Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius with the nickname “Jo“. Our Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis involves his early life, family background, life story before fame, rise to fame story, relationship life, personal life, family facts, lifestyle and other little-known facts about him.

The life and rise of Jordan Ayew. Image Credits: Instagram, Twitter and PremierLeague.

Yes, everyone knows of his slick gameplay and ability to manage pressure. However, only a few people consider our version of Jordan Ayew’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Family Background and Early Life

Starting off, Jordan Pierre Ayew was born on the 11th day of September 1991 at the prefecture of Marseille in France. He is the third of four children born to his mother, Maha Ayew and to his father, Abedi Pele (a professional football player at the time).

Jordan Ayew’s parents Abedi and Maha. Image Credits: HappyGhana and Wikipedia.

The Ghanian and French national of black ethnicity with West African family origins was initially raised in a middle-class family background setting at Ghana where he grew up alongside his younger brother Andre Ayew and little sister Imani Ayew.

“I was raised by my grandparents in Ghana because my mum and older step-brother Ibrahim Ayew travelled with my dad wherever he went in line with the demands of his professional football career. It wasn’t until the latter days of my dad’s career that I was allowed to follow him”.

Recalled Jordan of his upbringing.

Jordan Ayew was raised at Ghana during his formative years. Image Credit: Instagram.

Thus, it was only natural that young Ayew grew up watching Football Games on television to get a picture of his dad’s career engagements. Away from watching matches, Ayew was naturally given to playing football with his younger brother and friends without been pressured to take the sport seriously or dream of becoming a professional footballer like his father.

Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Education and Career Buildup

By the time Ayew was aged 9, his natural love for football was already known to his dad who – thanks to a near decade long career in France – facilitated the youngster’s entry to Lyon-Duchère’s youth academy.

Jordan Ayew was aged 9 when he began his career buildup at Lyon-Duchère’. Image Credit: Instagram.

It was at the youth academy or boyhood club that Ayew spent 6 years learning skillsets, honing his technical finesse and lacing his boots ready for a career that he never knew would take him places beginning from Marseille.

Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Early Career Life

Ayew was only a 13-year-old boy when a move to Marseille youth systems came knocking at his doors. Although Marseille had a standing rule which demanded that young players turned 15 before joining their academy, the french club bent their own rules to snap up the blossoming hot shot and delightfully watched him rise through the ranks.

Rising through the ranks: A rare photo of Jordan Ayew at Marseille. Image Credit: Twitter.

The then football prodigy perfected his ascension to first-team football when he signed his first professional contract with Marseille in the year 2009. He went on to make his club debut in a scoring effort that helped Marseille record a 2-1 Ligue 1 victory over Lorient on the 16th of December 2009.

Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Road To Fame Story

There is no denying the fact that Ayew had plenty of highs at Marseille and fared considerably well when he was loaned to Sochaux. Neither was he found lacking when he had a one year spell with Lorient during the 2014–2015 season.

Thereafter, Ayew was gradually plunged into the abyss of professional challenges when he joined Aston Villa but couldn’t help the English side avoid relegation. Neither could he explain why Swansea city suffered relegation a year after he joined the club.

Swansea’s slip into relegation did not speak well of the club’s strikers including Ayew. Image Credit: Mirror.
Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Rise To Fame Story

The forward eventually found reasons to smile when he joined Crystal Palace on loan for the 2018–19 season and gave The Glaziers convincing reasons that he was a striker that they needed and deserved. As a result, it wasn’t surprising when the club announced that it had obtained Ayew’s signature for a three-year deal on the 25th of July 2019.

Jordan Ayew signed a three-year deal with Crystal Palace on the 25th of July 2019. Image Credit: Instagram.

Fast forward to the time of writing, Ayew has earned his place among Crystal palace finest strikers as evident in his brilliant ball handling and penchant for giving defenders zero time on the ball. What more? fans are starting to warm up to Ayew as they know well that the striker’s zero to hero rise was borne out of his sheer resilience to do what was best for the club. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Relationship Life Facts

Away from Ayew’s breath-taking career story, happenings in his love life first made headlines in 2015 when he was alleged to be romantically involved with a certain Amanda known to be the wife of his Ghanian compatriot – Afriyie Acquah. The controversy became widespread when a leaked audiotape purported to be from Amada, had her confessed that she was Ayew’s girlfriend, lover and almost wife.

Jordan Ayew was alleged to be romantically involved with Afriyie Acquah’s wife Amanda. Image Credit: DailyStar.

Although Ayew is – at the time of writing – married to his beautiful girlfriend turned wife Denise, not much is known about when the couples began dating or walked down the aisle. The forward’s marriage with Denise is blessed with two children. They include a little known daughter and a young son.

Jordan Ayew with his wife Denise and adorable children. Image Credit: Instagram.
Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Family Life Facts

Think of a few football geniuses who count their family as blessings, think of Jordan Ayew and peruse through facts about the striker’s family members beginning with his loving parents.

About Jordan Ayew’s father: Abedi Ayew is Jordan’s dad. He was born on the 5th of November 1964 and worked as a professional football player for the better part of Jordan’s early life. The father of 4 is – at the time of writing – the head coach and president of Ghana professional football club Nania FC. Regarded as the perfect model of fathers, Abedi is close to his children particularly his three sons who he mentored to become professional football players.

A throwback photo of Jordan Ayew with his father Abedi Pele. Image Credit: Instagram.

About Jordan Ayew’s mother: Maha Ayew is Jordan’s mother. Like her husband, Maha is of West African family roots. Although Maha is a director and shareholder of Nania Football Club, she creates time to be with her children who she helped raise. She is also proud of what they have grown up to become and never cease to lend them her unconditional support.

Jordan Ayew’s mom with his brother Andre. Image Credit: Instagram.

About Jordan Ayew’s siblings: Jordan has an older paternal step-brother identified as Ibrahim Ayew as well as two younger siblings identified as Andrew Ayew & Imani Ayew. Like Jordan, Ibrahim is a professional football player. He plays for Europa FC as a defensive midfielder.

Jordan Ayew’s older brother Ibrahim. Image Credit: Facebook.

On his part, Andre is likewise a professional footballer who plies his trade at Swansea City at the time of writing. The brothers are all close to each other and share equal love with their only Sister Imani who is a fashion model.

Jordan Ayew with his sister Imani and brother Andre. Image Credit: Kubilive.

About Jordan Ayew’s relatives: Moving on to Jordan Ayew’s extended family life, little is known about his ancestry particularly his maternal grandparents as well as paternal grandfather and grandmother. He has an uncle identified as former professional football player – Kwame Ayew as well as a niece called Inaya Ayew. There are no existing records of the striker’s aunts and cousins while his nephew is yet to be identified at the time of writing this biography.

Jordan Ayew’s uncle Kwame. Image Credit: Wikipedia.
Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Personal Life Facts

Personality traits that define Jordan Ayew are of Virgo zodiac signs. They include his proclivity for hard work, generosity and optimism. In addition, he possesses a funny persona and hardly reveals details pertaining to his personal and private life.

Regarding Ayew’s interests and hobbies, he has quite a number of pastime activities that include listening to music, watching movies, travelling, sightseeing as well as spending time with his adorable family and friends.

Sightseeing is one of Jordan Ayew’s interest and hobbies. Image Credit: Instagram.
Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Lifestyle Facts

Do you know that Jordan Ayew has an estimated net worth of $2.3 million at the time of writing this bio. Constituents of his rising wealth stem from the wages and salaries that he receives for playing top-flight football while analysis of his spending pattern reveals that he lives a luxurious lifestyle.

Pointing indicators to Ayew’s luxurious lifestyle include varying shades of expensive cars which he uses to navigate the street of London and Ghana. In addition, the striker has a little known expensive house in Ghana as well as lives at a luxury apartment in London.

Jordan Ayew posing next to his Mercedes car. Image Credit: Instagram.
Jordan Ayew Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Untold Facts

How well do you know Jordan Ayew beyond his childhood story and what has been written about him in this bio? Sit back as We present a few lesser-known or untold facts about the striker.

RELIGION: Ayew is a practising Muslim who is big on religion. Although the striker hardly goes religious during interviews, his goal celebrations communicate his reverence for God and devotion to Islam.

Jordan Ayew is a practising Muslim. Image Credit: Fypfanzine.

SMOKING AND DRINKING: The striker subconsciously plays in the league of football geniuses who don’t smoke and drink at the time of writing. Reasons, why Ayew treads such healthy paths, is to ensure that the body stays in perfect shape to handle the demands of top-flight football.

TATTOOS: Jordan Ayew loves tattoos and has the body art inscribed on both of his left and right hands. It is believed that the striker – who has a height of 6 feet, 0 inches – doesn’t have any other tattoos than those on his arms because he has not been caught topless.

Can you spot the tattoos on Jordan Ayew’s left and right hands? Image Credit: Instagram.
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