Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Diego Costa Childhood Story

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Warrior best known by the Nickname; ‘The Governor’. Our Diego Costa Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities but few considers Diego Costa Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, lets Begin.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsEarly Childhood and Near Death Experience

Diego Costa was born Lagarto, Brazil. He grew up there in Lagarto, a remote town in the north-east state of Sergipe, with Jair and sister Talita, who is now a successful lawyer (see below)

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa Family’s Home in Lagarto, Brazil.

Below is Talita, Diego Costa’s sister. She is aggressive in the courtroom just like Diego Costa fights in the football field of play.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa with mum, Joseleide (Left) and Sister, Barrister Talita (Right)

Though Diego Costa’s life was almost cut short as he slept in his cot when he was a just a few months old baby. This happened when a deadly snake slipped inside the room.

Deigo Costa Biography Facts
Deadly Snake replica that was found inside Baby Diego Costa’s Cot

It was only thanks to the actions of his quick-thinking mum, Joseleide, that got him saved from a snake bite which could have led to death.

According to Joseleide (Diego Costa’s Mum)—-

“I’d gone to take the washing off the line and left Diego asleep in our bedroom. As I walked in to check on him I saw something in his cot that looked like a piece of red tape. Then to my horror I saw it move and realized it was one of the most poisonous snakes alive. If it bit my baby, he would have bleed to death within minutes. The snake was about to slip down into the bedding. I was shaking from head to toe with fear but I knew I had to act fast. Diego was lying on his back with his hands above his head. With one swift move I grabbed both his arms and yanked him out of the cot and ran with my boy.”

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsDestiny.

Diego Costa has been destined to play football. His parents knew this as they went against all odds to name him after the Argentine legend ‘Diego Maradona’. As at then, it was a crime naming your child Diego or Maradona due to intense rivalry of both countries (Brazil and Argentina). Diego Costa’s dad, Papy Jose Jesus Silva (JP), never adhered to his country’s law despite being a Brazilian. Diego Costa’s dad also rebelled against the country’s government by naming another of his child Jairzinho (after a Brazilian football legend) which was also not accepted as a name at that time in Brazil.

His Dad Jose Jesus Silva (JP) (pictured below) is a retired farmer who fought tooth and nail by in making Diego Costa who he is today. Part of his struggle involves selling his properties in a bid to meet Diego Costa’s footballing dreams. At the end, his dreams of Diego Costa was fulfilled. That is; seeing his son Diego playing at top level just as Diego Maradona.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa’s Dad, Pappy Jose Jesus Silva (JP)

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsThe Celebrated Child

As a child, he was well taken care of by his parents who provided him with virtually every need. Being celebrated entails baking the best cake on his birthday which comes up every 7th of October. No doubt, every children in the neighborhood envied how special his parents took him.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa as a child, blowing off candles at his birthday.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsThe Brotherly Interview

Jair Costa, Diego’s brother (Pictured Left) was recently interviewed by journalist as regards the childhood biography of his brother Diego. Read Full details below;

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Jair Costa (Left), Diego Costa (Right)

This is what Jair revealed;

“It’s hard for Diego to change a habit of a lifetime. He always loses his temper easily and ends up in fights when he plays football as a child. Even in kickabouts with his pals, Costa had an edge familiar to what you have see him do today in football. Ideally, every of his team mates fears him.”

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa (Circled Head) with Childhood Football Team

Jair Continues…“As brothers we’ve always been close but always fought over football because we were so passionate about trying to be better than the other. Diego never wants to be beaten and as a child if his team lost or he disagreed with a foul, he would fly into a rage ending up in scraps with his opponent. He has been a tyrant even when he played for fun with us, especially if he was on the losing side. If his team was beaten he’d insist on playing the game again and again until he won. And on the replays he’d run around like a madman, trying even harder than before, determined to win.”

Jair Costa Continues…

”Diego Costa during his childhood days was always voted the the most dirtiest player in Brazil by 85% Football Lovers. — This relates to his pent-up energy, anger and frustration that sometimes gets the better of him. At many times, he still loses it, especially when he’s provoked. Sometimes, We would often end up punching each other and rolling in the dirt. Neither of us ever wanted to lose. And things would quickly get out of hand. I remember we came to blows over a small football game. We had a makeshift goal and I believe my team won the match. But Diego exploded and went mad. I lost my temper and we had the biggest fight ever. We don’t fight now. We stay in touch mainly via WhatsApp. I still call him BAD Boy Diego Costa Burrega.”

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsChildhood Aggression.

Costa first showed his talent at the Lagarto local football school in Brazil. He started with a team too strong for his 9 year old age. Thou, he was put in the 11 to 12-year-old team by coach Flavio Machado. At one championship match a defender deliberately crashed into Costa, cutting his lip and seriously injuring his leg. This made Deigo Costa refuse being substituted.

According to Jair Costa, “Diego was bleeding but he insisted on staying on for revenge and in a bid to win the game for his side. But some point in time, his anger made him bulldozed his way through the opponent who injured him, teaching the boy a memorable lesson that he wasn’t someone to mess with.”

Jair added…: “Diego was a fantastic, hard-working player but I had to keep a close eye on him because his temper was so unpredictable.

As Diego Costa outgrew his local football peers on the pitch, his parents sent the 16-year-old to live with his uncle in Sao Paulo. This moved him away from mixing up with gangs in his local area.

According to Dad Jose, 65, a retired farmer “It was a tough decision. But it’s now proved to have been the right one.

In Sao Paulo, Costa played for Barcelona Ibiuna, under the watchful eye of coach Paulo Moura. But the teenage footballer almost gave up his chances of making it as a world-class player. Diego Costa at some point had so little money that he couldn’t afford bus fare to get into town for training. Many mocked his low wages, thou he succeeded in bulling some.  This mockery made Diego Costa quit football at some point. He decided to earn more by becoming a shop assistant.

According to his Father, Jose;

”Diego was so desperate to earn his own money which he thought would make him better off just like his relatives who also peddling jewellery in his uncle’s shop.

His Mum Joseleide, 48 also recalled:

“He thought a sales job was his answer to life. He struggled so hard to become a footballer and he believed he was missing out as others around him were earning more. He wanted to buy trainers and clothes, just like other teenagers.”

It was coach Paulo who persuaded him to come back to football, often collecting him from home or the shop where he worked to cart himself off football.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsEarly Football Career.

In 2006 the 18-year-old got his shot at the big time. He scored the winner in a big match — but only played after having had a suspension for a foul overturned at the last minute.

Following that game, Diego was scouted by Portuguese club SC Braga. But his dreams were nearly scuppered when his parents refused to let him take up the Portugal deal, urging him to sign for Sao Caetano FC in Sao Paulo, who were willing to match the offer.

Dad Jose says: “We had a heated argument. He said he’d given his word and would never go back on it. He threatened to never talk to me or his mum ever again and warned he would go anyway, without needing our permission. I had no choice. I finally took him to Portugal to help him settle in.  But as soon as I left, Diego called home every day crying,..saying he wanted to give it all up. That Life there was hard starting football. Thanks to the help of Braga and his cousins, who flew over to stay with him for months on many occasions”.

His talents led to moves to Spain and then, the £32million switch to Chelsea.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsGenerocity

Diego Costa currently helping hundreds of footballers in his home town. He has a by football complex to his name. Diego Costa has invested £500,000 in his Diego Costa Football Club, which already has more than 300 children, aged between 7 to 18 years.

This is according to his Father Jose;

“My son, Diego pays for everything. We just give him the bill and he sends us the money. This is Diego’s way of giving back. We are really proud of what he has achieved and know that with his help many other youngsters will find it easier to succeed unlike he did.”

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsLove Affair

Yes, he is the Big Bad guy known for his arrogance, swagger and rascal approach to playing football. This also transcends to his emotional life. Diego Costa is often called a ‘Lover Boy’ by close peers. The picture proves that fact.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa with GirlFriend and ex-Model Michele

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsStrong Family Ties

As his father confirmed, Diego Costa has a strong family tie from onset. He receives his family occasionally who occasionally do visit him from Brazil.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsReason Behind Nickname ‘The Governor’

The nick name ‘The Governor’ came from his believe of being stronger than everyone on the pitch of play. This name came due to his ability to leave unforgettable mark on a list of players he fights on the field.

Deigo Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa ‘The Governor’

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsKicks, Fights and Aggressions.

To many fans, his serial violence acts on pitch makes football look like action movie where he is both the actor, director and producer. When Eric Cantona left football, everyone thought rascality in football was over. The coming of Diego Costa brings to the minds of football fans, a renewed era or paradigm shift in football rascality. Here is a list of notable ugly moments of Diego Costa.

Diego Costa Vs Pablo Zabaleta

  • Despite grabbing Man City’s Pablo Zabaleta around the throat, Costa manages to stay on the pitch. The City player is sent off for the tackle on Costa that provoked him.
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego, Grabing the Throat. CREDIT: Independent

Diego Costa Vs John O’Shea

  • Another controversy against Sunderland when he appears to elbow Wes Brown in the face before seemingly aiming a kick at John O’Shea’s face moments later.
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego, giving back kicks to O’Shea’s face. Credit: ESPN

Diego Costa Vs Martin Skrtel

  • Martin Skrtel saw the wrath of Diego Costa who attempted garbing him his eye socket.
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa, grabbing Martin Skrtel by the Eye. Credit: Lockerdome

Diego Costa Vs Emre Can

  • Deigo Costa stamping Emre Can even while down outside the field of play.
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego stamping Emre Can outside the field of play

Deigo Costa Vs David Luiz

  • Diego, having a fierce encounter with Paris Saint Germain’s David Luiz during Chelsea’s Champions League last-16 match. This came after Costa grabbed at the long, curly locks of Luiz.
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa’s Head Butt to David Luiz
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Aftermatt of head butt. Credit: Mirror

Diego Costa Vs Laurent Koscielny

  • A hot fracas with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny landed him with a three-match ban.
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa blind folding Laurent Koscielny. Credit: Telegraph
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Aftermath of Encounter with Laurent Koscielny. Credit: SkySports
  • Diego Costa Vs Gabriel Paulista.

Despite having battled Laurent Koscielny, Diego still attemped to dispose his partner, Gabriel Paulista.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Fight with Gabriel with Koscielny separating.
  • Diego Costa Vs Referees

His ‘on-pitch physicality and rascality’, perhaps is the most important thing he wants everyone to know about him. This describes his intense on-field physical push against small referees.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsRyan Shawcross Fued.

During a game with stoke city, Costa reached new levels of childishness when he was caught on camera pointing at his armpit, making a funny face – and clearly suggesting that Shawcross has something of a body odour problem. Very sensibly, the Stoke man simply smiled and walked away. SEE Video Below;

In fact, it was left to his wife Kath to make an “official” response to Costa’s bizarre accusation by twitting brilliantly with the picture below; ”Made sure @Ryanshawy put his deodorant on this evening”.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Ryan Shawcross with a deodorant after Diego Costa smell accusation

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsThe man who can beat Diego Costa to a fight.

His name is Adebayo Akinfenwa of AFC Wimnledon. He is bigger and stronger than Lukaku, C Ronaldo and Paul Pogba. He is currently the strongest footballer in the world with an unbeaten FIFA crown to his name. The striker who wears the favorite No: 10 jersey for his club repeatedly won and retained the award for the strongest player in FIFA as seen in FIFA 16. In case you don’t know, the 34 years old Nigerian is a fearful force in today’s football. Asides Diego Costa, he is the only man to have taken the name ‘The Beast’ in football.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
The One Man who can beat Diego Costa. Credit: Telegraph
Diego Costa Biography Facts
Akinfenwa on field of Play. Credit: VICE

In the wake of Diego Costa’s latest on-the-pitch antics against Arsenal’s Gabriel, Akinfenwa has admitted he would win if they ever came to blows with Costa. Speaking at the FIFA 16 launch, he said;

“I can beat Diego Costa to a Fight. Its something I’m gonna have to keep it real with him. If it came down to fight, I know I can snooze Diego Costa inside my pocket. I like him as a player but there would be only one winner when it comes to me and him in a fight.”

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsThe Kurt Zouma Feud.

The Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma really felt sorry for doing this to his team-mate, Diego Costa. In a press conference, he mistakenly said “Everyone knows Diego, This Guy likes to cheat a lot”. Zouma, 20, made the remarks after Chelsea’s win over Arsenal on which Diego Costa clashed with Gunners centre-back Gabriel. Watch Video Below;

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsAbadoning Home Country.

Diego has refuse to acknowledge or maintain any connection with his home country Brazil. He is among very few footballers who have lacked the fear to disown their childhood nationality. Despite the abandonment, Diego Costa still had the courage to play in front of furious Brazilians at the country’s world cup event.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsHitman Comics.

  • Since his arrival to the Premier league, a particular comic organizations have made Gangsta animation comics about him thanks to his rascal approach as being a hitman in football.
Diego Costa Biography Fact
Diego Costa on Comics

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsGirlfriend Accusations.

Diego Costa Biography Facts
Diego Costa Ex Girlfriend Michele Zuanne

As displayed above, Diego Costa’s Ex-Girlfriend has accused the striker of being a cheat with her own sister and best friend.  He was dumped by his ex-model girlfriend after she found him guilty with evidence. Ideally, Brazilian Michele Zuanne was devastated when she found out that her £32million striker had made advances on her sibling Naiana at a party.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsBook Controversy

Diego Costa currently has a book to his name and personality. His book goes for as low as $8.94 on Amazon.

View player’s popularity stats and Video of Diego’s Crazy Moments and Fights below.

Diego Costa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsLifeBogger Rankings.

Diego Costa LB Ratings



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