Michael Estrada Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Michael Estrada Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Michael Estrada Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Father (Don Manuel Estrada), Mother (Karina Estrada), Family Background, Origin, Wife, Son (Steven), etc. More so, the Ecuadorian’s Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, this article portrays the Full History of Michael Estrada. We’ll give you the story of a celebrity labelled by fans as an immortal in Ecuadorian soccer. A national star whose family dedicated a special song for him – all to show how much he is being valued.

That song wouldn’t be possible if not for the efforts of Pandillita El Barbero, an Ecuadorian music artist. In that song, the music star and members of Michael Estrada’s family praised him for the goals he scored and for being there when his country needed him most.

Michael Estrada's Family celebrating his success. Nuclear and extended family members once got involved in shooting a music video for their breadwinner.
Michael Estrada’s Family celebrating his success. Nuclear and extended family members once got involved in shooting a music video for their breadwinner.

LifeBogger’s version of Michael Estrada’s Biography tells begins by unveiling facts about his Early Life. Thereafter, we’ll tell you what the Ecuadorian star went through in his quest for football fame. Finally, the turning point which led to his success in the beautiful game.

Yes, everyone knows he (just like Canada’s Cyle Larin) is considered as a hero for his country – thanks to his many goals that qualified Ecuador for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The footballer from Guayaquil has set an example for other youngsters in his country to follow.

Despite the great things he has done for his homeland, we realize a gap in the Striker’s memoir. We found that not many football fans have read Michael Estrada’s Biography in-depthly. Because of that, we’ve made this story. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Michael Estrada Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the full names – Michael Steveen Estrada Martínez. The Ecuadorian footballer was born on the 7th day of April 1996 to his Mother, Karina Estrada, and Father, Don Manuel Estrada, in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Michael came to the world as one among many children born to the marital union between his parents (Manuel and Karina) who gave him life and a proper upbringing. In fact, Manual and Karina (pictured here) never gave their son riches, but the spirit of love and reverence.

Meet Michael Estrada's Parents - his Mother (Karina Estrada) and Father (Don Manuel Estrada).
Meet Michael Estrada’s Parents – his Mother (Karina Estrada) and Father (Don Manuel Estrada).


The Ecuadorian footballer spent most of his childhood days in Ambato, a city in the central Andean valley of Ecuador. While there, he has his first taste of football and the big dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Michael spent his childhood years alongside lots of his extended family members. Research on his family members reveals he also has lots of siblings. Michael Estrada’s Parents had other children – little boys – who scream the most when their brother scores a goal. 

These are Michael Estrada's Brothers. They screamed out their lungs after seeing their brother score goals that took Ecuador to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
These are Michael Estrada’s Brothers. They screamed out their lungs after seeing their brother score goals that took Ecuador to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Early Life:

Karina Estrada (Michael’s Mum) had the most influence on him as a child – than any other member of his family. She supported him at all times and she was the brain behind the push for her son to become a professional footballer. 

Although Qatar 2022 happened, the World Cup event was only a childhood dream for Michael Estrada. Since childhood, he has pushed himself so hard to not disappoint his family. Speaking about his World Cup dreams, the Ecuadorian Striker once said;

I’ve been dreaming about the world cup since I was little. As a child, I watched World Cup matches from my family’s home.

Now, I am proud to represent my country in the tournament.

Michael Estrada Family Background:

With the little proceeds from their jobs, Karina and Don Manuel Estrada were able to operate a lower-middle-class home. Both parents managed their low incomes to raise a home in Ambato, Ecuador. Thanks to their son’s career, their lives had changed positively.

Estrada is also from a close-knitted, football-loving household. We have this video evidence to prove that. Michael Estrada’s family members never misses to watch their breadwinner in action. In fact, whenever Michael scores, every part of the house erupts like a volcano.

We best describe the Ecuadorian as a footballer from humble family backgrounds. His Parents – Karina and Don Manuel Estrada were welcoming people who have built a loving football home. There are lots of spaces for visitors when it comes to watching football.

Never a dull moment with this closely knitted family when it comes to watching their breadwinner in football action.
Never a dull moment with this closely knitted family when it comes to watching their breadwinner in football action.

Michael Estrada Family Origin:

The 6 foot 2 Forwards hold an Ecuadorian nationality by virtue of his birth. Regarding where Michael Estrada’s family comes from, our research points to Guasmo Sur. This is a small town in Guayaquil, the second-largest city and the main economic center of Ecuador.

Asides from being the country’s second-largest city, Guayaquil (also the home of Gonzalo Plata) has the country’s most important commercial port. Michael Estrada is fortunate to come from this great city, which is noted for its first-class international tourism and its multinational businesses.

This is Guayaquil, where Michael Estrada's family comes from.
This is Guayaquil, where Michael Estrada’s family comes from.

Michael Estrada’s Ethnicity:

In terms of ethnic classification, the Footballer falls under the class of African Ecuadorian. Michael Estrada’s ancestors (his great-great-grandparents) are descents of the African slaves that were imported into Ecuador by Spanish colonialists.

The African Ecuadorians (which is Michel Estrada’s ethnicity identification) account for approximately 7% of the country’s total population. Lots of footballers fall under this ethnic class. For example, the likes of Antonio Valencia, Moises Caicedo, Enner Valencia, etc.

Michael Estrada Education and Career Buildup:

Like most kids who grew up in Guayaquil, Michael attended a primary school. The quest to become a professional footballer made him discontinue further pursuit of his education. Put simply, soccer (which he hoped would change his life) took precedence.

Early on, Micheal (who was naturally gifted in soccer) was a bit nonchalant in terms of moving away from his comfort zone. It was his cousins who forced him to take his football talents to a bigger stage. They practically pushed him to move away from his comfort zone.

In an interview, Michel revealed his relative pushed him to go try his luck with Macará. This is a soccer team in Ambato, where his family lived. Michael accepted the challenge, and he went on to try his luck. This moment gave rise to the beginning of his career journey.

Michael Estrada Biography – Football Story:

A successful soccer trial at Club Social y Deportivo Macará (also known as Macará) gave rise to his enrolment with the club’s academy. Micheal began his career journey in the mid-2000s with great optimism and high hopes of making it to the club’s first team.

During his start with Macará, Estrada was made to play defence. As time progressed, he (a goal-scoring defender) got moved to a forward position. His first test as a striker went well and since then, Michel’s coaches took advantage of him playing that position.

Because he came from a poor family, Michel endured some financial struggles. Especially in his guest to meet the demands of training. Research has it that sometimes, he didn’t have enough monies to eat. So, he had to depend on his football friends from richer families.

Asides from feeding monies, there was the issue of not having much transport money to move from the Macará training ground to his family home in Ambato. Micheel knew nothing would be easy. He managed the little had, just kept fighting, and didn’t get discouraged.

Michael Estrada Bio – The Journey to Find Success:

The time he was at Macará academy coincides with the period of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Man United and early Real Madrid breakthrough. Michael used CR7 as his motivation to scale through the hurdles of academy football. It wasn’t just him, but most of his teammates.

I took the ball like him, I stood up like him and I also celebrated in the same way he did.

Estrada said while speaking about his football idol in an interview. The closing stages of his Macará academy years weren’t straightforward. The 16-year-old endured a slow period until a piece of advice from his mother (Karina) motivated him to start scoring more goals.

Michael Estrada Biography – Success Story:

In 2013, the Striker graduated from Macará’s academy. After that, he got drafted to the club’s senior team. Michael fought for his place on the team. Soon, he became their first-choice striker and then delivered 22 goals for his club before moving to El Nacional.

On a memorable day in 2016, Estrada thought it was a joke that he was called up to the Ecuador national team. He never trusted the words of his Dad (Don Manuel Estrada) who delivered the news – which he heard on the radio. In the words of Michael;

My father called me to tell me he was sure that they called me to the Tricolor.

I looked at him, laughed out load and told him it was a good dream.

Unknown to Michael, the supposed joke by his Dad, Don Manuel Estrada, was very real. Michael Estrada was called to represent his country at a time Ecuador needed a saviour – after their earlier failure to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The dangerous striker, as pundits call him, continued his quest for football greatness by scoring goals for the clubs. Michael’s 65 goals within the space of three seasons were enough for his country to place their faith in him for the 2022 FIFA World cup qualifiers.

Qatar 2022:

Estrada won the affection of the entire country during the 2022 World cup qualifiers. He made a name for himself, mostly after conquering Luis Diaz‘s Columbia. He excelled against the Big Yerry Mina and two Uruguayan towers (Diego Godín and Ronald Araújo).

In case you missed his highlights, here is a video of Michael Estrada’s goal that turned him into an immortal for his country. He is no doubt one of the most underrated Strikers in World Football – as observed from his TransferMarket data. Yes!! LifeBogger said that.

Becoming the highest goal scorer for his country and helping Ecuador to the 2022 FIFA World Cup was a childhood dream come true for the forward. Michael Estrada will forever be a national hero of Ecuador. The rest, as we say of his Biography, is now history.

About Michael Estrada’s Wife and Son (Steven):

Behind the successful Ecuadorian Striker exists a woman, who is his spouse and mother of his child. Michael revealed he was expecting a child (son) during his Macará days. This was before his transfer to Mexico, where he lived away from family for the first few months.

After scoring, he places the ball inside his stomach, a sign that the Striker is expecting a child.
After scoring, he places the ball inside his stomach, a sign that the Striker is expecting a child.

The Ecuadorian professional footballer is the proud father of a son named Steven Estrada. Michael Estrada’s tattoo has the name of his son and Wife written on it. Whenever he scores, he kisses the tattoo as a sign of love for both son and wife, persons he loves dearly.

About Steven Estrada:

Michael Estrada’s son (Steven) once got sick because he didn’t see his Dad for some days. He didn’t want to eat anything and was very sad.Michael only saw him via video calls from Mexico. This was why he dedicates the goal to him, as well as his wife (Steven’s Mum).

At the time Michael transferred to the Mexico club (Toluca), he moved there alone before bringing his family along with him. Speaking about his reaction to his son missing him, Michael once said;

At times, it made me sick to see Steven like that. And I would tell him: “Son…, I’m working, I’m coming”.
Steven’s Mommy always cheated on him with the cartoons on TV. She would promise him that I will buy gifts and sweets, but he must eat first, and watch cartoons before seeing those gifts.
I arrived home with a cap and mask. He did not recognize me. I did not remove it until I spoke to him. Then Steven came into my arms. From the emotion, he just wanted to cry, and I gave him the gift,… some chocolates.

Personal Life:

Who is Michael Estrada?

Starting off, he is a man who sets for himself individual objectives and also beats himself when he doesn’t meet up. One of such objectives is being in Qatar 2022. Michael believes that in life, we must have clear individual objectives and the faith to achieve them. 

Because he works twice as hard, he is experiencing his dreams with the Tricolor. This is the nickname of Ecuador’s national team. Michael believes that nothing is easy and a World cup football dream is always complicated. The important thing is to keep fighting, which he did.

To understand Michael Estrada’s personality better, here are some of his words of wisdom.

Michael Estrada Lifestyle:

As of 2022, the Guayaquil native has not fallen into the temptation of having exotic cars and other forms of luxury. Put simply, Estrada lives a conservative lifestyle, devoid of luxuries.

Michael remains discreet on his social media networks, where he makes little updates. At the moment, he does not believe in using his hard-earned salaries to buy exotic cars, big houses (mansions), luxury watches, etc.

For the Ecuadorian forward, there is no such thing like having these kinds of luxurious assets.
For the Ecuadorian forward, there is no such thing like having these kinds of luxurious assets.

Michael Estrada Family Life:

The road to achieving national fame wouldn’t be possible if not for the help of household members. This section of our Michael Estrada Bio tells you more about his family members. Now, let’s start with Karina Estrada, the woman who gave birth to him.

About Michael Estrada’s Mother:

Karina Estrada is in her late 50s at the time of writing her son’s Biography. She often gets emotional and sometimes cries whenever her son scores important goals. For example, the goal he scored helped Ecuador qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Karina Estrada is a lovely Mum, a woman who has made Ecuadorian football proud by giving birth to a national hero.
Karina Estrada is a lovely Mum, a woman who has made Ecuadorian football proud by giving birth to a national hero.

Sometimes, Michael Estrada’s Mother deploys the act of yelling at his son as a way of providing motivation. Also, after some of his games, Karina would call to remind her son of the fulfilment of a prophecy (of success) that she once made about him years ago.

Karina’s favourite pre-match words to her Michael are;

Son, go do what you know. You have to score goals, score them ALL!!

We have some words of joy from Karina Estrada, just before the unveiling of the Chocolatín family song by Pandillita El Barbero. At the time Michael Estrada’s Mum said this, her son has just scored three goals in four games for the Ecuadorian national team.

About Michael Estrada’s Father:

Great Ecuadorian Dads have produced great sons and this man, Don Manuel Estrada, is one of them. Michael Estrada’s Dad is the type who always pays attention to news about football and matters affecting his son.

As earlier said, he was the one who broke the news of a national team call to his son. Don Manuel appreciates what his son has become in football. And Michael himself has always had his Father’s back since his days at the dirt court – where he first played football.

About Michael Estrada’s Siblings:

While some reports have it that the striker has two brothers and a sister, we believe they are much more. Nevertheless, Michael Estrada’s parents (Karina and Don Manuel) are super proud of their children’s achievements, especially Micheal the family breadwinner.

About Michael Estrada’s Relatives:

We notice they are quite a lot of them during Pandillita El Barbero’s launch of the family Musical video. Michael Estrada gets the best support from his extended family members. From the look on their faces, you could tell how proud they are of his achievements.

Behold his biggest support system - Michael Estrada's Relatives.
Behold his biggest support system – Michael Estrada’s Relatives.

Michael Estrada Grandparents:

When you visit Michael Estrada’s house in Guayaquil, you are likely to meet his Grandmum. As a way of showing deep admiration for her grandson, she screamed her lungs out during the Chocolatín family music video by El Barbero. What a strong super Woman!!

Grandma screams her lungs during the family song, which is in honour of Michael.
Grandma screams her lungs during the family song, which is in honour of Michael.

Michael Estrada Facts:

As we round up Michael Estrada’s Biography, we’ll use this section to tell you things you never knew existed about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Fact #1 – The saddest moment in his career:

It came at a time Michael Estrada played for Independiente del Valle. While the club wanted their striker to be in top form, an unfortunate event happened. Did you know?… Michael Estrada while walking along the road fell into a deep pothole and injured himself.

Following that bad luck, the Ecuadorian striker went into depression. In an interview, Michael Estrada revealed he cried every night for his pain. Also, the fact that he has not lived up to his expectations as a striker for the club (Independiente del Valle).

Fact #2 – Michael Estrada’s Salary and Net Worth:

At the time of writing this Biography, the Ecuadorian takes home $493,718 every year from his club DC United. Find below, a table that breaks down Michael Estrada’s salary figures – up to what he makes every second.

TENURE/EARNINGSMichael Estrada's DC United Salary in Dollars ($) - 2022 Figures
What he makes EVERY YEAR:$493,718
What he makes EVERY MONTH:$41,143
What he makes EVERY WEEK:$9,480
What he makes EVERY DAY:$1,354
What he makes EVERY HOUR:$56
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:$0.9
What he makes EVERY SECONDS:$0.02

Taking the above salary figures into consideration, including his years of experience, endorsement deals and contract bonuses, Michael Estrada’s net worth (2022 figures) is valued at 2.5 million dollars.

Fact #3 – Comparing his Salary to that of the Average Ecuadorian:

Where Michael Estrada comes from, the average salary is around 5,592 USD per year. Did you know?… An average Ecuadorian citizen would need 88 years to make Michael Estrada’s annual salary with DC United. Wao!… that’s a lifetime earning.

Since you began viewing Michael Estrada‘s Bio, he earned this with DC United.


Fact #4 – Michael Estrada’s Biggest Career Dream:

Asides from playing in a FIFA World Cup, the Ecuadorian wishes to be able to compete outside his country – especially in the most popular football continent – Europe.

Michael’s dream is to play in one of Europe’s top leagues – especially the Premier League. He hopes to join the likes of South American footballers (Roberto Pereyra, Miguel Almiron, Danilo da Silva, Davinson Sánchez, Emi Buendia etc) who have achieved such feat.

At the time of Michael Estrada’s Biography, he is close to fulfilling his goals. The doors are now open for him to shine in the 2022 FIFA World cup in Qatar.

Hopefully, that tournament would be his springboard in his quest for a football transfer to Europe or the Premier League.

Fact #5 – Michael Estrada’s FIFA:

Possibly because of a lack of global football exposure, the Ecuadorian Forward has a poor rating. Judging by the goals he has scored that helped Ecuador to the World Cup, Michael Estrada deserves more than his 68 overall and 71 potential FIFA ratings.

The overall and potential FIFA ratings do not reflect the Striker's ability in real life. We hope EA provides an improved update considering what Michael has done in football lately.
The overall and potential FIFA ratings do not reflect the Striker’s ability in real life. We hope EA provides an improved update considering what Michael has done in football lately.

We compare the striking ability of Michael Estrada to fellow South American footballers, Alfredo Morelos and Duvan Zapata. So judging by his present form before the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we believe he deserves above 83 overall and 85 potential FIFA ratings.

Fact #6 – Michael Estrada’s Religion:

By giving him a Christian name, it is quite obvious that his parents, Karina and Don Manuel, are both followers of the faith. Put simply, Michael Estrada’s Religion is Christianity, and he is possibly a Catholic.

WIKI Summary:

This table breaks down Michael Estrada’s Biography Facts.

Full Name:Michael Steveen Estrada Martínez
Date of Birth:7th of April 1996
Age:36 years and 4 months old.
Place of Birth:Guayaquil, Ecuador
Parents:Father (Don Manuel Estrada), Mother (Karina Estrada)
Wife:Mrs Michael Estrada
Son:Steven Estrada
Height in meters:1.88 meters
Height in feet and inches: 6 feet 2 inches
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Net Worth:2.5 million dollars (2022 figures)
Ethnicity:African Ecuadorian
Agent:Vargas - SportCapital EC
Market Value$3.30m (2022 figures)


Michael Steveen Estrada Martínez was born on the 7th day of April 1996. He was born to Ecuadorian parents – a Father (Don Manuel Estrada) and Mother (Karina Estrada). Estrada spent most of his early years in Ambato, a city in the central Andean valley of Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian footballer is from a lower-middle-class background and also from a soccer-loving family. Also, a close-knitted household that once worked with Pandillita El Barbero (a music artist) to create a family song in honour of Micheal’s soccer achievements.

Early on, Micheal was naturally gifted in soccer but a bit nonchalant. Some members of his extended family pushed him to leave his comfort zone and begin a career in his hobby. The youngster thus began his youth with Macará, a team in Ambato, where his family lived.

Initially as a defender, Estrada rose through the academy to become a professional player with Macará. After scoring more than 40 goals in his senior career, Michael got an invitation to join his country’s national team. At first, he thought the call it was a joke from his Dad.

Estrada’s biggest football dream is to play his football in Europe and also to take part in a World Cup match. The Ecuadorian Forward achieved national fame by delivering quality performance in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. 

Thanks to his goals, Ecuador conquered Luis Diaz’s Columbia. Michael Estrada excelled against big names like Yerry Mina and the two Uruguayan towers – Diego Godín and Ronald Araújo. Thanks to Estrada’s bravery, Ecuador qualified for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Appreciation Note:

As always, LifeBogger appreciates you, for taking your quality time to read its version of Michael Estrada’s Biography. Our authors care about accuracy and fairness in the daily quest to deliver you South American Football Stories. And also the Biography of Ecuadorian Footballers – like we did here.

Please let our team know (via comment) if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in Estrada’s memoir. Also, stay tuned for more football Biography stories from us. On a final note, please let us know what you think about Michael Estrada and his amazing Life Story.

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