Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts by LifeBogger
Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts by LifeBogger

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known with the nickname “Mr Consistent“. Our Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story- The Analysis
Kieran Tierney Childhood Story- The Analysis. Credit to TeamTalk and CelticQuickNews

The analysis involves his early life, family background, education/career buildup, early career life, road to fame story, rise to fame story, relationship, personal life and lifestyle etc.

Yes, everyone knows he is a supremely talented left-back who made Arsenal and other top premier league clubs beg on their knees for his signature. However, only a few consider Kieran Tierney’s biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Family Background and Early Life

Kieran Tierney was born on the 5th day of June 1997 to his mother, Gail Tierney and father, Michael Tierney, in the Irish Sea, precisely Douglas, the capital town of the Isle of Man.

Kieran Tierney has his family origin and roots NOT from England, Ireland or main Scotland, BUT from the Isle of Man, an island capped with a rugged coastline, medieval castles pictured below.

Kieran Tierney- Early Life and Family Background. Credit to Digimap
Kieran Tierney- Early Life and Family Background. Credit to Digimap

Still on his family origin & history, it is possible that Kieran Tierney’s ancestors were among those that suffered in the hand of the Viking raiders. These were Norsemen who from the late 8th to late 11th centuries raided Britain. Did you know?… Kieran Tierney’s homeland of Douglas is recorded in history as the first place in Great Britain to be raided by Vikings precisely around AD 793.

The English footballer with Scottish family roots was born as one among two children to his lovely mum, Gail and dad Michael (both pictured below) who happen to be in their 50’s as at the time of writing.

Kieran Tierney Parents
Kieran Tierney Parents

Kieran grew up with his elder sister alongside his parents in Muirhouse, a residential housing estate located in the north of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Asides living a normal life as a boy, reports have it that as the last born child, Kieran was first pampered but later got grounded by his parents.

Kieran Tierney grew up as a boyhood Celtic fan. The head of his family (his dad), Michael ensured that all family members were Celtic season ticket holders. Literally, his whole families were die-hard Celtic fans with the club’s football running through their veins.

As a boy, Tierney would often ask his mum for a Celtic jersey every Christmas. One memorable time in his early years was the time Celtic won the double of the Scottish Premier League and the league cup, a feat which prompted his decision to become a professional footballer.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Education and Career Buildup

Kieran Tierney’s parents had him educated at one of the best Motherwell schools precisely St Brendan’s RC Primary. Later on, Tierney began attending Our Lady’s High School also located in Motherwell. Did you know?..He enjoyed his childhood education days because his mother, Gail Tierney was a dinner lady for his school.

The School Quiz that led to his drive to become professional:

Giving an account of his childhood days at school, Kieran once said;

 “When I was at school, we were told to pick our subjects and put down what we wanted to do as a job when we grow up. I always picked football but my teacher told me I shouldn’t do that. Instead, I should write down ‘Joiner’ or anything related“.

In case you reading don’t know, a “Joiner” is a person whose work is to constructs wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors and window frames. Tierney outrightly rejected his teacher’s suggestion on him becoming a Joiner. Since that day, he vowed to prove his teacher wrong by first taking a stubborn adherence to the dream of becoming a professional footballer.

His interest in playing school’s competitive soccer saw him joining St Ninian’s High School. This school which is located in Kirkintilloch had a youth football development partnership with Celtic football club. Kieran Tierney’s passion for football followed by hard work on the pitch didn’t only make him mentally tougher but got him recognized by Celtic academy who invited him for trials.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Early Career Life

Kieran Tierney’s passion for the game saw him passing trials in flying colors and joining Celtic academy as a 7-year-old. Upon joining, it was fun, but Tierney had to make a lot of sacrifices. There were times he missed birthday parties or things he was looking forward to his family home. But on the flip side, he was playing football and doing what he had always loved. 

Kieran Tierney Early Life Story
Kieran Tierney saw himself following his dreams upon joining Celtic. Credit IG

Giving the account on how his parents supported him in his early career, Kieran once said of his dad.

“My dad gave up & sacrificed so much for me. He would always accompany me to the pitch even on Sunday. My dad was more hyper than me and I was so grateful for it.”

Did you know?… Kieran Tierney started out as a left-winger and NOT a left-back. Back then, his Celtic academy coach Martin Miller insisted he would always remain a winger. Having that Celtic mentality saw him juggling multiple priorities while in the club. One of such involves becoming a ball boy.

Did you know?… Kieran Tierney was one of the ball boys in Celtic’s memorable Champions League night where the club shocked the world by beating FC Barcelona 2-1 in November 2012. Below is a photo of him looking very happy in his ball boy duties.

Kieran Tierney Early Career Life
Kieran Tierney looking very excited as a young ball boy and academy player. Credit to IG
Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Road to Fame Story

As Kieran continued to mature, he saw himself settling well into life with the Academy. He fought for every shred of success even on the aspect of getting a national team inclusion. However, at the mid-stages of his career, Kieran began to struggle for games. In his words;

“There was a time when I wasn’t getting a game. At 14 or 15, I never got picked for Scotland and this was a time when I wasn’t in the Scotland squad, and not really playing club football either.”

Without a doubt, times like that were very hard especially when he heard about his fellow teammates performing better and signing new contracts. The worst also happened at that time. It was a time Kieran Tierney broke his leg when he was on the verge (just 24 hours) of making the Celtic first team. In his sad words;

“I went from the highest I’d ever been to the lowest the next day, but that made me a better player and hungrier,…” said Tierney.

The freaky accident which set him back happened on around December 2014. It became a major hurdle to overcome for the young lad. Did you know?… It was that Celtic mentality that helped him deal with what he referred to as the worst time for an aspiring footballer to break a leg. “Breaking my leg was a reality check for me. It can happen to anyone at any time” Kieran said.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Rise to Fame Story

Even while injured, Kieran’s confidence was so high to have that missed taste of first-team football. After coming out of injury, he began this habit of taking nothing for granted.

Although youth football wasn’t all plain sailing for him BUT Senior football which started around March 2016 paid off. Getting into senior football made him work harder than ever earning himself an assistant captain in the process. Did you know?… To cap up his success with his club, Tierney went on to win four Scottish Premiership titles including a treble as a 20-year-old.

Kieran Tierney Celtic Glory Days
Kieran Tierney Celtic Glory Days. Credit to DailyMail and Scotsman

Also at the European stage, Tierney also got lots of credit. One of such happened at a time he refused to buckle against PSG’s £160m man Kylian Mbappe and Bayern Munich true legend Arjen Robben and most importantly, Raheem Sterling.

Performing very well plus scoring a superb Champions League goal against Manchester City was described as Celtic’s most absorbing contest in the 2018/2019 season. This made premier league clubs including Man city beg on their knees for his signature.

Kieran Tierney Rise to Fame against Man City
Kieran Tierney Rise to Fame against Man City. Credit to GlasgowLive and DailyRecord

Just as many premier league fans wished, the full-back decided to follow the footsteps of Virgil van Dijk and Victor Wanyama. He favored a premier league move by joining Arsenal in the summer of the 2019 summer transfer deadline window.

It was the hardest decision in his life to leave a club he loved so much. Without a doubt, Kieran Tierney would be a huge success in the Premier League. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Relationship Life

With his rise to fame and joining the premier league, lots of fans would have asked the burning questions: “who is Kieran Tierney’s Girlfriend?“…”Is Kieran Tierney married?”… “if yes, who is Kieran Tierney’s wife”

Who is Kieran Tierneys Girlfriend
Who is Kieran Tierneys Girlfriend

There is no denying the fact that his cute looks, darling smile coupled with the fact that he is rich wouldn’t make him a darling to his female admirers. However, behind the successful Scottish footballer, there exists a glamorous girlfriend who goes by the name Amy Hale. Amy Hale pictured below is an Irish dancer who hails from Kirkintilloch, a small town in Scottland.

Kieran Tierney Girlfriend- Amy Hale
Kieran Tierney Girlfriend- Amy Hale. Credit to EveningTimes

The fact that Kieran Tierney is 22 years old as at the time of writing implies that he is three years older than his girlfriend Amy Hale who is 19.

Asides being a WAG, Amy is reported to be among the best dancers in Ireland. As at the time of writing, The Scottish Sun just had a report on her being qualified for the World Irish Dancing Championships holding in Dublin.

Kieren Tierneys Girlfriend Amy Hale in her dancing dress.
Kieran Tierneys Girlfriend Amy Hale in her dancing dress. Credit to EveningTimes

Asides dancing, reports exist that Amy Hale is also a university student. She is about to enroll in the University of Strathclyde to study “Primary Teaching” as at the time of writing.

Both Boyfriend and girlfriend love to enjoy themselves in beautiful-unknown destinations. Judging from the loved up photo below, it seems no one can stop the pair from becoming one of Scottish football’s hottest couples.

Kieran Tierney and Amy Hale
Kieran Tierney and Amy Hale. Credit to the Scottish Sun
The fact that both lovers have been dating for a while leaves no doubt that a wedding or marriage for both could be the next formal step.
Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Personal Life

Getting to know the real person behind the name Kieran Tierney would help you get a complete picture of him.

Starting off, the first thing anyone would observe about Kieran Tierney is his impressive down-to-earth and mentally tough nature. Just like Ngolo Kante, he is among footballers with a very good attitude and one who knows how the real world works.

Kieran is someone who believes he is able to deal with different situations he finds himself in. One thing he is very good at is his ability to bond with fans of all categories. An example is seen below.

Kieran Tierney Down to Earth Nature- Explained
Kieran Tierney Down to Earth Nature- Explained. Credit to BTSport
Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Family Life

The entire members of Kieran Tierney’s family are currently living their dreams. Both his mum, dad, brothers, sisters and entire relatives are presently reaping the benefits of having their very own making it to the greatest stage of British football.

Kieren himself splashes well on his family especially his mum and dad. Did you know?… When Tierney signed his deal, he bought a house in Motherwell for both his mum and dad.

Kieran Tierney- Sharing Victory with his parents
Kieran Tierney- Making his parents to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Just before his move to the Premier League, Kieran despite being paid lots of monies still enjoys the benefits of living with his parents in the house he bought. In his words;

“Living with my parents keeps me grounded in some ways. My mum and dad are still in charge. I don’t plan on moving out and staying alone for a good few years yet.”

One of the benefits Tierney enjoys in his decision to live with his parents is to see both his mum and sister take care of his dirty laundry and washing his ditches which he is fond of leaving in his own room. Again in his words…

My parents do everything for me and never stress me. They do all they can to help me on the pitch, and have done so since I was seven.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – LifeStyle

Kieran Tierney has a net worth of 12,50 Mill. € as at the time of writing. This by implication means he is a millionaire footballer.

Did you know?… Having worth this much in someways translate into a glamorous lifestyle. Kieran Tierney has a flashy car BUT no sign of fancy wristwatches, diamonds and stud earrings.

Kieran Tierney LifeStyle
Kieran Tierney LifeStyle. Credit to TalkCeltic

Kieran Tierney spends his monies on his family and his close folks whom he helps to maintain their own family budget. His devotion to making sure his parents, relatives and close friends are financially okay is similar to his commitment on the pitch.

Kieran Tierney Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Untold Facts

Breaking an Arsenal Record before his First Game:

Did you know?… Kieran Tierney once hit a new height at Arsenal despite not even making his debut.

Kieran Tierney- Breaking an Arsenal Record before his first game with the club
Kieran Tierney- Breaking an Arsenal Record before his first game with the club. Credit to ArsenalTV

He stunned one of Arsenal’s medical staff as he smashes Aubameyang’s standing jump record despite carrying an injury. Tierney reached half a metre on his first jump attempt. He was then told by Arsenal’s medical staff to attempt again, a time which he broke the record. Did you know?… Tierney incredibly reached 55cm which saw him beating Aubamyang’s previous record by 1cm.

Untold Honours: Before coming to the Premier League, Kieran Tierney had a combined number of 8 club and 16 individual honours. Find below a piece of evidence from Wiki.

Kieran Tierney Facts- His Untold Honours
Kieran Tierney Facts- His amazing number of honours

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