Julio Enciso Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Julio Enciso Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Angelina Espinola (Mother), Luis Enciso (Father), Family Background, Uncles (Juan Espínola, Basilio), Grandparents, etc.

This detailed article on Enciso also breakdown information regarding his family origin, ethnicity, religion, hometown, etc. Also, in this memoir, we’ll tell you facts about the Lifestyle, Net Worth, Salary Breakdown and Personal Life of the Paraguayan forward.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Julio Enciso. This is the story of a boy who rose from lack (poverty) to become the football flag-bearer of his Paraguayan generation. The truth is, Encisio’s story is worthy of a Netflix football documentary.

During Enciso’s early childhood years, he was called a wizard for one reason. It was simply because he did unimaginable things with the ball. As proof of our words, we have a video of little Enciso conjuring his magic with the ball.

No wonder his country’s people see him as Paraguay’s next great football hope after the great Roque Santa Cruz.

LifeBogger’s account of Julio Enciso’s Biography tells the story of a boy who ate lots of tortillas in his early years. The popular South American delicacy made him very chubby. Although he was very fat, Enciso did lots of workouts to burn fat, and that helped his career.


This detailed article tells the story of a boy (Julio Enciso) who is the son of a street vendor Dad and a Mum who was previously a cleaner. We’ll tell you the tale of a one-time aspiring footballer who spent the majority of his childhood living in his grandfather’s house.

Yes, Julio Enciso’s parents faced housing difficulties as they were once poor. Because of that, he once vowed to build a befitting house for his Dad and Mum – a promise he kept as soon as he turned pro.

We begin this article on Julio Enciso’s Biography by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years in his hometown of Caaguazú, Paraguay.

Next, we’ll explain how the son of Luis and Angelina got into football, including how his boyhood club, Libertad, found him. Then finally, this article explains how the Athlete from Caaguazú District achieved a meteoric rise in the beautiful game.

LifeBogger hopes to whet your quest for reading autobiographies as you read this piece of Julio Enciso’s Bio.

To begin doing that, let’s unveil this photo gallery that tells the Athlete’s story. From his boyhood years to the moment of fame, Julio has indeed come a long way in his life and career journey.

Julio Enciso's Biography - This photo gallery captures his inspiring voyage, demonstrating how the Paraguayan athlete's dedication and perseverance have led him from a simple boyhood to a star-studded career.
Julio Enciso’s Biography – This photo gallery captures his inspiring voyage, demonstrating how the Paraguayan athlete’s dedication and perseverance have led him from a simple boyhood to a star-studded career. Credit: Raúl Cañete, Instagram/julioenciso.33

What we know about him:

Known for his sharp movement, tight touches, long-range shot and composure beyond his years, it is not bad to say that Enciso is a rare gem of a footballer.

At the tender age of 19, the youngster is already schooling Premier League defenders in the art of the beautiful game.

Enciso’s talent for long-distance shots and scoring is a crucial element of his magical prowess. You may be surprised to learn that his knack for scoring goals from a distance originated during his early years as a footballer.

Now, LifeBogger had put together a video showcasing Enciso’s spectacular long-range goals before he made his way to the Premier League. Yes!… he scored all of these.

In our history of telling the stories of South American footballers, we found some areas that have not been covered. The truth is, not many football fans have read an in-depth version of Julio Enciso’s Biography. This is why we have taken our time to create this article, which is super exciting. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Julio Enciso Childhood Story:

For starters of his Biography reading, he bears the nickname “The Jewel”. And his full names are Julio César Enciso Espínola. Julio Enciso was born on the 23rd day of January 2004 to his Mother, Angelina Espinola and Father, Luis Enciso, in Caaguazú, Paraguay.

Julio’s birth year was a memorable one for football. On the 15th of May 2004 (exactly five months after he was born), Arsenal became the first Premier League team to go unbeaten for a whole season.

That year also saw a great underdog (the Greece national team) winning the UEFA Euro 2004. Yes, that match was a 1–0 upset victory against Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Portugal team.

While researching, we observed that Paraguayan Forward has a large extended family unit but no records of his siblings (a brother or sister). Now, let’s introduce you to Julio Enciso’s Parents.

Angelina, (a former cleaner) and Luis (once a street vendor) couldn’t afford to give their son the riches of the world. However, the proud parents transferred to their son, Julio, that spirit of reverence.

Meet Julio Enciso's Parents, who are his Pillars of Strength. Despite their humble professions - Angelina, a diligent cleaner, and Luis, a hardworking street vendor - they instilled in their son a priceless spirit of humility.
Meet Julio Enciso’s Parents, who are his Pillars of Strength. Despite their humble professions – Angelina, a diligent cleaner, and Luis, a hardworking street vendor – they instilled in their son a priceless spirit of humility. Credit: Instagram/julioenciso.33

Growing Up Years:

Julio Enciso spent his childhood at Empalado, a small neighbourhood in Caaguazú District, Paraguay. He grew up with his parents (Angelina and Luis) in a house that belonged to his grandfather. Because Julio Enciso is the only child of his parents, it was fairly easy for the three family members to live in the small house with his grandparents.

Even as a professional footballer, the Paraguayan never hesitated to visit the home and surroundings where he was raised (located in Caaguazú). One day, Julio took advantage of his time and visited the “little court”, where he scored his first goal as a little boy.

Then he decided to stir up the Caaguazú’s residents with a penalty kick which he shared on the internet. Here is Enciso at his grandparent’s house, where he lived during his childhood.

Julio Enciso Humble Beginnings.
Julio Enciso’s Humble Beginnings began in this place, a home where he once lived. Image Credit: Raúl Cañete.

Since he was a child, Enciso’s parents have always protected him, not wanting their son to leave their side. Now, let’s give you an instance; Angelina and Luis once refused Julio to go live in a football boarding facility in Asunción. It happened when their little boy was between the ages of 11 or 12. Angelina and Luis named their precious son (Julio) their “Little Jewel”, and they have always cared for him since he was tender.

Angelina Espinola and Luis Enciso, lovingly guarding their treasured son, who is their only child.
Angelina Espinola and Luis Enciso are seen here lovingly guarding their treasured son, who is their only child. Image: Instagram/julioenciso.33

Julio Enciso Early Life:

With no trace of his parents and grandparents being professional footballers, it is pertinent to state that Julio’s talent for football came to him naturally. The “jewel”, as they nicknamed him, began his journey as a street footballer before getting registered at his local team. Carlos Antonio López club was the first-ever soccer team Enciso played for, a team that gave him the opportunity to discover more of his talent.

The Brighton Striker had his childhood acquaintances to playing the informal game. Julio began playing soccer tournaments which were attended by several children in his Caaguazú neighbourhood. Before taking the game seriously, Enciso was seen as a chubby kid with lots of football talent. His body structure was chubby and that was a consequence of him eating lots of tortillas – his Mum (Angelina Espinola) once said.

At the left is pictured Enciso, the Chubby Talent, during one of his Childhood Kickabouts.
At the left is pictured Enciso, the Chubby Talent, during one of his Childhood Kickabouts. Credit: Marca.

Julio Enciso wasn’t the only one who risked being chubby during his early years. The likes of the Brazilian Andrey Santos, French  Mike Maignan, also the Argentine right back Marcos Acuna also escaped a similar situation – as discussed in their Biographies. Now, let’s tell you about events that relate to the Athlete’s household.

Julio Enciso Family Background:

Like many soccer players coming out from South America (the likes of Gonzalo Plata, etc), his beginnings are very humble. Julio Enciso was born to working-class parents. Regarding the occupation of his Mum, our research shows that his Mum (Angelina Espinola) cleaned people’s houses to earn a living.

On the other hand, Julio Enciso’s Dad is a street vendor popularly known in Paraguay as ‘Macatero’. Luis Enciso was popularly known as a Macatero, a man who travelled from one Paraguayan town to town selling his goods.

Because his Dad and Mum couldn’t afford housing, little Julio once lived in his grandfather’s house. During those years, Enciso made a promise – to build a befitting home for his parents.

Julio worked very hard to see his professional football dreams come true and his promise being kept. Because he was highly rated, his boyhood club, Libertad, made a pledge so as not to lose him.

Libertad gave Julio Enciso’s father and mother two jobs and also a salary so they could leave their hometown and come to Asunción with their talented son. This information was revealed by Nelson Zacarías, a headhunter (scout) for the club.

Building a House for His Parents – A Promise Kept:

As a devoted true son of his Dad and Mum, Julio Enciso used his first earnings in football to build a house for the people he values the most in the world. Kowalenko Constructor, a Paraguayan Construction Company, once presented pictures of the completed project via their Instagram on the 31st of March, 2023.

Upon the completion of the contract for Enciso’s home, the company posted this photo, which had Julio Enciso responding. The post reads;

Thank you so much Julio Enciso for trust.

Kowalenko Constructor, a Paraguayan Construction Company, made this post via Instagram after completing Julio's home. And Enciso himself replied saying; "Genius Friend."
Kowalenko Constructor, a Paraguayan Construction Company, made this post via Instagram after completing Julio Enciso’s home. And the footballer himself replied saying, “Genius Friend.” Credit: Instagram/kowalenkoconstructora.

The house Julio Enciso built for his parents is located in Caaguazú, a city in Paraguay. The Athlete has once confessed that his greatest desire was to see them (especially his mother) live in a luxury house.

On the day Enciso celebrated the launch of his home, lots of extended family members, friends and well-wishers were in attendance. With lots of his household members present, the new home, which has a mini field, became even more beautiful.

On this day, Julio inaugurated his own house for his parents, in his native city of Caaguazú.
On this day, Julio inaugurated his own house for his parents. The house is situated in his native city of Caaguazú.

Speaking on the reason why he gifted his parents a new home, Enciso highlighted;

“Since I was born, my parents and I have lived in my paternal grandparents’ house.

and I will be eternally grateful to my grandparents.

my greatest hope was always to gift my parents a house they can call their own.

they are my pillars in both my life and in my football career”.

In the video of Julio Enciso’s house which is shown below, there exists a mini soccer field and a barbecue area. Now, we’ll take you on a video tour of the interior and exterior of the new home. Behold Julio Enciso’s parents’ home for your viewing pleasure.

Julio Enciso Family Origin:

Angelina Espinola and her husband, Luis, are both natives of Paraguay. And because their son was born in the Southern part of the county (Caaguazú, to be precise), he holds Paraguayan citizenship and nationality. Actually, Julio Enciso is from Empalado, a small neighbourhood in the Caaguazú District of Paraguay.

We have a map that shows where the Brighton Forward calls home. Now, let’s tell you more about the city of Caaguazú, the place Julio Enciso Family comes from.

This map equips you with knowledge as regards Julio Enciso's family origins.
This map gallery equips you with knowledge as regards Julio Enciso’s family origins. Image Source: Google Maps, WikipediaCommons.

To start with, where Julio Enciso’s parents had him have the greatest concentration of sawmills in Paraguay. Many families in Caaguazú work in one of the city’s ten big wood industries, which produces wood flooring, among other things.

What is Julio Enciso’s Ethnicity?

Just like Miguel Almiron, the footballer identifies with the majority of Paraguayans who have mixed indigenous and European (primarily Spanish) ancestry. In other words, the former Libertad Forward belong to an ethnic group known as mestizos.

Julio Enciso Education:

In Paraguay, it is very common for aspiring professional footballers, especially those who come from humble places, to take schooling serious. Before joining Graham Potter‘s Brighton team, Julio Enciso completed his high school education and was just enrolled as a college student.

Once upon a time, in less than 72 hours, the footballer from Caaguazú found himself wearing three different football jerseys. One of these jerseys was for the soccer team in his school. And the other two jerseys were for the two teams Julio played for outside school. At that time, Ensicio played for Albirroja (Paraguay national under-17 football team), and Libertad was his club.

Multitasking (Football and Schooling):

Again, the footballer, at that time, was very involved in school and sporting activities. Enciso found himself travelling with the youth team of Paraguay. He and his teammates journeyed to Barranquilla for the match against Colombia. And immediately he set foot on Paraguayan soil, he (who found it hard to rest) would enter the train and journey to play with his club, Libertad.

Usually, in the mornings, Enciso would train with Libertad’s first-class squad. After that, he would go to school, and after school, the other teams took over. Research carried out by LifeBogger shows that Julio Enciso endured schooling, and he finished high school in a good way. Here is a rare photo of a rainy day – at a time Julio was a college student in Paraguay.

Young Julio Enciso, on a rainy day - when he was a college student.
Young Julio Enciso, on a rainy day – when he was a college student. Source: Instagram/julioenciso.33

Upon successfully graduating from High school, Julio made the following remark;

“First of all I want to thank God, my parents and the people who were able to accompany me in this process, especially Jorge Brizuela and Clau Jara.

They were very important for the completion of my high school”

Even as a footballer with Brighton and Hove Albom, Julio aspires to take in the footsteps of other Premier League players in terms of education. We talk about names like Taiwo Awoniyi (Nottingham Forest), Rodri (Man City) and Wilfried Ndidi (Leicester). The Athletes were able to complete their university degrees while playing football at the highest level.

Julio Enciso Biography – Football Story:

The “jewel” of Paraguayan Soccer began his career journey at a very young age after he left the streets to play for the local team, Carlos Antonio López Club. This local team gave little Julio the opportunity to improve on his already-discovered talent.

Like many other kids, little Julio enjoyed his childhood acquaintances by playing soccer at the informal level. These children, including him, often wore the shirts of players of English football clubs. After helping his team win this trophy, little Enciso knew it was a matter of time before he got into the books of a bigger team.

Enciso was extremely talented, and he was a natural-born winner since childhood. Source: Instagram/julioenciso.33
Enciso was extremely talented, and he was a natural-born winner since childhood. Source: Instagram/julioenciso.33

While playing for Carlos Antonio López club, young Julio Enciso was coached by Jorge “Tulu” Araujo. Here is what the coach once said about Enciso.

The young and talented striker “ liked tortillas a lot. Julio always came out as a scorer in tournaments.

He kicked very well with both legs as a child, he faced up, he was not afraid.

Although Julio was small and chubby, his balls did not come off his feet.

Moving on to a greater challenge:

Observing that little Enciso was growing bigger in talent, his coach (Jorge “Tulu” Araujo) felt he needed a bigger club that’ll present him with a tougher challenge. So, he spoke with Roberto Paredes and Nelson Zacarías. These persons were scouts from Libertad (who went to see Julio Enciso’s Parents).

For a youngster as talented as him, joining a football club from Libertad implies family relocation. At first, Julio Enciso’s Parents resisted the move to have their only son go live in Asunción. However, these football scouts, the persons of Nelson Zacarías and Roberto Paredes, got their way with the talented kid and his parents.

This particular football scout, Roberto Paredes, is known by the full name Rubén Roberto Paredes Vera. He was a former centre-back who made 15 appearances for Paraguay national team between 1976 to 1981. Together with his colleague, they both saw great potential in Julio and thus met his parents to seek their approval to sign him for the club they represent (Libertad).

We brought Julio Enciso to Libertad when he was 13 years old. He was chubby, and his mother told us that it was because he liked tortillas a lot.

Those were the words of the other scout, Zacarías, as he narrated the story of how he and his colleague, Roberto Paredes, brought Enciso to Club Libertad. At the age of 11, little Julio joined the youth team of Club Libertad. This is a professional football club based in Asunción, Paraguay. Libertad is a club whose senior team play in the Paraguayan Primera División.

Rise with Libertad:

Enciso was very good in his academy years, and he endured a life-changing experience in his career at the age of 15. The biggest turning point of his youth career came when he played in a South American tournament in Brazil against Boca, River and Gremio.

According to Spain’s national daily sports newspaper (Marca), the talented Julio Enciso scored in the five matches of that tournament. The youngster, who was the leader of his youth team, commanded lots of respect and admiration from opposing fans, including his opponents.

Steering Destiny: Future Football Phenom (Enciso) was about to lead his team towards an unprecedented victory.
Steering Destiny: Future Football Phenom (Enciso) was about to lead his team towards an unprecedented victory. Credit: Instagram/julioenciso.33

From that moment, Enciso made a leap; everyone noticed that, indeed, the future of the boy was immense. And from that moment, the young Football Prodigy became even more protected by his two families – we talk about his parents and the Libertad club which he represented. With extra accolades coming his way, the rising football genius (Enciso) maintained his status as a priceless asset for his club.

Triumphant Trailblazer: Enciso, in his youthful days did shaped his success, One Trophy at a Time. No wonder he is the greatest promise of Paraguayan Football.
Triumphant Trailblazer: Enciso, in his youthful days did shaped his success, One Trophy at a Time. No wonder he is the greatest promise of Paraguayan Football. Credit: Instagram/julioenciso.33

Julio Enciso Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Shortly after the tournament in Brazil, where he scored goals in all five games, “The Jewel” found himself in high demand from other clubs. In fact, there came reports that the football directors of top Argentine clubs (Boca Juniors and River Plate) were interested in signing Enciso. He was a rising star they admired for his great skills, shot power and that sublime ability to score goals through long-range shots. 

Clubs in South America wanted Enciso because they saw him a young leader with strong technique and great shooting power.
Clubs in South America wanted Enciso because they saw him as a young leader with maturity, strong technique and great shooting power.

Another reason why the likes of River Plate wanted to sign Enciso was simply that he (at the under-15 level) scored against them as well as their rivals. Do you know?… Julio scored against the likes of Boca Juniors, River Plate, Gremio and other teams.

Now, have you seen this video of the goals Enciso scored in his youthful days?… Behold the wonders of the boy who football fans call Paraguayan football’s greatest promise.

That same year in 2019, shortly after Enciso celebrated his 15th birthday, the coach of Libertad requested that he should join the main senior squad. Truth be told, the Paraguyan club couldn’t wait to let their Rising Jewel turn seventeen before allowing him to play senior football.

Getting called up at the age of 15 to play senior football was surprising to Enciso and his family. The likes of Even Ferguson, a fellow Brighton teammate, also experienced a similar senior team call.

In fact, Ferguson, at age 15, was summoned by his Irish club, Bohemians, to face an almighty Chelsea FC team (coached by Frank Lampard). Young Enciso said this regarding turning professional at the tender age of 15;

“For me it was so strange, seeing all the Primera players and myself among them.

At that time, Óscar Cardozo helped me alot”.

The Second Father in His Life:

As a newcomer to Libertad’s senior team, Enciso got lots of support from Óscar Cardozo, who instantly became his idol. Cardozo became like a second father to the youngster. The former Benfica Striker was always by Julio Enciso’s side, giving him advice.

Óscar Cardozo, at this time, became Enciso's idol and his “second” father. Credit: Cronica.
Óscar Cardozo, at this time, became Enciso’s idol and his “second” father. Credit: Cronica.

Precisely on March 16, 2019, the joy of Julio Enciso’s parents knew no bounds as their Jewel made his senior debut. That day, his Libertad team played against Santaní, and José Chamot gave Julio the opportunity to make his first impression in the Paraguayan Senior Division. Thankfully, that match ended 4-0 in favour of Enciso’s team, and he had this to say;

I remember the fans told the teacher ‘put Enciso in’, and I entered. We were already winning 4-0”.

Julio Enciso Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

The year 2021 was seen as a great year for the Shining Star of Libertad. That year, Enciso scored many goals and became a champion with Libertad. Also, in the year 2021 (precisely June 14th), Enciso (to the joy of his parents) represented the senior Paraguay national team. This video explains why the boy from Caaguazú got called to represent his country.

In addition to being the youngest player to debut with Libertad, Julio Enciso helped the club to win his first trophy before he reached 18 years. At the tender age of 17, the fast-rising footballer won the Apertura con Libertad tournament title. Enciso celebrated the title by writing the following message via his Twitter account;

On this day, a 17 year Enciso celebrated his first-ever trophy in senior football.
On this day, a 17 year Enciso celebrated his first-ever trophy in senior football. Source; Instagram/julioenciso.33.

“My first title, a dream come true. Thanks to all the people for the support and to my parents. Glory to God. Let’s all go together, let’s go “Guma”!

One event Enciso will never forget was when he walked up to collect his first medal in professional football. On this day (as shown in the video below), this first medal became a testament to his potential, and the future of his football career was obvious as it shone brightly on his handsome face.

Before moving to Europe, Enciso achieved some rare honours that are worth mentioning. On the 25th of November 2020, he became the fourth youngest goal scorer (16 years, 10 months and 3 days) in Copa Libertadores history. What’s more?… Julio became the youngest footballer to participate in the 2021 Copa América.

Moving to England:

In the year 2022, Enciso made more achievements as he initiated his transfer to Brighton. Before that transfer, he became the player with the most assists (14), most goals, the most dribbles (151), and the most shots (56) in Paraguay’s top-flight league – the Primera División.

I came to Brighton with the mind of become great.

Enciso made this statement after the English club signed him. Despite having that mindset, life became a little hard for the former Libertad talent to adapt. Reflecting on his new experience of playing in the Premier League, the Forward (Julio) once remarked,

Early on, It was hard for me to adapt in england. Here, they play very fast. They barely give me time to think and they kicked me a lot.

Brighton Rise:

Following the arrival of Roberto De Zerbi to Brighton, the jewel of Paraguayan soccer found his great form again. Enciso began doing wonders in the Premier League. He scored his first goal for Brighton in April 2023, and in no time, he scored another goal through this long-range strike against Chelsea FC.

Do you know?… Enciso’s goal helped Brighton secure a victory at the famous Stamford Bridge for the first time in the club’s history. After breaking the record at the Bridge, the Jewel continued to produce sublime performances. Enciso made assists and scored against top Premier League teams like Arsenal and Manchester City.

The best of Julio in the 2022/2023 season came when he scored a stunning 25-yard equalizer against Pep Guardiola‘s City team. Do you know?… that goal (as seen in the video below) became the 2022/2023 Budweiser Goal of the Season Award. In fact, Enciso’s goal outclassed the goals scored by Miguel Almirón and Ivan Toney in a public vote.

At the time of writing Julio Enciso’s Biography, he is far from feeling satisfied with his gigantic leap in his Brighton shirt. His utmost desire is to leave a great mark in English Football and Europe, just like many South American players. We talk about the likes of Antonio Valencia, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, Alexis Sanchez, etc. The rest, as we say, is history.

Julio Enciso’s Girlfriend?

Having risen from juggling football from the streets of Caaguazú to finding himself schooling Premier League Defenders, it is okay to say that Julio is a successful Athlete. And there is a saying that behind every successful South American footballer comes a glamorous WAG. To this end, LifeBogger asks the ultimate question;

Who is Julio Enciso dating?

Having done lots of digging, especially on his social media accounts, we realize that Julio Enciso might be single at the time of writing his Biography. Without a doubt, his talent and cute looks are worthy of him being on the books of ladies. Especially those who aspire to become Julio Enciso’s Wife or simply the mother of his children.


Asides from everything he does on the pitch, lots of fans have asked;

Who is Julio Enciso?

Starting off, we all know that the fame and glamour of European and Premier League success are known to transform many footballers. For example, the likes of Vinicius Junior, Neymar, etc. However, there are those who, despite their overwhelming successes in England, maintain a strong bond with their roots. One such person is Julio Enciso, the Paraguayan football sensation.

Julio Enciso reflects on his beginnings
Julio Enciso reflects on his beginnings at the Club Carlos Antonio López de Caaguazú. Image: Raúl Cañete – Last Hour.

The “Jewel” does not hide his desire to return to the Orchard that gave him his football talent. Julio, to this day, fondly remembers his beginnings at his grandfather’s house as well as the first team he ever played for – Club Carlos Antonio López de Caaguazú.

One great aspect of Enciso’s personality is the fact that he takes proactive steps in his personal and professional life. For over the years, many Paraguayan players have struggled in Europe a lot. Not because they lacked technical ability but their lack of adaptation and learning a new language.

Ralph Hannah, a writer and broadcaster, once revealed that Julio Enciso had prepared himself a long time ago. Aside from taking English lessons, he found his own private time to do extra physio and training. Julio is really mature for someone of his age, and you can tell with his maturity on the pitch and the way he looks after himself outside the pitch.

Enciso’s Disappointment was turned into His Blessing.

A failed transfer to Brighton at the beginning of 2022 had a negative emotional blow to the Paraguayan. At first, Enciso took it badly, but his extraordinary mentor (Óscar Cardozo) and parents helped him with motivation. Horacio Cartes, the honorary president of the Libertad club, also gave the youngster some advice. Julio once emphasized;

Everything they told me paid off.

Speaking of paying off, Enciso achieved a meteoric rise within a few months before Brighton came back to ask for his signature again. The six months of delay worked in Enciso’s favour.

During those months, the Athlete gained so much muscle, scored lots of goals and became a lot faster. Enciso, the greatest promise of Paraguayan soccer, left Libertad for England with 25 goals and 6 assists as a professional.

There is someone Julio Enciso does not spare praise for. That person is Horacio Cartes, the president of the Libertad club. Julio is always grateful to Horacio for making him become a professional and helping out in his historic move to the Premer League. In his words;

Horacio Cartes, Libertad’s President, is like a father to me. My Mum and Dad adore him for his good work and what he did for me.

Everything I am in my career today came through him and the Libertad club.

As Roque Santa Cruz often say, Horacio is our cool dad.

Let’s not forget to tell you that Roque Santa Cruz, the leading goalscorer for Paraguayan national team, once had Enciso as his teammate at Libertad. In fact, Roque Santa Cruz took him under his wings, and Julio accepted him, alongside Óscar Cardozo, as his football role models or idols.

Now, let’s tell you one moment that made Julio Enciso cry. It was the day Horacio Cartes (the president of Libertad) wrote him a letter after he debuted for the club. According to Julio;

He gave me goosebumps, and that made me tear up because Mr. Horacio Cartes is very big.

And the fact that he took the time to write to me a letter made me cry. That’s when I realize how much he loves me like a father.

Julio Enciso Lifestyle:

Success, for a footballer like him, is magical. People often say that when we excel in any aspect of life, we see a lot of people getting close to us to make new friendships. In the case of Julio Enciso, we found that he lives a refreshingly humble lifestyle. He is friendly enough to accept people as friends, but he knows who his true friends are.

Enciso hangs out more with his Spanish speaking teammates and he know those he calls his true friends.
Enciso hangs out more with his Spanish-speaking teammates, and he knows those he calls his true friends.

Julio Enciso Family Life:

For the Paraguayan professional footballer,  behind every number of successes recorded exists countless sacrifices from the people he loved most. We talk about sacrifices from Enciso’s parents (whom he rewarded with the house below), his uncles, cousins and grandparents.

On this day, Julio Enciso launched this beautiful home he built for his parents.
On this day, Julio Enciso launched this beautiful home he built for his parents.

Now, let’s tell you about the family members who are proud to have Julio as the flag-bearer for their country’s football.

Julio Enciso’s Mother:

Thanks to her son’s accomplishment in football, Angelina Espinola no longer cleans houses for a living. She would rather spend most of her time in the family home, caring for her son, including every item that relates to his career. From what it seems, both Angelina and her son, Julio, enjoy a strong bond.

Angelina and her son, Julio, reading a newspaper together.
Angelina and her son, Julio, reading a newspaper together.

The versatile Brighton Forward is able to struggle less with adapting to English culture thanks to having his family accompany him. Angelina Espinola, Enciso’s Mum, is at the forefront of making him find life comfortably in Brighton, East Sussex, England. In Julio’s words;

“I don’t understand many things here, but the issue of adaptation is managed by having my family here.

Having my mum in England helps.

My dream is to see that my parents are in all my games shouting my goals”

Julio Enciso with Mother
Angelina Espinola and her son, Julio Enciso, are pictured here taking a walk in Brighton, a seaside resort in South England. Image: Instagram/julioenciso.33.

Julio Enciso Father:

Not many football fans know this, but Luis Enciso (Julio’s Father) is a strategist. Just like the case between Timo Werner and his Dad (Günther Schuh), Luis once paid his son for each game he played very well. Fast forward to years later, Julio began returning the favour to his Dad by first building him (together with his Mum) a new house.

Julio Enciso Father
Julio Enciso’s Father once paid his son a bonus and a small salary when he was 12. Today, both father and son reap the dividends of their good deeds.

Aside from being a strategist, Luis Enciso is a bit of a soothsayer. He once proved himself to be someone with a supernatural insight to predict positive future events relating to his son. Before the close of the 2022/2023 season, Enciso’s Dad spoke with the Paraguayan radio station (Cardinal Deportivo) that he had a premonition of a goal scored by Julio against Chelsea.

On that day, the 15th of April 2022, Luis got this feeling that his son was truly going to score. Julio entered the match in the 28th minute after replacing Dutchman Joel Veltman. His goal, which came as a rocket shot against Kepa Arizabalaga, came in the 69th minute.

Don Luis, the former street vendor, sees his son, Julio, as a footballer with “a special gift”, insisting that nothing scares Julio anymore. He is forever grateful to the Libertad club, including the people who cared for his son and ensured he was on the right track. One of such person is Óscar “Tacuara” Cardozo. In the words of Enciso’s Dad;

“I sincerely thank ‘Tacuara’ (oscar cardozo) a lot, for always taking care of him.

for talking to him and giving him advice, because he (Julio) puts all of that into practice.”

Julio Enciso’s Cousins:

It is confirmed that the footballer has no brother or sister but lots of cousins who were present at his parents’ house unveiling. Encso gets the opportunity to bond time with several of them each time he spends his vacation in Caaguazú.

About Julio Enciso’s Relatives:

Once upon a time, the Paraguayan soccer had a beautiful gesture with one of his extended family members before making his trip to South England. It was revealed that Enciso bought a car for Juan Espínola, his uncle. This man (pictured below) is the brother of Angelina Espinola, Julio’s Mum.

After this photo was shared on the internet, Julio Enciso instantly won the approval of many football lovers who congratulated him on the action.
After this photo was shared on the internet, Julio Enciso instantly won the approval of many football lovers, who congratulated him on the action. Credit: Versus.

Upon receiving the car gift, Julio thanked his uncle, Juan, for all the support he had been giving him and his parents for such a long time. Luis Enciso spoke about the gift during an interview with VERSUS radio. In his words;

“a car gift?… That’s true… because Juan has been very useful to us.

That’s why Julio told him he’d help him with a car if his transfer to Brighton came out.”

Juan Espínola is Luis’ brother-in-law who once lived with the family (Luis, Angelina and Julio). He is grateful to see his nephew take out the monies from his Brighton transfer to buy him a car. At that time, there were talks about 12 million dollars being paid to Libertad, and that made Enciso the most expensive transfer ever made by a Paraguayan club abroad.

A gift for Uncle Basilio:

In what we termed another gesture, Enciso also gave another gift to another of his uncles. He gifted a motorcycle to his Uncle Basilio, who, some days ago, was left without using his motorcycle. Uncle Basilio has his motorcycle as his fundamental work item. He was unable to use it because it developed a mechanical fault. Because of that, Basilio had no means of transportation.

Upon hearing the news of his uncle’s motorcycle issue, a 17-year-old Enciso did not hesitate to buy him a new motorcycle. Thanks to the effort of the family breadwinner, Basilio was able to continue working. In the image below, Don Basilion is pictured posing happily with his new motorcycle.

Meet Don Basilio, Julio Enciso's uncle, with his new motorcycle.
Meet Don Basilio, Julio Enciso’s uncle, with his new motorcycle. Image: Punta Karaja tv

Julio Enciso’s Grandparents:

Enciso made it a point of duty to consider proximity to his grandfather’s house in Caaguazú when planning to buy or construct a home for his parents. His ties to his hometown, Caaguazú, remained strong, and during his visits, he cherished the time spent with his grandparents.

Let’s not forget that Julio was born in his native Caaguazú, and he once lived in his paternal grandparents’ house. Seeing that his Dad and Mum had no home of their own, he vowed (as a child) to build or buy a home for his parents once he began to earn money as a footballer, which he graciously did.

Untold Facts:

In this final section of Julio Enciso’s Biography, we’ll unveil truths you might not know about him. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Julio Enciso FIFA Profile:

At the time of writing, football pundits refer to him as a Kid with a tricky threat who plays like Pedro Rodriguez and Thomas Muller. Regarding his FIFA Profile (as of June 2023), LifeBogger concludes that Enciso is highly underrated.

Like Alejandro Balde and Wilfried Gnonto, he deserves at least an above 70 FIFA overall rating. Again, Julio also deserves a potential rating of above 85.

Frankly, the perceived injustice meted out to Julio Enciso by FIFA is unwarranted. His overall and potential ratings truly deserve to be elevated - specifically above 70 and 85, respectively.
Frankly, the perceived injustice meted out to Julio Enciso by FIFA is unwarranted. His overall and potential ratings truly deserve to be elevated – specifically above 70 and 85, respectively.

Julio Enciso Salary:

The contract he signed with Brighton in June 2022 sees him earning the sum of £520,800 annually. According to the salary database by Capology, Julo (at the time of writing) earns the same wage as Karou Mitoma and a little above Levi Colwill (260k annually). Here is a table that breaks down his earnings as of June 2023.

TENURE/EARNINGSJulio Enciso Salary Breakdown with Brighton (in Pound Sterling £)
What Julio Enciso makes EVERY YEAR:£520,800
What Julio Enciso makes EVERY MONTH:£43,400
What Julio Enciso makes EVERY WEEK:£10,000
What Julio Enciso makes EVERY DAY:£1,428
What Julio Enciso makes EVERY HOUR:£59
What Julio Enciso makes EVERY MINUTE:£0.99
What Julio Enciso makes EVERY SECOND:£0.02

Comparing his salary to that of the average Paraguayan:

In the country where Julio Enciso’s Parents had him, the average Paraguayan makes around 388 USD or 305 Pound sterling monthly. Do you know?… A person who earns this amount would need to work for 11.8 years to make £43,400. This is Julio Enciso’s monthly earnings with Brighton. Now, let’s tell you how much the Paraguayan Baller has made since you began reading his Life story.

Since you started viewing Julio Enciso‘s Bio, he has earned with Brighton.


Julio Enciso Religion:

The former Libertad star is someone who believes in prayers. Enciso prays each time he wins and loses. To this day, he never believed everything that had happened to him would happen very quickly. Julio Enciso’s religion is Christianity. He believes that his Christian faith, the support of his parents and the Libertad club made him what he has become today.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down facts as contained in LifeBogger’s version of Julio Enciso’s Biography.

Full Name:Julio César Enciso Espínola
Nickname:"The Jewel"
Date of Birth:23rd day of January 2004
Place of Birth:Caaguazú, Paraguay
Age:33 years and 9 months old.
Parents:Angelina Espinola (Mother), Luis Enciso (Father)
Relatives:Uncles (Juan Espínola, Basilio),
Net Worth:1.5 million pounds (2023 stats)
Height:1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Playing Position:Attack - Centre-Forward
Agent:Pedro Aldave
Idol:Óscar Cardozo
Football Education:Carlos Antonio López club, Libertad


Born to his Mother, Angelina and Father, Luis, Julio’s origins are very humble. Both of his parents did menial jobs for a living. His Mum, Angelina Espinola, once had the occupation of cleaning houses while his Dad, Luis Enciso, was a street vendor. Julio has no brother or sister, as he is the only child of in his family.

Enciso grew up in his grandfather’s house situated in Caaguazú. He started out by playing as a street footballer, and he, at a tender age, enrolled at the Carlos Antonio López club. While playing street football, Enciso was spotted by two scouts, Nelson Zacarías and Roberto Paredes. The scouts, who worked for the Paraguayan club, Libertad, confessed that he made a difference from the first day they saw him.

Julio Enciso began playing with Libertad when he was 13 years old. At that time, he looked chubby, and his Mum, Angelina Espinola, explained to the club that her son ate tortillas a lot.

Career Rise:

The best moment of Julio Enciso’s academy years came when he was playing in the under-15 of his Libertad team. He was selected to participate in a tournament in Brazil against top South American teams like Gremio, River Plate, Boca Juniors, etc. Julio performed wonders by scoring against the five South American teams he competed against.

From that moment, the boy from Caaguazú became one of the greatest football promise coming out of his country. When the tournament ended, there came news flying around that the directors of River Plate and Boca Juniors were interested in signing Enciso.

As a senior footballer, Julio’s future became so huge that nobody could guess how tall his ceiling would reach. The youngster was very protected by his club and two families – talking about his parents (Angelina and Luis) and the Libertad club.

Thanks to the effort of Óscar Cardozo, the former Benfica Striker, Enciso was able to perform at the highest level for Libertad. After winning his first trophy with the club, including breaking some records, Enciso earned himself a move to the Premier League. In the 2023/2024 season, he hopes to form a solid partnership with the likes of Joao Pedro, Ferguson and Danny Welbeck.

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