Gabriel Veron Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Gabriel Veron Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Gabriel Veron Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Personal Life, Lifestyle and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, we present the full Life History of a Brazilian footballer. A former cowboy who bears the nickname “Bolt”.

Lifebogger’s version of Gabriel Veron’s Life Story begins from his early days. It then proceeds to when he became famous in the game of football.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the appealing nature of Gabriel Veron’s Biography, behold his early life and rise gallery.

You’ll agree with me that the media gallery below summarizes his Bio.

Gabriel Veron Biography. Behold his Early Life and Success Story.
Gabriel Veron Biography. Behold his Early Life and Success Story.

Who is Gabriel Veron?… Everyone knows he is the future of Brazil football. The kind of player who uses his low centre of gravity and acceleration to terrorise defenders, fearlessly take on opponents and score great goals.

Asides from these accolades, we realize that only a few fans know Gabriel Veron’s Life Story. We have prepared his memoir for you because of our love for the beautiful game. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Gabriel Veron Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the full names Gabriel Veron Fonseca de Souza. Gabriel Veron was born on the 3rd day of September 2002 to his mother, Graciele Fonseca Silva and father, Carlos Eduardo de Souza in Assu, Northeastern Brazil.

The football star of Brazilian nationality came to the world as the only son, out of three children (himself and two sisters) born of the union between his parents.

Gabriel Veron was born a catholic, like most kids from Brazilian families. Here is the youngster at his christening (Baptism), in the loving arms of his mother.

Gabriel Veron alongside his Mother as he receives Baptism from the Catholic Church his parents attends.
Gabriel Veron alongside his Mother as he receives Baptism from the Catholic Church his parents attends.

Origin of his Name – Gabriel Veron :

Have you wondered why the Brazil star bears the name of an Argentina legend? If yes, then you must have asked the question;… Is Gabriel Veron related to Sebastian Veron? The quick answer to that is; NO!

Is Gabriel Veron related to Juan Sebastián Verón?
Is Gabriel Veron related to Juan Sebastián Verón?

Did you know?… Gabriel Veron’s name came as a result of a neighbour’s dream. This neighbour of his is a family friend and a big Juan Sebastián Verón fan.

This man in question has always wanted a son. He had three daughters and had lost hope of having a son due to his wife’s age (nearing menopause). 

At the time Gabriel Veron’s mother (Graciele Fonseca Silva) was heavily pregnant, the neighbour in question went straight to her. Without shame, he begged for Graciele’s unborn child to be named after his football Idol- Veron.

Fortunately, the unusual and strange request got accepted. This was how Gabriel had his Veron name.

Growing-Up Years:

The Brazilian spend his whole childhood years in a town called Assu, located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, in Brazil.

Early on as a boy, young Veron possessed the firstborn personality traits. At age six, he was already a little out of the ordinary, even acting like a mini-adult.

For the rising footballer, memories of childhood would always take him back to those joyful times spent with his mother and two younger sisters. Pictured below, these three persons have brought the most joy to his life.

Gabriel Veron's mother and sisters remain the closest persons to his heart.
Gabriel Veron’s mother and sisters remain the closest persons to his heart.

Gabriel Veron Family Background:

Results from our research have it that the Brazilian footballer got raised in a nomadic and impoverished household.

Gabriel Veron’s father, Carlos Eduardo de Souza is a Cowboy and Hostler- a man who insisted his son must follow in his footsteps.

On the other hand, his Mum, Graciele Fonseca, is simply a homemaker or full-time housewife.

Back then, Gabriel Veron’s family lived in a small house located on a dry dirt road with no pavements. Just like Gleison Bremer and Savinho, Veron’s family operated a livestock farm during his childhood.

Early on, Gabriel rejected his Dad’s wish to have him (all his life) taking care of cows, horses and work in the fields. That (earlier) did not go well with both father and son.

In fact, Gabriel Veron was only interested in football and that caused issues between him and his Dad.

Gabriel Veron Family Background. This is where he lived as a child.
Gabriel Veron Family Background. This is where he lived as a child.

Gabriel Veron’s mum, a foresighted woman, already knew her son would not succeed in the occupation of a cowboy and horse keeper.

Instead, she threw her support to him looking forward to becoming a professional footballer. Advising her son to go against the family’s old occupation didn’t go down well with her husband, Carlos Eduardo.

Gabriel Veron Parents Split:

Unfortunately at that time, the marital union between Gabriel Veron’s Mum and Dad got sour.

Due to differences in opinion, Graciele and Carlos decided to go their separate ways. It was Gabriel Veron’s Dad that left him, his mum and his sisters.

Following his parents split, Veron (still a child) went on to live with his grandparents – Mr and Mrs José Nazareno da Silva.

His sisters and mother (Graciele Fonseca) got accepted to live in the house of his uncle (mum’s brother) who goes by the name Jackson Fonseca.

Subsequently, a new life and challenge emerged for the youngster after his parents’ separation.

Gabriel Veron vowed he would strive hard to make it, so as not to disappoint his mother. Staying with his relatives helped as they constantly encouraged him to never look back.

Gabriel Veron Family Origin:

Assú is located in Brazil’s desert. Put simply, Gabriel Veron hails from Caatinga, a boundary used to describe the dry forest region in South America.

People from this part of Brazil are of similar skin colour. They are constantly punished by the scorching heat of above 40 °C. The regions favour cowboys who rear cows and Hostler who manages horses, like Carlos, Gabriel Veron’s Dad.

Brazil’s semi-arid region where Gabriel Veron has his family roots is the poorest place to live in the entire country. The area is the most deprived among all regions in the country.

In fact, it is difficult to see successful Brazilian footballers from this region. They often referred the few who have made names for themselves in Europe as The True Caatinga warriors. A typical example is Dani Alves.

Gabriel Veron Education:

As a typical boy from the semi-arid region of Rio Grande do Norte, all he wanted was to attend a local football school that suits his ilk. Veron was so enchanted by those who watched him play well in Futsal.

Thanks to his gameplay, a private school IPI (Instituto Padre Ibiapina) in Assú awarded him a full scholarship.

While playing futsal, Veron won his very first trophy and medal. His team came first, and he was the star of the competition.

Can you spot Gabriel Veron here? This was a sign of his humble good beginnings - winning a trophy and getting a medal.
Can you spot Gabriel Veron here? This was a sign of his humble good beginnings – winning a trophy and getting a medal.

Gabriel Veron’s biggest wish in life was to develop his skill, one he hopes would fetch him the opportunity to get called for a football trial.

Back then and even at present, big clubs outside his town often come to recruit boys of his age.

Getting any opportunity to leave his desert hometown and play football in the richer part of Brazil denotes his biggest childhood dream.

It is not just him, but other boys as well. They had high hopes of following Dani Alves footsteps.

Gabriel Veron Football Story:

After some painful years of waiting, an opportunity finally emerged. Santa Cruz de Natal (a football club in the city) sent out invitations for all young boys (aspiring footballers in Assu) to come observe a sieve (football trial). The location for the test was at Ipanguaçu, a town next to Assú.

Gil Sergipano – a former footballer (now talent scout) organized the football trial. He specializes in recruiting boys from Assu to play in Santa Cruz, a club in the city of Natal, Brazil.

Did you know?… our very own Gabriel Veron was among the 300 boys called to take part in the trial. There were 16 and 17-year-old boys in the highest age, and Veron, was only 13 – among the youngest. To the joy of everyone – including Gabriel Veron’s family, he came out best (stood out the most) among all 300 kids.

When the evaluation was over, João Nobre (the president of Santa Cruz de Natal) went to the home of Gabriel Veron’s mother to seek her content on allowing her son to travel to Natal to train at Santa Cruz. Graciele – with a happy heart – gladly accepted.

Gabriel Veron Biography – Road to Fame Story:

While playing for Santa Cruz de Natal, the youngster’s talent got polished. The quest to focus on his football made Gabriel Veron make stronger decisions. For the first time, he left his family for new accommodation at the Santa Cruz base.

After barely six months of intensive Football training, Gabriel Veron was almost giving up on staying alone.

Because he was the club’s brightest prospect, João Nobre, the president of Santa Cruz, had to act. He found a way to convince the youngster to remain in his accommodation.

Because of the love, this man has for Gabriel, he sent his staff to Asuu to fetch Gabriel Veron’s cousin Rafael – who then joined his brother at Natal. Thanks to that decision, Gabriel Veron was no longer homesick.

He adapted to the new life and continued to move higher in the club ranks. Gabriel Veron has this man (João Nobre, Quebra Osso) to thank. He is his helper, the president of Santa Cruz. Joao is the man who treated Veron like his own son.

João Nobre saw a big potential in Gabriel Veron. Because of that, he treated him with care.
João Nobre saw a big potential in Gabriel Veron. Because of that, he treated him with care.

The hardened forward while playing with Santa Cruz de Natal continued to be a big subject of interest for Brazilian scouts.

In fact, everyone knew that a bigger team suits Gabriel Veron. Considering he was Santa Cruz best player, the club considered the option of selling him so as to make a profit.

Gabriel Veron Bio – The Success Story:

Around August 2016, Brazil press reported Palmeiras had sold that striker Gabriel Jesus to Manchester City – as a strike partner to Sergio Aguero.

Upon hearing that, the president of Santa Cruz (João Nobre) began making Veron transfer connections. He spoke with the management of Palmeiras grassroots development – headed by João Paulo. In a bid to persuade the club to buy Veron, João Nobre said;

I learnt you sold Gabriel Jesus, but I have another Gabriel here in Santa Cruz to replace the star. His name is Gabriel Veron.

Following the conversation, Palmeiras paid no listening ears but that didn’t make Santa Cruz’s president give up. After a few months, João Nobre called again and insisted. This time, the club listened to him.

Upon acceptance, João Paulo (head of Palmeiras youth) insisted that 15-year-old Gabriel Veron would stay at the Athletes Training Center for two or three months to be observed. Surprisingly, it didn’t get up to that time because the boy was very good.

In just four days (instead of three months), Palmeiras’ youth leader called Santa Cruz’s president saying;

Please Send Veron’s documentation to us. wE ACCEPT HIM.

The 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup – The Success Story:

Gabriel Veron took off a new stage of his life and he never stopped climbing the football ladder. A little more than 40 days later, the rising star (to the joy of his family) got a call of his dreams.

Brazil Football Authorities invited Gabriel Veron to join the country’s under-15 team for the first time. It didn’t just end there, the rising star also signed his first professional contract with Palmeiras.

Already a regular at Brazil under-17s, the rising star got included in Guilherme Dalla Déa’s 21-player list for the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

As expected, Gabriel Veron not only became an undisputed starter in the competition, he contributed with three beautiful goals as shown in the video below.

Judging by his performance, you’ll agree with me that Gabriel Veron deserves the hype around him. Without a doubt, he is a strong, quick and intelligent footballer. If you ask us, we can see another Ronaldo Luis Nazario de lima or some sort of Rivaldo in him.

In that tournament, the Assu native made history by helping his side lift the trophy for the fourth time after a 2-1 victory over Mexico.

Did you know?… Gabriel Veron got elected the best player of the U-17 World Cup. Here is the rising star holding the Golden Ball award.

Gabriel Veron achieved national fame at a very young age.
Gabriel Veron achieved national fame at a very young age.

The 2020 Club Honour:

After the FIFA tournament, Veron began a quest of breaking records on a club level. The Assu native became the second-youngest player to score for Palmeiras and also the youngest player to score in a Libertadores match.

As if those honours weren’t enough, his bravery did help the White-Green to win three major honours in 2020.

They include; Campeonato Paulista, Copa Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil. The interesting thing is, Gabriel helped his club achieve this feat – all in one season.

Can you imagine? Gabriel Veron's brilliance helped his club win all these trophies - in a single season.
Can you imagine? Gabriel Veron’s brilliance helped his club win all these trophies – in a single season.

At last and finally, the one-time poor boy whose Dad wanted him to be a Cowboy has now realized his childhood dream.

As I write this Bio, Gabriel Veron may leave Palmeiras likely very soon. He should, in no time, have a millionaire proposal from a big club in Europe.

Truly, without a doubt, it is only a matter of time before the football world gets to know the rising Brazilian forward as a gigantic recipe to the game. The rest, as we say of Gabriel Veron Biography, is forever history.

Who is the Brazilian’s Girlfriend OR Wife to be?

To have come out of Northeast Brazil (Assu, Rio Grande do Norte) and then become a successful footballer, we can say this. The LADIES would greatly admire Veron.

Yes! Gabriel Veron’s good looks coupled with his style of play would surely place him on the wish list of ladies. Especially the ones who would tag themselves as potential girlfriends, mother of his unborn children (baby mama) or wife materials.

To this end, we ask… Who is Gabriel Veron dating?

After series of research, our team realized the possibility, that his family had advised him to remain single or at least keep his relationship secret.

Due to the un-forgiven nature of early-career football, it is wise for Veron to at least focus on his career. He would possibly make his relationship public when he leaves the shores of Brazil to a European club.

Personal Life:

In this section of Gabriel Veron’s Biography, we’ll help you get a better picture of the upcoming Brazilian talent – as regards his personality. First, let’s ask the question you probably have in mind; Who is Gabriel Veron outside football?

Gabriel Veron Personal Life.
Gabriel Veron Personal Life.

For starters, Humility is the first thing you’re likely to observe when you see the son of Graciele Fonseca and Carlos Eduardo.  Gabriel Veron is someone who always with his feet on the ground.

Despite the big monies that go into his pockets, Gabriel still dresses the humble way. In his hometown (Assu), the Brazilian is already an Idol to upcoming talents. An example is a little boy named João Pedro (age 6).

Did you know?… this boy’s mother helped her son to make a video where he said his biggest dream was to meet his Idol who happens to be Gabriel Veron.

Surprisingly, the video reached the footballer and in less than a week, Gabriel Veron visited the boy and his family – presenting him with a T-shirt gift. That day, there was a lot of emotion in the fan’s household.

Gabriel Veron buys his Neighbour a Car:

For the vast majority of young footballers, when they win something (or see monies), they will begin to spend it on their families. In some case, buy exotic things for themselves. This, however, is not the case of Gabriel Veron.

The Brazilian footballer splashes his monies on every one of his neighbours and family friends. Especially those who believed in him with he was nothing. Veron helped his godfather by repairing his house and then a bigger shock – buying him a car.

Here is the emotional video where Gabriel Veron handed over the car keys to his godfather.

The family publicized the surprising moment on social networks. The footballer told his godfather the following words while presenting the gift;

This is for you. For everything you did for me, for the warrior person you are and the battles you have fought for me and my family.

upon receiving the car gift, his godfather without containing his emotion said;

Thank you very much, my son. May you grow more and more in your life.

Gabriel Veron Lifestyle:

Here, we will unveil to you aspects of the way he lives and spends his football monies. We do analyse Gabriel Veron’s lifestyle from two perspectives. First is his newly improved dress sense and second is – an inquiry into the car he drives.

When you leave a local town (Assu) to settle in a big city like São Paulo, you are likely to be influenced by a new lifestyle. These days, Gabriel Veron’s dressing sense has changed. He now wears Edgar Davids eyeglasses, coupled with powerful haircuts, chains and colourful dresses.

Gabriel Veron's improved dress sense. He spends his monies on looking good.
Gabriel Veron’s improved dress sense. He spends his monies on looking good.

Gabriel Veron Car:

Precisely on the 19th of May 2021, the Brazilian star unveiled to his fans – what looked like his new baby. Gabriel Veron posted a photo of himself and a friend in front of two Ford Explorer cars with the caption;

 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me~ Philippians 4:13

Gabriel Veron Family Life:

In this section of his Bio, we’ll reveal to you how the Brazilian lives with his household. Gabriel is someone who fondly remembers family members and friends who have contributed to his career. We reserve special thanks for the parents whom he refers to as his base.

About Gabriel Veron Mother:

Just look at them below, you will think they are both boyfriend and girlfriend. Put simply, Gabriel Veron is super free with his mother. He treats her like his wife, takes her to the pool. All this, is because she deserves to enjoy his hard-earned success. 

See how Gabriel Veron treats his Mother.
See how Gabriel Veron treats his Mother.

From the first day, Graciele Fonseca Silva had always wanted to have a controlled distance between her and Gabriel. The truth is, she is the emotional type, one who cried a lot when her son left Rio Grande do Norte to São Paulo.

According to the mother – in an interview with Globo Esporte;

I cried a lot because I didn’t want to be so far from my son, but even so, I supported Gabriel a lot, because he was going in search of a dream.

Graciele Fonseca Silva now enjoys her son's success.
Graciele Fonseca Silva now enjoys her son’s success.

About Gabriel Veron Father:

Thou still a cowboy and Hostler in his native Assu, Carlos Eduardo de Souza still remains close to his son despite seeing him ignore an old family tradition.

Thankfully, Gabriel Veron’s Dad now understands the reason for his son’s decision to quit being a cowboy. Speaking about his parents, in an interview, the Brazilian once said;

I owe my life to them and they represent everything to me.

No matter what happens, I put the two (mum and dad) first.

I will fight, die and do everything for them. To see what my parents did for me, I consider them to my mirrors and heroes.

Results from research have it that Gabriel Veron’s Dad is on speaking terms with his wife (Graciele) but they still don’t live together.

Recently, both parents refuted claims from a man and woman (named Roselita) who hails from Brasilia. She lied to be the mother and her husband, the father of their footballing son.

About Gabriel Veron Sisters:

The Brazilian forward has two of them and they make his world complete. As the backbone of his family, Gabriel’s financial and emotional support for his sister is endless.

Despite his busy schedules, he creates time for them. Here, he enjoys a swimming pool with both look-alike sisters and his mum.

Gabriel Veron enjoys a swimming pool with his sisters and mother.
Gabriel Veron enjoys a swimming pool with his sisters and mother.

Gabriel Veron Grandparents:

According to his mother (Graciele), one of her son’s inspirations that helped him rise to become a professional footballer is his Granddad. Gabriel lived and learnt a lot about life values from him.

Sadly, José Nazareno da Silva never saw his grandson become a professional footballer as he died in 2015. According to his wife, Dona Graça (Gabriel Veron’s grandmother), her husband made a prophecy about his grandson before he passed away. In his words;

“he will Be unstoppable and will never give up being a professional football player”

Gabriel Veron Uncle:

When you mention positive male mentors in the family, Jackson Fonseca and Zeca stand out tall. They are Gabriel Veron Uncles. Among them, Uncle Jackson (pictured below with Veron) has been more influential to his life.

Meet Gabriel Veron's Uncle - Jackson Fonseca.
Meet Gabriel Veron’s Uncle – Jackson Fonseca.

Back in the days, he and Veron’s godfather took him to every game he played as a child. Speaking about Uncle Jackson’s role in his life, Veron once recalled;

Back then, he would put me on his shoulders and kept telling jokes to distract me, so I wouldn’t get tired in the game.

Uncle Jackson was always cheerful. He took me willingly to games.

Gabriel Veron Facts:

Wrapping up our Biography, we’ll use this concluding section to unveil more truths about the big upcoming talent in Brazil football. Without further ado, let us begin.

Fact #1 – Gabriel Veron Palmeiras Salary Breakdown and Comparison to the Average Brazilian Citizen:

Tenure/EarningsGabriel Veron's Palmeiras in Brazilian Real (BRL)
Per Year:889,308 BRL
Per Month:74,109 BRL
Per Week:17,076 BRL
Per Day:2,439 BRL
Per Hour:101 BRL
Every Minute:1.6 BRL
Every Second:0.03 BRL

Since you began viewing Gabriel Veron‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Palmeiras.


Where he comes from, a person working in Brazil typically earns around 8,560 BRL every month. Therefore, it will take 8.6 years for the average Brazilian to earn Gabriel Veron’s monthly salary with Palmeiras.

Fact #2 – Gabriel Veron Profile – The Big Potential:

The Brazilian is one of the very few young players with the highest potential rating. What this simply means, is that Gabriel Veron is a hidden gem and an unearthed wonderkid. His 2021 FIFA profile says it all – that he is very likely to become a future world best.

Gabriel Veron Profile - FIFA.
Gabriel Veron Profile – FIFA.

Fact #3 – Gabriel Veron Religion:

The Catholic Church is the most populous Christian denomination in Brazil, where around 123 million people, (64.6% of the Brazilian population) are self-declared Catholics. Research has it that Gabriel Veron’s parents are Catholics and he was born as one.

At the time he was less than a year old, his mum (Graciele Fonseca Silva) took him for Baptism. Light is used with a candle during Catholic baptism. Here is little Gabriel receiving his first sacrament.

Gabriel Veron's Religion - Explained.
Gabriel Veron’s Religion – Explained.

Fact #4 – The Good Omen:

Without a doubt, the existence of Sebastian Veron is a big motivator to Gabriel. More importantly, it is interesting to know that destiny connects both footballers, even thou have not seen each other. Now let’s justify this statement.

Did you know?… the date Juan Sebastian Verón said goodbye to football (May 2017) coincides with Gabriel Veron’s arrival at Palmeiras. What a good football omen!

Fact #5 – Gabriel Veron Net Worth (2021):

At the time of developing this Biography, he has just two years of professional experience. Gabriel Veron’s agent (Fabio Mello Sports) have already begun helping him make some decent monies in football. With his present salary of 889,308 BRL, we estimate Gabriel Veron’s 2021 net worth to be around 200,000 Dollars.

Biography Summary:

Wiki InquiriesBiography Answers
Full Name:Gabriel Veron Fonseca de Souza
Date of Birth:3rd of September 2002
Place of Birth:Assu, Rio Grande do Norte
Age:19 years and 9 months old.
Parents:Graciele Fonseca Silva (Mother) and Carlos Eduardo de Souza (Father)
Siblings:Two sisters, no brother.
Relatives:Jackson Fonseca and Zeca (Uncles), Rafael (Cousin)
Education:Instituto Padre Ibiapina, Assu
Religion:Christianity (Catholic)
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Playing position:Forward
Agent:Fabio Mello Sports
Height:1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)


Without a doubt, Gabriel Veron is proof that bearing a legendary footballer’s name can aspire one to greatness irrespective of the limitations caused by one’s family origin. He didn’t come from a footballing home and he was born in Assu, Rio Grande do Norte, one of the hardest places to see a successful footballer in Brazil.

The Biography of Gabriel Veron makes us understand that our greatest weakness lies in not holding on to the things we believe in despite pressure. If you recall, the Brazilian comes from a family with a long history of Animal Herding.

Like his Dad and grandparents, he was earlier condemned him to be a cowboy. Veron held on to his dreams to become a footballer even though he had to go against following his father’s occupational footsteps. A colossal fighting spirit, hard work, determination and have made him become successful today.

Thank you for reading this great article on Gabriel Veron Biography. At Lifebogger, we strive for fairness and accuracy in our daily job of delivering stories about Brazilian footballers.

Kindly reach us if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in our memoir on Assu native. Otherwise, Kindly let us know what you think of Gabriel Veron in the comment section.

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