Andrey Arshavin Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Andrey Arshavin Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LifeBogger presents the Full Story of an Arsenal Football Legend best known by the Nickname; ‘Shava.

Our version of Andrey Arshavin’s Biography Facts, including his Childhood Story, brings you a full account of the notable events of his boyhood days.

Lifebogger then proceeds to tell you how Arshavin became famous.

The analysis of the Legendary ex-Arsenal footballer involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little-known facts about him. Let us begin. 

Andrey Arshavin Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

Andrey Arshavin Childhood Photo.
A cute photo of Andrey Arshavin in his Childhood.

For Biography starters, Andrey Sergeyevich Arshavin was born on 29 May 1981 in Saint Petersburg to Sergey Arshavin (his father) and Tatiana Arshavina (his mother).

He survived an accident that could have killed him when he was hit by a car as a child. His parents divorced when he was 12; it was a time when he needed them both together.

Having to stick with his mom had its own consequences, as his mother was poor.

Andrey had to sleep on the floor of a cramped flat with his mother. He had his dream of becoming a footballer right from childhood.

Fortunately, his dad remembered him and had to come to help him continue with his dreams.

It was his father who persuaded him to pursue a career in football after his own failure to become a professional football player.

Andrey Arshavin Biography – Football Story:

This is young Andrey Arshavin (middle), a captain and leader - in his childhood days.
This is young Andrey Arshavin (middle), a captain and leader – in his childhood days.

Young Arshavin began playing football at an early age at seven years of age. His dad enrolled him in the Smena football academy of Zenit, his hometown club.

Arshavin was made to consider academics a bigger priority while paying attention to football on a part-time basis.

Because of this, he attended nearby schooling close to the football academy. He was meant to read his books and play football at the same time.

As time progressed, with him mastering the act of the game, his love for football grew while his love for education depreciated.

At some point, he could no longer focus on academics. His neglect of academics often led to bad behaviour.

According to Andrey,

“I behaved badly at school. When I was in the second grade, I tore down the registering journal of the class just because I didn’t want to attend classes. 

It was this incident that got me expelled.” 

He had to go back to the academy to join his football friends. He was the smallest child and also the captain among his pairs. Soon, he became a hometown football hero.

Andrey Arshavin Biography – Career in Summary:

Arshavin made his debut in professional soccer on August 2, 2000. Ironically, it happened on English soil. The 19-year-old replaced veteran Andrey Kobelev during Zenit’s 3-0 win over Bradford City in the Intertoto Cup.

The youngster had to wait another year to become a regular in the St. Petersburg team’s starting eleven.

In all, he spent eight seasons with Zenit, scoring 71 goals and delivering 100 assists in 281 appearances in Russian and international competitions.

He became a hero for St. Pete fans, who nicknamed him “Shava” and the real symbol of the club from the Northern Capital.

He was named Russia’s Soccer Player of the Year in 2006. It was Arshavin’s next two years with the club – when Dutch coach Dick Advocaat took charge – which turned out to be the most successful.

He has since his early years as a fan of FC Barcelona and never denied the fact he dreams of playing for the Catalan club. It was Arsenal who stole his heart.

Andrey Arshavin Family Life:

He was born into a typical working-class family. His father, Sergey Arshavin, played as an amateur footballer.

Tatiana Arshavina is the mother of Russian football player Andrei Arshavina. Sergey Arshavin died of heart failure at age 40.

Who is Yulia Arshavina? Andrey Arshavin Ex-Wife:

Yulia Arshavina, born on 3 June 1985 (age 32), was Andrey Arshavin’s first wife. They married in 2004 and divorced in 2013.

The former Arsenal player had three kids with her – Arseniy Arshavin, Artem Arshavin and daughter Yana Arshavina. 

This is Yulia Arshavina and her kids with Arshavin.
This is Yulia Arshavina and her kids with Arshavin.

After their divorce, Arshavin went blank. Sadly, for more than three years, they almost did not communicate, and he didn’t see his kids.

Yulia did not prevent him from doing so. Instead, it was Arshavin who didn’t make the push. He only sent money and gifts.

Alice Catimini – Andrey Arshavin Wife after Yulia:

It was reported that three years after his divorce, Arshavin decided to get married again. His decision came after reuniting with his kids from his former wife.

He tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart, Alice Catimini. The lovers got married on September 1, 2016, in Saint Petersburg.

Meet Alice Catimini.
Meet Alice Catimini.
The ceremony was attended by only the closest people, including children from Alice’s first marriage. It is also known that Alice changed her name, becoming Arshavina.

Untold Facts:

In the final section of Andrey Arshavin’s Bio, we’ll explain facts you might not know about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Andrey Arshavin Bio – The Politician:

In 2007, he took part in the elections as a candidate for the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg for the party United Russia. The soccer player won the elections but gave up his mandate later.

His constituent renamed his luxury village “Arshavinka” after the ex-Arsenal playmaker. This was a result of the love they had for him.

A Writer:

Andrey Arshavin is a writer who has three books in his resume: “Euro-2008. Guus and His Team. The Diary of Andrey Arshavin”; “We did it! The Story of the Great Victory”; and “Arshavin, including one titled 555 Questions and Answers on Women, Money, Politics and Football.


He is also involved in charity work. Arshavin accepted the offer to become the Ambassador of SOS Children’s Villages in the town of Pushkin, near St. Petersburg.

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