Paul Pogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Paul Pogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Paul Pogba Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife (Maria Salaues), Child (Labile Shakur), Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we have here, the complete history of the French combative footballer. Our story begins from his early days, to when he became famous in the game. To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Paul Pogba’s Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life trajectory.

The Biography of Paul Pogba - from his early days to fame.
The Biography of Paul Pogba – from his early days to fame.

Yes, everyone knows Manchester United re-signed the France midfielder for world-record £89m from Juve in 2016. Since then, he has proven to fans that he is powerful, skilful, creative – with an eye for goal and a penchant for the spectacular.

Despite this accolade, we realize that not many have read a comprehensive article on his Pogba’s Life Story. We have prepared it, for you and also, for the love of the game. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Paul Pogba Childhood Story:

Little Paul Pogba as a baby. The photograph was taken just after his birth.
Little Paul Pogba as a baby. The photograph was taken just after his birth.

For Biography starters, he bears the favourite nickname La Pioche. Paul Labile Pogba was born on the 15th day of March 1993 to his mother, Yeo Moriba Pogba and father, Fassou Antoine Pogba in Lagny-sur-Marne, located in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France.

The French star is the youngest among three children born of the union between his parents who are both migrants. Paul Pogba was given birth to months after his mum, Yeo Moriba left Guniea to fully settle in France. Thankfully, having their last born child abroad secured French citizenship for the proud family.

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Meet Paul Pogba's parents - His Mum (Yeo Moriba Pogba) and Dad (Fassou Antoine Pogba).
Meet Paul Pogba’s parents – His Mum (Yeo Moriba Pogba) and gentle Dad (Fassou Antoine Pogba).

Prior to his birth, Yeo Moriba and Fassou Antoine had set of twins named Florentin and Mathias who are Paul Pogba’s elder brothers. The boys were relatively young at the time their mum travelled abroad to join Fassou Antoine (their Dad) who already lived in France. During that time, they remained in Conakry, Guinea which is their home country in Africa.

Shortly after their Yeo Moriba settled in France, Florentin and Mathias reunited with their parents. The twins (looking darkish) were happy to flex mummy’s comfort, having endured difficult few years in Guinea, West Africa. Here, little Paul is spotted here with his mom – both looking fresh, a feat that denotes evidence of French weather.

There is no doubt, Paul Pogba has been Mummy's boy from the onset. Florentin and Mathias (the twins) are looking sharp.
Judging by his looks, you could say that Paul Pogba has been Mummy’s boy since childhood. At this time, Florentin and Mathias (the twins) had just arrived from Africa.

What Growing Up looked like for Paul Pogba:

Yeo Moriba brought up her three sons (alone) on the Renardiere housing estate in Roissy-en-Brie, east of Paris. There, in block 13 on Avenue Auguste Renoir in this big building, Paul grew up with Mathias and Florentin, who are three years older than him.

This is the general view of Residence la Renardire, Roissy-en-Brie, the estate in which Paul Pogba spent his childhood.
This is the general view of Residence la Renardire, Roissy-en-Brie, the estate in which Paul Pogba spent his childhood.

From research, there was nothing too threatening about the residential neighbourhood where Yeo brought up Pogba. Residents who lived there are friendly and welcoming. Although riots have once broken out on the Renardiere estate. It happened years ago when Paul Pogba was little. Youths from immigrant background protest against what they see as discrimination in everything ranging from employment to policing.

Paul Pogba grew up in a neighbourhood that witnessed violence during his childhood years.
Paul Pogba grew up in a neighbourhood that witnessed violence during his childhood years.

Back then, the use of drugs was also available Renardiere estate and Gangsters often try to recruit fit, sporty youngsters like the Pogba brothers. Thankfully Yeo Moriba was on the lookout. She kept Paul, Mathias and Florentin clean and ensured none of them involved in any kind of gang trouble.

From the perspective of an outsider, it is so unbelievable that Renardiere could produce a superstar footballer like Paul. Ahmed, one of the neighbours in the estate once said that most kids from Renardiere now work in restaurants in Paris or as electricians and plumbers. Today, they all dream – wishing to see their kids be like Paul. The most successful man to grow up in the estate.

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Paul Pogba Family Background:

The French midfielder comes from a broken home. Paul Pogba’s parents Yeo Moriba and Fassou Antoine separated when he was only two – in the year 1996. Since then, in the modest council flat in suburban Paris, the mother of three painstakingly raised her boys alone.

According to French laws on divorce and separation, Yeo Moriba reached an amicable agreement in allowing her husband to bond with the children. For this reason, Paul did enjoy a solid relationship with his Dad. Truth be told, this is a man that laid the foundation of his son’s careers. Describing Paul during his childhood, Fassou Antoine Pogba once said;

Paul Pogba has risen from humble origins to amass immense wealth. The footballer and his Dad (Fassou Antoine Pogba) were very close during his childhood.
Paul Pogba has risen from humble origins to amass immense wealth. The footballer and his Dad (Fassou Antoine Pogba) were very close during his childhood.

As a little boy, Paul was curious to know many things about life. His mind was open, so big, beyond his age.

Paul had in-depth knowledge of certain subjects. I encouraged him to do lots of things and to follow his interests which he did in football.

When I saw Paul play football for the first time, I could see that his technique beat that of his peers. Paul was four years old, and he always played with big boys who were older than him.

Paul Pogba’s Family Origin:

Although born and bred in France, the footballer is of African ancestry. Paul Pogba has his family roots from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the country of his mother) and Guinea, a coastal country in West Africa where his father comes from. Guniea is sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry so as to distinguish it from Guniea Bissau and Equatorial Guinea which has conflicting names.

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Paul Pogba has his origin from Guinea, a country located along the West African coast.
Paul Pogba has his origin from Guinea, a country located along the West African coast.

Before Paul Pogba was born, Guinea witnessed military oppressions, coups, human right violations and massive economic downturn. This acts led to the forced migration as many Guinean citizens left for France. Fassou Antoine fled the country. Yeo Moriba (his wife) and the rest of their children joined him later.

Paul Pogba’s Education:

Like many parents in the Renardiere housing estate, Yeo Moriba earlier conceived the idea of formal schooling for her children. Research has it that Pogba (age 6) received formal education at Roissy-en-Brie – where he had the first taste of football.

Just at the time be began playing football. Looking so innocent and focused.
Just at the time be began playing football. Looking so innocent and focused.

While in school, little Paul became more passionate about playing football for a living. He did follow his Dad’s advice and began building a career. In a quest for flexibility – making sure his education doesn’t suffer, Yeo Moriba homeschooled her last-born child.

Paul Pogba Football Story (From Early Days to Fame):

As children, all three brothers became addicted to the game as their parents (even thou separated) supported them. Yeo Moriba and Fassou Antoine really cared about the hobbies of their children. Early on, both were confident that football would be the family’s sole occupation.

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For Paul Pogba’s father, it was about correcting the mistake of his past. It was hard for the poor Dad to deal with his abandoned football dreams. Fassou Antoine was a one time footballer who never made it. Among Paul Pogba’s parents, he was the first to inject the passion of the sport into his children.

Fassou since separated from his wife could not do more than offer advice. He did that while his wife Yeo Moriba managed the boys. Speaking to the French media about his failed career and how he pushed his children, the father of three once said;

Sadly, I played at a level that was lower than the one I wanted to play at. From the onset, I wanted Florentin and Mathias and Paul to play at the highest possible level.

I was really hard on them when they were kids and that helped them to learn quickly.

It got to the point where I began coaching bigger kids so they could challenge Paul when he was four, five, six years old. I was trying to bring him up to a level, bigger than his age.

Paul Pogba Early Career Life:

At the age of six, the youngster had a successful trial with US Roissy-en-Brie, a small academy just 20 minutes drive from his family home. Paul Pogba honed his skills for seven seasons at the club before achieving his first big break.

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This is Paul Pogba at US Roissy-en-Brie, the little football club where dreams come true.
This is Paul Pogba at US Roissy-en-Brie, the little football club where dreams come true.

After making so much impression with US Roissy-en-Brie, Paul became popular among people who lived around him. Sambou Tati, a family friend and neighbour helped Pogba’s mum by contacted the best teenage team in the area named US Torcy. He inform them about a raw diamond they had in front of their eyes, but they did not see it.

Pogba had a successful trial which saw him joining US Torcy. While there, he served as captain of the club’s under-13 team. Back then when training was over, Paul would return to his neighbourhood to find his friends again and play soccer with them. They did that until it got dark and all boys could not see where the ball was. As Sambou Tati puts it;

Paul Pogba was the worst in defeats. He could not stand his team loosing as he always cried. He scores the most goals, a feat which makes the parents of the other children complain in envy.

Celta de Vigo and Le Havre Call for the Pogba Brothers:

Because Paul was that good, he got spotted just after a season with US Torcy. This time, it was with a very big club, Le Havre. The year 2007 was fruitful for Paul Pogba’s family. A proud Yeo Moriba and Fassou Antoine saw all her sons getting new opportunities at bigger academies.

The twins (Florentin and Mathias) passed trials at Celta de Vigo while Paul got his chance with Le Havre Athletic Club located in Normandy, Northern France. With a big distance of 1,550.4 km separating her boys, Yeo Moriba managed them well.

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This is why Yeo Moriba is called the Super Mum. Back then, she shuttled between Vigo and Normandy to see her children.
This is why Yeo Moriba is called the Super Mum. Back then, she shuttled between Vigo and Normandy to see her children.

Becoming Le Havre Captain fantastic and the Pride of France National youth:

At Le Havre, Paul became an instant success. In his second season, he began to captain its under-16 team. A brave Pogba led his team to the final phase of the club’s domestic league, the Championnat National des 16 ans. Although not winning the competition, everyone knew Paul was a big star in the making.

There was absolutely nothing that suggested Paul Pogba wouldn't make it at this age.
There was absolutely nothing that suggested Paul Pogba wouldn’t make it at this age.

Also in his second season, Paul got called by his country to join the France national under-16 football team. Observing his leadership attribute, national team coach, Guy Ferrier made him captain. Under Pogba’s leadership, the French youth team recorded impressive victories in championships where he scored great goals.

As he moved up the national age levels, coaches like Pierre Mankowski could not resist but still re-instated him as captain. With more scintillating performances, Paul became the centre of National youth attention.

You could see the markings of a true leader in him. The youngster captained France in his youth.
You could see the markings of a true leader in him. The youngster captained France in his youth.

Paul Pogba’s Biography- The Road to Fame Story:

Being the most promising youth for both France and Le Havre, Pogba in no time began to attract the interest of Europe’s biggest clubs. Among those who begged for his signature were Arsenal, Juventus and Manchester United. Thanks to their reputation, he got attracted to the Red Devils the most.

The Battle between Le Havre and Manchester United:

On the 31st day of July 2009, Pogba departed Le Havre to join the Red Devil’s academy. The French club was stunned as they did not approve Pogba’s services to United. Sadly, the teenager got caught up in what looked like a legal battle between Man United and Le Havre.

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Paul Pogba's first transfer to United generated a huge controversy between Le Havre and Man United.
Paul Pogba’s first transfer to United generated a huge controversy between Le Havre and Man United.

Le Havre insisted the transfer must be reversed as it violated a non-solicitation agreement between them and Paul Pogba’s parents. A day later, the club released an official statement on its website criticising Manchester United and the Pogba family. Le Havre also announced its intent to move the matter to FIFA who they believe would probe the situation.

To make matters worst, Le Havre President Jean-Pierre Louvel alleged that Pogba was just interested in money as he claimed his mother was given £87,000 and a house by United. In response, an angry Alex Ferguson lashed out, threatening to sue the club. Finally, a victory for Man Utd came as the club was cleared of wrongdoing by a judge appointed by FIFA.

Paul Pogba’s Early Years at United:

The first long-awaited transfer to the Red Devils finally happened on the 7th day of October 7, 2009. A year later, Pogba made a quick impression by helping Man United’s U-18 team successfully defend their league title.

Months later, the combative midfielder ascended to their reserve team where he was assigned to work with Paul Scholes. Pogba labelled the former Man United legend as his mentor, who helped him perfect his ball distribution technique.

Still occasionally featuring as a United junior, Pogba earned a reputation for scoring long-range goals of which pundits describe as Piledriver. Such quality made Pogba be among four academy players called by Alex Ferguson to the club’s first-team squad.

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Paul Pogba’s Clash with Alex Ferguson – The Full Story:

Owing to his great abilities, the legendary manager gave the youngster the opportunity to see how he can do in the first-team. Sadly, it was often as a second-half substitute and this made hot-headed Pogba become increasingly restless. In his words;

Sir Alex believed in me, but he did not use me because, as he said, I was too young and my time to start matches will come. He also tole me he has other talents to promote.

My patience ran out when he chose full-back Rafael me for the center, when there was no one else for that position.

I told the coach “put me on and I’ll show you if I’m ready.” Still, he left me on the bench and paired Rafael in the center with Ju Sung Park.

After questioning Alex Ferguson, the legendary coach punished Pogba away by refusing to play him. This poor boy was left alone. Rumour has it that Paul cried severally in Ferguson’s office because of the way he was treated. At some point, Ferguson became furious and sent him to train alone.

The Story between Paul Pogba (the onetime United Outcast) and Alex Ferguson.
The Story between Paul Pogba (the onetime United Outcast) and Alex Ferguson.

Iron-willed Yeo Moriba and the rest of her family persuaded Paul to seek a transfer away from his beloved club- United. She together with Paul’s brothers decided he would not sign a new contract. Ferguson sent Patrice Evra to persuade Pogba and that didn’t work.

On July 3, 2012, the legendary coach confirmed the club’s worst fears – that Pogba had left United for Juventus. Speaking about the continued torment Ferguson gave him even in his new club, Pogba once said;

I remember Sir Alex calling my phone three weeks after I left for Juventus.

He made fun of me for 25 minutes. What irritated me the most was that he used Paul Scholes, my idol.

Sir Alex insulted me and repeated said I was not good for his team. He accused me of disrespecting United.

Paul Pogba’s Bio – The Success Story:

In Italy, Pogba thrived greatly. He elevated his game to another level thanks to having the consistent game time he had always wished for. During his time at Turin, his formidable partnership with Marchisio and Vidal help Juve to won four consecutive Serie A titles, two Italian Super Cups, and two Copa Italia.

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In another version of his Paul Pogba’s success story, he became France’s poster boy as the country hosted Euro 2016. Les Bleus were one of the favourites to win the tournament and Pogba became the star man. With his formidable role alongside Antoine Griezmann, he helped France to reach the final, only to lose 1-0 to Christiano Ronaldo’s Portugal.

After the Euro 2016 heartbreak, the combative midfielder could feel his old destiny calling him in Manchester. With Alex Ferguson no longer in the helm of affairs, Pogba upon his Mum’s approval agreed that ex-Juve coach, Antonio Conte should initiate what was termed a world-record sale.

On 8 August 2016, Pogba returned to Manchester United for a then-record highest football transfer fee at €105 million (£89.3 million) – surpassing that of Gareth Bale. Under the management of Jose Mourinho, Pogba (in the 2016-2017 season) helped United to lift the EFL Cup and the UEFA Europa League.

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Another major highlight in Paul Pogba’s success story came in 2018 – the year he paid his dear country an old 2016 debt. As part of France squad for the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Paul Pogba showed un-rivalled leadership skills – a reflection of his youth captaincy days.

Together with notables like Kylian Mbappe and Ngolo Kante, the combative star helped his dear France to lift the prestigious FIFA 2018 World Cup trophy.

Achieving this great feat fetched him the Legion of Honour award. This is the highest order of merit in France. Did you know?… Paul Pogba’s made several emphatic speeches that led to France winning the FIFA 2018 World Cup. Find the compiled video here.

It is worthy to assert that a player like Paul Pogba represents a gigantic recipe to world football. It’s not just about his haircuts and snappy dress sense, but his style of play and leadership traits that makes him a darling to his generation. The rest, as they say, is history

About Paul Pogba’s Wife – Maria Salaues:

She is the woman after La Pioche’s heart. Born on the 16th day of November 1994, Maria Zulay Salaues is designated as Paul Pogba’s wife. The beautiful WAG is a South American lady, a Bolivian born and bred by rich parents – a wealthy upbringing.

Maria Salaues Pogba studied business administration at the University of Bolivia before emigrating to the US – without finishing her course. She started work as a local estate agent in Miami before quitting to pursue a career as a model.

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That year 2017, Maria Salaues met and fell in love with Paul Pogba. The love birds couldn’t hold back their feelings as they made their first public outing months later. Football fans were stunned at the latest girlfriend of Paul Pogba who later became his wife.

Thanks to her unique personality, Maria Salaues had no troubles in getting Yeo Moriba’s approval to be the future wife of her precious last born son. As a testament of love, Paul Pogba’s mother and her daughter-inlaw have been spotted in a number of key outings. This made fans to agree that both have attained love for one another.

Fast forward to June 2018 (during the FIFA World Cup) Maria Salaues appeared to wear an engagement ring which suggests Paul had proposed. She took a seat beside Yeo Moriba at the Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium during France’s World Cup group game against Denmark.

The next things fans heard, was news about the rumoured wedding between Paul Pogba and Maria Zulay Salaues. There was no official announcement from the couple except changes on Pogba’s wife social media. She closed her Instagram account and reactivated it with the new name “Maria Zulay Pogba Salaues”. With this action, fans got to believe that the Bolivian model and Pogba are officially married.

Who are Paul Pogba’s Children?

The combative midfielder as at the start of 2021 has a son named Labile Shakur, with no daughter. Paul Pogba and Maria Salaues welcomed their first and only child on 5th day of January 2019. Being there with his wife while she gave birth was indeed an unforgettable moment for Paul.

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For many months after his birth, Pogba and Maria initially tried to keep Labile Shakur away from public eyes. Much later, both lovers had no choice than to start flaunting him on their social media accounts.

Paul Pogba’s Vision for Son, Labile Shakur:

The wish he has for his boy is simple. First is to make him get the very best life imaginable. Secondly is to devise a plan to see Labile Shakur continue living the family dreams when he (Paul Pogba) bids farewell to his career. The long-range shooter knows the way to groom his son. Behold some father-son moments, one that reflects love and care

Labile Shakur Pogba is 2 years and 4 months old. With his Daddy’s help, the boy would, in no time, understand what the future holds for him. Paul Pogba constantly nurtures Labile Shakur on the path to becoming a professional soccer player – even better than him.

Being a parent is easy for Paul. He’s got a great collection of play ideas for his family even the one involves participating in social media football challenges. In one of those – (the tissue paper game), Maria and Paul had the better of Shakur.

Paul Pogba Past Relationships- (Ex-Girlfriends):

Before Maria Zulay Salaues came to his life, there existed another woman. In this section, we explain in details, Paul Pogba’s past relationship. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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The Paul Pogba, Lisa Thiolon Love Story:

Football fans refer to her as the beautiful brunette with a slender and sweet-face. She is no other than Lisa Thiolon, a girl who has suddenly gone into obscurity. Paul and Lisa were very compatible back in the days – only for their relationship to end for unknown reasons. Now let me tell you a bit more about the ex-girlfriend of Paul Pogba.

After her baccalaureate, Lisa Thiolon joined the prestigious IDRAC Business School in Paris where she successfully obtained her diploma. As a perfect bilingual, she quickly found her way to Italy. In 2013, Lisa Thiolon got a job with Juventus, as an Assistant Events and Hospitality Manager. This was where she met, fell in love and became the girlfriend of Paul Pogba.

Media report has it that Lisa Thiolon (out of love) abandoned her job to follow her Paul to England when he signed for the Man United. Sadly, their relationship wasn’t sustained in the new country. Despite the notoriety of her boyfriend, she has remained rather discreet in the media and no one knows why she broke up with the former Juve man.

Paul Pogba Personal life Facts:

Here, we’ll help you get a better picture of his personality. Paul Pogba an outgoing, socially confident person. Away from football, the midfielder possesses both eccentric and energetic tendencies. Pogba loves listening & dancing to music, wearing trendy clothes and jewellery.

Pogba is a man with a unique sense of humour, intelligent, very ambitious, independent and have a practical outlook in life. We’ve compiled a video which displays his free-spirited personality.

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Paul Pogba Hair Collection:

The most observable thing in the footballer is his radical head shavings – a trait that his mum (Yeo Moriba) has a hand in. Paul Pogba once revealed that the endless changes to his hairstyle came from his mother who motivated him into it. We’ve picked some of the best collection of Pogba’s hairstyle.

Paul Pogba Basketball Hobby:

With the league’s growth over the years in the USA, there is plenty of love to go around. Paul Pogba is among few world-class footballers who are fans of Basketball and the NBA. He loves to attend NBA basketball games and his favourite playmate is Romelu Lukaku.

Pogba and wife Maria Salaues have been spotted in the US severally on basketball tours. From what it seems, he appears to be a fan of many teams notable among them are Miami Heat and the Golden state warriors. We’ve prepared a video of Paul Pogba basketball skills.

Paul Pogba Workout:

Pogboom, as he is often nicknamed, has a distinction in hardcore training. He uses that to improve his long-range shooting power, tactical and survival skills. While uploading kickboxing hardcore workout videos via Instagram, the footballer once said;

Anyone trying to roughen me up might be in for a nasty surprise. Call it show-off or motivation, it gives me the same result at the end.

We’ve compiled some of La Pioche’s workout videos to keep you entertained and be wary about his potentials.

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Paul Pogba Lifestyle:

In this section, we’ll let you know the way he lives. Getting to know what the 2018 World Cup winner blow his big monies on will help you get a better understand his lifestyle. Let’s start with his automobiles.

Paul Pogba Cars:

The cars Paul Pogba owns almost as famous and well known as him. The French footballer tends to veer towards the most luxurious, expensive, and high-tech cars available in the market. He loves the Audi car model, which must come in back or white. Check out some of them here.

Paul Pogba House:

The decorated Frenchman have the luxury of spending his days and nights in his mansion that looks more like a castle. Pictured below, Paul Pogba’s house is located in one of the most exclusive and coveted neighbourhoods of Manchester.

The footballer has spent millions to live like royalty in his England mansion. Now let’s take you through a tour of the glamorous interiors and exteriors of Paul Pogba’s house.

Family Outings:

For Paul, the holiday season is the perfect time to connect, spread love and celebrate those close to him. He together with his wife Maria and son Shakur make up an adventurous small family. Pogba never ceases to amaze his more than 40 million IG followers scenes of his beautiful holiday expeditions.

Paul Pogba Family Life:

Only the breadwinner of the footballing household understands the amount of sacrifice to put in order not to fail dependent loved ones. Away from football, Paul Pogba knows his responsibility to these many people. These are not just immediate family, but relatives (uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews) who look up to him – their breadwinner.

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Lifebogger uses this section to tell you more facts about Paul Pogba’s parents, brothers and relatives. Let’s start with the head of the family.

About Paul Pogba’s Father:

Meet Fassou Antoine Pogba, the father of the one-time most expensive footballer in the world.
Meet Fassou Antoine Pogba, the father of the one-time most expensive footballer in the world.

Born in the 1940s, Fassou Antoine Pogba spent his early life in Guinea as an amateur footballer. At the age of 30, he migrated to Paris – with the hope of continuing his career. Sadly, Fassou me fewer opportunities and was forced to give up on football and face studies.

After his forceful retirement, he began working as a schoolteacher around Roissy-en-Brie. Fassou Antoine Pogba later switched to telecommunications before his eventual retirement due to health challenges.

Away from his life as a telecom engineer, he was a true family man who formed the habit of always taking his boys and their friends to play football. Sometimes he uses his personal funds on them to go watch local club, Marseille (Paul’s boyhood club).

Due to separation with his wife Yeo Moriba, Fassou Antoine became distant to his children, especially in their teenage years. Although not engaged in his son’s business (football), he is credited to laying the foundation of their careers. As earlier said, Fassou Antoine did push his sons to the limit so that they would succeed where he had failed in football.

Paul Pogba’s relationship with his Father:

The footballer sees his Dad as a humble and peaceful loving man. Paul Pogba earlier failed to establish a close relationship with him but corrected that as he became famous. Unlike his ex-wife, Fassou Antoine feels comfortable with keeping a low profile.

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Paul Pogba made it mandatory to unite his parents and make up for the lost time with his Daddy who was not in good health. Fassou Antoine is glad to have reunited with his wife and built a cordial relationship with sons before his unfortunate death. Paul Pogba’s father died at the age 79 after a long-term illness – on Friday the 12th day of May 2017.

One of Paul Pogba’s best memory of his Dad was teaching him how to perform his football goal celebration Dab. Find the video of late Fassou Antoine performing the Dab just before his death.

About Paul Pogba’s Mother:

Often referred to as Mamso, Yeo Moriba Pogba is the business brain behind the one-time world’s most expensive footballer. There is a sort of natural swagger about the football business tycoon – a no-nonsense woman who taught her son how to look stylish.

Yeo Moriba’s relationship with her last born child has been special right from his childhood. In fact, Paul Pogba enjoyed so much of the baby of the family effect. Online Report has it that he was overly pampered by his mum who treated him differently from her other sons.

The mother of Paul Pogba gained so much popularity after her famed attack on iron-willed
Ferguson over her son’s treatment. According to her,



She Continued…


The devout Muslim Supermum went on to turn her son (Paul Pogba) into a multi-million dollar fortune in no time. Rumoured to be her son’s agent, manager and advisor, Yeo Moriba has amassed substantial wealth and power while building her football business empire.

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Paul Pogba’s first gestures when he began to earn huge amounts of money as a United player was buying Yeo a new mansion in Bussy-Saint-Georges, a commuter town close to central Paris. The proud Mum knows that the private jets, flash cars and masses of cash that are being thrown at Paul mean nothing compared to the love he has for his family.

Judging from the video below, you will agree with me that Paul Pogba is the anchors of his mother’s life. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between the Paul and Yeo Moriba.

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Paul Pogba Brothers:

The box-to-box midfielder comes from a house of ‘Testosterone’. This is a house dominated by brothers and no immediate sister. Paul Pogba’s elder brothers – Florentin and Mathias are both footballers and identical twins – two years senior to him. Pictured below, both siblings have got their little brother’s back since their childhood days.

The twins were born to Yeo Moriba on a Sunday, the 19th day of August 1990 in Conakry, Guinea. All three boys were Marseille fans as kids and their most memorable childhood moment was on the Christmas of 1998 when they all visited and sat with Santa’s grotto.

The three little boys grew up to become both footballers with Paul being the star of their family. Florentin Pogba

We find other two things common to the Pogba brothers. First, everyone one of them once stood out table tennis – but footballer was the focus. Secondly, they are A-class dancers. We have a piece of evidence which showcases their dance moves popularity known as the Pogbance.

About Florentine Pogba:

Born on the 19th Day of August 1990, he is a Guinean professional footballer(national captain) who plays as a defender. Florentine grew up supporting Arsenal – following their invincible season.

Once upon a time, the global footballing fans witnessed a very rare glimpse of just how close-knit the Paul Pogba family actually is. This happened when two brothers; Florentin and Paul faced up to one another at Old Trafford.

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It was the day Zlatan Ibrahimovic grabbed his first hat trick in a United shirt as the hosts beat Saint-Etienne convincingly. After the match, fans weren’t after applauding their hat-trick hero. It was the Pogba brothers who attracted most of the attention that day. As of 2021, Florentine plays with Sochaux.

Florentin Pogba’s wife is Sarita. Both got married on Friday, the 13th of December 2019, in the town hall of Bussy-Saint-George (Seine-et-Marne).

Below is the video of Florentin Pogba’s wedding to Sarita. The number of guests includes Paul Pogba’s relatives numbered around 150.

About Mathias Pogba:

Born on the 19th Day of August 1990, he is a Guinean professional footballer and also a table tennis expert. Mathias Fassou Pogba was once France’s brightest stars in table tennis during his teenage years. He won the sports’ national U12 competition for his French region. Although table tennis wasn’t his goal, Yeo Moriba ensured he stayed with football.

Unlike Florentine, he is more popular and closer to Paul. This is because he played for some English team notably among them is Crewe Alexandra – where he scored lots of goals. He is an active member of Paul Pogba’s foundation.

Mathias Pogba is a businessman. He owns La Ruche Ink & Barber Tours located at 97 Rue Nollet, 75017 Paris, France. This is where Paul Pogba cuts his hair each time he goes to France. The footballer is also the owner of 48hour Laguinee, an NGO which organizes sports and recreational events for Guineans and the rest of Africa.

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Paul Pogba Relatives:

Indeed, the Les Bleus midfielder is very much attached to family values. Paul –  despite his busy schedule – often creat time to visit and bond with relative. Among those is his sick uncle, who once suffered and unfortunately, died from cancer.

Paul Pogba’S Uncle used the wheelchair throughout the time of his illness and was looked after by his daughter whom Paul Pogba refers to as his sister. The footballer was proud to have shared some gracious moments with his uncle before he passed. One of those was making him have a feel of the World Cup won by his nephew.

Paul Pogba’s grandparents are likely to be late while a greater number of his relatives resides in Guinea and Congo (the origin of his parents). Nevertheless, we have one of his relatives – his mother-in-law. She is Maria Zulay Salaues’ Mum.

Meet one of Maria Zulay Salaues' Parents - Her Mum. Isn't she beautiful?
Meet one of Maria Zulay Salaues’ Parents – Her Mum. Isn’t she beautiful?

Paul Pogba Untold Facts:

Having journeyed through the incredible Life Story of Pogba, we’ll use this section to unveil truths (some) you never knew of the Football superstar.

Fact #1 – Paul Pogba Manchester United Salary Breakdown and Net Worth:

SALARY TENUREEarnings in Euros (£)Earnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)
Per Year€17,147,116£15,103,200$20,647,207
Per Month€1,428,926£1,258,600$1,720,600
Per Week€329,246£290,000$396,451
Per Day€47,035£41,429£56,636
Per Hour€1,959£1,726$2,359
Per Minute€32£28$39
Per Seconds0.54£0.48$0.65

Since you started viewing Paul Pogba’s Bio, this is what he has earned with United.


The average citizen of Manchester who earns £19,499 per year would need to work for fourteen years and 10 months to make Paul Pogba’s month.

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Pogba’s major sponsorship is a ten year deal with sportswear manufacturer Adidas – signed in 2016. The company paid him a staggering £31 million ($40m). When his years of active duty earnings, sponsorship and bonuses were combined, Paul Pogba’s 2021 net worth is estimated to be around $200 to $250 million.

Fact #2 – About Paul Pogba’s Ring:

After the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the midfielder and Antoine Griezmann developed an idea which they got from the Superbowl inspiration. They bought a commemorative ring as gifts for their France World Cup victory squad. The jewellery piece serves as a remainder to their triumph. Paul Pogba’s ring costs $13,500 (£10,260) – for each.

Fact #3 – FIFA Strengths and Weaknesses:

Despite his highs and lows at Manchester United, Paul Pogba still reigns supreme as one of the best midfielders in the Football video game series. With lots of key strengths as seen below, his weakness remains; acceleration, concentration, balance, crossing and finishing. Paul Pogba is very much compared to Bruno Fernandes who is slightly better than him.

Fact #4 – Paul Pogba’s Religion:

The French powerhouse is a practising Muslim by faith. While on soccer duty, he is often seen saying brief prayers before matches. Despite the huge demands of being a world-class footballer, Paul Pogba has a strong Islamic culture off the pitch. He follows and respects the Arab culture.

Paul Pogba’s religious beliefs don’t affect his life as he trains and plays matches during the holy Ramadan. The Frenchman has been a devout Muslim since childhood  – after being introduced to the faith by his mother. Pogba is a role model to many Muslim footballers. He puts his religious faith and love of family above everything. Here is a video of Pogba as he displays huge love for his religion – Islam.

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Fact #5 – Is Maria Saluesa a Muslim?

Paul Pogba’s wife comes from a Christian family. In fact, the name ‘Maria’ is a Biblical Hebrew name. It is assumed that Maria Zulay’s marriage to Paul Pogba has made her converted to Islam. Judging from her dressings, she is believed to be Muslim.

Fact #6 – Is Paul Pogba Taller than his Brothers?

On paper, Florentin appears to be the tallest. He stands at a height of 1.92 m which is 6 feet and 3.5 inches tall. On the other hand, both Paul and Mathias stands at 1.91m which is 6ft 3.1 inches tall.

In recent research, we found out that the above statement doesn’t reflect reality. During Florentin’s wedding to Sarita, the three boys assembled for a group photo. Standing at the same level ground, Paul Pogba (with the lowest shoe heel) appears to be the tallest of his brothers.

Fact #7 – Paul Pogba Best Friend:

While spending the last two years of his youth career with Manchester United (from 2009 to 2011) Pogba met and became friends with Jesse Lingard. Both footballers have won trophies together and most importantly, pleased fans with their celebratory dance steps.

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Away from footballing, the duo entertained fans with dance move to songs – especially one released by a Nigerian born artist, Wizkid. This video summarizes the bromance between Pogba and Lingard.

Fact #8 – Meaning of Paul Pogba’s Nicknames:

The earliest of them came when he was at Juventus. That nickname – ‘Paul the Octopus’ – originated from a popular Octopus named Paul. He was used for predicting games during the 2010 World Cup.

Paul (Now Late) is rumoured to have been killed by Global Sports Betting Billionaire Owners. The animal made them lose billions as it successfully predicted world cup football games by simply leaning on a box – which means that country would win its next match.

Pogba got his ‘Paul the Octopus’ nickname because of his long, flexible and elongated limbs which fans admired. They say his legs resemble the tentacles of an octopus when he tackles, runs, dribbles and strike long-range shots.

Paul Pogba elder brothers gave him the nickname ‘Pogboom‘ thanks to his long-range efforts on goal. The long-range shooter inscribes has it inscribed on his boot. Finally, the nickname now common to most fans is La Pioche.


These days, the classic trope of modern football is that big star (like Kylian Mbappe) must come from streets that are inevitably harsh, and in doing so, narrowly escape a life of crime. This is not the same with Paul Pogba as he is from the standards of a middle-class France family.

The Biography of Paul Pogba teaches us that dreams do not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, hard work and support from family. It behoves Lifebogger to commend the efforts of Yeo Moriba – an Iron Lady of a mother who acted as both an anchor, sail and guiding light to her son.

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We strived for accuracy and fairness in the course of telling the Childhood Biography story of Paul Pogba a man who has both Pride and Talent. Kindly contact us if you see anything that doesn’t look nice otherwise, make a comment about this write-up and the midfielder. To get a quick summary of Paul Pogba’s Bio, use our Wiki table.

Age:28 years and 1 months old.
Date of Birth:15th day of March, 1993.
Place of Birth:Lagny-sur-Marne, France.
Parents: Yeo Moriba Pogba (Mother) and Late Fassou Antoine Pogba (Father).
Wife:Maria Zulay Pogba.
Child:Labile Shakur.
Brothers:Mathias and Florentin Pogba (Twins).
Relatives:Sarita Pogba (Brothers Wife) plus others.
Family Origin:Father is from Guniea and Mother is from Congo.
Height:In centimeter (191cm), in meter (1.91m), in feet and inches (6ft 3.1 inches)
Chest Measurement:45 Inches.
Waste and Bicep Measurement:34 Inches (Waist) and 13 Inches (Biceps).
Education:Roissy-en-Brie (football school) and Homeschooling (by his Mum)
Nicknames:Paul the Octopus, PogBoom, Black Spartacus and La Pioche.
Zodiac Sign: Pisces.
Playing Position:Central Midfield.
Man United Annual Salary:£15,103,200
Net Worth (2021):$200 to $250 million
Football Mentor:Paul Scholes.
Youth Teams:Roissy-en-Brie (1999–2006), Torcy (2006–2007), Le Havre (2007–2009) and Manchester United (2009–2011).

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