Martin Braithwaite Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Martin Braithwaite Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Martin Braithwaite tells you Facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife, Children, Uncle, Lifestyle, Net worth and Personal life.

In the nutshell, this is a story of the Dane’s life journey, from his boyhood days, to when he became famous. To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his cradle to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Martin Braithwaite’s Bio.

Behold, the Early Life and Rise of Martin Braithwaite. Image Credits: Sport-English and FaceBook
Behold, the Early Life and Rise of Martin Braithwaite.

Yes, we think you hardly know him – away from the game. For instance, Did you know that Forbes once hailed Martin Braithwaite and his Uncle for their Philadelphia investments?

More so, you’ve probably never considered reading Martin his Life story especially the one that captions; “From the wheelchair to FC Barcelona“, which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Martin Braithwaite’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he’s nicknamed “The Street Fighter“. As a five-year-old, little Martin Braithwaite was forced into a wheelchair. This is, without doubt, the most heartfelt moment of his childhood years.

Upon his birth, Martin Braithwaite’s parents had him bear the name “Martin Christensen Braithwaite“. The naming of their child followed the Danish family customs, as the name “Christensen” was that bore by Martin Braithwaite’s mother (Heidi) before she got married to his dad. The surname “Braithwaite” comes from his dad.

Martin Braithwaite was born on the 5th day of June 1991 to his mother, Heidi Braithwaite and father, Keith Braithwaite in Esbjerg, Denmark. The Dane was born 24 days after Barça lifted the 11th League of its history. Truth is, in the first years of Martin Braithwaite’s early life, there is absolutely nothing which suggested that he would grow up and become a football star, one who would play in one of the world’s biggest clubs.

Martin grew up alongside his sibling (a sister named Mathilde Braithwaite), in the seaport town of Esbjerg Municipality located on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula (southwest Denmark). Behold the rare and earliest childhood photo of Martin Braithwaite.

The earliest of Martin Braithwaite's Childhood Photo- Here, he is pictured alongside his sibling in their family home. Credit: FaceBook
The earliest of Martin Braithwaite’s Childhood Photo- Here, he is pictured alongside his sibling in their family home.

When Martin Braithwaite’s childhood time, there weren’t many black people in the city where he lived. According to  Le Parisien (2014), he initially was said he was a kind of child who had a fairly strong personality, but later had to let go.

Martin Braithwaite’s Family Background and Origin:

Raised in a middle-class family background, Martin Braithwaite’s parents were the visionary type, one who had a fair knowledge of financial education. Perhaps, you must have considered his mixed-race facial looks and probably asked the question; –Where is Martin Braithwaite’s family from?.

Truth is, the football forward isn’t entirely Danish. Did you know?… one of Martin Braithwaite’s parents, notable his mum Heidi, (pictured below) is Danish by virtue of her birth and family ancestry.

Martin Braithwaite's parents- his mother, Heidi Braithwaite. Credit: danskereitoulouse
Martin Braithwaite’s parents- his mother, Heidi Braithwaite.

To say his mum comes from Denmark is a bit over-generalized. Did you know?… Martin Braithwaite’s mother Heidi, has her family roots from the Danish Town of Esbjerg, which is her son’s birthplace. On the other hand, Martin Braithwaite’s dad, Keith has his family origin from Guyana, a former British colony in northern South America.

Martin Braithwaite Childhood Story- The Wheelchair: 

Braithwaite was football-mad from his childhood. A childhood photo of him kicking a ball was once captured by a Danish newspaper when he was just two years old. But at the time he was age five, everything changed for the worst. The Danish striker was forced into a wheelchair due to a serious health difficulty. According to FourFourTwo, it was a disease called Legg-Calve-Perthes.

Martin’s leg bone developed abnormally and become deformed, one which made him having difficulties in walking. As a result, he was advised not to put his legs under any pressure, for example, by running around. This was why the poor Dane was forced to use a wheelchair.

Speaking about his agony, he once said;

“Sitting on a wheelchair was really difficult. I was very young and I didn’t understand why I had to be in a wheelchair. In fustration, I was always trying to get out of it. I felt embarrassed.

Back then, I needed people around me all the time, to take care of me, like a baby. I couldn’t do the things other kids did. All I wanted to do was to get up and play football.”

Martin Braithwaite Biography- Early Life (before career start):

Initially, Braithwaite was not told how long he’d be in that wheelchair. It’s just that he had to wait, waiting for the day his bones would become strong enough to allow him, not just to walk, but to kick a ball again. The joy of Martin Braithwaite’s parents and family members knew no bound as Martin got up from the wheelchair after two years, becoming stronger than ever. He was given “OK” by doctors to continue playing his football, which was the only thing that mattered for him.

When it came to evoking his football education, Martin fell back to his father, Keith Braithwaite. Keith spent hours with his son on the local pitch, encouraging him to take inspiration from the Brazilian star Ronaldo. Speaking to a FrenchFootballColumn in 2016, Martin once said;

 “My father insisted that I observe Ronaldo de Lima’s gestures and dribbling”

Martin Braithwaite’s Biography- Early Career Life:

After a successful trial, Braithwaite got enrolled into the academy roaster of Danish local club- Sædding-Guldager Idrætsforening (SGI). In a bid to progress further, he joined the biggest club in his city, Esbjerg fB. He then spent a short time at FC Midtjylland’s sports academy, before moving back to Esbjerg so he could be close to his family.

Early on, Martin became this ambitious academy player who was eager to play his football abroad. Did you know?… During his second stint at the Esbjerg academy, the young Dane went on trials with both Reggina and Newcastle United. For family reasons, he decided to settle for senior football with Esbjerg fB.

Braithwaite was quick to make an impression into first-team Danish football as he helped his team win the Danish Cup in the 2012–13 season. Achieving this feat saw him attracting the interest of European clubs, notably Celtic, Hull City and Toulouse.

Martin Braithwaite Biography- Road to Fame Story:

Martin finally moved to France to join Toulouse for €2m where he immediately hit the ground. To the delight of Martin Braithwaite’s family members notably his dad, the young Dane got his senior international call-up while in his first season with Toulouse.

After scoring 35 goals for The Violets (Toulouse FC’s nickname), Martin who captained the club became hot-heat in the transfer market. He soon decided to go taste his skillset in England, where he joined Middlesbrough. Unfortunately, Braithwaite failed to leave a major mark at the Riverside Stadium. England never benefited him and this development led him to become a journeyman forward.

Martin paid his dues by accepting loan moves with Bordeaux and Leganés, the later he finally settled for. However, the biggest highlight in Braithwaite’s road to fame years came when he delivered one of his trademark international goal, one which saw fans giving him the nickname “The Streetfighter“.

The Streetfighter nickname came, thanks to this Goal. Credit: Instagram
The Streetfighter nickname came, thanks to this Goal.

The Rise to Fame Story:

Precisely on the 20th of February 2020, the joy of Martin Braithwaite’s parents and family members knew no bounds at the time Barca trigged his release clause and signed him. Thankfully, Braithwaite became the fifth Danish player in history to wear the Barça shirt, after Allan Simonsen, Michael Laudrup, Thomas Christiansen and Ronnie Ekelund.

After his debut, the Barca new boy joked that he “will not wash his clothes” after receiving a hug from Lionel Messi. Professing his love for the GOAT, Martin once said;

“If football were a religion, Messi might be a God”

The new Barca boy once vowed not to wash his clothes after his first hug with Messi. Credit: Goal
The new Barca boy once vowed not to wash his clothes after his first hug with Messi.

The rest, as they say, is now history.

Martin Braithwaite‘s Wife and Kids:

Behind every successful man, there is always a woman. For a successful footballer like Martin, there first came a glamorous girlfriend who later turned his wife. She is no other than Anne-Laure Louis, the famous French Journalist and TV show host.

Meet Martin Braithwaite's Wife, Anne-Laure Louis. Credit: Instagram
Meet Martin Braithwaite’s Wife, Anne-Laure Louis.

Martin Braithwaite met his future wife Anne-Laure Louis through her workplace, after admiring her on several occasions on French TV. The lover boy requested for a date and the rest, as they say, ended in marriage.

Martin Braithwaite and Anne-Laure Louis wedding photo. Credit: Instagram
Martin Braithwaite and Anne-Laure Louis wedding photo.

Just like her husband, Anne-Laure Louis is also a hardworking lady. Asides journalism, she has also ventured into fashion. Did you know?… Anne-Laure Louis is the founder of the clothing brand; @trentefrance.

Judging from the photo above, you’ll agree with me that a handsome guy like Martin and a beautiful lady like Anne-Laure Louis deserves to have cute kids. Both couples are parents to three children (Romeo Lion Braithwaite Et al), with a fourth kid (a son) being expected in April 2020.

Meet Martin Braithwaite's Children and Wife  Credit: Instagram
Meet Martin Braithwaite’s Children and Wife.

Martin Braithwaite‘s Personal Life:

Getting to know Martin Braithwaite’s personal life facts away from football, will help you get a complete picture of his personality.

Starting off, away from football, the Dane focuses his thought more on how and where to invest his football monies. Despite being fascinated about his football career, Martin lives with the constant fear of getting broke after his football career. He constantly thinks about what to do when his career ends.

Getting to know Martin Braithwaite's Personal Life away from Football. He lives a constant fear of being broke after his career ends, one in which he has overcome. Credit: Instagram
Getting to know Martin Braithwaite’s Personal Life away from Football. He lives a constant fear of being broke after his career ends, one in which he has overcome.

Perhaps you might not know?… Martin Braithwaite’s family is a close-knit in the US real-estate business. The FC Barcelona forward partners with his uncle and grandfather, as they invest in housing for students in the US city of Philadelphia.

Finally, on Martin Braithwaite’s personal life, his wheelchair story has made him learn more about focusing on opportunities rather than limitations. This has turned him into a charity giver, one who combines football with philanthropy in the hope of inspiring others.

Did you know?…, in the 2016/2017 season, Martin created the #Score2Help hashtag. He pledged to donate €1,000 for every goal he scored, with the view of helping children & babies with limitations. Below is a screenshot of his first and second donation, a substantial part of Martin Braithwaite’s biography he would never forget.

The Dane combines football with philanthropy in the hope of inspiring others. Credit: Medium
The Dane combines football with philanthropy in the hope of inspiring others.

Martin Braithwaite‘s Family Life:

For Martin, Family is everything, the most important thing in the world, even more than his fame. In this section, we’ll throw more light on Martin Braithwaite’s parents and the rest of his family members (his sister, uncles and granddad).

 More about Martin Braithwaite’s Dad:

For those who know him, the father of Martin Braithwaite (Keith Braithwaite) is the coolest homeboy around, especially when it comes to performing his fatherly and granddad duties. Truth is, many grannies would want to seek Keith’s help in a bid to know tips and tricks of conquering the challenges of grandfather-hood, especially one which applies the use of Karate skills.

Meet Martin Braithwaite's Father, Keith
Meet Martin Braithwaite’s Father, Keith

The photo above depicts a true picture of Martin Braithwaite’s family life. Without a doubt, “Boys will always be boys“. Now check out the super video of Martin Braithwaite’s dad  (Keith) as he displayed his Karate skills to one of his grandsons, in the presence of his daughter, Mathilde.

Like many aging fathers, Keith Braithwaite is also that person who hypes his favorite movies but can’t watch it for more than 10 min without being knocked out by sleep. Here is a video of Martin making fun of his dad. Now, tell us the person (in our comment section) who comes to your mind in this regard.

More about Martin Braithwaite’s Mum:

Great mothers have produced a great son and the beautiful mother of Martin (Heidi Braithwaite) isn’t an exception. Unlike some mum of footballers, Heidi is not the kind of who chooses to remain far back in Denmark while his son explores Europe. She, together with the Braithwaite’s family once lived in France, where her son played his football. Below is a photo of Heidi alongside her best friend Lisbeth Mørkeberg and son, at the time she lived in Toulouse.

Martin Braithwaite's Mother pictured alongside her best friend and son, Martin. Credit:danskereitoulouse
Martin Braithwaite’s Mother pictured alongside her best friend and son, Martin. 

Martin Braithwaite’s Sister:

Remember that little kid in the Martin Braithwaite Childhood Story section of this article?… We have guessed, that she is most likely to be Martin Braithwaite’s sister who goes by the name Mathilde Braithwaite. She is all grownup and of course, beautiful.

Meet Martin Braithwaite's Sister, Mathilde Braithwaite. Isn't she beautiful? Credit: Instagram
Meet Martin Braithwaite’s Sister, Mathilde Braithwaite. Isn’t she beautiful? 

Martin Braithwaite’s Uncles:

It appears that in Mathilde Braithwaite’s family, his dad is probably the first child. Did you know why?… It’s because Martin has lots of young uncles who are most likely to be his father’s kid brother. Pictured below are two of his uncles who are most likely to be in their 30’s or 40’s. Philip Michael Mathilde (pictured right), while Ian Chan is pictured left.

Martin Braithwaite's Uncles- Philip Michael is Right and Ian Chan is Left. Credit: JV_Denmark and Stabroek
Martin Braithwaite’s Uncles- Philip Michael is Right and Ian Chan is Left.

Did you know?… Philip Michael Mathilde is Martin’s business partner, a fellow investor in his real-estate business. Philip is also a writer, one who has produced several best seller books about finances.

Martin Braithwaite’s Grandparents:

Frede Christensen is Martin Braithwaite’s grandad and business partner from his mother’s side. Pictured below, Frede was the former director of HTH Kitchen in Esbjerg Denmark for more than three decades. He has 33 years of experience in real estate investing, a reason why he is chosen by his grandson to be his business partner.

Meet one of Martin Braithwaite's grandparents- His grandpa, Frede Christensen
Meet one of Martin Braithwaite’s grandparents- His grandpa, Frede Christensen

Martin Braithwaite‘s Lifestyle:

The Danish footballer earns his monies from his real estate business, contracts, salaries, bonuses, and endorsements. Looking at his assets minus liabilities, Martin Braithwaite has a net worth of more than €10.00m. This can be attributed to him being a millionaire and also, a pointer to an exotic lifestyle.

The FC Barcelona forward lives an organized life in Barcelona, a life devoid of showcasing his wealth. He is not the kind of footballer who go on Instagram to showcase flashy cars, big houses (mansion), expensive wears etc. Martin drives a decent car and spends lots of time with his family.

Martin Braithwaite's Lifestyle is a clear reflection of his personality. Credit: Twitter
Martin Braithwaite’s Lifestyle is a clear reflection of his personality. Credit: Twitter

Martin Braithwaite‘s Facts:

In this final section of Martin Braithwaite’s biography, we’ll tell you some of his untold facts.

Fact #1: His Salary Breakdown:

Since his arrival with Barcelona, lots of fans have asked the question; how much does  Martin Braithwaite earn?…. While at Leganes, the forward’s contract saw him pocketing a whopping salary of around €1,738,000 per year. He earns a similar salary in Barcelona (Players’ Wiki Report). More surprising below is Martin Braithwaite’s salary breakdown per year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds (as at the time of writing).

TenureEarning in Pound sterling (£)Earning in Euros (€)
Per Year:£1,466,250€1,738,000
Per Month:£122,187.5€144,833
Per Week:£30,546€36,208
Per Day:£4,366.2€5,172.6
Per Hour:£181.92€215.5
Per Minute:£3.032€3.59
Per Seconds:£0.05€0.06

Since you started viewing Martin Braithwaite‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Did you know?… The average man in Spain needs to work for at least 7.4 years to earn €144,833, which is the amount Martin Braithwaite earns in a month.

Fact #2: Disappointing FIFA Facts:

FIFA Facts reveals Martin is highly under-rated. Credit: SoFIFA
FIFA Facts reveals Martin is highly under-rated. Credit: SoFIFA

Updated player ratings are always a popular topic of discussion whenever a new FIFA is released. FIFA 20 is no different for Martin Braithwaite. The Danish footballer is among footballers who had the misfortune of finding out he is underrated. Now the question is; Would FIFA increase his ratings, now that he is playing for FC Barcelona?

Fact #3: What is Martin Braithwaite’s Religion?

St Martin is one of the most familiar and recognizable Roman Catholic saints. Also, Martin Braithwaite’s parents agreed to give him bear the middle name “Christensen” which literally means “son of Christen“. This is a common Danish variant of the given name Christian, which derives from the Greek word (christianos), meaning “follower of Christ.” Hence without a doubt, Martin Braithwaite’s family members including himself adopts the Christianity religion.

Fact #4: Martin Braithwaite’s Tattoo Facts:

Tattoo culture is very popular in today’s sporting world as many footballers we know often use it to portray their religion and family members. Martin at the time of writing is tattoo-free, with no inks in his upper and lower body.

Fact #5: Supported Real Madrid as a Child:

One of Martin Braithwaite’s Facts you never knew is that which denotes his support for Real Madrid as a child. He made this known in 2011 when he got interviewed by Lokalavisen, a newspaper published in Hadsten Denmark. This is where we stop on this, we don’t have to drill into that.

Fact #6: The Chris Brown Resemblance:

Is there a striking resemblance to Chris Brown?. Let us know in the comment section. Credit: Tribuna
Is there a striking resemblance to Chris Brown?. Let us know in the comment section. Credit: Tribuna

This is perhaps, one of Martin Braithwaite’s facts we bet, will probably surprise you. Upon signing for FC Barcelona, football fans began to notice a new Chris Brown on the pitch. As at the time of writing (Tribuna report), some football fans still think Martin Braithwaite and Chris Brown are brothers. Now on a scale from 1 to 10, Does Martin and the American rapper look alike?.

FACT CHECK: Thanks for reading our Martin Braithwaite Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts. At LifeBogger, we strive for accuracy and fairness. If you find something that doesn’t look right, please share it with us by commenting below. We’ll always value and respect your ideas.

Martin Braithwaite's Biography Facts (Wiki Inquiries)Answers
Full Name:Martin Christensen Braithwaite
Nickname:The StreetFighter
Parents:Heidi Braithwaite (Mother) and Keith Braithwaite (Father)
Siblings:Mathilde Braithwaite (Sister)
Uncles:Philip Michael Mathilde and Ian Chan
Grandparents:Frede Christensen (from his mother's side)
Family Origin:Esbjerg, Denmark and Guyana (South America)
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Height:1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)
Age:28 (As of March 2020)
Occupation:Footballer (Forward)

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