Mariano Diaz Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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Starting off, he is nicknamed “The Beast“. We give you full coverage of Mariano Diaz Childhood Story, Biography, Family Facts, Parents, Early Life, Personal Life, Lifestyle and other notable events right from when he was a child to when he became popular.

Behold, we present you Mariano Diaz Early Life and Great Rise. Image Credits:, AS, Diariogol and RealMadrid.

Yes, everyone knows Mariano as that Real Madrid player who was initially unpopular BUT got recognized on that beautiful date (1st of March 2020), the day he doubled Real Madrid’s lead in a 2–0 victory against FC Barcelona. Our version of Mariano Diaz’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin, first with our Table of Content before his FULL STORY.

Mariano Diaz’s Childhood Story:

This is so far one of the earliest of Mariano Diaz’s Childhood Photos. Credit: AS and diariogol

Mariano Díaz Mejía was born on the 1st day of August 1993 to his mother, Mariana Mejía and father, Mariano Díaz (a bodybuilder) in the north-east of Barcelona, Spain. The Spanish footballer grew up alongside his elder brother and a sister in Premià de Mar, a Spanish town regarded as both a tourist center and a dormitory home for Barcelona.

As ASwebsite puts it, Mariano Díaz’s parents upon their son’s birth had him bear the name “Mariano Diaz” and this makes him the third person to bear the name in his family. Did you know?… Two of Mariano Diaz’s parents- his dad and grandfather including himself have similar names.

As a child, young Mariano was spent lots of time with his grandfather who happens to be an ex-footballer with a modest Catalan club. Due to their closeness, the game of football was gradually introduced to him.

According to Mariano Diaz’s mum, while Mariano played football as a child, the walls in the family home suffered a lot as it got stained with ball marks. She also told Marca that Mariano also used the sofas as his goalposts. Sit and relax as we’ll provide more details of his Mariano Diaz’s early life with football in the later section of this article.

Mariano Diaz’s Family Origin and Background:

Judging by the footballer’s facial looks, you’ll agree with me that Mariano Diaz’s family has a mixed-race identity. Truth is, one of Mariano Diaz’s parents- his Dad is purely Spanish. His mum, on the other hand, is from the Dominican Republic. Mariana Mejía is a native of San Juan de la Maguana (a city and municipality in the western region of the Dominican Republic). By just looking at this lovely photo of Mariano Diaz’s parents, you can easily guess who among them has the dominant trait which Mariano took after. HIS MUM WINS IT!!!

Meet Mariano Diaz’s Parents- His father Mariano Diaz and mother, Mariana Mejia

Family Background: Mariano Diaz comes from an upper middle-class family background, one in which his dad operated religiously, thanks to the income from his gym business. Back then, since the 1990s, Mariano Diaz’s family relied on the Spanish Fitness industry in order to earn monies that kept them going.

Mariano Diaz‘s Childhood- Early Years with Football:

Early on as a child, Mariano played football with his brother wherever he could. Thanks to his granddad and big brother, young Mariano started his path to becoming a professional footballer from a very young age. When Spanish media (Marca) visited Mariano Diaz’ family home in Spain, his mum told them the following about her son’s early bromance with football. In her words;

“Mariano always played with his brother at home. Backthen, the walls were stained with ball marks and the sofas were used as goal.

I always said that I wouldn’t buy a new sofa until they grew up. This is because if I bought a new one they’d tear it again to pieces. Even His friends are the same as when he was five years old.”

Mariano’s mother on raising the player.

Mariano Diaz‘s Biography- The Early Career Life:

The year 2002 was when the journey to become a professional footballer began for Mariano. A successful trial that year saw him joining the academy roster of Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol, also known as RCD Espanyol academy. Upon joining the academy, many saw Mariano as a very polite and reserved boy.

This was Mariano’s RCD Espanyol academy ID card. Credits: Diariolagrada

While in the RCD Espanyol’s Alevín B, Mariano was coached by Lluís Planagumà Ramos. Back then, the young lad gained popularity for his pace which was seen as his main virtue. Great speed was followed with the habit of overstepping his mark and doing things out of the blue with his soccer balls. Did you know?… Mariano Diaz’s 41 goals in his best academy season led him to win the Pichichi Trophy which was awarded by a representative from the Spanish firm Aigua del Montseny.

Mariano Diaz Childhood Photo- Here is him receiving an award as a kid footballer. Credits: Diariolagrada

The youngster remained at the club for four years in which he DID NOT finish making the great leap.

Biography Facts- The Road to Fame Story:

Mariano never had an easy passage to Espanyol Infantil B team during the 2005-2006 season. Although not one of those who stood out the most, his major issue was “Height“. Not meeting the required height for a youngster of that age group meant a threat to his stay with the club.

When the Going Got Tough:

Observing his game time getting reduced to barely played 15 minutes per game, Mariano Diaz’s parents decided to act by forcing their son out of the club. They further enrolled him with Premià academy where he played from 2006 to 2008. After a year with his next club (Sánchez Llibre), the youngster got a call from Badalona where he ended his youth career in 2011.

Mariano while in Badalona senior team exploded again. He was described as very fast and very smart in the field, a little chap who played with self-confidence. This feat attracted Real Madrid who couldn’t resist but to acquire him in 2011.

Biography Facts- The Rise to Fame Story:

Like many academy graduates from small clubs, joining Real Madrid means returning to youth football. The brilliant forward did his homework by scoring a total of 50 goals for Real Madrid academy before being promoted to the main squad by manager Zinedine Zidane. A back injury to striker Karim Benzema saw him getting featured. But as soon as Benzema got well, chances became limited for the youngster. How ever, his contribution to winning the following trophies was worthwhile.

Incase you didn’t know, The Beast has won nearly everything with Madrid

After helping Real Madrid in their years of trophy reign. Mariano on the 30th of June 2017, Mariano decided he would leave Spain for more football experience. He signed for Olympique Lyonnais where he totaled 18 goals in a league season thanks to a perfect strike partnership with Memphis Depay and Nabil Fekir (19 and 18 goals respectively). Showing himself to be a true goal machine, Real Madrid decided to stretch their hands to get their man back.

Mariano Diaz’s Rise with Olympique Lyonnais

On the 29th day of August 2018, Mariano Diaz returned to Real Madrid and was blessed with the No7 shirt vacated by Christiano Ronaldo. Mariano’s second spell at Madrid has been worthwhile so far. One of his best moments came during Elclassico, on the 1st day of March 2020. Coming off the bench during his, the beast doubled Real Madrid’s lead in a 2–0 victory against FC Barcelona in the 90th minute.

The rising star helped doubled Real Madrid’s lead in a 2–0 victory against FC Barcelona on the 1st of March 2020 El Clasico

The rest, as they say, is history.

Mariano Diaz‘s Girlfriend, Wife, and Kid:

With his rise to fame and making a name for himself in football, it is certain that most fans would want to know if a successful man like Mariano Diaz has a girlfriend, or if he is actually married, which implies already having a wife. Truth is, behind the successful footballer, there exists a glamorous girlfriend who goes by the name Yaiza Moreno Antho.

Yaiza Moreno is a model and a swimwear designer who has been dating Mariano Diaz’s since 2012. Judging from her looks, she is indeed a paragon of beauty, one who oozes confidence in every one of her snap.

Meet Mariano Diaz’s Girlfriend, Yaiza Moreno- Isn’t she beautiful? Credit: Instagram

Mariano and Yaiza relationship escapes the scrutiny of the public eye simply because it is drama-free and so full of love. Beautiful Yaiza is indeed a selfless person who does nothing more than providing emotional support for her man, even thou it means putting her own life on hold.

Mariano Diaz’s Girlfriend Yaiza Moreno supports her man in all that he does. Credit: Pinterest

At the time Mariano’s returned to Real Madrid, millions of fans had their first sight of his stunning girlfriend during his presentation. Judging from the photo below, it appears Yaiza has been approved by Mariano Diaz’s parents. This implies that their wedding could be the next former step.

Mariano Diaz’s Girlfriend Yaiza Moreno pictured during his Madrid presentation. Credit: Twitter and dakarflash

Mariano Diaz’s Lifestyle:

Getting to know Mariano Diaz’s lifestyle would help you get a better picture of his living standard. Starting off, having a huge net worth, a market value of €16m and earning an annual salary of €5million (at the time of writing) surely makes him a millionaire footballer. Without a doubt, Mariano is capable of living a luxurious lifestyle.

Speaking of lifestyle, Mariano Diaz lives an organized life in Madrid. If given the chance, he won’t be shy to showcase his wealth- big houses (mansions), fancy clothes, wristwatches, private jets, yacht etc. In the streets of Madrid, you are most likely to see Mariano dressing averagely and most importantly, driving his flashy old school car.

What looks like Mariano Diaz’s Car- Truth is, he prefers the old school approach

Apart from football, Mariano is also an excellent driver. Did you know?… He once finished third in a go-karting tournament organized which Audi. He took third behind faster drivers; Nacho and Ramos.

Mariano Diaz’s Personal Life:

Who is Mariano Diaz off the Pitch?… The answer is, he is someone who feels very comfortable with nature. If you love pigs and sharks, then you aren’t alone. Truth is, you’ll probably be excited to learn that Mariano is like you- A Die-Hard Pig and Shark lover.

Mariano loves to visit a place nicknamed “Paradise” in the Bahamas, where he interacts with his best friends (see below). Who knows?… Mariano might even adopt one of these animals.

Getting to know Mariano Diaz’s Personal Life off the pitch of play. Credit: Instagram

Lastly, on Mariano Diaz’s personal life, he is someone who holds on to his favorite quote which goes as follows;

“it is important to always look where you are going, instead of looking where you were”.

Mariano Diaz’s Family Life:

For many footballers, the road to stardom wouldn’t have been as palatable as it is without the help of family members. Speaking of family, it appears Mariano didn’t just grow up alone with his parents, but also alongside his brother and beautiful sister. In this section, we’ll throw more light on Mariano Diaz’s parents and the rest of his beautiful family members.

The best of Mariano Diaz’s Family we can find. Now check-out the body structure of his dad. Credit: Tumblr

More about Mariano Diaz’s Dad:

Judging from his bulky looks in the photo above, you will agree with me that Mariano Diaz’s father indeed looks like a bodybuilder. Truth is, he was once a Spanish champion with honours in weight-lifting.

Even at his age, Mariano Diaz Snr still runs his gym in Premià del Mar, the region on the Catalunya coast where his son Mariano was born. Speaking about his dad’s influence to his career, Mariano once said;

“Most times I go with my dad to the gym. Thanks to him, I learned to do stretches and injury preventive exercises, which have all been good for my career.”

More about Mariano Diaz’s Mum:

Great mothers have produced successful football sons and Mariana Mejía isn’t an exception. She is a native of San Juan de la Maguana (a city and municipality in the western region of the Dominican Republic) by virtue of her birth and family origin.

Did you know?… Among Mariano Diaz’s parents, it is Mariana Mejía who has the dominant gene as both her son and daughter took after her skin color. Pictured below, both Mariana and Mariano enjoy a seemingly close relationship.

Meet Mariano Diaz’s Mother- Mariana Mejía- Both appear seemingly close. Credit: dogdrip

More about Mariano Diaz’s Granddad:

Mariano’s super granddad is preferably called Mariano Diaz Snr2. He is responsible for football going deep into the family bloodline. Without him, Mariano wouldn’t have been a footballer. In fact, the characteristic of not giving up comes from his grandfather, a former footballer and disciplinarian who once played for a modest Catalan club.

More about Mariano Diaz’s Brothers:

Mariano Diaz has a half brother who goes by the name Eduard Marcel Núñez (pictured above). Just like Mariano, he is also a footballer who plays for CE Vilassar de Dalt. This is a football club located in a village in Catalonia, Spain (in the province of Barcelona).

Also to let you know, Mariano’s half brother Eduard Marcel Núñez is a younger brother to another family member named Pedro Antonio Núñez. Pedro, also a footballer was born in Hato Mayor del Rey, Dominican Republic.

More about Mariano Diaz’s Sister:

Judging from the humble family photo above, you’ll agree with us that it appears Mariano has a sister, one who like her other siblings took after his mum’s dominant gene.

Mariano Diaz’s Untold Facts:

Fact #1: The Attempted Robbery:

Mariano Diaz was once the victim of an attempted robbery. This incident happened after he visited a luxury shop located in Calle Serrano street, Madrid (Ronaldo Website report).

While walking on the street carrying bags of items he has just bought, an individual approached him and forcefully tried to steal the bags. After screaming for help, the suspect then rushed to the other side of the street. Two people ran after the suspect who had stolen the bags from Mariano. After being overpowered, he ended up throwing the bags on the ground. This was followed by Mariano picking it up and leaving the scene without allowing Police intervention.

Fact #2: He abandoned playing for his mother’s Country:

Mariano once accepted his eligibility to play for the Dominican Republic through his mother. As a result, he made his international debut on 24 March 2013 in a friendly match against Haiti, scoring the last goal in a 3-1 victory.

Did you know?… that was probably his last match before he decided to give up his mum’s country. Mariano did that in order to avoid not being cap-tied and also, in view of a possible Spain national team call up. This development has made him declined further invitations from his mother’s country.

Fact #3: A Julia Roberts Fan:

In the world of Hollywood celebrities, Real Madrid has earned some authority. Did you know?… Julia Roberts is one of the club’s top celebrity fans who has once met Mariano. Pictured below is she with Mariano Diaz in one of her visits to the Spanish capital.

The Real Madrid Star once met Julia Roberts. Credit: Instagram

Fact #4: His Salary Breakdown:

Since his return to Real Madrid, fans have begun probing into Mariano Diaz’s facts, like how much he earns with he Spanish giant.

On 29 August 2018, Mariano sealed a five-year contract with Real Madrid, one which saw him pocketing a whopping salary of around €4million per year. Breaking Mariano Diaz’s salary into smaller numbers, we have the following.

SALARY TENUREEarnings in Euro (€)Earnings in Pounds Stering (£)Earnings in USD ($)
Per Year€ 5,000,000£4,294,250$5,643,100.00
Per Month€416,666£357,854$470,258
Per Week€104,116£89,463.5$117,564
Per Day€14,881£12,780.5$16,795
Per Hour€620£532.5$699
Per Minute€10.3£8.86$11.6
Per Seconds€0.17£0.14$0.19

This is how much Mariano Diaz has earned since you begun viewing this Page.


If what you see above reads (0), it means you are viewing an AMP page. Now Click HERE to see his salary increment by seconds.

Did you know?… The average worker in Spain needs to work for at least 2.3 years to earn €333,333 which is the amount our very own Mariano Diaz earns in a month.

Fact #5: Mariano Diaz‘s Tattoos:

Mariano believes in the tattoo culture which is very popular in today’s sporting world. As observed below, the Los Blancos footballer has tattoos that portray his religion and the things he loves.

Mariano Diaz’s Tattoos- The footballer has numerous tattoos on his left hand. Credit: Instagram

Fact #6: Mariano Diaz‘s Religion:

Judging from Mariano Diaz’s tattoo drawings above which has a drawing of the Virgin Mary, you will agree with me that his parents are most likely to have raised him in adhere to the Christian religious faith of Catholicism.

Mariano Diaz’s Wiki:

Lastly, on Mariano Diaz’s Biography, we provide you his wiki knowledgebase. The table below will assist you to find information about him in a concise and easy way.

Mariano Diaz Biography Facts (Wiki Inquiries)WIKI ANSWERS
Full Name:Mariano Díaz Mejía.
Date and Place of Birth:1 August 1993 (age 26 years), Premià de Mar, Spain.
Parents:Mariano Diaz Snr (Father) and Mariana Mejía (Mother).
SiblingsEduard Marcel Núñez (half brother) and a Sister
Family Origin:Spain (father's side) and Dominican Republic (mother's side)
Height:1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight:76 kg
Occupation:Footballer (Striker)
Honours (As at March 2020)La Liga: 2016–17,
Supercopa de España: 2019–20,
UEFA Champions League: 2016–17,
FIFA Club World Cup: 2016.

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