Sergio Oliveira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Sergio Oliveira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Sergio Oliveira Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife (Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira), Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, we present the Footballer’s Full History, one who eliminated Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus from the 2020/2021 Champions League. This story begins from his boyhood days to when he achieved success in the game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on Sergio Oliveira’s Bio’s engaging nature, we have prepared his early life and rise gallery. Without questions, it tells his Football Story.

The Biography of Sergio Oliveira. Behold the Early Life and Rise of the FC Porto's footballer.
The Biography of Sergio Oliveira. Behold the Early Life and Rise of the FC Porto’s footballer.

Yes, you and I remember Sergio Oliveira for being that FC Porto player who turned into a dragon in Turin. That night, he scored a brace that eliminated Juventus from the 2021 Champions League knockout stages.

Despite his name’s immense honour, we realize that only a few know Sergio Oliveira’s Bio. We have taken out time to prepare it for you. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Sergio Oliveira Childhood Story:

Sergio Oliveira was just a few months old in this picture. His face didn't change at all.
Sergio Oliveira was just a few months old in this picture. His face didn’t change at all.

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Turin’s Dragon. Sérgio Miguel Relvas de Oliveira was born on the 2nd day of June 1992 to his mother, Rosália Oliveira and father, Manuel Oliveira. The midfielder’s birthplace is Paços de Brandão, a municipal in Portugal.

According to research, Sergio Oliveira is the younger among two sons (himself and Victor Hugo Oliveira), born of the union between his happy-looking parents. His Mum and Dad have been married together and living peacefully for more than 30 years.

Meet Sérgio Oliveira's parents - His ever smiling mother, Rosália and father, Manuel Oliveira.
Meet Sérgio Oliveira’s parents – His ever smiling mother, Rosália and father, Manuel Oliveira.

Growing Up:

Sergio spent his childhood years alongside his older brother, Victor Hugo Oliveira. He didn’t just accumulate youthful memories with his big sibling. The Portuguese also had a blissful upbringing with more senior members of this complete family structure.

These people - his household members - make him complete.
These people – his household members – make him complete.

Sergio Oliveira Family Background:

Many footballers, whom we’ve written their Bio, experienced any of the three certainties of life. They are; a humble, happy or rough upbringing. Sergio Oliveira has no rags to riches story. He comes from a comfortable middle-class Portuguese household.

Sergio Oliveira Family Origin:

The Midfielder has lived most of his life around the Porto area. The city is the closest to the place of his family origin. Sergio Oliveira is a native of Paços de Brandão, a town that is 24 minutes or 26km away from Porto.

Sergio Oliveira Family are natives of Paços de Brandão, a town near Porto.
Sergio Oliveira Family are natives of Paços de Brandão, a town near Porto.

Education and Career Buildup:

Sergio Oliveira went to a modest school in Paços de Brandãos. Porto’s Metropolitan Area is the location of his school. Research has it that he got educated until his 12th year. At that time, a total commitment to his academic career took over.

Sergio Oliveira Football Story:

We can spot him in the middle of the photo, taken during his youthful days.
We can spot him in the middle of the photo, taken during his youthful days.

The journey started when he was age eight, at the turn of the new millennium. The early 2000s was a happy year for the Oliveira family. One as one of their own successfully secured admission to play with Paços de Brandão local team.

Recognizing his only ambition in life was to become a footballer, everyone in the family, including relatives, gave out helping hands to see his dreams come true. Among those were his big brother, Vítor, and uncle, Agostinho.

Sergio Oliveira vividly remembers how they transported him (to and fro) from their family home to Paços de Brandão’s training centre located in Santa Maria da Feira, district of Aveiro.

Early Life with Academy Football:

Not knowing how to get himself to the training ground (alone) DID NOT take away his maturity on the pitch. Back in the days, Sergio Oliveira was the brightest among his peers.

Often called a workaholic on the field, the boy had a work rate for someone much older than his age. In an interview, Manuel, his father once said;

Sérgio is always running outside the limits of what as expected by Luís André, the club’s psychologist.

Thou he went the advice giving to him but more importantly, it helped him have stability and his feet on ground.

Champions League Revelations:

As soon as Sergio Oliveira’s 10-man Porto dumped Juventus out of the 2021 Champions League knockout, his old club released a video. The content explains Sergio’s amazing childhood days. Thankfully, it has helped us buttress our story of him. Here is the video below.

Sergio Oliveira Biography – Road to Fame Story:

The midfielder’s talent took him quickly to FC Porto in the year 2002 – aged 10. Our research found out that Sporting CP also fought for Sergio’s signature, which did not materialize after several attempts.

After several pleas, Sergio Oliveira’s parents rejected the move. They did that because Alcochete, which is Academia Sporting location, is very far (2 hr 46 min or 309 km) from their family home.

FC Porto Academy Graduation:

After a brief loan youth spell with Padroense (loan), Sergio went back to Porto youth, where he successfully graduated from their academy.

On the 17th day of October 2009, he became the club’s youngest player to appear for the first team. Sergio achieved this impressive feat at the age of 17 years, four months and 15 days.

The Frustrating Loan Years:

Despite showing so much promise during his early senior career, FC Porto’s coach (Jesualdo Ferreira) didn’t see him worthy of being a first-team player. For this reason, poor Sergio began the journey of a lengthy loan spell.

Sergio went through some frustrating time in his early senior career years.
Sergio went through some frustrating time in his early senior career years.

Sergio Oliveira’s Porto exile saw him spending the most youth time of his senior career with different clubs. Even the likes of André Villas-Boas and the host of other FC Porto managers who came after Jesualdo Ferreira kept sending him back on loan.

To make matters worst, Sergio played for more than four clubs via loan before returning, in 2012, to FC Porto B instead of their senior team. Playing for the reserve side of FC Porto and not with the big boys became very frustrating.

The Final Loan Breakthrough:

Still feeling his talent needs more room to grow, the poor boy still got labelled as a surplus to senior team requirements. It was at this time that Sergio felt he had accumulated enough. He left FC Porto and signed for Paços de Ferreira.

At his new club, the midfield star experienced the first breakthrough of his senior career. We have one of his goals in the video below. During this time, FC Porto began asking for forgiveness.

Sergio Oliveira Bio – The Success Story:

FC Porto claimed they never lost sight of him even when they considered him surplus to their requirements. Two years later, Sergio Oliveira returned to his former club – this time, like a boss.

Arriving at FC Porto, he became the key player in winning the prestigious Primeira Liga trophy. Sergio remembers this victory as he celebrated it in front of his family, who is pictured below.

The footballers’ success continued as Sergio, in no time, got a Portuguese national team call up by manager Fernando Santos.

On the other side of affairs, he began deploying leadership qualities – one that helped his team cement the Taça de Portugal and Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira titles.

Sergio Oliviera has achieved so much for FC Porto.
Sergio Oliviera has achieved so much for FC Porto.

Did you know?… nearly all his records are relatively unknown to many non-Portuguese football fans. The truth is, Oliveira achieved the best of his career in the 2020 – 2021 season.

It happened on a blessed day, precisely on the 9th day of March 2021. On that day, he announced his name to the global football world. Sérgio Oliveira sinks Pirlo’s men by miraculously scoring a brace to ensure his ten-man Porto eliminate Juventus from the 2021 Champions League knockout.

Sergio Oliveira goals saw Cristiano Ronaldo packing his bags to join Lionel Messi – as they both suffered unexpected exits in the 2021 Champions League round of 16 knockout stages.

Sergio Oliviera eliminated FC Porto from the Champions League.
Sergio Oliviera eliminated FC Porto from the Champions League.

So far, this is the most significant achievement in his European career. Memories of his night at Turin would forever remain in his heart of this man. The rest, as we say, of his Biography is history.

Sergio Oliveira’s Love Life with Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira:

Meet Sergio Oliviera's Wife, Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira.
Meet Sergio Oliviera’s Wife, Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira.

Behind the successful Portuguese footballer is a beautiful woman with a great personality. She is no other than his girlfriend turned wife, Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira. She celebrates her birthday every 22nd of August.

Who is Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira, Sergio Oliveira’s Wife:

She is a born a Catholic in Porto and grew up alongside her brother, Tatiana Gonçalves Pereira. Cristiana is a Portuguese lawyer with a degree from the Catholic University of Porto.

She is known by her fans as someone with beauty and brains. In addition to having a law degree, Cristiana Pereira also has a master’s degree in Corporate and business law and the Catholic University of Porto.

Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira isn't just a woman of beauty but brains as well.
Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira isn’t just a woman of beauty but brains as well.

Both lovebirds (who are of similar age) are so much into each other, and Sergio himself doesn’t hide his feelings – which he regularly pours on his social media. The FC Porto man claims Cristiana’s kiss and tender torch fills his heart.

Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira has brought so much joy in his life.
Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira has brought so much joy in his life.

After dating for three and a half years, our boy finally popped the question. Around June 2019, Cristiana and Oliveira got married. The wedding mass ceremony happened at the Catholic church her parents – António Gonçalves Pereira – attends. Superstars Rúben Neves and Bruno Fernandes were the biggest football guest in attendance.

Sergio Oliveira wedding photo.
Sergio Oliveira wedding photo.

Sergio Oliveira Personal Life:

You probably got to know him when he dealt with Juventus in the 2021 Champions League knockout. In this section, we’ll answer the question; Who is FC Porto’s Sergio Oliveira?

First and foremost, the midfielder, in addition to being a one-club man, also loves one city. Sergio has dedicated nearly all his life to living in his hometown (Paço de Brandão) while playing for the region’s most prominent club (FC Porto).

It will interest you. Sergio Oliveira was born, grew up and still lives in Paço de Brandão – a municipality he refers to as the best in the world.

Rather than living in Porto, where he plays football, he would prefer to drive his car from Paço de Brandão to Porto, which is approximately 20 kilometres.

Another interesting thing to note about Sergio Oliveira’s personal life is his bizarre way of removing his facial hair. As observed in the video below, he surely knows the A-Z of hair cutting tricks using scissors.

Sergio Oliveira Lifestyle:

The Portuguese midfielder sees arid landscapes as awe-inspiring as seasides. For this reason, spending football monies on taking holidays to these destinations is always a must.

We can spot the love birds – Sergio and Cristiana – enjoying what is termed an exotic lifestyle.

Sergio Oliveira's Lifestyle is made up of Vacations with his wife, Cristiana.
Sergio Oliveira’s Lifestyle is made up of Vacations with his wife, Cristiana.

Rather than showing his exotics cars and big mansions (houses) publicly, the FC Porto man prefers to reveal details of his holiday life. Professing love for each other at seasides hold such a special place in the hearts of Sergio Oliveira and his wife, Cristiana.

Sergio Oliveira Family Life:

For most of his career, the Paços de Brandão native has chosen to live at his place of birth. Sergio’s decision is a result of his close attachment to his family. In this section of our Bio, we’ll unveil to you more facts about his household.

About Sergio Oliveira Father:

The footballer defines his Dad as a differentiated person. This man is a perfect example of humility and a desirable character.

In his town (Paços de Brandão), everyone knows Mr Manuel Oliveira as someone who is always in the best mood. As observed in the pic, both enjoy a solid father-son relationship.

Everyone dreams to have a Dad like Manuel.
Everyone dreams to have a Dad like Manuel.

About Sergio Oliveira’s Mother:

Great women have produced successful soccer sons, and our very own Rosália isn’t an exception. Like her husband Manuel, she is just no different in terms of humility and goodness of the heart. No wonder Sergio fears homesickness.


Sergio Oliveira’s Sibling:

The midfielder regards Victor Hugo Oliveira, his elder brother as a special person who takes care of him. Victor works with Gestifute to manage his brother’s career. A huge sibling relationship exists between the two.

Meet Victor Hugo Oliveira. He is Sergio's elder brother.
Meet Victor Hugo Oliveira. He is Sergio’s elder brother.

Sergio Oliveira’s Grandparents:

Everyone knows that Grannies are a valuable resource because they always have many stories to tell, which comes from their own lives.

Sergio is among the few footballers we have written their Biographies – who have their parents active on social media.

Paços de Brandão (where Sergio Oliveira’s family comes from) to Estádio do Dragão (FC Porto’s homeground) is just a 23km. No wonder, it is supereasy for Granddad to come have merriment with FC Porto footballers.

Sergio Oliveira is lucky to have a Grandpa so full of life and energy.
Sergio Oliveira is lucky to have a Grandpa so full of life and energy.

Sergio Oliveira Untold Facts:

In this concluding phase of our Bio, we’ll unveil more truths about the FC Porto’s players whose brilliance eliminated Juventus from the 2021 Champions League knockout.

Fact #1 – Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

Since you started viewing Sergio Oliveira‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.

Per Year:€1,562,400
Per Month:€130,200
Per Week:€30,000
Per Day:€4,285
Every Hour:€178
Every Minute:€2.9
Every Second:€0.05

Did you know?… the average University degree holder making €46,410 (every year) would need 33.6 years to make his FC Porto annual salary.

Fact #2 – Sergio Oliveira’s Tattoo:

Both the Portuguese right and left arm contain body arts (write-ups and drawings), depicting and symbolising different things about his history.

Sergio has body art of his childhood photo and then a family member’s tattoo by his side. Also, the wheels and quotes. Having these tattoos is a way of appreciating his past.

Sergio Oliveira Tattoos and their meaning.
Sergio Oliveira Tattoos and their meaning.

Fact #3 – Net Worth and Agent:

With more than ten years of professional experience (since 2009) under his belt, it is fair to conclude that Sergio has made some decent money in football. His net worth is estimated to be around 12 million euros.

Gestifute manages Sergio, a company spearheaded by football superagent Jorge Mendes. This agent also handles the affairs of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Pereira, Gonçalo Guedes, Hélder Costa, Andre Silva and Ruben Dias etc.

Fact #4 – Sergio Oliveira Profile – FIFA:

According to his stats, he ranks among the best in the World in short power and long shots. No wonder his 2021 Champions Leagues brilliance against Turin testifies that.

As far as Portugal is concerned, Sergio Oliveira and Ruben Neves remain the best long-range shooters of their generation. In FIFA career mode, Sergio would definitely rock.

Sergio Oliveira's Profile on FIFA looks amazing.
Sergio Oliveira’s Profile on FIFA looks amazing.

Fact #5 – Sergio Oliveira Religion:

In case you didn’t know, the most predominant religion in Portugal is Christianity, mainly Catholics. As earlier written, Sergio and Cristiana got wedded in a Catholic church. Based on this premise, his chances of being a Catholic and Christianity by religion are very high.


While writing Sergio Oliveira’s Biography, we realize the true meaning of the words; Staying Power. Someone who lacks it is unlikely to succeed in football.

As you may have observed, Sergio displayed a narrow-minded resistance to dislike his beloved FC Porto even while excluded from several managers’ plans. Thanks to his actions, the club later realized their wrong.

Life would have been more challenging if not for Sergio Oliveira’s parents, siblings and partner. They saw the wars within him. Not only did they choose to stay, but they helped him fight and overcome.

You could imagine his family’s joyful feeling on the day he knocked out Ronaldo’s Juventus from the 2021 Champions League knockout. Without a doubt, Sergio Oliveira is recognized as a symbol of FC Porto.

Thank you for staying with us on the Life story of one of the Dragons most precious jewel. At Lifebogger, our team strives for accuracy and fairness in the job of delivering Stories on Portuguese footballers.

Kindly contact us if you spot something that doesn’t look nice in our version of Sergio Oliveira’s Biography. We will be glad if you let us know what you think about the midfielder in the comment section.


This table provides answers to all Biographical Inquiries relating to Sergio Oliveira.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Names:Sérgio Miguel Relvas de Oliveira CvIH
Date of Birth:2nd day of June 1992
Age:28 years and 10 months old.
Birth Place: Paços de Brandão
Nationality: Portugal
Parents:Rosália Olivera (Mother) and Manuel Olivera (Father)
Siblings: Victor Hugo Oliveira
Wife:Cristiana Gonçalves Pereira
Relatives:Tatiana Gonçalves Pereira (Brother Inlaw)
Net Worth:12 Million Euros (2021 Stats)
Religion:Christianity (Catholic)
Height:1.81 m (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in)
Youth Education:Paços Brandão (2000–2002), Porto (2002–2010) and Padroense (2007–2008)
Playing Position:Midfield

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