Alejandro Balde Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Alejandro Balde Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Alejandro Balde Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Gledys (Mother), Saliu (Father), Family Background, and Brother (Eddie Balde and Nersi).

The Life Story of Balde also unveils facts about his Guinea-Bissau Family Origin, Education, Ethnicity, Religion, etc. Again, we’ll provide details on the Spanish professional soccer player’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Hobbies, and Salary breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Alejandro Balde. This is the story of a teenage football talent who grew up with financial difficulties and a desire to play football professionally one day. 

We’ll give you the story of one of the Dominican special talents who has overcome many adversities. In addition, his case is that of a humble, unconventional boy who overcame obstacles to become one of Barcelona’s most lauded football players. 

Balde's Early Years.
Balde’s Early Years.


LifeBogger’s version of Alejandro Balde’s Bio begins by unveiling notable details of his boyhood years. Then we’ll proceed to tell you facts about his early footballing days in Barcelona. Finally, we’ll explain that pivotal moment that helped Balde become one of the Spanish defenders.

We hope to spark your taste for autobiographies as we engage you in reading Alejandro Balde’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery, which tells his story – from his childhood to becoming a star at FC Barcelona Athletic.

The Biography of Alejandro Balde – From his boyhood years to the moment of stardom.
The Biography of Alejandro Balde – From his boyhood years to the moment of stardom.

Yes, everyone knows the defender from Spain and the Dominican Republic for his versatility, like (M de Ligt, Alphonso Davies,  and Sergino Dest, he can play both left back and lower end. Also, he can pose an attacking threat to the opposing team.

Balde is an impressive starlet who can perform adequately across various tactical formations. Barcelona has an up-and-rising star that might reach the same heights as Roberto Carlos.

In our quest to research the stories of Spanish Footballers from Guinea-Bissau, we found a knowledge gap. The truth is, not many soccer fans have read an in-depth version of Alejandro Balde’s Biography, which is very exciting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Alejandro Balde Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the full name Alejandro Balde Martínez. The athlete was born on the 18th day of October 2003 to his Mother, Gledys, and Father, Saliu. The Spanish Defender’s birthplace is the city of Barcelona, Spain.

The left-back arrived at the world as the last child and son of his parents. He is one among the children (himself, Edy and Nersi). Below is the photo of Alejandro Balde’s parents, who sacrificed a lot to ensure their boy fulfilled his childhood dreams. Especially the dreams of becoming a soccer player. Meet the athlete’s parents, Saliu and Gledys. 

Do you notice the striking resemblance between the player and his Mother... She is indeed beautiful.
Do you notice the striking resemblance between the player and his Mother… She is indeed beautiful.

Growing-Up years:

The FC Barcelona shooting star spent his childhood years alongside his older brother, who bears the name Eddie Balde. We have a rare photo of Alejandro and his brother below. The Balde siblings grew up together and are close to each other. They take every opportunity to show the world the bond and love they share in their social media space.

Alejandro Balde had a curious combination of joy and innocence in his youth. The defender developed into a bright, endearing, and content child. Also, with talent and a positive outlook on life. Additionally, Alejandro had a childhood friend Xavi Simons Who is also a soccer player. Their friendship has lasted since they were kids. They started their soccer journey together in Barca.

In reality, even at a young age, his parents (Gledys and Saliu) and his schoolteacher had already started to make predictions about his future. However, Balde could pursue his dreams as a young guy because he had a brother to play with and an innate ability in football.

Alejandro Balde Early Life:

The athlete’s encounter with football came when he was four years. It was when Balde went to see his brother play soccer for Sant Marti Condal Club. His brother’s team invited him to play because of the absence of a player from the team.

At that time, Alejandro’s talent made him stand out, though he played with people three older than him. His athletic display in the field made those present say he was a born soccer player. Also, the young Dominican-Spanish was exceptional from his early years as a great sprinter.

Though at a young age, he was swift at racing, which gave other students an advantage over him. The teachers will allow others to start the race before Balde joins them all because he always wins the race competitions. His adequacy made his parents and teachers choose racing for him, but he preferred to play soccer to running.

Alejandro Balde Family Background:

To start with, Alejandro Balde has humble beginnings. He didn’t grow up in an affluent family or have “rags to riches” stories. Balde’s parents worked in a call shop to provide the family with basic needs. According to the baller, he recalls hearing from others in their immediate social circle saying his parents struggled to pay his school’s tuition. 

Meet the Baller family. The father (Salisu) is at the left, followed by Alejandro, his mom (Gledys), and his brother Edy
Meet the Baller family. The father (Salisu) is at the left, followed by Alejandro, his mom (Gledys), and his brother Edy.

Also, the Baller from the San Martin de Provencal neighbourhood is not born into a wealthy family. He grew up in a fairly comfortable setting characterized by financial challenges. Put simply, the athlete was raised in a middle-class family background.

Family Origin:

For starters, the son of Gledys and Saliu holds three different nationalities, which will explain here. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Alejandro Balde Guinea Bissau Origin:

Starting off, he has Guinea Bissau nationality owning to his Father’s African origin. The Barca shooting star is proud of his West African origin and talks about it as part of his history. The map below will give you a better understanding of Alejandro Balde’s African roots.

Alejandro Balde Dominican Origin:

The baller has Dominican origin because that is where is his mother, Gledy came from. He joins the likes of Mariano Diaz, in having Dominican nationality. According to research, the Dominican national team’s leader closely follows him. With the hope of Alejandro joining their national squad.

Also, the athlete holds Spanish nationality from birth. The baller was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain. And he grew up in a difficult neighbourhood of San Marti de Provencal. Below is a pictorial map for better understanding.

Alejandro Balde Ethnicity:

Through his Mother, Gledys, the footballer identifies with the Black Dominican ethnic group. And through his Dad (Saliu), Alejandro identifies with mixed African and European (Spanish) descent.

Owing to the above premise, it is also a fact that Alejandro Balde is part of a multicultural Spanish society. Because of his African ancestry, the Hispanic-Dominican is eligible to be registered as a Guinea-Bissau player. 

Alejandro Balde Education:

When the time got right, Alejandro’s parents ensured compulsory schooling for their kids. Together with his brother (Eby), Balde started in the Los Porxos school. From there, he went to Sant Gabriel school, where he started playing soccer. 

At school, Alejandro was a kid who listened more. He was highly athletic and fast. This attribute was among the reasons everybody wanted him to be a runner. However, he chose soccer and refused to compromise his stands.

Career Buildup:

Even though his initial steps were focused on athletics, he soon became noticeable at Sant Gabriel. They promoted him to Pre-Benjamin in the middle of the season because of his advanced skill. Alejandro stood out among strikers in that division.

From then, he joined Espanyol and played as a striker until he joined La Masa. He only stayed there for one year. Balde joined Barcelona when he was eight years old and is fulfilling his dream of being one of the best soccer players in Barca.

The Ex Espanyol player sees Ansu Fati as his role model. He always consults Ansu for advice on conducting himself on and off the field. Today Balde joins Fati, who has Guinean blood, to defend the best Spanish team in the world. 

Alejandro Balde Biography – Untold Football Story:

According to the athlete, people in his neighbourhood refer to him as the restless Alejandro. The gamer youngster who stood out for his strength and technical soccer ability. As Spanish soccer and Barcelona talent, he grew up playing in this square and on this street.

Alejandro Balde is one of those exceptional geniuses who succeed in the face of difficulty. His story is of a humble, unconventional boy who overcame obstacles to become one of Barcelona’s most lauded football players. One challenge he faced was a terrible injury he sustained as a cadet. He had a tibia fracture.

Alejandro Balde Barcelona Journey: 

Everything he has accomplished has required a noteworthy sacrifice from his family. Also, support from the Barcelona club. The club allowed him to stay at La Masa on a half-board basis. Because they noticed his incredible talent. Also, the house technicians supported the youngster. 

He had his first significant opportunity from Ronald Koeman, who recognized his different qualities. One that made him one of those footballers dubbed as modern. According to Ronald, Balde is an athlete with spectacular physical condition, speed, and intensity.

In the Barça coach plans (Xavi Hernandez), he prefers this Balde above Jordi Alba and Marcos Alonso, whether a right-back or left-back is required. Alejandro’s impudence, dynamism, and vertical football… Simply put, this young footballer is among the best in the Spanish division because of his drive and talent.

Alejandro Balde Bio – Road to Fame Story:

In 2019, Barcelona made a commitment to welcome Balde into the first team. Letting go of Junior Firpo, because the club was going through one of its worst financial periods. It came after Alejandro took the title of the best player in a tournament after his team lost to the great Villarreal in 2018.

The Barcelona Left-back takes a photo with his best player of the tournament award.
The Barcelona Left-back takes a photo with his best player of the tournament award.

Finally, he grew more quickly than expected. Initially given confidence by Koeman, and since playing with Xavi, he has blossomed into a footballer who can make a difference in a deep play on the wings. In addition, he was among the team that won the tournament in Slovakia in 2019. 

Helping his club win this trophy was a significant turning point in Alejandro Balde’s career.
Helping his club win this trophy was a great turning point in Alejandro Balde’s career.

Alejandro Balde Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

He appeared first for Barcelona’s first team on September 14, 2021. There, Alejandro took Alba’s place to play at the group level of the UEFA Champions League.

Alejandro Balde wants to stay in Barcelona for a long time. His contract, which the club wants to extend until 2027, expires in 2024. Despite having the lowest record in the group (just over 100,000 net euros), Balde is moving with incredible speed.

Alejandro Balde International Career:

Balde represented Spain internationally with the Spanish National Team’s younger divisions. On March 16, 2019, he made his U16 debut against France in a friendly, entering as a substitute in the 46th minute. The Spanish-Dominican defender later earned his U18 debut in September of the same year. 

The teenage defender made his debut with the Spanish U17 team at the tail end of 2019, joining the starting eleven. Alejandro Balde was called up to the Spanish national squad to compete in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Luis Enrique selects Alejandro Balde to take the place of the hurt Gayà, who was injured. 

The coach values Balde’s adaptability and physical strength. Also, he had him previously on a shortlist of 55 players. The list has Dani Carvajal, Cesar Azpilicueta, Eric Garcia, Pau Torres, Aymeric LaporteMarco Asensio, etc. Balde made his World Cup debut on Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

He replaced another player in the 64th minute of Spain’s 7-0 victory over Costa Rica on 23 November 2022. Interestingly, he became the second to make his debut in a World Cup after Swiss-Dominican Rubén Vargas, who participated in the 2018 and 2022 World Cups with the Swiss side. We still expect his expertise in the coming days. The rest, as we say, is history.

Who is Alejandro Balde Girlfriend and Wife to be?

With his ascent to prominence, it is likely that most of his fans have asked about Alejandro Balde’s partner.

There is no doubting the reality that he wouldn’t appeal to women with his baby face, good looks, and play style alone.

Based on information from his social media accounts, it looks like Alejandro has prioritized his career as the most important at the time of writing this bio.

No material is available that sheds any light on his private life. This aspect makes it challenging for the media to gather information about his recent romantic relationships and dating background.

Due to his youth and the fact that FC Barcelona may be harsh on young players who don’t perform, Balde might not be in a relationship. Instead, he focused on breaking through with the dynamic Spanish team.

Personal Life:

Away from the wonders that the Spanish-Dominican defender does on the pitch, many have asked…


The athlete joins the likes of Diego MaradonaWayne Rooney, and Marcus Rashford, who have Scorpio Zodiac signs. Alejandro Balde is a passionate, creative and fierce individual. The Baller works hard in his career and hardly ever gets into problems.

Also, the player possesses the same level of tenacity shared by most African footballers (such as Gonzalo Plata, Franck Kessie,  Boulaye Dia, etc.) who are from underprivileged origins.

Sometimes, as shown in the picture below, he would take himself to a calm and comfortable place to appreciate the serenity of nature. 

What would likely be on his mind as he communicates alone with the bird and listens to the gentle drips of the waterfall?
What would likely be on his mind as he communicates alone with the bird and listens to the gentle drips of the waterfall?

Alejandro Balde LifeStyle:

Thanks to a proper upbringing by his parents, the Spanish professional footballer is someone who doesn’t enjoy showing off.

We’ve seen him upload photos of himself and his friends on a fun-filled vacation. Moreso, he uses it as a way of relaxation after each football season. Pictured below is a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle of Alejandro Balde.

Indeed, he is having a great time with his friends.
Indeed, he is having a great time with his friends.

Alejandro Balde Family Life:

Without his family’s help, the soccer world would not have witnessed the athlete’s extraordinary achievement. Yes, Alejandro comes from a family that prioritizes the family’s prosperity over anything else.

He has achieved success in his favourite sports entirely because of their encouragement. We will give you fascinating information about each member of his family in this section.

About Alejandro Balde’s Father:

Saliu is the dad of the Guinea-Dominican icon. The baller’s father is a family-oriented man who prioritized his family’s upkeep. To take care of his boys, he had to work in a call shop to provide for their immediate needs. 

That look on Saliu’s face proves he is proud of his son.
That look on Saliu’s face proves he is proud of his son.

The head of Balde’s family is an inspiration to his sons. As expected, Saliu doesn’t overlook any important advancements related to their progress. As a result of his stringent parenting techniques, his boy has grown into a mature young man.

About Alejandro Balde’s Mother:

Judging from Balde’s adorable demeanour, his mother obviously loved him. Gledys, who serves as a support system to her husband and children, assisted her husband in the call shop. She took care of her home as the home keeper, ensuring everything was in place. 

Meet the beautiful mother of Alejandro Balde, Gledys.
Meet the beautiful mother of Alejandro Balde, Gledys.

About Alejandro Balde’s Siblings:

Since childhood, the superstar had never had to worry about being lonely or bored. Though he has two elder brothers, Nersi and Eddie, he specifically spent most of his formative years with his older brother, Edy. 

Alejandro Balde and his brother- Eddie Balde.
Alejandro Balde and his brother- Eddie Balde.

The siblings practically do everything together. They have helped one another out in their respective endeavors. In fact, the connection between the brothers is unshakable.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding phase of Alejandro Balde’s Biography, we’ll provide additional details about him. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Alejandro Balde Dog:

The soccer defender joins most footballers on our list who have dogs as pets. Just likes Noa Lang, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, Leo Messi, Ivan Rakitic, Neymar, etc. The Barcelona footballer posted a picture online of himself, looking thrilled to be cuddled up with his dog on the stairs.  

The baller and his dog
The baller and his dog

Alejandro Balde Salary Breakdown with Barcelona:

The Spanish footballer earns about €160,000 a year, which is still quite little compared to other footballers. Alejandro Balde’s salary as of the creation of his bio in 2022 is shown in the table below.

TENURE/EARNINGSAlejandro Balde Salary Breakdown in Euros (€)
What Alejandro makes Per Year:€160,000
What Alejandro makes Per Month:€13,333
What Alejandro makes Per Week:€3,073
What Alejandro makes Per Day:€439
What Alejandro makes Every Hour:€18
What Alejandro makes Every Minute:€0.3
What Alejandro makes Every Second:€0.005

Alejandro Balde’s Net Worth (2022) is estimated to be about 1.5 million Dollars based on his years of earnings, salary breakdown, and additional sources of income.

Comparing Alejandro’s Salary to the Average Citizen:

Where Alejandro Balde comes from, a comfortable Spanish citizen makes around 2,000 euros per month.

Did you know that such a Spanish citizen would need six years to make what Alejandro gets monthly?

Alejandro Balde Nike Endorsment:

The defender joins the league of players that Nike endorses. The video below shows the advertisement he took part in. Alejandro posted the video on his Instagram account.

Alejandro Balde Religion:

The Spanish Defender has not left any clue regarding his affiliation with any religious group. However, Our odds are in favor of him being a Christian, even though Alejandro is not used to displaying his faith in the public domain. 

Alejandro Balde FIFA:

If you are fans of Kylian Mbappe, Nuno Tavares, or Antonio Rudiger in FIFA career mode, we may assume you value top-speed players.

As observed from the stats below, Alejandro Balde excels best in his movement. At 19, he is very good with Acceleration and Sprint Speed. Though he is still lacking in areas like positioning, vision, long passing, etc. We believe in a few years to come, Balde will be among the best.

Acceleration and Sprint Speed are his greatest asset.
Acceleration and Sprint Speed are his greatest asset.

Biography Summary:

This table gives a summary of Alejandro Balde’s Biography.

Full Name:Alejandro Balde Martínez
Date of Birth:18th day of October 2003
Place of Birth:Barcelona, Spain.
Age:19 years and 3 months old.
Parents:Gledys ( Mother), Mr Saliu (Father)
Siblings:Nersi and Eddie
Nationality:Spanish Nationality
Family Origin:Dominican origin and West African origin
Ethnicity:African Spanish
Height:1.75 meters OR 5 feet 9 inches
Playing Position:Left-back
Education:Sant Gabriel school
Net Worth:1.5 million dollars
Jersey Number:22


The soccer player Alejandro Balde Martínez was born on October 18, 2003, to a Guinean father, Saliu, and a Dominican mother, Gledys.

The athlete’s birthplace is Barcelona, Spain. Based on the birth order in his family, he is the last child among the three sons born to his parents. The Spanish professional footballer spent his childhood alongside his three brothers. Nersi and Eddie are the names of Alejandro Balde’s siblings.

The Spanish left-back appears to have some West African origin based on his skin tone. Our research revealed that the former Espanyol player had Guinean ancestry through his father, Saliu.

When Alejandro was Four years old, he began playing soccer with his brother at Sant Marti Condal Club. His first encounter was when he went to watch his brother play. Luckily for him, one player in his brother’s team did not come. His brother’s coach asked Balde to replace the person, and he played exceptionally well.

Apart from soccer, the defender is a fast racer. Interestingly his parent and even his teacher wanted him to make a career as a racer. However, Alejandro chose soccer and has been doing magic on the football pitch since he took his stand.

As of 2022, coach Luis Enrique selected Alejandro Balde to take the place of the hurt Gayà in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Also, the defender made his debut in the World Cup, making him the second after Rubén Vargas to make his debut in such a scenario. 

Appreciation Note:

We appreciate you for taking the time to read Alejandro Balde’s biography on LifeBogger. In our efforts to bring you stories about European football. Alejandro Balde is included in our collection of Spanish football players.

At LifeBogger, we work hard to be fair and accurate. Please let us know if you notice anything that doesn’t seem correct in the comments section below. Your opinions are important to us, and we respect them.

We also have fantastic compilations of Swiss Soccer Stories for you in addition to Alejandro Balde’s Bio. The story of Sergio Ramos will pique your interest.

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