Mohamed Salah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Mohamed Salah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Mohamed Salah Biography provides you with full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife, Children, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

Simply put, it’s an analysis of all notable events right from his childhood days to when he became famous.

Yes, everyone knows the forward is often regarded as one of the Best African Player of his Generation.

However, only a few fans have read Mohamed Salah’s Biography, which gives a complete picture of little known happenings in his life. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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Mohamed Salah Childhood Story:

To start with, Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly was born on the 15th day of June 1992 at the village of Nagrig in Basyoun, Egypt. He was born to a little known mother and to his father – Salah Ghaly.

Young Salah grew up at his birth village Nagrig alongside his brother Nasr Salah. In fact, Salah is widely known as “the son of Nagrig” and he is the only notable resident of the village at the time of writing.

Growing up years:

Growing up in Nagrig, young Salah was 7 years old when he fell in love with football. It was a sport that he did play with his brother. In addition, Young Salah was big on watching Champions League games at the time and had legends like Brazilian Ronaldo, Zidane and Totti as his childhood idols.

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Family background:

It is worthwhile to note that Salah and his brother were not the only football lovers in their family. Their father Salah Ghaly and two uncles had history playing the sport at the youth club of Nagrig village.

Mohamed Salah Early Life in Football – The Full Story:

Unlike his dad and uncles, Salah didn’t settle for just the recreational side of football. He knew playing football was an enjoyable activity that he could transform into a rewarding career.

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Thus, he became serious with participating in football games for local club Ittihad Basyoun, had a stint with Othmason Tanta (a club outside Basyoun) and went on to begin a professional career football buildup with El Mokawloon (El Arab Contractors).

Early Years in Professional Football:

Do you know that Salah was only 14 years of age when he began his professional career buildup with El Mokawloon? As such, he was made to play for the club’s under 15 side where his talent was evident. In fact, one of El Mokawloon’s coaches at the time – Said el-Shishini had these to say about young Salah’s remarkable talents:

“He had the rare ability to torment opposition team defences by taking the ball from the middle of the field right up to the penalty area.”

Mohamed Salah Biography – Road To Fame Story:

The youngster rose through the ranks of El Mokawloon in the ensuing years such that he was able to secure an international deal that took him off the shores of Africa to play in Switzerland for Swiss side – Basel.

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It was at Basel that Salah’s performances caught the attention of English side – Chelsea F.C which he lent his signature to in 2014. He made a number of appearances for the club which sent him on loan to Fiorentina and later Roma.

Mohamed Salah Biography – Rise To Fame Story:

The then winger did well to prove his worth at Roma by leading them to a second-place finish in Serie A in his first season.

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What’s more? he was the league’s top scorer for the 2015/2016 season. Despite signing a long-term deal with ‘Roma,’ Salah couldn’t resist an offer by ‘Liverpool’ in 2017.

The Reds made him transform from a natural winger to a forward. He had no challenges with the transformation and won many awards including the Premier League Golden Boot for the 2017/2018 season.

In the following season, Salah led Liverpool to win the 2019 UEFA Champions League. Fast forward to May 2020, Salah has high hopes of lifting the Premier League title with Liverpool.

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Whichever way thing go, the rest as they say would always be history.

Mohamed Salah Biography – Wife and Children:

Who is Mohamed Salah’s wife and how many kids does he have? to start with the first question, Mohamed Salah’s wife is no other person than Magi Sadeq.

The couples went to the same elementary and junior high school where they first met. They began dating years later and were married in 2013.

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It is worthwhile to note that Mohamed Salah’s wife has a twin sister. She holds a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria and has borne two daughters for the amazing forward. They include Makka (born 2014) and Kayan (born 2020).

It is only a matter of time before Mohamed Salah’s wife gives him a son who he would predictably mentor in football.

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Mohamed Salah Family Life:

Asides Magi Sadeq, Mohamed Salah’s family have partly been the invincible force that propels him to be successful.

There is practically no way we could put up this article on Mohamed Salah’s childhood Story + biography without crediting his family when and where due.

We bring you facts about Mohamed Salah’s parents and other members of his supportive family.

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About Mohamed Salah’s father:

Salah Ghaly is Mohamed Salah’s father. He has interests in football and has been working behind the scenes to ensure that Salah has a successful football career.

Little wonder the forward never shy’s from crediting his dad for helping him become a superstar.

According to Salah, it was Ghaly that did constantly instruct him on the importance of making sacrifices even as a kid as he had to travel for 4 hours to training.

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Meet Mohammed Salah's father Ghaly.
Meet Mohammed Salah’s father Ghaly.

About Mohamed Salah mother:

Not much is known about the mother of the super forward. Notwithstanding, she has once made headline for calling out her son when he hugged a woman.

The development didn’t go well with Salah’s mom who believes he had unknowingly hurt his wife’s feeling by hugging the fan.

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Indeed, Mohamed Salah’s parents are the perfect model of morals-promoting mom & dad. Arent they?

About Moammed Salah siblings:

The winger has a younger brother who goes by the name Nasr salah. They did both enjoy playing football together as kids but it was only Salah that made it to professional football. A close study of the photo below would convince you that the siblings are evidently close pals, a development which speaks volume of the role which Mohamed Salah’s parents played in ensuring that love abounds within the family.

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Meet Mohammed Salah's brother Nasr.
Meet Mohammed Salah’s brother Nasr.

About Moammed Salah relatives:

About Mohamed Salah’s relatives: Moving on to Mohamed Salah’s parents and siblings, there isn’t much known about his ancestry and family roots, particularly as it relates to his grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Neither are there records of his nieces and nephews. Notwithstanding, we do know that his inlaws are Mohab, Mahy and Miram (Magi Sadeq sisters).

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Mohamed Salah Personal Life:

Who is Mohamed Salah outside football and what is the nature of his character beyond being the nightmare of defenders? Sit back as we bring you facts about the winger’s persona.

To start with, Salah exhibits traits of individuals who were born under the Gemini Zodiac sign. He is analytical, confident, emotionally in tune with his wife and daughter, imaginative, generous and open to revealing details about his personal and private life.

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It is true that his life doesn’t revolve just around football. In fact, when he is off-pitch he does engage some activities that count as his hobbies and interests.

They include watching movies, playing table tennis, enjoying video games and spending good time with his family and friends. Not to forget, swimming is one of Salah’s favorite hobbies.

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Swimming is one of the forward's hobbies.
Swimming is one of the forward’s hobbies.

Mohamed Salah Lifestyle:

This lengthy but engaging piece of writeup on Mohamed Salah’s life story would not be complete if we fail to give facts about how he makes and spend his money.

To start with he is worth over 15 Million Euro as of May 2020. The bulk of Salah’s wealth stems forth from the wages and salaries he receives for being an amazing player.

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In addition, Salah does earn a great deal from endorsements. Thus, it is not surprising that he has a super expensive house at Egypt and lives in expensive apartments in Europe. What’s more, When Salah rides, he rides big.

He has a fleet of amazing fast cars that include a Mercedes among other amazing rides.

Behold the striker cruising in his Mercedes.
Behold the striker cruising in his Mercedes.

Mohamed Salah Facts:

To wrap up our Mohamed Salah’s childhood story and biography, here are little known or untold facts about the forward.

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Fact #1- Body Double:

Do you know that Mohamed Salah has a convincing look-alike in Egypt? The resemblance is so tight that the look-alike – who goes by the name Ahmed Bahaa – can even impersonate the forward both on and off-pitch.

Salah and Bahaa met as far back as 2016 even before the forward became a sensation in English football. They have been close ever since.

Can you tell who is the real Salah?
Can you tell who is the real Salah?

Fact #2- Military Engagements:

There was a point in Salah’s career when pressure was on him to return home with a view to undergoing Egypt’s mandatory military service of 12 months.

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This was due to the fact that his name was not on an educational program in the UK that was meant to be a substitute for the military service.

Fortunate for him high profile personalities in the UK wade in to help resolve the matter which could have saw to the forward’s immediate return to Egypt.

Fact #3- Salary Breakdown in Comparison to the Average Citizen:

TENURE/CURRENCYEarnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)Earnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Egyptian pound (E£)
Per Year£10,416,000$13,098,120€11,596,115E£212,017,958
Per Month£868,000$1,091,510€966,343E£17,668,163
Per Week£200,000$251,500€222,660E£4,071,005
Per Day£28,571$35,929€31,808E£581,572
Per Hour£1,190$1,497€1,325E£24,232
Per Minute£19.8$25€22E£404
Per Second£0.33$0.41€0.37E£6.7
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This is what Mo Salah has earned since you began viewing this Page.


Did you know?… The average British citizen who earns a monthly average of £585 per week would need to work for at least TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS AND FIVE MONTHS to earn 200,000 pounds which is Mo Salah’s weekly salary.

Fact #4- Once slammed for allowing a Female Presenter to kiss him:

This incident happened when he picked the Player of the Year award in the Swiss League. However, after the award, Salah was heavily criticized in his home country for kissing the female presenter.

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This was how Salah responded; He said “They have spoiled my joy. They forgot the prize and concentrated on the lady kissing me.”

Salah added, “Anywhere I go here in Switzerland people applaud, while my native fans criticize me.”

Fact #5- FIFA ratings:

The big names in football have superb FIFA ratings that differentiates them from others. This is true for Salah whose overall ratings stands at 90 as at the time of drafting this bio. He shares the high rating with Sadio mane who also has an overall of 90.

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Mohammed Salah Bio – The Summary:

Mohamed Salah Biography - Wiki DataWiki Answers
Full NameMohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly
NicknameEgyptian Messi
Date of Birth15th day of June 1992
Place of BirthNagrig in Basyoun, Egypt.
Age27 (as of May 2020)
Playing PositionForward
FatherSalah Ghaly
Mother N/A
SiblingNasr Salah
WifeMagi Sadeq
ChildrenMakka (born 2014) and Kayan (born 2020)
HobbiesWatching movies, playing table tennis and enjoying video games.
Height5 feet 9 inches
Look-alikeAhmed Bahaa
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Thanks for reading our insightful writeup on Mohamed Salah’s biography. At Lifebogger we always ensure that our childhood stories and biographies facts are told with accuracy and fairness. You are welcome to draw our attention to anything that doesn’t look right by using the comment box.

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Claudilene Ayres da Silva
10 months ago

Boa biografía, uma pena o fato de não citarem que ele é muçulmano. Aliás, parece um pouco preconceituoso, pois foi por essa razão, alguma crítica que ele sofreu por ocasião do prêmio na Suíça. Mas eu concordo com o Salah, deviam se importar mais com o prêmio do que com a atitude da apresentadora que afinal não era sua culpa. E é por ser muçulmano também, que ele se casou “cedo”, segundo o vosso pensamento. Mas o que importa, é que Mohamed Salah, é hoje e pelos próximos anos, o melhor jogador do mundo! Masha’a’Allah! E ainda é um orgulho… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Claudilene Ayres da Silva
3 years ago

This guy did great last season with everyone agreeing with his performance. He is one of the players who is loved across all football clubs.

3 years ago

Parents do play an important role in their children success. Almost all successful players had one of their parent as a coach or a previous football player. It’s always good to see kids prospering in what you liked.

3 years ago

He got married at a younger age, or maybe it’s true that majority of footballers marry at a tender age. Anyway, he is a great player, with great pace.

Winston C.
3 years ago

This Salah biography is impressing. I never thought Salah came from that far. Indeed it’s talent. Actually with his pace, we expect him to pass all defenders come next season. No doubt!

Lucilla Feng
3 years ago

Salah has a lot to learn from him. Actually, with the high level of discipline, he greatly motivates me.

Lon Evatt
3 years ago

Salah has prospered in his career since he was young. From what we see in his childhood story, he was expected to concur in the later days. He has proven it. He is indeed a great player

Keiko Cavin
3 years ago

It’s an amazing story. I had no clue that he had undergone military training. Does it mean that in Egypt you must undergo military training?

3 years ago

Salah has a chance to prosper even more in the football industry. He has amazing personal life facts and these describe and show the potential he has.

3 years ago

It’s good to see Salah has a good family life. Kind of like his story. He has worked very hard to reach the level he is.

3 years ago

Salah is a great footballer. In the next few year he will win a lot of trophies. He has had a wonderful season with Liverpool and we expect an even better one.

3 years ago

I’ve been hearing rumors about salah being homeless and that he lives with mo elneny(arsenal).Is it true.Does salah have his own house.If he does then in which city is it./////some pictures if available .Thanks