Federico Chiesa Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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Starting off, he is nicknamed “Pepo“. Our article gives you full coverage of Federico Chiesa Childhood Story, Biography, Family Facts, Parents, Early Life, Lifestyle, Personal Life and other notable events right from when he was a child to when he became popular.

The life and rise of Federico Chiesa. Image Credits: Instagram and TransferMarket.

Yes, everyone knows he is a talented, pacy and hard-working winger. However, a few consider our version of Federico Chiesa’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin, first with Federico Chiesa’s Wiki, followed by our Table of Content before his FULL STORY.

Federico Chiesa Biography Facts (Wiki)Answers
Full Name:Federico Chiesa
Date of Birth and Age:25 October 1997 (age 22 as at March 2020)
Place of Birth:Genoa, Italy
Parents:Francesca Lombardi (Mother) and Enrico Chiesa (Father)
Siblings:Adriana (Younger sister) and Lorenzo (younger brother).
Ex-Girlfriend:Caterina Ciabatti (seperated in 2018)
Current Girlfriend:Benedetta Quagli (began dating in 2019)
Occupation::Footballer (Winger)
Height:1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Early Football Education:U.S. Settignanese, Florence, Italy.

Federico Chiesa’s Childhood Story:

One of the earliest known childhood photos of Federico Chiesa. Image Credit: Instagram.

For starters, Federico Chiesa was born on the 25th day of October 1997 to his mother, Francesca Lombardi and father, Enrico Chiesa in the port city of Genoa, northwest Italy. Federico Chiesa’s parents had him as the first out of their three lovely kids (male and female).

The football genius is a bonafide European national with Italian family roots and Ligurian ethnicity. He grew up at Florence located in Italy, alongside his younger sister Adriana and a very much younger brother, Lorenzo. Below is a cute childhood photo of Federico Chiesa’s siblings.

A rare Childhood Photo of Federico Chiesa with his sister Adriana growing up at Florence. Image Credit: Instagram.

Growing up at Florence, Federico began playing football from the age of two, which was the time he learnt how to walk. His early foray in football neither came from a lack of other childhood sport to participate in nor had ulterior motives attached to it by his parents.

Federico Chiesa’s Family Background:

It was rather a question of DNA because Federico is from an upper-class family background that lives and breathes football, thanks to football engagements of his father – Enrico who was a professional football player at the time.
As such, it is worth noting that the then youngster passion for the sport was hereditary and had nurturing from his dad who saw prospects in him, as well as his mom who was a fan of her husband’s football engagements and mentoring. Below is a sweet photo of Federico Chiesa’s parents as they play their nurture role on him-  love, attention, understanding, acceptance, time, and career support.
Meet Federico Chiesa’s parents who were of immense support to the football genius during his early life. Image Credits: Instagram.

Federico Chiesa’s Education and Career Buildup:

Federico Chiesa’s parents had him enroll with local club U.S. Settignanese, located in Florence, very close to their family home at the time Federico was aged 5. He began training with local club U.S. Settignanese before joining Fiorentina academy three years later. While playing with the small club, Federico Chiesa’s parents made him start acquiring education at the International School of Florence, which is one of the oldest international schools in Europe.

The development was to ensure that Federico would have a great future regardless of whether his career buildup in football had a happy ending or not. Federico made them happy by studying well and even went on to study sports science at university level much later. 

He was excellent at studies, even while playing football in the ranks of Fiorentina academy. Image Credit: Instagram.

Federico Chiesa’s Early Years in Football:

Notwithstanding, Federico was not found lacking in his football engagements. In fact, he would never cease to recall that his dad always told him to train 100% as though every training was the game itself.
As a result, young Federico rise through the ranks of Fiorentina was swift and deserving because he wasn’t made to play in recognition of his football roots or hereditary titles. He was rather made to earn his stay and promotions by being strong and ambitious.
Fiorentina academy is one of the few places in life where recommendations or hereditary titles don’t count. The only thing that matters is merit and he was not lacking in that department. Image Credit: Instagram.

Federico Chiesa’s Biography- Road to Fame Story:

Upon having significant outings with Fiorentina’s under-19 squad for two seasons (2014–2016) Federico got his first professional contract with the club in February 2016 and made his competitive in a 2–1 away defeat against Juventus.
Thereafter, he did struggle a bit to find his footing and identity. Even after scoring his first professional goal in a Europa League 1–2 away victory over Qarabağ, Federico was sent off during the same match for a double booking. This is perhaps, one of the moments of Federico Chiesa’s Biography when the going got tough.
The approximate face that football geniuses make when lack of good form meets double booking. Image Credit: Goal.

Federico Chiesa’s Rise To Fame Story:

It wasn’t until the next year, specifically in January 2017 that Federico found stability and got a contract extension that would see him continue playing top-flight football at Fiorentina until June 2021.
The winger went on to begin scoring key and opening goals in Serie A for Fiorentina in the ensuing years. He even had his first hattrick for the club in their 7–1 home victory over Roma during the quarter-final match of the Coppa Italia in January 2019.
Although he was winger, he scored thrice to become a fan favourite and man of the match. Image Credit: Youtube.

Federico Chiesa’s Girlfriend Wife and Kids:

Moving on to Federico Chiesa love life, he is known to have had two girlfriends with no son(s) or daughter(s) out of wedlock (as at the time of writing). First was Caterina Ciabatti, a beautiful lady that he met in 2017. They soon began living together in a house on the bank of the Arno at Tuscany. Sadly the seemingly perfect love birds went different ways in late 2018.
Federico Chiesa was first romantically involved with Caterina Ciabatti. Image Credit: Instagram.
Months later, Federico began dating Benedetta Quagli in 2019 and made their relationship known by uploading photos of them having good times on Instagram. The lovebirds are deeply in love and there is no ruling out the possibility that they could be serving couples goals as husband and wife in the nearest future.
Meet Federico Chiesa’s second girlfriend Benedetta Quagli. Image Credits: Instagram.

Federico Chiesa’s Family Life:

The amazing winger is a product of a loving and supportive family. In this section, we’ll bring you more information about Federico Chiesa’s Family members starting with his parents.

More about Federico Chiesa’s Father:

Ex-professional football player Enrico Chiesa is Federico’s father. He was born on the 29th day of December 1970 at Genoa Italy. He began playing competitive football at amateur club Pontedecimo and went on to sign his first professional contract with Sampdoria in 1989. Famed as prolific goal-scorer, Enrico spent the next two decades of his career playing for top Italian teams that include Parma, Fiorentina and Lazio.
Federico Chiesa’s dad was a prolific goal scorer for many Italian clubs including Parma. Image Credit: Instagram.
He ended his career with Figline in 2010 and has been ever since enjoying his retirement by mentoring young people like his son into top-flight football. There are no doubts that Federico is close to his dad who he credits for giving him professional advice regarding the importance of fair play as well as respect for players and referees. Above all, he does no go into how the winger should play but leaves that aspect to his coaches. 
Enrico is not just a father to Federico but a professional adviser. Image Credit: Instagram.

More on Federico Chiesa’s Mother:

Francesca Lombardi is Federico’s mom and the least popular of the winger’s parents. This is because the winger is yet to talk about or make references to her during interviews. Thus, not much is known about the mother of three save for the fact that she is a good wife to her husband and a pillar of support to her kids.
Meet Federico Chiesa’s mum who is having a good time with his lovely son. Image Credit: Instagram.

About Federico Chiesa’s Siblings:

The immediate members of Federico Chiesa’s family comprise himself, two younger siblings (his sister Adriana and brother Lorenzo) and parents. Did you know?… Adriana pictured below schools at the University of Milan – as of February (2020) – where she studies Economics.
Meet Federico Chiesa’s Siblings- His younger brother and sister. Image Credits: Instagram.
On his part, Federico Chiesa’s brother Lorenzo at the time of writing, plays in the youth system of Fiorentina and hopes to achieve a breakthrough like his big brother did.

About Federico Chiesa’s Relatives:

Regarding the Federico Chiesa’s Family ancestry, there are no records of his maternal and paternal grandparents, while his uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces are largely unknown at the time of writing this biography.

About Federico Chiesa’s Personal Life:

Did you know that Federico Chiesa embodies personality traits that are exhibited by individuals whose Zodiac Sign is Scorpio? He is passionate, intuitive, outstanding and hard working.
Added to traits of Federico Chiesa’s persona is his penchant for not revealing much about his personal and private life. The winger’s interest and hobbies include studying, playing video games and spending good time with his family and friends.
See what he does for leisure. Image Credit: Instagram.

Federico Chiesa’s Lifestyle:

Regarding how Federico Chiesa makes and spend his money, he has an estimated net worth of $2 million at the time of writing this biography. Streams of the winger’s wealth originate from the wages and salaries he receives from playing top-flight football.
The winger also racks up significant income from endorsements. As such, he has no problems cruising in super-exotic cars or living in expensive houses and apartments at Italy.
This is a rare photo of the football genius in a supercar that we know little about. Image Credit: Instagram.

Federico Chiesa’s Facts:

To end our Federico Chiesa childhood story and biography, here are little known or untold facts about the winger.

Fact #1 – Salary Breakdown:

Ever since he busted into the club football scene, there’s been interest on how much Federico Chiesa earns. Truth is, the Italian’s contract with ACF Fiorentina sees him pocketing a whopping salary of around 3.1 Million euros per year. More surprising below is Federico Chiesa’s salary breakdown per year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds (as at the time of writing).

TENUREEarnings in Euros
Earnings in Pounds
Earnings in USD
Per Year€3,100,000£2,600,000$3,498,815
Per Month€258,333£216,667$291,568
Per Week€59,615£‭50,000‬$72,892
Per Day€8,493£7,123$10,413
Per Hour€354£297$433.9
Per Minute€5.90£4.95$7.2
Per Seconds€0.10£0.08$0.12

This is how much Federico Chiesa has earned since you began viewing this Page.


If what you see above reads (0), it means you are viewing an AMP page. Now Click HERE to see his salary increment by seconds.

Wao!. Did you know?… The average man in Italy needs to work for at least 1.6 years to earn €50,000, which is the amount Federico Chiesa earns in a month.

Fact #2 – Smoking and Drinking:

The winger doesn’t drink irresponsibly, neither does he have health complications arising from smoking. He is rather religious with maintaining a healthy lifestyle for his best interests in top-flight football.

Fact #3 – FIFA Rankings:

Federico has less than 5 years experience playing top-flight football, a development which explains why he has a low FIFA rating of 78. It is a known fact that time heals and improves. The case would not be any different for the winger who has potentials of achieving an overall rating of 85.
We would be more than happy to see him live up to that potential rating. Image Credit: SoFIFA.

Fact #4 – Religion:

It appears Federico Chiesa’s Family practices the Christianity religion. However, the Italian winger himself hasn’t gone public to profess his faith during interviews. Notwithstanding, our odds are in favor of him being a Christian like a good number of Italians.

Fact #5 – Tattoos:

Federico Chiesa has a fair height of 5 feet, 9 inches and spotless fair-skin. However, he has no tattoos at the time of writing and probably doesn’t flirt the idea of acquiring body arts. He seemingly looks to match and surpass the records of his dad who had no tattoos during his 2-decade career in top-flight football.
Like father like son: Wouldn’t you agree? Image Credit: Instagram.

Fact #6 – Whom he Idolize and admire:

The final of Federico Chiesa’s fact is the talk about whom he idolizes and admires. Did you know?… the winger grew up admiring Brasilian legend Ricardo Kaka as his childhood hero. The winger also admires his contemporaries Leroy sane and Kevin de Bruyne for the impressive manner in which they play their roles at Manchester City.

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