Antonio Conte Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Antonio Conte Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LifeBogger presents the Full Story of a Football Manager who is best known by the Nickname; ‘The Godfather‘.

Our version of Antonio Conte’s Biography Facts Plus Childhood Story brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time right to the moment he became famous.

The analysis of the successful Italian Manager involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little-known facts about him.

Without a doubt, Antonio Conte is a maestro with an uncontrollable desire to win games.

Those who don’t know him very well think he is moody, but he is a good guy and an exemplary pro who lives and breathes football.

Antonio Conte Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

The Childhood Years of Antonio Conte. The soccer ball has been a natural extension of his hands.
The Childhood Years of Antonio Conte. The soccer ball has been a natural extension of his hands.

For Biography starters, Antonio Conte was born in Lecce, southern Italy, on the 31st of July 1969 to his father, Cosimino Conte, a football coach and Mother, Ada Briamo, a full-time housewife.

Cosimino and Ada brought him and his brothers Gianluca and Daniele up with very strict rules.

As was usual at that time, Antonio spent his free time playing in the street and was quick to learn who he should be friends with and who to avoid. Even if, at times, a fisticuffs was inevitable.

In a recent interview, he said this;

‘The street was once our football pitch, and also our tennis court…

It’s everything! Every now and again, just to do something different we draw a white chalk line on the tarmac, all in the name of creating a football field for football.’

Antonio Conte Educational Background:

Despite being a football coach, Anthonio’s father always insisted that studying should come first for his son. He created the rules and boundaries for his beloved son.

Being a relaxed parent and acting more like their friend, Cosimino Conte Clearly set out to tell his son what is expected of him and what the punishments are for disobeying his rules.

Antonio Conte and Father (Cosimino Conte).
Antonio Conte and Father (Cosimino Conte).

At school, his teachers often held Antonio up as a good example for his classmates, and despite devoting much time to football, Antonio was still one of the best students in his class.

According to him,

We were lucky enough to have true masters behind us; my father was good at teaching football. He also had the wisdom to guide me in education. He was responsible for turning me from a boy to a man.

Antonio Conte Biography Facts – Relationship with Parents:

It was Juventina Lecce, the amateur team trained and led by his father, who gave Antonio his love of football.

Antonio’s strong relationship with his parents was built on a framework of providing, nurturing and guiding their son to greatness.

Antonio Conte's relationship with his parents.
Antonio Conte’s relationship with his parents.

Antonio Conte’s Early Football Career:

Conte began his career with the youth team of his hometown club, U.S. Lecce, and made his Serie A debut with the first team on 6 April 1986, aged 16, in a 1–1 draw against Pisa.

Under the manager Carlo Mazzone, he became a fundamental player for the squad. In 1987, he fractured his tibia, running the risk of a career-ending injury.

This is Antonio Conte, in his early career years.
This is Antonio Conte, in his early career years.

After recovering from a serious injury, jeopardising his professional career due to a fractured tibia in his left leg, he returned to the pitch with great determination in the 1988-1989 season.

Conte’s first goal with Lecce and in Serie A was against Napoli. Conte wore the red and yellow jersey for seven years, playing 89 matches and scoring 1 goal for Lecce.

Antonio Conte Juventus Career:

Antonio Conte was bought by the Turin-based club in the summer of 1991 for 7 billion lire, which is equivalent to today’s 3 million pounds. He showed the ability to adapt soon after his arrival at the club.

His debut for Juve came on the 17th of November during the derby with Torino when he substituted Totò Schillaci.

During the two-season spell, he became a point man for Juve, playing different roles, scoring seven goals during the Championship games and 3 in UEFA Cup matches.

His team won the UEFA Cup in the 1992-93 season. On the 22nd of May 1996, during the Champions League final against Ajax, he was injured in a clash with Edgar Steven Davids and had to be substituted.

The match ended in a 1–1 draw after extra time, forcing a penalty shoot-out, which Juventus won 4–2.
Antonio Conte became the captain of Juventus that same year (1996) after Ravanelli and Vialli left the club.
Antonio Conte retired from professional football with Juventus in 2004. He spent 13 years (1991 – 2004) at the club, making 296 appearances and scoring 30 goals.

Antonio Conte Facts – Playing for the Italian National Team:

It was Antonio Conte’s mother that answered the phone call from Arrigo Sacchi, the then-Italian National Head Coach. His call was to summon Antonio Conte for the 1994 FIFA World Cup which was to be held in the USA.

Although his debut came a few months early, on 27 May 1994, during a friendly pre-cup match in Parma against Finland.

Antonio Conte was instrumental in the 1994 USA World Cup. Although his team, Italy, was beaten by Brazil in the final. Conte’s injury crisis still came to hunt him at the competition.

His dream of featuring in the competition ended in the quarter-final, where he picked up a right ankle ligament injury from a hard tackle from Rumanian Hagi. However, his Italian side was defeated by France in the finals.

Conte also played in the 2000 European Championships in Belgium and Netherlands, convened by Head Coach Dino Zoff.

During the first round-robin match against Turkey, he scored what many football pundits would call the ‘Best Goal of the European tournament’. This was a bicycle kick goal. His celebration was priceless.

He was so full of vibrations and energy during his career years.
He was so full of vibrations and energy during his career years.

Antonio Conte retired from the Italian national team in 2000. He spent six years playing for his country. He made a total of 20 appearances and scored two goals for his country.

Antonio Conte Relationship Life (The Antonio Conte Love Story):

When Antonio moved to Turin to play for Juventus, he met Elisabetta, the beautiful daughter of his neighbour and friend named Gianni.

He continued to watch her, waiting for a perfect time and opportunity to converse with her.

On a faithful day, September 2004, precisely, Elisabetta dropped in at the Bar in Corso Vinzaglio to say hi to her father, and she met Antonio. At the time she met him, he was commenting on the latest football player acquisitions over a coffee.

A glance was all that was needed before the love story between Antonio and Elisabetta ignited. This was a time he recently got a job as a football manager.

It took no time before they had a daughter whom they named Vittoria Conte. She was born in 2007.

The Antonio Conte's Family (The Happy One).
The Antonio Conte’s Family (The Happy One).

Conte and Elisabetta dated for nine years before celebrating their marriage, which came on the 10th of June, 2013.

Antonio Conte is a true family man. He is someone who includes both his wife and child in envisioning the future.

Antonio Conte- The Family Man.
Antonio Conte- The Family Man.
He knows how to deal with distractions so that he can spend quality time with his beloved daughter. Without a doubt, he takes the lead in establishing sound family values.
Antonio Conte and Daughter (Vittoria Conte).
Antonio Conte and Daughter (Vittoria Conte).
Antonio Conte Biography – Carrying his Brother Alongside:

Gianluca Conte is Antonio Conte’s younger brother. Once upon a time, both brothers were young players at their home town club of Lecce. Moreover, they studied together at the University of Foggia.

Antonio Conte has always taken his brother alongside. Gianluca has worked as an analyst with his brother at Bari, Juventus, Italy national team and Chelsea FC.

He currently serves as Chelsea FC Assistant first-team coach at the time of writing.

Antonio Conte Facts -The Managerial Career:

Before coming to Juventus in 2011, Conte was Manager at Bari. He came to Bari towards the end of 2007 when Materazzi resigned. Conte’s good performance led to the team’s promotion back into Serie A.
While at Bari, Conte decided to combine both managerial duties and schooling. In October 2008. He graduated with full honours in Motor Sciences. He specialized in “Manager psychology“.
NOTE: ‘Managerial psychology is a sub-discipline of industrial and organizational psychology, which focuses on the efficacy of individuals, groups and organizations in the workplace.
Its purpose is to specifically aid managers in gaining a better understanding of the psychological patterns common among individuals and groups within any given organisation.’
During his studies, Conte wrote a thesis on sports psychology called (The personality of the coach) as he analysed ingredients that makes a football manager become the ideal boss of his team.
He had a short interlude at Atalanta for the 2010/2011 season. This was followed by his move to Siena, which had just been relegated to Serie B.
Conte was impressed in his early managerial jobs at Siena, getting the team promoted to Serie A during his spell in charge.
Antonio Conte - Early Coaching Days.
Antonio Conte – Early Coaching Days.
His excellent syncing of the team was shown in their Siera B season. That earned him the job at Juventus.

Antonio Conte 2011 to 2013 Season with Juventus:

Antonio Conte spent three seasons with Juventus. These three seasons brought the Old Lady back into the Siera A competition.

On that faithful date, 31 May 2011, Conte decided to sign a two-year contract that bound him to this Turin club until 30 June 2013. His appointment was back in an official bianconero role.

This role is usually given to Italian football managers who have both played for their team and have worn the captain’s armband for their team.

Conte played for Juventus for 13 years and wore the club’s captain armband for five years. Being an old-school player, results were quick to come for him. His first season saw them actually win The Serie A Championship title.

It was his Juventus that once remained unbeaten for a whopping 38 consecutive games, breaking the previous record from the 1949/1950 season. Just like Arsene Wenger, Antonio Conte once has his season of invincibility.

Antonio Conte is being thrown up by Juventus Players.
Antonio Conte is being thrown up by Juventus Players.

Conte won three Seria A titles in the three years he was in charge. He also won two Supercoppa titles and was named Serie A coach of the year in all three of his seasons with the Old Lady.

Antonio Conte Life as a National Team Manager:

Conte returned to his Italian national team as a head coach after 14 years of retirement from the same national team. Because he was loved by many, Conte was assigned a dual role by the Italian Football Federation.

He served as both the national team manager and coordinator of the Italian junior squad. His debut came with a friendly against the Netherlands. This march happened on 4 September 2014 and ended with a 2-0 victory.

Antonio Conte Bio – Wild Goal Celebration Style (As Player and Manager):

As a player, we did go mad after scoring goals.

Antonio Conte's crazy goal celebrations as both player and coach.
Antonio Conte’s wildd goal celebrations as both player and coach.

As a manager, Antonio Conte could hardly stay without flapping his lovely tie around the technical area. As a coach, many see him as the king of touchline entertainers.

Conte has formed the habit of celebrating wildly with his technical staff and supporters. Some call him ‘The New Michael Jackson’.

However, many prefer calling him by the nickname- ‘The GodFather’. We present to you some of Antonio Conte’s wild Goal Celebrations.

Antonio Biography Facts – Issue with Rafa Benitez:

Conte is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with fellow managers. In a row with former Chelsea interim boss Rafa Benitez, the pair became involved in a war of words over whether Juventus or Napoli had spent more on players.

This is what Conte said: “We have invested 25 million euros in our team, they have spent more than 100. They have spent in one year what we have spent in three, but they are 17 points behind us and out of Europe.

People need to get their facts right and not spread misleading messages. I hope Benitez will check his calculations.”

The Great Tactician (3-4-3 formation explained):

Conte’s records show he is truly a magician. Conte has once played 11 games, had 11 wins, 25 goals scored, two goals conceded, and moved from 8th place and 8 points off the pace to 6 points clear at the top of the table.

This is, of course, Chelsea’s record since Conte changed to a 3-4-3 formation. One of Conte’s preferred attacking methods is the use of combinations in wide areas. His tactical analysis of his 3-4-3 formation is explained below.

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