Julian Alvarez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Julian Alvarez Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother (Mariana Alvarez), Father (Gustavo Alvarez), Brothers (Raphael and Agu Alvarez), Family Origin and Background, etc.

More so, Facts about Julian Alvarez’s Relatives (Augustin Ulla, Santii, Juan Ignacio Masera, etc). We’ll also tell you about the Argentine’s rumoured relationships, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth, etc.

In a nutshell, this memoir explains the Full History of Julian Alvarez. We’ll tell you the story of a boy who got rejected by Real Madrid for a reason that wasn’t his fault. And who used his Madrid disappointment as fuel for his success.

Lifebogger’s version of Julian Alvarez’s Biography begins by first telling you the notable events of his Early Life.

Thereafter, we then proceed to reveal how the Argentine rose above all odds to become successful in the beautiful game.

To whet your Autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Julian Alvarez’s Bio, we’ve deemed it fit to portray you a gallery of his Early Life and Rise. This is the Life Trajectory of the Argentine Striker.

Julian Alvarez Biography. Behold, a galJulian Alvarez Biography. Behold, a gallery of the Argentine's Early Life and Great Rise.lery of the Argentine's Early Life and Great Rise.
Julian Alvarez Biography. Behold a gallery of the Argentine’s Early Life and Great Rise.

Truth be told, Argentine football has always exported great figures to leagues in Europe. Man City is so lucky to have “the spider”, as River Plate’s supporters call him.

A Baller who has vowed to show Pep Guardiola the things he can’t see in Gabriel Jesus.

Despite the many praises on his name, Lifebogger notices a gap. That not many football fans have read a concise piece of Julian Alvarez’s Biography.

Because of that, we’ve made the Argentine’s Life story. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Julian Alvarez Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Argentine bears the nickname “Spider”. Julián Álvarez was born on the 31st day of January 2000 to his mother, Mariana Alvarez, and father, Gustavo Alvarez. The place of his birth is Calchin, Argentina.

The talented striker came to the world as one of three boys (Raphael, himself, and Agu) born of the blissful marital union between his Mum and Dad.

Behold, Julian Alvarez’s parents – persons who bequeath him not with riches but the spirit of reverence.

Meet Julian Alvarez's parents. His mother's name is Mariana Alvarez, and his father, Gustavo Alvarez.
Meet Julian Alvarez’s parents. His mother’s name is Mariana Alvarez, and his father is Gustavo Alvarez.

Early Life with Soccer and Growing-Up Years:

Julian Alvarez’s childhood looks had this mixture of innocence and happiness.

Everyone who knew him saw this cheerful, joyous and sweet child who had a sunny disposition on life.

At this very age, Mariana and Gustavo had begun seeing signs of their boy’s future.

Julian Alvarez's Early Life. What an adorable child he was.
Julian Alvarez’s Early Life. What an adorable child he was.

Julian Alvarez grew up in Calchín, which is his family’s hometown. He enjoyed the best of childhood alongside his brothers, Raphael and Agu Alvarez.

Both Julian and his immediate older brother (Raphael) had similar heights. Agu Alvarez (pictured below) is the youngest of the Alvarez family.

Meet Julian Alvarez Siblings - all Brothers (Raphael and Agu) and no sister.
Meet Julian Alvarez Siblings – all Brothers (Raphael and Agu) and no sister.

As a boy, all Julian wanted was to be part of a local football team. He also wanted to attend a soccer school – as most of his childhood friends did.

Recognizing their boy’s desire, Julian Alvarez’s parents supported their son’s aspirations. First, they consulted this football coach.

Meet Hugo Rafael Varas, the man who laid the foundation of Julian Alvarez's career.
Meet Hugo Rafael Varas, the man who laid the foundation of Julian Alvarez’s career.

Back then in their hometown, there was this man named Hugo Rafael Varas. This man sells pizzas, empanada discs and bread. He was also an employee in the town’s municipal.

More importantly, Rafael Varas used to play football and later owned a small football school.

Julian Alvarez’s parents – Mariana and Gustavo, handed their son to Rafa Varas. They told him about their son’s desire to enrol in his football school.

Hugo Rafael Varas didn’t just accept little Julian. He promised his parents to look after their child and nurture his talent.

Julian Alvarez Family Background:

The Argentine striker is neither from a rich nor poor home. Considering the income range of his parents’ jobs, we class consider Julian Alvarez’s family as middle class.

Starting with Gustavo Alvarez, the proud Dad is a driver. Back in the day, Julian Alvarez’s Dad drove trucks to feed his family.

Did you know?... Julian Alvarez's Father (Gustavo) is a Truck Driver while his Mum (Mariana) is a Kindergarten School Teacher.
Did you know?… Julian Alvarez’s Father (Gustavo) is a Truck Driver, while his Mum (Mariana) is a Kindergarten School Teacher.

On the other hand, Julian Alvarez’s mother is a schoolteacher. Mariana specializes in child care.

Julian Alvarez’s Mum takes care of children under kindergarten ages (ages 4 to 7). She is one of the best hands in Calchín’s pre-schooling system.

Julian Alvarez Family Origin:

The 5 foot 7 in striker holds an Argentine Nationality. Our research on Julian Alvarez’s ethnicity says he is a White Argentine of Spanish descent. From his Alvarez surname, you could tell that his ancestors were Spanish immigrants.

Julian Alvarez’s family have their origin in Calchín, a Cordovan town with approximately 3,500 inhabitants.

Found in central Argentina, Cordoba is 695.5 km (a 7-hour drive) from the capital of the country (Buenos Aires).

This map shows Calchin (Cordoba) - where Julian Alvarez's parents raised him.
This map shows Calchin (Cordoba) – where Julian Alvarez’s parents raised him.

The Argentine (Julian), alongside German Tato Martellotto (a former footballer), are among the most notable people from Calchín.

Where Julian Alvarez’s family comes from is mostly known for its agriculture. The terrain of Calchin town also favours livestock farming.

Julian Alvarez Education:

The Argentine star and brothers attended Rivera Indarte primary school. There, a teacher named Sonia taught him.

After graduating with flying colours, Julian Alvarez’s parents enrolled him at IPEM N° 284 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento in Calchín, Córdoba, Argentina.

While at school, Julian was usually at the top of his class in all his subjects. In addition to his intelligence, he had good conduct and was “very quiet” – Patricia, the school secretary, often said. Physical education was always his favourite, courtesy of his commitment to becoming a pro.

Career Buildup:

From the age of four, the youngster had already known his destiny. A young Julian Alvarez could tell his future as observed in this video. The greatest dream of his life was to play at the World Cup alongside Lionel Messi.

To set the ball rolling, Julian Alvarez’s parents enrolled their son at Futura Estrellita soccer school. While there, little Julian was looked after by his custodian, Hugo Rafael Varas. As earlier stated, this is the man who ran the local academy.

The boy’s first football teacher gave Julian, alongside his friends, the training needed to build their career foundations.

Julian’s case was different because he was way better than the rest of the kids. Hugo Varas saw his future and treated him specially.

In response to the care provided to him, Julian never disappointed his football guardian. After three years with the school, the youngster began dreaming of very big things. Like rubbing shoulders with kids from bigger academies.

Julian Alvarez Biography – Early Life in Football:

Futura Estrellita soccer school, which was created by Hugo Rafael Varas, has close ties to a bigger football academy called Club Atlético Calchín.

Scouts from this academy fell in love with Julian’s gameplay. Immediately, the academy contacted Hugo Rafael Varas for the boy.

When Julian reached seven years, Hugo called for a meeting with his parents – Gustavo and Mariana.

He told them about the need for their son to have a better football focus. Hugo Viras said the time was ripe for little Julian to leave his academy and move to a bigger one.

Life at Club Atlético Calchín:

Just a few weeks after he joined Club Atlético Calchín, it became clear that Julian was destined to reach the very top of Argentine football.

The boy outclassed all kids in his age group, a feat that made him become the academy’s best footballer.

Hugo Rafael Varas, the man who was always with Julián, never left him after the boy left his football school. He followed Julian to his new academy to help him settle.

Even with this new club (Atlético Calchín), Hugo Rafael Varas prepared an extra training session with him.

Julian Alvarez never disappointed his football guardian. The reward for being the best player in his age group led to an award.

Here is a photo of the Guardian and Julián just after he received a certificate award as the best youngster in Club Atlético Calchín.

An eight-year-old Julián Álvarez with his football Guardian, Hugo. Julian holds the certificate award for the 2008 best young footballer in Club Atlético Calchín.
An eight-year-old Julián Álvarez with his football Guardian, Hugo. Julian holds the certificate award for the 2008 best young footballer in Club Atlético Calchín.

The Reward for His Teacher:

Even to this day, it does not take much more than looking at the WhatsApp of Hugo and Julian to realize the relationship that still exists between them.

When Julian Alvarez was 20 years old, he decided to surprise Hugo Rafael Varas with a gift. Did you know?… He bought his first football teacher a truck.

The unveiling of this gift filled Hugo Rafa’s heart with joy. This gift is a white Renault Kangoo Van. Considering how much Julian earns as a senior footballer, this car is something he could afford easily.

This car gift was presented to Rafa by Julian Alvarez’s father, Gustavo Alvarez. That day, on a beautiful morning, the boy’s proud Dad went to Rafa’s house after calling him earlier that he had something nice to show him.

When he arrived at Rafa’s house, Julian Alvarez’s Dad started honing, which made Rafa rush out of his house – in a hurry.

Quickly, he, Gustavo Alvarez, came out from the white Renault Kangoo van (the gift), and he said,

Julián sent this to you.

So that you can easily drive and deliver your goods.

The Tears of Joy:

Hugo Rafael Varas was dumbfounded after receiving the gift. Immediately, tears of joy began running down the face of the humble football teacher.

He felt he was dreaming as he walked towards his car gift. Noticing he wasn’t dreaming, he said,

This is Rafa Varas, with the car gift that made him shed tears of joy.
This is Rafa Varas, with the car gift that made him shed tears of joy.

But I never asked Julian for anything, even this car.

I was only okay with that River Plate shirt signed by him – which he gave me last year.

This is the shirt gifted to Rafael Varas before the arrival of the car gift.
This is the shirt gifted to Rafael Varas before the arrival of the car gift.

The Argentine footballer hopes the truck will help his teacher with his work.

As I write Julian Alvarez’s Biography, Rafa remains a popular distributor of food products in Calchin. For days, he still couldn’t believe the car gift. An emotional Rafa continued…

Since Saturday I haven’t stopped crying.

Every time, a friend or a neighbour would congratulate me on the new car.

I’ll tell them I didn’t deserve so much from Julián.

When i think of the car, Then I’ll cry again.

I would never get tired of thanking the 20-year-old kid who made my family, friends and also his parents happy.

Julian Alvarez Bio – The Road to Fame Story:

At the age of ten, news about the little football superstar had begun to spread through the country.

When Julian reached eleven years old, the academies of one of the biggest clubs in the world wanted him. Real Madrid, at that time, wanted him to come for trials in Spain.

Real Madrid Rejection Story:

The authorities at the Spanish club insisted on seeing Julian perform in front of their audience.

To make that happen, Julian Alvarez’s parents had to accompany him to Madrid, in Spain. It was a whole month of intensive Real Madrid football trials.

On that first day of the trials, the Calchín boy wore Real Madrid’s White Adidas Bwin jersey.

Julian showed the Real Madrid authorities his rare qualities. Here, the talent from Corboda beats a Barcelona goalkeeper.

Behold the Spider as he beats a Barca goalkeeper in his trials.
Behold the Spider as he beats a Barca goalkeeper in his trials.

Wearing a Real Madrid jersey, Julian Alvarez participated in a Spanish football kid’s championship.

He stood out both in terms of goal-scoring and assists. His gameplay impressed many football spectators, including Real Madrid’s President.

While in Madrid, Julian took the opportunity to visit their magnificent stadium and training grounds.

More importantly, he ensured he met his Argentine heroes, Gonzalo Higuain and Angel de Maria. He also took that opportunity to meet Madrid’s legend, Sergio Ramos.

The Huge disappointment and return to Argentina:

Sadly for Julian and his family, Real Madrid had an issue with signing him. The acquisition of Alvarez did not take place because of a transfer policy for children under 13 years.

That news left Julian Alvarez’s family disappointed. As a result, they returned to Argentina.

Although Boca Juniors wanted Julian Alvarez, they met Gustavo and Mariana’s refusal. The boy’s parents insisted their son would continue with his current team.

So Julian stayed with the Calchín club. He kept on progressing through the lower divisions with flying colours.

While with Calchin, Julian tried moving to other academies. He ended up returning home because he missed his family a lot. According to research, he had trials with Argentinos Juniors. This is the club that raised the likes of Diego Maradona and Alexis Mac Allister.

Julian continued with the inferiors at Club Atlético Calchín until he was 15 years old.

During his stay there, he became the top scorer in the Liga Independiente de Fútbol tournament. The youngster felt his time was up at the club after he helped them become champions.

Now a mature boy, Julian made up his mind about leaving his parents and managing his homesickness. That came at a time he got the opportunity to play for one of Argentina’s biggest academies.

The Journey to River Plate:

According to Hugo Varas, his football guardian, it all happened when Julian Alvarez got up and told his parents about his next move. Julian gave two reasons for his choice of River Plate. In his words to his Dad and Mum;

I am going to River Plate because I am a fan of River. Also, the club has the same colours as Club Calchin.

Upon having a successful trial and enrolment, the club’s academy management got to know Julian’s weaknesses. It is no other than homesickness.

Having a rare gem who was homesick was a serious issue. Because of that, they found a way to make him happy at his new club.

The Spider's attachment to his family made him homesick. River plate found a way of not making him miss his parents and siblings.
The Spider’s attachment to his family made him homesick. River plate found a way of not making him miss his parents and siblings.

To make Julian Alvarez not have the thought of going to see his parents and siblings, River made Julian keep nostalgia in his drawer.

That reawakened and fueled his desire to stay with them. That also made him commit his future to becoming a professional footballer.

Julian Alvarez Biography – The Success Story:

While in Buenos Aires, the youngster had a fruitful time with the inferiores de River (River Plate Academy).

Before graduating from the academy, River’s senior team manager, Marcelo Gallardo, took great likeness for Julian. He made him alternate between the reserve and their first division.

Julian Alvarez debuted against Club Atlético Talleres – a match that saw him score a great goal.

Because he was that good, Julian had the pleasure of being called to train alongside Marcos Rojo’s Argentina national team before the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Did you know?… European Clubs began circling Julian Alvarez like sharks after he scored four goals as River Plate overwhelmed Patronato. That saw the club taking a giant step towards the League title.

Doing what he does best, Julian helped River Plate win the greatest Argentine and South American trophies.

They include the Copa Libertadores, Copa Argentina, Recopa Sudamericana (also won by Arthur Melo), Supercopa Argentina, Primera División and the Trofeo de Campeones.

Behold the Spider in his River Plate Glory.
Behold the Spider in his River Plate Glory.

Did you know?… Julian Alvarez’s Success Story didn’t just happen with River Plate.

In case you are not aware, the youngster, alongside Emiliano Martinez, Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, etc, helped Argentina to win their long-awaited COPA America title.

Behold the Spider in his COPA America Glory.
Behold the Spider in his COPA America Glory.

Joining Manchester City:

Around January 2022, Man City revealed they had fought all competition as the Argentine signed a five-and-a-half-year deal with the club.

He joins the likes of Savinho as a South American forward who accepted 2022 contract from Man City. It is only a matter of time before the Striker proves to City fans that he is the best striker in the world.

The rest of Julián Álvarez’s Biography, as we say, is now history. Having concluded his football story, let’s move to matters concerning the Man City Striker’s heart.

Who is Julian Alvarez Dating?

Without question, the Calchín native is a handsome footballer. He is a Baller who only makes news for what he gives fans on the pitch.

Ever since Julian debuted in River’s First Division at just 18, he aroused everyone’s interest. Not only fans but also beautiful ladies who aspire to be his girlfriend, baby mama and the mother of his child.

Recently, there’s been talks about dating rumours surrounding the forward. Just like many football fans, Lifebogger has also asked these questions;

Who is Julian Alvarez’s Girlfriend? …

And Who is Julian Alvarez’s Wife?

An inquiry into Julian Alvarez Love Life.
An inquiry into Julian Alvarez Love Life.

Luciana Milessi and Julian Alvarez Dating Rumour:

This lady is a TikToker and a public figure from Chaco, a province in northeast Argentina. Their dating rumours were fueled up after Julian Alvarez celebrated a 2021 trophy with River Plate.

Juliana and Luciana appear to be completely at ease, taking photos and talking to each other in a manner that makes them feel like they are dating.

The viral photo of Julián Álvarez and Luciana Milessi that sparked a dating rumour.
The viral photo of Julián Álvarez and Luciana Milessi sparked a dating rumour.

It is pertinent to note that months earlier, Luciana Milessi made a confession to her social media fans. She once expressed her desire to sleep in the same bed with her one and only, Julián Álvarez. Part of her words says,

“See you in bed…”

Nati Jota and Julian Alvarez Dating Rumour:

The lady in question is a journalist and influencer. According to rumours, an emotional connection once existed between Nati Jota and Julian Alvarez. It all happened during the 2020 Covid lockdown period.

There is a rumour that Nati Jota and Julian Alvarez dated.
There is a rumour that Nati Jota and Julian Alvarez dated.

While making her confess about being Julian Alvarez’s girlfriend, a journalist by the name of Rodrigo Lussich asked her;

Are you going to tell us about your boyfriend, Julián Álvarez?

Upon noticing the interview was going that way, Nati Jota debunked the Alvarez dating allegation by saying;

Calm down journalist…,

I don’t even know him. These rumours came out because I commented on his photo. And Because I am a River plate fan. Nothing more.

Personal Life:

Away from football, who is Julian Alvarez?

This section of Lifebogger’s Football Biography tells you about the personality of Man City’s Sergio Aguero‘s successor.

Julian Alvarez Personal Life - EXPLAINED.
Julian Alvarez’s Personal Life – EXPLAINED.

Alvarez is not only handsome but progressive, original and independent. The Argentine feels very comfortable in his cool, calm and collected style.

Away from football, Julan loves to be in the right places, move with the right people and avoid any trouble.

Julian Alvarez Lifestyle:

The Argentine forward is a complete antidote to living an extravagant life. Julian Alvarez’s lifestyle is not notable, with luxury cars, big mansions, girls, booze, etc. Put simply, the Spider is an antidote to living large.

Regarding how he spends his holidays, Julian Alvarez loves being at the seaside with his friends. A perfect summer holiday isn’t complete without the availability of a ball for Beach soccer. More so, meeting new friends – as observed in this picture.

Julian Alvarez Lifestyle - EXPLAINED.
Julian Alvarez Lifestyle – EXPLAINED.

Once upon a time (before Alvarez joined Man City), a 63-year-old German singer Marita Köllner, got the opportunity to meet him on a Mexico beach. During their meeting, Julian told her a thing about Bayern Munich. In her words to express24;

I was on the beach with my husband, Peter.

Suddenly this nice young man lying next to us asked us which country we are from.

When he heard we came from Germany, he said;

‘ yeah… I know, I had an offer from Bayern Munich.

Julian Alvarez Family Life:

The footballer’s household is very close-knit, persons who live happily as one. Together, the Alvarez family share good moments as well as bad moments together.

This section of our Biography tells you more facts about his Dad, Mum, Brothers and Relatives.

Behold the United Argentine Family with their Breadwinner at the centre.
Behold the United Argentine Family with their Breadwinner at the centre.

About Julian Alvarez’s Father:

Gustavo Álvarez is more than just a truck driver with a Superstar son. He is a kind man who is willing to order his son’s football jersey for any indigen of Calchín who requests it.

Julian Alvarez’s Dad has a close relationship with Dr Claudio Gorgerino, who is the mayor of Calchín municipality.

This is a photo of Gustavo on one of his visits to the municipality where he supplied his son shirts. Mayor Gorgerino thanked Gustavo for the gesture.

Gustavo Álvarez and the major of Calchín municipality, Dr. Claudio Gorgerino.
Gustavo Álvarez and the major of Calchín municipality, Dr. Claudio Gorgerino.

About Julian Alvarez’s Mother:

Managing a household made up of males (three boys, a husband and no daughter) seems more like a herculean task.

For Mariana Alvarez, it is a manageable job. The Kindergarten school teacher is a virtuous woman who has raised successful sons.

Mariana Alvarez celebrates her son's success alongside her husband.
Mariana Alvarez celebrates her son’s success alongside her husband.

Julian Alvarez’s Brothers:

Ask Rafael, Julian and Agu about the best moments of their childhood. They would tell you it happened when they met Lionel Messi.

Pictured below, this meeting happened after Julian had just returned from Spain, where he had his Madrid trial.

Having discussed much about Julian Alvarez’s Brothers, we’ll now tell you more about them. Lifebogger begins with the oldest child in the Alvarez family.

About Rafael Alvarez:

Julian’s older brother bears the nicknames Rafa and Punchi. He is the first son/child of Gustavo and Mariana Alvarez (his parents). Rafael was the first person who got into football in the family. Along the line, he switched careers.

According to our research, Rafael Alvarez is a graduate of Accounting. Julian’s older brother finished from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

A happy Rafael Alvarez (below) holds his certificate to the sky on the day of his graduation.

Rafael Alvarez (now an accountant) celebrates his graduation from the university.
Rafael Alvarez (now an accountant) celebrates his graduation from the university.

About Agu Alvarez:

Pictured below, he is the immediate younger brother of Julian Alvarez. Both Julian and Agu appear to be closer than Rafael.

They’ve shared a close bond since their childhood days. Just like Rafael, there are no signs of Agu being a professional footballer.

Agu Alvarez bonds with his superstar brother, Julian.
Agu Alvarez bonds with his superstar brother, Julian.

About Julian Alvarez’s Cousin Sisters:

Research on the footballer’s relatives reveals Camila and Paula Saavedra. Pictured far right, Camila is now a physical education teacher.

Paula Saavedra is Camila’s sister. They, pictured alongside Julian and Agu, enjoyed some great childhood moments.

Meet Julian Alvarez's Cousin Sisters. They are all now grownups and successful.
Meet Julian Alvarez’s Cousin Sisters. They are all now grown and successful.

About Julian Alvarez’s Cousin Brother:

Santii Masera is his name, and he celebrates his birthday every 14th of January. Both he and Julian were more like best friends during their childhood days.

Meet Santii Masera. He is Julian Alvarez's cousin.
Meet Santii Masera. He is Julian Alvarez’s cousin.

Santii (pictured below) is now grown-up. We picture him here alongside his non-blond brother, who goes by the name Juan Ignacio Masera. Juan (who is another of Julian Alvarez’s cousins) is an Industrial Engineer by profession.

Santii poses alongside his younger brother, Juan Ignacio Masera.
Santii poses alongside his younger brother, Juan Ignacio Masera.

About Julian Alvarez’s Sister-In-Law:

Augustin (Agus) Ulla, born July 2nd, is a pharmacist by profession. She, alongside her sister (Sofía Ulla), studied at the National University of Cordoba.

More importantly, Augustin is best regarded as Rafael Alvarez’s wife. Both love birds have been dating for quite a while.

Meet Julian Alvarez's Sister-In-Law, Augustin (Agus) Ulla.
Meet Julian Alvarez’s Sister-In-Law, Augustin (Agus) Ulla.

Untold Facts:

As we approach the final phase of Julian Alvarez’s Biography, we’ll use this section to tell more truths about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Julian Alvarez Net Worth:

The Argentine’s Net Worth is approximately 3.5 million pounds (2022 stats).

Before joining Man City, Julian Alvarez had spent four years playing professional football. And at the English club, he earns €87,000 weekly.

The Source of Julian Alvarez’s wealth comes from his earnings from his PUMA sponsorship deals as well as his Man City wages. This is Julian Alvarez’s salary breakdown with Man City.

TENURE/EARNINGSJulián Álvarez Salary in the Argentine Peso (ARS $)Julián Álvarez Salary in Euros (€)Julián Álvarez Salary in British Pounds (£)
Per Year:647,489,147 ARS€5,389,030£4,530,960
Per Month:53,957,428 ARS€449,085£377,580
Per Week12,432,587 ARS€103,475£87,000
Every Day:1,776,083 ARS€14,782£12,428
Every Hour74,003 ARS€615£517
Every Minute:1,233 ARS€10£9
Every Second:20 ARS€0.17£0.14

Comparing his Salary to that of the average Argentine:

Where he comes from, the average Argentine earns around 228,168 Argentine Pesos per year.

Did you know?… The average Argentine citizen would need 54 years and 5 months to make Julian Alvarez’s Man City weekly salary.

Since you began viewing Julian Alvarez‘s Bio, this is what he earned with Man City.


Julian Alvarez Profile:

Lautaro Martinez and Mauro Icardi are super cool, but Julian Alvarez is the real deal on FIFA.

Did you know?… the Striker lacks only one thing, and that is his interception stats. If you love FIFA career mode, then Alvarez is the man you should buy to help you club.

Behold the signs of a Complete Footballer.
Behold the signs of a Complete Footballer.

Julian Alvarez Religion:

The Man City Forward was born and raised in adherence to the Christian religious faith. Further research reveals Julian Alvarez’s religion reveals he is a catholic.

This Christian religious division accounts for 63% of the Argentine population.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down Julian Alvarez’s Biography.

Full Name:Julián Álvarez
Date of Birth:31st day of January 2000
Place of Birth:Calchín, Córdoba, Argentina
Age:24 years and 0 months old.
Parents:Gustavo Alvarez (Father), and Mariana Alvarez (Mother)
Siblings:Raphael Alvarez (Younger Brother) and Agu Alvarez (Older Brother)
Family Origin:Calchín
Male Relatives:Camila Saavedra (Cousin brother), Paula Saavedra (Cousin brother)
Female Relatives :Augustin (Agus) Ulla (Sister In-Law), Santii Masera (Cousin sister)
Height:1.70 meters OR 5 feet 7 inches
Religion:Christianity (Catholic)
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Girlfriend:Luciana Milessi (Rumor), Nati Jota (Rumor)
Playing Position:Forward
Net Worth:3.5 Million Euros (2022 stats)
Education:Rivera Indarte school, IPEM 284 Sarmiento school
Agent:Fernando Hidalgo
Childhood Idol:Lionel Messi
Youth Career:Atlético Calchín, River Plate


Julián Álvarez came to the world through his mother, Mariana Alvarez, and Father, Gustavo Alvarez. He grew up alongside his two brothers, Rafael and Agu.

Julian Alvarez’s parents operated a middle-class family. Spider’s Dad is a truck driver, and his Mum is a teacher.

As a child, Julian expressed his desire to become a footballer. Noticing that his parents handed their son in the custody of a family friend, Hugo Rafael Varas.

He is a football coach and owner of Futura Estrellita, a local football academy where the Alvarez family lived.

Hugo Rafael Varas took care of Julian like he was his son. Recognizing the boy’s talent had grown, he advised Julian Alvarez’s parents to make their son have football trials with bigger academies. That was how he found himself in the academy roster of Atlético Calchín.

While at his new club, Hugo continued to help Julian build his football foundation. Julian Alvarez was the best younger in the academy, and that feat fetched him a trial with Real Madrid.

Unfortunately, the Spanish giants couldn’t accept him due to football policy.

Following the disappointment, Julian Alvarez’s parents took their son back to Argentina, where he continued with Atlético Calchín.

When the time got right, he found himself in River Plate colours. Julian’s great rise at the club got him in the books of Manchester City.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for reading the story of a Baller who is among 2022 football’s most exciting young XI.

While preparing Julian Alvarez’s Biography, our team strive for fairness and content accuracy. Kindly reach us (via comments) if you notice anything that doesn’t look right.

Please stay tuned for more Biography Stories on Argentina Footballers and South American Football Stories. On a final note, let’s have your thoughts about Julian Alvarez and his Bio.

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