’t know, the FC Porto star has two dogs who mean a lot to him. His love for dogs is unfathomable.

Fact #4: Alex Telles Tattoos:

There is no denying the fact that Telles has inked lots of tattoos on his body. For those of you that have consistently watched him play, am sure you may have probably admired his glamouring tattoos inked on his left arm. See how he unconsciously display his tattoo.

Indeed, his perspective about inking is similar to that from that of his fellow Brazilian footballer, Anderson Talisca.

Fact #5: Alex Telles Religion:

Everybody knows that Brazil is a religious country with most of its citizens practising Catholicism. Like Ferran Torres and Quique Setien, Telles is a Catholic who loves his Christian faith. He has often uploaded some pictures of himself designed in a background that contains Our Lady’s (Mary, the mother of Jesus).

Do you know?… Alex Telles did not select his jersey number 13 out of coincidence. Rather, he chose the number in honour of Mary’s apparition, which happened in Portugal on the 13th day of each month (from May to October) in 1917.

Fact #6: Excellent Fifa Rating:

Alex Telles’ performance has compelled Fifa to rank him almost at the same level as Marcelo and Dan Alves. No Doubt, he would be a great defence line if Telles ever takes the deal to play alongside Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, and Lindelof. Check out his stats below, the guy has got nearly everything.


To get a quick summary of his Bio, here is a table that displays his Alex Telles profile.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Alex Nicolao Telles
Date of Birth: 15th December 1992
Place of Birth:Caxias do Sul
Father:Jose Telles
Mother:Claudete Telles
Siblings:Hellen Telles
Wife:Priscila Minuzzo
Market Value:€40.00m
Estimated Annual Salary:€2 million
Profession:Football player
Hobbies:Singing and Surfing
Height:1.81m (in meters) and 5′ 11″ (in feet)


Finally, we ought to know that no one would help us realize our dreams except us. Let’s learn from Alex Telles life story and work our way to the heights of our career. Remember, you would never achieve your dreams until you try to do so. We are grateful to Alex Telles’ parents and big sister for contributing to his outstanding personality.

Having spent much time on Alex Telles Biography, we’ve decided to end it here. Keep in mind that our team often strives hard to provide you with quality content. However, if you find anything that doesn’t seem right with this Bio of Telles, Kindly contact us.

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