Neymar Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Neymar Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Neymar Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriends, Child, Personal Life, Lifestyle and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, we portray the full Life History of Neymar, a footballer who has made a name for both his country and club. Lifebogger’s version of Neymar’s Story begins from his early days when he became famous in the game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Neymar’s Biography, behold his early life and rise gallery. You’ll agree with me that it summarizes his Bio.

The Biography of Neymar. Behold his Early Life and Rise.
The Biography of Neymar. Behold his Early Life and Rise.

Yes, everyone knows about his eye-catching skills and series of nominations for Ballon d’Or. For this reason, many football pundits regard him as one of the best players in the world.

Despite the accolades acquired over the years, we realize that only a few football fans have digested the complete Biography of Neymar.

For this reason, Lifebogger has answered the clarion call to tell his Life Story. Now without further ado, let’s begin with the events that happened before his birth and during his youthful life.

Neymar Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears three nicknames; Juninho, Joia, and the Lord of the Night.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior was born on the 5th day of February 1992 to his mother, Nadine Goncalves and father, Neymar Santos Sr. His birthplace is Mogi das Cruzes, an outskirt of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Life was rough for his Dad Neymar Sr and his wife Nadine before his birth owing to low income. Did you know?… When Neymar’s mum was pregnant, the family could not afford an ultrasound scan to check their baby’s baby’s development. Thankfully, he was hale and hearty.

Neymar came to the world as the first son and child out of two children (himself and Rafaella Santos), born of the union between his parents. He inherited his name from his father, who bears Neymar Senior. The name (Jnr) distinguished his son from the father.

The Neymar Accident Story:

For many who didn’t know, Junior would have died at almost a year old. Truth be told, the football world wouldn’t have known he once existed. Now here is the whole story.

At the tender age of four months, Neymar miraculously survived a fatal car crash. The cause of the accident was an oncoming vehicle that recklessly ran off a steep mountain.

The notorious driver lost control of his wheel, diverted it towards Neymar’s family’s car, bashing them heavily – in what was termed a terrible accident. The sad event happened while Mr Santos and Nadine were on their way to visit some relatives.

Neymar Accident Story.
Neymar Accident Story.

The accident happened on a rainy day, and Neymar’s Dad never knew a car was coming speedily towards his family. As an experienced driver, he tried to swerve to the left but was already too late.

Neymar was badly hurt as blood covered his whole body. Thankfully, there was no breakage of his bones. However, his Dad’s left leg got a terrible blow – as it dislocated his hip bone. In that instant, Neymar Snr thought he was going to die.

Neymar’s Father Reaction to the Accident:

Narrating the account of the accident, Neymar’s father told the media;


What worried Neymar Snr the most wasn’t his injuries but the state of his only child – Neymar Jr. Beyond the pains he felt and his broken hip bone, the heartbroken man shouted, in a feeling of his worst fear. In his words;


He looked around with lots of fear but couldn’t find Neymar – thinking the accident threw him out of the car. For a brief second, Neymar Snr thought he had lost him. With that in mind, he asked God to just kill him instead of taking his son.

The Neymar Accident Story – Relief at Last:

Nadine (Neymar’s mum) had to climb out of the car through the broken back window while a seatbelt still trapped her husband.

As luck would have it, God answered the family’s prayers as people rushed out to the rescue. They first pulled Neymar Snr under the seat of his car.

Baby Neymar was in a very sorry state. Blood soaked his whole body at the time they rushed him to the hospital. The little boy got a cut in the head caused by a shred of glass from the car. Thankfully, the family recovered from the sad incident.

Neymar Growing Up Years:

When you look at the football genius today, it is hard to believe he was a victim of such a terrible ordeal in his early life.

Three years after the accident, Neymar’s family welcomed a girl child. Pictured below, the flashy winger grew up alongside his sister, who goes by the name Rafaella Santos.

Neymar spent his early years alongside Rafaella Santos, his kid sister.
Neymar spent his early years alongside Rafaella Santos, his kid sister.

Neymar had the basic traits of a family’s only child before his sister was born. He was the type – always helpful to his parents. Neymar always puts up this serious face while extending help to Nadine, his mother, in the kitchen.

Neymar as a child. He is pictured providing a helping hand to his mum, using the toilet, and kicking a ballon.
Neymar as a child. He is pictured providing a helping hand to his mum, using the toilet, and kicking a ballon.

As he grew bigger with his sister Rafaella, the boy became more carefree and eccentric. As a child, he started showing the early signs and manifestation of his destiny. This became evident by the way he kicked things like his favourite balloon.

Neymar Family Background:

The flashy winger was born into a humble household. He comes from a football family, which the game never favoured. In simple terms, his family was so unlucky and never made it in football.

Did you know?… Neymar’s Dad was once an amateur footballer who played for Brazil’s lowest league. So unlucky, his career was nothing to write home about. This is how he looked like during his footballing days.

Neymar's Father playing career was nothing to write home about.
Neymar’s Father playing career was nothing to write home about.

Unfortunately, the horror accident Neymar Snr experienced left him with a broken hip bone. This caused an injury that refused to heal. As a result, Neymar Snr was forced to abandon his football career.

The decision to prematurely retire from the game brought its own consequence. That led to extreme hardship for Neymar’s family and made his Dad dirt poor.

As time went on, things got so worst that Mr Santos couldn’t afford to pay electric bills for his home. Because of that, poor Neymar and his mum lived mostly by candlelight.

At one stage, the whole family – now with the addition of the last child, Rafaella – had no option but to leave home. They all moved to Neymar’s grandparents’ house.

While living there, Neymar’s Dad, Mum, himself and Rafaella were forced to cram into one room. As a way of managing, they shared a single mattress.

Serious financial hardship made Neymar's family settle at his grandmother place. They all slept on a single mattress.
Serious financial hardship made Neymar’s family settle at his grandmother place. They all slept on a single mattress.

To sustain and bring hope back to his family, Neymar’s Father began doing multiple jobs. He worked as a labourer, a mechanic and a salesman – all in the name of recovering from financial difficulties. The hard work brought some comfort to the family but sure wasn’t easy on the man’s health.

While Neymar’s family lived in his grandparents’ house, they were able to use electricity instead of candle lights. The family’s quality of life improved, and they remained happy while they stayed there.

Neymar and Rafaella look happy staying at Granny's house. But you can sense a forced smile from his parents. It's a sign of what they are going through at that time.
Neymar and Rafaella look happy staying at Granny’s house. But you can sense a forced smile from his parents. It’s a sign of what they are going through at that time.

Neymar Family Origin:

Unfortunately, the Brazilian was born into a poverty-stricken municipality. Mogi das Cruzes is a shantytown that is just an hour and a minute drive from Sao Paulo.

As observed from the map, this is a shantytown located at the outskirt of the central city.

During an interview with the British national daily newspaper (the Mirror), Neymar’s father referred to his son’s birth town as the dumping ground of Sao Paulo.

In other words, it is the place where Brazil’s most populous city (São Paulo) threw all its garbages.

Neymar's family origin is Mogi das Cruzes. The town is known as a dumping ground of Sao Paulo's waste.
Neymar’s family origin is Mogi das Cruzes. The town is known as a dumping ground of Sao Paulo’s waste.

Back then, Neymar’s Family lived in a very low social-quality neighbourhood. Mogi das Cruzes to date remains a dangerous area laden with drug use, poverty and high crime levels.

By implication, it sums up the fact that Neymar’s life has been a struggle from the very beginning. Simply put, his family didn’t start from zero. They began at minus five.

Neymar’s Education:

Consequently, when the flashy Brazilian was of schooling age, he got enrolled in an education system that suits his footballing ilk.

Early on, he would combine his passion for soccer with schooling. There was nothing that would take away football from the youngster after studies. Back then, if Neymar wasn’t seen his ball, he would be spotted playing video games.

Back then, at home after school, his parents could not afford electricity, so he can use light to read his books. As earlier written, this development made the family use candles as the only illumination source for his study.

However, at some point, things improved, and the quest to become a professional took over his education.

Neymar Football Story:

As a child, he wanted to be everything – from Batman to Superman, and then, Power Rangers. Neymar was simply too hyperactive.

Among all his childhood hobbies, Football became the most cherished. Neymar’s father recognized his son’s incredible talent at a very young age and decided to help him pursue his dreams.

First thing first, he allowed him to combine futsal with street football. At the age of six, Neymar began playing futsal. The hard court football game became a massive influence on him while growing up.

Futsal helped Neymar develop his technique, ability to perform moves in tight spaces and speed of thought.

To get opportunities for a very competitive futsal engagement, Neymar’s parents had to source funds to secure a relocation.

In the year 1999, the family moved more than 100 kilometres from Mogi das Cruzes (Neymar’s birthplace) to São Vicente.

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Settling at the coastal municipality in southern São Paulo, they found a highly competitive Futsal team named Portuguesa Santista. Neymar passed their trials and got inducted into their Futsal youth ranks.

Upon observing him play for the first time, fans became wowed at his technical skills, flair, and creativity. Neymar was quickly dubbed “a child phenomenon”. The boy was the type who used his array of tricks and feints to beating players far bigger and older than him.

Neymar Futsal Story.
Neymar Futsal Story.

Without any rival, Neymar became the best futsal kid in the entire academy. He was constantly cheered for having extreme confidence, trickery with the ball, use of feints and ability to perform big moves in tight spaces.

Here is a video of Neymar Futsal days – which shows just how good he was.

Neymar’s Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

In the year 2003, five years after joining Portuguesa Santista, Neymar’s family got the call of their dreams. Santos FC, one of the biggest club in the country, offered the rising star a contract.

Neymar early years with Santos FC academy.
Neymar early years with Santos FC academy..

That year, his parents moved to Santos, one of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. The lucrative contract by the club changed the financial status of Neymar’s household.

With more monies, his family bought their first property, a house very close to Vila Belmiro, which is Santos FC home stadium. They constantly blessed their son for helping their family get out of poverty.

Neymar's parents gives him their blessings for making their family get out of poverty.
Neymar’s parents gives him their blessings for making their family get out of poverty.

Neymar’s Real Madrid Trials:

While playing with the Alvinegro, Neymar displayed an unrivalled football prowess more than anyone within his rank.

At the age of 14, his name was already popular among European scouts who began fighting for his signature.

In the year 2006, Neymar got his first European invitation for a Madrid academy trials. He, alongside his father, travelled to Spain for tryouts with Los Blancos.

At that time, Real Madrid had big names like Ronaldo, Robinho, Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos and David Beckham.

The story of Neymar's Real Madrid trial.
The story of Neymar’s Real Madrid trial.

After several talks, transfer negotiations failed. Neymar’s Dad wasn’t pleased with what Real Madrid had offered. At this time, he decided that his young prodigy son will continue to grow with Santos.

Continued Rise with Santos Academy:

To scare foreign clubs from taking him away, Santos increased Neymar’s earning from 10,000 to 125,000 reais per month. He repaid the faith placed on him by making a continuous display of his unrivalled football prowess – more than anyone within his ranks.

As observed in the video below, there was simply no end to what Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior could not do. He achieved a meteoric rise during his years with Santos academy.

Following Neymar’s Santos academy performances, he got called to represent the Brazil national under-17 football team. While there, he became a close friend to Philippe Coutinho.

Neymar’s Biography – Senior Career Success Story:

At the age of 17, he got upgraded to Santos FC’s first team after signing his first professional contract.

As a senior Alvinegro Praiano, Neymar turned into a global superstar. He was one whom many European clubs dreamt to have in their team.

In addition to helping Brazil win the prestigious 2011 South American Youth Championship, Neymar also won all South America’s trophies available for grabs. They include the Campeonato Paulista, the Copa Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and Recopa Sudamericana.

Neymar's Santos trophies.
Neymar’s Santos trophies.

FC Barcelona Success Story:

Around May 2013, he finally made his transfer to the Spanish giant. It was a move considered one of the greatest in South America’s shipment of stars to Europe. With that transfer, the life of Neymar’s family changed forever.

The flashy superstar became part of Barcelona’s attacking trio that has Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez. Together like brothers, these South Americans helped Blaugrana fetch all the available titles for grabs.

They include the Champions League, La Liga, Copa del Rey, UFEA Super Sup, Supercopa de España and FIFA Club World Cup.

Neymar's Barcelona trophies.
Neymar’s Barcelona trophies.

Making a name for Brazil:

In addition to the successes at club level, Neymar repaid his debt of gratitude to his homeland. Thou his input in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2015 Copa América got limited by injuries, he still came out strong the following year.

Brazilians are indeed grateful to Neymar as he helped them win the South American Youth Championship. It didn’t end there. Neymar, alongside stars like Gabriel Jesus and Filippe Anderson etc., gave the country the famous 2016 Summer Olympics trophy.

Neymar's Brazilian trophies.
Neymar’s Brazilian trophies.

PSG Success Story:

Around August 2017, Barcelona and Neymar’s management, led by his Dad, did the unthinkable in football negotiations. They brokered a deal worth €222 million that successfully saw Neymar move to Paris Saint-Germain. The transfer made him one of the World’s Highest-Paid Soccer Players.

In France, Neymar, alongside other big names – the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani etc., helped PSG win the domestic treble and quadruple. It didn’t just end there. His brilliance led the club to their first-ever Champions League Final.

Neymar's PSG trophies.
Neymar’s PSG trophies.

At the time of updating Neymar’s Biography, he is dubbed the most marketable athlete in the world. Again, he, alongside Brazilian legend Pele and late Diego Maradona, once ranked among the top 100 most influential people on planet earth.

Without a doubt, Neymar represents a gigantic recipe not just in world football but sports in general. The rest, as we say, of his Bio, will always be history.

Biography of Neymar’s Love Life:

Everyone knows he is a Brazilian superstar. However, only a few are aware of the numerous girlfriends Neymar has dated. One thing is a fact. Over the years, the exotic Footballer has gained a reputation for being a serial womanizer. This section takes you through his past and present relationships.

Neymar’s Love Story with Carolina Dantas:

They both began dating in the year 2010 when the Brazilian was only 18. Few months after their relationship, Carolina Dantas got pregnant. In the year 2011, precisely on the 13th of August, she gave birth to their son, whom they named Davi Lucca da Silva Santos.

Neymar and Carolina Dantas Love Story.
Neymar and Carolina Dantas Love Story.

Sadly and unexpected to fans, the love story between Neymar and Carolina was short-lived. The flashy winger broke up with the mother of his child not long after she gave birth to Davi Lucca. Since then, they have become friends.

Since ending his relationship in 2011, Neymar has maintained a good relationship with his son. He transfers monies to Carolina Dantas every month for both of their upkeep. In a bid to fulfiling his promise of a good Dad, Neymar tries to participate in the life of his son as much as he can.

Meet Neymar's son - Davi Lucca.
Meet Neymar’s son – Davi Lucca.

Neymar’s Love Story with Barbara Evans:

Just after he left the relationship with the mother of his child (Davi Lucca da Silva Santos), Neymar quickly moved on to another girl. He began dating Barbara Evans that same year in 2011. However, for reasons unknown, their love ended very soon.

Neymar and Barbara Evans Love Story.
Neymar and Barbara Evans Love Story.

Neymar’s Love Story with Carol Abranches:

Still, in 2011 when his son Davi Lucca was born, he moved on from dating Barbara Evans to another woman. This time, Neymar began dating Carol Abranches, a curvy Brazilian model and dancer. Both had much fun while dating, and Neymar was reportedly so into her.

Neymar and Carol Abranches Love Story.
Neymar and Carol Abranches Love Story.

They agreed to have an open relationship – that’ll see them go intimate with other persons while still dating. That didn’t go well with Neymar, as he later backed out. When they broke up, Carol Abranches told her fans that she was dating so many men during her time with the Footballer.

Neymar’s Love Story with Bruna Marquezine:

After breaking up with Carol Abranches, the Footballer moved on, hoping to get a more stable relationship. One day, while at a carnival in Rio, Neymar met and fell in love with Bruna Marquezine at first sight. They began dating from 2012 to 2018 – though the lovers have been off and on since that period.

Neymar and Bruna Marquezine Love Story.
Neymar and Bruna Marquezine Love Story.

Bruna and Neymar broke up four times due to a distance relationship and on the allegation of cheating – from the Footballer.

According to her, living outside Brazil is difficult. For staying this long with each other (off and on), Neymar fans could sense that Bruna is the only lady he has loved the most. Who knows, the year 2018 might not be their last breakup year.

Neymar’s Love Story with Patricia Jordane:

While dating Bruna Marquezine, the Ex Barcelona footballer started going out with Patricia Jordane – around 2013. That year, she appeared on a cover of hot magazines about her relationship with Neymar.

Neymar and Patricia Jordan Love Story.
Neymar and Patricia Jordan Love Story.

Upon hearing about their affair, Neymar denied it, and it later became Patricia’s words against his. For this reason, their alleged affair only lasted for three months.

Neymar’s Love Story with Laryssa Olivera:

Again, while still with Bruna Marquezine, the Ex-Barcelona superstar started going out with Laryssa Olivera. Neymar had a short affair with her – for just the month of December 2013.

Neymar and Laryssa Olivera Love Story.
Neymar and Laryssa Olivera Love Story.

Their breakup really affected Laryssa, who appeared to be super obsessed with him. Just after their relationship, she began to say ugly things about Neymar. It became so intense, and Neymar had to sue her.

Neymar’s Love Story with Thaila Ayala:

After his failed relationship with Laryssa, he moved on to the model and actress. Thaila Ayala hails from the same country as the former Barcelona star. She is the ex-wife of Brazilian actor Paulo Vilhena, whom she ended her marriage with in the year 2013. Early 2014, she began dating Neymar.

Neymar and Thaila Ayala Love Story.
Neymar and Thaila Ayala Love Story.

According to rumours, she hooked up with Neymar much earlier – after the split from her husband. When both started dating, fans could see them shielded with security guards everywhere. They partied at a big nightclub, enjoyed several beaches, and had great night outs in Ibiza. For unknown reasons, Neymar later called off their relationship.

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Neymar’s Love Story with Elisabeth Martinez:

Between the years 2014 and 2015, he began dating a Spanish lawyer who is a huge Barcelona fan. Neymar and Elisabeth Martinez were spotted severally visiting expensive restaurants, on his private jet and also having the best time at night clubs (Opium and Sutton) in Barcelona.

Neymar and Elisabeth Martinez Love Story.
Neymar and Elisabeth Martinez Love Story.

The love story of Elisabeth and Neymar was short-lived. They began dating in late 2014 and ended their relationship in January of 2015.

Neymar’s Love Story with Janin Ullmann:

The Footballer went quiet months before and after his record transfer to PSG – only having his old girlfriend Bruna Marquezine back in his life before they had another quit. During his time in Paris, Neymar began dating Janin Ullmann, a TV Host, Journalist and producer.

Neymar and Janin Ullmann Love Story.
Neymar and Janin Ullmann Love Story.

Janin Ullmann, a German television presenter, is ten years older than Neymar. The couples spend the 2020 valentines day together and have been seen attending several parties. Both ended their relationship around June, 2020.

Neymar’s Love Story with Natalia Barulich:

Around August 2020, a media report gathered that PSG’s Champions League finalist has started dating the Croatian-Cuban model. Neymar and Barulich knew each other as friends during one of his previous birthdays, where her ex-boyfriend (Colombian singer Maluma) performed.

Neymar and Natalia Barulich Love Story.
Neymar and Natalia Barulich Love Story.

After 2019 split up with her man, Barulich began communicating with Neymar via his social media. Fans noticed they had begun dating when she posed a photo of herself and Neymar with the caption;

“Everyone knows how extraordinarily talented you are, but if they could only see how real & beautiful you are inside your heart. You have all my respect and honour Bebe.”

At the time of writing the Biography of Neymar, Natalia Barulich holds the position of his current girlfriend. Would her relationship last longer than that of Bruna Marquezine? Only time would tell.

Neymar’s Lifestyle:

The flashy winger is a clear definition of a “lavish lifestyle”. Neymar does not only have the best of everything; he likes to show them off. This section of his Biography explores his lifestyle. Without further ado, let us begin.

Neymar’s Car Collection:

The stylish footballer is a proud owner of an Aston Martin Vulcan ($2.3 million), a Maserati Mc12 ($1.47 million), Ferrari 458 Italia ($407,234) and a Mercedes AMG ($188,100) etc. These are just a few of Neymar’s cars at his disposition. The video below reveals his automobile collections.

Neymar’s Yacht:

He bought it in 2012 for a cool 3.5 million euros. Neymar’s yatch is the Azimut 78 model. It is 25 metres long, has a living room, three suites, sofas comfy for eight, a kitchen and sound-proof built-in. He gave the Yacht the name “Nadine” in honour of his mother. Here is a video of Neymar enjoying his beautiful sail.

Neymar’s Helicopter:

The superstar bought it for $15 million, and it is manufactured by Mercedes Benz. Did you know?… Neymar painted the Helicopter BLACK – as a way of paying homage to his childhood comic-book hero Batman. He also has his initials written on it – in white colour. Here is a video of how he enjoys his Helicopter.

Neymar’s Private Jet:

The aircraft bears his initials “NRJ,” and it is managed by Brazil-based Power Helicopteros. Neymar’s Embraer Legacy 450 Private Jet can cover up to 531 miles an hour with at least nine on board. According to TheSun, he splashed £10.8 million to acquire his own plane. Here is a video about Neymar’s jet.

Neymar’s Houses (Mansions) in Brazil and Paris:

In France, the flashy winger sleeps in his £6.5m five-storey – 10,800 square foot mansion located at Bougival, a commune in the posh western Paris. He also lives in a £7m mansion in Brazil. This expensive property is located in the resort of Mangaratiba, in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. Here is a video tour of Neymar’s mansions in Paris and Brazil.

Neymar’s Wrist Watches:

The fashionable footballer has a huge passion for GaGà Milano watches. According to Business Insider, he once spent $180,000 on watches in just one day at the GaGà Milano Boutique in Tokyo. Watch the video of Neymar’s signature watches.

Neymar’s Personal Life:

Here, we unveil to you truths about his personality. Perhaps you might have asked; Away from football, who is Neymar? Getting to know his personal life would help you understand him better.

Getting to know Neymar's Personal Life.
Getting to know Neymar’s Personal Life.

First and foremost, he is a very friendly person, someone who is not only hilarious but does not care about what people think about him.

Neymar just loves to live a happy life. We have a video that proves how awesome he is in terms of singing.

Neymar has also proved he can perform in real dances in front of huge crowds. People who attended this particular concert of his were so lucky, and only real football fans can have MEGA nostalgia for this song he participated in. If you ever feel useless, think about Neymar’s microphone in the video below.

Last but not least, Neymar is practical and well-grounded. He is someone who feels the need to always be surrounded by love and beautiful women, especially when he celebrates his birthday. Here is a video of one of Neymar’s birthday celebration.

Neymar Family Life:

An attempt to understand the “secrets” of a prosperous household begins with studying and understanding that from the Brazilian. This section of our Biography throws more insight into Neymar’s family – starting with his parents.

About Neymar’s Father:

Neymar's Dad is an expert in Contract Negotiations. He is also a pillars to his son's development and emotional well-being.
Neymar’s Dad is an expert in Contract Negotiations. He is also the pillars of his son’s development and emotional well-being.

Born on the 7th of February 1965, Pundits regard him as the Puppet Master behind every big move his son makes. You see this man?… he is the mastermind of his son’s €222m world record transfer.

Neymar Santos Sr has no other job than managing his son’s off-pitch affairs. The father of two acts as his son’s agent, and that has made him fabulously wealthy.

On a professional and personal note, he never lets Neymar down. His managerial expertise has guided his star son to the top. Statistics reveal that both father and son combine to be the richest as football business is concerned.

Asides from the success, Neymar Snr has gotten his fair share of criticism, some of it warranted. On the other hand, some disapproval has arisen from the envy of his incredible rise from extreme poverty to unimaginable riches.

The imprint of Neymar's dad will forever remain in him.
The imprint of Neymar’s dad will forever remain in him.

When you think of Fathers and Sons in the football business, consider the Neymars. The relationship between these two has been pivotal to the success of their family. Hence, it is no coincidence that he wears Neymar Jr on the back of his shirts.

Every step of the way, Junior has had his father, Neymar Santos Sr., watching his back. Here is a video of one of those untold moments.

Nothing could stop Neymar Sr since the terrible accident. He made his son the centre of his life. Although, some have said his methods are sometimes controversial. But Neymar Snr is just focused on doing everything to see that his son becomes the most successful footballer in the world.

About Neymar’s Mother:

There's no doubt, both mum and son have a special bond.
There’s no doubt, both mum and son have a special bond.

There are not enough words to describe the importance of Nadine Goncalves to Neymar’s life. Born on the 19th of April 1967 implies she is 54 years and 0 months old.

Neymar’s mother, Nadine Goncalves, was married to Neymar Santos Sr in 1991. However, their 25 years of successful marriage ended when the couple had a split in 2016.

The Brazilian footballer remains very close to his mother before and after her divorce from his Dad. While others take their girlfriends to Parties, Neymar Jr does the opposite. He takes his mum to parties.

Neymar enjoys a party together with his mum, Nadine.
Neymar enjoys a party together with his mum, Nadine.

According to the PSG star,

“My Mom is a big part of my family. She’s the kind of person who, without her, we’d be lost. She supports us. I got real close to my mom when my sister was in college, and my Dad was travelling a lot.”

The world recently caught a glimpse of Neymar’s soft side in a heartwarming video of his viral dance moves with his mother. Watch the show of unconditional love here.

About Neymar’s Sister, Rafaella Beckran:

His only sibling was born on the 11th day of March 1996, which implies she is 25 years and 1 months old. Neymar has a very close brother-sister relationship with his Rafaella.

From the onset, he is someone who hardly gets her out of his sight. Such platonic closeness made him tattoo her face on his arm, while Rafaella, in return, tattooed her brother’s eyes on her arm.

Right from day one, a great sibling relationship has existed between Neymar and his sister, Rafaella.
Right from day one, a great sibling relationship has existed between Neymar and his sister, Rafaella.

No matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you are bound to revert back to childhood. This is the case of Neymar and Rafaella.

The Over-Protective Brother:

Did you know?… If people get too close to Rafaella, Neymar is capable of losing it. This is because he is Ultra-protective of her. Once upon a time, fellow Brazilian footballer Dani Alves told TV Globo about his friend’s sister. In his words;

One day, in 2015, fellow players spoke about Neymar’s sister in the locker room. In their words: F*ck, your sister is pretty, isn’t she?!

Neymar became furious and super jealous of that. Those Words made Neymar literally lose it.

This statement proved how protective he is. Since that day, He refused to let his teammates approach her again.

The footballer who became Rafaella’s Boyfriend:

Despite Neymar’s restrictions, one of his Brazilian teammates tried his luck on his sister. He is no other than Gabriel Barbosa, AKA Gabigol. Seducing Rafaella in 2017 was like piercing a knife in the hearts of Neymar and his father.

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Dating Rafaella without their consent was labelled a disrespect to Neymar and his father.
Dating Rafaella without their consent was labelled a disrespect to Neymar and his father.

The relationship between Gabigol and Rafaella didn’t last, and their breakup was extremely complicated. That, of course, left Neymar and his Dad with a grateful heart.

Some day, on his way out of a nightclub, Neymar’s Dad got into a fight with Gabigol. He made it clear to the footballer that he has no place in his family.

Surprisingly, Rafaella got back together with Gabigol in 2019. By doing that, she proved that her Daddy’s authority doesn’t work on all his children.

It appears nobody can stop Gabigol and Rafaella at this time.
It appears nobody can stop Gabigol and Rafaella at this time.

Why Rafaella changed her surname to Beckran:

In reality, there is still one player (another) who inspires Rafaella. He is no other than David Beckham. The former England footballer was the reason why she changed her name from Rafaella Santos to Rafaella Beckran.

The change was because of her love for the former England footballer. For this one, Neymar and his Dad didn’t get jealous because of Beckham’s personality. As confirmed by TalkSport, a possibility exists that the former England Legend and Neymar could do business in future.

About Neymar’s Grandparents:

Football’s posterity would never forget this woman for her role when her son’s family suffered from severe hardship.

If you can recall, Neymar’s family moved to her place when they suffered from financial difficulties, having no monies to pay electricity bills. It was at her house that Neymar’s Dad, Mum, himself and sister shared a mattress.

Neymar’s grandmother might be old, but she is still very energetic and full of life. Here is a video of Neymar enjoy Snapchat with his Granny. The app’s dog face looks fantastic on her.

Neymar Untold Facts (Non-Career):

This part of our Biography tells you everything about the Brazilian in terms of his life away from football. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Fact #1 – About Neymar’s Mother’s Boyfriend:

Neymar has a step Dad who is five years younger than him.
Neymar has a step Dad who is five years younger than him.

Tiago Ramos is his name, and he is five years younger than Neymar. He is a gamer and a model who once hit worldwide headlines when he began dating Neymar’s mother, Nadine Goncalves. In addition to his profession, he is known for his dance moves, as observed in the video below.

According to Brazilian media, Tiago Ramos is bisexual. Before dating Nadine, he had previous relationships with Neymar’s cook Mauro and adviser, Irinaldo Oliver. There exist conflicting reports as to whether Tiago Ramos is still going out with Neymar’s mother.

Once upon a time, Neymar’s step Dad claimed some men stabbed him in a Mexican restaurant. He insisted the assault had been premeditated by his enemies. Watch the video below.

Fact #1 – The Meaning of Neymar’s Tattoos:

The first noticeable body art is the portrait of a woman on his right bicep. The is his beloved mother, Nadine Santos. Still, on his right forearm, there is a tattoo of his son, Davi Luca.

On the right side of Neymar’s chest, a tattoo reads, “Toda arma… E toda língua… Bola que é sua… Que não é sua…

When asked about the tattoo, Neymar explained that it is a love and consideration phrase for his Dad, which he always says before he goes to any match.

Neymar’s left hand contains the tattoo of the face of a lion. This body art conveys the fact that he is fearless. It also signifies his ability to overcome challenges through bravery and courage.

Neymar’s neck’s left side contains a tattoo of three little birds flying – along with the words; “Tudo Passa“. The terms signify that nothing last, like how birds can never stay in one place.

Furthermore, the backside of Neymar’s neck contains the tattoo of a cross with wings. The tattoo represents his religious views. There is also his Blessed tattoo which is the blessings of his career by God.

Finally, while at PSG, Neymar decided to adorn the back with new designs of Spider-Man and Batman. The tattoo is a tribute to the favourite comic book characters of his childhood. Neymar took inspiration from these superheroes.

Fact #2 – Neymar’s Religion:

He is a Pentecostal Christian who reportedly pays his tithe. Neymar gives 10% of his income to the church.

Right from his childhood, religion has always been a significant part of his life and philosophy. Neymar believes that life only makes sense when our highest goal is to serve Jesus Christ.

Additionally, the religious footballer has worn headbands since his childhood days, containing the words “100% Jesus.” Lastly, Kaka is Neymar’s spiritual role model.

Fact #4 – Neymar Rape Story:

Around July 2019, Najila Trindade and her ex-husband, Estivens Alves, attempted to blackmail the PSG winger.

The alleged Neymar rape story began when the footballer met Najila online, paid for her a trip to France and made love with her in a hotel. Upon returning to Brazil, Najila went to the Police to report that Neymar had raped her.

Neymar released a seven-minute video on Instagram in his defence, revealing that he is falsely accused of rape. He also published Whatsapp messages and images which he claimed is of the woman. Here is a video where he denied his rape accusations.

Thankfully, the police announced that they would drop the rape investigation against Neymar due to insufficient evidence.

Later on, new evidence favouring Neymar shows Najila Trindade, the woman who accused Neymar of rape, being filmed for ATTACKING him first in the hotel room. The video, as we have below, proved that nothing really happened.

Fact #5 – Neymar’s Movies:

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of players who star in movies. Neymar Jr is one of them. Since 2012, the winger has taking giant leaps into films and TV Series like Encanador, Return of Xander Cage and Money Heist etc. Here is a glimpse of Neymar movies.

Neymar Untold Facts (Career):

This concluding section of his Bio unveils to us truths that relate to his professional life. Without wasting your time, let’s proceed.

Fact #1 – Comparing Neymar’s PSG Salary to the Average Citizen:

Since you started viewing Neymar’s Bio, this is what he has earned with PSG.

TENURENeymar's PSG Salary in Euros (€)Neymar's PSG Salary in US Dollars ($)Neymar's PSG Salary in Pounds (£)
Every Year€36,800,000$43,861,552£31,489,145
Every Month€3,066,666$3,655,129£2,624,095
Every Week€706,605$842,195£604,630
Every Day€100,943$120,313£86,375
Every Hour€4,205$5,013£3,599
Every Minute€70$83£60
Every Second€1.17$1.4£0.9

Did you know?… the average citizen in France who earns 49,500 euros yearly would need 14 years and 1 month to make what Neymar collects weekly at PSG.

Fact #2 – Neymar Profile (FIFA):

The Brazilian, just like Mohammed Salah, exhibits perfection in terms of movement and skill. His mentality is as good as that of Robert Lewandoski. Over the years, he has remained the ideal choice for FIFA gamers.

Neymar’s only limitation in the game is his interception, strength and aggression. The Speed dribbler is flawed when it comes to winning physical challenges. He also has terrible timing when it comes to heading at goal. Nevertheless, he’s got an incredible FIFA stat.


Neymar’s Life Story began in Mogi das Cruzes, a suburb near São Paulo. At this municipality, he got a date with destiny. It was where he and his Dad decided that football would be a significant part of their family’s future.

Breaking his hip bone through an accident ended his Dad’s career. That didn’t stop Mr Santos to fight for an improved standard of living for his family. With his help, Neymar got support in his early career and did achieve his life goals.

We all know the Brazilian gets injured regularly. However, Neymar is someone who doesn’t disappoint when he returns from injury. Over the years, footballers like Gareth Bale and Eden Hazard have fallen off the earth when dealing with injuries. Neymar has sustained his momentum.

The truth is, if there was no Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar wasn’t injury prone, he would have become the best footballer in the world – not once. It is only a matter of time to see if he can edge out among rising stars – Kylian Mbappe and Erling Halland to win his first Ballon d’Or.

It behoves us to commend Neymar’s parents – Nadine Santos and Neymar Santos Sr for sticking with him through thick and thin. Rafaella (his sister) remains one of the sources of his inner strength. The days of enduring family hardship and no electricity are gone for good.

Thanks for reading the Biography of one of Brazil’s most precious footballing Jewel. We strive for accuracy and fairness while delivering the Life Stories of Brazilian Footballers.

Kindly alert us if you spot something that doesn’t look right in our memoir of Neymar. Otherwise, let’s have your comment about our write up on Junior’s Bio.


The table below provides a summary of Neymar’s Biography.

Full Name:Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior
Nicknames:Juninho, Joia, and the Lord of the Night
Date of Birth:5 February 1992
Age:29 years and 2 months old.
Place of birth:Mogi das Cruzes, a Municipality in Brazil
Parents:Neymar Santos Sr (Father) and Nadine Goncalves
Sibling:Rafaella Santos now Rafaella Beckran
Child:Davi Lucca da Silva Santos (Son)
Net Worth:$236 Million (2021 stats)
Annual Salary:€36,800,000 (PSG)
Religion:Christianity (Pentecostal)
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Height:1.75 meters OR 5feet 9 inches
Weight:68 kg
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