Paul Pogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Paul Pogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Paul Pogba Biography presents full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Wife, Children, Personal Life and Lifestyle. In simple terms, we provide you with a full analysis of his Life Story, starting from Pogba’s early days to when he became Famous.

Yes, everyone knows about his amazing hairstyle and powerful offensive abilities but only a few consider Paul Pogba’s Bio which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Paul Pogba Childhood Story:

Little baby Paul labile Pogba, Mum (Yeo Moriba Pogba) and Dad (Fassou Antoine Pogba).
Little baby Paul labile Pogba, Mum (Yeo Moriba Pogba) and Dad (Fassou Antoine Pogba).

Paul Labile Pogba was born on the 15th of March 1993 at Lagny-Sur-Marne, France. He was born to his Congolese mother, Yeo Moriba and to his Guinean father, Fassou Antoine who both migrated to France in search of greener pastures during the early 1990s.


Pogba was given birth to Months after his parents migrated to France, a development which secured their permanent stay in the country. Prior to Paul Pogba’s birth, Yeo (Pogba’s mother) had a set of twins named Florentin and Mathias (Paul Pogba’s elder brothers) who remained in Conakry, Guinea (their home country in Africa) after their parents’ migration to France before joining the family in France years later.

Paul Pogba Family Facts:

Paul Pogba comes from a house of ‘Testosterone’, a house dominated by males. Fassou Antonie Pogba (Paul Pogba’s dad) is a humble and peaceful loving man. He doesn’t engage much in his son’s business (Football) and Paul Pogba has over the years failed to establish a close relationship with him. However, Pogba shares a stronger bond with his mother.

Paul Pogba's Family of Males (Male Dominated Home).
Paul Pogba’s Family of Males (Male Dominated Home).

About Paul Pogba’s Mother:

Paul Pogba’s mother (Yeo Moriba Pogba) is the business brain behind the world’s most expensive footballer. This proud ‘supermum’ (pictured below) helped raised her three boys who grew up to become professional football players.

Paul Pogba's Mum.
Paul Pogba’s Mum.

Her relationship with her last son ‘Paul Pogba’ has been special right from the onset. She ensured he enjoyed the benefits of being her last born child as well as adored and pampered him. In a nutshell, she treated him differently from her other sons.

Yeo Moriba Pogba and her 3 Sons (Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba -Left- and Florentin Pogba -Right-)
Yeo Moriba Pogba and her 3 Sons (Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba -Left- and Florentin Pogba -Right-)

About Paul Pogba’s Brothers:

The footballers elder brothers (Mathias and Florentin) have always ‘got his back’. they also ensure that their kid brother (at the time) takes the centre stage of events as evident in the picture below.

Paul Pogba and elder brothers (Childhood days).
Paul Pogba and elder brothers (Childhood days).

Paul Pogba’s Biography- Early Years with Football:

Paul Pogba began his football career at the age of six playing for US Roissy-en-Brie, a football club that was a few miles south of his hometown.

Paul Pogba Early Football Career (6 Years Old).
Paul Pogba Early Football Career (6 Years Old).

He spent seven seasons at the club before joining US Torcy, where he served as captain of the club’s under-13 team.

Paul Pogba as captain of US Torcy's under-13 team.
Paul Pogba as captain of US Torcy’s under-13 team.

It wasn’t long before he joined the famous Le Havre academy as a 13-year-old and exhibited impressive performances that caught the attention of top European clubs as he progressed through the age groups.

Paul Pogba’s Biography- Road to Fame Story:

When Pogba announced that he was joining United in 2009, Le Havre was stunned and accused the Red Devils of offering “very large” sums of money – and a house – to Pogba’s parents to end an existing contract too early.

Le Havre deemed the development unbecoming and uncharitable of the premier league club by releasing a statement to air their grievances.

“At a time when numerous parties are speaking out against the ‘trading of minors’, Manchester United does not hesitate to uproot a 16-year-old kid.”

However, Manchester United was cleared of any wrongdoing by FIFA and Le Havre opted not to appeal but tread the paths of diplomacy by reaching an agreement with the Red Devils.

Paul Pogba spent the last 2 years of his youth career with Manchester United from 2009 to 2011. It was at United that Pogba met and made Jesse Lingard his best friend. Jesse (pictured below with Pogba) had his entire youth career with Manchester United from the year 2000–2011.

Paul Pogba’s Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

Pogba spent three years at United before lack of playtime motivated his move to Juventus, a club he helped win four consecutive Serie A titles, as well as a number of Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italian titles.

His heroics secured his return to Manchester United for a club record fee of £89.3 Million Pounds in 2016. Two years later, he became part of 23 men French squad that won the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The rest, as they say, is history.

Paul Pogba Love Story:

Paul Pogba is not one to shy away from hooking up with gorgeous ladies, a fact that is evident in his choice of possessing a beautiful wag or girlfriend that goes by the name Maria Salaues.

Maria Salaues is a model whose career is based at Miami, a development which makes it difficult for her to visit her heartthrob in Manchester. Although Pogba’s relationship with the 23-year-old Bolivian has been kept on a low profile, the duo have made a number of key outings that suggest the level they have attained in their love game.

The first public outing on their dating timeline was in 2017 when they were first spotted together. Fast forward to June 2018 Maria Salaues appeared to wear what looks like an engagement ring as she took a seat beside Pogba’s Mother at the Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium during France’s World Cup group game against Denmark.

Paul Pogba Family Roots- The Bloodline of Strength:

Paul Pogba’s giant stature is a threat for every opposition footballer. His individuality according to researchers has an ancestral root traced to traits of black sportsmen such as American Kobe Bryant who come from a bloodline of strength. Paul Pogba’s strong, giant-like physic and enormity of his talent has made him edge out among peers.

His commitment to fulfilling his potential knows no bounds and is not a recent development. He has employed his own physiotherapist and dietician since leaving France at the age of 16. His physiotherapist and dietician ensure that he gets the right attention after games and keeps to strict routines in the off-season periods.

Paul Pogba Personal Life- Off-Pitch Activities:

Paul Pogba does this hardcore training to improve his long-range shooting power and help him in the improvement of his tactical and survival skills. His kickboxing skill reveals how ready he is to deal with any threat on his way.

According to Paul;

“Anyone trying to rough me up might be in for a nasty surprise”

Paul Pogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts-Dance Moves

Pogba has entertained fans with several dance steps which he uses for celebrations whenever he scores. Paul Pogba is seen below practicing a new dance move with his teammate Jesse Lingard.

The song that the duo danced to was sung by He was once a Nigerian born artist, Wizkid.

Paul Pogba’s Brothers Football Careers:

Did you know?… The French superstar’s elder brothers Florentin Pogba and Mathias Pogba are both footballers and identical twins.

Paul Pogba's Elder Brothers (Both Twins) - Florentin Pogba (Left) and Mathias Pogba (Right)
Paul Pogba’s Elder Brothers (Both Twins) – Florentin Pogba (Left) and Mathias Pogba (Right).

They were both born in Guinea. Florentin Pogba (pictured left is the current captain of Guinea) as at the time of writing.

About Paul Pogba’s Parents:

As stated earlier, Pogba’s father is Guinean while his mother is of Congolese origin. They both have a cordial relationship with their son. However, Paul Pogba’s mum has been with him more at every step of his success. Dad feels comfortable with keeping a low profile and does not engage in the activities of his sons.

Paul Pogba's Mummy and Daddy.
Paul Pogba’s Mummy and Daddy.

Once upon a time, Manchester United handed £85,000 each to both parents in a bid to woo their son (Paul Pogba) to stay with them in 2009. Guess What?. They both accepted the cash. This saw their son’s first spell at Manchester United.

Paul Pogba’s Biography- How his Mother Influences his Transfers:

She is often tagged ‘The Supermum and football business tycoon who turned her son Paul Pogba into a multi-million dollar fortune in no time.

Mrs Yeo Moriba is rumoured to be her son’s agent, manager and advisor. She also plays the same role for her other twin sons (Florentin and Mathias) both of Guinea internationals.

She stood there for him despite pressure from Alex Ferguson convincing her to let her son stay at the club. When asked about her encounter with Ferguson, Yeo Moriba laughed as she recalled one of her many showdowns with the fearsome Ex-Man U boss whom she has had confrontations with over the future of her son Paul Pogba.

According to her,

”When Ferguson comes to my house..I make sure he leaves disappointed. I always told him, my son Paul won’t re-sign. As a result of this, Ferguson pushed him, he didn’t play him, My baby Paul was alone. He even cried in Ferguson’s office over the way he was treated. Paul Pogba was upset that Paul Scholes came back from his six-month retirement in January 2012 to rescue a United midfield place which he eyed. Only 18 at the time and with just a couple of substitute appearances to his name in the League Cup, Pogba felt he should be given his chance. This made my son so determined to leave the club”.

She Continued…

Despite all our troubles, a miracle still happened. My son became an instant hit in Juventus. Nowadays you’d have to say I know a bit about football, I might be an ordinary mother but nobody can’t-fool me in this business,” 

Mrs Yeo Moriba Pogba still denies being the leading official role as her son’s manager. According to her;

“I’m only asked for advice, that’s all. Paul respects me, he listens to everything i tell him.”

Paul Pogba’s Biography- Feud with Alex Ferguson

During his frustrating times at Manchester United, Paul Pogba was known for the hunger words;

 ‘I prefer to DIE than not playing football.

He is fearless. He freaks out when deprived of an opportunity he deserves. He was one of few fearless players who had balls to walk up to coach Sir Alex Ferguson to say;

‘‘Sir, I think I’ve had enough, Play me, and I will show you if I’m ready or not’’.

In the video below, Paul Pogba accuses Manchester United of “disrespect”, claiming he was made to train alone during his contract dispute that preceded his move to Juventus, ‘the old lady’.

Paul Pogba’s Religion:

The French powerhouse is a practising Muslim by faith. He is often seen saying brief prayers before matches.

Paul Pogba's Love for Islam.
Paul Pogba’s Love for Islam.

Despite being a footballer, Paul Pogba has a strong Islamic culture off the pitch. He follows and respects the Arab culture.

Paul Pogba’s Nickname- Why he bears ‘The Octopus’:

For many who have watched Pogba all the way, one would observe a striking extra pair of pure long legs and natural strength which he still uses today in attacking and defending.

His 6.3 feet rugged and elongated limbs are admired by many football fans. This was why fans nicked named him (“Paul the Octopus”). This name came as a result of his long and flexible legs. Fans believe his legs resemble the tentacles of an octopus when he tackles, runs, dribbles and strike long-range shots.

Pogba’s twin elder brothers prefer to call him ‘Pogboom‘ thanks to his long-range efforts on goal. This is a nickname written on his boots.

Origin of Paul Pogba’s Nickname:

The name ‘Paul the Octopus‘ originated from a popular Octopus who was used to predict games during the 2010 World Cup. Paul (Now Late and Rumored to have been killed by Global Sports Betting Billionaire Owners) successfully predicted world cup football games. For Paul, leaning on a box means that country would win its next match.

Paul Pogba’s Biography- LifeBogger Rankings

It is worthy to assert that a player like Paul Pogba represents a gigantic recipe for world football. it’s not just the haircuts and snappy dress sense, but his style of play makes him a darling to the FIFA-Vine generation. Find below, Paul Pogba lifebogger’s rankings.


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