Gleison Bremer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Gleison Bremer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Gleison Bremer Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother (Silva) and Father (Nascimento), Wife (Déborah Claudino), Daughter (Ágatha Bremer), Family Background, etc.

More so, this article tells you about the Athlete’s Ethnicity, Siblings (a brother and sister), Origin, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Religion, Salary Breakdown and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, this memoir tells you the Full History of Gleison Bremer. We’ll give you the story of a Brazilian centre-back who once sold ice cream to pay his transportation fees for away games. Gleison Bremer’s parents were once poor, and football became his only hope.

Again, this is the story of a boy whose father named him after Andreas Brehme. This person is a German football Legend (a Defender) and coach.

We’ll tell you the reason behind Bremer’s Dad’s decision to make his son bear the ex-German footballer’s name.

LifeBogger’s version of Gleison Bremer’s Biography begins by analysing notable events of his Early Life.

Thereafter, we’ll tell you about his early football journey in the quest for fame finally, how the former Ice cream seller became successful in the beautiful game.


To whet your autobiography appetite, LifeBogger begins Gleison Bremer’s Bio by showing you this gallery of his Early Life and Rise.

Behold, the one-time ice cream seller in his early boyhood trophy years, right until the moment he became a hot transfer property in Europe.

Gleison Bremer Biography - From his Early Life to the Moment of Football Fame.
Gleison Bremer Biography – FromGleison Bremer Biography – From His Early Life to the Moment of Football Fame. His Early Life to the Moment of Football Fame.

Before top European clubs came chasing after his signature, the Brazilian central defender held the record for the most clearances, most intercepts of the balls, etc.

Also, he is the Serie A defender who blocks the most shots and also the one who scores the most goals.

Despite the above-named accolades, we realize a big gap in the Brazilian’s story. We found that not many football fans have read a concise piece of Gleison Bremer’s Bio.

So, we have made his story to satisfy your search intent. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Gleison Bremer Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname ‘Bre’ and the full name – Gleison Bremer Silva Nascimento.

The Brazilian Athlete was born on the 18th day of March 1997 to his Mother (who has the family name Silva) and Father (Mr Nascimento).

Bremer is the first child and son (out of three children – two boys and a girl) born of the union between his parents. Behold a rare photograph of Gleison Bremer’s parents.

When he looks into their eyes, the Brazilian footballer finds the purest love on this earth.

Gleison Bremer's Parents. The Brazilian footballer has a look-alike Dad and a beautiful Mum.
Gleison Bremer’s Parents. The Brazilian footballer has a look-alike Dad and a beautiful Mum.

Growing-Up Years:

Gleison Bremer didn’t enjoy the joys of childhood all alone. Rather, with his one and only younger sister, whom we have pictured below.

Also, a brother whom we know little about. These two siblings are best friends who never get old of revert back to their childhood.

This is Gleison Bremer's younger sister, who he spent one of the best parts of his early years with.
This is Gleison Bremer’s younger sister, who he spent one of the best parts of his early years with.

Gleison Bremer Early Life – The pre-birth destiny encounter:

Way before he was born, Gleison Bremer’s parents had agreed on the name for their child.

His Dad (Mr Nascimento) was the brain behind the decision to call his son Bremer after the ex-German footballer Andreas Brehme. This ex-footballer is not a Brazilian but his idol.

Find below a photo of the Legend Andreas Brehme. He is a 1990 World Cup Winner who won the tournament alongside Jürgen Klinsmann.

This Legend holds 16 football honours to his name, including the 1990 World Cup, Bundesliga, Serie A, and UEFA Cup titles.

Gleison Bremer's Dad holds Andreas Brehme as his football idol. Because of his love for this 1990 World Cup winner, he named his son after him.
Gleison Bremer’s Dad holds Andreas Brehme as his football idol. Because of his love for this 1990 World Cup winner, he named his son after him.

What is Gleison Bremer’s Dad motivation for naming his son after Andreas Brehme?

Starting off, Gleison Bremer’s Dad was a big fan of Brehme because of the 1990 World Cup. He admired the Ex-German for his strength, character, and bravery, even under pressure.

Also, on his ability to score decisive penalties – as he did during the 1990 World Cup match.

Gleison Bremer Family Background:

The Brazilian footballer is from a close-knit and working-class household. A family that has once suffered a reduction in its living standards.

Gleison Bremer’s Family were once not rich but rather below the middle-class background. Thankfully, football became a rescue.

Gleison Bremer is from a working-class family background. Thanks to his Football success, their lives got changed forever.
Gleison Bremer is from a working-class family background. Thanks to his Football success, their lives got changed forever.

In this section of his Biography, we’ll tell you what Gleison Bremer’s parents once did for a living.

Starting with his Dad, Mr Nascimento is best described as a farmer. A man who relied on his farm to breed all sorts of animals for feeding family members and business.

Early on, Bremer found time to help his Dad on his farm. Just like Gabriel Veron, he juggled between being a farm boy and playing football.

As a supportive Dad, Nascimento understood his son’s football desires and never deprived him of playing the beautiful game.

On the other hand, Gleison Bremer’s Mother is an ice cream manufacturer and retailer. Thanks to her talents, the family never lacked little money to settle needs.

To raise monies to transport himself to away matches, Bremer helped his mum sell her ice creams.

Taking some profits from ice cream sales:

With the aid of a styrofoam box, Bremer was able to sell large quantities of ice creams for his mother.

Back then, after Gleison Bremer’s Mum produced the ice cream, he would stick it to freeze. The next day, Bremer would take the ice cream out to sell for some profit.

The proceeds from selling ice cream were good enough to maintain the family. Did you know?… Gleison Bremer’s parents agree to make him have half of the profits he sells.

With that, he was able to have pocket money to transport himself to play football and do other things.

Gleison Bremer Family Origin:

The professional footballer holds Brazilian nationality by virtue of his birth. Regarding where Gleison Bremer Family comes from, our research points to Itapitanga.

This is a town in the Brazilian state of Bahia, in the North-East region of Brazil.

Itapitanga is where Gleison Bremer's family comes from. This is a small town in Brazil's Eastern Region.
Itapitanga is where Gleison Bremer’s family comes from. This is a small town in Brazil’s Eastern Region.

Gleison Bremer’s Ethnicity:

The Torino footballer is an Afro-Brazilian. It means Gleison Bremer has African ancestry. The term “Preto” describes Bremer’s ethnicity.

Preto is used to describe Brazilian people with African skin colour. Around 7.61% of the Brazilian population are Afro-Brazilians.

Gleison Bremer Education:

The Itapitanga native had his pre-primary and primary education in his hometown. Thanks to monies from ice cream sales, Gleison Bremer could pay his school fees.

After completing his secondary education, the youngster gave his full-time to his footballing pursuits.

Back then, Bremer loved school teachings on history and geography.

He enjoyed it when his teachers made him know places around the world. Bremer couldn’t stand his mathematics subject because there were too many calculations and too many numbers. He once said;

I didn’t want to study so much in school, but I knew I had to do it.

AND I only went to school to play football MORE THAN TO STUDY.

Career Buildup:

Early on, Gleison Bremer knew he was destined to become a great footballer.

To prepare his mind while still a boy, Nascimento made his son remember the reason behind his name. Also, his supportive parents ensured he got pocket monies to meet his transport needs.

Half of Bremer’s pocket monies that came from his ice cream sales were also used to satisfy his hobby. This hobby is no other than playing video games.

As a kid, Bremer (just like Nelson Semedo) was a master of playing (PS2) Pro Evolution Soccer and other games.

Did you know?… Gleison Bremer didn’t join a reputable football academy until the age of 17.

He was more of a local champion who kept on with futsal with hopes that a prominent academy would find him before he reached the age of 18. Thankfully, Desportivo Brasil did.

Gleison Bremer Biography – Untold Football Story:

As stated earlier, he joined a reputable academy a little late – at the age of 17. Desportivo Brasil, a club based in Porto Feliz, São Paulo, scouted and acquired him. Because he had talent, Gleison Bremer was able to integrate with the team with luck and without stress.

Luck found Bremer at this new club, as he was among the best players in his age group.

At that time, (the year 2014), the academy got a rare opportunity to send a few of its players to Europe. These sets of boys were to take part in a championship in Holland and Germany.

In that competition, Bremer’s team became runners-up. Following that, he returned to Brazil and moved fully to São Paulo, where Desportivo Brasil is based.

Here is a photo of Bremer and his girlfriend (now wife) with the jacket he wore at the Holland competition.

The footballer and his girlfriend (Déborah Claudino) took a photo after his return from the competition in Europe. Bremer later got married to Deborah.
The footballer and his girlfriend (Déborah Claudino) took a photo after his return from the competition in Europe. Bremer later got married to Deborah.

Gleison Bremer Bio – Road to Fame Story:

While playing for Desportivo Brasil (still as a youth), the youngster waited for opportunities from bigger academies.

Bremer knew he was above the level of his teammates, so he wanted a bigger challenge. Thankfully, he got the chance to prove himself in a competition.

There was this tournament in Rio Grade do Sul. Gleison Bremer’s parents supported him to make the 15 hours (1,038.2 km) journey from Sao Paulo to take part.

In that tournament, scouts from top Brazilian clubs watched. And Bremer helped his team to win the trophy.

Atlético Mineiro found him worthy of being in their team. The club acquired him in 2017 – just after he won the Rio Grade do Sul competition.

This is a club that has a huge reputation for getting transfers for their players abroad. Also, getting big stars to come to play for them.

Examples of big stars who played there (as of 2022) include Diego Godin, Brazilian Hulk, Diego Costa, and Savinho (who later sealed a Man City transfer).

Just maybe, you didn’t know, the likes of Ronaldinho, Robinho, Fred, and Emerson Royal had played for this great club.

The Atlético Mineiro Early Years:

With this new club, things became very different for Gleison Bremer. First, they made him relocate fully to Belo Horizonte, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Just after Gleison Bremer arrived, the club threw him into the Copa do Brasil Sub-20 was about to start.

Even as a newbie, he blended well with his teammates on the pitch. Gleison Bremer helped Atlético become champions after they defeated Flamengo on penalties.

The Itapitanga native won these great trophies before getting a deserved transfer to play in Europe.
The Itapitanga native won these great trophies before getting a deserved transfer to play in Europe.

Did you know?… in just about six months with Atlético Mineiro, Bremer graduated from their academy and reserves to become a full professional. Gleison Bremer made his debut against Chapecoense – where he was best on the pitch – in a deserving 1-0 win.

In the next game, Leonardo Silva (one of Bremer’s teammates and first-choice defender) got injured.

Roger Machado (Bremer’s coach) called him to replace him the Leonardo. Because he impressed the coach, Bremer cemented his place as a first-choice defender.

Gleison Bremer Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Coach Roger Machado put him to play in the Libertadores. Gleison Bremer has a fantastic first season at Atlético Mineiro before the 2018 World Cup.

Despite spending less than a year as a pro, the youngster with this kind of performance began receiving offers from Europe.

What a tackle and power header! The Brazilian has been a rock since his days with Atlético Mineiro.
What a tackle and power header! The Brazilian has been a rock since his days with Atlético Mineiro.

AS Roma was the first club that contracted Gleison Bremer. The club had just purchased Javier Pastore, Patrik Schick, and Steven Nzonzi.

They needed a defender with prospects. Bremer rejected their offer as he was not ready to play behind Juan Jesus or Federico Fazio.

Among all available options, Bremer chose to go to Torino Football Club because of the kind of offer they made.

The Turin-based club gave him a better contract offer and that first-choice role he wanted. For the first time, Bremer (in 2018) left his family behind for Italy.

The journey to play football in Europe became a new chapter in Bremer’s life. The Brazilian arrived at the club after Torino sold Davide Zappacosta to Antonio Conte’s Chelsea.

He joined a club that had Andrea Belotti as their most loyal and biggest star.

Adaptation issues in Italy:

For a guy who was used to blending with new teams, Gleison Bremer (at first) found living in Italy very hard. The Brazilian suffered from three major things.

The first is cold. Then there was the Italian language. Next is the difficulty of blending into a new culture.

Speaking in an interview about his experience, Bremer said;

Life in Italy was a little tricky because I couldn’t speak the Italian language. Because of that, the club put a teacher at home to teach me Italian.

About the cold, it was ok at first because I arrived in summer when it was hot. Although I caught a cold at the end of the year. At that time, I was already adapted to the climate.

The snow in Italy surprised me a lot. The truth is, I had never seen it before, only in movies. It was really cool to have this opportunity to see snow for the first time.

The Torino Success Story:

With a shaky start to life because of adaptation issues, Walter Mazzarri assured Bremer that 2019-20 would be his season.

Thanks to self-belief and faith, Bremer exploded in the second half of that season. He cemented his place in a regular starting spot for Torino.

In the following seasons, Bremer became arguably the most in-demand centre-back in Serie A.

He became that powerful but classy Defender, a colossus in the air who knows how to read the game wonderfully well. This video shows why big clubs began chasing him.

Did you know?… Bremer broke the record of having more interceptions (96) in the 20/21  season than any other player in Europe’s Big Five leagues.

Among Europe defenders, he ranked number 1 for recoveries (251) and the third position for aerial duels won (114).

At the time of writing Bremer’s Biography, the Italian media outlets claim that Inter may be the favourite to sign him. Jurgen Klopp‘s Liverpool also has plans as they see the future of injury-prone Joe Gomez at Anfield as uncertain. Bremer would be an excellent replacement.

By joining Liverpool, Bremer would provide backup to the Reds’ main centre-backs Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip and Ibrahima Konate.

It is only a matter of time before we know the next destination of the Brazilian. The rest of Bremer’s Biography, as we say, is now history.

Having run you through his career story, we’ll use the next section to unveil to you his love life.

We’ll tell you about the woman who stayed with him when there was practically nothing. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

About Déborah Claudino – Gleison Bremer’s Wife:

First things first, she is the woman of his life and also a Guardian angel (after his Mum). Before the world got to know Bremer, Déborah Claudino has been there for him.

She knows every part of the pains her beloved boyfriend went through in his quest to become a professional.

This is Déborah Claudino, the woman who stood by Bremer before he made it as a footballer.
This is Déborah Claudino, the woman who stood by Bremer before he made it as a footballer.

The Itapitanga native began dating his girlfriend during his teenage years.

As noted earlier in Gleison Bremer’s Biography, he has been with Déborah since his days with Desportivo Obviously. At a time he hadn’t made it in life and when he needed someone by his side.

Gleison Bremer once referred to his lover as ‘the cutest trainee’. The description – which came at a time she wore this set of clothes made fans think about what Deborah’s interest might be.

Is this the dress of a Female Taekwondo Fighter? Definitely NOT.
Is this the dress of a Female Taekwondo Fighter? Definitely NOT.

Déborah Claudino and Gleison Bremer’s wedding:

Any responsible man would reward the woman who stood by him during the time of career struggles.

Gleison Bremer did that by taking his relationship with Déborah to the next level. Both lovers decided to tie the knot on the 9th of December 2017.

Déborah and Gleison opened the next chapter of their lives after their wedding ceremony.
Déborah and Gleison opened the next chapter of their lives after their wedding ceremony.

Judging by the looks of it, the wedding ceremony between Déborah and Gleison appears to be a close-door type. Both lovers had an outdoor photoshoot.

Close friends and families of Déborah Claudino and Bremer attended the ceremony held in Brazil.

About Ágatha Bremer – Gleison’s Children:

She is the first child and daughter of Déborah Claudino and Gleison Bremer. Ágatha Bremer was born to her parents on the 2nd day of November 2020.

Now a grown-up, we now know who Ágatha took after (in terms of her facial looks). Definitely, it is Deborah, her mother.

Ágatha Bremer is the first daughter and child of Bremer and Deborah.
Ágatha Bremer is the first daughter and child of Bremer and Deborah.

Personal Life away from Football:

Away from everything football, you can best describe Gleison Bremer as a homebody. Both Gleison and Deborah have this incredible emotional relationship with their Dog.

Because he is a lover of Dogs, we call the footballer a Cynophiles or dogophiles.

This is Gleison Bremer, away from football.
This is Gleison Bremer, away from football.

Looking into his Pisces zodiac sign, we were able to align some Bremer personality facts.

Starting off, he is a selfless person who loves to help others even though there is nothing in return. In fact, empathy and an incredible emotional capacity characterize his personality.

In Gleison Bremer’s spare time, he dedicates himself to the sport of boxing. And his boxing idol is Anthony Joshua, the British professional boxer.

Brazilian Defender, Lucio and Sergio Ramos inspire the Defender. Finally, the 6 foot 2 star is someone who can’t stand lies.

Gleison Bremer Lifestyle:

Regarding the way he lives, the Brazilian is someone who loves vacation trips. Maragogi, also known as the Brazilian Caribbean, is a favourite destination of the couple.

Déborah and Gleison also love to visit some of the most iconic landmarks in Europe.

Gleison Bremer Lifestyle - EXPLAINED. Both lovers love to spend their time visiting some of the most iconic places in Europe and Brazil.
Gleison Bremer Lifestyle – EXPLAINED. Both lovers love to spend their time visiting some of the most iconic places in Europe and Brazil.

Does Gleison Bremer own a Car?

While we know his wages can make him afford one, the Brazilian, at the moment, has not given fans a clue on what he drives. As noticed in this photo, Gleison Bremer appears to be used to Torino’s team bus.

He would rather take photos while he is beside the team's bus rather than his own car.
He would rather take photos while he is beside the team’s bus rather than his own car.

Gleison Bremer Family Facts:

Members of his household come first for the Brazilian, while other things (including his career) come next.

Here in Gleison Bremer’s Bio, we’ll tell you more info about his parents and siblings. Without further ado, let’s begin.

About Gleison Bremer’s Father:

Aside from being a farmer, Mr Nascimento was a former footballer, a defender. These days, he still tells his son how he was stronger than him during his playing days.

After retirement from his less-than-satisfactory career, Gleison Bremer’s Dad bought land for his farm.

Even to this day, Gleison Bremer’s Father still does farming. His son, whenever he comes to visit his parents, still gives his Dad a hand on the farm – as he did during his childhood years. Bremer is very good at looking after his Dad’s Calves, cows, pigs and chickens.

About Gleison Bremer’s Mother:

The ice cream seller is her son’s first love and the one who was responsible for his early development.

She remains a homemaker, a woman whose role in the family cannot be understated. Bremer’s Mum lives in Brazil, and she sometimes comes to Italy for visits.

About Gleison Bremer’s Sister:

While little documentation exists on her, however, we sure know her to be a university graduate. Also, the fact that Gleison Bremer’s sister is doing well in her chosen career.

About Gleison Bremer’s Brother:

According to the Italian Blog, Toronews, the Brazilian (in an interview), once opened up about playing football with his brother during his childhood.

Bremer said his Dad would rather go work at his farm rather than join him and his brother to play football.

Untold Facts:

In the final phase of Gleison Bremer’s Bio, we’ll tell you some facts you might not know about him. So, let’s begin.

Gleison Bremer Net Worth:

Before we reveal the figure, let’s first show you how much the Brazilian makes with Torino. Here is Gleison Bremer’s salary breakdown in both Euros and the Brazilian real.

TENURE/EARNINGSGleison Bremer Torino Salary in Euros (€). Gleison Bremer Torino Salary in Brazilian Real (R$).
What he makes EVERY YEAR:€2,135,280R$11,086,016
What he makes EVERY MONTH:€177,940R$923,834
What he makes EVERY WEEK:€41,000R$212,865
What he makes EVERY DAY:€5,857R$30,409
What he makes EVERY HOUR:€244R$1,267
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:€4R$21
What he makes EVERY SECOND:€0.07R$0.35

Taking other sources of income (contract bonuses, sponsorship deals, etc.), including his years of experience, Gleison Bremer’s Net Worth (2022) is approximately 8.5 million euros.

Comparing Gleison Bremer’s Salary to the Average Brazilian Citizen:

Where he comes from, the average Brazilian citizen makes around 2900 BRL/Month. Did you know?… such a citizen would need 26 years to make Bremer’s Torino monthly salary of R$923,834.

Since you started viewing Gleison Bremer‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Torino.


Gleison Bremer Profile (FIFA):

As of 2022, the Brazilian centre-back, just like Ronald Araujo, is one of the best South American Defenders in Europe.

Gleison Bremer’s FIFA stats say a lot about his Defensive capabilities. He has a huge potential of 85 and some outstanding Defensive stats.

The Torino star excels best with it comes to five things. Defensive awareness, standing tackles, standing tackles, interceptions and his strength.
The Torino star excels best when it comes to five things. Defensive awareness, standing tackles, standing tackles, interceptions and his strength.

In our own expert advice, Gleison deserves to be a successor of David Luiz or Thiago Silva for the Brazilian national team.

He would definitely form a great partnership with Eder Militao and Gabriel Magalhaes, who have cemented their place in the Brazilian squad.

Gleison Bremer Religion:

By telling us his favourite Bible verse (Isaiah 41:10), it is certain that the Brazilian is a Christian.

Before he walks into the football field, Bremer meditates on Isaiah 41, verse 10. The verse takes his mind away from fear and gives him the courage to face his opponents.

Wiki Summary:

This table reveals Gleison Bremer’s Facts. It summarizes his Biography and helps you with quick facts.

Full Name:Gleison Bremer Silva Nascimento
Date of Birth:18 March 1997
Age:26 years and 8 months old.
Place of Birth:Itapitanga, Brazil
Parents:Mr and Mrs Silva Nascimento
Siblings:A brother and sister
Wife:Déborah Claudino
Children:Ágatha Bremer (Daughter)
Father's occupation:Farmer and Ex-Footballer
Family Origin:Itapitanga (Bahia, North-East Brazil)
Height in meters:1.88 meters
Height in feet:6 feet 2 inches
Weight:approximately 80 kg
Annual Salary (2022):€2,135,280 or R$11,086,016
Net Worth:8.5 million euros (2022)
Academy attended:Desportivo Brasil, São, and Atlético Mineiro
Player AgentCAA Base Ltd
Playing Position:Right or Left Centre-Back


Gleison Bremer, like Warren Zaire-Emery, was born under the Pisces zodiac on the 18th day of March 1997. He was born to his Mum (an ice cream maker) and his Dad (a farmer and retired footballer).

The Brazilian footballer grew up in Itapetinga (his birthplace) alongside a brother and sister.

Before his birth, Gleison Bremer (notably his Dad) decided to name his son after his football idol, Andreas Brehme. As a child, young Bremer helped his mum sell ice cream. As a reward for hard work, Bremer was given some money from his sales profits.

Gleison Bremer used the monies from his ice cream sales to fund his transportation and upkeep during his football pursuits.

The youngster who went to school once said he disliked mathematics but loved history and geography. In fact, Bremer never liked schooling.

Because of his Dad, Bremer has Andreas Brehme as his idol. He also idolized Robinho because he was more keen to score as a youngster.

This was before he switched to a defensive position. Later on, Lucio and Sergio Ramos became the persons he idolized.

Before playing for Torino, he went through Desportivo Brasil, São Paulo and Atlético Mineiro academies.

Déborah Claudino, who was a former girlfriend, now Gleison Bremer’s Wife, stood by him at every step of the way. Both have a daughter together, – Ágatha Bremer.

It is likely that the Brazilian Superstar will get a big-money transfer in the 2022 summer transfer window. Gleison Bremer’s transfer fight rages on between many Premier Clubs.

Aside from Liverpool, the likes of Arsenal and Newcastle, Leicester, Chelsea wants him.

Appreciation Note:

As always, we say ‘Thank You’ for taking your quality time to read LifeBogger’s version of Gleison Bremer’s Biography. We care about accuracy and fairness in our daily quest to deliver you Brazilian Football Stories. And also that of South American Footballers.

Please reach out to LifeBogger (via comment) if you find anything that doesn’t look right in this Bremer’s memoir. On a final note, we’d appreciate your feedback on the Brazilian footballer and his amazing Biography. Please stay tuned for more Football Stories from us.

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