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Our Odsonne Edouard Biography provides full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Girlfriend, Personal Life and Lifestyle Facts. It’s a complete analysis of his Life Story, right from his early days to when he became Famous.

Odsonne Edouard Biography- Behold his Early Life and Great Rise. 📷: The Herald, TransferMarket and Twitter.

Yes, you and I know he is one of Celtic’s best striker since Henrik Larsson’s reign between 1997–2004. However, we’ve realized very few football fans have considered reading Odsonne Edouard’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Odsonne Edouard Childhood Story:

For starters, he has the nicknames- “The Rocket” and “Magic Odsonne”. The footballer was born five months before the 1998 FIFA World Cup- on the 16th day of January, 1998 in the town of Kourou, French Guiana.

In case you didn’t know where Odsonne Edouard’s Parents had him, Kourou is a district on the Atlantic coast of French Guiana, a South American overseas department of France. According to Google, the country is 7,086 km from France.

This is Kourou- the town where Odsonne Edouard’s Parents had him. It is 7,086 km away from France. 📷: Google Map

Edouard, in one of his interviews, revealed he grew up being a reserved kid who early on, loves to smile or grin from ear to ear. Even in his adulthood, nothing has changed for the striker. Also, in that interview, he once confessed that as a child, he wasn’t an angel. By implication, it means he did some nonsense- thou nothing terrible to dent the image of his family.

Early on in his childhood, watching football on TV and going to the stadium has always been his thing. The endless love for the game turned him into a football fanatic, a feat that later saw him having a date with his destiny.

Odsonne Edouard Family Origin:

As you must have observed, the French striker hails from one of those oversea territories which was once colonized by France. Having said that, next, you might think either of his mum and dad have their family origin from French Guyana. The truth is, you wrong about that.

Did you know?… Odsonne Edouard’s Parents aren’t from French Guiana despite having their son birthed there. Both his mum and dad are Haitians who for prosperity reasons, left the country in the 1980s for greener pastures in French Guiana. Few years after Odsonne was born, and in no time, they relocated to France.

Odsonne Edouard Family Background:

For many immigrants, the Paris suburbs is the best destination to raise a middle-class household. Upon migrating to Metropolitan France, Odsonne Edouard’s parents settled in Bobigny, a town located in the northeastern suburbs of Paris. There, they raised their son, the destined footballer.

Odsonne Edouard Early Years- Education:

The youngster’s parents are among that category of mum and dad who allowed their kids to play football but insist on not using it to compromise education. In summary, school was important for both dad and mum but not for Odsonne who once said in an interview with Onzemondial;

School was important to my parents. So I only attended it to make them happy with me. Not because I liked it. In the eyes of the teachers, I was more after pleasures. Thou, I managed to make good marks.

The supportive parents, despite their love for education, were later kind enough to okay Odsonne on trying a football career with local club, AF Bobigny. At the age of six, the youngster enrolled at the club where he began his the type of education he loved.

Odsonne Edouard Biography- Early Career Life:

As time went on, the prospects of becoming a professional footballer fully prevailed over going to school. Young Odsonne took less attention into his secondary education while dedicating more time to pursuing his career. Determination led to success followed, and just three years after joining AF Bobigny, the youngster had already begun scoring goals and collecting trophies.

The French man is a NO stranger with Trophies since childhood. As observed, he won the goal scorer award for a tournament while at AF Bobigny. 📷: Twitter

Becoming a goal-scoring machine at such a tender age meant one thing. It was the fact that a big club in France would spot him and in no time, raid his little club, AF Bobigny for his signature.

Odsonne Edouard Biography- Road to Fame Story:

Unknown to many fans, the PSG Qatari takeover wasn’t all about buying top talents- the like of Blaise Matuidi and Marquinhos etc. It was also about investing in the youth academy. That year 2011, Odsonne caught the attention of a PSG scout in the most unusual way. Now let’s tell you that part of his Biography.

How Odsonne Became a PSG Player:

According to DailyRecord, Paris Saint-Germain’s chief scout was forced to abandon plans to watch a youth fixture that was subsequently cancelled due to bad weather. Instead, he travelled to watch AF Bobigny where Edouard happened to be playing. In an interview with The Athletic, Reynaud said he was immediately struck by the youngster’s potential, a feat that prompted him to raid the club, including getting Odsonne Edouard’s parents approval for his signature.

At the start, I was very excited to join PSG. Knowing that I was going to share the same roof as most of the best players in France, I was happy.
I remember, the day before I left my family. I hadn’t slept all night because I was in such a hurry to go (smile).

Said the youngster on his account of joining PSG. Odsonne Edouard’s family members had a difficult time pathing with him. Despite the hurry, leaving his parents and loved ones behind was difficult. Thankfully, in a bid to limit loneliness of their son, Odsonne’s dad pushed for PSG to grant his son, weekly family visits.

The Turning Point to becoming Successful- UEFA European Glory:

In his final year towards youth academy graduation, Odsonne got called up by the French U17 national team coach. Thanks for his goal-scoring brilliance with PSG, the youngster was selected to participate in the 2015 UEFA European Under-17 Championship.

Did you know?… The Magic Odsonne alongside Dayot Upamecano and Zinedine Zidane’s son Luca were along those who helped France lift the big trophy. Getting the trophy wasn’t enough, in fact, the young goal machine grabbed the top scorer of the tournament award with his 8 goals.

Odsonne Edouard Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

Rather than crumble, the young striker kept growing from strength to strength with his goal-scoring prowess. In the PSG 2015–16 season, the magic one scored a whopping 32 goals in 27 games, a feat that fetched him the Titi d’Or. This is an award voted for the best youth academy player, and it was previously won by Kingsley Coman. Again, the French-Guyana star was part of the team that help PSG won the Al Kass Cup.

Behold, the Rocket’s achievement again, as a young player. He had one of the best youth careers in Football. 📷: Instagram

After signing a professional contract with Paris Saint-Germain’s senior side, Odsonne like many youth graduates – the likes of Yacine Adli– began to explore the possibility of getting a first-team shirt. The inability to outclass Edinson Cavani led to a move to loan move.

Following an unpleasant loan spell with Toulouse, Odsonne began considering abroad. A further loan move to Celtic became worthwhile. At the Hoops, Magic Odsonne got back his GOAL MOJO. The striker’s 37 goals for the club helped them to seal their historic “treble.”

Magic Odsonne was among those who helped Celtic win the 2018-2019 Domestic treble under Brendan Rodgers. 📷: IG

As at the time of writing Odsonne Edouard Biography, football fans see him as among one of Europe’s 50 best youngsters. Just like Moussa Dembélé, the Rocket has the potential of becoming the future of France football. The rest, as they say (including highlight below), is now history.

Odsonne Edouard Relationship Life- Girlfriend, Wife?

With all the GOALS scored so far in his youth and senior career, we know its impossible for the French striker not to have female admirers.

Asides that, being super Rich, Tall and Handsome is more than enough to attract potential girlfriends and those who consider themselves wife materials. So the ultimate question is;

Who is Odsonne Edouard’s Girlfriend? … Is he Married?… Does he have a Wife?

Many Football Fans have asked- Who is Odsonne Edouard’s Girlfriend? … Is he Married?… Does he have a Wife? 📷: Picuki

Judging from the photo of Odsonne Edouard’s relationship status, you’ll realize his current focus- which is football. It could be that the French striker, as at the time we are creating his Biography, might have a girlfriend but refuses to make his relationship public- perhaps not at this critical stage of his career.
How did we know?… Its because he once confessed that he’s been fighting hard resisting temptations.

Odsonne Edouard Personal Life:

Getting to know his character off the pitch would help you get a clear picture of his person. Starting off, Magic Odsonne is someone who feels very comfortable with the low profile he puts up outside the pitch. Despite all his GOALS, people hardly hear him outside football. It’s because the striker, as has revealed in an interview, is a discrete person. In his words;

Off the pitch, the football fans hear me so little because I am a discreet person. I don’t particularly appreciate showing off outside football. Instead, I prefer to express myself only on the ground.

Odsonne Edouard Personal Life. Here, he sits comfortably in the armchair of his living room, for an interview about his personality. Credit: Onzemondial. 📷: Onzemondial.

Hold on; there is another good quality he has. The striker is someone who is not quick to anger. The Rocket can listen to his critics, even those who judge him negatively. To him, a Negative Criticism, in his opinion is Positive. It helps him move forward and improve as a person.

Odsonne Edouard Lifestyle:

The forward, no doubt, values his current $5 Million Net Worth, €40K weekly wages and €2million annual salary. The truth is, Odsonne Edouard doesn’t have much trouble living a low-key lifestyle.

Spending monies to make his home look comfortable is just enough for him. Finally, the footballer doesn’t believe in the idea of showing off luxury, such as posh cars and big houses (mansion) etc.

Odsonne Edouard Lifestyle- the happy striker, prefers to live a comfortable in his simple home rather than investing in posh cars. 📷: Instagram

Odsonne Edouard Family Life:

For many footballers, the road to stardom wouldn’t have been as palatable as it is without the help of family members. In this section, we’ll tell you more about Odsonne Edouard’s parents and the other family member- his sister.

About Odsonne Edouard’s Father:

First off, we credit the Haitian dad for the goals, dreams and aspirations he puts up, not only for himself, but for his son. For instance, he paved the way and allowed Odsonne to live his dreams of becoming a footballer rather than sticking with education which didn’t work for him. Let’s also not forget how the super dad pushed for PSG to allow weekly visits so young Edward would be close to family.

About Odsonne Edouard’s Mother:

Having read the footballers interview with Onze-Mondial, we believe his mum is the origin of cooking in the family; a feat passed down to daughter. Thanks to family support which originated through her, Odsonne has now learned how to cook French and Italian gastronomy. Also, pasta with Bolognese sauce, curry rice and meat sauce.

About Odsonne Edouard’s Siblings:

In the footballer’s interview with Onze-Mondial, we realize he has an elder sister who once offered a lending hand on teaching him how to cook. Did you know?… Odsonne Edouard’s sister is a professional chef who as of 2019, worked in a restaurant that does good cooking. The striker in his early career stage once lived with his elder sister before moving to his apartment.

Odsonne Edouard Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of our Childhood story and Biography writeup, we’ll give you information you probably never know about the French football forward. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Fact #1– He once got Arrested for Shooting a passer-by:

This incident happened way back during his teenage years and while on loan with Toulouse. Odsonne (aged 19) was allegedly caught on CCTV in his car just moments before someone fired ‘Airsoft’ pellet at a stranger’s head.

While on police custody after his arrest, the teenager rejected the accusation, saying he had borrowed his car to a friend for that day. Sadly, he got a four-month suspended prison sentence, a €6,000 fine and ordered to pay €2,600 in damages. The punishment didn’t end there; he got a ban from carrying weapons for five years.

Fact #2– Salary Breakdown and Comparison to the Average Citizen:

TENURE/CURRENCYEarnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Dollars ($)Earnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year€2,083,200$1,806,983£1,463,808
Per Month€173,600$150,582£121,984
Per Week€40,000$34,696£35,564
Per Day€5,714$4,957£5,081
Per Hour€238$207£212
Per Minute€4$3.43.5
Per Seconds€0.06$0.060.06

This is what Odsonne Edouard has earned since you began viewing this Page.

Judging from the above breakdown, it will surprise you to know that the average Scottish citizen who earns £2,613 a month would need to work for five years and seven months to earn Odsonne Edouard’ monthly Celtic salary.

Fact #3– What Fans Say about his FIFA Stats:

Some fans have criticized Odsonne Edouard for playing in a league equal to French’s league 2. Some say he overrated while others who like him, wants a top team like Arsenal to take a risk on him.

However, our observation of his FIFA stats shows the Guiana-born attacker isn’t doing that bad. Odsonne has a similar FIFA quality to that of fellow French player, Marcus Thuram.

FIFA stats proves he would be a Bomb in the Future


To get quick facts, we’ve prepared a table that summarizes Odsonne Edouard’s Biography.

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Odsonne Édouard
Born:16 January 1998 in Kourou, French Guiana.
Parents:Both mum and Dad are of Haitian Family ancestry.
Sibling:He has a sister who is a cook.
Height:1.87 meters or 6 feet 2 inches.
Education:Studied up till secondary school. Coudn't compete his Bac STMG because of football.
Sources of inspiration:Cristiano Ronaldo
Hobby:Sleeping and Watching TV Series
Net worth:$5 Million (2020 stats)
Career Goal:To become one of the best attackers in Europe.


We appreciate the time and effort made to read this long epistle on Odsonne Edouard’s Biography. We believe he is not overrated and he has the potential to become one of the Best Strikers in Europen Football.

Please tell us what you think about our writeup in the comment section. Also about the footballer, for instance, is he likely to be that perfect Olivier Giroud replacement for the French national team?



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