Richarlison Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Richarlison Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LifeBogger presents the Full Story of a Brazilian Star best known by the Nickname, ‘Football’s Next Big Thing’.

Our version of Richarlison’s Biography and Childhood Story brings to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis of the Brazilian professional football forward involves his life story before fame, family life, relationship life and many OFF-Pitch little-known facts about him.

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Yes, everyone knows about his abilities, but few consider our Richarlison Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s Begin.

Richarlison Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For his Biography starters, Richarlison de Andrade was born on the 10th day of May 1997 in Nova Venécia, Espírito Santo, Brazil. He was born a Taurus by his parents, Mr and Mrs Andrade.

Richarlison is the oldest of five children born to his father, who was a stonemason and his mother, a cleaner and ice cream seller.

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This literally means he was born into poverty. Their occupation today has now changed, all thanks to their son, who has made it in life.

Richarlison, in his childhood.
Richarlison, in his childhood.

As regards family life, his mum and dad gave Richarlison a good moral upbringing.

As a youngster, the Brazilian sold chocolate and ice cream to make money, whereas his friends sold drugs.

In his words…

“The majority of my friends went to sell drugs in the street because they saw easy money; a lot of money.

But I knew it was wrong so I sold chocolate and ice cream and washed cars because I knew that was the right thing to do.

And I could help my mother. ‘My friends always used to tell me: ‘Oh come here, don’t be a little girl, come and smoke with us, come and sell with us, you can make much more money”.

Richarlison never chooses the criminal life. He was contented with the little thing of life even though he wasn’t the world’s greatest ice cream salesman.

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Richarlison Biography – Early Life in Football:

Richarlison grew up in Nova Venecia in the south-eastern state of Espirito Santo — which boasts fantastic beaches but is better known for producing steel and petroleum than footballers.

Richarlison Early Years as a Footballer.
Richarlison’s Early Years as a Footballer.

Speaking exclusively to the Sun about his life in Brazil, Richarlison said: 

“When I was seven my dad bought ten balls for me, not because he could afford to do it but because he wanted me to be a good footballer. 

Most of the time my friends and I played on the street, make goals with our sandals. It was like a favela, a poor area.”

Also from an early age, playing in the Premier League was a big ambition for Richarlison. He also said: 

“I used to watch the Premier League on my uncle’s TV. I was in love with what I was seeing — the speed of the game and the way it never stopped.”

Richarlison at that time would always speak to his mind saying… ‘I’m going to play there one day’.

Richarlison Biography – The Survivor:

Richarlison has endured a remarkable journey to make it where he is today. When he was 14 years old, carefree and playing football in the streets of Nova Venecia, in southeast Brazil, the unfortunate happened.

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A gangster and drug lord once pointed and pressed up the muzzle of his gun against the forehead of Richarlison.

This was followed by him issuing all manner of threats for encroaching (playing football) on his drug-dealing territory.

As Richarlison puts it, “At that moment, I was very afraid. Because if he had pulled the trigger, then it would have been over.

 The drug lord told us that if he found us again, he would shoot us without any problem — me and my friends. I think they confused me with someone else.

He thought I was stealing his drugs and using football as a form of disguise, but I was just playing football with my friends.

After he lowered his gun, I turned away and started to run. I never went back to that street. And didn’t say anything to him. I was very afraid.”

Richarlison Untold Biography – When he met a Godsend:

A miracle happened when Richarlison was 16.

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The tricky winger’s life changed when he met businessman Renato Velasco, who saw his potential while playing in the youth team at local club Real Noroeste.

In the words of Richarliso,

“Renato was the first one that gave me an opportunity. In the first week, he gave me a pair of football boots because before that I had been playing with odd ones.”

After helping out with football boots, Renato Velasco told Richarlison, I’m going to help you because you have quality.

That quality talked about by Renato took Richarlison to America Mineiro in Brazil’s second tier in December 2014 and to Fluminense (Brazil’s top tier) a year later.

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Richarlison Biography – The Miracle at Last:

In August, a phone call from new Watford boss Marco Silva persuaded Richarlison to snub Ajax at the 11th hour and join the Hornets instead.

Behold the moment Richarlison arrived in England.
Behold the moment Richarlison arrived in England.

In fact, Watford signed the 20-year-old was signed from under the nose of AFC Ajax. Shockingly, he got a UK work permit despite having not played for the Brazil national team.

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It is difficult for someone who hasn’t played on the Brazilian first team to have a work permit. Richarlison’s case was different.

Richarlison told ESPN Brasil. “After Marco called me, I did some google research on Watford and we reached an agreement in no time.”

It is pertinent to note that Renato Velasco is now Richarlison’s manager.

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The Helping Hand:

It was Willian who helped Richarlison settle down in England.

Richardson sees Willian as his mentor. Both have been well acquainted with one another in Brazil before fate brought them to London, where their clubs (Chelsea and Watford) is situated.

Richarlison is also close to Neymar, who he sees as his role model. During holidays, he takes out time to visit him in Paris.

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Becoming The Next Big Thing:

Without a doubt, Richarlison is the next big thing in world football.

The winger has been the heart and soul of the Hornet’s great start to their 2017/2018 campaign, scoring three goals in the league and wowing fans with his skill, speed and technique.

But thinking back, four years ago from writing, the youngster’s life was very, very different. He himself is never surprised because he knows and has never for once doubted his abilities.

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He once said… “I am not surprised because everything in my life has changed so fast. From the day I started to play for America, then Fluminense, now in the Premier League — everything has come at the right time.”

Overseas talents – particularly ones so young – usually need time to adapt to English football but Richarlison already looks right at home, even though he is still getting to grips with the language.

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Who is Richarlison’s Girlfriend or Wife to be?

Yeah, he is now rich, yeah he’s a good-looking guy meaning Richarlison’s door is wide open for all sweet stuff including having a girlfriend.

However, Richarlison (at the time of writing) has chosen to make his relationship status very private. It’s only a matter of time before we find something.

Plans for Watford & Brazil:

Richarlison has big plans for Watford. In his words…

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“My plan is to write history here at Watford. I want to score a lot of goals and be remembered by the crowd.

Also, I expect to be called one day by the Brazilian national team, which is my No. 1 goal in my life. To be in a World Cup is my dream.”

Toughest EPL Opponent:

Richarlison has not taken long to adjust to English football, but singles out John Stones as the toughest opponent he has come across so far.

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Richarlison Zodiac Traits:

The Brazilian star’s zodiac is Taurus and has the following attributes to his personality;

Richarlison’s Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, and stable.

Richarlison’s Weakness: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising.

What Richarlison Likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high-quality clothes, working with hands.

What Richarlison Dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics.

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