Kieran Trippier Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Kieran Trippier Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LifeBogger presents the Full Story of Right Back Genius, best known by the nickname; “Frodo“.

Our Kieran Trippier Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF-Pitch facts (little known) about him.

Yes, everyone knows he, alongside Bruno Guimarães and Chris Wood, are among the men chosen to save Newcastle in the 2021/2022 relegation dogfight. 

However, not many football lovers have read an in-depth version of Kieran Trippier’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Kieran Trippier Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For Biography starters, his full name is Kieran John Trippier. He was born on the 19th day of September 1990 to his mother, Eleanor Trippier Lomax, and father, Chris Trippier in Bury, United Kingdom.

Trippier was born into a humble family background, to the home of a happy Tree Surgeon, arborist, arboriculturist, pictured below.

Meet one of Kieran Trippier's parents - his lovely Dad, Chris Trippier.
Meet one of Kieran Trippier’s parents – his lovely Dad, Chris Trippier.

Not to make you confused; his father’s occupation involves the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.

This type of job back then wasn’t well paying and for a man who has 4 boys. It was never easy for Chris and Eleanor.

Trippier grew up as the youngest son to his mum and dad. He was the youngest of his three brothers namely; Chris, Curtis, and Kelvin. All boys grew up in the village of Summerseat in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester.

Growing up in this area implies something footballic. His parents, except Trippier, are all Manchester United Fans. This fact shaped his destiny, as explained below.

Kieran Trippier Biography Facts – Football Encounter:

As a young kid, Trippier became fond of football during his elementary school days. However, his parents held their grounds on the notion that “Education would come first, before sports”.

Having come from a humble family background, Trippier followed his parents’ wish to finish elementary education before taking football seriously. In his words;

“At a young age, I played for my local team, Seedfield.

It was a good team to be fair.

There was a few of us who used to play in that team who all went to different academies.

I was among the about six of the players who got picked by manchester scouts.

I got scouted when I was about eight years old.”

Kieran Trippier Bio – Early Career:

Unfortunately, despite being scouted by United Scouts, Kieran never joined Manchester United.

“My dad wanted me to go to United because he’s a massive Red – all my family are but as I was so young, my dad saw that I was enjoying myself more at Man City.

he didn’t pressurize me or anything. My family wasn’t too happy I went to City in a jovial way.

They would have loved to have seen me at United. But I was happy that City was the route for me.”

Trippier, however, chose to join Manchester City’s academy as he knew a few friends there and the fact that it was still local for him.

In his formative years at Manchester City, Kieran started out as a central midfielder and found his way out to the right wing before eventually settling at right-back.

Even at this time, his parents’ rules of “Education First, Before Football” still stood. Kieran was able to further pursue his obvious passion for football when he attended Woodhey High School in Ramsbottom.

His parents allowed him to mix both education and football at this time.

Trippier is always grateful for the assistance of his teachers and the cooperation of Woodhey’s school management, who granted him permission to mix football with academics.

“I was really close to my headmaster, Mr. Braidley,” Kieran recalled. “City used to pull me out from my school two days a week to go and train.

I used to get Tuesdays and Thursdays off school, but thankfully I think the headmaster saw something in me and allowed me to do it, so I was lucky in that respect.

I did actually really enjoy school. I was close with the teachers, and my three brothers went there too.

“I used to love doing athletics for my school as well. There was a big cross-country event at Heaton Park where all the schools came together –I won the long-distance running. Even with that, football came first.” 

Trippier progressed through the youth ranks at his club. While playing for the club, Trippier graduated from Woodhey High School in 2007. This was the same year he rounded up his Manchester United Youth career at the age of 17.

The Uncertainty:

Trippier became a regular in the reserved team after signing his first professional contract with Manchester City in 2007.

Back then, he also participated in team youth football duties despite being inducted into the club’s senior side.

One memorable time for him came when he led a team that won the FA Youth Cup in the 2007–08 season. Despite all these successes, there came a fear. It was the news of The Manchester City Takeover.

In the mid of July 2008, news of the Manchester City takeover broke out. This brought fear to Manchester City players, especially the younger ones, which Trippier was part of. The deal day happened on the 4th of August 2008.

Sheikh Mansour, one of football’s wealthiest owners, with a family fortune of at least $1 trillion bought the club.

From that day on, Poor Trippier began to count his remaining days at the club have known that the new owner would instruct his manager to go for older and more experienced players in a bid to compete with United.

It was Kieran Trippier’s parents who advised their son to choose the loan option, which he did.

Kieran Trippier Biography Facts – Rise to Fame:

After enduring a lack of selection for more than a year, which finally confirmed what he had earlier feared for, Trippier decided to join Barnsley in February 2010 after he failed to make it to the Manchester City team.

The BreakthroughHe went on to make forty-one appearances for Barnsley in all competitions, scoring important goals and winning the Young Player of the Year award.

This was the time he got the nickname –Frodo because of his smallish look as he somehow resembles the Lord of the Rings Character.

In a bid to play for bigger clubs, Trippier had to join another club, Burnley first on loan before acquiring a permanent deal.

While at the club, he won the Burnley Player of the Year award (2011-2012 season) for his impressive tackles and play.

Trippier again went on to impress in his second season with the club as he was named in the Championship PFA Team of the Year for the 2012–13 season.

He also received the same award the next season, thus leading Burnley to a promotion into the Premier League. This was when interest from Premiership big clubs started.

On 19 June 2015, Trippier signed for Tottenham under manager Mauricio Pochettino. As I update this Bio, Kieran has done unimaginable things in football.

He, alongside the likes of José Giménez, Renan Lodi, etc, were among those who helped  Atletico Madrid win the 2020/2021 La Liga.

Now the rest, as they say, is now history.

Kieran Trippier Relationship Life with Charlotte Trippier:

All younger guys, at some point, fantasize about having a relationship with an older woman.

This is the case of Kieran Trippier and his former girlfriend-now-wife, Charlotte Trippier. Their relationship grew from best friend status to true love.

Both couples, after their secret wedding, decided to have a child. Speaking of the decision, Kieren said;

“I’ve been speaking to the other boys here who have got kids themselves now and they’ve told me how it changed their lives so Charlotte and I are really excited to be parents,”

Trippier’s wife, Charlotte Trippier, delivered a child whom they named Jacob. Jacob even as a child is such an interesting character. We will tell you why in a statement soon. Below are both parents enjoying quality time with their son.

Speaking about the birth of Jacob as regards his parent’s perception, Trippier said;

“My family is really pleased because I’m the youngest son to my mum and dad, so it’s quite special to them really. Obviously, it’s a lot of responsibility for my wife and I but I’m such a proud dad! Obviously, when Jacob gets older, I’ll put a ball at his feet and hopefully, he’ll want to be a footballer but I’m not a pushy person – if he doesn’t want to be a footballer then he doesn’t have to be. But I hope he is.

Kieran Trippier Biography Facts -The Jacob Effect:

Kieren and his family are very close friends with the down-to-earth footballer, Harry Kane.

Speaking of such friendship, one would think the best pair is between the two footballers (Kieren and Harry).

However, judging from the photo below, a more natural friendship exists between Jacob Trippier (Kieren’s son) and Ivy Jane Kane (Hary‘s daughter).

Now here comes the gist: Jacob Trippier is said to be the famous kid when compared to children of Tottenham players and Premier League players at large.

This is because he has personally trended online with hundreds of tweets to his name, even making his dad more famous.

The trend started when Trippier shared one of his photos with Mauricio Pochettino on the pitch at Lane after a game.

Shockingly, Trippier’s young son Jacob seemed to have plenty of admiration for the manager. Jacob gave his Dad’s boss a priceless look as seen in the photo below.

Trippier reacted to his son’s trend saying;

“Yeah, a lot of people were tweeting me about that. Even the manager RETWeeTED HIMSELF, having a little bit of banter.”

Kieran Trippier Family Life:

Trippier is thankful to his parents for the sacrifices they made to help him get to the peak of his career. Having come from a poor family background, It was difficult for his parents when Trippier was younger.

Back then, it was seven days a week non-stop with Trippier and his brothers, namely; Chris, Curtis, and Kelvin.

His immediate elder brother, Kevin is commonly known by his mother’s surname of Lomax. Kevin, like his kid brother, ended up becoming a professional footballer.

Below are both brothers with little resemblance owing to the fact that they may be from different fathers.

The dedicated Trippier brothers shows the diverse paths of one family's passion.
The dedicated Trippier brothers show the diverse paths of one family’s passion.

Kevin enjoyed a good career in the Football League with the likes of Oldham and Rochdale. He is a defender by football trade and four years older than his kid brother, Kieren. The rest of the brothers never made it in football.

Once upon a time, Kieren Tripper used to look up to Kelvin in terms of following in his footsteps as a footballer, but a lot of credit goes to his mum and dad for helping them along.

Back then, in other to cover the expenses/cost of training, both parents would allow Trippier to train on Monday, Kevin Tuesday, Trippier Wednesday, Kevin Thursday, Trippier Saturday and finally, Kevin on Sunday.

Back then, Kieren Tripper’s dad was working away all the time in Scotland, trying to earn as much money as a tree doctor.

At the end of the day, he could only afford little for the boys, even after his wife (Kieren Trippier’s Mum) had contributed.

The money was enough to provide upkeep allowance for the boys and in addition, buy football boots, shinguards and petrol.

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