Moises Caicedo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Moises Caicedo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Moises Caicedo tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife to be, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we portray the history of the Ecuadorian footballer. Lifebogger begins from his early days, to when he became famous as a transfer target for teams.

To give you a taste of the engaging nature of Moises Caicedo’s Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life.

Moises Caicedo Biography - From his Early Life to Moment of Fame.
Moises Caicedo Biography – From his Early Life to Moment of Fame.

Yes, everyone knows he (alongside Pervis Estupinan and Leonardo Campana) are among the top Ecuadorian superstars making their country proud.

While researching about the country’s footballers, we found a knowledge gap.

The truth is, not many fans have read Moises Caicedo’s biography, which is quite engaging. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Moises Caicedo Childhood Story:

For bio starters, his nickname is ‘Moi’. Moises Isaac Caicedo Corozo was born on the 2nd day of November 2001 in the city of Santo Domingo in Ecuador. He was born to parents who appear to be over 60 years old.

Meet Moises Caicedo's parents.
Meet Moises Caicedo’s parents.

Moises Caicedo Family Origin:

Moi is a bonafide Ecuadorian. In fact, by merely looking at our boy, he is more African than a Spanish speaking South-American.

Wouldn’t you agree? We welcome arguments for or against this proposition in the comment box.

Growing-up Years:

The midfielder grew up in his birth city. The neighbourhood he grew up in was a bit dangerous because of the presence of many gangs. However, his family had no choice but to live there.

Growing up in the city, Moi loved football and used to play on fields without grass. His childhood dream was to wear the Independiente del Valle Jersey.

Therefore, he often went on his knees at Night to pray that God helps him accomplish his dream.

Moises Caicedo grew up at Santo Domingo in Ecuador.
Moises Caicedo grew up at Santo Domingo in Ecuador.

Moises Caicedo Family Background:

Did we mention that the midfielder didn’t have an easy childhood?

The development is not unconnected to the fact that he hailed from a lower-class family. Caicedo parents could only afford him football boots but had lots of love for him.

Moises Caicedo Football Story:

Contrary to misinformation that has become pervasive, our boy’s career didn’t start at Independiente del Valle. He was with Espoli and Layer Colorados SC before joining the Los Negriazules when he was 13.

Early Years in Career Football:

Moi’s early days with the black and blues were challenging. In fact, he literally struggled to cope. At some point, he called his mom to intimate her of his intention to return home.

Fortunately, he received good counsel from training coordinator Miguel Ángel Ramírez who told him it was normal to fail, but persistence conquers all.

The advice did Caicedo a lot of good as he rose through the ranks with his eyes set on becoming the best version of himself.

Moises Caicedo during his early years at Independiente del Valle.
Moises Caicedo during his early years at Independiente del Valle.

Moises Caicedo Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Did you know that that the fast-rising player and his teammates won the Copa Mitad del Mundo and defeated Real Madrid in the Adidas Generation Cup final?

He also captained his side to victory against River Plate in the Under-20 Libertadores final.

When Caicedo made his debut for the Los Negriazules in October 2019, little did he know that he was on the verge of becoming famous.

In the ensuing months, he courted attention and was dubbed Ecuador’s part-Kante, part-Pogba by the press and admirers.

Interestingly, he models his game after Paul Pogba and
Interestingly, he models his game after Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante.

Moises Caicedo Biography – Rise To Fame Story:

The soccer star was an inch close to fame when he debuted for Ecuador’s senior national team in a 1-0 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification loss to Argentina on 9 October.

In his second qualifier game, Caicedo scored the first goal in a 4-2 home win over Uruguay on 13 October 2020.

With the Goal, Moi entered history books as the first player born in the third millennium to ever score in CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying.

At the time of writing this article on Moises’ Childhood Story and biography, news headlines have it that – Manchester United ‘reached an agreement’ to sign Moises Caicedo.

Fans of the Red Devils are already welcoming him to Old Trafford.
Fans of the Red Devils are already welcoming him to Old Trafford.

The Reds have faith in his capabilities to replace Paul Pogba, who is on the verge of leaving Old Trafford. We believe Caicedo has what it takes to be a Premier League Star and would perform wonders with the English Side.

At the time of updating Moises Caicedo’s Bio, Graham Potter‘s Brighton has signed him. And Moises, alongside national teammates – Gonzalo Plata, Enner Valencia, Michael Estrada etc, has qualified Ecuador for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The rest, as we say, is now history.

Who is Moises Caicedo’s Girlfriend?

Our boy is happily in love with the right person. The girlfriend goes by the name Paolita. She is white, and Caicedo regards her as one of the best things that have happened to him. According to him:

“I’m very good with my girlfriend. She loves and respects me.”

To understand how much Caicedo loves his girlfriend, there is a post about the lovebirds on his Instagram handle.

The photo has the caption – God bless our relationship. He is lucky to have found the right person for him, and we wish them the best.

Moises Caicedo with his girlfriend, Paolita.
Moises Caicedo with his girlfriend, Paolita.

Moses Caicedo Family Facts:

Like a good number of football geniuses, Moi’s rise and ambition in the sport is tied to a greater purpose. We call it family.

Behold facts about the midfielder’s family. Also we will also present facts about his siblings and relatives here.

About Moises Caicedo’s Parents:

Moi’s parents aren’t known by their names yet. However, their reputation precedes them. Three years ago, the player promised to make them proud of him. By and large, he has fulfilled the promise.

Moises Caicedo with his parents.
Moises Caicedo with his parents.

Tho not financially buoyant, Moi’s parents were rich in offering moral support to the youngster and goading him to success. The result of their unflinching support is now yielding fruits.

About Moises Caicedo’s Siblings:

The soccer maestro was the last of 10 children born to his parents. He did mention that one of his older brothers went through the ranks of Independiente del Valle.

Obviously, he must have failed to become a professional. Notwithstanding, the siblings must all be proud of Moises for bringing fame to the family’s name.

Moises Caicedo with his parents and a sibling.
Moises Caicedo with his parents and a sibling.

About Moises Relatives:

Moving on to the soccer star’s extended family life, we are yet to be furnished with information pertaining to his extended family life.

Therefore, we don’t have the names of his grandparents, uncles, aunt, nieces, and cousins and the relationship that exists between them.

Personal Life:

There is a lot you don’t know about the soccer genius asides from his high-energy and aggressive pressing style of play. He is a quiet boy, but not too quiet to be considered dull or a recluse.

Caicedo doesn’t fancy drinking and has no interest in hanging out with women. He regularly goes on vacations once in a while and must have other hobbies and interests that keep him physically and mentally in shape.

Moises Caicedo on his vacation to New York.
Moises Caicedo on his vacation to New York.

Moises Caicedo Lifestyle:

Let’s discuss how the soccer player makes and spends his money, beginning with his net worth. Sadly, his net worth is still under review. However, his weekly pay of €500 is nothing to write home about.

There isn’t much he can do with such payments. Hopefully, when he eventually arrives at Old Trafford, he will earn more than he can spend and have assets like cars and houses to look the part of a top-flight star.

Moises Caicedo Facts:

Wrapping up this article, here are things you should know about Ecuador’s Breakthrough Star. They are Untold facts about him.

Salary and Earnings Per Second:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in ($)
Per Year:$26,071.
Per Month:$2,172.
Per Week:$500.
Per Day:$71.
Per Hour:$2.96.
Per Minute:$0.05
Per Seconds:$0.0008

Since you started viewing Moises Caicedo’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Did you know?… the average Ecuadorian who earns 466.63 USD per month would need to work for four months and two weeks to earn Moises’ salary at Independiente del Valle.

Moises Caicedo Religion:

Moises is a variant of the name Moses. The midfielder, like Levi Colwill, is a Christian. Interestingly, he has been spotted praying a few times before stepping into the pitch.

More so, he regularly mentions God on his Instagram for prayers and thanksgiving.

Can you spot the midfielder praying?
Can you spot the midfielder praying?

FIFA Rankings:

Caicedo has an overall rating of 62 with a potential of 77. While the rating is annoyingly low, it shows how much work Caicedo needs to put in to become a fan’s favourite. He will surely live up to expectations.


Thanks for reading this informative piece on Moises Caicedo’s childhood story and biography. We hope it has inspired you to believe that persistence conquers all.

Just like Caicedo never gave up on trying to be the best he could be until he attained Fame.

It behoves us now to commend the midfielder’s parents for their support of his career in words and deeds.

At Lifebogger, we take pride in delivering Football stories about Ecuadorian Footballers (like Kendry Paez) and also the Biography of South American players. Surely, you’ll enjoy reading the untold story of Luis Diaz and Julio Enciso.

Our childhood stories and biography facts are made with accuracy and fairness. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, do well to contact us or leave a message below.

Biography Summary:

This table breaks down Moises Caicedo’s Facts.

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Names:Moises Isaac Caicedo Corozo.
Age:22 years and 0 months old.
Date of Birth:2nd day of November 2001.
Place of Birth:City of Santo Domingo in Ecuador.
Height in Feet:5 Feet, 10 Inches
Height in Cm:178cm.
Playing Position:Midfield.
Hobbies:Vacationing and spending good time with family and friends.
Net Worth:Under review.

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