Ricardo Pepi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ricardo Pepi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Ricardo Pepi Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Daniel Pepi (Father) and Annette Pepi (Mother), Brother (Diego), Sister (Sophia), Family Origin and Background, etc. Also, Ricardo Pepi’s Girlfriend and Wife to be.

The story of the American Soccer star doesn’t end there. We’ll also tell you Facts about Ricardo Pepi’s Ethnicity (from a Mexican point of view), Lifestyle, Personality, Religion, Salay Breakdown, Net Worth, etc.

In a nutshell, this memoir tells the Full History of Ricardo Pepi. This is the story of a boy whose Dad became very hard on him, all in the name of wanting him to excel in Soccer.

A boy who comes from one of the poorest parts of the US and has been very hard on himself.

LifeBogger’s version of Ricardo Pepi’s Biography begins by telling you notable events of his Childhood and Early Life.

Thereafter, we’ll proceed to explain his journeyman approach in the search for sporting greatness. Finally, how Pepi used homesickness as fuel for success.


We hope to whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Ricardo Pepi’s Bio.

To begin that, we will first present you with this gallery of the Soccer star’s Early Life and Rise. Behold Pepi’s trajectory, which tells the fact that he has (indeed) come a long way.

Ricardo Pepi Biography - Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.
Ricardo Pepi Biography – Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.

Without a doubt, so many US Soccer fans have asked this question… Is Ricardo Pepi becoming the next USMNT’s Erling Haaland?

A lot of Soccer fans have asked that because they have seen him (at just 17 years of age) shake off the most powerful MLS defenders.

Despite the many great things he is doing for United States Soccer, we realize a gap. Not many fans have read a concise piece of Ricardo Pepi’s Biography.

So, we have decided to tell you Toro’s Life story. Without further ado, let’s begin with Pepi’s Early Years.

Ricardo Pepi Childhood Story:

Starting off, he bears the nickname “Toro” and the full name Ricardo Daniel Pepi.

Ricardo Pepi was born on the 9th day of January 2003 to his Father, Daniel Pepi, and Mother, Annette Pepi, in El Paso, Texas, United States.

The American Soccer Forward came to the world as the firstborn child of his family. Pepi is one among three children (a younger brother and sister) born to the union between his parents.

We have here a photo of Ricardo Pepi’s parents – the people whose union brought him to the world. 

A photo of Ricardo Pepi's Parents - Annette Pepi (Mother) and Daniel Pepi (Father).
A photo of Ricardo Pepi’s Parents – Annette Pepi (Mother) and Daniel Pepi (Father).

Early Life and Growing-Up Years:

Annette and Daniel raised Ricardo in San Elizario, a city in El Paso County, Texas.

The United States Soccer Star spent his childhood years alongside Diego, his Brother and Sophia, his Sister. Behold an image of Ricardo Pepi’s Siblings (Diego and Sophia).

These are Ricardo Pepi's Siblings. Sophia, his sister, is the last born of the family. On the other hand, Diego is the middle child.
These are Ricardo Pepi’s Siblings. Sophia, his sister, is the last born of the family. On the other hand, Diego is the middle child.

There is a saying that First-born children are typically associated with strong personalities and leadership attributes.

From the onset, Ricardo Pepi exhibited these traits. The Soccer striker has set an example for his younger brother (Diego) and sister (Sophia) to follow.

Here are the words of Ricardo Pepi – as he once spoke about his family responsibilities.

I help Diego, my brother, when it comes to his studies. And I also go out to pick up my sister from school.
At home, I do some of the cooking. And I always clean the house because my mum often gets home – very tired from work. I don’t want her to worry about anything when she gets home.

In memories of Ricardo Pepi’s Early Life and childhood, the US Soccer Forward once said jokingly that it was easier to score a goal than keep his family house clean.

In other words, it was easier to score a goal than take care of his siblings – Diego and Sophia.

Throughout their Early Years and even to date, Ricardo’s siblings (Diego and Sophia) have looked up to him to build their own lives.

Life, though, has never been full of roses for Pepi. Kindly sit tight in this Biography as we tell you more about Pepi’s parental upbringing.

Ricardo Pepi’s Early Life – The first taste of Soccer:

As a child (aged four), the El Paso native began playing soccer.

Ricardo Pepi’s Dad formed the habit of taking him for soccer drills at a field near Ysleta Mission Catholic church in El Paso.

Daniel was the kind of Dad who applied pressure to get the best out of his two sons.

Ricardo Pepi received soccer drills from his Dad near the Ysleta Mission Catholic church in El Paso.
Ricardo Pepi received soccer drills from his Dad near the Ysleta Mission Catholic church in El Paso.

Back in the day, there was a place in the family home where you are likely to find a Pepi jersey. This place is the trash bin, where his Dad, Daniel, sometimes puts it.

Throwing his son’s jersey in the waste bin was another way of motivating him. In Ricardo Pepi’s words;

If I didn’t have a good game, my Dad would literally throw my jersey in the trash.

He was like…

‘son, If you will not want to play well, then you’re not going to waste my time and money.’

Ricardo Pepi’s Dad always laughs anytime he remembers those days. Daniel admits he did that as a way of pushing his oldest son very hard.

These soccer drills between father and son were indeed a hard investment that has now yielded returns in multiple folds.

Ricardo Pepi Family Background:

The US soccer player had a middle-class yet modest upbringing. Thanks to his sporting success, the status of Pepi’s middle-class family background has elevated.

He comes from a family whose members are bound together by strong relationships and common interests.

An Early photo of Ricardo Pepi's Family members. At the front is Diego; from left to Right are Daniel (Ricardo's Dad), Ricardo, Annette (Ricardo's Mum) and Sophia.
An Early photo of Ricardo Pepi’s Family members. At the front is Diego; from left to Right are Daniel (Ricardo’s Dad), Ricardo, Annette (Ricardo’s Mum) and Sophia.

Regarding what Ricardo Pepi’s parents do for a living, we’ll start with Annette, his Mother. LifeBogger’s research reveals she was once a cleaner – and a hard worker.

Back in the day, Annette Pepi used to work for eight hours a day cleaning several offices in North Texas.

On the other hand, Ricardo Pepi’s father (Daniel) is into construction. Back then, he does spend long days away from home doing his construction work at a Texas company. There is also a fact that Daniel Pepi used to be a footballer before he passed it to his two sons.

Ricardo Pepi Family Origin:

From a nationality point of view, the Soccer Forward is a Citizenship in the United States by virtue of his birth. Ricardo also has Mexican nationality because of his parents’ origins. San Elizario, a small community in Texas (US), is where Ricardo Pepi’s Family comes from.

Ricardo Pepi’s US origin (San Elizario) has a population was 13,603 based on the 2010 census.

As observed on the map below, where Ricardo Pepi comes from (San Elizario) lies beside the Rio Grande River, which forms a border between Mexico and the United States. 

Regarding his US origins, Ricardo Pepi is from San Elizario. This is a Texas city, very close to the US border.
Regarding his US origins, Ricardo Pepi is from San Elizario. This is a Texas city, very close to the US border.

Where in Mexico do Ricardo Pepi’s Parents come from?

Daniel and Annette Pepi are natives of Ciudad Juárez. This is the most populous city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, with a population of around 1.5 million people.

Ricardo Pepi’s parents come from a modest family background in this city, which is close to the US border.

This map displays Ricardo Pepi's Mexican origin. His parents (Annette and Daniel) are from Ciudad Juárez, a Mexican city that is very close to the US border.
This map displays Ricardo Pepi’s Mexican origin. His parents (Annette and Daniel) are from Ciudad Juárez, a Mexican city that is very close to the US border.

As observed from his map, Ricardo Pepi has Mexican ancestry through his parents, who are from Ciudad Juárez.

On several occasions, Ricardo has crossed the US border from El Paso, Texas, to neighboring Ciudad Juárez to visit his extended family members in Ciudad Juárez.

Acknowledging his parents’ origin and how it has shaped his life, Ricardo Pepi once said;

My parents raised me in a unique part of the USA. Living in El Paso and having my extended family in Ciudad Juarez meant every month, I would have to cross the border to visit them, including friends.
I have grown up and always immersed myself in my Mexican heritage. I love everything about my people, culture, their food,… and I am very proud to be a Mexican-American.

Ricardo Pepi’s Mexican family origin and heritage are things he can’t take away from himself – no matter what national team he plays for. Although he has Mexican blood, Pepi acknowledges the fact that the US has shaped him and his soccer career. In his words;

The US has given my family a home, and that endless possibility to achieve my soccer dreams. The country has lifted me up, and it has taught me that when you work hard, you will get a reward.

Ricardo Pepi’s Ethnicity:

The El Paso born Striker belongs to the White Hispanic and Latino America ethnic group.

We use this ethnicity to describe US citizens who are white but have full or partial Hispanic or Latino descent. Ricardo Pepi belongs to the Mexican American part of this ethnic group.

This US map explains Ricardo Pepi's Ethnicity.
This US map explains Ricardo Pepi’s Ethnicity.

Ricardo Pepi Education:

For all of their Kids (including Diego and Sophia), Daniel and Annette made going to school very compulsory. Ricardo passed through the hurdles of schooling even as a Soccer Player. Relying on his education was a second alternative if his soccer career hadn’t worked out.

While many Soccer stars drop out of high school, Pepi ensured he finished it.

In this photo, he, alongside his former FC Dallas teammates (Beni Redzic and Dante Sealy), celebrated their graduation from high school. What a proud achievement for the USMST Forward!!

Ricardo Pepi's celebration of his high school graduation happened in the presence of his teammates.
Ricardo Pepi’s celebration of his high school graduation happened in the presence of his teammates.

According to our findings, Pepi at age 18 graduated from Texas Virtual Academy. It was a very big step in his life as his Dad had always wanted him to finish school. Daniel Pepi wanted his son to graduate and continue studying – which he saw as very important.

In a quest for good grades, Ricardo Pepi found the right balance between training and becoming the best athlete, while still being a student. Pepi’s teachers also gave him a very flexible schedule, which helped him focus on soccer and going to school at the same time.

Career Buildup:

Ricardo Pepi began playing academy soccer at the age of 7 when he joined The Lions FC, a team formed by his Dad. The youngster, blessed with adhesive ball control and endurance, had nothing stopping him from playing soccer, not even an injury to his hand as seen here.

Nothing could stop him from playing football, not even an injury to his hands. Did you notice the Chelsea jersey which his team wore?
Nothing could stop him from playing football, not even an injury to his hands. Did you notice the Chelsea jersey which his team wore?

It was Daniel Pepi’s dream to have the team he formed to be in partnership with a larger academy. Ricardo’s Dad kept pushing that he finally had his team partner with El Paso academy. Thanks to that partnership, more possibilities opened for The Lions FC kids.

Ricardo Pepi Biography – Soccer Story:

The Lions FC integration with El Paso academy gave rise to kids’ exposure to scouts around the United States. Luchi González, who managed FC Dallas Academy, was the first to spot Pepi. He began watching him perform soccer wonders at the local El Paso leagues.

Toro first got on the radar of scouts from the FC Dallas academy staff, Francisco Molina. This soccer scout and youth coach had worked with FCD for many years before starting his own academy. He was very interested in having Pepi sign for his Major League Soccer club.

Molina first saw Pepi play in an international competition (Copa Chivas youth tournament). He was part of a squad invited to the tournament featuring Mexican and US clubs. Molina noted Pepi’s obvious physical gifts as one of the tallest and strongest kids on the team.

Ricardo Pepi Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Before finally joining FC Dallas Academy, he went through a punishment, which made him become a different player. Surprisingly, that punishment came from Ricardo Pepi’s Dad, a man who never ceases to go hard on his son. It happened when Ricardo Pepi was aged 11. 

Here is how it all began… One day, Ricardo came up with low grades from his school, and his Father (Daniel) agreed he would punish him. Daniel Pepi pushed to have his son ejected from playing soccer at the academy. Following that, there came pleas from other coaches.

Morín, who coached the poor boy made Ricardo Pepi’s Dad to understand that he can solve his son’s problems.

Because of that, Daniel Pepi allowed the coach to intervene in his son’s issue. Unknown to Ricardo Pepi, this coach was just about to give him a new punishment.

For a week, Ricardo would show up for soccer practice, but he wasn’t allowed to train. Truth be told, that was one of the worst weeks of Ricardo Pepi’s life. That punishment changed him, and it was enough for him to understand that he should NEVER FAIL again at school.

Following that punishment, Pepi became a different person in both his studies and soccer career. The boy learned how to move on the field and became seen as more intelligent than the rest of his teammates, including all his rivals. This was what Soccer meant to his life.

The FC Dallas Transfer:

The ‘quiet monster’, as pundits nicknamed him, finally got into the books of FC Dallas youth academy, who signed him in 2016. That year, Pepi arrived in North Texas with his parents and two younger siblings after he was invited by Mr González, to join the FCD academy.

Young Ricardo, his Dad (Daniel), and Siblings (Sophia and Diego) at the time he signed for FC Dallas.
Young Ricardo, his Dad (Daniel), and Siblings (Sophia and Diego) at the time he signed for FC Dallas.

The Difficult Decision to leave Family:

Signing for FC Dallas opened a new chapter in Ricardo Pepi’s life. For the first time, the youngster faced the decision of living his parents and siblings behind to pursue his dreams. Ricardo, also for the first time, left the El Paso-Juárez area (the Mexico, US border zone).

Speaking about the experience, the Soccer forward once said;

My hardest challenge was just leaving my family and doing that made me who I am now.

In my mind, I said if I can do that at age 13, then I can do anything.

Ricardo Pepi’s move to FC Dallas was facilitated by the family of Victor Fimbres, a former FCD youth player who later got attached to the Mexico youth national team. Ricardo Pepi lived with Victor Fimbres’ family and still remains very attached to them.

Even with Ricardo Pepi’s family making monthly visits to see him and watch his games, things still weren’t the same. The idea of Annette Pepi (Ricardo’s Mother) separating from her son (aged 13) remained unbearable.

Ricardo Pepi Biography – Success Story:

The academy life at his new club started with solid footings. The young forward had a good performance, as he scored 11 goals while playing 13 games (12 as a starter). On the field, Ricardo is very competitive. He yells a lot, demands the ball, and always wants to win.

Within two years of joining FC Dallas, Ricardo Pepi successfully completed his youth career. After graduating from FC Dallas academy, he signed with North Texas SC in December 2018. Did you know?… Ricardo Pepi bagged a hat trick on his Texas SC professional debut.

Back to Dallas:

On June 21, 2019, Pepi got called to FC Dallas for a new deal. That deal saw him becoming the club’s fourth youngest signing – at 16 years and 163 days old. From the moment Ricardo stepped his foot on the pitch, everyone knew he was a superstar in the making.

A hat trick against the LA Galaxy made Pepi the youngest player to score three goals in the same MLS match – in the league history. It also launched him from being a fan favorite to an indispensable number 9 for Luchi Gonzalez’s FC Dallas team.

This video shows the huge hype surrounding Ricardo Pepi in his FC Dallas days. No wonder both the US and Mexico national teams began fighting to have him.

Choosing a National Team:

Born in the USA to Mexican parents, Ricardo Pepi was eligible to play for the two countries. In his final years of academy football, Ricardo accepted a call from the United States U17 National Soccer team. While there, the youngster scored this WONDER GOAL.

Choosing the US over Mexico:

Around mid-2021, there was a battle between the two countries over Pepi’s allegiance. Initially, there came speculations that he would play for Mexico – in a 2022 World Cup qualifier. However, on the 26th of August 2021, it became known has joined the USMNT.

Here is a video where Ricardo Pepi gave reasons for playing for the USMNT rather than (Mexico), the country of his parents’ origin. The forward explains his choice and how his Mexican-American family background affected his thought process.

Pepi achieved a meteoric start with Gregg Berhalter‘s USMNT. As I write his Biography, he, alongside notable names (Jesus Ferreira, Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie, Brenden Aaronson, Serginho Dest, Giovanni Reyna), etc, have helped the US qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

As of 2022, Ricardo Pepi is never afraid of trying out new things. And he became the most costly American MLS player to sign for a European football club (FC Augsburg), where he played alongside Ruben Vargas.

It is only a matter of time before he becomes as popular as Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David. Here is a glimpse of Ricardo Pepi’s German highlights.

The rest of Ricardo Pepi’s Biography as we say, is now history. Having told you the story of his Early Life and career story, we’ll use the next section to explain the love life of the American Soccer Forward who is ON FIRE with the USMNT.

Who is Ricardo Pepi’s Girlfriend?

Having made his name at a young age for the US Men’s National Team, it is fair to say he is one his way to become a Global Superstar. There is a saying that behind every successful USMNT star comes a glamorous girlfriend. To this end, we ask the intimate question;

Who is Ricardo Pepi’s wife to be or girlfriend?

LifeBogger's inquiry into Ricardo Pepi's Love Life.
LifeBogger’s inquiry into Ricardo Pepi’s Love Life.

At the time of creating his Bio (May 2022), Ricardo has not made his relationship status public. Very likely, his parents (Daniel and Annette) have advised he leaves it that way, at least until he is much older. The primary focus now is to excel in his professional career.

Personal Life away from career:

Away from what you see him do on the pitch, who exactly is Ricardo Pepi? This section of our memoir reveals more of his off-pitch personality, which he revealed to fans during the 2020 COVID lockdown.

Here in Ricardo Pepi’s family garden, Diego Pepi, his little brother, introduces the rest of his siblings. After that, Ricardo’s brother launched a soccer challenge.

Speak of the extremely difficult challenge, it was actually hard for Ricardo to pass it. As observed from this video, the US Professional soccer player underestimated what we describe as a herculean task.

Asides from our description of his abilities, Ricardo Pepi’s brother (Diego) gave more insight into the secrets of Toro’s success. From Diego Pepi’s words, you can tell that Ricardo is truly a hard worker.

Regarding the club Ricardo Pepi supports, the answer is Real Madrid. In this video, the US Soccer Striker said he loves the way Man City plays, and he supports the Spanish Giant – Real Madrid.

While Diego Pepi wants it, it is against Ricardo’s wish to play against his brother – in another national team (Mexico). Put simply, Ricardo doesn’t want his brother to play in Mexico where he is likely to face him – in the future. Here is a video of that discussion.

Every soccer player has once experienced a difficult moment in their career. Here, Pepi tells his worst career experience in his quest to pursue his unstoppable dreams.

Other Personal Facts about Ricardo Pepi:

He enjoys golfing and playing FIFA video games. Pepi’s favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, and he lists Gabriel Jesus as his biggest athletic inspiration. Also, his favorite TV Show is SpongeBob SquarePants. Pepi loves listening to Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican rapper.

The Favorite food of Ricardo Pepi is taco. In case you don’t know, taco is a traditional Mexican dish comprising a small hand-sized corn or a wheat tortilla topped with a filling. This tortilla is folded around the filling, which makes taco really cool when eaten by hand.

Ricardo Pepi Lifestyle:

Speak of the way the El Paso born striker lives, one thing is very clear. Ricardo Pepi is a homebody. Just like Chukwubuike Adamu, there is never a dull moment between him and his siblings. Watch to the end – what Ricardo and Sophia did to Diego, their brother.

Ricardo Pepi’s Car:

Since childhood, all he wanted was to use his own monies to get himself the ride of his dreams. This is what Ricardo Pepi in this video refers to as his dream car. While Diego Pepi has Lamborghini for his choice, find out the car Ricardo Pepi aspires to drive.

Fast forward to a year later, (since the above video was made), the USMNT star has done the needful. Find below, Ricardo Pepi’s Car – which he got from his wages as a professional soccer player. The son of Daniel and Annette drives a Chevrolet Car.

This is Ricardo Pepi's Car.
This is Ricardo Pepi’s Car.

Ricardo Pepi Family Life:

Members of his household are my treasures, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to Ricardo Pepi. This section of our Biography discusses members of Ricardo Pepi’s family, individually. Let’s start with Daniel, the head of the family.

About Annette Pepi – Ricardo Pepi’s Mum:

Her son, moving to Dallas at the age of 13 was like taking a piece of her heart – says Annette. For the first few weeks, Ricardo Pepi’s Mum cried herself to sleep. Having her 13-year-old son away from home was one of the most fearful moments of her life.

On most mornings, she could call her son on the phone, asking how he was coping with his new home. How Ricardo’s host family were treating him, and questions as to whether he had eaten. After their phone conversation, Annette Pepi would cry some more.

As I write this Bio, she has realized that Ricardo’s decision (at age 13) was right for his future and for the good of the family. As observed from this photograph, the Soccer star and his Mum (Annette Pepi) appear to be very close.

There is an enduring tenderness in the love of Annette Pepi and her first son which transcends all other affections of the heart.
There is an enduring tenderness in the love of Annette Pepi and her first son which transcends all other affections of the heart.

About Daniel Pepi – Ricardo Pepi’s Dad:

When his wife Annette cried about her son’s departure from home, Daniel would try to comfort her. He would tell her it was what Ricardo wanted. That the only thing they (as parents) could do is support him.

Twice a month, Daniel and the rest of the family would make that 10-hour, 635-mile drive to see Ricardo in Dallas. When he asks, Coaches would tell him Ricardo was doing very well, and he has a bright future.

During one of his early visits, a scared Ricardo told his Dad he wanted his family to move to Dallas so they can all be together again. Upon hearing that, Daniel turned to his son and said;

Son, I’m not moving to Dallas and we’re not coming.

Daniel continued in his deflating words by throwing a question to Ricardo; 

I want to know if you’re ready to come back?

As soon as Daniel Pepi ask the question, Ricardo began to cry. He never wanted his Dad to feel he was having doubts about himself. This is because the dream he imagined himself pursuing suddenly began to be in doubt. 

Daniel Pepi’s decision to move to Dallas:

To be 13 years old and then say ‘NO’ to the person who’s given you so much in life feels like the hardest answer you’ll ever give. As soon as Daniel heard his son say ‘No’, he felt chills. Surprisingly, Daniel Pepi began to cry.

 Truth be told, it is rare to see the tears of a stoic Mexican man hardened by life. Daniel hugged and kissed his son by the cheek. He called Annette to explain what was happening. Ricardo’s Mum told him she was ready to move and can’t be without their son.

Daniel weight the options and then made up his mind on his family’s relocation from El Paso to Dallas. A few weeks later, the entire Pepi family (Daniel, Annette, Diego, and Sophia) moved to a Suburb, north of Dallas.

Following his family’s relocation, Ricardo Pepi left his host family and moved to his parent’s new house. Just like it was in their old house in San Elizario, their whole life continued to revolve around soccer.

About Diego Pepi – Ricardo’s Brother:

Diego, just like his older brother, is also a soccer player. As I write this Bio, Ricardo’s brother is still at the academy level. He hopes to play for the Mexico national team (against his brother’s wish) and the Spanish giants, Real Madrid.

Diego had a likeness for American Football, but that didn’t go with his Dad. According to him (in the video below), his Dad (Daniel) forced him to play soccer – which he began at the age of four.

Remember the soccer challenge Diego created? It appears he (just like Ricardo) had a tough time getting to the end of it. Watch his performance here.

About Sophia Pepi – Ricardo Pepi’s Sister:

Also referred to as the baby of the house, Sophia is the last born and only daughter of Daniel and Annette Pepi. Just like Diego and Ricardo (her big brothers), Sophia also loves to take soccer challenges. For a little girl of this age, Sophia Pepi did remarkably well.

Untold Facts:

This section of Ricardo Pepi’s Biography unveils more information about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Ricardo Pepi’s Salary and Net Worth:

This is what the ex-FC Dallas Soccer player is making with FC Augsburg at the time of putting up his Biography. Next, we show you a table that breaks down Ricardo Pepi’s Salary – up to the second.

TENURE/EARNINGSRicardo Pepi Salary Breakdown in Euros (€)Ricardo Pepi Salary Breakdown in US Dollars ($)
What he makes EVERY YEAR:€841,300$888,240
What he makes EVERY MONTH:€70,108$74,020
What he makes EVERY WEEK:€16,154$17,055
What he makes EVERY DAY:€2,307$2,436
What he makes EVERY HOUR:€96$101
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:€1.6$1.6
What he makes EVERY SECOND:€0.03$0.03

Ricardo Pepi’s contract bonuses, Nike sponsorship deal, and weekly wages make up the American’s source of income. As of 2022, Ricardo Pepi’s net worth is approximately 1.5 million dollars.

Comparing Ricardo Pepi’s Salary to the Average US Citizen:

Did you know?… Where Ricardo Pepi comes from, the average US citizen who makes $51,916.27 a year would need 17 years to make his weekly FC Augsburg wages. WoW!

Since you started began viewing Ricardo Pepi‘s Bio, he earned with FC Augsburg.


Ricardo Pepi’s FIFA Facts:

We notice that his style of play is similar to Andy Carroll (in his prime), Tammy Abraham, as well as Sebastian Haller.

At the young age of 18, Ricardo Peppi only lacks three things on FIFA (below average). Those stats are his crossing, aggression, and interceptions.

Toro is highly underrated by FIFA. In fact, his attributes do not reflect his gameplay in real life.
Toro is highly underrated by FIFA. In fact, his attributes do not reflect his gameplay in real life.

Ricardo Pepi’s Religion:

The USMNT Forward was born and raised in a Christian home. In fact, Ricardo Pepi’s Christian middle name is Daniel.

As part of his personality, Toro keeps his religious practice private rather than showing it on social media. Finally, Pepi believes God is the reason for his career success.

Ricardo Pepi Wiki:

This table breaks down Ricardo Pepi’s Biography Facts of a soccer star who many see as USMNT’s Haaland.

Full Name:Ricardo Daniel Pep
Date of Birth:9th day of January, 2003
Age:20 years and 10 months old.
Parents:Daniel Pepi (Father) and Annette Pepi (Mother)
Brother:Diego Pepi
Sister:Sophia Pepi
Ethnicity:White Hispanic and Latino America (Mexican American)
Nationality:Mexico, America (US)
Family Origin (Mexico):Ciudad Juárez
Family Origin (US)San Elizario
Father's Occupation:Construction, Ex Soccer player
Mother's Occupation:Cleaner, Homemaker
Education:Texas Virtual Academy
Height in Feet:6 feet 1 inches
Height in Meters: 1.85 meters
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Hobby:Golf, playing FIFA
Soccer Role Model:Gabriel Jesus
Favorite Food:Taco
Favorite Soccer Player:Cristiano Ronaldo

Summary EndNote:

Ricardo Daniel Pep, nicknamed Toro, was born on the 9th day of January 2003 to his Mother, Annette Pepi, and Father, Daniel Pepi.

Pepi’s birthplace is El Paso, Texas, United States. Ricardo Pepi grew up alongside his Brother (Diego) and his Sister (Sophia Pepi).

Regarding his nationality, he is from Mexico (through his parents) and the United States (by birth).

Ricardo Pepi’s Mexico origin is Ciudad Juárez, a city close to the US border crossing. Regarding his ethnicity, he is classified under White Hispanic and Latino American.

Ricardo Pepi began playing soccer at the age of four. His Dad coached him mostly as a child and the Lions FC was his first club. A turning point in Pepi’s career came in 2016 when he (aged 13) got transferred to FC Dallas. While there, he journeyed through academy soccer.

While playing soccer with FC Dallas youth, Ricardo Pepi’s parents advised him to complete his High School. He became a graduate of Texas Virtual Academy.

Ricardo achieved a meteoric rise with Dallas, a feat that earned him a European transfer to FC Augsburg.

After a tussle on his national allegiance, Ricardo Pepi decided to play for the United States rather than Mexico.

While with the USMNT, his first three goals (against Jamaica and Honduras) helped his birth country (United States) to the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking your quality time to read LifeBogger’s version of Ricardo Pepi’s Biography. Here, we care about accuracy and fairness in our daily quest to deliver you United States Soccer Stories and also that of North and South American Football Players.

Kindly let us know if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in our memoir about the Mexican American.

Also, stay tuned for more USMNT Soccer Stories from LifeBogger. And please let us know what you think about Ricardo Pepi and his amazing Biography Story.

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