Enner Valencia Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Enner Valencia Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Enner Valencia Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Remberto Valencia (Father), Bolivia Lastra (Mother), Family Background, Siblings – Erci Valencia Lastra and Ericka Valencia (Sisters), Wife (Sharon Escobar), Children, (Beira, Amelia, Annalia and David), Family Origin, Ethnicity, etc.

This detailed Bio also unveils information about his extended family members – notably his Uncle (Peter Valencia), Brother-in-law (José Mina Quiñones), Nephew (Juan Guerrero), etc.

More so, facts about the Ecuadorian Footballer’s Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, Salary Breakdown, etc.

In a nutshell, we present to you the History of Enner Valencia. This is the story of a footballer who came from a poor family and knows what it means to lack food to eat (when he was little).

As a child, the Ecuadorian helped his father sell cow milk in the streets of San Lorenzo.

Even when he began serious football, Enner lacked the money to rent his accommodation. That made him seek the club’s support to freely help him find a place to lay his head and sleep.

Rather than just having to enjoy his football monies when success arrived, more troubles came for Enner. First, Valencia’s sister, Erci, became a victim of kidnapping by Ecuadorian armed gangs.

The money demands of the Kidnappers were out of this world (1.5 million pounds). Another calamity during his career was Enner’s arrest in Ecuador for allegedly refusing to pay child support.

Despite all these travails, he stood tall and retained his reputation as one of his country’s football saviours.


LifeBogger’s version of Enner Valencia’s Biography begins by unfolding the notable events of his boyhood and early life.

We will then tell you about the difficult start to his football career. And finally, how the Ecuadorian Football Legend rose so high to become a household name (for his country), as well as a FIFA World Cup hero.

We promise to whet your autobiography appetite as you read and digest Enner Valencia’s Biography.

To begin doing that, we’ll first show you his career trajectory – from his bright early days in Esmeraldas to the moment he became a football god in his country.

The Biography of Enner Valencia, from his childhood years to the moment he became famous.
The Biography of Enner Valencia, from his childhood years to the moment he became famous.

Yes, everyone knows him as that jet-heeled Ecuadorian with a rocket of a shot. Also to note, Enner Valencia prides himself as Ecuador’s free-scoring World Cup hero.

When you watch this video of what he has done for his country, you’ll agree with me that Valencia is indeed, the god of Ecuadorian Football.

As of 2022, there is still a knowledge gap as it relates to inquiries about the former Emelec Striker.

Not many lovers of football have read an in-depth version of Enner Valencia’s Biography. We have prepared his story to appetize your search intent. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Enner Valencia Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname ‘The Superman’ and the full name Enner Remberto Valencia Lastra.

Enner Valencia was born on the 4th day of November 1989 to his Mother, Doña Bolivia Lastra and Father, Remberto Valencia, in Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian professional footballer is one among many children born to a blissful marriage between his Mum and Dad.

Now, let’s introduce you to Enner Valencia’s parents – persons who have laboured hard and deserve to enjoy the fruits of their son’s hard work.

Meet Enner Valencia's Parents, together with their family members, during a dinner session.
Meet Enner Valencia’s Parents, together with their family members, during a dinner session.


Valencia liked to kick anything in the form of a ball while he was little. His mother, Doña Bolivia, once revealed with a smile that Enner (unlike her other children) kicked the hardest in her belly while she was pregnant with him.

Alongside his siblings (Erci Valencia Lastra and Ericka Valencia), Enner Valencia did diary farming in San Lorenzo (in his childhood).

As a child, the football Athlete spent a great among of time milking cows in his hometown of Ricaurte.

Because of poverty, poor Enner faced all manner of difficult things to survive life. Early on, his family could only survive by selling milk. Young Enner helped his father to sell cow milk in the streets of San Lorenzo.

Enner Valencia Early Life:

Similar to Taiwo Awoniyi, one of his greatest needs as a child was to have his own soccer ball. Unfortunately, Remberto (Valencia’s Dad, who had many responsibilities) could not afford to buy his son the best soccer ball.

Remberto managed to make for his son a rag ball as a gift. This soccer ball comes from the practical approach of scavenging every last bit of usable cloth and then sewing it into a rag rug (rounded in shape).

After milking cows, young Enner would then go to play soccer with his friends, sometimes using his rag ball.

About a decade later, the boy who once played with a rag ball found himself in his country’s national team. He found himself using the famous 2014 Brazuca ball to score goals at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Enner Valencia Family Background:

While reading this Bio, you may have noticed that he was raised in an agricultural household. Enner Valencia’s parents were once poor and could only afford to live in one of the country’s poorest areas.

The Ricaurte parish, in the San Lorenzo canton of Esmeraldas, is not a place for wealthy families. As I write Enner Valencia’s Bio, his family’s difficulties are a thing of the past, thanks to his football career.

Enner Valencia's family members (nuclear and extended) were once celebrating one of their own.
Enner Valencia’s family members (nuclear and extended) were once celebrating one of their own.

The Kidnap of Erci:

The 17th day of August 2020 was a difficult moment for Enner Valencia’s parents and family members. Erci, the sister of the former Wesh Ham striker, was kidnapped at their place of residence.

According to Peter Valencia, Enner’s uncle, the armed men (about 15 people) broke into Valencia’s house around 10:00 pm that day.

Understanding their initial demands, they were primarily interested in abducting Enner Valencia’s father, who was not found.

Next, they began a search for other notable family members. In the process of doing that, the armed criminals went on to beat several of Enner Valencia’s nephews.

As they beat his family members, they violently ask for the identity of the head, the footballer’s Dad.

Noticing Enner Valencia’s parents – Remberto Valencia and Bolivia Lastra, wasn’t available, they took Erci (pictured below), who is the sister of the Striker.

Meet Enner Valencia's sister, Erci Valencia Lastra. She was once a victim of kidnapping.
Meet Enner Valencia’s sister, Erci Valencia Lastra. She was once a victim of kidnapping.

Upon kidnapping her, the kidnappers refused to make contact for days. When they finally did, a £1.5m ransom payment was demanded from the Valencia family.

José Mina Quiñones (Enci’s husband) made the initial complaint to the police authorities about the development. Describing the Kidnapping incident, Enner Valencia’s brother-in-law said;

Initially, they took us by force but I managed to escape by throwing myself into a river. They apparently carried my wife into their lead-coloured van-type vehicle and drove towards Esmeraldas.

The man-hunt for the Kidnappers of Antonio Valencia’s Sister:

Following the report, Ecuador’s National Police mounted an extensive search operation for the 28-year-old Erci Valencia.

Observing the authorities were seriously after them; the kidnappers began to move their victims from one part of the forest to another.

Thanks to good intelligence, the Ecuadorian Anti-Kidnapping agents managed to locate and rescue Erci in the jungle of Esmeraldas province.

In total, Valencia’s sister spent ten days with the kidnappers before she was rescued unharmed. Here is a video of the moment she got rescued.

After a thorough investigation, six suspected kidnappers were identified were arrested.

The Kidnappers of Enner Valencia’s sisters include three persons of Colombian nationality which are; Edwin C., Dugelio T., Jose C., and Edwin M.

Also, two persons of Ecuadorian nationality – Juan S., and Washington A. Now, here is a photo of the suspects (whose faces are blurred) at the time the Ecuadorian national police paraded them to the public.

Here are the Kidnappers who abducted Enner Valencia's sister, Erci Valencia Lastra.
Here are the Kidnappers who abducted Enner Valencia’s sister, Erci Valencia Lastra.

Enner Valencia Family Origin:

First, the Striker identifies himself as a South American and a citizen of Ecuador, meaning he holds Ecuadorian nationality.

Regarding where Enner Valencia’s family comes from, our research points to the town of San Lorenzo. This is an Ecuadorian port town located 12 miles south of the Colombian border and about a four hour’s drive from Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

This map displays San Lorenzo, the port town Enner Valencia's family comes from.
This map displays San Lorenzo, the port town Enner Valencia’s family comes from.

There are three things you probably don’t know about Enner Valencia’s origin. First, Ecuador is the first country in the world to acknowledge the rights of nature officially.

Secondly, the country is also the first to remove the death penalty from its laws. Last but not least, Ecuador is officially recognized as the World’s largest exporter of the yummy yellow fruit – Banana.

Enner Valencia Ethnicity:

Judging by his looks, you could quickly tell he belonged to an Afro-Ecuadorian stock. Just like Pervis Estupinan, including his namesake, Antonio Valencia, Enner has his family origins in Africa.

Put simply; his ancestors are descendants of the African slaves who were once brought in to Ecuador by the Spanish colonialist.

This explains why the Footballer’s hometown (San Lorenzo) is in the northwestern coastal region of Ecuador. Truth is, the port town of San Lorenzo was once a slave depot.

Enner Valencia Education and Career Buildup:

Approaching the right ages, the Ecuadorian striker enrolled on his studies at schools in San Lorenzo, his hometown. Enner had his nursery, primary and some of his secondary education before football prevented his studies to the university level.

Enner Valencia began playing serious football on his neighbourhood field which is near the Salado estuary. Back then, his first coach, Mauricio Coello, would always have Enner as one of the first names in his team.

While playing inter-neighbourhood competitions, Valencia always ensured he was the Striker with the most goals. Soon, his goal-scoring ability paid dividends, and he (in 2008) was called for trials with Caribe Junior, a local academy.

Enner Valencia Biography – Untold Football Story:

Caribe Junior was not a top team in Ecuadorian football, but one that always pushed young players to bigger teams in the country.

Enner Valencia continued his goal-scoring while with the Caribe Junior’s youth system. Within two years at the academy, his abilities on the ball was already gaining momentum across the country.

In no time, Enner was invited for trials by Club Sport Emelec, one of the country’s most prominent clubs based in the city of Guayaquil. Guayaquil is the birthplace of this fellow Ecuador teammate – Leonardo Campana.

He, in 2008, travelled to Guayaquil for trials with Emelec, which he passed with flying colours. That year, Enner successfully enrolled at the club that boasts of having the likes of Antonio Valencia, the Man United Legend.

In his first weeks with Emelec, Enner suffered from accommodation issues because of a lack of monies. After a few training sessions and matches, it became apparent that Enner Valencia was blessed with a fearsome shot.

Because of that quality, his coach (Gustavo Quinteros) converted him from a Winger to a Striker. The Rising Ecuadorian footballer successfully graduated from Emelec academy in the World Cup year of 2010.

Senior Football Rise:

With the coming of the Argentinian Super-coach, Jorge Sampaoli, he became the first name on Emelec’s first team sheet. Within two years of being a professional footballer, Enner Valencia had turned into one of the country’s most prominent football assets.

A year after he began playing for Ecuador’s national team, foreign football clubs began begging for his signature.

Did you know?… Enner’s goals helped Emelec to grab a title they had waited for 11 years. The goals he scored for Emelec (as observed from the video below) showed early signs that he would soon dominate his country’s football.

Enner Valencia Bio – Road to Fame Story:

The next destination of the Striker’s football journey was with the Pachuca club, in Mexico. Renberto Valencia Solís (Enner Valencia’s Father) remembers that the first week of his son’s stay in Mexico was complex.

He said that many fans of the club constantly threw racist insults at Enner at the time he had a slow start in the team.

However, little by little, Enner began to silence his critics by constantly destroying the rivals’ nets. With these kinds of goals he scored for Pachuca, there came an outpour of rumours about interest for him from Europe.

He scored those goals (as seen in the video below) in 2014. Valencia (who just kept on scoring) waited to make a big career move during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Enner Valencia Biography – Success Story:

Ecuadorian national team coach Reinaldo Rueda began experimenting with him as a striker after the unfortunate death of Christian Benítez.

Enner Valencia successfully filled in the shoes of the Legend, who died after intense pain in his abdomen. Before the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the new number nine began showing signs he would make headlines at the big tournament.

In the 2014 World Cup, Enner Valencia achieved a meteoric rise. He scored in Ecuador’s opening match against Switzerland. Next, Valencia scored two World Cup goals against Honduras.

Another 2014 World Cup goal came against Bolivia, and this goal cemented his name as one of South America’s heroes of the tournament. Enner continued goals after the 2014 World Cup made him the self-acclaimed god of his country’s football.

Move to Europe:

West Ham United became victorious in the battle to win his signature during the 2014 World Cup. At last, Enner found himself in the Premier League.

The then-24-year-old Striker was part of a Sam Allardyce Hammers side that played alongside Michail Antonio and Andy Carroll.

Two seasons later, Enner Valencia joined an interesting Everton side. With the Toffees, he played alongside Romelu Lukaku, Leighton Baines, Gerard Deulofeu, Ross Barkley, Idrissa Gueye, Tom Davis, Ademola Lookman, etc.

At the start of the 17/18 season, Enner Valencia felt the need to continue his unfinished business with Mexican football. That unfinished business resulted in his 21 goals scored for  Tigres UANL. Next came a big career move to Fenerbahçe, where his goal-scoring form continued, as shown in this video.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup:

At the time of writing Enner Valencia’s Biography, he, alongside these fast-rising national heroes (Michael Estrada, Moise Caiceodo, etc), have just qualified Ecuador for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

It took an unforgettable Ecuador vs Brazil draw and other famous wins for the country to reach Qatar. Valencia, who is the greatest goal scorer in Ecuador’s history, hopes to make another big statement at the tournament (like he did in 2014). The rest, as we say of his biography, is now history.

Sinthyia Pinargote – Enner Valencia Ex-Wife

The 2014 FIFA World Cup star is a divorcee. Research has it that Sinthyia Pinargote is Enner Valencia’s Ex-Wife. Before their divorce, Sinthyia Pinargote and Enner Valencia had a daughter together, whose name is Beira Valencia.

Once upon a time, the former Everton striker was being pursued by police over a dispute regarding alimony payments to his ex-wife.

It happened in October 2016 when a warrant was issued for Enner Valencia’s arrest for unpaid child support. Enner was to be arrested for the alleged non-fulfilment of his duties as a father to his five-year-old daughter, Beira.

The Police found him before a match and were ready to arrest the Striker. Did you know?… a brilliant Valencia wasn’t prepared to surrender to the authorities.

So he decided to put up an act to evade the police. Yes, Enner Valencia faked an injury. In other to escape arrest, he ensured he was carried off the field in this manner, even leaving the stadium in an ambulance.

The Ecuador footballer once faked an injury to avoid arrest.
The Ecuador footballer once faked an injury to avoid arrest.

Soon, the issue with Sinthyia Pinargote got sorted out after a resolution. Before that, Valencia poured light on the situation involving himself and his former wife, Sinthyia Pinargote Churo. Here is Enner Valencia’s side of the story – in this astonishing statement.

Find below the continuation of the write-up that shows Valencia’s own side of the story – between him and his ex-wife, Sinthyia Pinargote. Again, the Ecuadorian footballer’s explanation was a long statement.

Sharon Escobar – Enner Valencia Wife (Present):

After he divorced Sinthyia Pinargote, the former West Ham Superman, moved on with another woman.

Sharon Escobar is Enner Valencia’s Wife at the time of writing his Biography. Just like her husband, Sharon Escobar’s family are natives of Ecuador. Now, let’s introduce you to the lady of enamoured beauty who stole the Enner’s heart.

Meet Sharon Escobar. She is Enner Valencia's present wife.
Meet Sharon Escobar. She is Enner Valencia’s present wife.

Because of the way they love each other, football fans often refer to Sharon Escobar and Enner Valencia as the “Power Couple.”

Here is the former Everton Superman and his ever-beautiful philanthropist wife, Sharon, having a workout session. At this time, Sharon Escobar was expecting Enner Valencia’s daughter, Annalia.

The Athlete once showed the world that he was in a happy relationship with Sharon Valencia.
The Athlete once showed the world that he was in a happy relationship with Sharon Valencia.

Enner Valencia’s Children:

Their names are Beira, Amelia, Annalia and David. The first among his children is Beira, born to his ex-wife, Sinthyia Pinargote Churo.

With his present wife, Sharon Escobar, Enner Valencia has other children, two daughters and a son. Amelia Valencia was born on the 27th day of December 2014. Annalia Valencia was born in November of 2016.

Enner and Sharon are glad their daughters (Beira, Amelia, and Annalia) share a close bond. This photo reveals that Enner’s children – Beira, Amelia and Annalia have something in common: Hair Love.

The daughters of Enner Valencia and their lovely hair.
The daughters of Enner Valencia and their lovely hair.

Enner Valencia Son:

According to our research, his name is David, and he was born on the 29th day of October 2019. David Valencia’s birth came at a time his Dad played his football with Tigres UANL, in Mexico. Again, David Valencia is the last born of this great family that loves to bond together.

Enner, Sharon, Biera, Amelia, Annalia and David are in this family photo.
Enner, Sharon, Biera, Amelia, Annalia and David are in this family photo.

Personal Life:

Who is Enner Valencia?

First, you’ll know he is a family man, judging by the look at his family home and the love she constantly shares with his wife (Sharon) and kids.

Enner Valencia is a typical Scorpio – his zodiac sign. He dedicates lots of time to his family, and he is fearless when it comes to big challenges he wants to overcome.

It is obvious that the Ecuadorian footballer enjoys home life.
It is obvious that the Ecuadorian footballer enjoys home life.

Are Enner and Antonio Valencia brothers?

A lot of football fans have asked if Enner and Antonio are brothers.
A lot of football fans have asked if Enner and Antonio are brothers.

Although both footballers have similar Ecuadorian ancestral origins, they are not related by blood. Put simply, Enner Valencia is not Antonio Valencia’s brother.

LifeBogge knows that Éder and Alfredo Valencia are the only brothers of Antonio, the Manchester United Legend.

Enner Valencia Lifestyle:

The €2,343,600 he makes every year with Fenerbahçe can make him buy the best of cars, and mansions, including building all sorts of houses for his family members.

Enner Valencia is a rich footballer who doesn’t display his wealth in the public domain. Rather, he uses this kind of photo to tell the world how good a father he is.

For the sake of his wife and children, Enner always chooses to be generous with his time.
For the sake of his wife and children, Enner always chooses to be generous with his time.

Enner Valencia Family Life:

The bond that links members of his household is not one of blood but one that shows respect and joy in each other’s life.

Family is not an important thing for Enner Valencia, but everything. We’ll use this Biography section to tell more facts about the Ecuadorian Athlete’s parents, siblings and relatives.

About Enner Valencia’s Father:

Renberto Valencia Solís is 56 years old at the time of putting up his son’s Biography. The proud father and his son (Enner) once sold cow milk to earn monies.

Enner Valencia’s Father was once the main target of the kidnapping incident that happened in August 2020. Thankfully, Renberto wasn’t available at the house that day, and the culprits who took his daughter were caught.

About Enner Valencia’s Mother:

Although his Mom bears the name Bolivia, she is not from the South American country. Bolivia Lastra, like her husband (Renberto Valencia Solís), is a native of Ecuador and has African ancestry.

Enner Valencia never ceases to celebrate the two most important women in his life – his Mother and wife. These women – Bolivia Lastra and Sharon Escobar, are pretty close.

This photo proves that Enner Valencia's Wife is accepted by his family.
This photo proves that Enner Valencia’s Wife is accepted by his family.

Unlike other members of the family, Bolivia Lastra is more open to speaking to sports journalists.

She is obviously a football fan who is very updated with happenings in the sport. Here is a video of the mother of Enner Valencia as she says good things about her breadwinner son.

Enner Valencia Siblings:

Popular among the footballer’s sisters are Erci Valencia Lastra (who was once kidnapped) and Ericka Valencia.

While the world knows more about Erci because of the August 2020 incident, little is known about Ericka Valencia. She, pictured alongside her family members, prefers to live a low-key life.

In this photo, we have Miguel García, Ericka Valencia, Biera Valencia, Mauricio Coello and Bolivia Lastra.
In this photo, we have Miguel García, Ericka Valencia, Biera Valencia, Mauricio Coello and Bolivia Lastra.

Enner Valencia Relatives:

Starting off, José Mina Quiñones is Enci’s husband. Defining the family connection, he is Enner Valencia’s brother-in-law.

José Mina Quiñones is appreciated for the efforts he made during his wife’s kidnapping. Also, Enner Valencia’s nephews are Mauricio and Miguel.

Juan Guerrero, another of his nephews, is a professional footballer in the making. The youngster trains with Emelec and never stops dreaming about the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

By signing with Emelec, it is clear that Juan Guerrero is following in his uncle’s footsteps.

Enner Valencia Facts:

We’ll use this section to unveil more information about the Super Man who was once got chased by police because of an issue with child support – as GuardianFootball reveals. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

FIFA Profile:

While some soccer stars witness a decline when they approach 30, Enner Valencia’s case differs. Like Joel Campbell (Costa Rica) and Andre Ayew (Ghana), he commands great respect from his country’s fans.

Do you know?… At 31, Enner is still very explosive on FIFA, especially when it comes to his movement and power.

Asides from defending, the Forward lacks only one thing in football; interception.
Asides from defending, the Forward lacks only one thing in football; interception.

Enner Valencia Religion:

The son of Remberto and Bolivia is a Christian and a devout catholic. In the Catholic way, Enner Valencia’s family members always entrust his games to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

As Catholics believe, the Virgin of Guadalupe is a Catholic title for Mary.

Enner Valencia Salary:

This table breaks down the earnings of the Fenerbahçe footballer. It is on record that Enner (as of 2022) is one of the Richest footballers in Ecuador.

TENURE/EARNINGSEnner Valencia Fenerbahçe Salary Breakdown in Euros (€)
What Enner Valencia makes EVERY YEAR:€2,343,600
What Enner Valencia makes EVERY MONTH:€195,300
What Enner Valencia makes EVERY WEEK:€45,000
What Enner Valencia makes EVERY DAY:€6,428
What Enner Valencia makes EVERY HOUR:€267
What Enner Valencia makes EVERY MINUTE:€4.4
What Enner Valencia makes EVERY SECOND:€0.07

Since you began viewing Enner Valencia‘s Bio, he earned with Fenerbahçe.


How Rich is the Ecuadorian Footballer?

Where Enner Valencia’s family comes from, the average person makes around 1,360 USD per month. Did you know?… the average person living in Ecuador would need 33 years and 11 months to make Enner Valencia’s weekly salary with Fenerbahçe.

Biography Summary:

This table breaks down Enner Valencia’s facts.

Full Name:Enner Remberto Valencia Lastra
Nickname:'The Superman'
Date of Birth:4th day of November 1989
Place of Birth:Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Age:34 years and 3 months old.
Parents: Bolivia Lastra (Mother) and Remberto Valencia (Father)
Siblings:Erci Valencia Lastra and Ericka Valencia (Sisters)
Brother In-law:José Mina Quiñones
Uncle:Peter Valencia,
Other Relatives:Juan Guerrero (Nephew)
Ex-Wife:Sinthyia Pinargote
Present Wife:Sharon Escobar
Children:Beira, Amelia, Annalia and David
Child from Ex-Wife:Beira Valencia
Religion:Christianity (Catholic)
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Height:1.78 meters OR 5 feet 10 inches
Net Worth:13.5 million euros (2022 stats)


Enner Valencia was born to his parents – Remberto Valencia (Dad) and Bolivia Lastra ( Mum). The Ecuadorian footballer grew up alongside his siblings – notably among them are Erci Valencia Lastra and Ericka Valencia.

Enner hails from a poor family background. As a child, he helped his Dad sell cow milk in the streets of San Lorenzo, where he grew up.

Regarding his origin, Valencia is a San Lorenzo native. He hails from the Ecuadorian port town and identifies with the Afro-Ecuadorian ethnic group.

As a child, Enner’s love for football saw him kicking anything in the form of a soccer ball. Remberto, his Dad, could only afford to buy his son a rag ball as a gift. When Enner wasn’t selling milk for his Dad, he would be found outside his family home playing football.

The road to becoming a professional began in his neighbourhood field, around the Salado estuary. Mauricio Coello, his first local coach, saw him as the best goal scorer in the soccer team he picked for tournaments. During one of those competitions, football scouts spotted Enner and invited him for trials with Caribe Junior.

After three years with Caribe Junior, he moved to a bigger club, far away from his family home. The Striker began his academy football career (with Emelec).

Valencia lacked the money to secure his accommodation with the club. Because his parents couldn’t afford it, the San Lorenzo native had to find a place to lay his head.

Enner Valencia rose through these challenges and became a successful footballer for his country and the clubs he has played for.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking the time to read LifeBogger’s version of Enner Valencia’s Biography. We care about accuracy and fairness in our continuous quest to deliver you South American Football Stories. Valencia’s Bio is from our Ecuador Football Story collection, which boasts articles like that of Piero Hincapie and Kendry Paez.

Kindly reach out to our team (via comments) if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in our history of the Strong Man. Please stay tuned for more football childhood stories as they are displayed on this page.

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