Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known by the Nickname; ‘Raketa’. Our Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story plus Biography Facts brings to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date. The analysis involves his life story before fame, relationship life, family life and many OFF-Pitch little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities but few consider Ivan Rakitic’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, let’s Begin.

Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Early Life

Ivan Rakitic was born on the 10th day of March 1988, at Möhlin, Switzerland. He was born to his mother, Kata Rakitić and father, Luka Rakitic. Both parents are Croatian by origin.

Due to growing tension in Yugoslavia before the war, his parents fled from Croatia to Switzerland to save their lives and to also witness the birth of Ivan and his sibling. This resulted in little Ivan spending his childhood in Switzerland where his dad got a job at a building site in Möhlin.

Ideally, he was raised in the Catholic faith, grew up in both football and in the Croatian spirit.

His father and older brother were also footballers. With such a background, it was no surprise when Rakitić took a strong interest in the same aspirations, even as he was completing his primary school studies. Subsequent to doing so, he began to concentrate on his sporting career, with his family’s encouragement.

Despite the help of his parents, Little Ivan made important decisions independently.

In the words of Kata Rakitić his mother, she once said… “I remember when Ivan began school. He asked me: ‘Mom, how many years do I have to go to school?’ I told him nine years because it was the length of the mandatory school system in Switzerland. He told me: ‘Fine then, I’ll go to school for as long as I have to, but not a day longer”.  These were the words of little Ivan to his mother. Deep down in his mind, he really did not want to go to school for longer than those nine years. To shorten the years, Ivan later dropped out and enrolled in a technical school for construction which made the so-called 9 years of education reduced by half.

Also because Ivan was seriously training football at that time. He once told his parents that it was very gruelling to train, study and go to school. This prompted his father allowed him to make his own decision, of choosing either football or education. Surprisingly, Ivan made his decision the next day. That day, he returned his books and told them that he wanted to dedicate his entire life to football. What a bold heart.

At that time he did not have any professional contract but had hopes and faith in Basel giving him one. Indeed, holding on to football made Ivan brave. It was the confidence of dropping out of school and dedicating his whole life in football that made him tougher.    The rest, as they say, is now history.

Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Relationship Life

The truth must be told. Ivan Rakitic is known to have the most tragic love story in football. The story goes like this…

Ivan and his brother, Dejan was excited about him going to sign for Sevilla so much so that they couldn’t sleep that night they arrived at the city of Seville.

The next day, both brothers in crime decided to visit a Spanish lounge cum bar to spend the whole of the day and pass the night. They ordered coffees for themselves.  As it would so happen, cupid struck the moment the young beautiful waitress at the lounge served Ivan his cake.

Ivan couldn’t resist beautiful waitress named whom he confirmed her name as Raquel Mauri. He almost forgot the primary reason for coming to Spain which is; ‘Negotiating with Sevilla to sign a contract’.

This happened January 27, four days before transfer market closes. During this period,
Another team called him and were prepared to lay-on a private plane for him to go and sign for them. Knowing he had a lady on the mind, Ivan told his brother…“No, I’ve given my word to the Sevilla president; I’m going to sign the contract tomorrow… besides, I have fallen in love with that pretty waitress which cements my place here”.

After immediately concluding his transfer, Ivan went on to pursue his love at first sight. He began a strategy, first by constantly coming back to that lounge. Secondly by persuading his love to stop her job and join him share in his football glories. He polished her after she accepted. After dribbling Ivan for months later accepted his persistent request to be his girlfriend.

Ivan dated her Raquel for two years before deciding to marry her. The most wonderful day in his life happened on the in April 2013.

Ivan Rakitic wedding photo

Their daughter Althea was born in 2013. Althea loves her parents taking her to swim. They all looked frightened due to something, while in water in the photo below.

Ivan Rakitic and family looking frightened on water

In May 2016, their second daughter, Adara, was born. Ivan took the photo below to celebrate the birth of Adara.

Ivan Rakitic family photo

In a bid to create heavy family bonding, Ivan makes it necessary to travel with his family on vacations. Family to him is not only an important thing. It’s everything.

Ivan takes his family out for vacation

Before being in relationship and starting a family with Raquel, Ivan dated Tatjana Batinic.

Ivan Rakitic’s Ex Girlfriend

Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Family Life

Ivan once came from a football family of an upper-middle-class family background. His family status changed to the super rich upper-class as football investments paid off for him. Now here’s a brief about Ivan Rakitic’s family.

FATHER: Ivan Rakitic’s father, Luka, thou being a footballer did not make it up to the peak of his career. He currently manages his son’s career affairs.

Luka Rakitic went into early football retirement due to persistence medical problems. Till date, he stills receives a Swiss pension even though he does not have citizenship.

Luka Rakitic proudly points out that he is most responsible for the success of his son. He serves as his manager’s manager who gives final approvals as regards Ivan’s career decisions. Recently, he was currently at war with Swiss authorities due to overtaxing break on his construction workshop in Switzerland.

MOTHER: Kata Rakitić is the mother of Ivan. She is from Bosnia and Herzegovina and not from Switzerland or Croatia where her husband comes from. She is a housekeeper who does nothing else than taking care of her family and supporting her son’s career.

Ivan Rakitić’s mother- Kata Rakitić

BROTHER: Ivan and his older brother named Dejan. Dejan was also a football player but quit after he broke a bone in his right heel two times. He is now ever busy with business obligations in Switzerland.

Ivan Rakitić and brother, Dejan – Spot the difference

Ivan has a beautiful sister named Nikol Rakitic.

Ivan Rakitic and sister- Nikol Rakitic.

Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Terror in Switzerland

Rakitic’s family once faced terror in Switzerland. This happened when he left Switzerland national team and became registered the latest member of the Croatian national football team.

His decision attracted the fury of the Swiss fans with his decision to play for Croatia. In fact, his family was threatened by phone calls and emails for months after he first wore a Croatian shirt.

Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Why he left

Probably what should come to your mind is the question; Why did Ivan Rakitic leave the Switzerland national team?

Asides racism, Ivan once discovered that one and a half months prior to the decision made by him to denounce his citizenship, his father Luka had his Swiss citizenship application rejected.

Luka Rakitic requested Swiss citizenship so his small construction workshop would receive a tax break. The Rakitic family does not know how this information was leaked to the public. To worsen the situation, Luka Rakitic’s request for citizenship was rejected due to politics.

More so, his decision to leave the Swiss national team came as a result of the political climate in Switzerland football authorities and the country at large. Ivan was once at the centre of a political scandal.

Justifying his decision, Ivan said…“Before making up my mind, my family was told to go back to Yugoslavia; that the Swiss consider us all to be Yugoslavians; that we are all the same.”

He justified his reason for leaving. Although it was the Swiss govt who gave his family asylum in the first place. Ivan has left all the threats received behind him. He is now concentrated on his football and don’t have time to think about anything else.

Ivan Rakitic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Career Summary

And he spent all his childhood playing for Switzerland and represented their U17 team.

Rakitić started his professional career at Basel and spent two seasons with them before he was signed by Schalke 04. After spending three-and-a-half seasons in the Bundesliga, he was signed by Sevilla in January 2011. Two years later, Rakitić was confirmed as the club captain and captained the team to UEFA Europa League triumph.

In June 2014, Barcelona and Sevilla reached an agreement on the transfer of Rakitić. The 2014-2015 season was a special one for Ivan. He won the treble and end up in the Domestic League and European Competition League’s selection of the best 11 players all season. The rest, as they say, is now history.

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