Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius who is best known by the Nickname; ‘Kun‘. Our Sergio Aguero Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time till date.

The analysis involves Life story before Fame, Family Life and many OFF and ON-pitch little known facts about him.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Birth Experience

Sergio Leonel “Kun” Agüero del Castillo Agüero was born in Quilmes, Buenos Aires on 2 June 1988 as the second child into a large family with seven children. His mother, Adriana, was a housewife, and his father, Leonel, was a taxi driver. They were both teenagers before the birth of their son Sergio Leonel “Kun” del Castillo Agüero.

Aguero’s mother had a far from straightforward pregnancy with him. When the then teenager mother Adriana was six months pregnant, the small house she shared with partner Leonel del Castillo and first daughter Jessica in the impoverished Gonzalez Catan district of Buenos Aires was severely flooded. They were forced to evacuate, wading out into deep waters even with her pregnancy condition. They spent a fortnight sleeping on mattresses at a school before returning home.

Flooding before Sergio Aguero Birth.
Flooding before Sergio Aguero Birth.

When his mother was about conceiving baby Sergio Agüero, she left the slum to a reputable Hospital in the capital city of Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, she was rejected from the hospital on account of her husband’s inability to pay hospital bill arising from complications in her pregnancy.

However, recommendations were given on other available hospitals that could accept her. After rejection from the bigger hospital, both couples were advised to visit an undisclosed hospital in La Matanza, a provincial subdivision of Buenos Aires (Capital of Argentina). Thankfully, after all battles, baby Sergio Aguero was born at this hospital on the 2nd of June, 1988 at about 3:23pm weighing 9.7 pound.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Post Birth Controversies

Sergio Aguero’s parents (Mr and Mrs Del Castillo) were discovered to be minors by hospital authorities after the birth of their son. She, at 18, and partner Leo, 19, were classed as minors and were not married.

On that note, his father Leonel Del Castillo was declined the legally right to sign the hospital register. Even the last resort provided to them was not made available. They couldn’t provide their national identity documents which would have helped matters. Unfortunately, these national identity document had been destroyed in the floods that chased them out of their initial home. This by implications means their son was not going to answer the family’s surname ‘Del Castillo’. Both parents had to seek assistance for other person in the Town to represent the father. While signing, ‘Sergio’ as a name was adopted name and that of his mother (Aguero) was used in the official record. Till date, he is known by this name. Unlike his siblings Yesica, Gabriela, Maira, Daiana, Mauritius and Gaston, he took the surname of his mother, Agüero, and not ‘Del Castillo’ (Father’s Surname).

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Naming Controversy

During Sergio Aguero’s naming ceremony, his parents had also wanted to spell his middle name as ‘Lionel’, but were forbidden by the Argentine Civil Registry Restrictions. They finally settled for the middle name ‘Leonel’ which to them was still close to ‘Lionel’.  It is pertinent to state that at that time, the name ‘Lionel’ was no longer accepted as a name for children in that district. This was  a legislation was enforced in Rosario, where one of Aguero’s great contemporaries ‘Lionel Messi’ was born to parents Jorge and Celia Messi.

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Lionel Messi, thou born earlier (24 June 1987) was among those fortunate to get his name approved by the Rosario government.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts History behind the Nickname ‘KUN’.

When Sergio was 2 years old, they moved to Florencio Varela, in southern Greater Buenos Aires. This is where the Agüero-Castillo family became close friends with their neighbour – Mr Chetti´s and family. Mr Jorge Chetti, head of the household, was the one that gave Sergio the nickname we all know today.

The source of the moniker was a Japanese animated series (originally called Wanpaku Amukashi Kum Kum) that Sergio used to watch on public TV when he was young. Sergio loved to watch the adventures of the mischievous cave-boy and his family, who lived at the foot of Kum Kum Mountain. Soon enough, he would be muttering “kum kum” constantly, and that would be the inspiration for his nickname, which is now world famous. And so began the times of Kun Agüero.

Sergio Aguero has once stated, “I have grown to appreciate it because it’s unique. It’s hard to see an athlete nicknamed after a cartoon character!”

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Relationship with parents

Sergio Aguero and Father.
Sergio Aguero and Father.

Aguero’s father is a footballer by profession but the club at which he played with before his retirement has not been made public. He was the one that trained the young Aguero as seen in the picture before he developed as a professional football star.

Sergio Aguero and Mother.
Sergio Aguero and Mother.

A strong relationship also exist between him and his mum.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Love Life

Sergio Aguero and Diego Maradona’s daughter Giannina.
Sergio Aguero and Diego Maradona’s daughter Giannina.

Sergio Agüero was married to Diego Maradona’s daughter Giannina for four years. We have no idea why they split in 2013 and when the divorce was finalized, however. They were introduced by Diego Maradona in 2008. And it would seem they hit it off fairly quickly, because Sergio Agüero married Giannina Maradonna that same year and their son Benjamin was born in 2009.

However, the brightly burning flame between the two sizzled out by the time 2012 came around. In January 2013 the two officially split. Sergio was 24 at the time and Giannina only 23. Their youth itself never bode well for their marriage. Sergio has become a pretty high profile football player and has been able to celebrate success with his team Manchester City. But Giannina lived mostly in Madrid, where Sergio had played until 2011 for Atlético. When he moved to Manchester to play there, it would appear that Giannina did not move with him.

The increasing distance between the two very likely hailed the end of their marriage.

After the split became official Giannina returned to Buenos Aires permanently. That seems to have hit Sergio harder than anything, because he was now even less able to see his son Benjamin, whom he clearly adores.

It’s been rumoured that the split turned sour after Giannina left for Buenos Aires and Diego Maradonna has been rather vocal about voicing support for his youngest daughter and disdain for Sergio. Taking his daughter’s side, however, can hardly be surprising. In the end he really shouldn’t be too hard on Sergio either; after all, it was Diego who introduced the two.

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Sergio Aguero and Son (Benjamin).
Sergio Aguero and Son (Benjamin).

The young boy, Benjamin Aguero has started displaying his football talent with his superlative performance in the field of play. He won his father’s footballer’s genetics lottery. At five year, Benjamin is already making other children feel bad about their footballing inadequacy.

Sergio Aguero and Karina Tejeda (Ex Girl Friend).
Sergio Aguero and Karina Tejeda (Ex Girl Friend).

Sergio didn’t take long before moving on, despite the heartache over missing his son. He soon was seen out with Argentinean cumbia singer Karina Tejeda and reportedly they were together until very recently.

Both him and his girlfriend look magnificently gorgeous together. They are often spotted and noticed in public places. Thou there are no any rumors about their marriage.

Sergio Aguero's Love, Toni Duggan.
Sergio Aguero’s Love, Toni Duggan.


But as of now he is said to have split from her and has even been linked to Toni Duggan, who plays for the Manchester City FC female team. They have been seen together in official capacities.

Sergio Aguero and Toni Duggan.
Sergio Aguero and Toni Duggan.

Reports has once emerged from Argentina which stated that Duggan was in a relationship with City striker Aguero, but Duggan has taken to Twitter to deny the claims, describing them as “ridiculous”.

Even while there is denial, a particular TV show in Aguero’s native Argentina still keeps the habit of sharing rumors of their relationship.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Feud with Marcos Rojo

Sergio Aguero Feud with Marcos Rojo.
Sergio Aguero Feud with Marcos Rojo.

A bitter feud between Sergio Aguero and Marcos Rojo once erupted  on the eve of the Manchester derby. The Argentina stars come face to face at the Etihad with not only three points at stake but an old score to settle.

The pair became embroiled in a blazing row during the World Cup when Rojo invited the ex-husband of Aguero’s girlfriend, Karina Tejeda, into Argentina’s dressing room to celebrate the win over Nigeria.

Note: Aguero started dating Karina after his marriage to Diego Maradona’s daughter, Giannina, broke down two years ago.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts How Football Started

In 1991, when Sergio was three years old, his family moved to a small, simple house just outside of Los Eucaliptus, a shantytown bordering the districts of Quilmes and Bernal. This collection of poor houses was relatively small when compared to other similar towns of Greater Buenos Aires, but it had as many as three vacant lots that had been designated as the town´s football fields. Residents, both young and old, gathered in these lots to play for long hours. It was in these fields that Sergio started to display signs of his talent with the ball – as years went by, they would manifest more clearly.

Under Leonels watchful eye and Adriana’s strict stance on rewards and punishments, Sergio joined his first youth teams in different sports clubs of southern Buenos Aires – going down the same path that his father had treaded when he was a younger, in Tucuman. He performed outstandingly in five-a-side tourneys as well as in the so-called “dirt field” football, enrolling in the junior system of several clubs – Loma Alegre, 1 de Mayo, 20 de Junio, Pellerano Rojo, Bristol and Los Primos. He was part of that enormous seedbed of talent that urban Buenos Aires becomes every weekend, with thousands of children aiming to win the highly-contested annual tournaments.

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Kun knew to make a name of himself as a skillful and decisive striker in these competitions, garnering attention from scouts that saw a great future in the First Division ahead of him. In 2005, a year and a half later, Sergio had become a regular in Independiente´s main squad. His outstanding performance earned him a place in the Argentina national U-20 team, despite being 3 years below the cap.

Sergio Aguero, cerebrating with parents.
Sergio Aguero, cerebrating with parents.

Sergio proceeded to win the U-20 World Cup hosted by the Netherlands. This he celebrated with his family. The final match against Nigeria was decided by a penalty awarded to Sergio and scored by Lionel Messi. Kun dedicated that victory to his friend Emiliano Molina, who had played with him throughout all his term in Independiente´s youth system and tragically passed away in a car accident during the World Cup.

Shortly after returning to Argentina, he also chose to dedicate to his friends memory a superb victory in the local derby against Racing de Avellaneda, where Kun scored a goal that will remain in the annals of Argentinean football.

Kun, just 17 years old but already the idol of the crowds, had to part from his beloved team in 2006 when he was transferred to Atlético Madrid for 23 million euros – The rest is history.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Car

Sergio Aguero's Lamborgini.
Sergio Aguero’s Lamborgini.

Aguero uses a Huracan – sports car manufactured by Lamborgini. It is estimated to be worth $160,000.00 (One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars).

Full view of Sergio Aguero's Lamborgini.
Full view of Sergio Aguero’s Lamborgini.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts  Challenging Nico Rosberg to win the PUMA Race Challenge 

Sergio Aguero Challenging Nico Rosberg to win the PUMA Race Challenge.
Sergio Aguero Challenging Nico Rosberg to win the PUMA Race Challenge.

The Argentina and Manchester City footballer was brought to Donington Park Racing Circuit in the UK where he was given a lesson by Nico Rosberg, before putting his talent to the test on the track in a race-tuned Mercedes C 63 AMG performance car.  He drove around the track, setting some highly impressive lap times, proving that his feet works almost as well on the pedals as they do on the football pitch.  Not wanting to be outdone however, the German Formula 1 driver then gave Aguero the ride of his life in a Mercedes DTM car.

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts  Tatoo Facts.

Agüero has a tattoo on the inside of his right arm inscribed in Tengwar—a form of writing invented by J. R. R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings—that transliterates roughly to Kun Agüero in the Latin alphabet. He also has a tattoo on his left arm of his son’s name and date of birth. (See below).

Sergio Aguero Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts School Boy Suspended over Sergio Aguero Haircut.

School Boy Suspended over Sergio Aguero Haircut.
School Boy Suspended over Sergio Aguero Haircut.

A teenager was banned from the classroom by his school because he had a haircut inspired by his footballing heroes. He was ordered to stay home until it grows back, his family claimed.

Ten-year-old Tom Moseley was told his short back and sides hairstyle, modelled on the Manchester City striker’s look, was too extreme. He was removed from school on his birthday.