Pedro Guilherme Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Pedro Guilherme Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Pedro Guilherme Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Maria Cristina (Mother), Father, Guilherme dos Santos, Family Background, Brother (Victor Guilherme), Sister (Thaisa Abreu), Wife (Fernando Nogueira), etc.

Again, this Bio also tells you about Pedro Guilherme’s Family Origin, Education, Religion, Ethnicity, etc. We will also unveil facts about the Brazilian’s Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, and Salary Breakdown – up to what he earns every second.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Pedro Guilherme. This is the story of a boy who cried in defeat after being rejected by Flamingos. When he was younger, he competed in the youth divisions wearing the red-and-black shirt but was eliminated for being short.

We’ll give you the story of Pedro, a top scorer from Brazilian. A star who was called up by coach Tite to play for the Brazil national team in August 2018. Unfortunately, a week before his performance, he had an injury that prevented him from playing for a long time. According to him, it was the most challenging time of his professional life.


LifeBogger’s version of Pedro Guilherme’s Bio begins by unveiling notable details of his boyhood years. Then, we’ll proceed to tell you facts about his early footballing days. Finally, we’ll explain that pivotal moment that helped Rio de Janeiro’s native become a global superstar.

We hope to whet your appetite for autobiographies as you read Pedro Guilherme’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells the athlete’s story. From Pedro’s boyhood years until the moment of fame, he has indeed come a long way. 

Pedro Guilherme’s Biography – From his boyhood to the moment he became famous.
Pedro Guilherme’s Biography – From his boyhood to the moment he became famous.

Yes, everyone knows he is a skilled Forward who, like (Neymar) knows where to place himself in the field and has shot accuracy. Pedro Guilherme stands out for giving his team the necessary Explosive speed. No wonder he is a vital player for Flamengo.

In our quest to research the stories of Brazilian Footballers from Rio, we found a knowledge gap. The truth is, not many soccer fans have read an in-depth version of Pedro Guilherme’s Biography, which is very exciting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Pedro Guilherme Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname ‘Pedro.’ And his full name is Pedro Guilherme Abreu dos Santos. The athlete was born on the 20th day of June 1997 to his Mother, Maria Cristina, and Father, Guilherme dos Santos in Rio de Janeiro ( RJ ), Brazil.

The Center Forward arrived at the world as the second Son and one among three children born to his parents’ union. Now, let’s introduce you to Pedro Guilherme’s Parents, who have always stood by him. 

Meet Pedro Guilherme’s parents – Maria Cristina (his Mum) and Sir Guilherme (his Dad).
Meet Pedro Guilherme’s parents – Maria Cristina (his Mum) and Sir Guilherme (his Dad).

Growing-Up Years: 

The Flamengo’s shooting star spent his childhood years alongside his siblings, whom we will now introduce to you. However, Pedro and his brother, Victor Guilherme, are the most popular among the three siblings.

According to the ex-Fiorentina player, his siblings made his childhood days memorable. They lived in the same house, slept on the same bed, and always played together. Though as a child, he was so calm and friendly. Below are the photos of Pedro, his sister, and his brother as a kid.  

Behold the photo collection of Pedro Guilherme and his siblings during their childhood.
Behold the photo collection of Pedro Guilherme and his siblings during their childhood.

Pedro Guilherme Early Life:

The professional Brazilian footballer’s desire to be a football came early. Rio’s native was four years old when he started bothering his mother to join his brother Victor in the same school. Pedro started playing with the older kids right away. Also, he has always wanted to be a striker.

He started a journey to numerous futsal clubs. The River was where it all started. Douglas, who is a midfielder for Flu currently, and Pedro were teammates on the Light team. Before arriving in Flamengo, he also passed through Vasco, Botafogo, and Tricolor.

And it was in the rival that he actually made the switch to the field. He wore rubro-negro for around five years before being fired. It was, in his opinion, the biggest letdown of his professional career to date.

Before his rejection, Pedro Guilherme had celebrated his birthday with a Flamengo theme. The superstar shared the picture on his social media handle, urging people to believe in their childhood dreams. 

It is important to note that Pedro is not the only soccer player in his Family. His two older siblings (Victor and Thaisa) also play soccer. The Guilherme siblings started playing soccer as kids. They played ball in the hallway of their home. Interestingly, they grew up as athletes.

Pedro Guilherme Family Background:

The Brazilian Striker was raised in Rio de Janeiro. Though we are yet to know the occupation of Pedro Guilherme’s parents, our research shows he hails from a comfortable middle-class family background.

Meet Pedro Guilherme's close-knitted family during one of their family vacations. 
Meet Pedro Guilherme’s close-knitted family during one of their family vacations. 

Though the family is not rich, they have enough to care for the kids. The baller’s parents supported Pedro in achieving his goals despite his challenges. In an interview, the athlete always appreciates his family, siblings, and parents for all the support. Finally, he is from a close knitted family background. 

Pedro Guilherme Family Origin:

For starters, the ex-Fluminense Forward is a citizen of Brazil, just Bruno Guimarães. Both his parent is from Brazil. Also, by virtue of his birth, he holds Brazilian nationality, just like his parents. Regarding where Pedro Guilherme’s family comes from (in Brazil), our research points to Rio de Janeiro.

The city is also known as Rio, and it is the largest international tourist destination in Brazil. The southeast of the country is where Rio de Janeiro is situated. Here is a map to help you understand Pedro Guilherme’s family origins.

This map helps you understand where the Inter Pedro Guilherme comes from.
This map helps you understand where the Inter Pedro Guilherme comes from.


From an ethnic point of view, Pedro Guilherme identifies with the white Brazilian race. He joined the 48% of the country’s population that is white. You might be interested to hear that most white Brazilians are of European ancestry. They are mainly Portuguese, Italians, and Germans. 


When the time was right for Pedro to start school, we believed his parents enrolled him in a good school. Following our in-depth research, we found that Pedro Guilherme attended the same elementary school as his brother Victor – where his football journey started.

Career Buildup:

The player spent four years honing his skills with the Gávea squad. Later, he moved on to Duquecaxiense and Artsul before making it to Fluminense in 2014 (an academy that once boasted of having the likes of João Pedro). Based on our research, the soccer player started playing football in a red-black shirt when he was younger.

Guilherme Abreu dos Santos, better known as Pedro, was eight years old when he joined Flamengo’s youth team. In those days, his nickname was Chin. The picture below shows the striker with his team during his early days. The formal player of the club, Lucas Paquetá, is also there.

Behold the photo of Pedro and his team during the start of his career.
Behold the photo of Pedro and his team during the start of his career.

Pedro Guilherme Biography – Untold Football Story:

The Flamengo’s shooting star developed for two more years with the Tricolor youth team. There alongside his squad, he won the Brazilian Under-20 Championship in 2015. Richarlison is among the team members, and we have written his Bio.

The happy youngster, Pedro Guilherme, is showing off his wins
The happy youngster, Pedro Guilherme, is showing off his wins

He won the Terborg Tournament in Holland and the Spax Cup in Germany that same year. Also, he finished as the tournament’s top scorer in both events. He amassed 32 goals during the season before being promoted to the senior squad.

The baller made his professional debut on 10th March 2016 when he was 19. Also, he took over Fluminense’s lead role after Henrique Dourado departed from the team. In addition, Pedro’s first goal for the squad was scored on January 24, 2017. It was in a match that counted toward the Primeira Liga’s standings against Criciuma, in a 3-2 victory.

Pedro Guilherme Bio – Road to Fame Story:

In the 2018 Campeonato Carioca, Pedro finished the competition as the leading scorer with seven goals in 13 games. Also, with two assists. Pedro became the youngest Campeonato Carioca top scorer playing for Fluminense at 20.

As usual, the superstar was the top scorer in the Brazilian 2018 Championship, with ten goals in 19 games. Before, he sustained an injury that required surgery in September of the same year. However, the cut kept him from playing for the rest of the season.

Despite a knee injury, Pedro was Fluminense’s top scorer of the league season. Also, he was named Best Newcomer at the Prêmio Craque do Brasileiro. The athlete made his long-awaited comeback to the field on April 18, 2019. After being absent for eight months and engaging in rigorous rehabilitation exercises.

Pedro Guilherme With Fiorentina:

During the 2018 summer, the baller attracted offers from other clubs despite his injury. His then club, Fluminense, rejected offers of €8.5 million from Bordeaux and €15 million from Mexico’s Monterrey. However, on 2 September 2019, the Italian club Florentina won the race and signed Pedro on a five-year contract.

To play alongside notable names like F. Chiesa, D. Vlahovic, and N. Milenkovic. On November 3, the attacker made his Serie A debut after replacing Kevin-Prince Boateng for the final five minutes of his team’s 1-1 home draw with Parma.

Pedro Guilherme Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Pedro joined Flamengo on loan for the remainder of 2019 for €1 million. With the option of the club signing him on January 23, 2020, when he returned to Rio de Janeiro. He made his debut on 4 February in the state championship, scoring the equalizer in a 3–1 win eight minutes later.

The Brazilian professional footballer agreed to a €15 million, five-year contract with Flamengo on December 9, 2020. Alongside Gabriel Barbosa, a center-forward who was the highest-paid arrival for that season. 

He had all three goals in a 3-0 victory at Volta Redonda on May 1st in the following year’s state league. However, in the national league Season, the superstar scored his first goal in a 5–3 win at Bahia. Before and after his official signing, Pedro has been doing wonders and showing his skill as one of the club’s top scorers.

Also, he has won many championships with Flamengo, such as Copa Libertadores and Recopa Sudamericana. In addition to Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Copa do Brasil, Supercopa do Brasil and Campeonato Carioca.

Behold the collections of Pedro Pedro Guilherme trophies.
Behold the collections of Pedro Pedro Guilherme trophies.

Pedro Guilherme International Career:

At various stages, the Rio de Janeiro native has represented Brazil. Pedro was called up by coach Tite in August 2018 to represent his nation for friendliness against the US. The baller was, however, forced to withdraw due to an injury, and Richarlison took his place.

Next, he made his debut against Venezuela on November 13, 2020. In a 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification that Brazil won 1-0. Pedro was also a member of the Brazilian Olympic team for the 2020 Summer Games. However, on July 2, he left the team as Flamengo refused to release him.

In addition, the star scored his first international goal on September 2022 in a 5-1 victory against Tunisia. Finally, the shooting star was named among the 2022 FIFA World Cup team. The Squad has big names like Neymar, Ederson, Raphinha, Rodrygo, Fred, Gabriel Martinelli, Thiago Silva, etc.

However, we expect Pedro Guilherme to perform his usual goal magic in the World Cup. The rest, as we say, is history.

Pedro Guilherme Love Life:

First, everyone knows he is a Brazilian superstar. However, only a few are aware of the relationship with his girlfriend, Fernando Nogueira. Pedro Guilherme and his love interest have been together for many years. However, they are currently engaged to be married.

Meet Pedro Guilherme and his lover, Fernando Nogueira.
Meet Pedro Guilherme and his lover, Fernando Nogueira.

The Brazilian forward shared two romantic photos of himself and his fiance on his Instagram page, along with a caption that read: “God is amazing. Thank you, God, for having this woman in my life. Thank you for helping me grow in every aspect, especially as a man. A new phase in our lives. God will continue to bless and protect us.” The Video of the couple’s engagement is below.

Personal Life:

Away from the magic that the Flamengo striker from Rio de Janeiro displays on the field, many have asked…

WHO IS Pedro Guilherme?

Pedro joins the likes of Sergio Agüero and Mohamed Salah, who have Gemini Zodiac signs. Guilherme has a flexible, extroverted, and clever personality. He hardly ever gets into trouble because of his amazing personality and good deed.

Also, he is a lover of PlayStation. He uses it to cool off when he is not rehearsing or playing on the pitch. The video below has Pedro celebrating his new PlayStation 5 he got as a gift.

In addition, he is a lover of nature. Spending time alone in the ocean is one of his unusual recharging methods. As I write this Bio, Pedro Guilherme’s lifestyle focuses on savoring nature’s splendor. The pictorial proof is below:

Pedro Guilherme's nature experience.
Pedro Guilherme’s nature experience.

Pedro Guilherme Workout session:

For any athlete to be exceptional in his field, he is expected to undergo thorough training. Pedro is not an exception. In addition to his football training, he also has rigorous workout sessions that help him improve flexibility, mobility, and strength on the pitch. 

Pedro Guilherme Workout drills.
Pedro Guilherme Workout drills.

Pedro Guilherme LifeStyle:

Speaking of how the Baller lives his life, we refer to him as a complete antidote to expensive living. Like Rodrigo, Pedro is not the type of person who uses his social media handles to showcase his wealth. Like exotic cars and houses or delivering self-satisfied talks about his earnings.

Guilherme and Fernando often spent their summer vacations spending quality time in some of the most spectacular beach locations on earth. This is the ideal location for the two lovers to declare their love for one another.

Pedro Guilherme Lifestyle – EXPLAINED.
Pedro Guilherme Lifestyle – EXPLAINED.

Pedro Guilherme Family Life:

Having a household that cared so much for him, especially his mum, his number one confidence, is one of Pedro’s greatest blessings. This section of Pedro Guilherme Biography tells you more about his family members. Let’s start with the household’s head.

About Pedro Guilherme’s Father:

Though we did not have detailed information on Pedro Guilherme’s father, we know what a good father he is. He always takes care of his family’s needs and assists his kids. Additionally, he frequently attends games with his entire family when Pedro is competing in a championship cup.

About Pedro Guilherme’s Mother:

Whoever invented the words “ Love of a mother is priceless” was very correct. Pedro’s mother (Maria Cristina) is the type of mother that can stick out her neck for the happiness and success of her kids. According to Pedro, his mum has always been his backbone.

Right from the early stage of his career, she has always been with him. She helped him walk through all the rejections and challenges he encountered career-wise and in life. Maria kept encouraging her son that all would be well. While at it, she did not neglect her other kids and husband. In general, she is an exemplary mother. Meet Pedro and his mother, Maria Cristina.

Meet Pedro and his mother, Maria Cristina.
Meet Pedro and his mother, Maria Cristina.

In the photo above, the athlete wished his mother a happy mother’s day. In Pedro’s exact words, ” Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers. Especially to my queen. Thank you for everything. Everything I am is due to you. May God bless you and keep you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.”

About Pedro Guilherme’s Siblings:

After our in-depth research, we could not get enough information on Pedro’s sister and brother. But we know the siblings were raised in a loving household. Also, they shared the same bed when they were kids, as seen below.

The Rio native has two siblings (Victor Guilherme and Thaisa Abreu) with whom he grew up together. They are very close to each and share almost the same interests. The Guilherme siblings are all athletes and are excelling in their different clubs. 

Meet Pedro Guilherme's siblings, Victor Guilherme and Thaisa Abreu.
Meet Pedro Guilherme’s siblings, Victor Guilherme and Thaisa Abreu.

About Pedro Guilherme’s Relation:

Although no documentation exists about his Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews, and Nieces. One thing is, however, sure. The fact that they are his biggest fans. Life without these relatives in one’s life would not be complete. Worthy of note is all of them.

Untold Facts:

As we approach the conclusion of Pedro Guilherme’s Biography, we’ll use this section to tell you some extra truths about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Pedro Guilherme’s unique way of celebrating whenever he scores:

The baller has a unique way of celebrating all his goals. I call it Pedro’s signature. He first raises his two hands to the sky to thank God and takes a bow whenever he scores. The video below will help you understand better.

Pedro Guilherme Salary (Flamengo):

As a professional footballer, he earns £1,560,000 annually. The table below breaks down Pedro Guilherme’s Flamengo Salary in Great British pounds and the Brazilian Real. Indeed, Pedro is a multi-Millionaire in the country of his family.

TENURE/EARNINGSPedro Guilherme Salary Break Down with Flamengo ( in Euros )Pedro Guilherme Salary Break Down with Flamengo ( in Real )
What he makes EVERY YEAR:£1,560,0009,949,502 real
What he makes EVERY MONTH:£130,000829,125 real
What he makes EVERY WEEK:£29,953191,042 real
What he makes EVERY DAY:£4,27927,291 real
What he makes EVERY HOUR:£1781,137 real
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:£218 real
What he makes EVERY SECOND:£0.030.3 real

Pedro Guilherme’s Tattoo:

The Copa Libertadores Top scorer has different body art done on him. He has inked tattoos on his two hands and by the side of his tummy. Though we did know what they meant, we believe he would have his reasons for drawing them. Hopefully, Pedro will let us in on his reasons soon. 

Positions of Pedro Guilherme’s Tattoo- EXPLAINED
Positions of Pedro Guilherme’s Tattoo- EXPLAINED

Pedro Guilherme (FIFA):

At 25, the modern-day Center Forward seems to be underrated regarding the best overall rating and potential FIFA score.

The 2022 Copa Libertadores Best of the Tournament deserves a better potential rating than the 81 given to him by FIFA. Guilherme’s FIFA is the mould of Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.

Finishing, Ball Control, Shot Power, Positioning, and Composure are his greatest asset.
Finishing, Ball Control, Shot Power, Positioning, and Composure are his greatest asset.

Pedro Guilherme’s Religion:

Since childhood, Guilherme has been a Pentecostal Christian who is not ashamed to flaunt his faith. In fact, Pedro preaches and quotes scripture on his social media handle “@pedroguilherme.” Also, he talks about the love of Jesus and how far he has brought him. 

Pedro Guilherme and his girlfriend, Fernando Nogueira, worship God sincerely during church service.
Pedro Guilherme and his girlfriend, Fernando Nogueira, worship God sincerely during church service.

Right from childhood, his life and ideas have always included religion significantly. Pedro believes life only makes sense when serving Jesus Christ is our ultimate objective.

Biography Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Pedro Guilherme’s Biography.

Full Name:Pedro Guilherme Abreu dos Santos
Date of Birth:20 June 1997
Place of Birth:Rio de Janeiro
Age:26 years and 3 months old.
Parents:Maria Cristina
FianceeFernando Nogueira.
Brother:Victor Guilherme
Sister:Thaisa Abreu
Ethnicity:white Brazilian
Height:1.85 meters OR 6 feet 1 inch.
Playing positions:Striker
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Net Worth:9.6 Million Euros (2022 figures)
Annual Salary:£1,560,000 OR 9,949,502 real


Pedro Guilherme holds the nickname “Pedro.” The center Forward was born to his parents on the 20th day of June 1997. The people who have guided him from his early stage to stardom. 

The athlete grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He spent his early childhood years alongside his brother, Victor Guilherme, and sisters, Thaisa Abreu. The people that created a memorable childhood with him. He always talks about how much he cherishes them. 

Pedro began playing football at a nearby club in his hometown when he was seven. Also, he went out through various futsal clubs. Everything began at the River. He also traveled through Vasco, Botafogo, and Tricolor before reaching Flamengo. 

His mother, Maria Cristina, has been a great catalyst to his career success. She has been with him through his rejections, injuries, and denial. Also, Pedro’s parents are always there to celebrate his win and trophy.

Pedro Guilherme is engaged to his beautiful fiance, Fernando Nogueira. Interestingly, the soccer star popped the question to his girlfriend after they called him up for FIFA World cup 2022. They are both dedicated Christians and love talking about Jesus Christ. 

The Flamengo’s shooting star is a winner of different titles, including the 2022 Copa Libertadores, 2021 Campeonato Carioca, and 2020 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. Also, 2022 Copa Libertadores Top scorer, 2018 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Best Newcomer, 2018 Campeonato Carioca top scorer, etc.

Appreciation Note:

Thanks for reading about Pedro Guilherme’s early life, plus untold biography facts. LifeBogger strives to deliver stories about Brazilian footballers while working to be fair and accurate.

Please let us know if you notice anything incorrect in our account of Pedro Guilherme. If not, please leave a remark regarding our article on Pedro’s bio.

Along with Pedro Guilherme’s biography, we also have more wonderful collections of American Soccer Stories for you. Leonardo Campana’s story will pique your interest.

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