Renan Lodi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Renan Lodi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Renan Lodi Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Lifestyle, Parents, Girlfriend (Rafaela Lima), Personal Life and Net Worth, etc.

In a nutshell, this article covers the full Life History of the left-back. This is the story of a poor innocent boy who grew up to become a Brazilian soccer star.

Our version of Renan Lodi’s Biography begins from his boyhood days in Serrana to his early career life. It also entails his beautiful success story in Atletico Madrid as well as his family life.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his childhood to adulthood gallery — a perfect summary of Renan Lodi’s Bio.

Renan Lodi Biography - From his Childhood days to the moment of Fame.
Renan Lodi Biography – From his Childhood days to the moment of Fame.

We all know that he is a mix of intelligence and techniques on the football pitch. However, many people haven’t read about his Life Story, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Renan Lodi Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his actual name is Renan Augusto Lodi dos Santos. He came into this world on the 8th day of April 1998 to his father and mother in Serrana, Brazil.

The talented Brazilian seems to be the only child born of the union between his parents. As a young lad, Lodi had the same aspiration as every other kid on the streets of Serrana – to become a revered footballer.

The identity of his father and mother is still anonymous to the soccer world.
The identity of his father and mother is still anonymous to the soccer world.

It was a common routine for him to join his friends to play soccer. Before they begin any street games, the boys would assign the names of Brazil’s legendary players, like Pele and Roberto Carlos, to themselves.

Each moment spent on the field was golden, and Lodi cherished it with his whole heart. Back then, he aspired to become a professional player like his idols, and his dreams didn’t remain a passing fantasy.

Early Life and Growing Up Days:

Renan Lodi disclosed that his childhood was a little tricky. He grew up in an environment that had a lot of negative influence on young lads. But he didn’t allow society to plunge him into the wrong path.

It was truly a tough choice to make, as other kids often considered him a local boy who knew nothing about trends. But he was more concerned about soccer than delving into many mischievous activities that peer pressure could cause.

Lodi never hesitated to participate in diverse competitions and grew up winning many trophies, as you can see in the picture below.

He grew up winning many trophies in soccer.
He grew up winning many trophies in soccer.

Renan Lodi Family Background:

The tackler’s household was as an extended family, which included his parents, grandparents and himself. Since they all lived together, it was easier for them to understand the personality of every member of the family.

Growing up in a caring middle-class household taught Lodi lessons on how to cherish people. Hence, his family background was a fundamental factor that instilled in him the heart of being sociable with friends and strangers alike.

Renan Lodi Family Origin:

The exceptional dribbler was born in Serrana, which is a municipality in the state of Sao Paulo. His birthplace is home to over 45,644 people (2020 estimate) and covers an area of 126km sq.

A glimpse of his hometown, Serrana (L) and his state of Origin, Sao Paulo (R).
A glimpse of his hometown, Serrana (L) and his state of Origin, Sao Paulo (R).

Do you know?… About 5% of Serrana’s population was infected by the COVID-19 virus, making it one of the states with the highest rates in Brazil. However, after 75% of the people were vaccinated, the virus was contained.

Education And Career BuildUp:

Renan Lodi’s parents believed so much in his potential that they enrolled him in a futsal school in Serrana. They knew that with the right academic training, he could grow up to be like Ronaldinho, whom he so much revered in his childhood days.

The earliest academic life of the young Brazilian.
The earliest academic life of the young Brazilian.

Hence, he didn’t go through the typical classroom system of attending daily book-related lectures. Instead, he spent many days far from home developing the skills that would make him a professional subsequently.

Renan Lodi Biography – Football Career Story:

The prolific dribbler was like Ex-Wolves head coach, Bruno Lage, who started his career expedition in a futsal. Knowing that his family was risking all they had to ensure he succeeded, Lodi never relented on his training routine.

A few years of improvement in his potential saw him joining other young talents in Meninos da Vila. It was quite challenging to adapt to the new training style and bond with other kids at the academy.

A Sad But Sincere Struggle For Success:

Do you know?… Lodi had to sell cans to afford the ticket that would help him train in another town. It was indeed a stressful experience for his age, as he had to meet up with the tedious training at the academy after making sales.

The upcoming icon sold cans to take care of his transport fare to the training ground.
The upcoming icon sold cans to take care of his transport fare to the training ground.

Nonetheless, he knew his future was at stake if he did nothing to improve his prowess. Hence, he never counted his hustle as a punishment. Rather, he saw it as a sacrifice for nurturing his aspirations.

Interestingly, his grandparents were more determined to see him excel as a professional footballer than anybody else. Hence, they also gave him financial support whenever he couldn’t get cans to sell.

The Failed Trials:

During his youth development at Meninos da Vila, Lodi went for a few trials at bigger clubs but failed several times. When he auditioned for Corinthians and Santos, he was approved by Corinthians.

A rare photo of Renan Lodi (Middle) with other kids at Meninos da Vila.
A rare photo of Renan Lodi (Middle) with other kids at Meninos da Vila.

However, he had to travel long distances every Monday to meet up with their training schedule. This made him forsake the offer and continue to develop under the tutelage of his former academy.

Despite experiencing a series of failed trials, Lodi was consistent in his performance. He even helped his team win many youth trophies and awards as he hoped for a career breakthrough.

Renan Lodi Early Career Life:

Apparently, the iconic dribbler started as a striker in his youth academic days. As luck would have, he was scouted by Rafael Stival, who enjoys investing in young promising players.

Hence, Stival had Lodi join Trieste Football academy at the tender age of 13. Interestingly, Trieste had a partnership with Athletico Paranaense (PR). This allowed him to transfer to Athletico PR the moment he clocked 14.

A certificate that shows the date he signed up for Trieste Football academy in his earliest career development.
A certificate that shows the date he signed up for Trieste Football academy in his earliest career development.

The tackler lived far from home as he focused on establishing himself as the best player in the academy. Even when he missed his parents and grandparents, he never considered quitting soccer to go back home.

Being away from my grandparents, father, and friends was very difficult. At first, I missed them a lot, but I had to get over it.

I knew that to make my dreams come true, I needed to overcome these obstacles.

I always focused on what I wanted for my life so that I could become a professional player and help my family.

Renan Lodi Bio – Road To Fame Story:

Upon his move to Athletico Paranaense, his role was switched from the striking position to the left-back role.

At this stage of his career, he idolized Filipe Luis, Thiago Silva, and Marquinhos, with high hopes of playing alongside them someday.

It took him four years of constant training at his youth academy before he recorded his first football breakthrough. At 18, Lodi made his senior debut in a 1 – 0 loss against Gremio in 2016.

He had an excellent beginning in his senior career at Athletico Paranaense.
He had an excellent beginning in his senior career at Athletico Paranaense.

His days with Athletico Paranaense were filled with one adventurous achievement after another.

Lodi played a significant role in helping the team win the Copa Sudamericana and Campeonato Paranaense in 2018. He, alongside Bruno Guimarães, are Legends of this football club.

Did you know?… the likes of Casemiro have won this great trophy in the past.

He was happy to contribute to his club's success in achieving this feat.
He was happy to contribute to his club’s success in achieving this feat.

Atletico Madrid Breakthrough:

After putting up an exceptional performances in different league games, Lodi attracted the interest of prestigious clubs. In the end, he signed a six-year deal worth €25million with Atletico Madrid in 2019.

“I am happy to be here and arrive at a big club.

I’m also very happy to work alongside Diego Simeone, who is one of the best coaches in the world.”

Competing in one of the European top-flight leagues was not as easy as he had experienced while playing in Brazil. He relied on one of his idols’ (Filipe Luis) wealth of experience to adapt to his defensive role.

He had a hard time adjusting to the new environment as he joined the Colchoneros.
He had a hard time adjusting to the new environment as he joined the Colchoneros.

Sadly, Filipe Luis left the club just when Lodi needed him the most. The defender had to struggle on his own to fit into his new team. He even became homesick and wished he could leave everything and return to Brazil.

I told my girlfriend that we should go back to Brazil because I couldn’t take it anymore. Everything came together at once.

I missed my friends and my family. I wanted to go away, but the club wouldn’t let me.

Well, I understood their decision and continued working.

Moving Forward:

Even though Filipe left the club for Flamengo, he didn’t allow Lodi to fall into despair. He wrote to the young icon that he should continue working hard because he would soon become a top player.

Filipe’s message to Lodi lifted his spirit and made him step up his game in no distant time. Of course, the speed dribbler finally achieved his lifelong desire to become a professional player and take care of his family.

Renan Lodi Biography – Success Story:

After building up momentum in his defensive flair, the Brazilian became an essential piece in Diego Simeone’s armoury. He, alongside Kieran Trippier, José Giménez, etc, were instrumental in helping Atletico cling to the 2020–21 La Liga.

He is happy to celebrate his victory with his stunning girlfriend.
He is happy to celebrate his victory with his stunning girlfriend.

At the time of publishing this Biography, Renan Lodi has formed a formidable partnership with Joao Felix on and off the pitch. The two friends continued to produce outstanding results for their Spanish club in major tournaments.

Aside from club football, the left-back has made a few appearances for his country. He considers himself honoured to play alongside Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus and other Brazilian superstars.

Despite playing as a left-back, Lodi has always been attacking-minded. His striking instincts make him believe he’s just another striker for Brazil. The rest, as they say, is history.

Introducing Rafaela Lima – Renan Lodi’s Girlfriend and Wife to be:

From the moment he started stealing the spotlights in soccer, fans have been curious about his love life. While compiling this Biography, we discovered that Lodi is in a relationship that may lead to marriage subsequently.

Certainly, your next question will be; Who is Renan Lodi’s Girlfriend?… Her name is Rafaela Lima, and she is the embodiment of true beauty. With her level of commitment to taking care of the athlete, we could assert that she is the perfect wife material for him.

He enjoys going on special dates with his girlfriend, Rafaela Lima.
He enjoys going on special dates with his girlfriend, Rafaela Lima.

Who is Rafaela Lima?

First and foremost, Lodi’s girlfriend was initially chubby and didn’t like that fact about herself. She routinely went on dieting and put in years of hard work to lose some weight.

After a while, she shared her weight loss journey on Instagram to encourage and lift the spirit of people who feel less good about themselves. Below is the motivational video about her exciting transformation.

Interestingly, Rafaela Lima is an ailurophile – a cat lover. Our research shows that cat lovers are usually characterized to be creative, open-minded, adventurous, and hold unconventional beliefs.

We’ve got a video clip that will enlighten you about Rafaela’s relationship with her cat. Perhaps you may get a hint on how to bond with your pets from the video below.

Do you know?… Rafaela has been supportive of her boyfriend’s career journey. She was with him in the days of his humble beginning and got to celebrate his many football victories afterwards.

Personal Life:

Many fans who had enjoyed Lodi’s spectacular performance on the pitch might have little idea of what he is like, off the pitch.

Who is Renan Lodi Outside Football?

Since his childhood days, the athlete has always been inclined to do what he enjoys best – football and flying kites. Now that he has grown up, his interest has been channelled towards spending time with his girlfriend.

I used to fly a kite and play ball outside my house. They were the things I liked to do the most, which gave me pleasure.

Lodi is mostly observant of the activities of veteran athletes in diverse types of sports. He posted a video that featured world-class icons, including C. Ronaldo, LeBron James, and more athletes.

While posting the video displayed below, Renan Lodi captioned it with the statement;

It doesn’t matter what we fight against. It’s never too late to change the game.

Renan Lodi Lifestyle Facts:

Nothing comes close to the relief of being able to cover your expenses. Thanks to Lodi’s earnings from Atletico Madrid, he doesn’t have to worry about getting a delightful ride or a good place to live.

The tackler maintains a low-key lifestyle like N’Golo Kante. He’s got a comfortable house and a nice car to cruise around. However, he doesn’t flaunt his assets on social media as he prefers to keep them under the radar.

A glimpse of the interior design of his house and his car.
A glimpse of the interior design of his house and his car.

Renan Lodi Family:

One reason he endured all the hardship on his way to success was to provide for his household. Lodi feels entitled to change the life of his parents and grandparents as they have sacrificed a lot to help him excel in soccer.

His Biography will be incomplete without the worthy mention of his family members, who were the first to believe in his talent. We shall tell you more details about his dad, mother, siblings, and relatives in the section.

About Renan Lodi’s Father:

The dribbler’s dad is quite glad that he allowed his son to venture into the path of soccer. Back in the day, Mr Lodi believed in his boy’s potential and did all he could to have the young lad attend a soccer academy.

Like every other average dad, Lodi’s father laboured so much to earn money and sustain his family. You can guess that he currently feels fulfilled after seeing his boy excel in his soccer expedition.

About Renan Lodi’s Mother:

Moms are almost inseparable from their children, especially their sons, and the left-back is no exception. It is quite surprising how Lodi survived staying away from his mother on his journey to stardom.

Although the player loves his parents dearly, there has been no information about them at the time of compiling this Life Story.
Although the player loves his parents dearly, there has been no information about them at the time of compiling this Life Story.

Indeed, he wouldn’t have seen the spotlight of this world if she had decided to terminate her pregnancy many years ago. But the caring mother kept her child and vowed to give him the best life she could afford.

Although Lodi spent little time with his mom, he never forgot her kind words that continued to echo in his mind occasionally. She is the perfect mother he has ever wished for. Hence, the athlete ensures he gives his mother and father a comfortable life.

About Renan Lodi’s Siblings:

As earlier stated, he is the only child of his family. Of course, if he had a sister or brother, they might have reduced any form of boredom he had likely experienced in his childhood.

Even with no siblings, Lodi learned to bond with his friends, whom he treats as his family. He actually considers them as his brothers from another mother.

About Renan Lodi’s Relatives:

The love he has for his grandfather and grandmother can never be overemphasized. Yes, Lodi spent most of his childhood days under the care of his grandparents.

They covered up for his parents whenever they were carried away with business. Without his grandpa’s financial and moral support, it would have been difficult for him to continue his youth development many years ago.

To date, the player often references how inexplicable his grandparents’ influence is in his success story. They are perhaps the reason he didn’t give up on dreams when things were hard.

Aside from his grandparents, the dribbler has no famous relatives that we can talk about in his Biography. Hence, information about his uncles, aunts and cousins remains unmentioned in the pages of his memoir.

Renan Lodi Untold Fact:

To bring the engaging Life Story of the Brazilian star to a close, here are a few truths that will help you digest his Bio effectively.

Salary Breakdown And Net Worth:

Upon his move to Atletico Madrid, Lodi was placed under the club’s payroll, which fetches him an annual Salary of €3.8 million (2022 Stats). The source of his earnings springs from his football endeavours and other endorsement deals.

After carefully analysing his earnings, we have estimated his 2022 Net Worth to be a whopping sum of €25 million. The table below gives a simplified detail of Lodi’s salary breakdown.

TENURE/EARNINGSRenan Lodi Atletico Madrid Salary in Euro (€)Renan Lodi Atletico Madrid Salary in Brazilian Real (BRL)
Per Year:€3,800,00021,683,560 Brazilian Real (BRL)
Per Month:€316,6671,806,963 Brazilian Real (BRL)
Per Week:€72,965416,351 Brazilian Real (BRL)
Per Day:€10,42459,479 Brazilian Real (BRL)
Every Hour:€4342,478 Brazilian Real (BRL)
Every Minute:€7.241 Brazilian Real (BRL)
Every Second:€0.120.69 Brazilian Real (BRL)

Comparing Renan Lodi’s Salary To That of An Average Brazilian:

Do you know? The average salary of Brazilians is 1,02,720 BRL per year, which is equivalent to €17,883.

Hence, an average citizen in Brazil will have to work for four years to earn what Renan Lodi receives in a week.

Since you started viewing Renan Lodi’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


FIFA Stats:

He’s got similar ratings on his potential as Jordi Alba and Marcus Acuna. Looking at his qualities in the photo below, you will realize that Lodi is quite talented in skills and movement.

The speed dribbler's FIFA Stats.
The speed dribbler’s FIFA Stats.

His ball control and balance are exceptional and give him the ability to dribble past opponents easily. He may end up surpassing the likes of Alex Sandro in the latter days of his career.

Renan Lodi Tattoos:

He has a unique philosophy about body art, which is contrary to that of his compatriot, Julian Alvarez. Of course, Lodi does not shy away from obtaining body arts.

Despite his love for inking, he has kept his tattoos on a low scale by obtaining smaller designs. Interestingly, his body art was inscribed on his wrist, as you can see in the picture below.

He's got a simple tattoo inked on his wrist.
He’s got a simple tattoo inked on his wrist.

Renan Lodi Biography Summary:

The table below provides summarized information about the left-back memoir. It grants you the chance to skim through Renan Lodi’s profile as fast as possible.

Full Name:Renan Augusto Lodi dos Santos
Nickname:Renan Lodi
Date of Birth:8th of April 1998
Age:25 years and 10 months old.
Place of Birth:Serrana, Brazil
Family Origin:Serrana
Girlfriend/Wife To Be:Rafaela Lima
Net Worth:€25 million (2022 Stats)
Annual Salary:€3.8 million (2022 Stats)
Football Idols:Filipe Luis, Thiago Silva, and Marquinhos
Tattoo:Yes (On his wrist)
Height:1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Position Played:Left-Back


Renan Lodi came into this world as the only child of his father and mother. He was an obedient and hardworking kid who sought to liberate his family from their average lifestyle.

He spent part of his childhood adoring his grandparents, who were instrumental in his youth development. Also, the young lad sold cans to afford transport money for attending soccer training.

His breakthrough came after joining Atletico Madrid on a transfer deal that changed his life. In no distant time, fans saw Lodi transform from the fear of Simeone’s scream to a formidable player in the left wing.

Certainly, he will continue to be an important icon in his team’s armoury. Thank you for sticking to the end of our Renan Lodi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts.

Kindly contact us if you discover anything that seems wrong with our content. Also, stay tuned for more beautiful Biography stories of Brazilian Footballers. Surely, the history of Endrick Felipe and Fernandinho will excite you.

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