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Our Leonardo Campana Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Isabel Romero Noboa Campana (Mother), Father (Pablo Campana Sáenz), Family Background, Brother (Pablo Campana Romero), Sisters (Isabella Campana and Fiore Campana), Grandfather (Isidro Romero), etc.

Again, this Bio also tells you about Leonardo Campana’s Family Origin, Education, Religion, Ethnicity, etc.

We will also unveil facts about the Ecuadorian’s Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, and Inter Miami Salary Breakdown – up to what he earns every second.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Leonardo Campana. This is the story of an extraordinarily talented footballer from Ecuador who never grew up with toys, except for two things – a tennis ball and a soccer ball.

We’ll give you the story of Leonardo, a Rising footballer who came from a great sporting family. A boy who could have become a tennis celebrity but chose football.

With the help of Leonardo Campana’s dad, he chose a career path in football. Let me not forget that his father was successful in tennis during the 90s.


LifeBogger’s version of Leonardo Campana’s Bio begins by unveiling notable details of his boyhood years.

Then, we’ll proceed to tell you facts about Goal Angel’s early footballing days. Finally, we’ll explain that pivotal moment that helped the Ecuadorian Big Man become a global celebrity.

We hope to whet your appetite for autobiographies as you read Leonardo Campana’s Biography.

To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells Goal Angel’s story. From Campana’s boyhood years until the moment of fame, he has indeed come a long way.

Leonardo Campana’s Biography – From his childhood to the moment he became Famous.
Leonardo Campana’s Biography – From his childhood to the moment he became Famous.

Yes, everyone knows he is a skilled Forward who, like (Enner Valencia) can play across the entire offensive positions.

Leonardo stands out for giving his team the necessary flexibility due to his ability to play in any offensive position in any formation. No wonder he is a vital player for David Beckham‘s Inter de Miami. 

In our quest to research the stories of Ecuadorian Footballers from Guayaquil, we found a knowledge gap.

The truth is, not many soccer fans have read an in-depth version of Leonardo Campana’s Biography, which is very exciting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Leonardo Campana Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname ‘Goal Angel’, a name he got from Ecuador U-20 coach, Jorge Celico.

Leonardo Campana was born on the 24th day of April 2000 to his Mother, Isabel Romero, and Father, Pablo Campana Sáenz, in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The Forward arrived at the world as the second child and son of his parents. Leonardo is one among two boys (himself and Pablo Campana Romero). Also, among two girls (Isabella Campana R and Fiore Campana).

All children mentioned above were born into the blissful marital union between his Dad and Mum.

Now, let’s introduce you to Leonardo Campana’s Parents, persons who taught him to be humble from a young age.

Meet Leonardo Campana’s parents – Isabel Romero (his Mum) and Pablo Campana Sáenz (his Dad).
Meet Leonardo Campana’s parents – Isabel Romero (his Mum) and Pablo Campana Sáenz (his Dad).


The former Barcelona SC player spent his childhood years alongside his siblings, who we will introduce to you here. The most popular among them are Pablo Campana Romero and Isabella Campana.

As Campana once said, spending childhood with his brother and sister was one of the best moments of his life.

Meet Leonardo Campana’s siblings, persons he spent his childhood years with.
Meet Leonardo Campana’s siblings, persons he spent his childhood years with.

The youthful appearance of Leo (as some would call him) was an odd mixture of delight and innocence.

Campana grew up as a cheerful, charming, and happy youngster with talent and a positive attitude toward life.

In fact, at this young age, his parents – Isabel and Pablo, had begun to speculate about their son’s future.

Having grown up with sports and a family with a sports history, he followed in the same light.

As a kid, Campana’s favourite players are Robert Lewandowski and Luis Suarez. He loved the Striking position of football and followed the best in the business.

Leonardo Campana’s Early Life:

The inter-Miami shooting Star had his first encounter with soccer when he was still a toddler.

Back then, Leonardo enjoyed playing soccer ball and tennis ball in his family’s backyard garden. He never had other toys to play with, and he insisted to his parents about having his ball by his side all day.

Campana was good at both sports because of a fact. As a boy, he followed in the footsteps of his dad, a former tennis player, and also his granddad, a talented footballer.

According to Campana, his dad saw how good he was at 12 or 13 years old and asked him to choose one of the sports (soccer or tennis) to play professionally.

Leonardo Campana Family Background:

Unlike many soccer stars from his country, the Ecuadorian footballer was born to rich parents. Leonardo’s father ‘Pablo’ is a wealthy man who played tennis in the 1990s.

Do you know?… He is currently the minister of commerce in the Ecuador Government. Here is a photo of the rich household from Guayaquil.

Here, members of Leonardo Campana's family showed their support for him at the U20 2019 World Cup in Poland.
Here, members of Leonardo Campana’s family showed their support for him at the U20 2019 World Cup in Poland.

As judged from what you see above, it is clear that Leonardo Campana’s family is close-knit.

Every member of his household is proud of him, especially how far he has gone in his career. Isabel, Pablo, Romero, Fiore, and Isidro Romero are always available to shower him with all the support he needs.

Leonardo Campana Family Origin:

For starters, the ex-Wolverhampton Forward holds Ecuador and Spanish nationalities. Regarding where Leonardo Campana’s family comes from (in Ecuador), our research points to Guayaquil.

Guayaquil, also known as Santiago de Guayaquil, is Ecuador’s capital and largest city. Here is a map to help you understand Leonardo Campana’s family origins.

This map helps you understand where the Inter Miami player comes from.
This map helps you understand where the Inter Miami player comes from.

Leonardo Campana Ethnicity:

Following our research, we could trace that he holds a Spanish passport due to his ancestry.

Leonardo Campana is of the White Ecuadorian ethnic group. His great-grandparents were immigrants who emigrated from Spanish.

Most of Ecuador’s population combines Spanish immigrants and persons with African Ancestry. Moises Caicedo and Michael Estrada are typical examples of Afro-Ecuadorians whom we have written three Biographies.

Leonardo Campana Education:

When they came of the right age, Isabel and Pablo ensured their children attended good schools.

Following our in-depth research, we found that Leonardo Campana attended Torremar College in Daule, Ecuador – where he had good grades.

Career Buildup:

According to the Guayaquil native, he chose soccer when he was 13 and decided to let go of tennis.

This is similar to the case of Djibril Sow and Charles De Ketelaere, whose Biographies we have.

His parents were super proud of his choice and supported him, especially his mum (Isabel), who was from the lineage of footballers.

Also, Leonardo recalled his dad was a tennis player but loved soccer. So, he sometimes goes to the park with him at night to play football using the lights of his car. Although Pablo works during the day, he still makes time to support his son, who is always grateful for those memories.

Leonardo Campana Biography – Untold Football Story:

The Athlete had the best part of his youth career in 2016 when he joined the Barcelona Sporting Club. That year, he had an amazing performance, scoring 15 goals in 16 games.

Also, Campana had a great season in 2018 with Barcelona’s under-18 team, where he scored 20 goals in 19 games. Do you know?… Those goals gave the youngster his nickname of Goal Angel.

Leonardo Campana with his lower divisions team in Barcelona Sporting Club.
Leonardo Campana with his lower divisions team in Barcelona Sporting Club.

With his outstanding performance during the 2018 season, his then-coach, Guillermo Almada, promoted him to the club’s senior team.

Leonardo Campana, wearing a Barcelona SC, played his first professional game the following year. It was a match against Independiente del Valle at General Ruminahui stadium.

In that game against the Delfin de Manta, the Rising Forward scored his first goal for Barcelona SC.

Leonardo Campana Bio – Road to Fame Story:

On January 21, 2020, the athlete signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with Wolverhampton Wanderers. Campana’s arrival on the English team happened during Ecuador’s participation in the Colombian Pre-Olympic tournament.

The deal happened thanks to Jorge Mendes, who represents top soccer players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Costa, James Rodriguez, Angel di Mara, Radamel Falcao, etc.

At Wolves, Goal Angel was not among the starters for the team. Toward the end of his first season, the club loaned Leonardo to Primeira Liga side Famalicao.

On July 16, 2021, Campana signed a season-long advance agreement with the Swiss Super League team Grasshopper.

When the loan for this last team got annulled, Campana moved to Inter Miami, a Major League Soccer team owned by David Beckham.

Leonardo Campana Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

The Ecuadorian youngster exhibits his best qualities at Inter Miami, where he scored 12 goals in his rookie season while playing alongside Gonzalo Higuain.

Here is a video of the Ecuadorian who plays like the Legendary Gabriel Batistuta.

Regarding his international career, Campana has already made his debut for the senior team of Ecuador. Goal Angel started to gather global attention at the 2019 South American U-20 Championship.

In that tournament, he scored six goals in nine games, which helped Ecuador become champions. Leonardo enjoyed the best partnership with fellow Rising Ecuador Rising star Gonzalo Plata.

When Leonardo won the crown in that youth competition with his six goals at 18, everyone knew he was destined to be a great footballer. Here is the goal that helped him win the 2019 U20 North American championship.

Again, the Miami striker represented Ecuador at the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup and helped his country’s soccer team finish third. That competition included some big names like Timothy Weah, Pedro Neto and Lee Kang-in.

Leo, pictured below, also participated extremely well in Copa America in 2021.

Campana and his teammates during Copa America 2021.
Campana and his teammates during Copa America 2021.

Qatar World Cup 2022:

Campana, who is a vital member of the Ecuadorian national team, hopes to get selected for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

His country is set to start the global competition against the host (Qatar), in a group that contains African and European powers – Senegal and the Netherlands.

Although he is not as popular as Darwin Nunez, his playing style interests many people; additionally, from South America, he comes from a football-loving family. The rest, as we say, is now history.

Leonardo Campana’s Girlfriend – Luciana Guschmer Coka:

There is a saying that behind every successful Ecuadorian Striker comes a glamorous Girlfriend or WAG. To this end, LifeBogger asks the interesting question…

Who is Leonardo Campana’s Girlfriend?

Based on our research, Campana is currently living a single life and concentrating on his football career rather than looking for a life companion.

As I write this Bio, no recent social media posts reveal Leonardo has gotten himself a girlfriend. In addition, the football player is notorious for keeping his private matters out of the media and the public glare.

Despite the assumptions above, we found results of who Leonardo Campana’s girlfriend might be. It appears he dated Luciana Guschmer Coka in the past.

These two (as seen below) once allegedly posted snaps on social media, which revealed the fact that they might be dating. See the photos they took below as a couple.

Here, Leonardo Campana and Luciana Guschmer Coka appeared to be in love.
Here, Leonardo Campana and Luciana Guschmer Coka appeared to be in love.

As of the time of writing this bio, he appears to be single and not dating anyone. The Miami attacker is accessible on Instagram via @leonardocampana. Campana might share information about his private life in the future.

Personal Life:

Away from the wonders that the Ecuadorian footballer from Guayaquil does on the pitch, many have asked…

Who is Leonardo Campana?

This Biographical section explains Campana’s personality.
This Biographical section explains Campana’s personality.

The Goal Angel joins the likes of Harry Kane and Bernardo Silva, who have Leo Zodiac signs. Leonardo Campana is a humble and warm-hearted individual.

The Baller hardly ever gets into trouble and continues to strive hard in his career.

He has a height of 6 ft 2 inches, a good body weight of 68kg, and he maintains a healthy body weight to match his height.

Leonardo Campana Lifestyle:

During his off-seasons, he spends time with his close pals to relax at the seaside. They enjoy swimming, boat cruising and many other fun things.

A view of Leonardo Campana's Lifestyle.
A view of Leonardo Campana’s Lifestyle.

The Baller is someone who strictly follows his workout routines. His workouts alternate between pulling (to build muscle and strength), weightlifting, and other cardiovascular routines.

Leonardo Campana Workout drills
Leonardo Campana Workout drills

Also, the athlete is a great fan of F1 sport. When he is not scoring amazing goals on the pitch, he takes time to visit the F1 Miami Grand Prix to watch F1 racing.

Have you watched the video that shows Leo and his visit to the F1 Miami Grand Prix on May 8, 2022?

In a nutshell, we see Leonardo Campana as an antidote to showcasing luxury. Despite the fact that football is a lucrative industry, Goal Angel does not show his wealth. He money too much thought and doesn’t flaunt luxury stuff like pricey cars, houses, watches, etc.

Leonardo Campana Family Life:

The Baller once claimed that having a great Ecuador team at the South American U-20 Championship made his dreams come true. But that is not the only reason why Campana succeeded in his youth.

More importantly, Leonardo claims that his close-knit family is another reason why he succeeds. The joy, gratitude, and pride he feels daily, knowing that these groups of people are there for him, are beyond words.

In this area of Campana’s bio, we’ll provide you with information about his family members. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Leonardo Campana Grandfather:

Through Isidro Romero, he comes from a lineage of sportspersons. Isidro Romero is Leonardo Campana’s grandfather – from his mum’s side.

As an elite athlete, Isidro presided over Barcelona Sporting Club for 15 years. Do you know?… the Guayaquil stadium, where the Campana once played, is named in his grandfather’s honour.

Leonardo Campana Father:

For those who know him, Pablo is the typical example of a great and supportive Dad. He never wavered his support for his wife (Isabel) and children.

Pablo Campana is a former professional tennis player turned politician after representing Ecuador at the 1996 Olympics. Here, Pablo joined his Superstar son in celebrating his South American U-20 Championship honour.

For Pablo Campana, it feels so exciting to raise a star in Leonardo.
For Pablo Campana, it feels so exciting to raise a star in Leonardo.

As I write this Bio, Pablo is the current Minister for commerce in the Ecuadorean government. Despite his busy schedule, he makes out time to support his family, providing them with all their needs as the head of the family.

Pablo has always had a strong feeling of family. That fact made Leonardo’s Dad put his racket aside at the young age of 24 after learning he would become a father.

Here, the head of Campana's family (Pablo Campana) gives his household a family treat.
Here, the head of Campana’s family (Pablo Campana) gives his household a family treat.

Leonardo Campana Mother:

So, as far as genetics go, it is obvious the love and passion for football originate from Isabel’s family. Isabel Romero Noboa Campana is one of the major advisors of her son in terms of meeting his career goals.

Just like her father (Leo’s granddad), she loves football and instructs her son on how to get better. Aside from taking proper care of her home, husband, and kids, she finds time to attend events with Leo.

Isabel Romero Noboa Campana takes a photo with her son at an event.
Isabel Romero Noboa Campana takes a photo with her son at an event.

Leonardo Campana Siblings:

Pablo, Isabella, and Fiore are their names, and they are big fans of their soccer brother.

For Leonardo, life without his parents and siblings standing next to him would surely be a hard pill to swallow because they are always available to support him when the need arises.

Here, the Campana siblings and their parents celebrate Christmas together.
Here, the Campana siblings and their parents celebrate Christmas together.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding stage of Leonardo Campana’s Biography, we’ll provide more details about him. With that said, let’s get started.

Leonardo Campana Salary (Inter Miami):

The January 2022 contract he signed with Inter Miami sees him pocketing a huge sum of €2,700,000 annually.

Converting Leonardo’s salary to Ecuadorian currency, we have 2,770,591 USD. This table shows a breakdown of Leonardo Campana’s Inter Miami salary (2022 figures).

TENURE/EARNINGSLeonardo Campana Salary Break Down with Inter Miami (in Euros)Leonardo Campana Salary Break Down with Inter Miami (in USD )
What he makes EVERY YEAR:€2,700,0002,770,591 USD
What he makes EVERY MONTH:€225,000230,882 USD
What he makes EVERY WEEK:€51,84353,198 USD
What he makes EVERY DAY:€7,4067,599 USD
What he makes EVERY HOUR:€308316 USD
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:€55 USD
What he makes EVERY SECOND:€0.080.08 USD

How rich is the Ecuadorian Attacker?

Where Leonardo Campana’s family comes from, the average Ecuadorian makes 16,320 USD annually. Such a person would need to work for three years to earn what he receives weekly at Inter Miami. Wow!

Leonardo Campana FIFA:

At 22, the modern-day Forward appears to be underrated in terms of his overall rating and potential FIFA score.

The top goal scorer of the South American U-20 Championship deserves a better potential rating than the 75 given to him by FIFA. Campana’s FIFA is in the mould of Alexander Isak and Gianluca Scammacca.

Finishing, Stamina, and Positioning are his greatest assets.
Finishing, Stamina, and Positioning are his greatest assets.

Leonardo Campana’s Religion:

The Ecuatoriana striker is a Christian who believes that God is behind the successes of his career. Campana’s family members are devoted Christians who take their faith seriously. However, as part of his personality, Leonardo keeps his religious practice private.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Leonardo Campana’s Biography.

Full Name:Leonardo Campana Romero
Nickname:'Goal Angel'
Date of Birth:24th day of July 2000
Age:23 years and 4 months old.
Place of Birth:Guayaquil, Ecuador
Parents:Isabel Romero Noboa Campana (Mother), Father (Mr Pablo Campana Sáenz)
Brother:Pablo Campana Romero
Sisters:Isabella Campana and Fiore Campana
Grandparents:Isidro Romero
Ethnicity:White Ecuadorian
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Annual Salary:€2,700,000 OR 2,770,591 USD
Net Worth:5 Million euros


Leonardo Campana holds the nickname “Goal Angel.” The Forward was born on the 24th day of July 2000 to Isabel Romero Noboa Campana and Pablo Campana Sáenz. These are the names of his parents, persons who have rich sporting backgrounds.

Campana grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He spent his joyous early years alongside his brother, Pablo Campana Romero, and two sisters, Isabella Campana and Fiore Campana.

Pablo Campana Sáenz, the father and head of the family, was a professional tennis player before the birth of his kids.

Leonardo Campana’s Dad turned politician after representing Ecuador at the 1996 Olympics. As I write this Bio, he is now Minister for Commerce in the Ecuadorean government.

Put simply, Leonardo Campana is from a rich family. His father is a successful politician who takes proper care of his home. Leo’s Mum also supports her husband and kids.

Regarding his ethnicity, Leonardo Campana is a white Ecuadorian. Both of his parents (Isabel and Pablo) have Spanish family roots.

As a child, Leonardo had the natural gift of soccer. He grew up not having toys in his house except a soccer and tennis ball. He followed the path of his family legacy of being an athlete. Leo, as a kid, played ball for 24 hours daily because he was good at playing tennis and football.

The Inter Miami Shooting Star chose a career path when he was 12 or 13 after his parents asked him to do so. However, he started his career in 2016 with Barcelona SC.

Finally, the Goal Angel made his professional debut on March 3rd, 2019, with the above club’s shirt. Since then, the Inter Miami striker Leonardo Campana has not looked back.

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We care about fairness and accuracy in our constant routine of delivering the Life History of South American Footballers.

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